- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] mom helps out
[Author] Caroline P
[Type] Mother/son

It was a lazy saturday afternoon. Timmy had retired to the room
that he shared with his brother Rich,for a jack off session. At
14, he found himself jacking off more and more. Sometimes 3 or 4
times a day. He thought he was going crazy.
   He sat on his bed with his legs spread wide and lubricated his
young cock with spit and began rubbing furiously, trying to
remain as quiet as possible so no one else would hear him. He ran
his hand up and down the length of his prick, the spit making
smacking sounds as he came closer and closer.
   As he dropped another mouthful of spit onto his cock, his
younger brother, Rich, burst into the room. "Timmy, you wanna go
see..." He never got a chance to finish. "Get the HEll out of
here!" Timmy yelled. "Haven't you ever heard of knocking!?"
   Rich was fascinated by the sight. "Why are you spitting on
your dingaling?" he asked innocently. Timmy was dying of
embarrassment. "C'mon Rich, get outta here.." Rich wouldn't hear
of it. He was transfixed by what his big brother was doing. He
stared at his brothers penis. It was coated in spit, all shiny
and purple. Rich was amazed at the size of it. He had always
thought of Timmy as "big", but now he knew what that really
   Timmy was frantically trying to pull up his jeans but was
having no luck. He stood up and they hooked around the heels of
his shoes, making it impossible for Timmy to get hold of them.
Rich continued staring at Timmy's big dingaling. It stood out
straight from his body, dripping spit and another clear fluid.He
was also amazed to see that there was a little bit of hair on the
area above the shiny tool.
   "C'mon Tim", Rich said, "tell me what you're doing." Timmy
gave up trying to cover himself and sat down on the bed. He felt
stupid and ashamed. "I was jacking off". "What's jacking off?"
his little brother asked, innocently.
    Timmy resigned himself to the fact that he had been caught
and sighed, "You rub your dick real fast and stuff shoots out and
you feel real, real good". "Is that why yours is so big?", Rich
asked. Timmy looked down at his still erect cock. He had never
thought of it as big; he hadn't seen another boy's since he had
started getting hair down there and guessed that Rich was talking
about the fact that he had a boner. "Yeah, that's why it's so
    Rich was intrigued. He went over to his brother's bed and sat
down, still staring at the boy's penis. "If I rub mine real fast
will it get that big?" "Naw, dummy, just big boys have big ones
like mine."
    Rich was up for the challenge. At 11 he had always looked up
to Timmy and wanted to be just like him. Rich quickly pulled down
his pants and underwear, exposing his tiny boy-cock. "I'll show
you" he said "mine'll get just as big as yours." Timmy's cock
gave a little twitch as he watched, fascinated, as his little 11
year old brother began trying to duplicate what he had seen Timmy
doing moments before. Rich pulled and pulled on his young tool,
desperately trying to get his as big as Timmy's. He stopped,
frustrated. "Why won't it do it?". "You're too young" Timmy said,
with a little giggle.
     He felt weird. There was something exciting about watching
Rich try to jack off. Timmy knew it was probably wrong but was
still horny from his aborted cum. "...and, you're doing it
wrong." Rich kicked off his pants the rest of the way and turned
to his big brother. "Show me". Timmy shook his head. He was
getting into "fag" territory, as the other guys at school called
it... That was the "wrong" feeling he was feeling. "Show me or
I'll tell Mom", Rich threatened. Timmy paused. That was just what
he needed; Rich blabbing to his mom about Timmy jacking off. It
would just add to her problems and he didn't want to upset her
more since their dad had moved out just 1 month before.
   "Okay, okay" Timmy finally said. He had Rich sit across from
him on the bed with his legs open like his own and began rubbing
his own dick slowly.  Rich tried to ape his movements but just
wasn't getting the hang of it, so Timmy tentatively reached out
and tenderly rolled the limp boy-cock in his fingers. Rich had
never felt anything like it, and let out an audible sigh. Timmy
was relieved to see that his little brother was finally getting a
little stiff and moved Rich's hand back to his little dick.
"There you go, kiddo" he said and resumed watching as Rich
started getting the hang of it.
   The two brothers sat facing each other on the bed pulling on
their young cocks, Timmy's making lewd smacking sounds as he
pulled himself off. Rich's prick was fully erect now and was
turning red as his hand rubbed frantically. Timmy saw this and
worried that Rich might hurt himself, so he stopped beating
himself off, spit on his hand and grabbed his little brother's
penis. He began stroking it long and smoothly, like he would want
someone to stroke his own dick. "That feels a lot better when you
do it, Timmy" Rich said, eying Timmy's swollen tool. Rich had
always thought of himself as fair, so he began stroking Timmy's
dick. It was difficult as his hand could barely reach all the way
around. So he just tightened his grip and tried to match the long
even strokes that his brother was using on him. Timmy looked down
at Rich's little hand on his peter. How could something that felt
so good be wrong he thought to himself.
    "You're learning, Rich... That's real nice... That feels
great!" Rich smiled proudly. He wanted to do good things for his
brother. "You're doing pretty good yourself, Timmy." The two boys
laughed and continued jacking each others cocks.
    The tight grip that Rich was using on his cock was getting to
Timmy. Rich was also using a sort of twisting motion on Timmy so
he could cover the entire area with his one hand. "Your dingaling
is soooo big, Timmy" said Rich. It got even bigger after he said
this. It was almost as big around as his own forearm, and long
too. He hoped his own dingaling would grow to be that big
someday. It was bigger now than it had ever been before, but not
nearly as large as Timmy's. "Call it a cock, or a dick or a prick
or a peter... Dingaling sounds stupid". Rich made a mental note
of this.
    Timmy was starting to feel that old familiar cum feeling
churning low in his balls. He started thrusting into his younger
brother's tiny hand. "You want to see something real neat, Rich?"
Timmy said. Rich nodded.
    Timmy scooted closer to Rich, making it easier for him to rub
his dick. It was hard for Rich to keep hold of his older
brother's prick, the way he was thrusting into his hand, so he
grabbed the giant tool with his other hand and held it like one
of his t-ball bats and kept stroking. "Am I doing good?" He
asked. "Oh yeaaaahh... Realllll good" Timmy sighed.
    "Okay Rich, here it comes... I'm gonna shoot some stuff out
of my cock... Don't get scared or nothin'... It's gonna..." He
trailed off. Rich was excited to see what Timmy was talking about
and looked down at his brothers swollen prick. Sure enough, the
eye where pee usually comes out opened and a thick stream of
gooey, white cream shot out. "Oh... wow!" Rich gasped. Another
thick stream of spunk spewed out of Timmy's penis and shot
straight up in the air, landing on Rich's forehead. Rich kept
right on pumping as Timmy continued to erupt.
     More cum flew out of his dick than ever before. It spilled
everywhere over the two brothers; on their chests, hair, faces
and legs. The last spurts shot out and trailed down onto Rich's
quivering hand.
    "Neato!" said Rich. "Look at that", he said, referring to all
of the jizz.
    "It's called cum... It's what makes babies" Timmy explained.
    Rich brought his hand to his face, examining the hot, sticky
goo that had shot out of his big brother's pole. "What does it
taste like?" "Gross" said Timmy, not believing his little brother
would even think about such a thing.
    Rich tentatively licked a small gob from his hand. Timmy's
slick cock twitched at the sight of this. Something about his
little brother eating his cum made Timmy horny again. "It's not
too bad" Rich said, licking a bigger wad from his hand. "Really?"
Timmy asked. Rich scooped a wad from his face and offered it to
Timmy. "Here, try it..."
    Timmy opened his mouth and let his brother place the wad of
spunk on his tung. It was creamy, with little gobs of a rice like
jelly. The taste wasn't too bad, either... sort of a "nothing"
taste, a bit salty, maybe. "Mmmm" he said "I never thought of
eating it. It's okay, huh?" Rich scooped more of his brother's
wad into his mouth, savoring the taste and texture.
    "I want some more" he said greedily. "Do you think I can make
mine shoot too?" He asked, hopefully. Timmy just grabbed his
little brother's hard boy-cock and began stroking. "We'll see,
Rich, we'll see."
    Rich spread his legs wider, allowing Timmy even better access
to his young prick. He saw how Timmy's big thing had gotten
softer and was bobbing up and down with each stroke on his own.
He couldn't believe the sensations that his brother was giving
him by simply rubbing up and down on his dick. How lucky he was,
he thought to himself, that he had accidently stumbled onto this.
    The spit from Timmy's mouth leaked down Rich's tiny balls and
formed a pool on the sheet below. Timmy leaned over to drip
another gob of spit into his fist when he had an idea. Without
warning, he dropped his mouth onto his little brother's cock,
sucking the entire shaft into his mouth. "This will be easier
than having to keep spitting", he thought, justifying his action.
    Rich was amazed at the feeling of Timmy's mouth and began
humping into his mouth. It was so warm and safe in there. Timmy
liked the sensation of the hard skin sliding against his tung. He
made a small circle with his fingers around Rich's cock and began
sliding it up and down in time with his mouth.
    "Oh boy" Rich gasped, "that's gooooood".
    Timmy looked up at Rich and smiled, glad that he was making
his brother feel good. "You like it?" He asked. "Oh yeahhhh",
Rich moaned. "It's starting to feel all itchy and warm".
    Timmy knew what Rich was talking about. It meant he was going
to shoot his stuff. He felt Rich's little boy-cock grow bigger in
his mouth as he pumped harder and faster. "That's it, little
brother, you're gonna shoot your stuff... C'mon, Rich, shoot your
stuff in my mouth..." Timmy said between sucks.
    Rich threw his head back and did just that. He let fly with
gobs and gobs of white, sticky spunk into Timmy's hungry, sucking
mouth. "I'm doin' it, Timmy. I'm shootin' it!". Rich was proud of
himself for being able to be like his big brother and make his
dick shoot too.
    He spasmed two more times as the last of his cum jetted into
Timmy's mouth. Timmy pulled his mouth off of Rich's still hard
dick. He cupped his hand and let the mouthful of cum drip into
his hand. Timmy sat up and held his hand up and watched as Rich
hungrily lapped it out of his hand like a kitten drinking from a
bowl of milk.
    When Rich was finished eating his own jizz, he looked up at
Timmy and smiled. A strand of spunk hung down from his lips.
Timmy pulled it off and brought it to his own mouth, savoring the
taste of his younger brother's hot cum.
   "Congratulations" Timmy said, playfully "You just had your
first cum. Did you like it, little brother?" All Rich could do
was nod enthusiastically. He was the happiest boy in the world.
He felt like he was a "big boy" now and maybe Timmy would start
treating him like one, instead of like a pest.
   Timmy stood up and went to retrieve his swimsuit. "You wanna
go for a swim?" Rich looked down at his still hard dick. Timmy
laughed. "No, I guess you don't. Well, enjoy yourself... See ya
in a couple of hours..." He knew from his own experience that he
had opened a floodgate and that Rich would probably be in here
playing with himself for a loooong time.
    As Timmy left their room, he noticed for the first time that
their door had been open the whole time. He hoped no one saw as
he closed the door on Rich who was once again rubbing his cock up
and down.

                             CHAPTER TWO

    Timmy and Rich's mother, Lauren, sat on her bed in shock. She
couldn't believe what she had just seen; her oldest son, Timmy,
sucking his little brother's cock and then the two boys feasting
on Rich's cum. She had been out at the pool and was coming inside
to get the boys when she happened upon the strange scene.
    Her husband, Dan, had left her just one month ago for one of
his assistants at work... A younger woman, of course, she thought
to herself, bitterly. Lauren had married when they were young.
She was 17 and pregnant with Timmy... very pregnant as a matter
of fact. Luckily they were actually in love and had three kids
over the last 14 years, Timmy, the oldest, Lori, 12 and Rich.
   Lauren had kept herself in great shape through swimming and
aerobics. Their sex life was great until about six months ago,
when Dan had started becoming distant and seemed preoccupied with
tit-fucking. She couldn't blame him, she thought, if she was a
man she probably couldn't resist fucking her big tits either, but
every night?
    Right now was an even bigger problem. She was convinced that
the lack of a man around the house was turning her sons gay.
Also, why had she become so wet at the sight of her two boys
locked in a clinch?
    She saw Timmy padding down the hall in his trunks on the way
to the pool.
    "Timmy, could you come in here a minute?", she said.
    Timmy turned into her room and leaned on the doorway. He saw
his mom sitting on the edge of the bed in her white bikini. He
liked that bikini, and the way it made her big tits seem even
bigger and the way that her stomach muscles rippled in it and the
way that the tiny mound pressed out the bottoms and the way her
    His thoughts were cut off by her. "I mean come all the way
in. Close the door and sit down. We need to talk."
    He was more than happy to, as his cock started to grow in his
swimsuit. He didn't want her to see him getting a hard on and
quickly sat down next to her. But there was something about the
tone of her voice that had him worried. It was serious. He
recognized the tone as the same one as when she told him dad was
    "What's up?".
    Lauren was at a loss for words. She wasn't sure how to start.
"I... uh... Do you..." Timmy noticed that she was getting red.
"What is it, mom?" "Timmy... do you... do you like girls?"
    Timmy was unsure. "Uh... yeah... why?" Lauren stammered. "Oh
mom, if this is a 'birds and bees' talk... don't worry, I already
had it with dad..." Lauren gave out a little giggle, "No, I
know... That's not it, Timmy."
    This was hard. How do you ask your son if he's gay, she
    "Well, what is it then?" Timmy saw that her nipples were
getting hard underneath her bikini top. He tried to avert his

    Lauren took a deep breath and then blurted out: "I just saw
what you were doing with Rich..."
    It was Timmy's turn to turn red. He felt himself get sweaty
and ashamed. He hung his head and stared at the floor. "... and I
wondered if you do that a lot with him and maybe other boys...?"
    "Mom..." Lauren cut him off. "It's okay... I don't mind if
you're uh... a hom... gay... I love you no matter what... but..."
    Timmy looked up at her. "No, mom. I've never done that
before... " Lauren breathed a sigh of relief. "I was uh... you
know... jacking... uh masturbating... Rich walked in... one thing
led to another..."
    He continued on, explaining the chain of events that led to
his first sexual encounter with another person. Lauren listened
intently. She felt sorry for him and knew that young boys were
horny all of the time. She wished there was something that she
could do to help him.
    Timmy began crying. "I'm so sorry, mom. I know it's been hard
for you since dad left. I don't want to do anything that'll
upset you even more. Please don't be mad at me..."
    She held her sobbing son close, stroking his hair and
reassuring him. "It's okay, honey, it's okay... I understand."
    Timmy's face was buried in his mom's big breasts. This and
the fact that she was stroking his hair made his cock jump to
life. He got angry at himself. "Damnit!" "What's wrong?" Lauren
asked, not understanding Timmy's sudden change in attitude. "Me.
I'm what's wrong.... I get so..."
    He pulled himself away from his mother and stood up. His
erection growing uncontrollably in his swim trunks. "I get so
damned horny all the time... look!" He referred to his growing
    Lauren tried not to gasp. Not at the fact that he had an
erection but at the seeming size of it. It pushed his suit out
like a big, big tent, stretching the fabric almost to the
breaking point. She had seen it when he was sucking on Rich but
thought that it looked so big because of the angle she was
standing, perhaps. But from here, it looked like a monster. She
couldn't take her eyes off of the straining swimsuit.
    Timmy was staring at his mother staring at the front of his
trunks. Her breath seemed shallower and her nipples were
definitely hard. Her tanned body turned bright red and he barely
heard her say; "It must be very uncomfortable for you." Timmy
nodded his head.
    "Let mommy see..." she said, looking up into Timmy's eyes.
"Let your mommy see your penis..."
    Timmy couldn't believe his ears. He started to reply but she
cut him off with a look. Timmy swallowed and hooked his fingers
in the waistband, pulled the swimsuit down and stepped out of the
    Lauren sat on the edge of the bed and regarded her sons huge
penis. It was a monster. True, she had only seen Dan's in life
but he had rented porno's occasionally and she had seen a few
others on video before but Timmy's was enormous. Not just for a
14 year old boy, either. For anyone.

    She thought it looked beautiful. "Cucumber. A beautiful,
flesh cucumber." She thought to herself. "And it's all mine."
    Lauren came to her senses. That wasn't right. Timmy was her
son. That would be incest. But.... She didn't want him doing
anymore gay stuff either...
    "Timmy, I'll make you a deal, okay?" She looked up at him.
Timmy nodded. "When you get like this, you come to me, okay? I
don't want you to do any of that stuff with Rich anymore. So...
When you get hard like this you just come to me and I'll take
care of it."
    Timmy nodded solemnly. "Okay, mom... Okay."
    Lauren wanted to scream with joy, but remained businesslike.
"Good, Timmy. Good. Now, you just stand there and mommy's gonna
take care of that big cock of yours." She was shocked at the
words that came out of her mouth, but justified it by telling
herself that it was all in his best interest. If she could keep
him from doing stuff with others, he wouldn't get into any
    Lauren got up and moved to her dresser and retrieved some
hand lotion, sat back down on the bed and squirted the lotion
into her hand.
    "Okay, Timmy... Mommy's gonna make you feel real good.
Mommy's gonna jack that big cock of yours off for you. So you
won't have to anymore. You want me to jack you off, Timmy. You
wanna show your mother how you can shoot your hot spunk?"
    As Lauren rubbed the lotion onto his dick, Timmy was almost
drooling. "Yes, mother. Yes... Jack me off..." He thought he was
in heaven.  Here he was getting a handjob from his sexy mom, her
saying naughty things to him and him saying naughty things to her
and he wouldn't get in trouble for it.  And the best part was, he
could do this whenever he wanted.
    Lauren began stroking her son's dick. She loved the feel of
it in her hand. She watched as the clear pre-cum oozed from his
slit and dripped onto her wrist. His heavy balls jiggled as she
rubbed him. Timmy's cock got even bigger.
    "Your penis is... it's huge, Timmy." Really, mom?" "Yeah,
baby. It's beautiful."
    It was big. She thought to herself. She couldn't even get her
hand around it. She used a twisting motion on it that,
unbeknownst to her, Rich had used on it earlier. She wondered if
she could fit it into her mouth, or better yet, her cunt. "First
things first..." she thought to herself. "Can't get ahead of
myself..." She didn't know if it would be a good idea to let him
fuck her. The occasional jack off would probably fit the bill.
After all, this wasn't REALLY incest. Just a mother helping out
her son in a time of need.
    Timmy watched Lauren's big tits sway as she rubbed his prick.
She was staring at his cock, lost in thought as she stroked him.
He wondered what she was thinking... He wondered if he would ever
get to see her titties or if she would let him "do it" to her. As
it was now, this was just fine with him. He knew that "playing"
with Rich probably wasn't right, and this was a perfect

    His cock oozed some more cream onto her hand. "You wanna cum
for me, honey? You wanna shoot your cream?" She begged.
   "Where, mom? Where should I cum?"
    That was a good question. Judging from the size of his balls,
there was probably a big load of spunk. But, she thought, if I
use my mouth that would be wrong....
    "Cum on my face, Timmy. Shoot your cum on mommy's face for
her." She stroked his huge dick even faster. "Did you like the
taste?" Timmy nodded. "Then cum all over my face and we can share
    Maybe that wasn't a good idea, but she didn't care anymore.
Lauren just wanted Timmy to be happy. If he liked the taste of
cum, then by God he was going to eat all of the cum he wanted to.
    "C'mon, honey... Shoot your cum on me. Shoot it out of your
big cock for your mommy. Cum, cum, cum... Cum on your mommy's
face. Give it to me, Timmy. Give me your cream. Shoot it. Shoot
    That was it. Timmy felt himself erupt. He watched in ecstasy
as his cream shot out of his penis. Lauren brought her face close
and let it shoot onto her forehead and cheeks and nose and hair.
Gob after milky gob spurted out as Lauren continued to rub and
coax her son's spunk from his heavy prick.
    After the ninth or tenth jet, Lauren began slowly rubbing the
head of Timmy's cock all over her face, milking even more cum out
of him. Timmy and his mother were amazed at all of the cream.
    "Ohhhhh Timmy... You came soooo much for your mother..." She
said, looking into his eyes. "Did you like it. Did you like
shooting your cum all over your mommy?" Timmy nodded.
    Lauren squeezed the last drop out of Timmy's softening cock
and laid back on the bed.
    "I'm a mess now, Timmy. Will you help clean me up?" Timmy
knew exactly what she meant and laid down next to her.
    "Let's eat it, okay? Help me eat all of your lovely spunk."
    Lauren began scooping the jizz into her mouth. Timmy began
licking his cum off his mother's face. The duo laid there
slurping and slurping, feeding each other Timmy's cum. Lauren got
a big mouthful and kissed Timmy, deeply and let the gob in her
mouth slowly drip into his. They kissed again letting his juice
slide down his throat.
    They laid there for a minute, holding each other, savoring
the moment.
    "Did you really mean anytime, mom?" Timmy asked, tentatively.
    "Absolutely. I want to make you happy. I love you."
    "I love you too, mom."
    They kissed again.
    "Now, young man... I think you were off to the pool before we
had our little talk. Am I right?"
    Timmy nodded yes.
    Lauren got up and handed her son his trunks. "Now you know
that this is just between us, right?"
    He nodded yes, put the trunks on and left the room with a big

    Twelve year old Lori lay on the deck chair, sunning herself
in the hot, saturday afternoon sun. A pile of cut lemons lay by
her side. She liked her saturday afternoon tanning sessions. She
would start the ritual around noon by cutting up  a bunch of
lemons to rub into her golden hair, then she would put on her
brand new bikini and prance around in her bedroom for awhile,
admiring the forming curves of her budding body. She would fold
her arms in front of her and squeeze them together, trying to
make her small, firm breasts look bigger. Then after her little
"show" she would head out to the pool and read fashion magazines.
She liked the ones with advice columns where women would ask
questions about sex. Little Lori was becoming obsessed with sex.
She liked to imagine what a man's penis looked like when it was
ejaculating. But she knew that it would probably be a long, long
time before she actually saw one.
   Sometimes her brother, Tim, would come out to the pool, and if
she was lucky, she could get a glimpse of his penis dangling in
his baggy swimsuit. But it would never be hard. And it was
definitely never making semen.
   Tim, satisfied and tired from the two mind-blowing cums he had
just had, dragged himself over to a deck chair across the pool
from his 12 year old sister. She was on her back, asleep in the
chair and her legs were  slightly parted.
   Before he had a chance to get a good look, Lauren came out to
the pool. She was still wearing the skimpy white bikini that she
wore when she had jacked Timmy off just moments earlier. Timmy's
cock gave a little twitch at the sight of it.
   Lauren pulled a seat a few feet away from Timmy, laid a towel
down and sat on the deck chair facing her lovely, pre-teen
   "How are you feeling now, Timmy?" She asked.
   Timmy just gave a sheepish grin and blushed a bit.
   Across the pool, Lori opened her eyes slightly. She had been
pretending to be asleep so she could try to get a look at her
brothers penis. Fortunately for her he had worn a baggy suit and
sure enough she could see it. Only this time it was a little
hard. Thankfully he closed his eyes and tilted his head back so
Lori was in no danger of being caught.

   Inside Timmy and Rich's bedroom, Rich was on his fourth cum.
He was so glad that his big brother had taught him this new
thing. "Jacking off" he had called it.
   What he liked especially was the taste of his cum. He liked
the taste of Timmy's cum too. At this moment, Rich had an idea.
He was in gymnastics and was very limber from all of the
stretching and whatnot. His hand was getting tired from all of
the rubbing and his throat was getting dry from continuously
spitting on his fist to lubricate his hard boy-cock.
   So Rich lay on his back and threw his legs over his head. He
was happy to find that he was "face to face" with his own penis.
Timmy had put his "dick" in his mouth and sucked the sperm out so
Rich thought that maybe he could do it too.
   Well, the gymnastic classes that his mother made him go to had
turned out to be good for something, Rich thought as he pulled
his own cock closer to his young mouth.
   Rich grabbed his ass and with a slight shove got his lips
around his hard prick.
   "Wait till I show Timmy what I can do!" Rich thought to
himself as he began sucking and licking at his penis.
   The feeling was incredible. Rich toyed with all the  different
methods of fellating himself. He would alternate sucking and
licking with a straight pumping motion into his cum hungry mouth.
He would swirl his tung around the sensitive head and savor the
taste of the clear fluid that always preceded the hot jism that
would shoot  out. He also found that just holding his cock in his
mouth was a good thing too. He wanted more, though. Rich wanted
to get his whole penis into his mouth. As it was right now, he
only had about half of it in there.
   He was familiar with stretching. His gymnastics coaches, Paula
and Tom had taught him well. So Rich took a deep breath through
his nose and relaxed his lower back and pulled on his ass some
more and slowly breathed out, just as if he was doing a difficult
stretch and sure enough, the rest of his young cock filled his
   Rich could feel his own balls against his lips. He was
surprised to find that he did indeed have some hair. Though not
as much as his big brother's, he did have some.
   The other thing that made his cock twitch a bit more was the
musky smell of his asshole. It was in close proximity to his
nose, and the pulling on his butt to make his cock go all the way
in spread his cheeks apart, making his puckered little asshole
open up too.
   Rich started sucking and licking his cock faster. He began
thinking of his coaches, Paula and Tom. They were on the
highschool gymnastics team and coached the younger kids after
their own practices. Sometimes he would catch a glimpse of the
cleft in the vee of Paula's tights when she was doing the splits.
He also thought about the way that her nipples would press up
against her leotard. She had pretty big breasts for a girl in
highschool. They weren't as big as his mother's but they were
   As the young boy sucked greedily at his own young cock. His
fingers wandered closer to his pink assbud and Rich started
rubbing around the sensitive flesh. Rich involuntarily began
sucking faster at his prick.
   He remembered the time that Tom was helping him with a stretch
and Rich had felt the front of Tom's shorts get hard. Now he knew
that Tom had gotten a boner. He tried to remember if it was as
big as Timmy's boner but realized that Timmy's cock was probably
   The images began flashing faster and faster in Rich's horny
young mind. Paula's tights; Timmy's big penis; all of the cum
Rich had eaten today; Tom's boner; his own mothers big breasts...
Rich even began wondering about Lori. How she would look naked.
   Rich felt his cock expanding and pushing at the back of his
throat. He wanted to get more in, so he relaxed his throat and
let his skinny boy-cock slide in... It felt so good to have his
own cock in his mouth. He knew that he was about to shoot his
spunk again. His cock started dripping more clear fluid into his
hungry mouth.
   Rich pulled harder and harder on his ass. Pulling his tiny
anus open even wider. This action caused his asshole to close
around his finger, which had been rubbing lightly on his young
  Eleven year old Rich thought that he would die from this even
newer sensation. He had another idea. Rich slowly started
inserting his finger into his ass. He quickly new that this had
been a good idea.
   Rich lay on the bed, his legs over his head, his cock in his
mouth and his finger slowly fucking in and out of his asshole. He
was in heaven. Before today, when his little cock had gotten
hard, he considered it a nice diversion. But now, after he had
luckily walked in on Timmy he knew what a boner was for: Making
   And that's what he was doing now. Rich's young prick began
shooting gobs and gobs of the stuff into his throat. Rich was
scared that he was going to choke on it so he pulled his cock out
a bit and let the small head rest just inside of his lips. The
further he plunged his finger into his ass, the harder the shots
of gooey cum came out of his penis. Rich savored the taste of his
own jizz for the fourth time in an hour. It was a big wad this
time. Last time there hadn't been as much and Rich was worried
that maybe he had run out. But his fears were unfounded; Endless
strings of milky white cum shot from his prick. Five, six, seven
shots filled his tiny mouth. Rich swirled the ropes of cum around
his mouth before swallowing them, relishing the taste. He moved
his finger around in his anus, prompting even more spunk to cream
out. Thick jets of jizz poured into his mouth.
   Rich watched, fascinated at the way his balls were twitching.
He let his cock out of his mouth and began licking his cum-
pumping balls. He was disappointed that he was now shooting his
cum onto his neck but liked the feeling of sucking his balls into
his mouth too; he considered it an even trade. He would eat the
"wasted" cum later.
   Rich finally finished cumming. He was spent. The young boy
continued to nurse on his sensitive testicles for a lingering
moment before relaxing his back and letting his legs fall slowly
back down onto the bed. He pulled his finger out of his ass and
lay panting for a full minute, the stray cum forming a pool on
his neck.
   Rich absent mindedly scooped up the pool of cum with the
finger that had been in his asshole and placed it in his mouth
before he realized what he had done. He was sucking the spunk off
of his finger when he felt a glob of something other than cum on
his finger. It was too late. Rich had unknowingly pulled a tiny
bit of shit out of his asshole and placed it in his mouth.
   "Gross!!!" he thought to himself. But... if it was so gross,
why did his cock twitch again, and why did he find himself
enjoying the taste? Mixed with cum, it wasn't too bad...
   Rich lay there, pondering the amazing events of the day. Most
of all he couldn't wait to show Timmy what he had taught