- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Mom knew what she wanted
[Author] John, from Family Tales
[Type] Mother/son

    Just a little over two months ago, I began having sex with my mother.  It was her idea, not mine.  I'm a normal healthy eighteen year old guy - so I get hot and horny real easy - and she took advantage of me.  I don't want to make it sound like didn't want to, because I sure did.

    What else could I do?  Mom is thirty-six and looks even younger than that.  She's a beautiful woman and has a body on her that can fill any man's heart with lust.  I should consider myself damned lucky, I suppose, to be having such a good time with her.  If she was somebody else's mother, I'd fuck her eight times a day and not worry about a thing.  But she's my mother and fucking her is incest.  That really bothers me.

    I don't know how soon it was after she divorced Dad that she decided she wanted me to take his place in bed with her.  But by the end of the first month that she'd been sleeping alone she had become so obvious about it that I couldn't help but know what she wanted me to do.  I'm not criticizing her for having notions like that, not when I'd had the same kind of ideas about her.  I'd often thought about how nice it would be to get into bed with her and do whatever I wanted to.  I'd had fantasies like that since way back when I first started getting hard-ons.

    Unfortunately, about the same time I was finding out about sex, I also heard a lot about incest.  That's something that freaks society out.  If people find out you're screwing your sister or your mother, you might as well dig yourself a hole, jump into it and pull the dirt in over you.

    But incest didn't seem to bother Mom a bit.  She hinted that I could make it with her if I wanted to.  Then there were other hints about how nice it would be if we were sleeping together, instead of across the hall from each other.  I pretended not to know what she was getting at.  This only resulted in her expressing her wishes more clearly.

    Since she no longer had to worry about Dad coming into the house, she would go around in front of me half-naked.  Dressed in just her bra and panties, she was always hugging and kissing me.  She did some pretty lewd things, like rubbing herself up against the bulge I had in the front of my pants and asking me what was making that big lump.  Once, in a weak moment, I gave in a little and started feeling her tits and her ass.  She tried to get me into her bedroom and nearly succeeded, but then there was a knock at the door.  UPS had a package for us.

    I couldn't be expected to hold out for much longer.  Some people would think I was nuts to hold out as long as I did.  Anyway, one day Mom caught me with my guard down.  She called to me from her bedroom, and without thinking I went to see what she wanted.  There she was on the bed, completely naked, her legs spread apart so I could see her pussy.  She was giving me a warm, inviting smile that not even a Tibetan monk could have resisted.

    I knew then I was a goner.

    "Get undressed, Darling," Mom said, almost in a whisper.

    I took off my clothes without questioning it.  When I moved to the side of the bed, Mom reached for me and pulled me down on top of her.  Her hand went down between us, seized my cock and guided it to her pussy.  As my weight settled onto her, my prick was already part of the way into her.  Mom brought up her legs and wrapped them around me.  Her arms twined about my neck as she gazed into my eyes.  She looked as if she'd found heaven at last.

    "That's it, Darling," she cooed softly, her voice like soft velvet.  "Doesn't that feel nice?"  Her arms about my neck held me so close to her that my chest was flattening her tits.  "There's nothing to be afraid of, my sweet.  The doors are locked and the shades are drawn.  No one can see us and nobody will ever know what we're doing.  ow we're going to have a wonderful time together."

    That was the understatement of the year.  She wriggled around, taking my cock deeper into her pussy until I was pressing erotically against her pubic mound.  We kissed feverishly as I lay on top of her, my balls resting in the crack of her ass.  The more I kissed her mouth and sucked on one of her boobs, the hotter she got.  She groaned and squirmed as I sucked in as much of her titty flesh as I could get into my mouth.  Her ass was wriggling all around and she tried to get me to swallow even more of her tit by pulling my face down solidly onto it.  My cock was in her as far as I could get it and it started to slide back and forth.  She gasped and panted, and humped against it.

    Mom moaned with pleasure as I moved my face over to her other tit.  I got my mouth onto it and started to suck on the nipple.  She quivered through an intense orgasm, then wanted more.  I gave her more.  I kissed, licked and sucked her tits while fucking her for all I was worth, going faster and faster until I started to come.  I tried to pull back so I wouldn't shoot off inside her, but Mom locked her legs firmly around my ass.

    "Don't pull out!" she gasped.  "Don't worry about getting me pregnant.  I want to feel you come inside me!"

    That was all right with me.  I hadn't wanted to pull out of her anyway - it felt too good in there.  I shot off my load and sent a gushing, hot charge flooding into her.

    Afterwards, we lay in each other's arms while Mom cooed in my ear about what a darling son I was and how good I was to my mother.

    "Did you like that?" she asked, looking up at me with adoration in her eyes.

    I told her, as enthusiastically as I could, that I did.

    "You wasted a lot of time," she said.  "Your father has been gone a whole month."

    I told her I was sorry about that.

    "You have a lot to make up for," she told me.

    I agreed that I would.

    "Are you my man now?  Are you going to look after me every night and sleep with me so I don't get lonesome?" she teased.

    I agreed to that, too.

    "I know I don't have to worry about you telling anyone about this," she said, "but I do want you to promise me one thing."

    "What's that, Mom?" I asked.

    "I want you to get rid of these silly notions you have about incest," she told me.  "We can do anything we want in the privacy of our home, and it's nobody's business but ours.  If you kiss your mother good-night, that's nobody's business, is it?"

    I told her it wasn't.

    "And if you get into bed with me and shove your thing into me while you're kissing me good-night, that's nobody's business either," she said.

    It wasn't long until Mom wanted me to do it to her again, and I was just as willing as she was.  I fucked her for almost an hour.  I brought her through one orgasm after another.  When I finally attempted to raise myself up off her, thinking I'd put out her fire, I found I was mistaken.  From the look of lust, pleasure and exhilaration that shone from her eyes, I knew I was going to be bed with her all afternoon.

    Mom assured me there's no way anyone can possibly find out I'm being so good to my mother.  It doesn't bother her at all that the guy who is fucking her every night is her own son.  I hope in time I'll feel that easy about it, because I sure like what we're doing.  I might as well admit it - I'd rather be making it with Mom than with anyone else.  I'd rather be fucking Mom than any of my girlfriends.

    In fact, I haven't seen my girlfriends since I gave up sleeping in my own room.  I've been two busy looking after Mom. Cederville, NJ