- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Just a very bad kid with a too-sexy daughter
[Author] mKarl
[Type] Mother/son

From the pages of Mkarl's "Dear Mommy-Lover's Magazine"

To whom it may concern at the pages of Dear Mommy-Lover's Magazine,

I guess all you incestuous-loving cool freaks reading this are going to be pretty damn lucky today cause my fucking bitch of a skank English teacher went and gave us all this lame-ass assignment to compose an official business quality letter addressed to a favorite magazine of ours, and I decided I may as well take the opportunity to brag about what I did to my fuckingly gorgeous cock-stiffening mother-cunt. {Hmm, I wonder if I can't get some sort of extra fucking credit here writing all this shit down if I make all my other paragraphical topic sentences so totally long winded and full of such nastily crude expletives too? Maybe to make sure I score high in reader's approval I am going to just go for it and also create even more outlandishly descriptive passages with each succeeding revelation of my sexual satisfactual depraved assault on my poor, little, unsuspecting mother-cocktease.

So I guess it is all fairly obvious than that the reason I have chosen your excellent literary production to address this effort is cause I'm finally a true mother-fucker in the absolute truest sense of the words. Shit, words are funny... I mean I was always a mother-fucker at heart; although, not everyone knew it of course. I really bet that this must all be coming as a huge shock to my teacher-cunt as she reads this little confessional to determine my grade. How could the class brain, sweet innocent Michael be such a very bad kid? Huh, Miss Pietraszek? You stupid cunt... I just had you fucking fooled all along just like I never let my pretty, dumb mother know what I had been thinking of doing to her for so long now until I finally decided it wasn't worth waiting for that 'perfect' moment when it was so obvious to me with each passing time I considered the possibility that there just really wouldn't be a fucking thing mom would ever be able to do to resist me whenever I decided to do her other than just get herself... while, 'fucked' I guess.

Gee whiz, that was another awkward sentence, huh? Suppose stupid teacher-cunt is going to be reading all this with her little eyes just wide in shock. Going to be hard making a judgment on the merits of this assignment given the purposely chosen experimentation in presentation. Even if the grammatical construction choices are ill-considered though, isn't the subject matter also something that is just generating all sorts of mixed attitude? It is probably the average person reading this is either thinking everything is bullshit... or they are getting impatient for details how I 'luved' my mommy, so since this letter is to 'Dear Mommy-Lover's Magazine,' guess I really should just get on to the confession.

It is always a choice where to start these little rambles. One option is to establish the players to give some visual aid tools for the reader to utilize in completing the picture. You know, describe to the reader like what my mommy bitch looks like to have always made me so lustfully hard to play with her walking-wetdream of a body... give out some vividly descriptive terminology that would accurately captivate the visual and tactile splendor of what a mouthwatering set of firm, suckable tits fill out those tight, firm fitting little tops she favors... tits, which I must have just loved milking and mauling as a babe... I could wax on and on what a simply dick-stiffening, stuck-out, perfect shaped ass she has been wiggling around each and everyday in those skintight jeans as she goes about being the good little homemaker on her hands-and-knees washing the floor, or the family toilet, or just bending over to take the fresh baked cookies from the oven for my after-school snack... GOOD-GOD, I could even talk about what the prick-teaser's cunt is like, cause of course I've fucked it now; but even before my first hot date with mom the other day, I have taken many an opportunity to do a peek through her open bedroom curtains as she did an obliging little nighttime striptease for my youthful admiration. YEAH, I could talk about any and all of that, or that soft, silky dogbitch-leash hair framing that teenage-fresh face... and if I was a leg guy I could even go there, but the final truth is that mere nuts-and-bolts physical 1-2-3's on the physicality's of any bitch [or even of us studs] in these stories is always so unbelievably exaggerated, that in the final analysis, I always think the more interesting choice is to leave the picture fuzzy to allow the reader to substitute their own more favored details.

Let it be safe to assume though that my mother was my idea of what hot was all about and the stupid, unsuspecting cunt went and gave me a 24/7 hardon to make her my personal pussy-bitch. To be fair, she was probably too naively innocent to realize what a cock-teasing fuck she was coming across to me being that most my friends were just immature geeks who wouldn't even know what a pussy was for, let alone where to find it between the wide, childbearing hips of their own mother. Still, mom's sweet naivety can't and doesn't excuse her own accountability for driving me to such insane lust to subjugate her body-and -soul to all of my most depraved and deviant desires, cause she was just absolutely babelicious and the dumb cunt just went and left herself wide-open and totally defenseless against my inevitable decision to just say 'fuck it what dad might do, mom is going to be my pussy now!!!'

I did it all Tuesday morning. When I gave the excuse that I missed class cause I was home sick... Some people would undoubtedly think what I did to my mom was 'sick,' but me... I WAS FEELING FUCKING ALL-RIGHT as I had the party celebration to make any kid's birthday celebration the ultimate day of fun and games. Yeah, it was my fucking birthday that made me choose the ignition point to finally show my mom that I was a 'BIG' boy now, and I could 'LUV' her even more than she ever could have dreamed [or nightmared?!?]

I acted like I was going to be the good boy. There was no sense given my too-sexy mother any last moment indication that I was really just a bad kid. I kind of have this shower fetish. I suppose it always came down to the idea that sex the way I like it is always so fucking filthy and the girls get really dirty from their part of the participation... obviously the shower thing has to be something that plays to me sensibilities how it plays out that the girl is trying to get herself clean at one moment, and the next moment she ends up being filthy in such an obscene manner.

So anyhow, I let my mother get me up and act like everything was so fucking normal. You should have seen the bitch in her last moments of being a respected mother... not that I was thinking respectful thoughts of her even then as I checked out her ass while she bent over to get me the Corn flakes from the bottom shelf... I actually gave myself a little laugh as mom bent over and poured some milk from the store-bought carton into my cereal bowl. I got just a hint of a peak into her cleavage down the open neckline of her respectably tight-tied terry-cloth robe. Of course, my mental joke that cracked me up was how mom could go ahead and use store-bought milk for my Cereal this morning, but for my next birthday morning breakfast, I would be milking her tits after she had my little baby.

Mom had no fucking clue... that was what made me even hornier. She was acting so stupid telling me how she was sorry that my father was away on his overnight business trip but not to worry cause when I got home from school I could have all my friends over for the party and sleep-over and I'd have a good-time still. Yeah, like that was going to be all true, only what mom didn't know was that I'd never gone and invited any other kids over to the house... I was going to definitely have a party with mom to celebrate my 'birth'-day, but I really didn't anticipate that there would be any sleeping at all going on.

I'd gone and saved myself for a week... I had a couple of spontaneous spurtings during the nightdreams, and one when I got too involved into the planning elements for the birthday celebration here at school on Monday during this mind-numbingly boring English class... but overall, I was primed to last the whole day and all-night-long with my fuckyummy mother... [Hey, it was my first time, so let me be honest that I didn't exactly know how the things worked.]

Anyhow, mom didn't have a clue, and when she promised me again that we could do what I wanted for entertainment at the party, it was too much... I couldn't totally suppress my giggle as I gave her a 'thank-you' kiss for basically coming right out and giving me totally eXXXplicit permission for the rape I was about to administer to the tempting fuck-morsel.

Then, I was on my way to school, or so mommy-victim thought. Of course, I was just making my way around to the backyard. There was no sense letting that nosy neighbor bitch, Mrs. Grismour get her old-bag panties in a bunch is she should somehow suddenly put two-and-two together as to why a young, hot-blooded kid, with a major erection tenting the pants up, would be playing hooky from school while acting all lurky near his own house where mommy was all-alone without any daddy to make sure that junior didn't get all incestful...

In the backyard, I couldn't help but feel pretty jazzed... I couldn't adjust my rock-hard cock for fear that any touch would spill me into my pants... I scoped the neighbors yards to just double-confirm that no-one would be doing fucking yard-work where as they might be in some sort of position to overhear a scream or two if mom went that route... I defiantly have always thought that a girl screaming and getting hysterical as she was savaged is something hotly erotic and if possible I was really hoping to allow mom to be as vocal in her despairful pleadings and protests with me as I could get away with. Obviously, if old man, Blanchford, or that new oriental woman across the ally had chosen the morning to be in their gardens, than I would have been unfortunately forced to resort to duct-taping mommies mouth shut-up good-and-proper, but when I saw that there were no problems I just smiled and thought to myself, 'okay mom, get ready to scream you bitch... course you are such a cunt, I bet you are going to love me.'

I wonder if my jovial levity played an even greater part in the success of my endeavors than I already suspect... I mean, I share these little details cause I got to fill space to make this confessional substantive, but also, Roland who I was telling all this too said he would have been so fucking nervous to be doing a rape of his mother, that he would have been probably puking his guts out there in the backyard. I wasn't feeling nervous at all... I suppose that I may have had just the most fleeting concern that somehow something would go wrong and I wouldn't be able to properly subdue my mother, but it was a very minor concern... I mean short of actually killing her, I was going to do anything necessary to take mom in every manner that I had ever dreamed of... and the horrible truth is that if I did go that one step too far, I would still fuck her anyhow...

How's that for shockingly sick imagery?

Don't worry though, cause Tuesday morning wasn't anything nearly so dramatic.

It probably did help that I had the ether... I would have preferred chloroform, but than again, from the start I did want her awake so she could move for me and scream and stuff too... I almost didn't bother with the ether except I'd paid my birthday money from Grandma to make the purchase so I had to get my use... the stuff kind of stunk, but it did smell pretty powerful and I knew it would make mom easier until I was able to get her bound for business,

With the knockout rag-panties in my hand [yeah, I guess I also thought it would just be funny to use a pair of my mom's own worn panties to drug her], I entered the back door... I had heard the water start up so I knew mom was already all naked and just waiting for me to come get her. I looked at my reflection in the cabinet glass and smiled how I was some excellent psycho stalker about to devastatingly brutalize some poor, unsuspecting 'good' woman... GOD, EVIL IS FUN!!!

I started to undo my pants, but than I changed my mind... I didn't need to go in naked was my sudden change of mind, but I errantly managed to catch myself in the zipper... What a fucking thing 'that' was... I suppose it is like some sort of cosmic balance thing, but it just pissed me off so much. It even rained on my joyful enthusiasm as I finished getting to the bathroom door. What should have been nothing but blissful anticipation of a wondrous experience which I was about to enjoy, was definitely distracted with the painful miscue of the ridiculous zipper snafu.

I guess maybe, there might be no point in even mentioning the zipper thing, other than it did piss me off and I think I therefore deserve some special credit that I was so restrained in carrying through with the original level of 'encouragement' that I gave to my mother in those first few moments of our fun, little date. I was really almost in a mood to just go totally mid-evil on mom's ass [which retrospectively, would have been very ironically misplaced retaliation... after-all, to blame her for my discomfort when I wouldn't have even suffered the mishap if I wasn't in the process of orchestrating her own total debasement would have just been wrong.]

Perhaps what gave me time to calm back down to my original intentions was finding the door to the bathroom locked... In truth, I wasn't sure if it would be or not... I mean, mom had every reason to expect to be alone and safe in her own home so I guess did expect the door to be open for me. I suppose though, that mom maybe had some sort of inherent fear controlling her on at least a subconscious level about concern over getting surprise-raped in the shower or something... too bad for mom, that no locked door was going to be getting in my way from taking her as my total fuck-slut on Tuesday.

I did have to go back out to the kitchen though to get myself a ball-point pen. What the fuck is that all about to make locks so easy to pick anyhow???

Oh well, the failure of that locked door to deliver my mother's hope of privacy and protection as she took her shower, was the same failure that allowed my own intentions to proceed so smoothly unfettered, so let me not be the one to decry the absurdity of having such ridiculously easy to compromise security devices. I was in my mother's bathroom with an ethyl soaked rag-panties in one hand as I just so casually reached to yank open the shower curtain with my other hand. How could life have been any better?

She didn't even scream.

I think mom managed to sputter out my name and I know I saw just a hint of recognition in her eyes as I swiftly moved onto her in the tub. If it might otherwise have been difficult for even as naively unsuspecting of a stupid mother as I had, to rationally comprehend how there could be only one reality as to what her young son would be doing suddenly surprising her in the shower, I did my part to help her get the picture in fairly short and crudely blunt order.

"Surprise mom, ready to get your brains fucked out, bitch?"

It was so empowering to call her the name I had used in fantasy for so long... as I pushed her hard back into the wall, and managed to reach up to grab a handful of her wet hair, I had to use some more words and they flowed like water from my suddenly very gutter-mouth.

"What's the matter mommy? Are you going to be a crybaby-cunt? Bet you are so fucking surprised, aren't you? It's time for you to learn what a 'big' boy you have now, you slut."

While I tried to get as many nasty expletives addressed to my formally lip-service-respected mother, I was busy holding her head down as painfully as I could by her wet hair as I shoved the ethyl filled rag-panties into her face and made her breath it all in. It actually even made me a little lightheaded as I got too close to the fumes... the shit may not have been as good as chloroform or ghb or whatever as a 'date' rape drug. but just as a knockout agent, it really did a nice job... what minor struggle-efforts mom had been able to offer up being taken by surprise and so aggressively overpowered just melted away and she slumped down deliciously, seductively, submissively helpless into my totally evil intentive control.

I giggled as I stepped back out of the tub and just let mom fall down. She banged her head on the way to the ground. I spoke like a psychotic lunatic to her as I casually stripped myself for action... whatever distraction my zipper mishap had infected onto me was now obliterated by the overwhelming stimulus of having my naked mother so available for my imminent use. Talking psychotically and filthy-mouth to her was so much fun too as she was definitely dazed helpless from the drugging but she was still able to be mumbling out some shocked little pleadings to establish that she was perfectly aware of the ultimate violation and betrayal that was being visited upon her.

"You are surprised aren't you mother-cunt? You are so fucking stupid. Did you really think you could get away with being such a delicious little fuck and not have me take your pussy? It will have to be a secret though mommy... daddy probably wouldn't like it too much to know just how much you are going to be enjoying it today. I am going to treat you in such filthy ways that you are going to totally come your fucking brains out and I am definitely going to come in you too... Did you want another baby like me, mom? I know about dad's problem... You know I always wondered just what type of slut you must have been to even get yourself knocked-up with me in the first place? Don't worry though, I am sure that I am very potent, and I am very confidant I got you figured out to be totally fertile today too... that's right, isn't it mommy... are you primed to get yourself knocked up to becoming a grandmom all from your own son???"

Too-bad mom's own mumbled verbiage was so limited to mostly be a few 'no's' and 'pleases.' Some tears finally started to roll as I finished my own strip and jumped back into the tub with mom... I left the water run the whole time and it sprayed down upon us as I went about my first pleasuring self-gratificational act with my mother. I decided to get myself a blowjob.

A girl's mouth is so much better than a guy's own hand. I don't know if the fact it was mom getting choked on my cock made it any better than normal, but I kind of suspect whatever psychological bonus came from the incestuous outrage of my activities were more than offset by her frustrating resistance to surrender to the oral violation. I can only imagine how sweet it otherwise might have been to be able to look down upon my mother kneeling submissively at my feet and bobbing her head in sub-servitude to my rightful dominance, but it wasn't anything remotely so serene. I had to slap her several times. I'm pretty sure that was where I blackened her eyes. I tried to be honest with her that resistance was utterly stupid and she was going to be raped anyhow, but she seemed hung-up on cocksucking for me so I just had to basically fuck her face. She was still drugged enough that it wasn't really overly hard to manipulate her... I probably could have fucked her mouth without hitting her first, but what the hell... in the end, I decided to pinch her air-supply through her nose off until she opened her pretty, red lips, and than I was in her wet, warm mouth.

And yeah, my fear of being 'too-primed' proved unfortunately prophetic. As the water rained down from the shower head in its futility to clean us in its spray, I gave my mother a face soaking of a different kind by pulling my dick back out of her mouth and aiming as much as I could for her eyes [another personal little self-preference of mine... sorry!]

Mom seemed to realize what I was intending by quickly getting my cock as close as I could, and she clenched her eyes shut in time before I could get my first shot in. The awkwardness of being in the slippery-wet tub, and forcibly trying to maneuver mom's face into my sperm flow while also futilely trying to control my own aim all sort of ended up with mixed results... satisfactory enough, my load was as good as I ever produced to give mom that proper, glazed-donut look, but more went up as high as her hair than I personally like, and more also dribbled off her face, down her neck and tits from her being all water-wet too. I even sort of wiped some off when I accidentally kneed mom in the face, trying to step back away and over-top of her in the dismount from her face-fucking, but all-in-all the cumulation results of my first ever blowjob from mom were nearly picture perfect... or at least perfect enough to be a picture.

Luckily, I knew mom kept the Polaroid camera in the bathroom closet so I reached down and took her by the hair again after navigating my own exit from the tub.

"We better get you cum-glazed slutty face out of the shower mommy, before it gets too washed clean... Don't you dare wipe yourself till I get a picture either, you filthy, cocksucking bitch, or I will push your face down into the toilet and piss all over it for punishment."

I doubted mom had the energy to make the effort to wipe herself from having been gagged on my cock and still being so drug-dazed, but talking about pissing on her was funny anyhow. I got the camera and turned to snap my picture and she was such a good, little rape-victim that she hadn't barely wiggled from where I had just dropped her to the floor of the bathroom near the family toilet. I just casually walked back over to mom to get a good camera angle to capture the beautiful after-shine of her very first humiliation of the day.

"I wonder if I can maybe get some wall paper for my room made up with big full-blown reproductions of that picture, huh mom? Wouldn't that be so cool if every time you went into my room you had to see yourself all over all my walls as the filthy, sexy mommy-fuck-toy you are? Dad wouldn't be able to see though. You are probably going to have to lie to him though and say maybe you got raped in the park or something to explain all the bruises and stuff I am going to give you when I spank you and everything... I guess you could say someone broke into the house here and gave you a good rape just so long as you say he wore a mask or something and gloves so as not to leave fingerprints. I guess there will be time to get your story straight later though but right now its time to get that sexy cunt of yours all fucked full of your new baby mommy cause on this wondrous anniversary celebration of the fantastic day you were first blessed with me, I think it is so perfect that you beg in the process of making another 'luving' child that can maybe do this all again to keep the family tradition alive when he gets old enough himself."

Mom actually did manage to get out a couple of hot little, 'please don'ts, you'll get me pregnants.' over the next half-hour or so. Mostly she just kind of cried though... it wasn't an even great, totally hysterical crying either, but more of a simple subdued sobbing. She did mix in a few moans and whimpers though, and to my ears it was easy to interpret that they weren't all attributable to the negativity of getting her cunt rape-fucked by my eagerly rock-hard cock.

I had paused first to use the duct tape to secure mom's hands behind her back to make sure the fuck wouldn't turn into some sort of distracting wrestling match. I tossed her up onto her own marital bed that was formerly the providential domain of my father. I told her that I was going to give the bed a far better workout of the springs than he had ever done. I wanted mom's assault to her sensibilities to be absolutely maximized. After-all, I would never get the opportunity to do mom's christening rape again, and such a momentous occasion really mandated due attentive consideration to the 'little details.'

Towards the end of building up a little suspense, I didn't even just jump mom's cunt and stuff her full of cock when I had her tossed up on her bed, but instead I paced myself back and actually gave her a quick licking. It isn't anything that I really dig to be truthful, but it allowed me to laugh at her and tell her she was wet so it proved she was a slut... having mom squirm around on the bed as though she was making some lame-ass effort to avoid the improperness of having her own boy-child lick her slut-mom-pussy was kind of okay. I also went up and gave both those amazing tits of hers a few good, hard squeezes and a very quick, but salivary wet mouthing of her nipples. To top off the 'foreplay' I giggled out another very thinly-veiled declaration that my intention was to definitely impregnate my mother.

"Mmm, mom, your titties are so delicious. I wish I could remember how much fun I had milking you when I was little. I bet this brings back some memories to you though, huh? Did you used to get all naked with me back then when you nursed me, mom? You fucking, cock-teaser... you act so damn innocent going off to church each Sunday and being all lovey-dovey with daddy all the time, but I just know you are so deliciously hot that you must be a really secretive slut. bet you did suck me when I was too little to remember, but now I'm big enough to remember everything. You already know how big I was in your mouth, so now you can feel how big your little boy is going to be in that unprotected mommy-cunt of yours so we can get you all knocked-up and then next time that I milk you on my birthday, I will get the drink I want."

[Okay, I guess that declaration of intention was strongly enough worded not to even qualify as being considered 'thinly-veiled.']

So anyhow, there it was... mom knew I was going to knock her up but with her hands bound up so nice-and-tight, all she could do is just lay there and take it while I easily spread her legs wide and made my mount. You would never have known it was my first time.

Wow... it really is something to remember it all. Unfortunately I have just come here in my pants trying to write this all down. I suppose I could go on with more detail of just how I fucked my mother for the rest of the day and that unfortunate little thing she did when she tried to get away, but what would be the point. After I had finished punishing her, mom was just a rather typical slave-fuck from what I understand is the norm when a boy does the mother thing... I mean, dad bought it all hook-line-and-sinker when we lied about the big, bad, black man that did her up proper. Claiming the dude was black may not have made sense when mom's new bastard is going to be white, but what the fuck... dad is funny about all that, and giving him this idea will keep him away from mom to allow her to be more available to my continuing assaults. I really tend not to like the idea of dad being around at all and maybe I will fix all that after I make sure the insurance policy will provide, but in the meantime I guess mom can have her other cock cause it ain't like I am sticking to just her pussy as hot as it is...

What? Is that a surprising thing to read as you reach the last paragraphs? Did you think that a boy would be satisfied enough with his own mother as his sex-slave not to be looking to branch out and rape other stupid, unsuspecting cunts? While, I guess I could be happy with just mom, but really Miss Pietraszek, did you think I would confess all this for you to find out in this little assignment if I wasn't just about to come into the room and rape you too... go ahead and scream if you want. We're all alone in the school...