- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Jim and his mom
[Author] Skaidan
[Type] Mother/son

Jim heard his mother slam the door shut.She was finally back from work.

"Mom, did you buy the rubbers?" Jim asked.

"Yes, honey, I've bought two packs" Ginia answered.

"Good, I've had a raging hard-on all day and I want some relief"

"Mommy will take care of you right now, son.Let me just go upstairs and wash up for bed"


"I'll be right back"

Ginia went upstairs, her pussy moist in advance.She'd been screwing her 14-year-old son for two weeks now, and she couldn't manage without her daily dose of boy-meat.He had an average sized cock -about 6 inches- but she loved to have it deep inside her drooling pit.Her husband had run out on them six years before and now she didn't know how she'd managed without a lover for so long a time.

Jim was sitting on a couch in the living-room watching some TV.There wasn't anything worth looking at at that time, so he decided to turn the tube off and go upstairs to take a peek at his mother's voluptuous body.He walked slowly up the stairs so that she wouldn't hear him and acted as though he wasn't around.He walked silently down the hall until he reached his mother's bedroom door.It was ajar and he could see light through the crack.

He got close to the door and peered inside.His mother was standing in front of the mirrot stark naked.He could see her back and her wide firm ass.It was a huge ass, in fact, and she'd often complained about that, but he wouldn't care at all and found it arousing.Then, she turned around and he caught a glimpse of her lush patch of pussy hair on which he'd come two days before after a wild fucking session.He just couldn't wait to stick his rod deep inside her tight cunt again, even though he had to do it with a rubber on.

When Ginia sat down on her king-sized bed, her huge tits wobbled obscenely.She hadn't firm tits due to their size -she wore 38D bras-, but they weren't too saggy and her thick nipples didn't point down.Jim could feel his shorts getting soaked in precum as he remembered how his hard cock had felt between those luscious melons.He'd come like crazy and his goo had landed on his mother's face.Then, she'd licked all the cum she'd found around her lips and swallowed it.

"Honey" he heard his mother calling him "I'm ready"

Her voice was loud, so he knew she didn't know he was standing at the other side of the door.He took his time to make her believe he was coming from downstairs and finally knocked at her door.

"May I come in, mother?" he asked.

"Course you can, sweetheart.Mommy is ready to make you feel good"

Jim opened the door and found his mother still sitting on the edge of the bed.She was looking at him lusciously and that turned him on incredibly.

"Come here, honey, I wanna see that cock of yours right now" she begged in a low husky voice.

Jim got closer to his mother, his cock bulging on his pyjamas.When he was close enough, he pulled down his pyjama pants and his shorts and his rock-hard penis sprung up hungrily.His cockhead was red and glistening with his precum juices and he knew he only had to give it two or three strokes to start shooting cum.

"Oh God, honey, you are horny as hell!" she exclaimed."That's good, 'cause my pussy is so wet"

Ginia leaned over and stuck out her tongue.She started to lick his cockhead as he closed his eyes and enjoyed what she was doing to him.It didn't take her long to quit her licking, since she wanted him to shoot his load of boy-come inside her warm cunt.She just stopped teasing his cockhead and jumped onto the bed.

"OK, sweetheart, now come to mommy and stick your prick where it belongs, I can't hold it any longer" she begged, a sex-crazed look in her face.

Jim climbed on the bed and kneeled between her spread legs.Her thighs were fleshy and he couldn't help but grab hold of them and squeeze them hard.Ginia put her feet on the bottom of her son's spine to bring him closer to her.His cock was pointing right at her black furry twat and she couldn't wait to having it inside her.Jim just let go of her thighs and positioned himself in a way that would allow his manhood to fit into her comfortably.He put his arms at both sides of her body and felt her feet pushing him down.

At once, he felt her pubic hair tickling his cockhead.He found it very erotic to have his cock on her pubic mound, rubbing against the curly hair of her cunt.Slowly, he felt for her hole, that tight warm place through which he'd come to the world not too long before.It was hard to find the entrance to her cave of pleasure, but he finally managed to place his hard pussy-pleaser at it.Then, he did something strange, something that could be considered as an act of self-teasing.He stayed there, without entering her, even though he couldn't wait to fuck the hell out of his mother.Ginia's hungry cunt wanted him inside bad and she pushed him down fiercely, but he resisted the pressure of her feet and just stayed there, his roaring hard-on about to enter Ginia's most secret and pleasurable place.

"Oh, honey, please...please...thrust it into my cunt...Come on, sweetie, sink it in as deep as you can..." Jim's mother whined.

His mother's lustful voice was more than Jim could take, so he shoved his 6-inch tool inside her waiting cunt.It was warm and extremely wet in there, and it was very easy to enter her all the way up to the cervix.Ginia gave a sigh of relief as she grabbed her son's body with both hands.She held them as he started pumping her drooling pussy.She was so happy to have her son inside her that she couldn't utter any words.His young hardness felt so good down there, she didn't know what she'd do after all had ended.

"Uh...that's it honey, keep going! Oh...you are making momma feel so good...!! Just keep going, honey...keep going!" Ginia panted as her son rammed his meat in her velvety depths.

"Oh, mom...it feels so good...!!" Jim said, pumping his mother relentlessly.

Jim's cock kept going in and out of Ginia's mature pussy as her tits wiggled lusciously.Jim squeezed them with his hands as he fucked his mother's eager twat.He was getting more and more turned on by Ginia's moans.The fact that he was the one that caused his mother to groan that way made him feel both proud and ashamed, but he just couldn't stop, not then.He kept invading her soft womanhood, pleasing it as well as he could.After all, that woman was his mother and he was supposed to make her happy.

"Uh, uh, uh...!! Give it to me, honey!! Oh God, it feels so damn goooooddd...!!! she screamed.

Jim increased the rhythm of his fuck-motions until he was at the verge of coming.His mother moaned louder now, in fact she was almost yelling like an animal.He loved the way it felt to sink his tool all the way in and feel her pussy-hair meet his own pubic hair.His swollen balls were slapping her ass-hole and his hands squeezed her tits and pinched her erect nipples.He loved fondling her tits and wished she could still nurse him.He had now reached a level of excitement at which he would have eaten up his mother.He loved every bit of her body and wanted to kiss her everywhere forever.

"Oh, oh...honey...honey...I'm...I'm cummingggggggg!!!!" Ginia cried."Don't stop, please....just...keep fucking mommy...!!"

"Mom, I should get a rubber, I'm gonna cummm...!!" Jim said.

"No, honey, don't do it...Keep pumping me hard...!! Knock me up!! Knock mommy up, honey!!"

Ginia writhed in pleasure beneath her son's body.He was also about to come and the muscle contractions of her orgasm precipitated his own climax.A wave of ecstasy took control of Jim's body and it went stiff for a moment.Then, a powerful gush of hot cum shot from his engorged penis and splashed against his mother's cervix.It was as if her vagina was milking his cock, and he loved the way it felt.Jet after jet, his cock filled his mother's hungry pit to the brim and eventually a white trickle of semen oozed from it and ran down her ass as he kept fucking her hard.

When their orgasms had subsided, Jim fell on his mother and he rested his head on the pillow beside her, his cock still buried in her motherly cunt.After a while, he kissed his mother; it was a real wet kiss that lasted for over two minutes.Then, Jim took his cock out of his mother's satisfied pussy and saw how gooey it was with their mixed juices.Another trickle of white spunk leaked out of her snatch and he felt proud of having taken care of his mother's needs.

From then on, Jim and his mother shared her king-sized bed and screwed almost every night.They hardly ever used rubber and that would soon have a consequence.Four months after their first encounter, Ginia's belly started to swell...It was the fruit of their love.

May 18, 1999