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[Story Name] Moms School Re-Union
[Author] MummysBigBoy69
[Type] Mother/son

Part One


I live with my my mother, I’m 17 and there has just been us two since I can remember, my father left when I was small and pretty much disappeared.


All this started with me rummaging around the attic when I was bored and finding a box of old school photos, I recognised my mother on them, she must have been about 16, which would have made it about 1978 as I was born in 1985 and she’s 40 next year.

She looked hot, I had to say, I mean it was the punk era and the photos the girls all had short skirts and safety pins everywhere and some wild colours in their hair.

If she had looked like that at my school I would have fancied her!

I left the photos but found myself thinking about her when I was wanking later that day, I felt guilty but rationalised that I was thinking about a sexy 16 year old punk, not my mum.


At breakfast one morning mum was opening her mail, as there was just the two of us there was always a friendship between us most other boys don’t have with their mothers.


“I’ve got an invite to a school re-union here” said mum waving the letter.

“Are you going?” I asked

“I don’t know, for one thing its fancy dress” chuckled mum.

“Well go, it’ll be fun”

“Well what can I wear” sighed mum and put the letter down.


I looked at my mother, she was in good shape, a real woman underneath her nightie, she had light brown hair, about shoulder length, and a good figure, large tits and long legs as she was about 5’10, and she had a good tan that her skin retained well in the winter.


Then it all flooded into my imagination


“School uniform” I said

“What “! Mum exclaimed

“Yeah get a school uniform, it’ll be fun, and easy to do, go on do it”

Mum pondered and said, “mmm I’ll think about that one, good thinking Andy”



The day of the party came and mum came home from work with shopping bags of clothes, we ate and mum said she was going upstairs to change.


When she came down I was speechless, she had put her hair in two plaited bunches either side of her head, she had a white shirt undone to her bust and tied in a knot at the bottom round her belly. She had an old school tie loosely round her neck, she had a short grey pleated skirt on and black stockings that ended where the skirt began.

“Do I look alright Andy”? She asked

“You look great mum, you’ll be fighting the guys off,” I said jealously thinking of the attention she would get from other men.

“Hardly Andy it was an all girls school”, we heard a horn go outside.

“My Taxi” mum kissed me on the cheek, I had a quick glance at her bust and I saw that she had no bra on and her nipples were pressing through her shirt, mum should pull tonight.


Part 2


I spent the night getting drunk and watching TV in the lounge in my boxer shorts, I decided to stay up to make sure mum was home OK and at about one o clock I heard a car pull up and moment later Mum bumble in through the door, she was a little worse for wear with drink, although not too badly smashed, she came in and went straight for the sink to get a glass of water, I walked in and greeted her,

“Good night was it”?

“Yes it was great seeing all those old faces mum giggled”

“Oh yes, a little pissed are you mother” I said in a condescending mocking voice.

She looked really sexy, her shirt had lost another button but otherwise she still looked as she did when she left, and she looked sexy, my cock got hard as she leaned into the cupboard and her skirt rose up exposing her black-stocking clad thighs and just the bottom of her bare ass cheeks (was she wearing underwear I thought?)

I saw her put the taps on far too hard and blast water everywhere,

“Don’t you come in here making a mess” I said, in a tone a father would chastise his child

“Don’t you speak to me like a naughty schoolgirl!”  Said mother “even if I look like one” she giggled

“Well maybe you need to be punished you naughty girl” and with that I walked over and slapped her ass, Mum laughed and squealed and made a dash for the living room, I chased her into the lounge and grabbed her round the waist, she didn’t struggle at all not even when I bent her over and spanked her again, her skirt rose up exposing her ass, she was only wearing a pink lacy thong, explaining her ass seeming exposed.

“I don’t think these would have been worn by schoolgirls” I exclaimed

“They’d probably have been confiscated,” giggled my mother,

I took this a challenge and promptly grabbed the elastic round the top and tried to tug them down, at the time I had forgotten this was my mother and was just being horny and playful really, but Mum must have had what alcoholics call a ‘moment of clarity’ and grabbed my hand,

“Now Andy that’s enough” and she tried to pull herself away, however being drunk she lost her footing, she span around and fell backwards I tried to save her but we both fell onto the sofa her on her back and me on top, my hard cock was against her pussy, suddenly we were both quiet we looked at each other for a couple of seconds then our lips embraced, kissed slowly at first then steadily more passionately, I slowly brought my hand down towards her breast and slipped it inside her shirt, I rubbed her tit and found her nipple that was as hard as a wheel nut,  I squeezed it and heard mum moan as I broke off our kiss. I kneeled up on the sofa next to her and undid the shirt buttons and untied her tie, mum looked up at me wantonly as I stripped her top half and opened her shirt exposing her large round beautifully tanned tits, I leant down to kiss her and manoeuvred myself around so as I was sat next to her, I reached down to her knees and ran my hand up the inside of her thigh to the top of her stockings then onto her tender inner thigh until I felt her crotch. It was hot under my hand, I pushed my fingers under the elastic of her thong and felt a little hair, Mum moaned as I found her clitoris and began to rub it rolling my fingers over it, I stopped and withdrew my hand, mother opened her mouth and looked at me in disappointment but all I did was slip to the floor in-between her legs and reach up to grab the sides of her panties, she raised her ass as I pulled them down to ankles and off.

I looked up at her pussy, it was neatly trimmed and she had large lips that were glistening in the light, I raised my head up and in one movement clamped my mouth onto her snatch licking all around the outside of her clam with my mouth engulfing her pussy before I pushed my tongue into her sopping hole, mum grabbed my hair in her hands

“OoooHHH” she moaned as my tongue darted in and out of her hole, I grabbed the inside of her knees and pushed her legs open further still, I licked and licked, exploring every crevice till I felt her shudder and grab my hair tight.

“Fuck, fuck, Fuck” she exclaimed as she came and I tasted her love juice.

She blew out hard a couple of times and took a deep breath, then she motioned me to stand up, she sat up and then got onto the floor on her knees in front of me.

She reached forward and took my raging cock out of my shorts and wanked it a couple of times before opening her mouth and taking all 8 inches in side her throat, she bobbed up and down sucking away and wanking my cock noisily slurping and sucking on her sons member, she stopped to lick all the way down the length and then to lick my balls whilst she continued to wank my cock, I knew I couldn’t take much more so I pulled her up to her feet and and turned her around, I pushed her onto All fours on the sofa her knees on the seats and her elbows resting on the back, I pulled her skirt up exposing her bare ass, god it was a sexy ass, and I wondered how many years it was since she had done this for the first time, was she in school uniform then as well ?.

I positioned myself behind her and pushed my member into her pussy, mum arched her back and pushed her ass out as I began to pump it. She was so wet that my cock flew in and out effortlessly and I built up an incredible speed as I pummelled my mother’s pussy.

“Oh yeah baby fuck mummy like a naughty schoolgirl, fuck me hard baby, oh god yes, fuck mummy baby”

It was great, I could see in the mirror above the sofa my mother facing it on all fours mouth pouting and moaning as I stood behind her fucking her doggy style.


I felt like I was going to explode but I wanted to prolong the moment so I withdrew and pulled her skirt off leaving her with just her black stockings on, I sat down and pulled mum on top, she sat on my prick and began to ride me, with her hands behind her head and her tits bouncing up and down with her thrusts.


I met her thrusts with my pelvis, then she arched her back and as I looked down I saw my cock going in and out of her, my thrusts meeting her big lips and I felt her juices flow down over my pubes, I watched her neatly trimmed snatch swallow up my cock into her bowells she closed her eyes and went frantic as she came again throwing herself around in the throes of passion. I grabbed her tits and began to knead them and twist her nipples, she looked down and pouted and panted as I fucked her like the cock hungry slut she had become.


Then I felt the feeling in my balls as I was going to cum, mum could tell, she dismounted me and got on her knees, she grabbed my cock and eagerly began sucking it totally gorging on it, I grabbed her head by her two bunches and began fucking her mouth pushing my cock further into her throat , she gagged as she sucked it and saliva began to run down her chin .

I looked down on her, naked sucking and licking, I grasped her bunches tighter and held her head tight against my body as I came and spat my fat into my mothers mouth, so much came out she had to stop sucking my cum down and let the rest spray in her face.

I sat down exhausted and cuddled with mum till she fell asleep and I went to bed.


We fucked regularly after that, and she dressed up for me a few times but I’ll always cherish that first time.