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[Story Name] Raven Haired Mother
[Author] MummysBigBoy69@hotmail.com
[Type] Mother/son

Part 1

It had never been unusual, growing up without a dad, Mum provided everything we needed and we had always been happy, she named me Billy after her father and hoped I’d be as good a man as him.

Mum was a robust woman, she was 5’4,had very dark hair, almost black, long and straight to her shoulders, she was a little overweight, but not much, and she had big round tits, she was around 45 and had a lovely smiling face.

It was winter when it happened, I was 17 and at college doing my A levels, One day I got home from college early and mum was still out, I needed some nail scissors and went into mums room to get a pair.

While I was looking for nail scissors I glanced into the laundry basket, which was open, I was already a little horny and when I saw a pair my mothers large white pants, I couldn’t resist but to pick them up and sniff them, I didn’t recognise the smell but it was appealing, I unbuttoned my jeans and let my cock out, now, I didn’t know it then (being a virgin) but I subsequently found I have a larger than usual cock at 9 inches long. I sat on the bed and began wanking holding my mothers pants against my face, as I got more into it, I closed my eyes and groaned, when I eventually opened my eyes I glanced into the mirror that reflected the open doorway, my mother was standing watching me, I threw the underwear into the basket, and tried to button myself up, I glanced at the mirror to see mum but she had scurried off down the hall, the poor woman didn’t know what to make of it all.

 I cleaned up and went to my room, when mum called for dinner I anticipated the worst but when I got downstairs but nothing was said and mum was as congenial as ever.

That said to me that she didn’t find what happened disgusting, I mean she probably found it a little weird, but there was no lecture or anything.

I thought about it for a while but then less and less, mum had let it go and I was less embarrassed each day, and put it down to one of those embarrassing moments in life.

 Two weeks later I woke up to an overnight snowfall, I went to college to find the boiler had burst so there was to be no-more school for a week, I made my way home and saw mums car in the drive, obviously a day off there’s no-way she’d walk in this weather.

I entered the house but no sign of mum, I went to go upstairs to my room but heard a moan from upstairs, maybe Mum was ill and that’s why she was off work, I quickly got upstairs and went straight into mums room and straight up to her bed without thinking to knock.

I was shocked into silence by what I saw, Mum was on her back spread-eagled and naked, and was groaning because of the large black dildo she had partly in her hand and halfway out of her pussy, I thought her body was superb, she was a little overweight, and a little white, but her black hair was splayed around her head like a mane, she had a great pair of pendulous round bosoms, and big juicy pinky brown nipples, that were protruding from her tits like wheel nuts, her legs were smooth all the way up to her large black bush which framed a lovely big pair of thick juicy pussy lips.

I scanned her for less than five seconds, before either of us could speak I bolted out of the room downstairs, and hid in the kitchen.

Mum came down in her robe about five minutes later,

“So no school today?”

“No, the boilers broken” I replied quietly, my mum had just been dildoing herself to paradise and I walked in and now had to behave like nothing had happened.

“I’ll cook you something to eat then” said ma as she began to busy herself, I tried to read the sports pages but couldn’t help keep my eyes off mum when she served lunch, she bent down in front of me and I got an extended eyeful of her glorious tits again.

I looked at her ass as well as she did the dishes and liked what I saw. Basically I now wanted to fuck my mum.

“Don’t forget the double glazing guy is coming to start replacing your windows in your room this afternoon, you won’t be able to sleep in your room tonight, you’ll have to share with me”

“OK” I coughed out, this could be too much!



I went out that night to see my mate L.J. I suggested getting a film and went round with a porno, L.J. thought it was great, but I just wanted to see if I could learn anything, It was an hour and a half long and four couples had sex, I paid particular attention to the oral sex as it showed the genitals up close and where to find a clitoris, as I had heard women love it being licked.

I came home late, mum was asleep when I got in so I crept up to bed quietly, I got undressed and left on my boxer shorts, as soon as I climbed into bed, I slid towards the middle of the bed where there was a groove. Mother was asleep with her back to me she had her large white nightie on as usual, and seemed to have underwear on underneath.

She was breathing heavily so I was sure she was asleep, I felt very horny and decided to have a sly wank, I edged away from mum and I pulled my cock out, I began to slowly stroke it so as not to disturb mum, she didn’t move for a few minutes so I stepped up the tempo but I couldn’t wank as hard or as fast as I would have liked without waking mum so it seemed to be going on for ages.

Then Mum suddenly turned to me on her side, her eyes were wide open and the top of her tits showing as they pressed together to give her great cleavage.

“Would you like some help with that”? She asked

 I just froze, I mean this was a little unexpected, I thought I would get a lecture for sure.

Mum then reached across and began to wank my cock, it felt so good to have the pair of hands I knew so well pulling on my cock.

Mum supported herself with her left arm and sat out of bed whilst with her right she continued pumping, I lay back in awe, staring at her tits which were now swaying with her motions almost visible through the old thin nightie, her nipples looking like they were bursting through, then she bent forward and swallowed my cock into her mouth, she started sucking and slurping on my cock like it was second nature to give your son a blowjob

I thought I was dreaming, here was my mum giving me a blowjob in her bed, the woman I thought was the most desirable woman in the world.

She expertly sucked and slurped till I felt all the tension in my body shoot towards my crotch and shoot out of my cock, I gushed in my mothers mouth but she didn’t stop tugging till I had finished spilling all my virgin come into my mothers mouth, mother licked all the cum off my cock and sat there smiling cum all around her mouth, looking at me, with a look as if to say,   “I know exactly how good that was for you”.

Even though I had just come I knew then I was going to ride her like she had never had it before, and give her the best fuck ever.

I sat up and pushed her onto the bed, then I clambered over and knelt in between her legs, I pulled her nightie up to her belly revealing her white cotton panties,

“Are you going to take charge now Billy”? Said mum with a twinkle in her eye.

“You’re fucking right I’m going to take charge” I said with a semi serious look, she just beamed more, my mum obviously liked it a little rough.

I took hold of each side of her nightgown either side of her tits and pulled hard, the material ripped easily and I tugged till the nightshirt was ripped off her, till she lay in just her panties, they were large white cotton ones, but they were very thin through age and design and the large dark pubic bulge was visible.

Her tits were large and a great shape, as they lay as mounds on her chest, the skin was a real milky white which accentuated the colour of her nipples.

Then I crouched down and lay level with her chest I gently massaged both her tits and bent down to suck and kiss each nipple, her tits were warm and were the most aesthetically pleasing things I had ever been near, I slid further down her body and ran my chin and nose over her mound under her panties, I clamped my jaw around where I hoped her pussy was and heard a moan from mother as I pushed with my tongue, I realised I’d hit the right spot, I knelt up again and grabbed the panties waist, It felt old and the elastic felt perished, so instead of pulling them down I ripped them off her, her eyes lit up and she bit her lip.

I lay on top of her and kissed her mouth, it was a passionate kiss as we tongued each other with my cum and pushed it around each others mouths, I broke away and whispered in her ear,

 “I’m going to lick you out”, she sighed and bit her lip more, and obviously dirty talk turned her on further.

 “I’m going to suck on your cunt and then I’m going to fuck you however I want”

 “Do me Billy, Fuck me baby” she pleaded as I tongued her ear, I slid down the bed and mum spread her legs, revealing her big lips and juicy clitoris I pushed her pubes aside with each hand and hoped my training video would help me to please mother, I licked her lips all the way from the bottom to the top then I felt around with my tongue until I felt the hard button of her clit, I puckered my lips and started sucking the clitoris in my month rolling my tongue around it over and over again, by now mum was moaning

 “Oh Billy, Oh love that is so gooood,ooooooohh”

 I kept it up till she was flailing and had hold of her headboard for something to grip, I loosed go of the clit and licked all along her lips, then I pushed inside, it was an earthy taste, but not unpleasant, and the smell was the same as when I sniffed her panties, I licked her pussy until even naive me could tell that there was a lot of juice in her pussy as I had fingered a few girls but none were as wet as this.

Surely enough the next moment she came with a shudder, and drenched my face.

I went to lick up all the cum that was disappearing down her crack, so I pushed her legs over so her knees hit her chest and I continued to lick all her cum out of her crack, I reached her asshole, a new one on me, do women like it being touched or not? Well I was in charge, and I just dived in and started pushing my tongue into her asshole,

“Oh god Billy, you are so fucking good,” was all mum could get out before the moans and groans returned.

I stopped tonguing her ring and knelt up, keeping her knees against her chest, I moved closer and let her legs drop around my waist but kneeled up so I could see her pussy.

I positioned my dick  and slid it between her legs. I just did it and harpooned her pussy with my cock, it went straight in and all the way in one go, mums eyes closed and her mouth opened, and I began to hammer away, I’d already come so I knew I wasn’t too close but mother began to come after a few minutes, she began to wail my name and dig her nails into my back. From the angle I was at I could see my cock flying in and out of her fiery red hole as her lips stretched around my cock, but as she had her second orgasm, I decided a change of scenery was required.

I got off her and rolled her over, she responded by pushing herself onto all fours, and spreading her legs, I smeared my cock all over her pussy and then pushed it into her gaping snatch, her big pussy lips guiding it in.

I looked down and reminded myself that the rump I was about to royally fuck was my mother’s ass and that not many young men see their mothers from this position.

 I leaned back and started doing her, I found I could go really fast and hard and yet like this, it wasn’t as tight on my cock so I reasoned I could go for a while, mother started moaning almost immediately but as I got faster she just began to loose control,

 “You fucking bastard, oh my god you’re good oh you fucking bastard”

This really turned me on, I looked down to see her asshole just there waiting to be used and I thought

 “Oh aye so that’s how you want it is it”

I leaned over my mothers back and brought my legs up so I was standing in a squatting, crouching position over her, I brought my head down to her ear and said

 “You fucking slut, you dirty little hoare, you fucking cock bitch”, this made her moan more and push her pussy out more for my cock to fuck

 “I’m going to fuck you in the ass slut”

 “You fucking bastard” was all mum could manage between moans and deep breaths.

 “Oh Billy, but you’re so fucking big” was all she could muster.

 “You’re taking it in the ass slut” I said with a grin on my face, I’d never felt so in control in my life let alone with my mother, I prised her asshole apart with my thumbs and slowly pushed my cock into her ass, she yelped a little as first but she soon began to accommodate me. I got my cock all the way in and by now mum had her head on her pillows moaning half in pain but half in pleasure.

 I began to work up a speed and I when I was confident mum was happy with it I leaned forward and grabbed her hair pulling her head back up and I leaned towards her ear, by now mum was squealing in delight,

 “How do you like it mum, your son fucking you up the ass?” I said as I pounded away at her brown starfish.

 “Oh its good honey, you’re a bad boy to mummy tonight but I love it”

 She growled and grit her teeth as the pounding got too much for her,

“Fuck me I’ve come again Biiilllyy” she wailed as I finished her off.

 I could tell I was going to come so I pulled out and got off the bed and stood on the floor, mum got off the bed and got on her knees, she grabbed my cock and wanked it a couple of times before opening her mouth and gorging herself on the very cock that had been in her ass seconds before, as I tensed up to shoot, she took me out of her mouth and I shot my load all over her, in her face, her mouth and over her tits, I got on my knees and smeared it all over her and kissed her on the lips.

 “Billy that was the best sex I have ever had, how did you become such a good lover”?

 I was embarrassed to admit it was partially off a porno, and only partially intuition.

 “Oh mum it was all down to you,” I told her.

 We slept then and the next night I was back in my room, but it was a pleasant way to loose my virginity, and a night that we repeated regularly.