- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] a son's desire
[Author] from Family Letters
[Type] Mother/son

    I just read your magazine for the first time, and may I say thank you for bringing mother and son incest out of the closet.
    My story concerns my mother and myself.  My father deserted us shortly after I had my eighteenth birthday.  Let me describe my mother to you at the time my father left.  She was thirty-six years old and looked twenty.  She had to be the sexiest woman alive, with the most perfect body a guy could want; nice firm breasts, a small waist and the finest ass and legs in the world.
    Things started to change between us about four months after my father left.  My mother was always very affectionate with me, but now she held our embraces longer and tighter where I could feel her breasts flatten out against my chest and she could feel my cock start to harden against her pussy mound.  We would find ourselves looking at one another, not as mother and son, but as a man who found his own mother to be more like his girlfriend.  We would hold one another and kiss and caress each other for hours on end.  I wanted my mother so badly.  We both knew that the next step was to become lovers.
    One night I had a date, but it turned out to be a bust.  I came home early and horny.  My mother was in her room.  I knocked and walked in and found her completely naked.  She grabbed something to put in front of her and asked that I leave.  Instead, I walked over to her and told her I loved her as a woman and not as my mother.  She knew than that I was now her man and we would become lovers that night.
    She lowered her arms and her breasts came into view.  I kissed her.  Then I lowered my head and sucked her nipples into my mouth.  At the same time, my hands were caressing her ass.  Then my hand was on her pussy, my finger sliding in and out.
    She got very wet very fast and she asked me to make love to her, which I was more than willing to do.  I took off my clothes as fast as I could and we got into her bed together.  We kissed and fondled each other until she asked me between moans to mount her.  So I slid between her legs and rubbed the head of my hard cock up and down between her pussy lips until the head of my cock found her slick hole.  Then I pushed all eight inches into her.  She was so tight!  My cock reared and surged as I pushed into her.  She moaned, saying how hot and big I felt inside of her.  I then touched her cervix deep in her belly.  She wrapped her legs around my waist tightly and groaned as she felt my cock head touching her womb.  We fit together like a hand in a glove.  We were destined to be lovers and mates.
    I then began thrusting in and out of her pussy, feeling her pussy grab and hold onto my cock as she had an orgasm almost at once.  Her juices coated my cock.  In between kisses, she asked me to pull out of her pussy when I felt myself ready to shoot my sperm.  But as our fucking became more hated, I knew I had to leave my seed deep inside her pussy.  Only later did I find out why she asked me to pull out - she was not using any form of birth control.
    As our climaxes began, she and I both felt my cock head swelling to twice its normal size and acting as a cork in a bottle to keep my sperm as close to her womb as possible and not let any leak out.  I was deep within her when I grabbed her by the ass and pulled myself deeper inside her hot, slick pussy.  My cock started to pulsate and jerk as it shot my seed deep inside of her.  At that moment she tried to keep me from shooting inside her, but there was no stopping me now.  I just kept shooting what seemed like a gallon of my sperm into my mother's womb to mix with her own juices.
    We both calmed down and relaxed after our loving.  Now she was afraid she might get pregnant, but I told her I would love it if I made her pregnant with my sperm.  She just smiled and kissed me and said she really enjoyed making love with me, but from now on I would have to wear a rubber when we made love to protect her until she could get to a doctor and start taking the pill.
    During the next few weeks we couldn't leave each other alone for a minute, and of course there were a few accidents during which my sperm coated her pussy.  A few weeks later, my mother's period was late.  She got a home pregnancy tester and took the pregnancy test one morning.  She was very nervous awaiting the results.  I was hoping I had planted my seed inside her womb.  The test was positive!  She started to cry.  I held her and we talked about her being pregnant and that her own son was the father.  There was never any  talk of her getting an abortion.
    We decided to sell the house and move to another state, which we did.  That was seven years ago.  Today we live and love together as man and wife.  No one knows that we are mother and son.  They just think an older woman and a younger man got married.  Our first child was born healthy and she looks just like her mother.  A year and a half after our daughter was born, I wanted to make my "wife" and mother pregnant again.  She also wanted to have another baby.  My mother feels the same way about me as I do about her.  I am her husband, not her son.  She is my wife, not my mother.  Husbands and wives make babies together, so she stopped taking the pill and we set about to make another baby.  I sure do enjoy making love to her and leaving my sperm all over the inside of her pussy.  Needless to say, we did conceive our second child.  It turned out to be a boy.  My mother then had her tubes tied to prevent me from planting my seed inside of her womb again, which was okay with me.  We have two fine healthy children.
    We are like husband and wife instead of mother and son as we raise our children together.  Mom says she sure likes the feelings I give her as I enter her tight, slick pussy and ejaculate my sperm into her.  My mother knows that I am writing to your magazine and we hope to see this in an upcoming issue.  We also hope this gives other mothers and sons the courage to become lovers and maybe parents together.  It is the most wonderful feeling in the world to see your own mother pregnant and to know that you planted your seed inside her womb.  The best is being in the delivery room to see the baby that the two of you made together for the first time.