- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] the perfect marriage
[Author] Todd Sayre
[Type] Mother/son

Chapter 1
    The funny thing about the sex offender registry is that it was designed by law enforcement to alert the public to a predatory threat-I used it to find a wife. To be more specific, a pedophile wife.
    The idea blossomed into a brainstorm one sunny, Summer afternoon while teaching the children of my first grade Summer school class at Monroe Grammar, that I like to refer to as the Bugsy Segal school for children. Only in Las Vegas can one train for the casinos at an early age ( I jest), but I was hard at work, watching the young boys sitting in their seats as their perfect butts made me hard. I would drool and jerk off as I sat behind my desk, undressing them with my eyes and wishing with all my perverse heart that I could bed with just one of them, but molesting the children in your care is a risky business and a sure ticket to the big house.
    It was Terry Crawford, the teacher that most kids called, "The Claw" because of her withered, palsied hand that had given me the inspiration in the first place. "Troy you should always keep your eyes on the sex offender registry. There are so many perverts in this world and you just never know where they are! You could be living next door to one and never know it until it's too late!" She had told me during lunch one day. I took her idea and turned it into the greatest scam of my life-making it my very own.
    So, one day on a bright, sweltering Saturday, I took a drive to the Las Vegas Police Department and fingered through the massive index of names and addresses and came across pedophiles, rapists and flashers. Most of these convicts were men, but the very few women that were listed were guilty of having liaisons with older teens. I surmised they wanted a sexual relationship with the young boys for the same reasons that men sought out young girls-always to preserve their own youth by dating the young.
    The more names and pictured faces I came across, the more desperate and depressed I grew as the thick book of the guilty was getting thinner. I could feel my hope slowly dying and my will to live being stifled by uncertainty while each page fluttered past my sight and I saw no one of interest. I thought that perhaps I would have to travel out of Las Vegas and into the more heavily populated cities to find what I was looking for, but as I reached the last of the offenders, I saw her and read of her crime. The description of Jessica Lewis' crime had been vague to say the least, but when I took a  journey to the court house on Monday afternoon, I payed the fee for the court transcript and read the details with absolute
fascination-sitting in a McDonald's restaurant and stuffing fries into my face.
    Jessica was a twenty-seven-year-old woman that loved to babysit and enjoyed playing with the babies and small kids, especially at night. It seemed that when mom and dad were living it up at the MGM Grand, having dinner and drinks (perhaps gambling as well), Jessica would carefully sneak into the rooms of her young wards and relieve them of the virginity. She was a boy lover much like myself, but would play with girls if no boys were at hand.
    It was on a December night two weeks prior to Christmas that her career had come to a screeching halt. She had been hired to watch baby Zachary Henderson. Once she had been left alone to care for the infant, she undressed him and started sucking his tiny cock until the boy had grown a boner, then masturbated him until she could feel his dry orgasm in her mouth. She had admitted her culpability when trying to defend herself, but lost control and let her sin out to the people of the jury. She admitted-to the surprise of her attorney-that she had had many nightly encounters with the children she cared for, but this one family she chose had a hidden Nanny Cam set up in various rooms of the house and had caught the woman molesting the baby. The court reporter described the video that was played before the jury, defining each act. She had done everything from sucking the baby's cock to licking his tender ass, but the part that nearly got me creaming my pants was the part where she was being taped, rubbing her hairy cunt over the baby's face and mouth, masturbating against him as if he were nothing more than a doll. She had been fully naked with her eyes closed, gently rubbing back and forth, murmuring soft tones of sensual gratification while she ran a finger around the nipples of each breast, making her body shudder in delight to the warm, wet slide against Zachary's face. To be quite honest, I was certainly amazed that she had not suffocated the kid, but experience had taught Jessica to be mindful for the need to let the kid breathe.  When she had arrived at her climax, Jessica allowed her body to move fast and deliberate, stroking her wet cunny lips so fast against Zach's face that the prosecutor believed the baby had been deprived of precious oxygen for a period. She had focused all of her energy upon that singular moment that she screamed in ecstasy as the wave of her climax swept over her in such a precise surge, that she kept up the motion of thrusting and grinding her pelvis into the baby's face until she had nothing left. She repeated her lust seven times upon Zachary that night before quitting, but when the baby's parents came home and watched Jessica slime their son's face with cunny juice, Jessica had been arrested.
    Before a jury of her peers could convict her, Jessica Lewis plea bargained and served only two years of a six year sentence. Since then, Jessica was on the registry for life and on probation. She was on the straight and narrow now, but I had every intention of paying the woman a visit.
    She had been asleep in the comfort of her own bed when the Las Vegas Police arrested her and hauled her off to jail. The picture of her was terrible. She had cherry blonde hair, enigmatic sky- blue eyes and she had a face so soft and kind that I too would have trusted her with my own children if I had some. I probably could have married long ago and spawned a few kids, but the very threat of having a wife find out that you were plugging the hole to your son's ass with your cock just didn't seem worth the trouble, so I had been labeled as being gay. How quaint.
    Nevertheless, on August 22, 1999, after getting the courage to proceed, I drove to Jessica Lewis' house and rung the door bell.
    I was met by an elderly woman in her seventies and I asked to see Jessica. "Just a minute young man," she had said, closing the door behind her and trotting off.
    When the door reopened and Jessica appeared, I was stunned by her beauty. Her mug shot had done her a severe injustice and I found myself unable to speak. As I looked into her soulful eyes, I could see every boy she had molested and every drop of sweat she had created while riding the young. My thoughts came to a halt as she repeated the words I failed to answer to the first time around, "What do you want?" She said.
    What in hell was I going to say to this woman? Hi! I'm Troy Sims? I like romantic evenings in front of the fireplace in the Winter and I like taking long strolls on the beaches of any tropical island and by the way, I'm a pedophile and I enjoy poking the boys with my pecker every so often? Somehow discretion was needed.
    To make a long story short, I introduced myself and like a total dipshit, I fucked up from the get-go and pitched her my proposal right up front. Before arriving at her home, I had my name and number pre-written on a scrap of paper and when she told me to go fuck myself, I handed her my info and told her to think about it. I turned and left fearing I had blundered big.
    That night as I lay in bed tossing and turning, my face seemed to burn a bright red as I remembered telling her that I wanted to marry her in order to father a child that the two of us could leisurely molest-rearing (no pun mind you) that child into a world of incest and intense days of nonstop sex.
    I worried that she had been rehabilitated and would turn me in for making her such an offer, so throughout that night and into the following school day, my stomach lurched and my mind wandered so bad that I was unable to focus on teaching my class, so at lunch, Mr. Vargas, the principle of Bugsy Grammar, took over my class and I went home.
    I poured myself a tumbler of scotch and sat at my desk in my home, going over my phone messages when I heard the familiar voice of Jessica Lewis. She had left her number and I quickly returned her call. She had wanted to meet over dinner and talk.
    I can't begin to tell you how fucking nervous I was that evening, but when I got to the steak house, I found my spirit returning.
    We casually discussed the plan as if contemplating color schemes and we sat ordering drink after drink until we both felt comfortable over the plan. By the end of that wonderful night, Jessica and I both were smiling when we said goodnight.
Chapter 2
    We got married just three days later at a small chapel just off of the Las Vegas strip-celebrating our nuptials with a hearty dinner and an entire week in bed, fucking day and night. We both felt uncomfortable having sex with the other, but the only way that Jessica and I were going to have children was by procreation. Adoption was out and so was being a foster parent. My father had always said that their was nothing like having your own cockling to lay with when you're the pedo of the house. By the way, my father was a true pedophile through and through and made me his lover when I was just three, not long after mom abandoned us. He created me into the man of the present and I would also do the very same thing in time to my own.
    Needless to say, Jessica got pregnant and in nine very long months, she gave birth to baby boy Shane Sims. Although Jessica had been in moderate pain during labor, she told me she enjoyed the fact that the baby had slid out of her crack and in time would slide right back in. We both could hardly wait. I was so happy when the doctor cut off the extra foreskin to his little cock as it would be irritating to suck on later. I myself am uncut, as my own father liked me that way.
    We probably would have started molesting Shane once we got him home, but he had a temporary problem with his lungs and to start fucking around with him could prove fatal. So Jessica waited. But I on the other hand got started by nursing Shane with the foreskin of my fat cock. The excess of it was considerable and to see it slide into Shane's mouth soothed my nuts in such a way that I was panting and thrusting gently-pumping into him carefully while I rubbed my cock back and forth, stimulating the tiny sperm ducts within me until the flow of silky threads of sperm squirted into the baby's mouth. It was obvious that Shane didn't like the flavor of my seed, but after a few weeks of cock feeding him, he had adjusted marvelously. He drank in my come so greedily that he cried when Jessica tried to breast feed him. He seemed to enjoy my dick more than her nipples, but when your prick remains lodged in your son's mouth all day, he'll expect it religiously.
    While my cock was fixed into the baby's mouth, inspiration graced my mind abundantly. I was watching Bob Villa on his home improvement show, as they visited a wood shop and I saw a master woodworker drilling a small hole in a block of birch wood-applying wood glue and inserting a wooden dowel into the hole. My mind was infected by another brilliant idea.
    When I gave the baby for Jessica to feed, I took a drive to the local Home Depot and I ventured through the isle where they sold wood tools, supplies and of course the dowels. I was amazed at the varying sizes of these wooden pegs that lined the shelves, but when I went in search of a peg that was close to the diameter of my own prick, I was disappointed to learn that there was none. I feel awful silly to admit that I really didn't need that large dowel, as I could get a smaller size butt plug from the adult book store.
    I wanted to laugh as I stood at the check counter-watching a sprite teenage girl with streaks of blue, punk hair and black lipstick covering the pink of her lips as she handled the very pegs that would be used to violate the innocence of an infant. I trembled with my inability to restrained myself when she piped up and asked, "Will that be all?" She said sarcastically. "Hey, Man! What are you laughing at?"
    "He-he ... I'm sorry." I said looking at the dowels and thinking of their use. "I just thought of something very funny that poked me deep."
    She eyed me with contempt and suspicion as she quoted me the cost of my purchase. I handed her my Visa and she ran it through the card reader, then handed it back to me-a snarl of anger etched upon her face. I tried to imagine how many times that teen had been laid out on some sofa, consumed by the latest drug and intoxicated by booze as she wandered through impossible lands were creatures of unimaginable description haunted her.
    Goth girl handed me the receipt, which I signed and grabbed my purchase and returned home.
Chapter 3
    I parked on the street and ventured toward the rear yard of our house, preparing to do a little work on the wooden pegs-as the garage was cluttered with junk from our move-and that's when I saw Jessica doing what she enjoyed the most. I have to admit that this was my first time witnessing my girl engaging in sexual intercourse with my son.
    Jessica had a beautiful body, slender and smooth-her breasts supple and the curvature of her ass so enticing that any other man would be kneeling-sliding a tongue up and down her hole and licking it with desperation.
    Baby Shane jerked around as he laid on the floor as mommy gently, but persistently slid her hair cunny back and forth over his tiny face, making my wife murmur in pleasure as she allowed her body to glide uncaring-back and forth-smothering the baby, but always granting our son a breath with each cycle.
    I laid the bag of items purchased on the patio table and I unzipped my pants and began to tug on my cock, milking it as Jessica gasped and thrust over her son, letting the moisture of her cunt wet Shane's face. The baby cried several times in anger and annoyance, but Jessica refused to stop. She slid forward and back, hissing and gasping as her child's little face seemed to be swallowed by those dark, hairy pussy lips. She closed her eyes and began chanting erotically, "Shane! Ooh! You make mommy so wet. Make Mommy come . . . AUH! . . . AUH! . . . AUH! OH! SHANE! E-EAT MOMMY! AUH!"
    Precum began to seep out of my prick as I saw Jessica's legs lock hard and her back arching, sweat adorning the crown of her head and her eyes now open, but distance as the climax she was now experiencing was consuming her within. She groaned, then cried out in perverse moans that filled the room. She began to thrust faster and more methodical until the first orgasm was relieved only to be complimented by a second, then screamed loud as she was struck by a fierce come that rocked her body until she stopped sliding back and forth. I feared that she may have inadvertently smothered Shane by her wicked dance, but when she stood up, Shane began to cry like a banshee. I was so transfixed by the show that I failed to realize that I had come myself. The sliding glass patio door was oozing sperm. It cascaded down the glass on its way toward the ground while I packed my sex away and entered the family room.
    "Did you enjoy the show?" Jessica asked.
    "Fuck, Girl! When you get off, you do it so well!" I said. "I didn't even know I squirted."
    "I want to see you get creative with Shane," She said, still a bit out of breath. She dressed and before putting her panties and jeans back on, she shoved her index finger into her cunny and smeared her finger with her internal juice-withdrew it and stuck it in her mouth and sucked the flavor of her lust off.
    "I've got some exciting plans for the baby," I said.
    "Really? Like what?"
    "C'mon babe! Be patient. All good things to those who wait!"
    "Troy you sure do know how to build things into a crescendo."
    I giggled like a school boy as I retrieved the bag of goodies from the patio table and laid them out on the dining room table and began to think of how to proceed, but a new idea began to work itself into my mind and I began to grin as the idea grew more perverted.
    "So what's for dinner?" I said.
Chapter 4
    Shane wasn't exactly a meal, but more of an after supper treat. I was excited to get started. I used the washroom as a work area to prepare the dowel and get his butt-hole stretched. I didn't know how long it would take, but I would have to be patient.
    I drilled a tiny hole through the smallest of the dowels and fished a strong fishing line through it and tied it into a loop. Once I completed that task, I sanded the peg until it was as smooth as Shane's ass, coating the dowel with Vaseline.
    Shane gurgled and kicked his tiny legs when I pulled his diaper off, then I coated his rectum with Vaseline and slid my finger into him, making him turn red and crying to the discomfort. He was ready for the peg, which was as large as my pinky finger and I slid it into him, making him cry. Jessica licked her lips while she ran her hand into her jeans-rubbing her crack and moaning erotically. The fish line was a drawstring. In the event his hole swallowed the dowel, I could pull on the string and retrieve the peg. I wouldn't be able explain to an ER doctor as to why my baby had a wooden stick up his ass, therefore prudence was called for.
    Shane began to settle down as his butt-hole began to adjust to the size of the peg. I unzipped my pants and pulled out the massive erection that burned hot and let it dangle in the air like an iron rod. Jessica was already undressing-nearly nude and between Shane's legs-his tiny cock erect and in his mother's mouth and she sucked him.
    Let me add that molesting your son in bed is fun, but doing him on the dining room table with the dirty plates and half-filled glasses of white zinfandel and burning dining candles added an ambiance to a delicate meal of stuffed chicken. Shane provided the desert and how sweet he was.
    I laid my fat, heavy, throbbing cock over Shane's mouth and leaned into the table and began to thrust my flesh back and forth. The baby, not comprehending what was on his mouth, merely opened it and let my prick ebb and flow. The smoothness of his lips seemed to caress my dick with such love that I groaned in delight as every stab sliced his lips in half-feeling his saliva coating the underside of my shaft.
    When I glanced over to Jessica, she had worked the baby's dick to a hardness that she climbed upon the table and mounted her groin over his and allowed his erection to disappear between his mother's cunt. She began to thrust back and forth and although Shane's cock was tiny, it still had enough length to affect my wife. She mewled and pumped and I could smell the wine on her breath as we were nearly face to face as we both fucked our child. This was truly quality time and I could hardly wait for the boy to grow, for when he was a toddler or even a school boy in the second grade, I would be in bed with him with my cock buried in his hole and my mischievous hands stroking his balls and his smooth skin. There were so many things that I wanted for my perfect son, that the future seemed too far away, but for now Jessica and I would have to be content with the present and enjoy what we had.
    I began to gasp hard as I felt the tingle of my orgasm begin to surge through my cock. I pulled back and turned Shane's head to face my massive, bulbous dick as I applied the pee hole to his lips and getting him to open his mouth as the first, heavy streams of pearly-white semen shot out and into him. Several thick strings squirted with some of my spunk escaping his mouth as too much flowed, but I was able to save what was spit up-stuffing it back into him. I gently thrust half of my cock-head into him-rocking ever so passively that I felt lost in the midst of a forgotten forest, wandering through a land were every pond was a silky pool of come, where the drooping boughs of every tree were nothing more than expanding tendrils of sperm. More intense orgasms assaulted me and I absentmindedly allowed my spirit to flow into Shane's belly. He tried to cry, but only vomited to the drowning flood of my seed. I didn't force him to drink anymore, but let the multiple squirts decorate his face and once I was done, I licked my creation off with my tongue until his pink face was clean and my own belly filled with the salty treat.
    Jessica on the other hand, rode baby Shane until she too was enveloped by fierce orgasms. I sat back into a chair and finished my wine as I watched her buck her hips, pumping into Shane and swallowing his little cock. Something told me that she was going to have the boy totally submissive by the time he was at least four, enjoying his mother's womb as he lay with mommy in bed, then he would bend over for daddy and receive my joy.
Chapter 5
    That night, as well as many other nights were spent in pure pleasure. Both Jessica and I shared orgasms as we relieved our sensual desires upon his tiny body. But as the days turned to weeks and the weeks turned into months and thankfully into years, Shane had grown into a pleasant little boy that had indeed become a submissive child, expecting his mouth to be stuffed or to have his mother rub her cunny over his face. To Shane, our incestuous play was the norm and it was now commonplace to have it administered upon him. He never dreaded those nights when either Jessica or myself entered his room and undressed him. He took it as parental affection and when we didn't have sex with him, he cried and felt unloved.
    Do you remember those wooden pegs I started inserting into Shane when he was an infant? Well I continued keeping them in his ass for hours on end, each and everyday only removing them so he could shit every so often, but each week, Shane graduated to a thicker diameter. I decided I wouldn't sodomize the boy until he was big enough.
    By the time Shane was four, he was wearing a cock shaped butt plug in his ass that was just as big as my cock. I was certain he was ready for penetration. I told Jessica that I was going to have a one on one with the boy and Shane was excited that daddy was going to play "bed games" with him, only he had no idea that there was a new game he had to learn.
    Nevertheless, on a rainy Friday night in the master bedroom of our house, Jessica lit several candles and spread out a few items that I would need to make this a night to remember.
    Shane anxiously undressed and stood by the side of the bed as I undressed and I unwrapped  several  rolls of Ace bandages. I told Shane to lay on his belly and place both of his hands behind his back. I then tied them together and centered my son on the king size bed, then tying each ankle to the end posts so that he was stretched wide. He laid his head on the mattress and faced the wall to the right as I climbed over him and rested my fierce, rock-solid cock over his head. I stretched out, laying over him and began to rub my dick back and forth over his hair, sliding back and forth until I heard my son groaning in discomfort from the mild friction. I huffed and groaned and spoke so lustfully to him, "today you're going to have daddy's peepee inside you and I don't mean your mouth, but your bum. It's gonna feel so good and tight and I'm gonna wet you good!"
    I pressed harder and rubbed faster until blobs of come began to spew onto his hair and on some of the sheets. I kept thrusting until that friction had resolved into a burn and until a second orgasm made itself known. The beauty of having the perfect marriage where your wife condoned incest and child rape was an enigmatic adventure to say the least. You could play "bed games" whenever you wanted, making your child lay between you legs and nurse off of your prick while you watched Jerry Springer and his idiot guests or you could simply blow the boy anytime you felt the need for hairless cock or a simple lick of his ass. At any rate, Shane was the perfect son and soon our sexual venture would come full circle as I entered him.
    I climbed off of him and reached for the jar of Vaseline. That's when I noticed Jessica with the camcorder in one hand and a vibrating dildo in the other hand, sliding it in and out of her cunt while I worked on Shane. What a family I have.
    Anyhow, I applied a generous dollop of the gel and applied it to his rectum. He jerked in frigid surprise as the coolness of the jelly coated his rectum. He was used to being finger fucked regularly, so when I inserted my finger and worked the gel into him, he cooperated nicely.
    I applied a fine film of Vaseline to my cock and set the jar on the night stand, then carefully climbed over Shane. The boy said nothing as I stretched out over him, bringing the tip of my cock to the cool curve of his milky-white ass-cheeks and pressed in. I shoved in-looking for the aperture that would host my penis and once I found it, I pressed in. His rectum stretched wide as I dug in and he began to grunt, then broke into tears as my cock slid past his hole. I had waited years for this moment to feel the warm tightness of my son's ass and now that I was experiencing it, I felt like master of the universe. I started to rock back and forth, gentle to start with, then brought up my pace until I had a rhythm going. I gasped in sync with my thrusting and I pounded my son with adoration for the feel of the tightness and his cries that accompanied the moment. Every push went deeper until I could feel the sweat from my groin kissing his-proudly jabbing my flesh hard and relentless. Each time I felt the need to come, I paused and let the climax die in its track, then proceeded, drawing out the fuck for as long as I could manage. By the time an hour had come and gone, Shane quickly acclimated to the size of the rod that had helped to create him and was now grunting and panting to the piston pumps I delivered. Everything around me (except Shane and his puckered ass) had disappeared from my sight. No sound except his musical tones of tolerance sang out and the rhythmic tune of my gasps seemed to join my son in a chorus as the night burned in erotic heat. If the rain could have seeped into this room of lust, striking our two bodies-the sounds of sizzling steam would have arisen into the air and filled the heart of the house with the balminess of a tropical island. My heart pounded in my chest like a cadence and my lungs burned as every breath was inhaled. This night was perfect, Shane's tight ass was a joy to violate and his small frame enticed me so that I could no longer deny my loins the pleasure of spewing its seed. My legs tightened hard like steel strands and my arms and toes began to tremble as I could feel the pulsation reverberate from my balls up into the shaft of my dick with the seed of my being, coursing into Shane's dark hole. I nearly screamed as the orgasm burst out in powerful jets, causing the four-year-old to groan to this new sensation that presented itself to him. I was certain that he could feel the warm spays of come washing his bowels the same way that I felt when I was his age. To have a massive rod of meat sliding in and out of your ass while it expels warm fluid, leaves a distinct impression upon your mind as a memory of lewd games perpetrated upon you in the grips of innocence. Shane allowed me to fill him, for by doing so was an act of love to him. The attention that Jessica and I showed him made the boy feel wanted and we never beat him or inflicted intentional pain, but only the short-lived pain that was meant to acclimate the boy to new erotic adventures. He knew the difference between the hurtful pain of anger and the loving pain of lewd lessons of ecstacy, therefore when my cock entered him this night, Shane knew the discomfort would only last for a short time.
Chapter 6
    I butt-fucked Shane for five hours thus far. He excepted the sodomy the way a child excepts his bath. Unwilling to get wet at first, but once in the tub, he's having the time of his life playing with his toys. He performed excellently for me and when I pulled out of him, I turned over onto my back and lit a cigarette and huffed in a lung-full of smoke. I was pleased and satisfied, but I was going to continue fucking Shane through the wee hours of the night, humping and pumping.  But for now, Jessica wanted a little pleasure.
    Jessica untied the boy and gave him orange juice to drink, cuddling with him affectionately, stroking his back and letting him feed from her breasts. She still produces breast milk and he has grown to like the sweet taste of her bosom, but I think he likes the saltiness of my seed more.
    Once he had been nursed, Jessica laid on her back next to me and asked Shane for "cunny love". Shane had been raised to adore making us happy, touching, licking or sucking-it made him happy and besides, he knew that to please us meant that he was rewarded with toys.
    Jessica spread her legs wide and Shane planted himself between her legs. He parted my wife's pussy lips wide and buried his face into her-shoving his mouth and nose inside those moist walls, licking hard and tasting cunny juice. He lapped at every contour, sniffing his mother's scent and mewling like a hungry dog that has been tossed a bone. He licked at her hungrily and enthusiastically while his smooth hand kept his mother's cunt spread wide-feasting on the very womb that he had once occupied. I loved to watch him do his mother. I laid my cigarette in the ashtray and began to jerk-off as I listened to him lick hard and Jessica moan. Her eyes were sealed tight and her body locked as if being electrified while I watched Shane's feet digging into the mattress, trying to crawl up his mother's cunt in desperation. It was as if the Hershey factory was located within Jessica's cunt with a sign hanging on the door proclaiming free candy for little boys named Shane. Before I knew it, the sperm began to flow and a long strand of my cream flew out and landed on Jessica's thigh.
    No longer satisfied to jerk-off at the side, I got up and buried my face in Shane's ass and entertained my son's hole. I licked him as he licked his mother and as a family, we fucked through the night unyielding for hours.
    Shortly before two AM, we stopped. The boy was still a boy who needed rest. I laid him in the middle of the bed and I took his penis into my mouth and wrapped my lips tight around his cock and milked it. His cock slid fast and easy, in and out of me until I could feel his youth pulse upon my tongue, then I knew that my baby boy had be pleasured as he had pleasured us. I paid tribute toward the end of that night by sucking his dick for awhile, licking his plump balls and kissing the cool whiteness of his thighs, licking the softness of his skin and sucking them with adoration. Shane had bestowed respect toward us and we repaid him with love in our own way.
    We raised the boy to pleasure us in every way and to do anything that we could think of, but one day, Jessica had the desire to mother a second child, but I was unwilling to fuck her. So I suggested that Shane father the child, so at the tender age of twelve, I watched my son fuck his mother for days. We kept him home from school for nearly a week so that he could fill Jessica with ounces of his preteen come. It wasn't until after eight weeks later that we found out that Jessica had conceived. Shane was proud. I made it clear to everyone that once the baby was born, the three of us were to equally share him or her and do so as a united family.
    Many months later, when Jessica gave birth, she had given birth to a baby girl and since Shane was the father, he named her Jordan Sims. He was excited to get that baby home so he could shove his twelve-year-old cock into her tiny slit and welcome her into to the world.
    Yes, I think it's safe to say, that using the sex offender registry did indeed provide me with the perfect marriage and the perfect family. What secrets we harbor, we do so in love . . . we do so as the perfect family and we share nothing with outsiders. We lay together united and inflict perversions upon each other as a fun game and we continue to add more names to this household.
The End