- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] mom in the shower
[Author] from Family Tales
[Type] Mother/son

      They say that all men have a fascination with their mother and
think of her in sexual terms.  I was not exception; I was an
extreme.  I wanted to fuck her until the cows came home, but I
never thought it would happen.  We had a loving relationship
ever since I can remember, but it was never sexual.  She never
gave me a hint that said, "Yes, Doug, you can fuck your mother."

      I used to masturbate all the time in the shower and pretended
that my soapy hand was my mother's muff.  I imagined her
screaming with pleasure as I shot my seed deep into her womb.

      Mother is a sexy woman and could pass for someone twenty years
younger.  She has huge triple D's and it never ceased to amaze
me that they were still firm, at least they looked that way
through her nightgown.  I dreamed of just snuggling up to her
every night and smother my face in those huge jugs of flesh.

      One night I was in the shower, masturbating in fury, thinking
that life was so unfair.  Why was it wrong to fuck your mother?
It seemed like just the thing to me, and I certainly didn't
harbor any guilty feelings in jerking off to sexual fantasies
involving my mom and me.

      We only had one bathroom in the house and I got into the habit
of not locking the door.  My mother must have been half asleep,
for she usually knocks, but this particular night she just
walked right in to see me stroking my eight-inch boner like mad.

      My mother seemed embarrassed and said, "I'm sorry, Doug.  I
should have knocked," and she turned around to walk out.

      It was either now or never, so I blurted out with my lower
anatomy doing the thinking, "Don't go Mom.  Forgive me for
saying this and I hope you don't get mad, but I need to make
love to you so badly.  I dream about you every night and always
jerk off to the thought of me and you fucking constantly, every
day and night.  Other girls just don't seem to arouse me.  I
want an experienced lover, Mom.  I want you."

      She stood there, shocked, trying to think of what to say, and
then she laughed and I thought I had really blown it.  That was
until she spoke.  "You are really handsome and I've been kind of
lonely and horny since your father left.  Why not?  I bet your
big cock would really feel good inside of my muff."

      She smiled at me and watched me stroke my cock while I just
stared at her, dumbfounded.  She stripped off her nightgown and
her marvelously sexy body was exposed for me to see for the
first time in years.  I always wondered why I had such a happy
childhood, and remembering that I got to suck on those huge jugs
when I as a baby told me why.  Now I could have a happy adult
life as well.

      She stepped into the shower and took over the job of soaping me
up, for although I paid sufficient attention to my cock, the
rest of me needed work.  I remembered back to when I was eight,
and my mother washed me when I broke both arms.  This time,
however, was a thousand times better, for now it was not a
motherly thing, but something two lovers did to bring them
pleasure.  I, in turn, focused on her triple D's and soaped them
thoroughly, my eyes finding it hard to leave them until my
mother picked up my head and started to French kiss me.  It was
fantastic and my dick was so hard I could have fucked a hole
into the tiled wall.

      I could no longer take it and I picked up Mom by her plump
asscheeks and just rammed it home, fucking the hole I came from
for all I was worth.  I could see the incestuous love was
getting to Mom, too, for she started to cum seconds after I
entered her.  It made me happy to think that I was giving  my
mother an orgasm.  I kissed her neck and sucked on her nipples
as I fucked her moist, fat pussy.  Our soapy bodies rubbing
against each other just added to the sensation as shock waves
rumbled through my body.  I was about to erupt.

      "Do you want me to pull out, Mom?" I asked her.  "I could wind
up getting you pregnant."

      "If you want a baby with me, shove it in and cum for all you
worth." she said, and I don't think I could have loved my mother
more then I did at that moment.  The thought of giving my mother
children sent me into oblivion, as I shot out four waves of
semen on a collision course with her womb.

      Twenty years have gone by, and now I'm thirty-eight and still
live at home.  Go ahead and laugh, but I'll never move out and
leave my mom behind.  We still fuck like love-sick teenagers and
we have a beautiful child together.  All I can say is that there
is no muff in the world to compare with the one that give birth
to you.

                                    Seneca Falls, NY