- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Bench press
[Author] Don
[Type] Mother/son

I started lifting weights when I was 16. I set up a weight room in my
basement and went down there just
about every day during my summer vacation. I especially liked the bench
press, and I could press about
200 pounds. Since my mother didn't work and was home every day, I would
have her spot for me. She
usually wore a tennis outfit in the summer even though she didn't play
tennis. It showed off her legs and
ass. She said she wore it because it was cool and comfortable. One day
while I was working out, she
asked me if I thought I could bench press her. I said that sounded like
fun, so she straddled the bench I
was lying on and I put my hands on her hips and lifted her up as she made
her body stiff. Much to my
embarrassment, I felt my cock get hard and I knew she would feel it because
I would have to put her down
on top of me. I held her up as long as I could, hoping it would go away,
but my arms got tired before it
did and I had to put her down. I knew she felt it right away because her
face got red. As she got up,
she brushed her hand along my cock as if by accident. She didn't say
anything but just went right upstairs.
The same senario was repeated daily over the next several days, but it
seemed to me her hand lingered a
little longer on my cock each time. One day she even gave it a squeeze and
it seemed as if she wanted
to see if her fingers would fit all the way around it, but they didn't. She
never said anything, but always
went rightupstairs. I decided to follow her one day and I saw she was in
her bedroom. I looked through a
crack in the door and saw her lying on the bed with her hand between her
legs playing with herself. I
realized she was getting just as hot as I was. I decided to get more bold
the next day. I said "Lets try a
different kind of bench press". I told her to stand beside me to my right.
I put my hands up and told her
to put her chest on my left hand and and hold my left arm for support. I
then put the palm of my right hand
against her pubes and lifted her up while she extended her legs. She had on
her tennis outfit and I cupped
my fingers over her pussy. I had just lifted her up and down a couple of
times when I felt a wet spot
against my fingers. I lifted her a couple of more times and by then she was
breathing so hard she sounded
like a steam engine and her panties were now soaking wet. As soon as I put
her down, I put my hand inside
her panties and laid her back on the floor. Even though her pussy and her
panties were so wet that it
was running down her leg, her pussy was so tight, probably because I was
born by a C. Section and she
didn't get stretched out, I could hardly get two fingers in her. As soon as
I forced my fingers in her, she
moaned, bucked, and thrashed around and pulled my fingers out. She laid
there with her eyes closed
like she was unconscious. Since I had never seen a woman come before, I was
afraid I got her too
excited and she had a stroke or a heart attack. However, after a few
minutes she got up, still without
saying anything, and staggered up the stairs.
Over the next days and weeks, this scene was repeated many times. The code
word she used for
wanting me to play with her was she would say "bench press me". Sometimes,
when she walked past me,
I would just grab her and put my hand in her panties. She would always come
so fast and then push me
away that I always wished that she could last longer. A couple of times I
picked her up and carried her
into the bedroom to fuck her, but each time she stopped my by threatening
to tell my father. Looking
back on it I realize she wasn't about to tell anyone but I was too
inexperienced and unsure of myself to
push the matter. It wasn't until 5 years later that I finally got my cock
in her tight little pussy.
When I was 21, I returned home from college for a summer vacation. My
and I decided to tour the midwest by car. I also wanted to go to Denver to
visit my best friend who was in the air force. It was a long trip from
Pennsylvania and we were all tired. I drove most of the way on the trip and
when we got to Denver, it was late in the day. For some reason we had a
time finding a restaurant that was open. My mother asked me if I was hungry
I said that I was beyond that point now. For some reason this caused my
to blow his stack. He had a history of blowing up at me for no good reason,
I was not that surprised. He shouted at me to stop the car and then he got
and said he was sick of both of us and would not ride another mile with us
said he would take a plane home. My mother and I found a place to get a
sandwich and then I took her back to the motel and went out for a few
with my friend. I got back late and found a note from my mother telling me
get up early so we would not be late getting into Chicago where we had
reservations at a hotel. We arrived in mid-afternoon and checked into
rooms connected by a bathroom. My mother said she was going to get her hair
styled so I relaxed in my room in my shorts reading a book of ghost
My mother came back around 4:00pm looking really good with her new hair
and I told her so. She said she was going to take a bath, and I continued
reading but my mind would flash back to our "bench press" episodes when I
16. While I was lost in thought, my mother suddenly came in my room through
bathroom with a towel wrapped around her and looking mad. She said "Didn't
hear me call you? I slipped and fell in the tub and I needed help". I said
didn't hear her. She looked at my book and said "Thats the trouble, you
pay attention to anything when you are reading". I got up and started to
toward her and she saw the look in my eye and the buldge in my shorts. Her
got wide and she said "NO" and tried to run back in the bathroom. I was too
quick and grabbed her and carried her over to the bed and threw her down on
She said "If you don't let me go I'll tell your father when we get home". I
said "That line won't work on me anymore. Suppose I tell him about bench
pressing you when I was only sixteen". She didn't say anything after that
still tried to push me away. I lost my patience with her by now so I pulled
towel off and laid her across my knees and paddled her ass. She squirmed
and begged me to stop. I knew this really turned her on because she got so
it was running down my leg. I said "Are you going to behave?" She said
I'll do whatever you want". I told her to suck my cock just to see if she
do it. I was surprised when she immediately go down on her knees, took it
both hands, and went after it like a dog with a bone. I let her suck me for
while, but I was so anxious to finally get my cock in her tight little
pussy, I
pulled her off it and told her to lay down on the bed, which she did. In
last 5 years I had gotten a lot of experience and found that I could last
hours with just an occasional break for a drink of water or to go to the
bathroom. In fact, sometimes I got worried that it would never go down. My
previous experience with my mother was that she came so fast, I wondered if
would be over almost before it started, but I was happily surprised and so
she. As I suspected what would happen did, in that as soon as I got in her
had a moaning, thrashing orgasm. However, this time I didn't stop and as
as she recovered, she came time, after time, after time. I said "I didn't
you could have multiple orgasms" and she said "I didn't know I could
"Your father finishes so fast that I had to learn to come fast, but the
of him lasting beyond that was out of the question". By now it was dinner
so I suggested we order from room service. We ordered it in her room
the bed was such a mess in mine. After we ate, I took her hand to lead her
in my room but she pulled away and said "No, this is not right". I had
of this nonsense for one day so I roughly grabbed her and carried her in my
and threw her back on the bed. She held her legs together but I pried them
apart with my knee and when I put my hand between her legs, I found she was
as wet as when I had paddled her ass. While I was fucking her, I said
the idea of resisting me?" She laughed and said "Dont't you know by now
that I
like to be manhandled and treated rough? The idea of being forced really
me on". I said "You really didn't fall in the tub, did you?" She said "Of
course not, I just wanted to provoke you so you would rape me, but when you
paddled my ass and made me submit to you, that was even better". She said
got that sexy hair style so as to make you want to fuck me". I said (while
still fucking her), "After playing with that tight little pussy of yours
when I
was sixteen, I didn't need any more incentive to want to fuck you". She
"If you remember, I tried to put my fingers around your cock one day but it
too thick even when you were just sixteen. I knew it was thicker than my
and I couldn't imagine anything that thick in my pussy. It's certainly not
I'm used to". I said "How does it feel", and she replied "I thought about
almost every day for 5 years and its even thicker than I remembered. It
and feels good, all at the same time. Besides, I couldn't imagine in my
dreams anyone lasting this long. If I would have known how good you were I
wouldn't have waited this long". I said "Tonight I'm going to fuck your
out for making me wait this long because I had no idea you would be this
either". At some point, I finally fell asleep and woke up late in the
While I was asleep she had gone back to her room so I went in there and
her still in bed. I said "How do you feel?" She said "My pussy is so sore
swollen I can hardly walk. I had to put an ice bag between my legs". I
to see what she was talking about so I told her to show me. She took the
bag off and spread her legs so I could see her swollen pussy. It did look
and swollen, but the sight of her lying there with her legs spread turned
me on
again. When I got into bed with her she said "Please don't, my pussy is
too sore". I told her she could get on top and work it in gradually, so she
did. I smiled to myself as she got on top since she said she couldn't do it
now she was getting on me. After about 10 minutes of her trying to get it
her swollen pussy, I got impatient and put my hands on her shoulders and
her down on it. She screamed as I rammed it in her but a few seconds later
collapsed on me after a massive orgasm. I continued to fuck her until
time. On the way home she said I almost destroyed her pussy and she would
two weeks to recover. Three days later, after my father went to work, she
in my room and wanted a repeat performance. I said "I thought you would
two weeks to recover?" She said that she was still sore but she was
continuously hot thinking about what I had done to her in Chicago and with
sore pussy reminding her of it all day long, she just couldn't wait to get
again. I was more than happy to oblige.