- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] a cold winter
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Mother/son

     I was sixteen when America got into World War II.  My father,
in a moment of madness, enlisted in the Army.  After he sobered up,
it was too late; he was off to the Pacific shortly thereafter. 
Being the only male left in the family, my mother and two older
sisters looked to me to keep the farm going.  I quit school and
started working full time on our little farm.

     Until after World War II, air conditioning was nonexistent in
the west.  The pot-bellied stove was the source of warmth in most
homes.  During the winter you stoked the stove and threw a mattress
on the floor.  The whole family slept huddled up on it.  You huddled
up closer as soon as the pot-bellied stove went out and relied on
each other's body heat for comfort the rest of the night.

     I was a beanpole kid and a solid member of the masturbating
club.  Sex between teens was almost unheard of then.  If you got
some girl in trouble, you got an ass full of buckshot, or married
the girl, sometimes both.  There was no money, so nobody could
afford to get married.  Most of us belonged to the masturbating
club.  I fantasized about getting a piece of ass, but that was all
it was; hardly anyone of us kids knew what the real thing was.

     One thing for sure, a lot of us boys were proud possessors of
long, thick cocks.  What else did you expect --- we pulled on our
cocks every night, and every chance we had.  I already had a nice
six or so incher with a big, turnip-sized head on it.  The kids at
school used to giggle when I went to the front of the room to read
because the bulge of my cock was very obvious even in a dormant
stage.  My mother made panties for her and my sisters from the flour
sacks; she never made any shorts for me so I went without.

     The first winter we passed without my father started out to be
a very cold one.  One day after work, we all helped my mother clean
up after supper and she told us that we were all going to start
sleeping on the floor again together because it was getting too
cold.  My mother had made flannel slip covers to sleep in; that was
all for me.  I still didn't have any shorts because we couldn't
afford it.  The robe reached to my sisters' ankles.  On me, it
reached above my knees, and I had to be careful not to bend over too
far or they could see my balls and cock.

    About a week after we had all been sleeping together, the
weather turned very cold.  I was sleeping on one side of my mother,
and my sisters were on the other side of her.  It was in the early
hours of the morning when the most comfortable and beautiful feeling
woke me up.  My mother's bare ass was cushioned against my balls and
cock.  My gown was raised above my waist and I could feel her flour-
cloth panties touching my legs just above my knees.  My cock was
straight up between her soft, warm buns.

     If it's never happened to you, you can draw a multitude of
negatives.  But if it has, you know what your mind says, *Oh, shit,
it's my mother.*  Or something like that.  You get scared at first,
and then if you're lucky like I was, the soft hand of your mother
touches your cock and starts caressing and rubbing it to that warm
and tender place just where the ass curve ends and the hair between
the legs start.  By then, any moral ethics you might have had, had
completely vanished.

     You can't control your body too well.  You want to shove your
hips forward, but you don't want your mother to know that you're
awake.  I tried not to move a muscle but my cock started swelling in
my mother's grasp, as she started rubbing the head of my cock on the
swollen, hairy lips of her pussy.  I could hear the loud breathing
of my two sisters as they slept.  Never having been in that
situation before, I was confused, to say the least.

     My balls started to ache.  I marvelled at remembering all the
tiny details.  There are certain reactions that are very natural
about fucking that you don't have to be taught.  One is to want to
grab hold and pull the person to you; the other is to want to hump
your hips as the person playing with your cock runs your cock
between her pussy lips.  I was still afraid to do either.

    I could feel my cock oozing cum as my mother kept rubbing the
head of my cock along the hot, wet, silky groove.  Every once in
awhile as she rubbed my cock on her pussy, I was clever enough to
fake some snores in my deep breaths.  I was getting tired of holding
the position behind her, when I got the surprise of my life.  I
don't think my mother really wanted my cock inside her until that

     In one of the passes she made with my cock between her pussy
lips, the cockhead found the entrance to her pussy.  I couldn't help
it, I gave a fucking hump forward, and my cock started sinking into a
tight, hot, wet sleeve.  My cock started spurting and gushing as
I grabbed my mother's hips and I heard her say, "Oh!" or No!"  By
then, I had half my spurting cock in her, and was reaching between
her back and the bedsheets to grab the other hip.  When I got my
other hand on her hip, she bent as far forward as she could in her
sideways position, and her ass and my hips started making loud,
smacking noises.  I buried my cock inside her as deeply as I could.

     After my orgasm, my cock wouldn't go soft so I kept humping
her.  The bed covers had slipped around her hips and mine.  I could
see her bare ass smacking against my pelvis.  I had never seen any
part of my mother's bare body above her calves before then, but the
morning daylight had started coming through the window. 

     I felt an orgasm coming and I pounded into her as she arched
her back to me.  When I started gushing inside her again she started
moaning and I completely forgot about my sisters, even though the
slapping of her ass and my pelvis were very loud.  I emptied myself
in her.  We stayed connected for a long time afterwards.  When
I pulled out of my mother's pussy, there was loud, sucking noise. 
My cock and balls felt very wet.

     The smell of sex was very strong.  Anyone could have known that
somebody had fucked on that mattress without being there.  My mother
lifted up and turned towards me.  Through half-closed eyes, I saw my
sister looking at us.  When my mother was completely turned towards
me, she whispered, "Did you like it?"

     I whispered back, "Nora is looking at us."

     My mother didn't say a thing after that, and turned her face to
the ceiling as she reached down and pulled her panties up.

     That morning at breakfast, my older sister was very quiet, but
my other sister was her usual self.  I went out in the field as
usual and worked hard at trying to relive that night.  It seemed
like a dream, very unrealistic.  I got several hard-ons while doing
my work, and when I went to take a piss I noticed the thick crown on
my cockhead was real red.  When I went to eat lunch, my older sister
was not home.

     My mother and other sister and I ate lunch, and then my sister
went out to the laundry room.  My mother said, "How do you feel?"  I
don't remember what I answered.  She said, "Debbie has gone to do
the laundry.  You want to do it some more?"  She started walking to
the bedroom, and I followed her.  My mother didn't remove her dress,
she just lifted the skirt around her waist and pulled her long
flour-cloth panties off.

     I was surprised at the amount of hair on her Venus mound, as
she lay down across the bedcovers.  She put her forearms across her
face as I dropped my pants.  When I got between her legs she opened
her legs, and I got my first look at a real live pussy.  I felt very
uneasy, but my mother acted as if it were something we did every

     She said, "I don't know how you have such a big love muscle,
Ronny."  When I started to ram my cock into her pussy, she told me,
"That's not the way to do it," and grabbed hold of my cock.  She
played it up and down like I had felt her do that morning.  After my
cock and her pussy got wet with my cum and hers, she said, "Now,

     I placed my arms under her armpits as she told me and I grabbed
her shoulders.  When I started to hump her real fast, she told me,
"Slow, slow, you're not going to wear it out, baby."

     Thereafter, we fucked in bed very quietly without too much
noise all winter.  I noticed things about my mother that had gone
unnoticed before we had started fucking steadily.  I could tell my
older sister was aware of my mother and me fucking, but she never
said anything.  Several months later, a letter came from the War
Department telling us that my father had gotten killed on some
island in the South Pacific.

     That curdled our cheese for a while and made us abstain from
fucking.  Then about a week later, I took my shirt off and started
cutting some wood.  When I came into the house, my mother sent my
sister out to do the laundry again.  As soon as she was out of sight,
my mother said, "Want to put your love muscle in me?"

     I said, "Let's go fuck."  She said something about me bad-
mouthing her, but that didn't deter us from fucking.

     My mother and I fucked for years until she passed away in 1980.
Years later, my sister told me in a side conversation that she had
known that I was making love to my mother.  I asked her why she
never reproached me.  She said it was better for me to give my
mother what she needed than for her to get it from a complete
stranger.  My other sister never knew my mother and I fucked.

     Since then, I have talked to several men who have had sexual
experiences with their mothers as young men.  We came to the same
agreement that it had been the best sexual experiences in our lives.