- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] a mother's touch
[Author] Eros
[Type] Mother/son

       It's fascinating how extraordinary circumstances can spawn totally
    unexpected acts and deeds. In this case, a serious car crash thrust
    my sixteen-year-old son, Marty, and me into a situation that brought
    us together in a way neither of us could ever have imagined. He'd
    been out driving around with a couple of older boys, one of whom just
    got his licence, when the driver lost control and rolled it. Luckily
    nobody was hurt, but they all ended up in hospital for a couple of
    weeks with various broken bones and abrasions.

       Marty came out with both his arms in casts, which left him
    completely dependent on me. I was so thrilled at having him alive, I
    didn't mind doing everything for him. As a matter of fact, I actually
    enjoyed most of it, especially when I helped him take a shower. It
    wasn't until I'd done it several times that what I'd suspected became
    a reality. Every time I washed my son's cock and balls, he started
    getting aroused! The first time it happened, I quickly moved to
    another area of his body and chatted about things to distract him...
    and me!

       But then one day my little ploy didn't work, and the minute I
    started lathering his crotch, his dick got hard fast! Marty's got a
    big cock for his age, so there was no ignoring the situation.

       "Sorry, Mom!", he said with an embarrassed little grin.

       "Don't worry, darling," I said, continuing to wash between his
    skinny young legs. "It's only natural. Besides I've seen plenty of
    hard cocks before."

       "You have?"

       Clearly this only excited Marty more, because his cock seemed to
    throb powerfully in my hand.

       "Sure, It's no big deal," I said, trying to act as calmly as
    possible. But feeling my son's virile young cock hardening under my
    fingers was doing things to my pussy that it shouldn't have.

       I couldn't believe I was so turned on by my own son! His young
    prick was at full erection now and looked every bit as large as his
    father's had been. I couldn't help myself, I had to touch it without
    the washcloth in the way. I dropped the soap and wrapped my fingers
    around Marty's stiff cock. It was incredibly hard, and smooth to the
    touch and my pussy began to dribble into my panties as I looked up
    into my son's wide eyes.

       "Do you play with yourself when it gets hard like that, Marty?",
    I asked, almost clinically, but the heat between my legs betrayed my
    own rising excitement.

       "S.. sometimes," he answered.

       "Do you want Mommy to help you out with it now, baby", I asked, my
    voice almost a whisper.

       "Ohhhh, yeahhh!!"

       I gripped his gorgeous young prick and began to slowly move my
    fist up and down the hard, slippery length of my son's cock.

       "Ummmmmmmmmmm!" he moaned contentedly, closing his eyes as I
    started jerking him off. "That feels so good, Mom!"

       "I just want you to be comfortable, honey," I stammered, feeling
    the heat from his cock travel up my arm and down into my incredibly
    wet pussy. The crotch of my panties was soaked.

       "Keep doing what you're doing, Mom," he sighed. "I haven't been
    able to do this for myself since the accident."

       "Do you do it often, baby?" I breathed, running my other hand up
    and down his lean young thighs.

       "Yeah, Mom, twice a day," gasped Marty through clenched teeth.
    "sometimes more if I'm feeling really horny."

       I knew how horny young sixteen-year-olds could get, so I had no
    trouble imagining Marty jerking himself off all over the house. It
    made my overheated cunt twitch and drool with arousal. Talking so
    wantonly with my own son like this as I jacked off his cock was the
    most exciting thing I'd ever done.

       "What do you think of when you're doing it, honey?", I asked,
    wanting him to excite me with his fantasies.

       "I think of... girls and... women... with no clothes on..." he
    replied hesitantly, "and....."

       "And what, baby?"

       "... and... you, Mom!" he gasped, staring directly between my
    carelessly parted thighs. I did incredible things to my pussy to know
    that my son was staring hungrily at my sopping crotch.

       "Ohhh, Marty!", I gasped.

       Leaning down, I kissed him on the lips, not like a mother kissing
    her son, but like a woman kissing her lover. Surprisingly, Marty
    knew exactly what to do. He parted his soft, young lips and let my
    tongue enter his hot, panting mouth, slithering his own tongue past
    mine and into my mouth. My little boy had done this before, and he
    was good! I moaned with pleasure as Marty reached up and began to
    fondle my tits through my blouse.

       "Take it off, Mom", he panted, pulling his mouth off mine. "Take
    off your top, I wanna see your tits!"

       As if in a daze, I did as he requested. I was a bit concerned
    about where all this foreplay was leading, but I knew I didn't want
    it to stop either.

       "Uhhhh, yes!" I muttered "I want you to seen my tits, baby!"

       I took off my blouse and unhooked my bra, letting my breasts
    spring free. Marty moaned softly as I reached up with my free hand
    and began to squeeze them one at a time. I'm very proud of my tits.
    They're not too big and still almost as firm as a they were when I
    was a teenager. Marty's eyes went big and round, his tongue darting
    out to wet his lips as he watched me fondle my breasts. I continued
    to rub his slippery wet cock as he stared at my naked tits.

       The steamy bathroom somehow made what we were doing seem a little
    less real. I didn't care that I was engaged in sexual foreplay with
    my sixteen-year-old son... I just wanted it to continue, and damn the
    consequences! Up and down, up and down, I moved my fist over Marty's
    throbbing prick, each stroke bringing him closer to release. I loved
    the look on his face and the occasional groans of pleasure as my hand
    gave him the satisfaction his own could not.

       The tingle of excitement between my thighs had grown rapidly into
    a raging itch that needed to be attended to. I reached underneath my
    skirt and started rubbing my cunt-mound through my soaked panties,
    watching Marty's eyes gleam as he followed my hand.

       "Oh, Mom!", he gasped, when he realized what I was doing.

       I had the sudden depraved impulse to let my son watch me rub my
    naked cunt. Letting go of his cock for a second, I quickly undid my
    skirt and removed my panties. Marty's eyes were flashing from my
    tits to my cunt and back again as I finally stood before him
    completely naked.

       "God, Mom, you're gorgeous!", he muttered, "I wish I could touch

       "But you can, my darling," I smiled, reaching for his stiffly
    twitching young cock. "You can touch me in the best possible way!"

       I moved up close to my son until our naked bodies were almost
    touching. His breathing became heavy and laboured as grabbed his
    erection and inserted it between my thighs. Marty was a couple of
    inches shorter than me and I had to bend my knees a little so that
    his gorgeous young cock would line up with my pussy. I felt the head
    nudge my mound and slide deliciously up along my incredibly wet
    cunt-slit before popping neatly into my neglected fuckhole.

       Marty's mouth opened wide and he let out a low, throaty moan as I
    hunched forward, burying his man-sized prick deep into my aching

       "Unnnnghhhh! Mom!.. Fuck! Ohhhhh, Jesus!"

       "Feel good, sweetheart?", I whispered, contracting my cunt-muscles
    around his cock for effect.

       "Shit, Mom! It feels fantastic!" replied Marty, panting for
    breath. "You're so hot and wet and... and tight!"

       "Don't sound so surprised," I smiled, "I haven't had something
    this big up my cunt since your father left a year ago."

       "Really?', he grinned.

       "You bet!", I said grinding myself against him sensuously, "You're
    hung like a stud pony, honey and Mommy wants to ride you!"

       "Go for it, Mom", gasped Marty, "Fuck my cock!"

       With a whimper of pleasure, I began moving my hips back and forth,
    pinning my son's ass against the tiled wall as his wonderfully hard
    prick slid in and out of my highly aroused cunt. I was beside myself
    with lust! Marty's cock felt sooo good inside me, even better than I
    remembered his father's cock had felt during the years of our
    marriage. That is, before he left me for some blonde secretary half
    his age. Well now I had a young lover too... my own handsome son!

       Marty was bravely thrusting his skinny young hips back at me as
    we fucked awkwardly, the suddenly cool water from the shower spraying
    over our heated bodies. I wished his hands were free so he could
    grab my ass and pump his rock-hard young prick in and out of my cunt
    like I knew he wanted to.

       "Ohhhhhh, Maaaarty!", I gasped as his balls began to slap loudly
    against against the flesh between my thighs.

        We kissed passionately, our tongues twisting and plunging with
    the same frantic tempo as our hips. Within a minute or two, Marty
    began to moan and heave his hips against me violently, and I knew he
    about to come. I was nowhere near my own orgasm, but it didn't matter
    just then. We had plenty of time and I knew at his age, it wouldn't
    take much to get him hard again. Right now, all I wanted was to feel
    my son's hot, creamy cum shoot up into my cunt. It was his first time
    cumming in a woman, and I was so glad it was me. I was in seventh
    heaven! How many mothers are lucky enough to take their son's

       Marty stiffened and humped his hips, instinctively burying his
    throbbing prick as far as he could into my hungry snatch. I grabbed
    his tight, clenched little asscheeks and hunched forward, grinding
    against him as he climaxed powerfully.

       "UNNNNNNGHHHHHH! FUUUUUUCK!", he yelled, opening his eyes wide as
    the intense pleasure crashed through his young loins. "GODDDD! I'MMMM

       "Yes! Oh, fuck, yessss!", I hissed as I felt the first powerful
    squirts of incestuous semen enter my flooded pussy. "Fuck me, baby!
    Cum in Mommy's cunt! Cum! Cum! CUM!!"

       Marty's climax seemed to go on forever, as jet after jet of hot,
    thick boy-cum surged into my cock-filled cunt. I felt it filling me
    up and by the time he had finished his orgasm it was running down my
    legs. Marty slumped against me, his legs shaking with post-climactic
    bliss. His cock was still inside me, but had lost most of its former
    hardness. I squeezed my cunt-muscles around him and hugged him close
    as he came down from what must have been a very intense orgasm.

       "Ohhhh, Mom!", he gasped, when he finally caught his breath. "That
    was fantastic! I never knew it could be so good to fu.. to you
    know... to do it with a girl... er...woman."

       I smiled at his sudden coyness.

       "After what we just did, honey, I think you can say `fuck' in
    front of your mother, don't you?", I grinned.

       "I guess so, Mom", said Marty flashing me one of his cute,
    dimpled smiles. "Did you... um.. did you come too?"

       "No, baby," I admitted, "But we've got all night to remedy that

       "You mean I can fuck you again?", smiled Marty. He looked like
    all his birthdays had come at once. I guess in a way, they had!

       "Sure! You can fuck me anytime you want, stud!"", I grinned,
    grinding my pussy lewdly against my son's limp cock.

       "Alriiiight!!" he said with boyish enthusiasm.

       I washed us both slowly, concentrating on our genitals. As I
    hoped, Marty was hard again in no time. My aching pussy was drooling
    at the very thought of having my son's long hard cock in my pussy
    again, but I wanted it to be in more comfortable surroundings this
    time. Before Marty became too excited, I suggested I dry off us both
    off and adjourn to my bedroom. He eagerly agreed and followed me down
    the hall like an eager young puppy-dog panting after a bitch in heat.

       In the bedroom, I got Marty to lie down on his back while I
    straddled him. My pussy was leaking so bad by this time it left a
    slick trail as I slithered up his chest to position my cunt right in
    front of his mouth. Marty stared up at me with look of pure lust in
    his young eyes.

       "You want me to lick it for you, don't you, Mom", he murmured,
    glancing hungrily down at my wetly-gaping cuntslit.

       "Mmmmmm! I sure do, darling!", I replied. "Do you think you can?"

       "You bet, Mom!" said Marty enthusiastically, "Move up a bit so I
    can reach you with my tongue."

       With a low moan of expectant lust, I shuffled forwards and pressed
    my cunt against my son's mouth. Immediately, Marty opened his mouth
    and shot his tongue into my gooey fuckhole. I shuddered and arched my
    back, grinding my pussy onto his gorgeous face.

       I got the feeling that my young son had done this before, the way
    he lapped up and down my slit and flicked my clit with his tongue.
    But, right now, I didn't care if he'd sucked every girl in school, as
    long as he kept doing what he was doing. His talented young tongue
    was sending me into orbit!

       "Unnnnhhhh, yeahhh! Suck mommy's cunt, baby! Lick me and fuck me
    with your hot little tongue." I moaned.

       Marty did as he was instructed, slurping and sucking like crazy
    as I hunched my drooling twat against his open mouth. He had me
    cumming in no time. All it took was for him to latch his lips around
    my clit and start sucking hard. I came like a rocket, grinding my
    pussy over my son's mouth and lips in a frenzy of hot, incestuous
    lust. He licked up my cunt-juice like a starving man as I fell
    forward on the bed, my messy crotch still plastered over his
    glistening young face. As my orgasm faded, I scooted my pussy down
    over his chest until I felt his cock-shaft press into the crease of
    my ass.

       "Oh, my goodness, Marty..." I grinned, reaching round to grab his
    erection. "You're as hard as a rock!"

       "I sure am, Mom! Sucking you off has got me hotter than hell!"

       "I can see that, baby!", I said, "Let Mommy take care of it for

       I raised my ass and positioned his cock in my freshly-sucked
    cuntslit. Without any preliminaries I dropped my hips, moaning aloud
    as my son's huge pole impaled me deliciously. Marty groaned and
    lifted his hips, forcing his prick deeper up inside my pussy.

       "Uuuuhhhhh, Mom! That's fantastic!", he panted, "You feel so much
    tighter this way!"

       I started rotating my ass in response to the urgent up-and-down
    movements of Marty's muscular young hips. His cock felt like a steel
    bar inside me and every time I sank down over him it filled me
    completely. Marty was right, in this position his prick felt so much
    longer and thicker than when we had fucked standing up in the shower.
    I began to bounce up and down on him, lost in the ecstasy of riding
    my son's magnificent young cock.

       "I wish I could squeeze your tit's and ass, Mom!" Marty groaned.

       I wished he could too. It would have been such a turn on for me if
    he could have reached up and fondled my jiggling tits. I pictured him
    pulling me down onto his bucking prick by my breasts. God, that would
    feel good! I leaned forward a bit so that my tits dangled over his
    face. Marty took the hint and began sucking and licking my erect
    nipples as I fucked him, nibbling and biting on them until I felt
    another wonderful orgasm begin to build in my loins.

       "Ummmffff, baby! Yes! Fuck me!", I grunted, "Fuck me hard! I'm
    gonna cum soon, lover! Fuck Mommy REAL hard!"

       "Yeah! Cum for me, Mom", gasped Marty, pounding his hips up at me
    as hard as he could. "Cum on my big fat mother-fuckin' prick!"

       His cock-shaft was stimulating my clit into a powerful orgasm,
    pushing me closer and closer with every thrust. Then suddenly, my
    climax was upon me. Wave after wave of intense pleasure welled up
    from my quivering pussy, raced along my spine and washed over my
    lust-clouded brain. The erotic sensations were so powerful I lost
    consciousness for a few moments and when I came to, Marty was still
    pumping his cock up into my cunt like crazy. He hadn't come yet, but
    he was very close. I concentrated on making my son climax, tightening
    my pelvic muscles and grinding my cunt down over his pistoning cock
    in perfect rhythm with his increasingly-aggressive hip thrusts.

       Soon, Marty was moaning loudly and slamming his cock up into me
    like crazy. I knew he was about to cum so I leaned forward and kissed
    him passionately.

       "Come in my cunt, lover!", I said, breathing hotly into his ear.
    "Fill Momma's pussy with your hot fucking cum! Ohhh, baby, I'm so
    hot! Fuck me forever, Marty!!

       Hearing my husky voice telling him what I wanted him to do to me
    must have been the all the catalyst that Marty needed. Instantly, he
    arched his back and rammed his twitching, jerking cock into my cunt
    as far as he could, emptying a load of hot sticky sperm deep up
    inside my heaving belly.


       Marty's young prick seemed to double in size as he came and I
    humped him frantically, trying to orgasm with my trembling son. His
    cock was hitting the right spot and his hot, creamy jism shooting
    deep into my pussy soon had me climaxing again also. It wasn't as
    intense as the first, but wonderfully satisfying all the same.

       We lay there in a tangled heap for several minutes, catching our
    breaths and letting our bodies recover from the exhausting effort.
    Then I rolled off him and lay by his side, holding him close...
    hugging his sweaty, naked body to mine. Marty did his best to hug me
    back and kissed me hungrily on the lips.

       "Can we do this every night, Mom?" he asked with a mischievous
    little grin.

       "Sure, baby, if you feel you can manage to get this thing up that
    often, " I replied, giving his limp glistening cock a meaningful

       "I'm sure I can, Mom," chuckled Marty, "I'm sure I can."

       And he was right........

                                   The End.