- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Mother son story 1
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Mother/son

                              CHAPTER 1
           I was born and raised as an only child in a small town in Ohio.
      My mom, Theresa, and many of our close friends say I look just
      like my father, but I've never been able to confirm that for
      myself because my parents divorced when I was three years old,
      and we have not seen him since.  I've heard he's living in Oregon
      with his new family.
         After the divorce, mom started working at a clothing factory
      nearby and she's been working there ever since. She spends most
      of her free time with her friends in the neighborhood, but rarely
      goes out on dates.  The few times she has dated, she would come
      home fairly early and go straight to bed.
         I was sixteen and a Junior in high school.  The high school I
      attended was fairly small, but I had many good friends and had
      dated a few girls. Like every teenage boy, I wanted to lose my
      virginity, but unfortunately I never got passed feeling a girl's
      breast through her blouse.  It seemed as if all the girls I dated
      were cock teasers and were determined to remain virgins until the
      day they got married.  Many times I went home and had to relieve
      myself after my uneventful dates.  

         One Friday night, I was getting ready to go on a date with Gina. 
      She was my age, about five foot six, had a cute face, and a
      beautiful body with tits larger than the average tits for a sixteen
      year old.  While I was taking a shower, I couldn't help thinking about
      feeling those round globes.  My hormones were racing and my seven
      inch cock sprang to life.  I wanted to wack-off in the shower, but
      decided to wait, anticipating that tonight might be my lucky night.

         As I was getting ready to leave, my mom was sitting on the couch
      watching television.  At 38 years old and quite attractive.  She has
      shoulder-length black hair, a slim waist and a butt that
      could compete with any girl I knew.  Her most attractive feature is
      her chest.  I went through her clothes one day and saw that she wore
      a size 38C bra, and I know her nipples are big because I've seen them
      poke through her clothes many times.

         That night, she looked great, but she didn't appear to be in the
      best of moods.  She told me not to stay out to late, and I asked her if
      she was going out, and she said that she was going to watch
      a movie on TV and maybe read a book.  No surprise.  She usually
      stays up and waits for me to get home.  Though I had taken the role
      of the man of the house, she still treated me like her little baby.

         Before I walked out the door, I noticed how nice she looked in her
      pink terry cloth robe.  As I stood at the door ready to leave, she
      gave me a big hug, pressing those big breast of hers against my chest. 
      I could see a bit of cleavage as she let go and told me to drive
      safely.  While I was walking to my car, I realized that my cock was
      hard as a rock. My mom always managed to do that to me when she
      hugged me.
                              CHAPTER 2

         I picked up Gina at 7:00 pm.  She looked great in her tight jeans
      and loose-fitting summer blouse.  We jumped into my car and headed
      off to the drive-in movies nearby.

         The date was going great.  We talked about school, our families
      and other stuff that really didn't seem to important.  About 45
      minutes into the movie I put my arm around her, and she moved closer
      to me.  Next think I knew, we were making out and having a really
      good time. 

         I decided to be bold and reach for her breast, but she slowly moved
      my hand away, but continued to kiss me.  After trying two more times
      with no sucess, I finally asked her what the problem was.  She said
      she wasn't ready to do that and that I needed to cool off.  I was
      horny and very upset so I started my car and drove her home.  She
      seemed mad at me, but I didn't care.  I was getting tired of
      getting all worked up for a date and going home with a hard-on. 

         I drove around town for about an hour before heading home.  It
      was about 11 o'clock when I walked quietly in the door and noticed
      that my mom was asleep on the couch.  Next to her was a bottle of
      vodka that was about half full.  My mom rarely drinks, but when she
      does, she has a very hard time holding her liquor.  I walked up to
      her, and she didn't move.  I couldn't help noticing how her robe
      had slid up to about mid thigh level and how long and smooth her
      legs were.  I saw that her robe was open just enough for me to notice
      that she wasn't wearing anything underneath, which allowed me to see
      the fullness of her breast, but her nipples were still covered by the
      loose-fitting robe. 

         I just stood there for what must have been about ten minutes
      staring at her beautiful body.  I shook her lightly on the shoulder
      to tell her I was home.  She stirred slightly, but went right back
      to her state of unconsciousness.  I was going to let her sleep on
      the couch, but I decided to carry her to her bed.

         As I put my arms underneath her and lifted her off the couch, I
      was able to peak inside her robe.  Her breast looked so big upclose,
      and her legs felt so smooth and silky.  When I got to her room, I
      laid her down on the bed, then went to my room to catch some sleep. 

                              CHAPTER 3

         I laid in bed for almost an hour, unable to sleep.  I just kept
      picturing my mother, half naked, asking myself why I didn't get a
      better look at her.  I could've opened her robe when she was spread out
      on the couch and she would've never know.  My cock was as hard as ever,
      and there was no way I was going to fall asleep without relieving

         Wearing only my underpants and an old tee shirt, I got out of bed
      and headed for my mom's room.  She was still in bed, lying on her
      back as I had left her. I gently shook her arm to see if she would
      awake.  She was out cold and evil thoughts began to race through my

         I got on the bed next to her and tried to carefully untie her robe. 
      My heart was pounding as I anticipated seeing her beautiful body for
      the first time.  As I got the knot undone, she moved slightly to her
      side, and I froze, thinking she might awake.  I waited until she was
      still again and carefully opened the robe. 

         As her breast came into view, I thought I would cum on the spot.
      My mom's body was beautiful.  She had the most beautiful nipples on
      top of her perfect mounds. I took off her robe completely and she
      laid in front of me fully naked, wearing  only a pair of white
      panties I had seen may times when I went through her clothes.  

         My mom.  I never thought I would ever have the chance to see her
      naked, and here she was, unconscious, but beautiful beyond belief. 
      As I sat on the bed next to her, I slowly began to stroke my cock as
      I stared at her body.  I kept looking at her crotch, how it bulged
      slightly from her pubic hair.  I could see just a hint of it sticking
      out from the edges of her panties.  It was too much. 

         I have never had the chance to see a woman's cunt, so I slowly
      moved to the end of the bed and place my hands on the seams of her
      panties.  Being this close to her pussy, I could smell her feminine
      aroma and it was driving me to the edge.  I started to slowly pull
      down her panties, and when I was able to see just the top of her
      love triangle, her legs moved.  I stopped, staying as still as I
      could.  When I was sure she was still asleep, I continued to pull
      on her panties.  My heart was pounding so hard and though I was
      getting very anxious, I continued taking off her panties as carefully
      as possible.

         Because she was on her back, there was some resistance when
      I pulled, so I slid my hands a bit under her ass to relieve some of
      the pressure.  As I continued to pull, I felt my mom move.  She had

                              CHAPTER 4

         "Who...What's going on?  Michael, what are you doing?"

         I was lost for words.  Still half asleep, my mom was trying to
      clear her eyes and then it dawned on her that she was fully naked
      and I was trying to remove her last bit of clothing.  She garbed the
      bed covers and quickly covered up her nakedness.

         "What on earth are you doing!?!  Get out of here right now!"

         "Mom, I'm sorry.  Please don't be mad at me.  It's just that I've
      never seen a girl naked and I just...."

         "I don't care.  I'm your mother and you're not supposed to do
      those kinds of things to your own mom.  Now get out of here before I
      ground you for two weeks!"

         I got off the bed and continued to explain to her why I had done
      such a thing.  She was upset, but I noticed that she kept looking at
      me, up and down, concentrating on my crotch.  Though she was still
      yelling at me, I noticed that my dick was still hard and sticking out
      of the top of my briefs.

         "Get out of here before I ground you for two months!"

         Sixteen years old, and she still treats me like a kid.  I was
      getting tired of her talking to me like that.  I refused to leave. 
      Instead of walking out of her bedroom, I walked closer to the bed.

         "You're not listening to me, son.  I told you to get out!"

         She had a look of surprise as I stepped closer to her.  She was
      still sitting on the bed, trying desperately to cover her beautiful
      body.  I reached in front of her and pulled the sheets off of her,
      tossing them on the floor.

         "What are you doing?  Have you gone out of your mind!?!"

         She tried covering her large breasts with her small hands without
      much success. I don't know what came into me, I just felt like an
      animal.  I then pushed her on her back, grabbed her panties and
      ripped them off.  My mom pleaded with me to stop.  She tried covering
      her pussy with one hand, and her tits with her arm.  She was
      completely defenseless, and I was horny as hell.

         I took off my briefs and stood at the foot of the bed.  She looked
      at me as I stood over her, her eyes fixed on my hard cock. 

         "Pleas don't rape me.  I'm your mother. Please, can't we talk about
      this?  I know your sixteen now, and boys your age do strange things
      because your body is changing.   Stop, please!!!"

                              CHAPTER 5

         Her pleading knocked me to my senses.  I couldn't rape my mom.  All
      of a sudden, I felt guilty, but instead of apologizing, I turned
      around and started to leave her room.  My mother sat up on the bed
      and tried covering herself with one of the pillows. 

         "Michael, what happened?  What came into you?  I meant it when I
      said we can talk about it.  Come over here."

         With my head down, I turned around and walked towards her.  I
      realized that I was still completely naked, but my once raging
      hard-on was now limp and lifeless.  I looked up at my mom and she was
      still hiding her nakedness behind her pillow.

         "Son, tell me what's wrong.  What were you thinking of? " 

         "I'm sorry mom.  It's just that when I came home I saw you lying
      on the couch and you looked so nice.  I was feeling really horny
      after my date because once again, I ..., well, you know."

         "Michael, are you still a virgin?"

         "I didn't even know what a girl looked like naked until tonight. 
      I saw you passed out and in your robe, and I thought that I would be
      able to just look at your naked body without you even knowing.  When
      I got your robe undone, and saw your beautiful tits, I went crazy."

         "You're such a handsome  young man, I just assumed that you
      weren't a virgin.  I guess not having a father around the house,
      nobody has even talked to you about sex.  I'm sorry, I should have
      been more aware of your feelings.  I guess it's partially my fault
      for lying around half naked. ' 

         I started to feel a little better.  My mother was not so mad at me
      and she was talking to me as we have never talked before.

                              CHAPTER 6

         "I guess there is no time better than the present to have that talk
      with you.  Conrad, do you really think my breasts are beautiful?"

         I looked at her sitting in front of me, the pillow barely covering
      her tits.  I could see them bulging out the sides of the pillow as
      she held it close to her body.

         "Yes, I think they're nice.  I've always tried to catch a peak of
      the, but you always wear too much clothes."

         As I was talking, she slowly lowered the pillow, revealing her
      lovely breast before me.  I gasped and became silent as she simply
      stared at me,  She then held each breast with her hands and lightly
      squeezed them, teasing the nipples with her index fingers.  My cock
      was starting to get hard and I tried to cover it up by placing my
      hands in my lap as I sat next to her.

         "Would you like to feel them?" 

         I nodded my head and she moved closer.  She lifted my hand and
      placed it on her left breast.  I touched it lightly and enjoyed the
      soft feeling of her warm smooth flesh. 
        "Son, please understand that this isn't right.  Let's just keep
      this between you and me."

         "I won't tell anyone mom.  Please teach me."

         I continued to feel her breast like any curious teenager would.
      They felt so soft, yet firm.
         "Go ahead, squeeze it, but not too hard"

         As I gently increased my pressure, my mom let out a low moan.  Her
      eyes closed and she began to get uneasy.  I reached for her other
      breast and began to knead then in unison.

         "Oh, that feels so good.  Please don't stop.  You're making me
      feel so good."

         I couldn't believe it.  Just a few minutes ago, my mom was yelling
      at me and now I was feeling her breast and she was enjoying it.  I
      began rolling her nipples between my thumbs and fingers and that
      seemed to increase her pleasure.  Her head kicked back and she slowly
      laid down on the bed.

         "Please kiss my nipples.  Girls like it when you do that.  Go ahead,
      it's okay."

         I lowered my self a bit and took a nipple in my mouth.  I felt her
      hands hold the back of my head as I sucked on it lightly.  As I went
      from one nipple to the other I noticed that my mom's chest was heaving
      up and down as her breathing increased.  Unconsciously, I began to
      stroke  my cock with one hand and squeezing her breasts with the other.
      As I began stroking my cock faster, my mom must have sensed it because
      she slowly pushed me off of her and sat up.

         "Oh, how thoughtless of me.  I was feeling so good, I didn't even
      think about you.  Your cock must really need some relief.  Keep
      sucking my tit and let mom do that for you."

         As she reached between my legs, I felt a warm hand, someone's other
      than mine for the first time, encircle my cock.  As she rubbed my
      shaft slowly, I couldn't hold back my emotions."

         "Oh mom, I've never felt so good.  Your hand feels so nice."

         "Michael, just for tonight, please call me Theresa.  It will make me
      feel more comfortable."

         I began sucking her nipple harder, almost to the point to where I
      was biting it.  My mom also began to pick up the pace of her stroking,
      and just as I thought I was going to lose my load, she sensed it and
      squeezed my cock hard, trying to settle me down.

         "Michael, I want you to come in my mouth.  I don't know when you
      will have the opportunity again, but I want to give you your first
      blow job."

         With that, she positioned her head over my crotch and began to
      lick the head of my dick with quick, darting strokes.

         "Ummm,  Theresa that feels so good."

         I laid back on the bed and she began to work my cock in and out of
      her warm mouth and used her free hand to play with my balls.  I was
      in heaven.  There was nothing in this world that could ever feel this
      good.  I thrust my hips in rhythm with my moms bobbing head.  I could
      feel the tension building in my balls and throughout the rest of my

         "Theresa,  I think I'm going to come in your mouth.  Is it okay?"

         Mom could only nod her head. I made one hard thrust and my cock
      went deep into her throat.  I began coming and I never thought it
      would stop.  Mom almost swallowed my entire load, with the exception
      of a few drops seeping out the side of her mouth. 

         "Son, you taste so good, even better than your father." 

                              CHAPTER 7

         I was out of breath.  I felt so relieved, but a little guilty about
      what we had done.  As we laid next to each other, I could tell that my
      mom was feeling the same way.  My cock was limp and I was lost for

         Mom was not saying anything either, but she was lightly rubbing
      her crotch as she laid there with her eyes closed.  She was still
      breathing hard and her nipples were sticking straight up.  I heard
      light moans as she continued to rub her pussy.  All of a sudden, with
      her free hand, she reached over and started fondling my limp cock.  I
      closed my eyes and could feel the excitement coming back to me.  My
      dick sprang back to life as my mom continued to masturbate me. 

         "Michael, I'm burning inside.  I know it's wrong, but I haven't
      made love to a man in over two years.  Please, help me.  I need you
      inside me."

         Before I was even able to comprehend what she had asked of me, she
      rolled over on top of me and guided the head of my cock to her pussy. 
      She sat back slowly and I felt the tip of my dick slide between her
      pussy lips.  I will never forget that feeling.  Her pussy was so wet
      and warm.  I looked up at her as she sat back further.  I began to
      fondle her breast as she began to rock back and forth on my cock. 
      Her pace quickened and I could tell something was about to happen. 
      She was now breathing harder than ever and her moaning was getting
      louder and louder.

         "Oh Oh Oh!   Oh my baby, my sweet baby, mommy is cumminggggg!!!"

         Her pussy was squeezing my dick as she pumped faster and faster. 
      All of a sudden her thrusting stopped and she let out a loud yell. 
      It was all I could stand, as I unleashed my second load of cum deep
      inside her pussy.

                              CHAPTER 8

         We laid in each other's arms for about 10 minutes.  I snuggled my
      head against her soft breasts as she gently stroked my hair.

         "Mom..., I mean Theresa, that felt wonderful.  I love you."

         "I love you too son, but we must not do that ever again.  Though it
      felt good, we shouldn't have done that.  It's not right."  I know
      you will get horny again, but I will not let you do this anymore."
         I felt a little rejected.  I got up and went back to my bedroom. 
      I had finally lost my virginity, but I realized that it might be a
      long time until I get to have sex again.  I was still determined to
      make it with a girl my age, but if I failed, there was always the
      possibility that I could fuck my mom again.  No, she probably wouldn't
      do it voluntarily, but I had other ideas in mind.