- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] First time I fucked my mother
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Mother/son

This story is true.  It's about the first time I fucked my mother.
I've fucked her   periodically ever since.   During my growing up, we
only did it a few times ( I think she was ashamed).   I am now in my
thirties and married, and live far away from her now, but when I visit,
we try to steal a few hours alone away from my wife.   As an adult, the
sex I have with mommy is the nastiest, and we've tried every deviation

When I was ten years old,  my mother quit her occupation, and stayed
home with me during the day while my dad worked.   During those days,
she would drink Gallo jug wine and cheap beer.  By noon she would be

My mother was, (and still is) a gorgeous woman.  She had small to medium
tits with eraser tip nipples, and a snatch covered with black hair. 
She used to let me watch her dress and take a bath.  She seemed to take
great delight in parading in front of me topless, wearing only  high
waisted, see-through lacy panties.   When I seemed to enjoy the show,
she promptly covered up.

She used to  show me my dad's Playboys, and would comment on the women.
A few times I caught her touching herself, while "reading them" in her
bedroom.  These events did'nt seem accidental.  She WANTED ME TO SEE HER
NAKED AND LEWD.  One day I asked her if I could see her "twat", and she
smacked my face and spanked me.   She got "frisky"  and violent when she
drank, and her private shows were used as a prelude to sex with my dad.
I used to hear her as my dad fucked her : "I want to suck it daddy.
Fuck me".  Her voice was so nasty.  I would rub my boner against the
sheets as he pounded her.

One day,  I woke  my mom at nine-thirty in the morning as she asked.
She turned from her slumber and mumbled something, and stretched her
arms out to me.   She slept nude, and she smelled musky.  She pulled
away the covers and said,  "come lay in bed with mommy for a minute".

I was shocked and tittilated.  I was only wearing a robe and jockey
shorts, and, although I was only ten, my dick was larger than most boys
my age, and my instant erection was visible.  I said, "okay" and climbed
in.  As I did, she managed to work my robe off.

She cuddled me in her arms, her tits against my face.  She moved her leg
over me and ground her  moist, warm snatch into my leg.  I layed still,
not knowing how to react.  Her hand ran down my body, and stopped over
my underwear, and on my erection.  She acted like she was sleeping as
she began to stroke me.

I put my hands around mommy's perfect ass and pulled her closer.  She
humped my leg faster and harder as she tightened her grip and stroked me
harder and faster.  She was hurting me and her face winced, but she
did'nt open her eyes.  She grunted, but did'nt cry out.  Faster,
faster,  she humped until, at once, she slammed her cunt  with one final
thrust, and came all over my knee.

She sat up, and said "what are you doing?", and pushed me out of the
bed.  Bewildered I got up as she screamed at me.  I ran to my room,
figuring I'd stay out of her way.  The smell of her juice on my leg was
like nectar, and I rubbed it on my prick.

Around noon, mommy was taking a bath.  She closed the bathroom door ,
and I could hear the water running and her splashing.  She called to me,
so I opened the door and saw her.  She was laying in the tub, with her
legs spread across the edges.  "Will you wash my back"?  "Sure", I
emphatically replied.

By now I had my clothes on, and I bent down to scrub her when she said
in a drunken stupor,  "Not with your clothes on.  Get in the tub with
mommy".  With that, she unzipped my fly and grabbed my cock, which of
course was erect, and flicked her tongue on the end. 

"Mommy's gonna suck her boy's dick" , she said, proud of her bravado.  I
had never felt anything like the sensation of my mother's lips around my
penis.  She pulled me into the water and french kissed me.  The odor of
cheap wine was intoxicating to me.  "Suck mommy's titties" she said, and
so I did.  It felt so natural.

The bathtub was confining, so we stood up, she dried me quickly, and led
me into the bedroom.  She was so drunk, that she stumbled and I helped
her onto the bed.  She lay spread eagle, and she began to stroke her
clit.  "Lick me here", mommy said.

I hesitated, and she pulled my face into her crotch, and said "LICK".  I
started to lick, and her voice got low and growlly "Lick mommy, oh
yes...lick my cunt you little bastard...mommy's cumming in your
mouth...yes..yes lick me, bastard".  Her hips rose, and she pulled my
head hard into her clit.  She screamed out as she came.

She was'nt done yet, and she pulled me onto her.  "Now stick it in.
Stick it in mommy.  C'mon, put your dick inside of mommy".  Her cunt was
so wet, and my dick slid right in.  Again, it felt so natural, pumping
my mother.  She got louder and her talk got nastier.  "Mommy loves
you...fuck me!  FUCK ME!!  Your little dick is so fucking hard in
mommies twat...fuck that cunt...fuck it!!"

Mommy was in a frenzy  and grabbed my ass. She slammed my small body
into her and grunted like a pig: "ugh.......ugh....ugh...ugh..ugh.ugh"
as she came again.  I could feel her spasms around my dick.

Quickly, she turned on all fours, and wanted me to fuck her like a dog.
I saw myself in the mirror, a little boy screwing his mother.  I
remember how her tits wagged back and forth as I rode her.  " Ride
mommy...yes yes..ride mommy.  Do you like riding mommy?  Do you like
fucking mommy?", she asked as she saw the reflection.  I did'nt say
anything,  but kept going until she came for a third time.

She fell onto the bed asleep.  I left  her there, legs spread,  and went
outside.  That night, she had sex with my dad that seemed louder and
longer than ever before.  We never discussed it until years later, even
though she seduced me after that.