- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] a mother's delight
[Author] Barbarossa
[Type] Mother/son

My mother called last night and asked me to stay for a week with her and
my 12 year old sister Heidi. She said that my father was going away to
Japan for a week-long business trip and she and Heidi were afraid to stay
alone because there has been some burglaries in their exclusive
lately. I was only too glad to oblige.

I spent half the night thinking about mother. She gave birth to me when
she was 16, two years before she and father married. It was 12 years later
that Heidi was born. Although Mom is 40 years old now, she still kept her
blonde magnificent 38D-26-38 figure. I remembered how it all started right
after Heidi was born. I had begun to show great interest in women's bodies
and my by then 10" long cock was in a constant state of arousal. She always
breast-fed Heidi in front of me causing a big hard-on and one day while
sitting next to her nursing Heidi I hit upon a great idea! I pretended to
play with Heidi and I brought my mouth next to mom's breast, pulled it away

from Heidi and started to suck on it. Heidi fought back to reclaim her
rights and pushed me away. Mother laughed, offered me her other breast and
said: ``You don't have to fight. Here, I've another one for you.'' I
gladly and started to suck and bite her nipple. Greedy Heidi tried with
her little hand to push me off the other tit which gave me a chance to
knead the big mammaries and to rub my cock along my mom's bare thigh. Soon
Heidi went to sleep and I was left with with both succulent globes. Mom
caressed my hair as I mauled her tits with both hands while I sucked and
chewed on her nipples. I was by then held tightly between mom's full thighs
while my hard shaft, its helmet now above the rim of my shorts, rubbed hard
along her lightly covered pussylips. I could not contain my youthful
excitement and soon my hot cum oozed between us. She hugged me tightly to
her as felt the hot sticky stuff penetrate het thin dress and touch her
skin. I was totally exhausted and I slept like a baby on top of her.

>From then on she was more aware of my constant hard-ons and she helped me
discretely relieve them. In contrast to her normal conservative dressing
style, she began to  dress scantily when we were alone around the
house showing her ample breasts and long sexy legs. Summer mornings were
the best. I would set at the kitchen table and watch her prepare breakfast
dressed in a short transparent night gown and panties. I could clearly see
the dark nipples on her huge tits and the blonde batch of hair covering
her mound. My hard cock would appear down the leg of my shorts and I would
start rubbing the head gently in anticipation of more delights to come.
After breakfast is finished, I'd pretend to help her with the dishes while
taking every opportunity to get behind her and hug her to me and rub my
cock between her soft ass-cheeks. She'd then turn around planting a motherly
kiss on the corner of my mouth while I rotated my hips to increase the
friction between my cock and her ass and cupped her tits through the thin
silky nightgown. Sometime my hard cock would escape down the leg of my
shorts, left her gown and wedge itself between Mom's warm thighs. She
would then clamp her massive thighs shut around my cock while I slowly
fucked between them, freed her tits from the gown and mauled them

Later she would go in her room to take a shower and change, leaving the
doors open. I would sneak in the bathroom after her, pick up her wet
panties from the floor and start to jerk off while sniffing the musky
aroma of her pussy and watching her through the semi-transparent shower
door. I would hear her moan loudly while one hand moved between her legs
and the other caressed her breasts. Sometimes we would reach a mutual
orgasm, she trembling under the warm shower while I emptied my load in
the crotch of her silk panties. Then she'd acknowledge my presence and
ask me to pass her a towel. I liked to help her dry off her tits and bum
while she dried her hair with another towel. She'd bend over the sink to
give me a excellent view to her great ass and enabling me to access dry
her pussy from behind. That is how I came in contact with her enormous
clit for the first time! It was over an inch in length and as thick as a
thumb and I noticed that she trembled, bent her knees and goose bumps
covered her skin whenever I came in contact with it. I learned to hold it
between my thumb and forefinger, through the towel, and twist it gently while
she trembled, panted and groaned and her pussy and asshole opened and closed
rapidly, her juices running down her thighs. She'd lose herself for a few
minutes, breathing strangely, before she regains control and take my hand
and pull me to her, hugging and kissing me feverishly while I cupped her
soft buttocks.

But the best happens after lunch, when we go for a dip in the pool. I would
start a water fight with her and we'd end up wrestling in the shallow end of
the pool. The slippery water presented an opportunity to grope her huge tits
and to cup my hand over her hot cunt, coming in contact with her large clit.
Sometimes a couple of my fingers would slip inside her bikini and caress her
pussy lips and tweak her erect clit. She would hold my balls tight in her
hands and run her fingers along my hard cock until she reaches the exposed
head. Then she would close her fist around it and say to me in her husky
voice: ``Mmmmy my. How you've grown. You're already bigger than your father.
I'm so proud''  We'd usually end up at one corner with her pinned under me,
my hands kneading the huge tits hanging out of her bra, her legs wrapped
around my hips and my cock-head pushing her bikini inside her pussy before
it meets and duels with her protruding clit. Then she'd pull my face to
hers with one hand and kiss my mouth gently while her other hand would
run all over my back and buttocks until her body convulses in orgasm.
Later she would ask me to rub suntan lotion on her back by the pool side. 
I always took the opportunity to roam my hands between her thighs, over 
her buttocks and along her sides reaching for her huge tits. On these
occasions she would lie on her stomach in her string bikini, remove her
bikini top and spread her legs wide so I can sit between them to administer

the lotion. I would apply copious amounts of lotion to her ass and manipulate
the thin material of her bikini until it is wedged between her pussy's shiny
lips and until her rosy asshole is partially visible. Then I'd pull my cock
out, grease it with suntan lotion and lean forward to apply the lotion to
her shoulders, placing my by then hard prick between her hot salient almost
bare buttocks. I would slide it along the crack of her ass while kneading
her shoulders. she would moan softly and push back ever so slightly. I
would contrive to bring my cock in contact with her asshole and rub it
against her slippery anus. I reached my climax in this fashion quite a few
times and rubbed my cum over her asscheeks before jumping quickly into
the pool to wash the evidence.

Sometimes, during my father's frequent business trips, she would ask me to
share her bed at night. She'd wear her skimpiest and sexiest silk lingerie
with half-cup bras and G-string panties. We would French kiss and frolic for
a while with me massaging and sucking her enormous tits while my rampant
cock slid between her massive thighs and along her pussy. Her flimsy silk
panties were no match for my lance and it would push the material inside her
cunt until the head is completely inside. We'd fall asleep with her back to
and my hard dick under her panties, her pussy-lips entwined around it.
Early in the morning I'd wake up before she does with the usual morning
hard-on lodged between her labias and I've pushed it inside her wet hole on

occasion, fucking her gently as she pretended to be asleep until my balls
cramp with cum. I usually pull out and bury the tip between her buttocks,
about a half-inch inside her puckered asshole, and release my hot cum only
to feel it gushing out over the tip of my cock. Somedays it would be my turn
to pretend to be asleep while my mother slid under the sheets and swalloed
my dick until I come deep in her mouth.

When I was 16 she began to take dancing lessons and often asked  me to
practice her steps with her. By then I was four inches taller than her
5' 10" frame and it was more difficult to hide my 11" hard-ons. Those
practice sessions would invariably end with a slow dance, she holding
me tight, her tits crushed against my chest while my hands glided over
her ass. I grow bolder with time and started to knead her buttocks and
pull them apart through her dress.  One particular evening we were alone
in the living room, Heidi asleep and my Dad working late plotting his latest
takeover strategy. She put on a CD and asked me to dance with her. She was
wearing a thin summer dress that came halfway down her thighs and covered
very little of her large tits. Her nipples protruded invitingly and I'd
noticed earlier the she was wearing her sexiest French hip-hugging panties
I was wearing a T-shirt and light cotton pants with an elastic waist-band,
without underwear.

The music was soft and we danced slowly and silently holding each other
tight. I had my left hand on her tail-bone and my right hand around her
shoulders. she had her hands around my waist. Our crotches rubbed against
each other, my cock started to grow between our bellies and my knob
above the waist of my pants penetrating her navel through the dress. I let
my hand roam over her ass and she shivered and held me tighter. Looking
down her dress between her naked breasts, I could see the dent that my cock
caused in her tummy and I took one buttock in each hand, kneading them hard
while pushing her hot wet pussy against my dick. I lifted her dress from
behind, stuck my hands down her panties between her legs and began to
rub her pussy-lips. ``Aaaaaaaaaah. Don't do that. Ummmmmmh.'' she cooed
unconvincingly as I inserted two fingers in my mom's cunt and began a
reaming motion, expanding her wet hole.

Soon the music stopped, I stuck a finger in her ass and she jumped shrieking,
throwing her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. Somehow,
I got my arms under her knees and carried her to the large sofa. In the
process, her flailing legs pushed my pants down causing my cock to be
completely free and it slithered, along her thighs, into her panties. As
I lowered us over the sofa, I contrived successfully to slide my knob
between her soaking cuntlips and she clamped her strong legs hard around
my waist causing my dick to sink deep inside her. ``Ohhhhhhhhh Son, fuck
me deeeeeeper...oooooooh...aaaaaaaaaaah.''  My hand were now under her
dress groping her jogglers hard and she cried in pain: ``Aiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Daaaaaan, hurt me......pinch me harder....aaaaaaaah.''  She began to kiss
my mouth violently, sticking her tong deep in my throat while my cock
pumped against her womb. Her cunt spasmed  as I let my load 
go deep inside her. After our mutual orgasm we lay there kissing and
until we recovered our breath.

After a while I stood up, took my clothes off and cast my eyes over her.
She lay there sprawled on the sofa, her eyes closed in ecstasy, her dress
crumpled around her huge tits which bore the marks of my nails, her legs
wide open revealing her gaping cunt oozing my come mixed with her juices.
I sat on her chest gliding my dick between her glands until it came out
under her dress against her lips. She opened her eyes and began to tong
my dick. ``Ooooooooh what a cock'' she said as she circled my knob with her
wagging tong. I took her large rosy nibbles between my thumb and forefinger,
pinched hard as I pushed her tits over cock and began to fuck hard. Every
time my cock came out, it was met by her red gaping mouth. ``Aaaaah, I've got
to fuck your mouth'' I said as I moved around the sofa, pulled her head
until it was dangling over the edge and began to feed her my cock. I
put one hand behind her neck and pushed it up as I forced my cock into
her tight throat. She gagged momentarily before she began to breath through

her nose and my knob glided further down her gullet. I fucked her mouth hard
and deep to the tone of her grunts and moans until I felt my orgasm coming.
Deep down her throat, my knob expanded as globs of hot wad gushed out
into her stomach. ``Ooooooooooh Mom, drink my come...aaaaaaaaaaah.''

As I heard my Dad's car pull into the driveway, I reluctantly pulled my
still hard cock out of her slippery mouth. I put my clothes back on, pulled
her up and straightened her dress just in time for her to meet Dad at the
door. I watched as he kissed her come-stained lips and I saw a large glob
of my wad dripping down her thigh. I said good-night to Mom and Dad and
went to bed.

I woke up early next morning to the sound of my Dad's car as he drove to
work and I got out of bed and headed for Mom's bed, massaging my raging
hard-on on the way. There she was sprawled on the bed, still asleep, facing
away from me with her face buried in a bellow covered with her long blond
hair. Her lower leg was extended while the other was bent with the knee
at hip-level thus giving a clear view of her pussy and asshole through her
see-through flimsy pink panties. I crawled on the large bed until I was
behind her, my huge, apple sized knob lodged its self between the cheeks
of her ass pushing in the thin soft material in her asshole. As I began
to move my cock slowly between her buttocks I saw a mammoth tit yearning
to be freed from the confines of her nightie and I snuk my hand inside
the silky material and pulled it free. She began to stir gently in her
sleep as I moved my dick inside her panties and began rub it between her
pussy lips and over her clit. Soon her cunt began to seep its juices and
I pushed my huge shaft gently inside her tunnel as she made signs of
waking up. I lifted her soft blonde hair from over her face and said:
``Good morning, Mom. Your pussy is wet!.'' She pushed back her ass trying
too take more of cock in and said: ``Ooooooooh. Good morning, Son. I have
not had a good morning fuck for a long while.''  I put my hand on her hip
to prevent her from taking more and began to fuck softly with only the
head and a couple of more inches inside her. ``Isn't the old man doing his
marital duty?'' ``He's not much fun lately. He is too preoccupied with his
damn take-overs lately.''

Suddenly, I pulled my dick out and moved it up between her mounds, pushing
it softly against her pink asshole. She tightened the muscles of her ass to
prevent entrance and moaned softly ``What are you trying to do?'' ``I'm
fuck your ass, Mom.'' ``Ooooh no, you don't. I'm virgin there and, besides,

I've never even let your Dad fuck me there and his cock isn't as big as
yours.'' I pulled her face to me and kissed her pouting lips hard, forcing
my tongue deep inside her mouth. She returned the favor. As our tongues
fought a hard battle, I continued to move my knob over her asshole and
she undulated her hips in response. ...The fucking whore, I thought, she
is gonna take my dick up her ass before this is over...but I wanted to
fuck her mouth first.

I pulled away from her, stretched on my back, my pole pointing straight at
the ceiling and said: ``It is time for your breakfast, Mom.''  She
exactly what I meant. She moved toward my cock like a hungry tigress, with
her red mouth wide open, her tongue licking her lips seductively.
``I haven't done this in sometime so I may be rusty.'' she whispered as she
moved slowly on her hands and knees, dragging her mammoth breasts along my
thighs, my balls and finally my dick.
``You did OK last night. You had me all the way down your throat.''
She held my cock with both hands, one fist over the other, and began
to run her tongue in a circular motion around the apple-sized head.
``I don't know what got into me last night. It was like  I a was possessed
by a sex demon.'' she cooed huskily, looking at me with her deep blue eyes
while lewdly running her tongue around my cock-tip. When I felt her warm
breath over the bulbous head, I pushed my pelvis up trying to penetrate
her mouth and she opened her mouth wide in anticipation as my hard cock
slid in the hot moist cavern.

She took my knob in, continuing her tongue's circular motion, her warm
breath causing my cum to boil inside my balls. She lowered her head slowly,
taking my knob past her nostrils, into her tight throat. I then grapped
her hair and pushed her head down while I moved my hips in a short fucking
motion thus penetrating her silky gullet. I watched her neck swell as my
cock moved deeper in and ran my fingers along her throat feeling the
large tip as I increased my tempo into her mouth. It was too much for me.
One foot of thick hard muscle in Mom's pulsating throat, her obscenely
stretched lips closed tight around the base of my phallus, her naked tits
brushing against my thighs and her lust-filled eyes looking straight at
mine made my cum boil inside my balls and soon it began to gush in her

I reached out and pulled her ass closer to me, inserted two fingers
inside her pussy and began a reaming motion while I rubbed her huge clit.
She spread herself out, waiting for me to plunge my thick fuck-rod into her
gaping pussy. She stared with motherly pride at my colossal cock and I could
sense her lustful thoughts as she licked her lips and waited for her baby's
throbbing prick to completely stuff her cunt. I kept her waiting as I rubbed
my dick between her asshole and clit. ``Come on, baby. Stick in me. Stuff me
with that big cock.'' she urged in a husky voice while she gyrated her hips,
trying to trap my cock between her fat juicy cunt lips. Finally I pressed my
cock head against her hole and watched her nostrils flair and she began to
chant: ``Fuck meeeee. Aaaaah. Shove your boner up your horny mother's cunt
and fuck her to pieces. Oooooh. Fuck me.'' She raised her ass of the bed and
I lunged forward sending my cock in her tight pussy, stretching it beyond its
limit. ``Aarrghhh, yes!'' she screamed as the tip reached her womb. ``Fuck me
hard now. Fuck me to death.''

As my cock pumped against her womb again and again she kept chanting about
how huge her baby's cock is and how it was too much for her tight pussy. I
looked down and watched her stretched out pussy lips as my cock fucked in
and out in long even strokes, glistening with her juices. She clung tightly
to me, wrapping her legs around my waist and humping her crotch upwards to
get more of my cock in her hot love tunnel. The thrilling friction between
my thick shaft and her warm tight cunt sent waves of sensuous pleasure
streak\-ing through our bodies. She cried out with joy and lust, sounding
like a wild animal as fucked her pussy on my shaft. The bed squeaked beneath us
and the mattress bounced up and down as we humped our sweaty bodies against
each other. ``OOOOH, AAAAAH, YOU FUCK ME SO GOOD! AAAAAAAAAAH.'' she panted as
I drilled into her womb with all my might. ``Harder, yes. fuck me harder!''

Her cunt sucked greedily at my thick prod, trying to suck all of the long
meaty cock shaft even deeper in her womb. ``Oh, shit!'' she squealed suddenly
as her body was overcome by a tremendous orgasm. She squirmed on my cock, as
I pinned her to the mattress like an animal on a skewer, her pussy convulsing
around my cock. ``I'm creaming! Make your hot slutty mother cum, baby! Aaaaah.''
I held my cock perfectly still and felt her spasm through her climax. Her
face was contorted with lust, her eyes closed and her mouth wide open as
she breathed in short gulps and scratched my back with her nails. When I felt
her orgasm begin to subside, I knew I had to take my chance right then! I
quickly stood on my knees, pulled my cock out, grapped her legs and flipped
her over on her belly.

Her huge magnificently sculpted buttocks were still twitching from her orgasm
and her pussy was opening and closing rapidly, squirting  her juices on the
bed. I stuck my hand under her pussy, took a fistful of her pubic hair and
pulled softly causing her to raise her hips upwards and backwards while I
used my other hand to position her knees wide afar beneath her. I then put
my hands on her buttocks and pulled them apart, exposing her rosy asshole to
my raging cock. I traced my thumb lightly over the tightly puckered little
hole and I felt mom's body shiver as I pushed two thumbs into her quivering
asshole and pulled it wide open. ``Aiiiiiiiiiii.'' she cried in pain and tried
to pull away from me but I hooked my thumbs inside her to prevent that. ``I
am gonna make you my private whore from now on. I'm gonna do with you whatever
pleases me, slut.'' I yelled at her as my cock neared her asshole. I
quickly removed my fingers and replaced them with the much larger bulbous
head of my dick. I launched strongly forward while I pulled her back by her
waist. Mom whimpered, grunted and trashed her head around while I watched
my shaft disappear in her bowels.

I leaned over, reached for her huge jugs and started to maul them as I
held my cock still while I felt her hot rectum ripple and contract around
it. The pressure of her anal ring on my cock was exquisite and I whispered
my pleasure in her ear: ``I love the way your slutty asshole massages my
dick, mom. Ooooh, yaaah, squeeze it hard...'' She mumbled and grunted in
agony as I pushed further into her until my balls slapped against her pussy.
``It's all the way in, mom. How do you like a king-sized cock stuffing your
virgin asshole?'' She began to move her hips in a slow circular motion and
she turned her pretty head around, her blue eyes gazing straight into mine
and cooed wantonly: ``I can feel your cock in my throat! GGGGGGooooood. Fuck
it hard. Fuck my shithole until your cock comes out of my mouth. Aaah. Ream
mom's asshole out and shoot your hot jism up her ass.''

I took a handful of her long hair, twisted around my arm and pulled hard
lifting her head off the mattress as I began to fuck her ravaged asshole
with long hard strokes. I kissed her mouth, inserting my tongue deep and
she responded in kind crashing her tongue against mine while I drilled her.

I felt my cock knob part her smooth rubbery shit chute on its way down as
she squirmed and writhed wantonly under me causing my shaft to swell to
gigantic proportions. ``Oooooh. I can feel it growing inside me. I think
you're gonna split my ass in two. Aaaaaagh.''

Reaching under her with one hand, I ran my fingers through her pussy hair
to her clit and began squeezing it between my thumb and forefinger. With
the other I continued to fondle her heavy dangling tits. Her shrieks and
moans of lust beckoned me to increase the tempo, fucking her faster and
harder still. I squeezed the cheeks of her shapely ass violently as I
humped my loins back and forth, fucking every inch of my long hard cock
up her ass. ``OOOOh, Mom! I love fucking you hot asshole. AAAAh, Take my
cock, you fucking slut. Squeeze it with you fucking shithole.''  She was
pumping back hard to meet my thrusts, her fleshy buttocks acting as shock-
absorbers for the tremendous impact. I never fucked anything so warm and
tight as Mom's ass, and the deeper it I fucked in her buttery ass guts, the
better it felt. ``GGGoood, honey, that feels so good,'' she cooed. ``That is
the way. Yaaah, give it to me. Fuck your slutty mother's asshole! Harder.
 ....deeper.....split me in two!'' She was now humping and writhing on the
end of my cock lance like the shameless whore she is.

Soon Mom began coming violently. Her ass's ring clamped tightly around my
dick, trapping it fully inside her shithole and squeezing it fiercely. She
screamed hysterically, yanking my cock in all directions as her hips spasmed
uncontrollably and I felt the jism in my balls begin to boil. ``Unnhhh, I'm
coming too, Mom. I'm gonna fill you up with my cum until it comes outa your
mouth. Take it, you fucking whore!''  My cock swelled and convulsed over
and over, blasting out great wads of thick cum, coating the her insides like
heavy syrup. Finally, Mom collapsed from the intensity of her orgasm while
my fat prick continued to belch my hot lava inside her tiny hole. ``Unnnhhh,
I can't believe how much cum you have, honey. I can feel it sloshing around
in my asshole.''

I lay on top her for a good ten minutes, kissing and biting her neck with
my still hard cock shaft moving slowly in her sweet hole. Then I started
to pull out slowly, until only the gigantic head was in her. I then pulled
her buttocks apart and watched as the head came out with a loud pop, leaving
her ravaged twitching asshole wide open. The obscene sight of her asshole
closing slowly drove me nuts and I twisted her around, lifted her massive
legs high in the air and fucked my cock into her asshole again. The sight
of her slutty face and mammoth tits fed my frenzy and I bounded mercilessly
into her until I neared my second orgasm. I'd already decided to come in
her mouth this time and have clean my cock with her tongue, so I pulled out
of her asshole, jumped on her chest and lowered my cock in her mouth. She
raised her head to meet it and I pulled her hair until her open mouth
came in contact with my dick and ordered her: ``Clean my cock with ya mouth,
you fucking whore. Lick your shit off my dick then swallow my cum, slut.''
She opened her mouth wide and ran her tongue around my shaft as I slowly
fed it into her throat.

I felt my balls inflate as my cockhead came in contact with her warm throat
and I plunged it all the way in as I started to come. I then slowly pulled
my cock out and watched her mouth fill up with my jism until it overflowed
out on her cheeks, running down her chin and over her neck. As she gulped
each load I filled her mouth again and again while squirting the excess on
her face, hair and tits until the last drop. Her bionic tongue continued to
lick my cock until it was shiny clean then she used her fingers to gather
my cum from all over her body and wantonly inserted it into her mouth and
chewed it around before swallowing it. What a fucking whore!

I lost count of the times I fucked her that day, but I fulfilled every one
of my fantasies about her. My cock was hard all day as I fucked her in the
shower, in the kitchen, in and by the swimming pool, on my bed and wherever

else I found her that day. Suffices to say that she walked funny for days
after that and I had to treat my cock with baby oil in order to relief the