- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Infinity
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Mother/son

      Seven a.m. My English teacher, Miss Larimore,  was sitting on the edge of her bed.
      Her alarm clock had just gone off, and she was rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Her face looked like she
was saying to herself, "Another fucking=
 day of trying to explain Shakespeare to a bunch of borderline illiterates."
       Through her thin nightgown, I could see the outline of her full breasts, their dark nipples standing at
attention, poking through the soft cott=
on. I didn't understand why she couldn't see me, but there I stood, barely a foot away, staring at those
incredible tits.
       She got up and bent over slightly, reached down to the hem of the gown, and slowly began the singular
most wonderful motion I had ever witnesse=
d: She was pulling the garment up over her head. In seconds, I would see everything.
     It seemed like slow motion ! I saw her ankles, calves, the beautifully curved back of each leg. And now,
here would come her pus


     Miss Larimore looked up at the noise, and I whipped around to see what had made it. It sounded like a
door slamming, but her bedroom door was sti=
ll closed, and I saw no one else in the room. I looked back just as my teacher's beautiful pubic hair mound
was about to come into view. =

    That's when Miss Larimore looked up and noticed me.
    "Bobby!" she said. "Bobby!"
    Her eyes widened and she repeated my name ! but something was happening, something I couldn't
explain. With each "Bobby," Miss Larimore seemed=
 to fade a little. Her beautifully tanned skin became a pale white, and her brown hair suddenly went gray.
Now I could see through her. "Bobby!" she s=
aid once more, and was gone.
     "BOBBY!" It was my mother's voice. Shit. Another dream.
     I shook my head and tried to focus. My hand was on my dick, which was wet with precum. It was hard as
a rock, too, half from having to pee, half =
from the dream and, I guess, in preparation for my morning ritual jerk-off.
     "Time to get up, love," Mom said from behind the door. =

     "In a minute, Mom," I said. "I'm not finished."
     There was a short pause as she processed my statement. As soon as she realized what I was talking
about, she said, "OK, hon, but don't take too=
 long. It's 7:15 and Dad's driving you to school this morning, remember?"
     What I was talking about was masturbation. I was 15, and I'd been doing it since about age 10. Dad
caught me when I was 11 and said it was time=
 for a family conference. (We had many family conferences.)
     We had a conference when I stole a five-dollar bill from the food-money jar. We had one when I peed on
my carpet to see if anyone would notice. (=
They did !) The family conference about jerking off went something like this:

     DAD: Bobby, I don't want you to feel bad. What you did "masturbation " is OK, as long as you don't do
it too much, and as long as you k=
eep it private.
     MOM: That's right, son. Everyone masturbates. =

     ME: Everyone?
     DAD: Molly, let's not get into !
     MOM (ignoring Dad): Yes, sweetheart, everyone. I do it, your Dad does it, and I'm sure all of your friends
do it. It's perfectly normal, but,=
 like Dad says, we do it privately and we don't talk about it.
     ME: How do girls do it? They don't have penises.
     DAD: I told you, Molly, we don't have to go into details now !
     MOM: We'll talk about that later, dear.

     Later was never. The subject didn't come up again because I took the=
ir advice. Well, most of it. I didn't talk about jerking off, and when I =
did jerk I kept it private. The part about not doing it too much ! well, =
who's to say how much is too much? On a normal day, I did it twice "on=
ce in the morning, once at bedtime. On what I called a "horny day," like wh=
en I'd see a girl's tit through her armhole, or pubic hairs sticking ou=
t of a cheerleader's outfit, or "sigh "got a view of Miss Larimore =
bending over, well, on those days I'd find some way to slip into the Boy'=
s Room at school and take care of business. =

     The day I found Dad's videotape stash, I made it to four. But that'=
s another story.
     So, Mom knew what I was talking about when I said I wasn't finished =
yet, and, like she always did, she left me alone.
     I threw off the sheet and blanket to expose my cock. It was always eas=
ier masturbating if I could watch myself. I'm not sure why. I just really=
 liked it when I came "liked the feeling, of course, but also enjoyed se=
eing the cum fly out and land wherever it would land. Cum, I quickly learne=
d, has a mind of its own, so aiming was almost impossible and I had given u=
p trying. If I wanted it to squirt onto my stomach, it'd hook to the left=
 and stain the sheet. Each time I tried, in the bathroom, to have it land i=
n the toilet bowl, it'd slime onto the wall and leave a drip mark that'=
d take an hour to dry completely, to my repeated
     So aiming was not part of the procedure. Just jerking. =

     First, of course, would come what I called "The Decision". I'd have =
to decide who to think about. Masturbating is no fun with a blank mind. =

     When I was 10 and in the fifth grade, I'd think about cute Betsy Wat=
kins, whose underpants I could see any time I looked to the back of the roo=
     By age 11, I was into older women. There was an eighth grader named Na=
omi who at 13 had grown-up tits. I would try to imagine her taking a shower=
 and washing them forever. Masturbating that year, with 12 months of experi=
ence behind me and Naomi in my imagination, was a breeze.
     In the seventh grade, it was my teacher, Mrs. Patterson, who was reall=
y old, like 35, and who had twin sons who were in my grade but not in my cl=
ass. The boys, Pete and Paul, had somehow gotten a Polaroid picture of thei=
r Mom as she stepped out of the shower, and they showed it to a select few,=
 me included. Thinking about that picture, fuzzy as it was, helped me jerk =
off for six months. It was then that I started rating things in my mind. Th=
e picture of Mrs. Patterson was a 6, because that's how many months I cou=
ld keep the image of it in my head while masturbating. Thinking back, I rat=
ed Naomi's tits a 2 and Betsy's underpants a 1.
     Maybe someday, I fantasized, I'd see an Infinity. Something so hot, =
so sexy, that even if I were shipwrecked on a desert island, I'd be able =
to jerk off thinking about it for the rest of my life. =

     But so far, Miss Larimore was the highest number. I had seen part of h=
er actual breast the first week of school. She dropped a blackboard eraser =
and bent over to pick it up. The dress she was wearing wasn't low cut, bu=
t it was held up only by a bit of elastic. One breast flopped completely ou=
t as she stood up with the eraser.
     In a single motion that took less than a second, she crossed her arms =
over her chest and pulled the dress up. But I had seen it, nipple and all, =
for a moment that was still imprinted in the jerk-off center of my brain. I=
 marked the day on my calendar: September 21. It was now April 25, more tha=
n seven months later, and I was still thinking about that tit when I
     But this morning things weren't going so well. It was the dream, I t=
hink, and waking up just before I could see Miss Larimore take off her nigh=
tgown. And Mom interrupting me as I was just starting to jerk.  =

     I pumped for about three minutes, first slowly, then more quickly. Not=
hing. I slapped my dick against my stomach "pow! pow! pow! "a techniq=
ue a classmate had shown me during a jerk-off session a few of us had durin=
g a sleep-over a couple of months before. No dice. With one hand, I squeeze=
d the shaft in the middle and with my other hand, I wet the head with saliv=
a at the same time. Zero. I was even getting soft. This was unacceptable. =

     Then, I heard footsteps. =

     "Sweetheart, it's getting late."
     It was Mom, speaking through the door.
     I wasn't sure what to say. I finally decided on the truth. =

     "I'm having a little trouble, Mom."
     "Are you OK, Bobby?" she said, sounding a little scared.  "Should I co=
me in?"
     Holy shit. I had no idea what was going to happen, but, surprising mys=
elf, I said, "Yes."
     Mom cracked the door and looked in. Her eyes went directly to my half-=
limp dick, which, while it wasn't at it's smallest, was only about thre=
e inches now and lying on its side. Her face reddened and she looked at me,=
 wondering if I were embarrassed.
     "It's not working," I said. "I do this every morning, but like you a=
nd Dad said, I don't talk about it. But this morning I can't !" Her l=
ook alternated between motherly love, embarrassment and something else I co=
uldn't quite identify. "I just can't ! finish," I said, finally findi=
ng a word to use in front of my Mom instead of  "cum." She took another ste=
p and was now completely in the room. She was walking a little funny.
     "That's perfectly normal," she said in her "Mom" voice ... her famil=
y conference voice. "What seems to be the trouble this morning, love?"
      Just talking to Mom about jerking off had sent a few pulses of blood =
south, and my dick started getting fuller again. She noticed its slow rise =
off my stomach.
     "I need to think about ! things ! when I jer ! masturbate," I sa=
id to her, trying not to show that I was a little embarrassed. "And what I =
was thinking about this morning just didn't work."
     "Do you want to tell me what it was?" she asked.
     Geez. This is getting weird, I thought. But the truth had never hurt m=
e before, so I just pressed on.
     "When you woke me up, I was dreaming about my teacher," I said.
     "Miss Larimore?"
     "Yes. In my dream I was watching her get undressed."
     "Is that what 15-year-old boys dream about?" she asked. "Their teacher=
s getting undressed?"
     "Well, I think about it all the time, but this week was the first time=
 she was ever in my dreams. Monday night and last night. But every time it =
gets to a good part, something wakes me up."
     I don't think I was sounding too forlorn, but Mom moved in another s=
tep and sat down on the bed. "You poor thing," she said. "Don't tell him =
I told you," she said, "but something like this used to happen to your Dad.=
     "Dad used to dream about Miss Larimore?"
     Mom laughed and brushed my hair off my eyes.
     "Not exactly," she said. "What I meant is, your Dad used to masturbate=
 sometimes at night when !." It seemed like she was looking for the right=
 words, too.
     "When he needed something for sex but I couldn't give it to him that=
     "So what happened?" I asked.
     She paused a few seconds, as if she were making some kind of important=
 decision. "Well, he needed something to think about, too, so I helped him.=
     She was looking me right in the eyes. "I showed him my body."
     Oh, my God, I thought. I looked down at myself, and seeing my eyes shi=
ft, Mom looked, too. My little pal was fully extended now, to what I once h=
ad measured as its full five inches. It was pointing at the ceiling and was=
 getting a little drippy on top.
     "Bobby, dearest, you've GOT to get up for school. Dad leaves in a ha=
lf hour. If you want a little help, I'll give it to you."
     My eyes glazed over and I opened my mouth to speak, but not a sound ca=
me out. Mom saw what was happening and decided not to wait for an answer. S=
tanding up, she undid the belt of her white terry-cloth bathrobe and let it=
 fall open. There was nothing on underneath. She took a step to the side, s=
o her legs would spread apart, showing me more of what was between them.
     I didn't know where to look. My eyes first went to the mountain of h=
air covering her pussy. It was so black and bushy there was no way to see t=
hrough it to her crack, but that was OK. I was looking at Mom's pubic hai=
r! I instinctively reached down with my right hand and grabbed my hard-on. =

     My gaze rose up her smooth tummy and then stopped dead on the best tit=
s I had ever seen. Well, except for magazines, they were the only tits I ha=
d ever seen, but I couldn't imagine that any in the world were better. Th=
ey didn't hang at all. Instead, they pointed, straight out toward the fro=
nt. And the nipples weren't flat like those in so many of the pictures I'=
d seen. Mom's nipples were little purple pyramids that poked out of the f=
ront of each boob. I couldn't tell if they were hard or soft, and I guess=
 I wasn't in complete control of myself, because I felt my left hand reac=
h up toward them.
     Mom saw that and bent over so her right tit could meet my hand. I pinc=
hed the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. It was spongy, sort of push=
ing back with each squeeze, and the feeling made me jerk faster. =

    "Mmmmm," I said. I lowered my glance back to her pussy and noticed that=
 her left hand had moved over to the mound of hair there. She was rubbing h=
erself deep within it with two fingers. =

     "Mom," I managed to say.
     "I know, honey. I decided to masturbate, too, because I'm really enj=
oying doing this for you, and watching you, too." That was all I needed. Th=
ree more quick jerks and I started spilling over. I pumped as hard as I cou=
ld, because I wanted Mom to be impressed by how far I could squirt.
     The first glob landed over my head and onto the pillow, behind my left=
 shoulder. Mom said "Wow!" and we both kept rubbing. The second squirt land=
ed on my stomach. "Over here," Mom said. "Make it come toward me."
     I pushed my dick forward and, knowing how bad my aim was, prepared for=
 a disaster.
     But the third shot did something no other cum-squirt of mine had ever =
done. It went out straight, exactly where I was aiming it. And where I had =
aimed was Mom's mound of pubic hair. It landed smack in the center of her=
 triangle and slowly dripped down to her right leg.
     The warmth from the cum must have been enough to finish Mom. She vibra=
ted her two fingers a few more times, more powerfully than before, and let =
out a soft, sexy moan I'd never forget.
      I squirted another two times, not as far, and my whole body went limp=
=2E Mom bent over and patted my head. Her breasts hung down as she did, and=
 I could see them much closer. How beautiful they were, how much larger tha=
n I had imagined them underneath the loose clothing she always wore. Then s=
he dropped to her knees and gently put both hands around my softening cock.=

     "You have a very nice machine there," she said, squeezing it between h=
er palms. "You're going to make some young lady very happy one day."
     She leaned over and kissed my dick on its head. She put her mouth arou=
nd the tip and gently used her lips to clean off the few drops of cum that =
were clinging to it. Then she stood up. =

     "Now, let's get going. School won't wait, and neither will your Da=
     I got up and ran to the bathroom, peed, washed in about two minutes an=
d threw on my clothes. I still couldn't speak. All I could do was repeat,=
 inside my head, "I just jerked off with my Mom. I just jerked off with my =
     Still simply staring into space, I made it down the stairs, ate someth=
ing for breakfast "I have no idea what "and heard Mom and Dad saying =
something to me. When I finished, I kissed Mom goodbye and got into Dad's=
 car. He drove me the mile to school and, as I got out of the front seat he=
 reached out to my hand, shaking it.
     "You're a real man now," he said. He winked, and when I had slammed =
the door he sped off.
     Family conference, was what popped into my head. We must have had a fa=
mily conference at breakfast. I have no memory of it, but I was confident t=
hat whatever rules we had agreed on that morning, my life would never be th=
e same.
     I walked into first-period math class and sat down. On the blackboard,=
 the teacher, Mr. Dulles "a guy we had nicknamed Mr. Dullest "had wri=
tten the word "INFINITY."
     I smiled. I knew what infinity was, I said to myself. Infinity was Mom=
=2E I sat there for I don't know how long. Then I remember Dullest asking m=
e ....
      "Is it possible, Mr. Allen? ... Mr. Allen? .... MR. ALLEN!!!"
     "Oh, uh, sorry, Mr. Dulles," I said to my math teacher. "I'm afraid =
I didn't hear the question."
     "Robert Allen, you haven't heard anything I've said today. Didn'=
t you get any rest last night?"
     Mr. Dulles was used to sleepy-eyed kids in his first-period class, but=
 I was going for the record this morning. It was true. I hadn't heard one=
 word. I was replaying the morning I had spent masturbating with my mother.=
 It had, indeed, been the Mother of All Mornings for me.
     "I'm sorry, sir. Uh, no, I was up most of the night. Stomach trouble=
," I lied.
     "Well, I'm sorry about that. Maybe you should have stayed home. What=
 I asked was, =91Can there be a greater number than infinity?' " =

     "Um, no?
     Betsy Anson's right hand shot up and waved back and forth, like the =
tail of a cow brushing flies off its ass. The little cunt had caught me loo=
king up her dress in class a few years before, and had loved showing me up =
every since.
     "Oooh, oooh, I know, I know," she said.
     The aptly named Mr. Dulles, the dullest teacher I had ever had, called=
 on Betsy, and I went back into my dream world. It was difficult to believe=
 what had happened that morning. I was jerking off in bed and, since we hav=
e no secrets at home, I admitted it when Mom asked why I wasn't dressed y=
et. Then, when I had trouble cumming after being
interrupted, Mom actually entered my room and offered to help. She opened h=
er robe so I could jerk while looking at her tits and pussy, and said she w=
as doing that only so I wouldn't be late for school. But while I jerked, =
she stood there and masturbated, too. She really got into it. And at breakf=
ast, she told it all to Dad, who seemed entertained by the idea.
     I was wondering if it would ever happen again. I'd probably find out=
 at that evening's family conference, a regular occurrence for discussing=
 important matters. But right now, I had to concentrate on losing my hard-o=
n before the bell rang.
     I tried thinking about something really gross. Mr. Dulles's asshole.=
 That'd do it. I fantasized watching him stick a hot dog up it and then e=
ating it. No luck. My dick was still at full attention.
     I thought about my fat aunt Audrey, who was so huge, she had no ankles=
=2E I wondered what it would be like if she wrapped her legs around my face=
=2E Gross, but not gross enough.
     Then I remembered the time Grandma, who was beginning to get a little =
funny in the head, had stayed over for a week. She slept in the extra bedro=
om on the third floor, and after she left Mom asked me to go up to check if=
 she'd left anything behind. There was nothing in the bedroom, but when I=
 looked in the bathroom I discovered she hadn't flushed the toilet once i=
n the whole week. It was filled almost to the top of the bowl with shit and=
 piss, and the smell almost knocked me over !
      The bell rang for second period, and I looked down. Grandma's shit =
had worked. My erection was gone. =

     I learned absolutely nothing in school that day, thinking about Mom du=
ring the first 40 minutes of each period, and Grandmom for the last five, s=
o I could make it to the next class. And, finally, it was four o'clock.
     I got home and found Mom in the kitchen making my favorite dinner: mea=
tloaf, mashed potatoes and string beans. Geez, she'd even made real choco=
late pudding, not the instant. =

     "Hi," I said.
     "Hi, darlin'," she said, looking up and smiling. It was mostly the M=
om smile I always got, but there seemed to be something extra stuck to it. =
Like, "I love you ! and I love THAT." At least that's what I started th=
     But during the whole evening nothing strange happened. Dad came home, =
we ate, Mom and Dad talked about their day, and I just sat there listening =
and waiting for someone to say, "So, Bobby, how'd you like jerking off wi=
th Mom this morning?"
     It was as if it had never happened. But I knew it had. I knew it wasn'=
t a dream.
     We went into the living room for "Jeopardy," and Dad brought the newsp=
aper in to do the crossword. It was like any other evening, and it was driv=
ing me crazy. Like, can you imagine masturbating with your Mom in the morni=
ng, and your father knowing about it, and then neither of them ever mention=
ing it to you again?
     Finally, just as the Double Jeopardy round was ending, Dad looked up a=
nd said, "So, Molly, looks like our little boy has grown up."
     "The Final Jeopardy category ! ," said Alex Trebek, "is !"
     "Jerking off," said Mom, "is perfectly normal."
     The timing of her first two words was classic, and it broke the ice. W=
e all started to laugh.
      "I'm serious," Mom said when we stopped. "We all do it, and we all =
admit it, and from there it's only a small step to doing it together."
     "Well," said Dad, "I wish my parents had been as open about sex as we =
all are."
     "You seemed a little out of it during breakfast, Bobby," Mom said. "Do=
 you remember what we talked about."
     "I don't even remember what we ate," I said.
     "We ate pancakes," Mom said.
     "And we talked about becoming closer as a family," said Dad.
     Closer, they explained again for me, meant that first we wouldn't cl=
ose doors inside the house anymore. If I agreed, that is. Since we prided o=
urselves on having no secrets, they said, why would we need doors?
     "Like bedroom doors?" I asked.
     "Bedroom, bathroom, every room," Mom said. Twelve years ago I was chan=
ging your diapers and wiping your bottom and helping you stand in front of =
the toilet to pee," she said, looking that new special look. "And this morn=
ing !" she said, pausing as if to relive the moment, "this morning, I hel=
ped you do something else with your penis, something lying down."
     My face reddened.
     "Don't be embarrassed, son," Dad said. "I love everything about your=
 Mom's body, and she loves everything about mine. We've watched each ot=
her on the toilet, we've seen each other washing in the shower, and, well=
, you're no baby "you know what grown-ups do in bed. We've simply de=
cided to let you in on it all. But only if you want to."
     I felt like standing up and cheering, but I controlled my reaction.
     "I think that would be nice," I said. =

     "Then it's settled," Mom said. "You don't have to worry about clos=
ing your bedroom or bathroom doors tonight, and Jack and I will leave our d=
oors open, too."
     "So," I said, "I'll just stay in my room after you go to bed."
     "That's not what we mean at all," Dad said. "When Mom and I go to be=
d tonight, whatever we decide to do, we'll do, and if you happen to walk =
by or come in, you'll see us." BLAM! Hard-on city. I couldn't control i=
t. Mom noticed first, and I saw her looking.
     "Uh, I think I'll go upstairs now," I said.
     "Bobby," Mom said. "That's the point we're trying to make. You wan=
t to masturbate, right?"
     I looked at the floor. "Yes."
     "Well, you're a family member. The living room is just as much yours=
 as your bedroom is. If you want to masturbate, you have the right to do it=
     "In front of you and Dad?" I said.
     "Of course," she said.
     "And son," Dad said, "you don't have to say masturbate if you don'=
t want to. You can use real words for body parts and functions. When we'r=
e alone, Mom and I say jerk off and cock and pussy !"
   "! and cunt and blowjob and asshole !" Mom continued.
    "OK, Molly, I think he gets the idea," Dad said.
    "So," said Mom, "if you want to jerk off now, no one is stopping you." =
She looked at Dad. "And if both of my men want to do it at the same time, t=
hat'd be fine with me."
     Dad opened his fly and peeled out his pecker. I'd seen it before, of=
 course, in men's rooms and when we changed at the pool, but I'd never =
seen it, uh, full sized. It was much larger than mine, of  course, and I st=
ared at it with a little jealousy. Mom looked at it, kind of jiggled on the=
 couch and then looked over at me.
     "You're next, lover" she said. I pulled my pants down around my ankl=
es and stuck my cock through the pee hole in my shorts. It was at it's je=
rking-off size, a full five inches. Mom jiggled again.
     "Guess I'll join you both," she said, and lifted her house dress ove=
r her head. She tossed it on the couch and sat there in her white bra and p=
anties. I looked at the bra, hoping she'd take it off, too, and she notic=
ed my stare.
     "This, my little man, is for you," she said, and she reached behind he=
r and unhooked it. Her tits, hard and pointed as ever, didn't shift an in=
ch. =

     "I only wear this so my nipples won't show through my clothes," she =
said. "Guess I won't need it anymore, at least around the house." =

     Then she pulled her panties down and spread her legs so that one foot =
was on each side of the couch. This was the first time I was able to see wa=
y up into her pussy. The morning had been great, but I didn't really get =
a look at her crack, or up inside it. But with her legs spread so wide, and=
 her hands starting to probe, I finally could see what even Playboy magazin=
e never showed me: The different bumps and wrinkly parts that made up the i=
nside of her pussy.
     Dad was going full speed now. I wasn't far behind. Mom was getting h=
erself good and wet, first with spit and then naturally, with moisture from=
 deep inside. =

     "Come closer to me, guys," she said, and Dad and I moved over, me to h=
er right and he to her left, facing the couch. "Now, let's look at each o=
ther and cum." =

     I think I was the happiest kid on the face of the earth at that moment=
=2E I stared at Mom's beautiful tits and nipples, and her wide-spread pus=
sy, and watched as she zeroed-in on a tiny hard bump at the top of her crac=
     Then I shifted over to Dad. He was glancing back and forth from Mom to=
 me, watching both of us enjoy looking at each other. His cock was larger t=
han at any other time I'd seen it. The tip was darkening, filling with bl=
ood I guess. And he had this glazed look on his face, a half smile combined=
 with a blank stare. Mom started to moan. And so did Dad. Years of fucking =
together, I suppose, had put their orgasms in synch. =

     "Yes!" said Mom, "Yes!" just as Dad started to shoot his load. The fir=
st wad landed on her stomach, an inch from her navel. =

     Nice aim, was my first thought, but the notion didn't last long. At =
the sight of the puddles forming across Mom's body "two on her stomach=
, one on each leg "I started cumming. My first shot was the farthest in =
my five year history, a personal best that hit Mom on the chin and dripped =
onto her left boob. Her eyes widened and she increased the speed of her han=
d. "Number two!" she said, and I watched her hips shiver.
     I shot three more times, but none went anywhere close to the first squ=
irt. Two of the three hooked to the left, like most of the time when I'm =
jerking off in front of the toilet, aiming for the bowl. The last one just =
kind of, just dribbled out and, like a long piece of pizza cheese, dropped =
onto the carpet.
     Dad dropped to his knees and started sucking on Mom's other tit, the=
 one my cum didn't land on. Mom looked down and began rubbing my droplet =
into her nipple, like it was a lotion.
     I didn't know what to do. Was I allowed to touch Mom? Could I join D=
ad in playing with her? I stood there watching, waiting for an invitation. =
Mom spoke first.
     "Let's all go upstairs," she said. =

     Dad led the way, Mom got up and followed him, and I brought up the rea=
r. I had no idea what was going to happen next, but after a day of learning=
 nothing in school, I was ready for a real lesson.
     Dad turned the corner into their bedroom, followed almost immediately =
by Mom. I, kinda not used to this, snuck in and stood by the door, not know=
ing what was expected of me!
     Mom pulled the covers down, exposing the bed to the crisp cool night a=
ir. Mom got in on her side, and kneeling on all fours, stretched like a cat=
=2E Her head went down to the bed, her ass was up in the air and her back s=
wayed down in the middle. That perfect circle of her asshole winked at me! =
Then she brought her head up and stretched one, then the other of her long =
tapered legs out to try and touch the foot of the bed. Mom was putting on a=
 show, and I wasn't sure WHO it was for ... Dad, me or HER! ... but *I* had=
 a front row seat, and judging by the way my cock began to fill up again, I=
 was certainly going to ENJOY it!
     Mom traced her fingers down her neck and side, over her hip and around=
 the smooth globe of her ass cheek. She ran her index finger into the crevi=
ce of her ass and into the opening of her pussy, collecting some of the moi=
sture there and back to the opening of her ass. With what seemed like no ef=
fort, the tip of her finger slid through the opening to it's first knuckle.=

     My cock went crazy! Dad's eyes shifted between Mom's ass and my crotch=
=2E =

     "Molly, I think our son is at the right age to have some questions ans=
wered" Dad said.
     "Like, what sex is?" she asked. OH,- YEAH! I thought. =

     Dad walked to his side of the bed, his cock at half staff and growing.=
 Mom reached out with one hand and pulled him to the bed. She raised her as=
s up again and pointed it to me. This was an offer I couldn't refuse! Her l=
egs spread, and her other hand came up between her pussy lips, opening them=
 to me. Dad motioned me to get behind her.
     All he said was, "Remember the agreement we made the other morning, th=
e ONLY man who can fuck Mom in the pussy is Dad. Your Mom likes getting her=
 rearend packed, but I have a problem there. I'm too big around and it's to=
 painful for her." Mom kept pumping his cock with her one hand and her puss=
y with the other, and never missing a stroke with her mouth.
     "If you take a little juice from her pussy," he said, "and lubricate h=
er ass and your cock, I think you'll slide right in." Which is what I did. =
It was tough at first, never having had sex, I wasn't as sure of myself as =
I'd like. But the more I played with it, the more forgiving her ass became!=
 The quicker and deeper I could go. =

     Finally, there I was, balls deep in my Mom's ass! My hands on her hips=
 to steady us, my cock pistoning in and out of her hot ass, and Mom moaning=
 and groaning, as her orgasm built to pitch. Then there was a couple of fla=
shes of light, and I came deep in her bowels. WHAT a freakin' orgasm! The "=
stars" came out as my cum went in! Then there was another flash and another=
 ... No this was NOT a result of my orgasm! I looked, and there was Dad sta=
nding at the corner of the bed, with a Polaroid in his hands, taking pictur=
es as my cock sank into Mom! =

     "MMmmmmm, Jack, " Mom said, "Did the pictures come out? ... Damn he fe=
els GOOD!"
     "Yes Molly, I think they'll be just fine!"
     Dad turned to me and whispered "These are for me to use when I go on t=
he road tomorrow. I'll be gone the better part of this week, and I want som=
ething when I get back to the Hotel room at night. Don't be mad son, no one=
 will ever see them but us." With that, he went to the bathroom and got a w=
ashcloth. Mom flexed her ass, squeezing the rest of my cum out from my cock=
=2E =

     She pushed back against me a few more times, then pulled away, and tur=
ned, taking the cloth from Dad, she cleaned me up and lifted the tip to her=
 face, and taking a quick glance at Dad and the camera, swallowed my cock w=
hole in one shot! GAWD!! what a FEELING! =

     "Molly, take it easy on the boy, this IS his first time with a real wo=
man!" Dad joked.
     There was another flash, and Mom pulled back off me, and another flash=
=2E I figured, 'May as well enjoy myself...' I slipped a hand down to her p=
ubs, and slid 2 fingers over her clit hood. Mom tensed like she'd been hit =
with 20,000 volts then down to my balls she went with a moan that sent shiv=
ers up and down my spine, only to stop at the tip of my dick !
     As if by instinct, I grabbed the back of her head and began to pump in=
 rhythm. I could feel the swell of pre-cum start it's flow up my stalk. And=
 2 seconds before I came, Mom felt my cum leaking out the tip of my cock, a=
nd re-doubling her effort and vacuum, she swallowed the hole of my 5 inches=
 down her throat. =

     After I came around, I pulled out of Mom's mouth and stood at her side=
 of the bed, heart racing and panting like a marathon runner. Dad put down =
the camera and stood at the bed.
     Then Mom laid the cards on the table. She turn to Dad and said to him,=
 "Jack, ... Let's all sleep in here tonight ..... Together."
     "You want to?" Dad said to me.
     "Wow," I said. "I would love to."
     Mom moved to the middle of the bed. Dad got in on his side and Mom mot=
ioned to me to hop in next to her. =

     "I've got my two men with me now, all night," she said. =

     We lay down together, all on our backs, and Mom reached down and grabb=
ed our dicks. She didn't say a word, and neither did Dad. I guessed that =
was how they slept every night, Mom's hand wrapped around Dad's cock.
     "We'll shower together in the morning," Dad said. And those are the =
last words I remember hearing until his alarm went off at 6:30.

                                                 *       *       *       *

     The alarm clock evaporated my dream, but this time I was glad. Usually=
, after masturbating, my night-time fantasies are wonderfully sexual. In my=
 favorite, one I'd had at least a half-dozen times, I lived in a world wh=
ere "how can I explain this? "having sex was as casual as shaking han=
     For example, I'd be walking down the street and see my English teach=
er, Miss Larimore, coming toward me. Now in real life, when I see her, I th=
ink to myself, "What great tits. I really want to suck on them." But what I=
 really say is the very original, "Hi, Miss Larimore."
     But in this dream, there she is, approaching me, and what I say is, "H=
i, Miss Larimore. I'd really like to suck your tits." And Miss Larimore s=
ays, "Why, thank you, Bobby. Here ... help yourself." And she lifts up her =
blouse and there they are, waiting for my lips.
     But this dream was different. It was scary, and when the alarm went of=
f I was shaking. I reached out to turn off the ringing, but my clock-radio =
wasn't there. Only then did I remember that I was in Mom and dad's bed.=
 Remembering the events of the previous evening helped jolt me wide awake.
     I tried to recall the details of the dream before they completely fade=
d. It had something to do with the three of us, Mom, Dad and me. I think we=
 were in a small rowboat, and all around us were choppy waves. Mom was cryi=
ng and I was trying to think of something to do. Dad said he was going to s=
wim for help, and all I could hear was Mom screaming, "No,  Jack, No. you'=
ll be killed."
     Then, I think, Dad jumped in and the second he did a huge mouth came o=
ut of the water and crunched him in half. I couldn't tell what the mouth =
was attached to, like if it was a whale or a shark or some monster. It was =
just a mouth, with long, sharp teeth. And
just as Mom started screaming louder, and Dad's insides started to fall o=
ut of his body, the alarm went off.
     I looked around. No one else was in the room.
     I listened, to see if Mom and Dad were downstairs, maybe dressed alrea=
dy and having breakfast, but then I heard the toilet flush and the squeakin=
g noise that the shower faucets always made when they were being turned on.=

     Dad poked his head out of the master bedroom's bathroom, which was s=
ort of off the corner of the room. "Hey, sleepyhead, time for our shower."
     I was still naked from last night, except for my socks. Dad had nothin=
g on. I walked into the bathroom with my usual piss hard-on, planning to ta=
ke a leak. But Mom was sitting on the toilet.
      "I really gotta go," I said. "I'll run to the other bathroom and be=
 right back."
      "Here," Mom said. "No problem !" She stood up over the toilet and c=
ontinued to piss, aiming her stream straight down into the bowl. I'd neve=
r thought a girl could pee standing up."
      "There's enough room for you to go now," she said. And there certai=
nly was. I faced her and directed my pee into the bowl, watching our two ye=
llow streams crisscross as they bubbled together in the water.
     "I bet I'm the only kid in school who's pissing with his Mom right=
 now," I said, and laughed. Mom and Dad thought it was a riot, too, and sta=
rted to chuckle. But then the dream came flooding back. I got real serious =
looking real fast.
     "Sweetheart, what's wrong?" Mom asked.
     "Oh, nothing," I said.
     "Is it last night?" Dad asked. "Is that bothering you now, son?"
     "Jeez, no, Dad," I said. "That was wonderful. I was just remembering a=
 dream I had overnight. It was scary. But I'm OK now."
     "What was it?" Mom asked.
     "Oh, about a sea monster. Just a stupid, scary dream. I'm really OK.=
     "Then, let's jump in the shower," Dad said. "The clock won't wait.=
     It's funny, after a day of complete nakedness, I was still turned on=
 by being nude with Mom and Dad. Dad stepped in first, his dick flopping ba=
ck and forth from thigh to thigh. Mom was next, the coldness of the water i=
nstantly turning her puffy nipples into harder, more wrinkled versions of t=
hemselves. =

     That, of course, got me hard again, and, again of course, Mom and Dad =
both noticed.
     "Well," Mom said, "are we going to wash or play? Jack?"
     "Wash," was his vote. "I have to get to work on time for a meeting tod=
     "Play!" I said, staring at Mom's nipples and starting to jerk myself=
     "Well, looks like I'm the tie-breaker," Mom said. "And I say ! pla=
     Dad smiled but shook his head. "Well, you two can fool around. I'm l=
ate already."
     Mom took a sponge from the shower shelf and squirted some liquid soap =
on it. =

     "Look, Bobby," she said. "Remind you of anything?" She gave the bottle=
 a few more squirts and smiled. =

     "C'mon, Mom," I said.
     "No," she said, "YOU cum on!"
     She reached down with the soapy sponge and started to wash between my =
legs, moving up and down over my cock. She did it a mere three times before=
 I started pumping my replenished supply of cum into her waiting hand.
     "Mmmmmmm," was all I could say. =

     She made a cup out of her palm, collecting the globs of my sticky, whi=
te semen, and moved slightly to block the shower spray from diluting it. Th=
en she took the squeeze bottle of shower soap and added an equal amount. =

     "I'm going to wash myself in your cum," she said, and then she start=
ed to rub the mixture over her breasts. In a moment her beautiful white boo=
bs were covered with a sticky, bubbly film, which, using the sponge, she th=
en spread down her stomach and into her pubic hair. The whole time she neve=
r took her eyes off my cock, which went from just-come limp to rock hard ag=
ain in less than a minute.
     All this really turned on Dad, who had been lathering up "with real=
 soap, of course. But as horny as he was, he was also in a hurry. He leaned=
 back against the shower wall and grabbed his cock. Staring at Mom's cum-=
and-soap-covered tits, he gave his dick about a dozen quick shakes and came=
 onto the floor of the shower. His cum mixed with the water, and while most=
 of it went down the drain, some of it congealed and formed a mini-dam, sto=
pping the rest of the water from draining. =

     "Now you've done it, Jack," Mom said in mock anger. "How many times =
have I told you not to clog the shower with your morning cum!"
     As we laughed, Dad jumped out, toweled off and, in the best male tradi=
tion, did the deodorant-toothbrush-shave-hair-combing thing in about two mi=
     Mom turned to face the shower head and let my cum drain off. I just st=
ood there and watched her. My Mom, my love, my infinity. The woman whose na=
ked image I would remember throughout all time. In five, 10, 20 years, I wo=
uld still be able to jerk myself off thinking about that first morning, whe=
n Mom came into my bedroom and helped my masturbate by showing me her body.=

     "Gotta run!" Dad said. He blew a kisses to us both. "Don't be TOO la=
te, Bobby," he said, knowing that if Mom wanted to she could probably keep =
me hard half the day.
     I'm not sure how, but I got dressed and off to school that morning a=
nd was only about 30 seconds late to homeroom. The teacher saw I'd been r=
unning, so he cut be a break and didn't write up a report.
     For the second day in a row, I was not the model pupil. My mind, as yo=
u might have predicted, was elsewhere. All I could think about was what we'=
d all be doing that evening when Dad got home. I knew I wouldn't be fucki=
ng Mom, at least not in her cunt. That was a deal she'd made with Dad. He=
 was the only one allowed to do that. But anything else "ANYTHING ELSE! =
"she said, was OK.
     In math, while Mr. Dulles was discussing whole numbers, all I could th=
ink about was Mom's holes.
     And in English, the class where I had fought for the seat that would a=
llow me to look up Miss Larimore's dress, I didn't even notice what she=
 was wearing. =

     At lunch, I went through the cafeteria line and just threw random item=
s on my plate. When I got to my seat I looked down. A foot-long hot dog, a =
bagel and a bowl of creamed soup. Nope, nothing subconscious at work there,=
 I joked to myself. =

     At the final bell, I decided not to wait for the bus, which usually to=
ok a half-hour to complete the one-mile route to my house. Instead, I ran. =
And five panting minutes later, I turned onto my block.
     I stopped dead at the corner. My house was the fourth down on the left=
=2E And there were two police cars in front of it.
     I was already breathing heavily, but the sight of the cop cars increas=
ed the rate. My first thought is that something had happened to Mom. Someon=
e had broken into the house and hurt or killed her. My next one was that, s=
omehow, we were all going to be arrested for having sex together. My chest =
was still heaving as I approached the door. I reached to open it when, inst=
ead, it swung open itself, revealing a man in a suit.
     "Are you Bobby?" he asked.
     "Yes," I said between breaths. "What's wrong?"
     "I'm Detective Bronski," he said, "City Police. Son, your father was=
 in an accident this afternoon on the expressway. I'm sorry son," He put =
his hand on my shoulder. "your father never knew what happened, it was THAT=
 quick." I took one giant breath and doubled over, like someone had kicked =
me in the stomach. The detective caught me and helped me stand up. =

     "Your mother is inside. She asked us to tell you. And she said she wan=
ts to be alone for a few more minutes. I think she wants to wash her face a=
nd, you know, kind of collect herself for you."
     I didn't respond. I stood there listening to my heart, pounding insi=
de like it was struggling to explode through my chest. And I fought back a =
wave of nausea.
     "I'll stay here with you, son," he said.
     At the word "son" I lost everything. I started sobbing and retching, t=
ears mixing with the spittle from my vomit. I folded up, right there on the=
 front porch "just sat right on the concrete and tried to roll myself in=
to a ball.
     The cop, of course, had seen things like this before. He knew to just,=
 leave me alone for a few minutes. He stood there without saying a word. My=
 sobs softened and finally I sniffled myself back to being able to stand up=
 again. As I did I felt a soft hand on the back of my neck. =

     It was Mom.
     I couldn't look at her. I knew if I did, I'd start up again. She p=
ut her arms around me from behind and clasped them around my chest. And we =
started to rock back and forth together, as if to a song no one else could =
hear. =

     This was something the cop clearly wasn't used to. Grief, yes. Cryin=
g, yes. But Mom and I were more than mother and son. We had a special relat=
ionship. It was only two days old, true "but it had quickly developed in=
to something that didn't fit the accepted mold. I don't know what the c=
op thought he saw in our embrace, but he knew it wasn't how a mother and =
son usually responded to tragic news. =

     "Mrs. Allen," the detective said. Mom continued to rock with me.
     "Mrs. Allen, maybe we should go inside. I'm sorry, but there are a f=
ew questions I really need to ask you."
     Mom looked up at him. "Yes, we should go inside," she repeated.
     She relaxed her grip on me and took my hand. We walked inside, and in =
the living room I saw two other cops, a man and a woman, in uniform. =

     "Son," the detective said again. "I need you to leave us alone for a f=
ew minutes."
     "Why?" I managed to say.
     "I have to ask your Mom some questions, that's all. I'm afraid I h=
ave to insist."
     One of the other cops, the guy, took me into the kitchen. I could hear=
 the detective's voice but couldn't make out what he was saying. I coul=
dn't hear Mom at all. After about five minutes the lady cop opened the do=
or to the kitchen. =

     "You can come out now," she said. =

     I walked back to the couch, where Mom was sitting now. She looked diff=
erent, somehow. Her look was more than grief. It was fright, too. I sat nex=
t to her and put my arm around her.
     "We'll arrange for your husband to be transported to the funeral hom=
e, he said, the detective said. That will probably be tomorrow. I don't t=
hink we'll need you for anything else. And I'm really sorry about ! t=
he misunderstanding."
     Mom didn't move. =

     "We'll show ourselves out, Mrs. Allen," he said. They left without s=
aying another word to either of us. I got up and locked the door behind the=
     "Oh, Mom," I said. "What happened to Dad?"
     "They're not sure, Bobby," she said slowly but surprisingly evenly. =
"His car swerved off the expressway at the downtown curve, ran across the s=
houlder and rammed into an overpass support. He was going real fast and was=
 killed instantly. They said he probably didn't feel anything."
     "But what was all that about a misunderstanding?"
     Mom took a deep breath. "Bobby, Dad was pretty badly mangled in the fr=
ont seat. But the cops who showed up first said they found two things. Firs=
t, they noticed that his pants were unhooked and that there were semen stai=
ns on them. They said it looked like he had been masturbating while he was =
driving, and the detective just asked me if I had ever known him to do that=
     "Dad was masturbating in the car, on the expressway?"
     "We would do that a lot, Bobby, when we were younger. Never with you i=
n the car, dear. But we'd often get horny on a trip. I'd jerk him off o=
r give him a blow job while he was driving. Or I'd masturbate myself. We =
even got so that he could drive and get me off by rubbing my clit with his =
right hand.
     "There was a little swerving in the beginning, but over the years we p=
retty much learned how to get each other off and drive safely at the same t=
     "So what happened today?"
     "The detective said that the cops on the scene also found some picture=
s on the floor of the front seat. They were Polaroid pictures, he said. Por=
nography. They said it showed a woman having anal sex with a guy."
     "Oh my God," I said. "Dad was looking at the pictures of you and me fr=
om last night, and the cops found them?"
     "The detective said they had found the pictures and asked me if I knew=
 if Dad was into porn. He didn't show the photos to me, but he didn't s=
eem to have any idea that it was you and me in them. Dad showed them to me =
in the morning, before you woke up, and you couldn't see any faces. Just =
the back of my ass and a side view of your cock going into me."
     I couldn't talk. This was too much at once. My father had just been =
killed in a car crash, the cops said he was looking at dirty pictures and m=
asturbating as he died, and the pictures he was looking at were of me and M=
     "I don't think he's even suspicious," Mom said. "He apologized for=
 mentioning the pictures and the masturbation to me, but said he had to fin=
d out for the accident investigation. He said since no one else was involve=
d in the crash, that it really didn't matter what Dad was doing. It was j=
ust for the report."
     "Mom, what are we gonna do now?"
     "I don't know, sweetheart."
     "I really loved Dad."
     "Me too, honey. We'll just have to see what happens. But we'll fac=
e this together."
     It was dinner time but, clearly, we didn't feel like eating. "Right =
now," Mom said, "I just want to sleep. I already took two of these !" She=
 showed me a bottle of prescription pills. "They're from when I was havin=
g trouble sleeping last year. I think maybe you should take one, too. And w=
e'll try to deal with all of this in the morning. I still have to tell Gr=
andmom," she said, "and Dad's sisters, but I can't deal with that now."=

     Grandmom was already pretty senile and lived in a nursing home. Dad'=
s sisters and their families were 3,000 miles away, in California. We hadn'=
t spoken to them in a couple of years.
      I took one of the pills with the glass of water that Mom had used. Th=
en we stood up and climbed the stairs to the second floor. Mom turned to go=
 into her bedroom and I, out of habit, turned to mine. =

     "No," Mom said. "I really need someone next to me tonight." She took m=
e by the hand and led me into her room, the place where the night before th=
e three of us had spent three hours having nonstop sex. I didn't want to =
think about that. Mom went into the bathroom and peed. When she came out, I=
 went in and did the same. I returned to the bed and she was already in it.=

     I went to the side I had slept in the previous night, but she waved me=
 over to the other side. It was where Dad had slept. I walked around, took =
off my clothes and got under the sheet. Mom was pretty groggy. She pulled t=
he sheet down off both of us, and I could see that like me, she was naked. =
She turned on her side toward me, and moved her knees up to her chest. I fe=
lt like doing the same, getting into the position I sometimes found myself =
favoring when life was getting too stressful.
     Filled with loss and sorrow, I stared at my beautiful mother through m=
y tears until consciousness slipped away. We slept for 12 hours that way. N=
o dreams, at least nothing I
remembered. And when we awoke the next morning, our family was two people i=
nstead of three. =

     The next week was a fog of phone calls, funeral arrangements and visit=
s by family members, neighbors and friends. Mom and I managed to keep our c=
omposure through everything except the funeral. The police issued an accide=
ntal death report and we never heard another word about the pictures. Only =
once or twice did I wonder where they were, or if a bunch of cops were pass=
ing them around and laughing at them.
     Part of the aftermath had to do with settling up with Dad's life ins=
urance company. His policy, and a supplemental one that he had at work, did=
 two things: It took care of the funeral expenses and it paid off the mortg=
age on our house "with about $20,000 to spare. And because Dad always el=
ected to pay a death-benefit premium on loans, our car payments and all of =
our credit card bills were wiped out.
     We weren't rich by any means, and Mom would have to find a job now, =
but at least we didn't have to worry about losing the house.
     Mom and I continued to sleep in the same bed. We never said a word abo=
ut it, but it was like I had taken over for Dad in that department. And whi=
le we didn't do anything at all related to sex for a month, the sleeping =
arrangement had certainly changed the nature of our relationship. Slowly, I=
 began to remember my feelings about her body. And one night we awoke to fi=
nd ourselves wrapped in each other's arms. It was about 2 in the morning.=
 Mom was on her back and was pulling on my arms gently. Without saying a wo=
rd I climbed on top of her and, to say it as casually as it happened, fucke=
d her.
     When we awoke the next morning, I began to think of her as a wife as m=
uch as a Mother. We had invented a new kind of relationship.
     Eventually, the semester year ended. Mom had gotten a part-time job in=
 the library at my school, and so like me was also off for the summer. We s=
pent from June to late August getting to know each other more as partners t=
han as mother and son. Our sex life was incredible. Mom taught me everythin=
g she knew "and that was a lot, believe me "and I added a little crea=
tivity myself here and there. And soon it was almost time for me to go back=
 to school.
      One late-summer evening we were sitting at home and I looked at Mom. =
Something seemed to be troubling her. It was time for a family conference =97=
 the first one we would be having since Dad died. =

     "So?" I asked. "What's wrong?"
     Mom paused just a second and then said, "What would you say if I sugge=
sted that we move?"
     "Why?" I asked. "The house is paid for."
     "I mean move away ! far away ! to another part of the nation."
     "Mom, why?" I started to spout reasons why it was a bad idea. I was go=
ing into the eleventh grade, I said, and then I'd graduate. I loved my hi=
gh school and had a lot of friends. I felt my knees trying to work their wa=
y up to my chest again, like the night when Dad was killed.
     "Bobby," she said. "Bobby, darling. It's because of you and me."
     "About the sleeping and stuff?"
     "About that and more. I feel that the people here who know us, are beg=
inning to suspect something," she said. "And I worry about the police and t=
hose pictures. The more I think about it, the more I realize that the detec=
tive who came to our house that night might suspect that was you and me in =
the photographs. I want to go somewhere else. I checked with a real estate =
company this week. The woman I talked to said houses in our neighborhood ha=
ve been selling quickly, and for more than $100,000. And there is someplace=
 I've always wanted to live."
      "Where?" I asked, half in shock, half feeling a little excited about =
the possibility of a great adventure.
     "New England," she said. =

     Actually, that didn't come as a complete surprise. Although I had li=
ved all my life in New York State, I knew that Mom and Dad had met in colle=
ge in New Hampshire. =

      "What state?" I asked.
      "Not sure," she said. "The real estate agent said we could get a hous=
e almost as big as ours in some parts of Maine for about half the money. Th=
at would give us a $50,000 profit. And with 50 grand, I might be able to st=
art a little business from the house. Something simple, like a candle or gi=
ft shop, especially if we bought a place on a highway that tourists used."
     We talked about it late into the evening. We decided that the next wee=
k we'd take a trip up north just to look. Besides, the trees were just be=
ginning to turn color up there, and Mom had always wanted to show me how be=
autiful that was. =

     She and I, I realized, almost never argued. We always talked out our p=
roblems, like this one. I really felt, well, married.
     "Let's sleep on it," Mom said, and we laughed, knowing that what we =
really would be sleeping on was each other. =

     The following Monday we packed a suitcase, got into the van and headed=
 north. Our first destination was a cute little motel that she and Dad had =
visited once, shortly before I had been born.     =

     The ride was uneventful. We had gotten horny halfway there, and I pull=
ed out my dick for Mom to jerk while we were speeding along, but she starte=
d to cry. I realized what an idiot I was being. I was driving, and that was=
 too close to how dad was killed. =

     A few hours later we pulled into the motel's parking lot and Mom che=
cked us in. Then we drove to the spot in front of our room and got out. I g=
rabbed the bags and ran upstairs with them to our second-floor room. I noti=
ced a nice young couple looking at us from across the parking lot. The guy =
was pretty handsome and looked about 30. His wife seemed about the same age=
, maybe a little younger. She was gorgeous, and if Mom hadn't been around=
 I might have jerked off thinking about her. But Mom followed me into the r=
oom and shut the door behind us. She made sure the drapes were closed, and =
then she ripped off every stitch of her clothing.
     "I have got to fuck your hard little body now," she said. Sometimes we=
 role played, and that's what I felt like doing now. I stood in front of =
the bed and pulled my pants down. "Suck me now, bitch," I said. Mom dropped=
 to her knees and dutifully took my cock in her
     We spent the next few hours in sexual ecstasy. It was wonderful "ex=
cept for one little thing. Did you ever have the feeling, no matter how unl=
ikely, that you were being watched?

*     *     *     *

      Mom and I spent the night doing everything we'd done together befor=
e, only better. It seemed there was something about this motel that really =
turned her on. Within minutes of walking into the room, her mouth was wrapp=
ed around my cock. It took about 30 seconds for me to cum. We waited anothe=
r half an hour and then started fucking. She sat on top of me, facing away,=
 and rode my like never before. =

      I came deep inside her, with no condom, because Mom had just finished=
 her period the day before. I thought it was our best fuck ever, but after =
it she lay back on the
bed and seemed a little depressed. I rolled over toward her and kissed the =
closest nipple. =

     "Mom, what's wrong?"
     She took a deep breath and said, "Bobby, do you know why we came to th=
is motel?" =

     "I guess 'cause it was on the way to Maine," I said. We were heading=
 up north to check out the housing. Mom decided she wanted to move, after D=
ad's death and all, and also because she was worried that the cops at hom=
e knew that something was going on between her and me.
     "I brought you here, she said, because this is the place that Dad and =
I made you." I propped myself up on an elbow. =

    "What?" I said.
     "Dad and I stayed here just after we were married. I got pregnant righ=
t after that. We traced it back to here. I'm not sure why, but I felt I h=
ad to bring you here and complete the circle. I sort of did it for all of u=
s ! you and me and Dad, too."
     "Holy shit," I said. "Was it in this room?"
     "No, honey, it was on a first floor room, but that's really all I ca=
n remember. After all, that was more than 16 years ago." I thought that was=
 really cool, and I told Mom. =

     "I really love you," I said.
     "Same here, Bobby."
   . "But I want you to know I'm a little worried about something.
     "Tell me, sweetheart."
     "I'm afraid that if we move to Maine, and you start a business from =
the house, and we all get new friends ! I'm afraid that someday you'l=
l meet someone and get married again and we won't be ! you know ! lik=
e this anymore." Mom didn't answer right away.
     "I suppose I could meet a man," Mom said, "although I don't feel lik=
e I want that at all now." She thought for a minute again.
     "And I don't think I'll ever stop wanting you this way. You know, =
I didn't think I'd ever tell you this, but as much as I loved Dad, you =
are a better lover than he ever was." I got goosebumps when she said that. =
I felt so close to her. She was, after all, not only my Mom. She also was t=
he only woman I had ever fucked. I wanted to make her cum again, right away=
=2E I crawled between her legs and started to lick. Since I hadn't used a=
 rubber, her pussy was full of my cum, and I got a nose full as it dripped =
out of her hole.
     She laughed at that, and reached for a tissue for me to clean up with.=

     "You'll always be a Mom," I said, "keeping me clean and all, but you=
're also the only lover I'll ever want."
     I wiped my face and then started to eat her out in style. Mom's hips=
 pumped as I pushed my face deep into her cunt. She screamed loudly when sh=
e came, so loud I was afraid the people in the rooms next to ours would hea=
r. But screw it, that's probably why they were here, too. To fuck and cum=
=2E If they heard us, maybe it would actually help them.
     After dark we showered together, masturbated by rubbing each other wit=
h the motel's rough washcloths, and then climbed into the king-size bed. =
I thought I heard a noise in the next room and said to Mom, "Listen, I thin=
k someone's fucking." We both got quiet but couldn't make out what the =
sounds were.
     Sometime during the night another noise woke us both up "a large tr=
uck driving by, I guess "and we used the occasion to fuck again. We then=
 fell into a deep sleep that didn't end until a loud banging on our door =
the next morning.
      I crawled out of bed and grabbed a towel to wrap around me. The clock=
 in the room said 8. =

    "Shit," I said and looked through the peephole in the door.
     There was a man standing there, a guy who looked like the one I saw wh=
en Mom and I were checking in. He had something in his hand that looked lik=
e a book.
     I opened the door as wide as the security chain would allow. "What?" I=
 asked, trying to sound pissed.
     "I need to speak with your mother, son," he said. "It's important." =
I looked him up and down. He didn't look like a pervert "or a cop.
     "Just a sec," I said.
     Mom was awake now and had heard what he said. She got real scared, but=
 only because, I think, it made her remember the day the people had come to=
 tell her about Dad's crash. She took the bigger bathroom towel, held it =
in front of her and walked to the opening. =

     "Yes?" she asked. Then came a bombshell. I was standing right behind h=
er, and I heard
the man say that he wanted to talk to Mom about when went on in our room th=
e night before. Mom started to shake, so I put my hand on her shoulder.
     "What are you talking about?" she said. I was getting real scared now.=
 This must be a cop from home, I thought to myself. He followed us here and=
 we're going to be arrested for having sex together. The guy held up the =
black thing. I could see now it was a videotape.
     "On this tape," he said, "I have everything that you and this young =97=
 VERY young "boy did in this room last night," he said. =

     I knew he was for real, because I told us about the blow job and the f=
ucking with Mom on top but facing away from me, and the masturbating. He sa=
id he could put her in jail for a long, long time. And he said we all neede=
d to talk. Mom unhitched the chain and let him come in. I felt like killing=
 him right there, strangling him with my hands, but I figured I'd get the=
 chair for doing a cop.
     "How did you !" she started to say, but he said, =

     "We have our methods." Fuckin' cop, I thought. Or maybe not. Mom sta=
rted to shake and sob. =

    "What do you want from us?" she asked. "We're not rich." I just stood=
 there waiting to hear if he was a cop or not. I stared at my feet like I w=
as scared, but I was waiting for the right moment to grab his neck.
     "I'll tell you what I want," he said. "I am in the adult videotape b=
usiness. I will give you this tape to destroy "or to do anything you wan=
t with "if you will both pose for me and my partner this morning."
     I went to lunge for him but Mom grabbed my arm and said, "No, be still=
 a minute. This COULD be interesting for us ALL!" Mom started to look this =
guy up and down, like she was measuring him for a suit ... or something els=
e! I wanted to kill him right there, but Mom was using her mother voice, no=
t her lover voice, and I obeyed.
     "You will come to our room," he said, "and I will videotape you and yo=
ur son having sex again." He told us that if we did exactly as he said he w=
ould give us the tape he had made the night before and we would never hear =
from him again. He also told us that the tape he would make in his room wou=
ld be sold but not in the United States.
     Mom listened to everything the man said and asked him to give us a min=
ute to talk.
     "Honey," she said to me softly, "we have no choice. We'll do what he=
 wants, and we'll start being really careful from now on. We can't let =
this kind of thing happen ever again."
     She told him we would do it, and he told us to be in the room next doo=
r at 9. =

     We went back in and packed all our stuff and prepared to get the hell =
out of there as soon as the taping was over. Then we went to the guy's ro=
om and spent an hour with four other people the guy apparently had done the=
 same thing to. I have to admit that it was one of the horniest hours I'd=
 ever spent, the six of us having sex together in a whole bunch of
different ways, but I was glad when it was over.
     We dressed and slipped back to our room, and waited for the guy to dro=
p off the tape. In 20 minutes, there was a knock.
     He was standing there with his partner, a beautiful women who had many=
 of his same features. There was no tape in his hand, and that gave me a ba=
d feeling.
     "May we come in?" he said. "I have a proposition for you and your Mom.=
     Mom heard that and ran to the door. "Are you going to hound us for the=
 rest of our lives?" she shrieked. "SCUM!" she said and started sobbing aga=
in. =

     The woman came in and put her hands on Mom's shoulders. "We are not =
going to ask you to do anything else," she said. "Except to become very, ve=
ry rich."
     I will remember what happened next for the rest of my life. The man an=
d woman sat down on the side of our bed and started telling us their life s=
tory. They said they were brother and sister but had been living as husband=
 and wife for almost 15 years. They said it was something like what Mom and=
 I were doing ! living as if we were married because we loved each other =
and were sexually compatible. =

     Then they told us that they had started an X-rated videotape business =
that was about to be bought for $6 million dollars by an Asian pornography =
king. He said he and his sister were going to retire after the payoff, and =
that they'd been looking for someone to turn their company over to.
     They spent an hour telling us about the scam they had developed to get=
 people to pose for them. And how there was a guaranteed market for this st=
uff overseas. They told us the sex they had watched me and Mom have was the=
 best they had ever seen. And that they had decided after filming us that m=
orning that we were perfect candidates for their business.
     They gave us a phone number to call after we got settled in Maine. The=
y also suggested that the first person we pull the scam on should be the po=
lice chief of the town.
    "They show up with a bimbo at a motel sooner or later," said the guy =97=
 who told us his name was Johnny.
    "Get a few tapes of cops and you'll be OK," Johnny said. And then the=
y left.
    Mom didn't know what to say. I did.
    "I think we are going to be real rich in a few years," I said. I looked=
 at my Mom's beautiful face "her lips and that delicious tongue "an=
d then, bulging from her shirt,  the breasts that I had sucked on as both a=
n infant and a young man.
    "And I want to celebrate," I said. "Now!" I won't tell you what the n=
ext hour was like, except to say that if we had been taping it, we'd prob=
ably have another $50,000 in the bank.


THE END  --- or NOT?  =