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[Story Name] the toy
[Author] codehammer
[Type] more family

You wanted a story? Oh I saw your entry in one of the story sites that you wanted a true story of incest and, well, I have one and, yes, it is very true.

It was, I think, 1955, when I first learned anything. I was 5 years old, black hair, brown eyes and a natural tan and very very cute. It seemed everyone in the house, my Dad, My Mom and Grandpa were always kidding me how pretty I was and for a 5 year old that kind of made me feel good even though I blushed a little.

In the summertime, air conditioners were just about non existant and Momma just had me run around in my pantys which was okay with me. Sometimes Dad would pinch my butt or run a finger up and down my pussy, or grandpa would have me sit on his lap and rub my legs and I liked that. I remember when I was sitting on Grandpas lap and noticed something hard between his legs and, naturally, out of innocent curiousity, I reached down and felt it and grandpa just smiled. Then I got off and went to watch cartoons on TV. I, really, didn't think anything about it. It was sure annoying that Dad and grandpa always wanted to put their hands on me though.

I remember that when Dad and Grandpa went to town leaving me with mom. Mom looked great! She was, also, black haired, brown eyes and natural tan and she had me when she was 15 and I was 5 now and, of course, she was 20, anyway, I was dressed in my pantys as usual laying on the floor watching TV when Mom came in wearing her bath robe which was normal as she did that every morning anyway. Oh, you want my name? Sorry. I can't tell you my last name but my first name is Barbi.

Momma stood in front of me and I turned to her and smiled.

"Barbi, I want to talk with you." Momma whispered.

"Ok" I replied.

"Lets go into the bedroom." Mom said as she took my hand to help me up. Her bedroom was very nice. I immediately got on the bed and laid down smiling at Momma as she laid beside me. Her hands went to my face and then to my chest and she rubbed my stomach which felt good. Then she traced her fingers just above the panty line and it tickled a little.

"You are five right?" Momma asked me.

"Yup, almost six though." I said as her finger just went into the top of my pantys.

"I see you Dad and Grandpa are trying to play with your pussy." Mom said.

"They are?" I asked very innocently.

"Yes. When I was five, grandpa played with mine all the time. Does it feel good?" Momma asked.

"Yup. I like it when his finger goes down there." I said pointing to my pussy.

"Did they ever feel inside your pantys?"


"Well, maybe they are waiting until you get a little bigger. Lets take off our clothes and snuggle together." Momma said as she sat up and took off her robe and threw it on the floor. Gosh, Momma had hair down there!! I reached down and threw my pantys on the floor imitating momma. Then I laid back down.

"Spread your legs a little." Momma said. Her finger went right to my pussy and up and down the crack. Boy, did that feel good!!

"Does this feel good?" Momma said as she tried to insert a finger but failed.

"Uh huh. Feels good." I whispered feeling very strange.

"Now, feel me." Momma said as she spread her legs. I looked down inside the hair and BOY, was Mommas big! I traced a finger up and down and it felt strange too, very wet and warm.

"See this?" Momma said as she spread her pussy pointing to her clit.

"You mean that little thing?" I asked seeing her cit.

"Uh huh. I want you to put it in your mouth and suck it." Momma whispered. I really didn't know what to do, but I got down there and sucked that little thing. It was okay if Momma wasn't pushing my head!

"Ohhhhh Baby." Momma whispered. Gosh I guess this felt good to her as I licked and sucked a little harder. My eyes looked up and Momma was squeezing her titties too. I felt Momma tremble and I really thought she was cold, then in a few minutes she told me to get up and kiss her titties for her and i did and then we laid down together while Momma was playing with me pussy.

"Barbi? Its almost time for you to fuck." Momma said.

"Whats that?" I innocently asked.

"Thats when a man puts his thing in your pussy, here." She said just inserting a finger covering her fingernail.

"What thing?" I asked.

"Well, Grandpa and your Daddy has a thing between their legs and when it gets hard they put it into your pussy."

"Really?" I asked.

"Uh huh. Grandpa did it to me when I was your age. Do you think you are old enough?" Momma asked. Well of course, I told her. I was five years old going on six.!!

"Well, tonight, you will sleep in Grandpas bed. Would you like that?" Momma asked.

"Oh boy, can I really?" Not knowing what she meant at all.


I was excited all day!! Finally it was around ten and Daddy and Grandpa went to bed. Momma whispered into my ear.

"Now you can go into Grandpas bed. But you will have to take off your pantys though, is that ok?"

"I don't care. Can I go now?" I asked excited. Momma kissed me on the forehead and told me to go on. Grandpa had a room downstairs and our rooms were upstairs. Momma led me to Grandpas door and slowly opened it and kissed my forehead again. I went in. Gosh it was Dark after Momma closed the door.

"Grandpa?" I whispered. "Are you awake?"

"Come over here." I heard Grandpa say. I slowly walked to his bed and saw him pull down the covers. I was about to get in, then I remembered what Momma told me. I hurridly pulled off my pantys and got into Grandpas bed and snuggled and hugged him.

"Momma said I can sleep with you." I proudly whispered.

"Oh, she did?" Grandpa replied as his hands were rubbing my belly.

"Uh huh. Is it ok?" I asked.

"Sure is." Grandpa said and that made me feel good. His finger went down and he started to move it up and down my pussy. Then he brought my hand to him. Gosh, I just about jumped! Whatever it was, it was big and hard and warm.

"Gosh Grandpa, what is that? Can I see it?" I asked.

"Thats my dick and yes you can see it, just pull down the sheet." Grandpa said. It was hot that night and all that was covering us was a sheet. I gently pulled it down and I saw what I had in my hand. It sure looked strange! Grandpa showed me how to wrap my hand around it and go up and down. Gee, this was fun! When I went down I noticed a top coming out of his skin too. (Grandpa was not circumsized.)

"Bend down and kiss it." Grandpa whispered. I got down and planted a small kiss on it and then it did it again while my hand was moving up and down. I heard grandpa moaning and I thought he was hurt and it scared me but grandpa said it was ok and for me to suck it. I opened my mouth and put as much as I could, which wasn't very much, into my mouth and sucked it as my hand went up and down on it. I was wondering where Grandpas pussy was. Gosh, he didn't have one! Then I felt his, er uh, dick swell a little and he was peeing in my mouth!!!!

"Drink it down You will be almost grown up then." Grandpa said in a strange voice. He was sure peeing a lot and it didn't taste bad either!! In a few minutes, Grandpa laid me on my back and spread my legs. Do you know what he did? He put his face to my pussy just like I did Momma! He was licking me and it sure felt good!! Then while he was doing that he was trying to work his finger in me but his finger was too big. After awhile Grandpa got back up and kissed me on my lips and we hugged and went to sleep.

THE TOY part 2


When I got up, Grandpa was already gone. My pussy felt a little strange, kin of hurting. I put my finger down there like Grandpa did and it felt better then I got up and found my pantys and put them on as I went into the living room. I saw Momma and Daddy but they didn't see me. Momma was on her knees in front of Daddy and she had his thing er dick, in her mouth just like I did Grandpa. I watched for a few minutes then went to my room, got another pair of pantys and took my shower.

After my shower I went into the living room and turned on TV. Momma came in and sat beside me, but Daddy stayed in the kitchen with Grandpa who came in.

"Did you have fun last night?" Momma whispered.

"Uh huh. Grandpa peed in my mouth." I whispered back.

"No, that wasn't pee. That is called cum. Did you like it?"

"Uh huh. Tasted funny though."

"Did you swollow it?"

"Uh huh. Grandpa said it would make me grow up."

"What else did you do?"

"I moved my hand up and down his thing and then he licked me down there for awhile."


"We went to sleep." I commented as Momma got up and went into the kitchen and got her coffee while I was watching TV. I could hear them talking but I was not interested at all.

In a few minutes, Momma came back and kissed me on the forehead.

"Tonight, you get to sleep with me and your Daddy." Momma said as she took a drink of coffee.

"Can I" I beamed.

"Yes you can, but you can't wear pantys."

"Ok Momma I won't." I said looking back at the TV.

All during the day, I guess i forgot about sleeping with Momma and Daddy. I just played like a normal child and every so often Granda would put his finger to my pussy and rub for a little bit. About 6pm, Grandpa was sitting in the chair and momma and daddy was on the sofa. I got up and went to Grandpa curious about his thing. He reached down while I was standing there and put his finger to my pussy while Momma and daddy watched.

"take off her pantys." Daddy said to Grandpa. Grandpa pulled them down and I stepped out of them.

"Shes going to be a nice fuck" Grandpa said as his finger was to my bare pussy going up and down the slit.

"Can you get your finger in her yet, Daddy?" Momma asked.

"Almost. Shes little, but we'll stretch it." Grandpa said as he continued to play with my pussy as I was watching tv. They were talking but i had no idea of what those words were. I just know Grandpas finger was feeling good as I just stood there.

"Let her suck you." Daddy said. Thats ONE word i knew!! I turned around as Grandpa unzipped his pants and brought out his thing and started to move it up and down while Momma and Daddy looked.

"Suck it ok?" Grandpa asked me. I bent my head and put the whole head of it in my mouth.

"Turn her a little so we can see." Momma said. I moved around so Momma and daddy could see what I was doing. It tasted different. I didn't taste any soap this time but it tasted salty. I looked over at Momma and daddy and Momma was sucking daddy too. I liked this!! Of course there was nothing wrong if Momma was doing it! Grandpa looked over to my daddy.

"You going to take her cherry tonight?" Grandpa asked which i didn't know what he was talking about.

"Yup, tonights the night." Daddy said while momma was sucking him.

"Remember to ease it and use some lotion." Grandpa said. In a few minutes Grandpas thing started to swell.

"I'm about ready to cum if you two want to watch." Grandpa said talking to Momma and Daddy. Momma put Daddys thing back in his pants and they both looked as Grandpa was filling my mouth and Momma just clapped her hands as I was drinking.

"Oh Bob, isn't that wonderful?" Momma said talking to Daddy.

"It sure is!" Daddy said smiling. All this talk I was feeling very good! Then after Grandpa was done his thing got small and he put it back into his pants. I went over to the floor while they were talking.


Chapter 2


About 10, Grandpa went to bed saying something about jacking off whatever that was. Daddy went to bed too, leaving Momma and me. I crawled up on her lap, then she opened her robe and guided my face to her titties. Boy, I wish I had some! She told me to suck them which i did. In a few moments we got up and headed for Mommas bedroom. The light wason and daddy was naked moving his hand up and down on his thing as we walked in. Momma took her robe off and then she pulled off my pantys and we got into the bed.

"Barbi, we are going to teach you how to fuck." Momma said as she took Daddys thing in her hands.

"Ok." I said watching. Daddys thing wasn't as big as grandpas.

"Now you watch me." Momma said as she straddled Daddy. I watched as she reached down and inserted Daddys thing to her pussy. I watched in amazement as it disappeared into Momma. Momma went up and down on it as I watched it go in and come back out again. This was very exciting!! Then I saw Momma throw her head back and moan and she froze in mid air! Then she got off daddy and laid down.

"Lets lick off Daddys cum and make ready for him to fuck you." Momma said as she bent down and guided me down there too. I sucked Daddys thing as Momma was licking all over.

"Ok barbi you ready?" Asked daddy.

"Wait a minute." Momma said before i had a chance to answer. She reached over and got some hand lotion and covered Daddys thing with a whole lot. Then She put a whole bunch in her hand and put it to my pussy and it was cold!

"Ok Barbi, you get on Daddy like I did." Momma said as she helped me on Daddy. Momma reached down and rubbed Daddys thing up and down my crack. It felt good too!! Then I felt like I was being split.

"Careful Bob. Go easy." Momma said to Daddy.

"You're in control." Daddy said looking down at his thing. It felt like hours before some of Daddy was really in me and WHAM I started to hurt.

"Momma, its hurting!!" I said terrified.

"Its ok Barbi, Daddy just made you into a woman."

"But it hurts!!" I said, "Take it out!"

"Bob, rest for a minute, shes getting scared." Momma said as she just held me for a minute and then she eased me down.

"Its in." Daddy said. I looked down and i had his whole thing in me!

"Now move up and down slow." Momma instructed me. I started to go up and then I went back down. The hurt wasn't there anymore.

"Remember when Grandpa cum in your mouth? Momma whispered.

"Uh huh." I said panting a little.

"Well Daddy is going to put it in you." Momma said. "Now go a little faster. Ok Bob?"

"Ok, shes started to loosen up now." Daddy said as i started to go faster. This was fun!! I looked down at Daddy and he had his eyes closed and i looked at Momma who smiled at me and gave me a small kiss on the lips. Then I felt something in me other than Daddys thing. It was throbbing.

"I'm cumming now, Beth." Daddy said to Momma.

"Don't pull out." Momma said to daddy. "Barbi, go all the way down now." She said to me as i just sat on Daddy and was still. I could actually feel something warm in me.

"She took it all." Daddy said.

"Ok Barbi, you can take Daddys dick out now and get off." Momma said. I eased off and looked at Daddys thing all wet.

"Now lick Daddy clean." Momma ordered. I got down and licked all over and sucked Daddy until his thing got soft.

"Did you like to fuck? Momma asked me.

"I liked that! Can we do it again?" i asked.

"No, no more tonight." Momma said as i felt a little diappointed. "Now lay on your back and spread your legs." I did what Momma said and she put her face down there and started licking. She raised her leg and then I saw Daddy licking her! This was great!! Then I thought of Grandpa missing all this! Well maybe Momma would ask him to do it too. Momma let out a moan and was still for a minute and we all laid together.




THE TOY part 3


The next morning i was really sore, y'know down there? I told Momma and she took me into the bedroom and pulled my pantys down and rubbed some stuff all over my pussy and in too! She put her finger in me and started to go in and out. This felt pretty good! She did that a few more times and then quit.

"Tonight, you sleep with Grandpa again." Momma said.

"Will his thing go in?" I asked.

"Maybe. But do whatever Grandpa wants ok?" Momma said to me as she got up and headed out the door. I got up and put on my pantys, still a little sore and came into the living room and Grandpa kissed me and daddy kissed me. I was sure getting a lot of attention!! I got a bowl of cereal and sat in front of the TV while they talked.

"Daddy," Momma said to Grandpa, "Do you want a blow job this morning?"

"That would be nice Beth." Grandpa said as he unzipped his pants and brought out his thing. Momma got down and started to suck as daddy watched. Well, I had turned and i was watching too! Momma took Grandpas thing all in her mouth!! Gosh, I didn't know how she did that!! Then Daddy got up and uzipped his pants and brought out his thing. He stood momma up and while she was bent over sucking Grandpa, Daddy put his thing in her and was going back and forth. This was fun watching them and I felt a little wet down there so I went into the bathroom as I thought I had to pee but nothing came out. I opened my legs as I was sitting on the toilet and put a finger down there. That felt good so I put a inger in me and started to move it in and out like Daddy was doing to Momma. It felt good but I sure didn't moan like Momma did! maybe i was doing it wrong!

In a while I decided I did it enough and put on my pantys and came into the living room. Daddy and Grandpa was gone and Momma was at the table smiling at me when I came in.

"Did that upset you?" Momma asked me.

"NO, I hadda go pee." I commened.

"I bet you didn't, did you?"

"How did you know?"

"Your pussy was wet and that meant you are sexually excited."

"Oh." I said thinking i was the dumbest person on earth. Momma sure knew a lot about this!

"When I was five, Grandpa did this to me too. I liked it." Momma said as I took a chair at the table.

"Did he pee in your mouth?" I asked.

"You have to remember, thats cum." Momma said, "And yes he came in my mouth."

"Gosh, you were five too?" I asked.

"Yes. When Grandma was alive she taught me a lot of things like I am teaching you."

"Did you ever lick Grandma?"

"Of course I did, darling. And, by the way, I was fucked by Grandpa, and all my brothers too."

"All of them?"

"Yes all 3 of them."

"Gosh, i wish I had a brother."

"Now i want to tell you something. Your daddy is really my brother."

"Really??" I asked completely astonished.

"Yes he is. When I was 6 and he was 13, Grandpa showed him how to fuck me and then your Daddy fucked Grandma too."



"I'll say. What is Daddy? Is he still my Daddy?"

"Of course he is. Me and your Daddy had you and that makes him your Daddy even though hes my brother."

"Gosh, thats weird."

"You go play now, while i do up the kichen."




That night, Grandpa went to bed and Momma and daddy went to bed. I started for my room and remembered that Momma wanted me to sleep with grandpa so I turned around and went downstairs and went into Grandpas room. The light was on this time.

"Hi Grandpa." I said pulling off my pantys.

"Hi Barbi." Grandpa said shaking his hard thing at me. I started to clim in bed but Grandpa said no, he wanted me to stand there for a minute. I did as Grandpa got out of bed and stood behind me. He bent me over and spread my legs. I felt something like that lotion being put on me, but it wasn't in my pussy he was doing it all over my butt! I then felt his thing push against my butt hole. Then I felt it go in me. It was strange. Different than having a thing in my pussy. Grandpa told me to relax and i did as much as I could as his thing went deeper and then he started to move it in and out. I liked this! After awhile, he pulled out his thing. Darn, just when I was having fun too! He had me sit on the bed facing him. He told me to wrap my hands around his thing and move it up and down. I did and just as soon as I did he was squirting some white stuff at me and i opened my mouth wanting to taste it.

He laid me on the bed and spread my legs and Grandpa got on top of me and he reached down and put his thing to my pussy. Gosh, it didn't hurt this time as it slid right in. This time it even felt better as he was moving in and out. I just laid there watching it. This was fun too. Grandpa was doing all the work!

Boy, Grandpa lasted longer than Daddy and it felt good too! But soon he trembled and i felt something warm in me and i guessed Grandpa was peeing er uh, cumming in me. I held Grandpa real tight as more and more went in.

Then he pulled out his thing and laid down beside me. I sat up and opened my legs and spread my pussy apart.

"Gosh Grandpa you sure put abunch in me." I said studying this white stuff as it dripped out of me.

"You are a great little fuck." Grandpa said as he bent over and kissed me on the lips. Oh, I licked that too and laid down and snuggled against Grandpa for the night and soon I was asleep.



THE TOY part 4


This was fun going back and forth to Mommas room and Grandpas room. I never even saw my room to sleep in for two years! I was fucked every night by either Grandpa, my Daddy or even mom.

I guess i was 7 when I seen a change. I was getting fat! I went into Mommas room as she was lying on the bed readng. Grandpa and daddy were gone somewhere.


"Uh huh?"

"I need to go on a diet."

"Why?" She asked me.

"Look at my belly. Its getting big."

"Yes, I have seen it, Darling. You are going to have a baby." I looked down in awe.

"A Baby? Me?"

"Yes you. Your Daddy or Grandpa made a Baby in you. I guess you better sleep in your own room until the Baby comes."

"I can't fuck anymore?" I asked.

"No. We can't take a chance on hurting the Baby. You can give your Daddy a blow job or Grandpa a blow job, but if you do this, you have to do it in the living room for all of us to see."

"Gee Momma, I like to fuck."

"I know Darling, it will only be nine months."

"Nine months!! Thats a lifetime!"

"Oh my poor baby." Momma said as she lifted me up on the bed and laid me down. "Here let me do something to you. Take off your pantys." I pulled off my pantys and spread my legs hoping that momma would lick me. She reached over and brought out a long thing that looked like Grandpas dick. Her head went down and she started to lick me and it felt really good and then she took that long thing and rubbed it against my pussy and slowly put it into me.

"Hurt?" Momma asked.

"No, it feels good." I said as she was fucking me with that plastic thing she had in her hand while licking me. I felt myself groan for the first time. Gee, just like Momma does! Oh, something was happening. I reached down and held mommas head to me. Oh, my I didn't know what was happening! In a second the world stood still as wave after wave of pure pleasure went through me. I just had my first orgasm!

"Now when Grandpa and your Daddy comes in, go give them a blow job."

"Ok Momma. That felt great, thanks." I said as I put on my pantys and left the room.


Chapter 2


Well, I had a baby. It was a little boy with the littlest dick i ever saw. Seeing as how I didn't have any titties, momma had some bottles filled with milk. Oh he was so precious!! Like a doll.

Daddy said he wanted to fuck me tonight and i had to put Jason, my son to bed. I laid him down on the table in his room that used to be mine and changed his diaper. How cute. He had a little hard on. I bent over and sucked it! Then I put a new diaper on him and laid him in the crib.

When I got to Mommas room, she was already fucking Daddy. I got to Daddy head and put my knees to both his ears and he started to lick me. Then Momma kissed me and I felt her tongue go in and it felt good as we held each other kissing.

In awhile, Momma got off and i got on! Oh Boy, I needed this! I took it all in one thrust making Daddy moan out loud.

"Jeeze Christ." Daddy moaned as i started to fuck him. "She still has a tight pussy."

"Its a wonder." Said Momma watching us fuck while she fingered her pussy. I loved Daddy dick in me but I liked Grandpas too! Then after awhile i got off and Daddy fucked me in the butt while momma licked me. I liked this! I think i had a hundred orgasms then that night. Whew I was tired!!

"Hey whats going on?" Grandpa said as I just laid down.

"C'mon Daddy fuck me." Said momma to grandpa. Grandpa took off his clothes and got between mommas legs and i saw his dick go in her and momma just moaned! Daddy just laid there half asleep.


Chapter 3


Sorry if that was a short chapter. When I was 10 I had another baby, a little girl this time. I remembered Daddy saying he was about ready to face a lay off, whatever that meant.

"Barbi, if I bring my boss over, would you fuck him too? I might lose my job soon." Daddy said.

"Okay Daddy." I said munching away at some candy sitting in my pantys.

"Barbi go get dressed. Bob you call Mr Hammond." Momma said as I left the room.

Mr Hammond came over and Daddy and him talked. Soon I came into the room wearing a little skirt and top.

"Nice looking girl you got there Bob." Said Mr Hammond.

"Thanks." Daddy said proudly as his hands went over my butt.

"Maybe I could think of a way for you to keep your job." Said Mr Hammond looking at me but talking to Daddy.

"I'll do anything to keep my job." Daddy said.

"Come here Barbi." Mr Hammond said. Gee he knew my name!! I came over to him and he said how cute I was. Then he put his hand under my skirt and fondled my pussy.

"Bob, maybe we can work something out here." Said Mr Hammond.

"Ok, I'll leave the room for a few minutes." Said Daddy. Mr Hammond waited until Daddy was gone.

"You are very pretty young lady." Mr Hammond said as his hand went back to my pussy.

"Thank you sir." I said

"You want your Daddy to keep his job don't you?"

"Yes Sir." I said as his finger was going up and down my crack. Then he unzipped his pants and looked around.

"Maybe you would suck this?" Said Mr Hammond. I smiled and took his thing in my mouth and it was twice the size of Daddys and Grandpas put together!! I sucked him the best I could then I felt him cum and i swollowed it all. In a few minutes he zipped up and fingered my pussy for awhile. Then Daddy came in.

"Have a nice visit with Mr hammond, Barbi?" Daddy asked as Mr Hammond composed himself.

"Yes Daddy."

"Well you go out and play now."

"Ok Daddy." I said as i got up and left.

I guess Daddy kept his job and Mr Hammond came over once a month to get a blow job. Gosh it seems like everyone wanted sex with me and i loved every minute. Well, Codehammer, thats my story. Grandpa, Daddy and Momma and me are still having sex and the children are just about ready to have their first sex and Momma said I could teach Jason how to fuck but she wanted to fuck him too. We are a very happy family and thank you, Codehammer for letting me write to you.