- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] a mother's story
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Mother/son

My husband and I were married 14 years when he was killed in an
auto accident.  Our marriage had been wonderful, and now I was
left with two children to take care of by myself.  Jeff, the
youngest, and Lisa.

Don, my husband, had been well insured, plus he had made some
good investments, I did not need to work, and was able to
provide for my children quite nicely.  He was a good man.
But, the task of raising children by myself was hard.  It is
for any parent.  They need so much.

Lisa was 11 when the accident happened.  We were all in shock.
But she really loved her Daddy.  And as time went on, she began
to love me more.  She came to me with everything, she kept no
secrets from me.  I guided her through her first period, and
was able to explain what was going on.  She started soon after
the accident.  But, this took place when she was 14 years old.
Jeff was 12.

The summer before, it had been very hot.  We talked of getting
a pool for next year, well, it was time.  We shopped around and
looked at all the literature, and then called and the men came
and installed it.  Finally, it was ready to use.  And, it was
another hot summer.  Even hotter than last year.  We became a
pool family, we spent a lot of time out there.  All of us.
It was a fairly large pool.  We all thought it was just grand.
Lisa asked about having some friends over, and I said ok, but
told her to make sure nobody fooled around.  We did not want
any accidents.  She said ok, and her friends did come over
and enjoyed the pool.  One afternoon, I had things to do in
town.  We lived out in the country, our neighbors were not
too close to us, but we were not isolated.  I spent quite
a bit of time in town that day, and it was after dark when
I got home.  Lisa and her friends were out by the pool.
I guess they did not see me pull into the driveway.  I got
out of the car, went into the house, and then out onto the
deck.  I must say, I was shocked to see the kids, all nude.
Including young Jeff.  Lisa and her friend Linda came over
to me, both of them so lovely, and both quite nude, and
Lisa quickly explained that on a whim, the kids had decided
to skinnydip.  Everybody had thought it was a good idea, so
they did it.  She asked if I minded.  I told her no, but that
I thought it might be a good idea if they did not mention doing
that when they got home.  Linda laughed, she said that they
would never thing of telling their parents or others about it.

So, the kids were having a good time.  I went inside, I could
see them, laughing, having fun, diving etc... Oh hell, I got
undressed, everything off, and went out.  They all looked at
me, then a cheer went up, as I dived into the pool.  I too
enjoyed skinnydipping, although we had never done it before.
There were 4 other boys, besides Jeff, and 5 girls.  I knew
most of the kids.  Some of those boys were quite attractive.
And seeing them nude was a bit of a shock to me.  I found
myself getting just a bit of a tingle looking at them.  At
various times, they all had an erection, but I saw nothing
going on.  I did see that Lisa as well as the other girls
all took good looks at the boys, and of course, the boys were
all eyes on the girls.  I caught them looking at me quite
closely too.  Well, I am not fat, and I think I am attractive.
It was getting late, and time for the kids to go home, I
went inside.  It was warm, I didn't feel like putting anything
on.  When all had gone, Lisa and Jeff came in.  Jeff went
up to bed, and he looked so cute, he had no pubic hair
yet, but when he first came in, he was sporting a healthy
erection.  I was surprised to see how much he had grown.

Lisa came over to me, she put her arms around me and gave
me a hug, and kissed me on the cheek.  "Thanks Mom, for
being so wonderful". I hugged her right back, and felt her
breasts against mine.  Hm.. That tingle was stronger now.
A change came over us.  I felt it, and so did Lisa.
I felt her nipples harden, as did mine.  And, we kissed again.
This time, my lips met hers, and then she opened her them for
me, my tongue went inside her mouth, out bodies strained
together.  We pulled away, and looked at each other, out
breathing ragged.  She was lovely, her young breasts proud
and firm, nipples pointed out at me, and me, I was hot! My
breasts, not too big, firm, nipples very erect, and I felt
the dampness of my pussy.  "Oh Mom".  And then we were in
each others arms again.  Again, a deep, hot kiss.  And then
out hands, touching each other, everywhere.  I gasped when
she touched my clitoris, and she rubbed me there.  We moved
into the living room, and onto the soft, carpeted floor.

She was on me, our bodies pressed together, kissing.  She
said: "Mom, I want to do something, but what?".  I had never
done anything with a woman, but I knew what I wanted, and I
knew what to do, I told her to lay on her back, and she did.
Then, I turned, my lips kissing her body, down to her clitoris.
My pussy now up by her face.  She did the same thing I was
doing, licking my pussy, licking my clit.  My god, it was good.
My tongue explored her young body.  She moaned, as did I.
Soon, her tongue was too much for me, I came hard.  And then
her hips thrust up at me, she was moaning, and then a muffled
scream, as she had her orgasm.  And then I tuened around.
We lay together, kissing softly, hugging.  We talked.

I vaguely heard a door, and there all of a sudden, stood Jeff.
Still nude, his penis soft, but not for long.  He looked at
the two of us, not saying a word.  I sat up, and called him
over to me, I hugged him.  I guess I should not have been
surprised to feel his penis rise against my breasts.  I was
though, I had never thought of my children in a sexual way.
He had no pubic hair, but he did now have a very hard cock.
And again, that tingle.  Lisa came over, she hugged both of
us, and said she was sleepy, and would go to bed.  she left.

So there I was, hugging my nude, erect son, wanting to fuck
him, very much.  I had him lay down with me on the floor.
His cock sticking up, pointed at his chin.  It was so hard.
He would be bigger I guessed, in a year or two, but right
now he was big enough.  His eyes widened when I touched it.
It felt good in my hand, I stroked it, his hand, timid at
first, felt my breasts, my nipples, which had gone hard
again.  Then he moved lower, touchig my pussy lips, inserting
his finter into me, then back out, touching my clitoris.
And then his body stiffened, he thrust his hips up, and moaned
loudly.  He relaxed. He had cum, but nothing came out.  He
was still too young for that.  I wanted him.  we lay there.
Kissing and hugging, and now, I kissed his young nipple, I
licked his belly, then I licked his cock, and his balls, and
the spot under them that Don loved for me to lick, and Jeff
was hard again.  I took him into my mouth, but I was not
going to make him cum, not yet.  He got close though.  I
stopped, I moved away, he looked at me, and I told him to
wait, I wanted to do something else.  His eyes lit up.

I lay on my back, and got him between my legs.  He knew what
I wanted, and it was no problem at all for his cock to slide
into me.  I was well lubricated.  He was awkward at first, but
he got the hang of it, and soon, his hips were pounding against
me.  It was fast, and hard, but exactly what I needed right
then.  I came, and shorthly after, so did he.  I had cum hard
with both my children this wonderful night. 

There were more nights like this.  Both my children made love
to me for a few years.  Then Lisa started seeig a guy, she was
in love.  Jeff had been dating, but he said he wasn't really
involved with anyone yet.  I had gone back on the pill when
he began to ejaculate.  He did find a girl he cared for.  But
he still fucked me.  He would continue that, up until the time
he married the girl.  He always told me I was the best woman he
had ever known, in bed.