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[Story Name] Prom date
[Author] from Family Tales
[Type] Mother/son

    Your letter from Mrs. E.Y. of Georgia prompts me to write.  My son was shaken by a break-up with his girl.  I knew he wanted to go to the senior prom, so I said I would go with him.  When we started dancing, he was afraid to hold me close, so I said, "Don't spoil your fun."  Being slightly taller, I led him sometimes and held him very close.  After a few dances he tried to pull away and I said, "What are you afraid of?"  And he said that he was getting a funny feeling.  When we danced again, I held him closer than ever and discovered this funny feeling rubbing my pussy.
    After we got home, he said that we shouldn't have danced so close as he didn't know what to do with himself.  We had a few drinks, then he excused himself and went to his room.  I had to pass his room to get to mine.  He was jerking off, and I said, "Is that the funny feeling you were talking about?"  I sat by his side and said I was sorry I made him feel that way, and he said that it was his fault.  I put my arms around him and said it was my fault and that I should care of it for him.  So we ended up in my room.
    He said, "Aren't we going to use any precautions?"
    I was too excited to worry about getting pregnant.  When he started to come, he tried to pull out and I said, "Honey, I want to give you all the benefits of coming inside a woman."
    We fucked most of the night and the next morning.  He said he hoped that he didn't make me pregnant.  A week later he came home from a date that went sour and came to my room and poured his heart out to me. With my arms around him, I could see that he wanted me again.  After getting it in me, he said, "Mother this is crazy."
    I told myself I should make him pull out when he came so I wouldn't get pregnant, but I didn't want him to think that I didn't want to let him make me pregnant if that was what he wanted.
    He said, "Don't worry, Mother, I won't bother you anymore."
    Well, I was pregnant from the first night and told him I would carry it to full term for him.  He wants to stay and take care of it, but I told him he should get married.  He insists on staying and told me he would like to make me pregnant again.  I really don't know what to do, but I still love him so much.
                                                                        Georgetown, OH