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[Story Name] with her husband's encouragment
[Author] from Hot Family Letters
[Type] Mother/son

      To say the least I was shocked when Danny told me that our son
was checking me out.  I wasn't shocked by my son's attention
because I was already occasionally teasing him by letting him
see me lounging in my bikini beside the back yard pool, or in
sexy see-through gowns.  What surprised me was that my husband
had noticed my son's interest in me.

      As a thirty-seven-year-old mother of three, I was a member of a
nearby gym and worked hard to maintain my slim, sexy figure.  A
lot of people claim that I've retained the same shape I
possessed as a teenager.  That is flattering, but nothing is
more flattering to me than when I feel my son's eyes flowing
over my body, admiring my assets.

      Ronald had just turned nineteen and had grown into a very
attractive young man.  Even though he was my son, I found him
extremely arousing and spent time taking inventory of his
muscular body as much as he did mine.  I especially found the
large bulge at the crotch of his pants exciting.  But I didn't
expect anything to happen between us.  After all, we are mother
and son.  Then Danny told me he'd seen how we teased each other,
and everything changed.

      My husband asked me if I wanted to have sex with Ronald and, at
first, I was hesitant to answer him.  I didn't know how to
answer him.  On the one hand I found the idea very exciting.  On
the other, I felt a need to conform to society's ideals
regarding my role as a wife and mother.  When I asked Danny what
he thought, he said he thought the idea of it was hot.  He said
that if I decided to do it, he wanted to watch.  He told me that
redheads had a reputation for being extremely sexual, and when
he married me he had hoped I would live up to the reputation.
He even informed me of several times when he had called plumbers
and electricians to the house when nothing was wrong, hoping I
would let them seduce me.  It seems that his number one fantasy
was to watch me make love to another man.

      "I know you want to do it, so whenever you're ready you can
invite Ronald to join us in our bed and fulfill both our
fantasies," Danny said.  He reached between my legs to rub my
wet pussy through my panties.  "Just look how wet you've gotten
from talking about it.  Why don't you do it right now?"

      I bit my lower lip, feeling hotter than I'd ever felt in my
life.  I couldn't believe my husband was encouraging me to make
love to our son.  Then a thought came to me.  "What. . . ?  What
if he makes me pregnant?" I asked.

      "Then I guess we'll have another son or daughter," he smiled.
"If you would have fucked one of the black men I sent to the
house and gotten pregnant, that might have been a problem.  I
wouldn't have gotten angry, but of course there would have been
whispers when we brought the new addition to our family home,
but we would have been able to handle it.  If you get pregnant
by Ronald, that will be even easier to deal with.  So what do
you want to do?"

      To hell with society, I thought and sent him to go get Ronny.

      While Danny was gone, I removed my large nightgown and put on a
gauzy black teddy with matching panties.  Each item was so sheer
he could easily see my pale skin beneath the filmy material.
And I was so excited by the prospect of what was about to happen
that my erect nipples protruded visibly and my panties
immediately became soaked with the heavy flow of juices seeping
from my bushy pussy.  Lying back on the bed, I awaited my
husband's return.

      Danny arrived with a sleepy Ronald in tow.  When our son saw me
lying on the bad in my sexiest lingerie, he immediately snapped
awake.  He looked from me to his father, then returned his eyes
to me, his head moving back and forth as though he was watching
a volley in a tennis match.

      "Your mother and I have noticed the way you've been looking at
her.  She thinks you want her and I know she wants you.  So, if
you want, you can have her," his father told him.  "Go ahead and
take her.  She wants you to."

      Ronald hesitated, not really sure what he should do.  I could
tell by the rising bulge at the front of his pajamas that he was
interested, but he remained where he was until I gave him the
proper encouragement.

      "You heard your father.  I want you to make love to me.  So get
over here and show me how strong a man you can be.  Tear this
teddy off me and give me the type of powerful fucking I know
we've both been dreaming of," I said.  And he did just that.

      My son removed his pajamas as he moved toward the bed.  When he
was naked and I saw the size of his cock, I gasped aloud.  It
was huge.  The fat, monstrous piece of meat was almost twice as
long and thick as his father's.  I glanced over at Danny and saw
that he was equally amazed by the size of our son's equipment.
I began to feel a little nervous about taking that thing inside

      Climbing onto the bed, my son snatched open the front of my
short top, ripping the fabric and baring my cherry-capped
titties.  He pulled me to him and kissed me passionately as his
hands caressed my breasts.

      "Oh Mom, I've wanted to do this for a long time," he whispered
when our lips separated.

      "Then what are you waiting for?"  I pushed my panties down my
legs and kicked them toward Danny. I pulled my son on top of me,
spreading my legs for him.  "Take what you want.  I'm not
stopping you," I cried out at the first thrust of his cock.
That huge thing only went a fourth of the way into me, but I
could feel it stretching my horny red haired snatch widely.  My
son's cock felt like a baseball bat inside me.  I continued to
cry out, clinging to him, digging my fingernails deep into his
shoulders as he shoved that monster into me.

      For a moment, my son paused to ask me if he was hurting me.  I
told him that there was a small amount of pain because he was so
big, but I let him know I liked feeling him inside me and told
him not to stop.  My husband later said he couldn't believe it
when I took all of our son's cock.  He said that from his
vantage point my red-furred cunt looked as if it was about to
split open.  And I was sure it did because if FELT like it was
about to split open beneath the forceful fucking of Ronny's
massive prick.

      Ronald held me tightly, fucking into me with hard deep strokes.
Each time he shoved his cock into the depths of my cunt, I could
feel it pound against my cervix as though seeking entrance to
the womb he came from.  And I could feel my inner muscles
gripping tightly around the length of him, clinging to the hard

      "Ugh, Mom, you're so tight and wet," Ronny grunted.  He began
to slam his cock into me harder, faster, and deeper, each thrust
making me cry out in intense pleasure.

      "Oh, Ronny," I moaned.  "You're hurting me with that big
wonderful cock of your!  Don't stop!  Oh, that big cock hurts so

      I lifted my legs and wrapped them around Ronald's back, letting
him fuck me as hard and deep as he wanted to, taking every
stroke he gave me.  Glancing towards my husband, I saw that he
had his pajama bottoms down around his ankles and was briskly
moving his hand up and  down around his cock as he watched
Ronald fuck me.

      "Mom, Mom.  I'm gonna cum," Ronald groaned as he continued to
wildly plunge his hard thickness into the hungry wet hole
between my thighs.

      Feeling my son's hands gripping my ass, his lips sucking
hungrily at my breasts, and his cock moving inside me was
filling me with an uncontrollable fire.  But it was knowing that
it was my son who was fucking me and filling me with such erotic
sensations that sent me over the edge.

      "Me too, Baby.  I'm gonna cum, too," I told him.  I could feel
my body tensing in preparation for orgasm and my cunt clamped
down even tighter on Ronald's cock, squeezing it rhythmically.
"Fuck me, Honey.  Fuck me and cum inside me.  On, Baby, cum deep
inside my hot pussy!"

      Again Ronald did as he was told, pushing deep into me and
squirting his hot seed.  As soon as I felt the first rush of his
semen splatter against the mouth of my womb I joined him in
orgasm, shuddering with the intensity of my climax as my pussy
juiced heavily over the length of his embedded shaft.  When he
finished coming, and without softening or withdrawing, Ronny
began to fuck me again.  I lay beneath him, moaning pleasurably
as his prick thrust into me again and again.  He fucked me two
more times before he left that night and returned to his own
room.  And I came so much my wet cunt continued to tingle even
after his big cock was no longer within it.

      After Ronald's departure, I stated to get up to take a shower
and change the messy sheets.  While watching me and our son,
Danny had cum three times and I was sure he was satisfied.  But
he was not through with me yet.  I was shocked and thrilled to
find that my husband had something special planned for me.

      Pushing me back upon he bed, my husband knelt on the floor in
front of me.  He raised and spread my legs so that my cunt was
completely exposed to him.  Suddenly he moved forward and began
to kiss and lick at the sweat-covered sensitive flesh on the
insides of my thighs.  He licked his way upward to cover my
drooling opening with his mouth, making me gasp and writhe in
ecstasy as his tongue flicked energetically at my clit.

      Danny buried his face in the cum-matted red hair covering my
pussy, and drank the flavorful mixture of his wife and son's
sexual juices.  He made me cum in his mouth twice before moving
to lie on the bed beside me.  As we lay there, he told me how
much he loved me and enjoyed watching me with our son.  He said
that he had especially enjoyed eating me afterwards, and hoped
that he would be treated to more of the same.  We slept spoon
fashion and he held me close, his hard cock nestled in the
slippery, cum-wet crease between my buttocks.

      After that first night, my son began to make love to me
constantly.  I told him he could have me whenever he wanted and
he took total advantage of the privilege.  As he was a healthy
young man with a strong sex drive, that meant daily fuckings
that happened four, five, sometimes six times a day.  It didn't
matter where I was or who was there.  Whenever Ronny le me know
he wanted me, I went to him.

      His siblings became aware that he was fucking me shortly after
we began.  We tried to keep it from them, but I guess we didn't
try hard enough.  They caught us going at it on several
occasions and, after a while, we stopped trying to be secretive
about it, fucking right out in the open where we were easily
seen.  I later found out that his brother and sister had been
fucking each other long before they found out about us.  So
after their initial surprise at discovering me and Ronny
together, they didn't think anything of it.

      Ronald began experimenting with oral and anal sex and I let him
do whatever he wanted.  Sometimes Danny gave his son pointers,
and at others Ronald relied on his own imagination.  I like best
when Ronny is left to his own devices.  He can be so inventive
and possesses a kinky streak, like his father, that drives me
crazy and totally releases me from my inhibitions.  For example,
one night my husband and I had friends over for dinner.  While
Danny entertained our guests, I went to the kitchen to check on
the roast and prepare a salad.  As I was placing the salad in
the dishes for serving, Ronny entered the room.

      Approaching me from behind, he reached around to cup my
breasts, pulling me to him as he nuzzled the back of my neck.
He unzipped my dress and I protested weakly, but like the good
son he is, he ignored my pleas and removed my clothing.  When I
was naked, except for my garter belt, stockings, and shoes, he
positioned me on my hands and knees in the middle of the floor
and began to fuck me doggy style.

      As usual, Ronny pushed into me hard, his big cock stretching my
cunt wide and plunging deep.  My son is never gentle with me,
and I like his forcefulness.  That time was no exception.
Gripping me by my long red hair, he rode me roughly, slamming
his horse-sized shaft into me over and over again as I bit my
lip to keep from screaming in pleasure.  By the time I felt his
cock begin to throb in orgasm, I had cum three times and cunt
juices covered the insides of my thighs.

      Although letting Ronny fuck me in that situation was kinky and
exciting, knowing that somebody could have walked into the
kitchen at any time and discovered us there, still, that was
nothing compared to what he did next.  After coming inside me,
my son did something truly wild.  Before withdrawing his cock
from my cunt, he grabbed one of the dishes of salad and placed
it between my legs.  He then unplugged his cock from my hole and
caught the overflowing mixture of whitish cream as it dribbled
in dense dollops from my well-fucked pussy.  When he handed the
bowl to me, I saw that our cum juices covered the salad in a
thick gooey coating.

      "Here, take this and give it to Dad," he said with a devilish
smile.  "He'll like it."

      I did what he said.  Cleaning up and getting dressed, I served
dinner, watching the expression on my husband's face as he
tasted the salad and its special dressing.  With the first bite
of salad, he looked at me, his eyes wide with astonishment, and
I knew he was aware of what he was eating.  Then I saw him smile
and watched him clean his dish, even going so far as to sop the
remaining cream from the bowl with a roll.

      Three months later my gynecologist told me the good news.  I
was pregnant.  I couldn't wait to tell my husband, so I rushed
over to his office.  When I told him that I was pregnant with
our son's baby, he locked the door and fucked me happily.

      That was five years ago, and instead of being a mother of three
I am now a mother of five.  I am soon expecting my sixth.  My
entire life has changed and so has life within my family.  My
daughter and I are constantly fucked by the men in the family.
Also, in addition to having sex with my son, and with my
husband's encouragement, I have taken several lovers.

      I am writing this letter to say that I am so happy to have such
a loving, perceptive, and understanding husband.  And my life
has never been more exciting and fulfilling than it is right now.