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[Story Name] the Tenyar school for little girls
[Author] Dastardly Dodo
[Type] More/other family

Tom looked around the bedroom as he prepared for his first night in his new house. He wondered how his wife had managed to get him a job at a local school after the debacle at the last school where he had been a teacher. He still vividly remembered how he had falsely been accused of molesting his daughter by one of the girls in his class. Even though his innocence was proven he lost his job and was chased out of town. He sighed when he remembered that nasty episode in his live. The fact that he actually wanted to fuck his daughter made him feel guilty. It made him feel that people where right to call him a child molester, even though he had not done anything and would never do anything about his feelings for his daughter. No matter how much he wanted to, he would never hurt the little girl by fucking her.
Fortunately his wife and daughter had stood by him in those difficult times, which had made the whole ordeal bearable. And now his wife had managed to get him a job at the school she once attended herself. His eyes caught his wife, Sheena, coming out of the athroom. He smiled at her and said. "Happy with our new home?". Sheena sat down on the bed next to him and gave him a kiss. "Yes. Are you?". she replied.
Tom nodded. "Yes, but I still wonder how you got me that teaching job."."Well I had to. It's Shelly's birthday is next Friday". Sheena said, as if that explained everything. When she saw the look on Tom's face she added "She wants a very big present from you this year.".
Tom looked confused. "Are you sure that we are talking about the same thing?". He said. Sheena grinned. "Yes we are. You see, we had to move here because of the present that Shelly wants. So I asked the principal of the school to give you a job. ".
The bewildered look on her husbands face made Sheena giggle. "Oh sure go ahead, laugh at me.". Tom grumbled. Sheena hugged him. "I'm sorry dear.". She said. A serious look appeared on Her face when she continued. "There where two reasons for me to move here.
First reason is that you needed a job and I was sure that I could get you a job in this town. The second reason is the birthday present Shelly wants. You see this town belongs to the Tenyar association of loving families. The town was named after it. Only members can get a job or a house here.".Tom frowned. "I don't remember becoming a member.". Sheena grinned. "That's because you are not a member yet. I am though. My family has lived here for more than a hundred years and we are all members of the association.". The serious look returned on her face when she said. "Shelly's birthday present is that you become a member.".
"And how do you become a member?". Tom asked. "Well that's the loving family part.". Sheena replied.
Tom gave her a blank stare. "What do you mean?". he said. But before Sheena could answer it suddenly dawned on him. "You want me to fuck our daughter!!!". He shouted with an angry look on his face. Sheena sighed. "No tom it's not like that. I don't want you to rape our daughter. In fact if I ever catch you hurting her I will cut of your balls and make you eat them.". She took a deep breath and ontinued. "I know you want to fuck Shelly and that you won't because you don't want to hurt her. In fact that is one of the reasons I married you.".
"WHAT?". Tom blurted out. Sheena smiled. "One of the reasons I married you is that I knew that you want to teach your children about sex.". Tom's shoulders sagged and a guilty look appeared on his face. "Yes I want to. But it's wrong and I won't do it.". He whispered.
Sheena hugged him. "No it's not wrong. In fact I loved it when my father fucked me for the first time.".
"You fucked your father?". Tim said with disbelieve in his voice. Sheena nodded. "When I was nine I discovered masturbating. So I went to my mother and asked her about it. She told me about the birds and the bees and gave me some tips on masturbating. That got me curious about sex, so I sneaked up to my parents bedroom a couple of times to watch them. One day I got so horny from watching that I walked in and demanded to be fucked. Instead of being mad my parents started to laugh. 'I guess it runs in the family.' My father said. Mother just nodded. She got the rest of the children and then told us about incest and how people thought about it.
They also told us about their own experiences with incest. It turned out that their families had incestuous relations for as long as they could remember.". Sheena smiled to herself and continued. "You know, somehow talking about it made me feel loved by my parents. Even though we didn't do anything. But when my father finally fucked me it was heaven. I really can't explain how it feels to be fucked by your father while the whole family is watching. It made me feel loved in a way that I never knew before.". She looked Tom in the eye and said. "It's not bad Tom it's the most beautiful thing in the world.".

A long silence followed. Tom looked lost. "Fucking my own daughter?'. He mumbled.
Sheena got up and left the room. A few minutes later she returned with their daughter Shelly. Shelly said down next to her father and said. "Do you love me daddy?". Tom smiled. "With all my heart.". he replied. Shelly nodded. "Daddy, I want you to make me pregnant.". Tom gave her a long hard look and said. "But your only nine.".

Sheena smiled. "She will be ten in a few days. In fact I think that was what gave her the idea.".
"What do you mean?". Tom asked.A grin appeared on Sheena's face. "I'm afraid that when I was telling Shelly about the birds and the bees, I also told her that I asked my daddy to get me pregnant as present for my thirteenth birthday. He did and Angie was born when I was fourteen.". "So she is not your sister but your daughter". Tom concluded. Sheena nodded. "Yes and she asked my father the same thing when she was nine. She had Lisa when she was ten.". Tom's face lit up as he considered the possibilities
"Your thinking about fucking Angie aren't you?". Sheena said with a grin. Then she gave him a playful slap and added "You better fuck your daughter first.". Tom let out a big sigh. He had wanted to fuck Shelly ever since she was seven and now she was asking him to make her pregnant. how was he to refuse. He looked at Shelly and said. "Ohh I give up. I'll will make a baby with you, if that is what you want.". Shelly let out a cry of joy and started to kiss him. She rammed her little tongue into his mouth and started to explore it. Tom pulled his daughter onto his lap and returned the kiss. The loving tongue duel that followed got Tom horny and his dick started to rise.
"Ohhh, am I doing that?". Shelly giggled as she put her hand on her fathers dick.
Sheena stopped her saying. "Hey stop that. It's not your birthday yet". "It's not fair!". Shelly pouted.
"I think she is just teasing you sis.". A voice came from the bedroom door. Tom looked up and saw his seven year old daughter Sandy standing in the doorway. "Can I watch daddy?". She asked. Tom smiled. "Sure honey, come sit on the bed.".
He pulled Shelly off his lap and laid her down on the bed. "Are you sure?". He asked her.
Shelly nodded. Tom smiled. He brought his mouth to her ear and started to nibble on it. This made the nine year old giggle. Slowly his mouth and tongue traced the lines of shelly's face until he reached her other ear. From there he went down her neck towards her tiny nipples. For a while he sucked on them, savoring the taste of his daughters virgin body. Shelly moaned softly. "Ohhhh daddy. That feels so good.".
Tom felt love for his daughter in a way he never had before
"I love you.". He whispered
"I love you to daddy.". Shelly sighed.
A smile lit up Tom's face. He kissed his daughter and their tongues started a loving duel. After a while Tom broke off the kiss and resumed his exploration of the nine year old's body. He kissed his way down from her nipples to her virgin pussy. His tongue lingered at her belly button for a while. Licking and probing it, making the nine year old squirm from pleasure. Finally he reached her bald virgin cunt. It was the most beautiful pussy he had ever seen. Carefully his tongue traced every fold, probing and licking, drinking in the taste and smell of her virginity. Eagerly he lapped up the juices that where flowing from her cunt. Searching for more of her delicious fluids he pushed his tongue in until he hit her hymen. "Ohhhhhh goddddd!!!!". The little girl gasped as she felt something enter her virgin pussy for the first time. He probed her cunt for a while, fucking her with his tongue. "Uhhh....huuuuh......uhhhh......huuuuuh!!!" Shelly panted on the brink of an orgasm.
Tom took his tongue out of her cunt and brought it to her clit.
"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!". Shelly screeched when her father's tongue hit her clit. Her body seemed to be on fire and in need of release. Gasping she pushed her cunt into her daddy's face. "Ohhhhhh godddddddd!!!!! Lick my pussy! Make me cummmmmm!!!!". She cried.
A few seconds later the tongue rasping over her clit became to much for Shelly. "Daddy!!!! Daddy!!!! Daddy!!!!". She moaned as her orgasm came crashing down on her.
Tom was lapping at her cunt like a madman, trying to drink as much as he could of the nectar that was flowing out of her pussy like a river. "Ohhhhh daddy!! That was wonderful!". Shelly sighed when she came down from her orgasm.

Tom grinned. "Are you ready for your first fuck?". He said. Shelly nodded vigorously and spread her legs. Tom kneeled between her legs and put the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy. "This is going to hurt a bit.". He said. Instead of answering, Shelly spread her legs wider. Deciding that it was best to take the nine year old's cherry quickly, Tom pushed his cock in with all is force until he hit her cervix. Shelly yelped when her father's cock tore through her hymen. Tom bend over and kissed the little girl. "It's alright dear. It will feel better in a minute.". He told her. Shelly nodded, biting on her lip in an effort not to cry. After a few minutes she felt the pain go away. "It's better now daddy.". She whispered. Tom started to fuck the little girl with slow long strokes, taking his cock almost all the way out and then back in again. "Ohhh god!!! Your beautiful pussy is so tight.". He moaned. Slowly he picked up some speed as Shelly's hips started to move in time with his strokes. "Ohhhh!!! Godddd!!!! Yessss!!!! Fuck me daddy!!! Shoot your baby juice in my pussy and make me pregnant!!!". Shelly screeched. Tom started to pound in and out of the little girls cunt like a jackhammer. "Ohhhhh!!!! Yesssss! I'm going to shoot my sperm in your womb where it belongs and make you carry my baby!". He shouted. The idea that her daddy was going to make her pregnant was to much for Shelly. "OOOOH!!!!!! NO!!! OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!! NO!! OHHHHHHH!!!!!!
GODDDDDDD!!!!!! YESSS!!!!!!!! YESSSS!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!" She screamed as she exploded into an orgasm. Her already tight pussy clasped down on Tom's cock, making it almost impossible for him to move. The added friction took him over the edge. He shoved his cock into the nine year old's virgin cunt as far as it would go and sprayed his semen into her unprotected womb.
When he came down from his orgasm Tom heard someone moaning. He looked to the other side of the bed and saw his wife licking and finger fucking Sandy. "Oh mommy, mommy, mommy!!!". The seven year old cried. Sheena had the tip of her finger in the little girls tight preteen cunt and was licking her clit. The sight of Sandy getting head from her mother had Tom hard again in no time. Shelly noticed his erection and started to stroke his cock slowly. Sheena felt that Sandy was ready to cum. She took the little girls clit between her lips and started to suck on it. This was to much for Sandy. She threw her head back and opened her mouth in a silent scream. Her back arched and her whole body started to tremble as the first orgasm of her live washed over her body. Sheena kept fingering and licking the little girls pussy until her orgasm subsided. "Did you like your first orgasm?". She asked when the seven year old came
down from her orgasm. Sandy threw herself into her mothers arms and nodded fiercely. Tom and Shelly joined the embrace and the whole family hugged each other.

Then Sandy notice her father's hardon and said. "Can I touch your thing Daddy?". Tom smiled. "Sure honey. But it's not called a thing. It's called a cock or dick or penis.".Sandy didn't reply. Tentatively she reached out with her little hand and touched it. His cock jerked a bit. Sandy quickly pulled her hand away. "It moved!". She exclaimed with a voice full of shock and surprise. Tom grinned. "That's because it feels good when you touch it.". He said. "Oh.". Sandy said. She took his cock back in her hands and started to examine it.
"Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!! Godddddd!!!!!". Tom groaned. The seven year old's little hands, roaming over his cock, had him almost ready to cum.
"Does that feel good?". Sandy asked with an innocent voice.
"Ohhhh yes honey!!! But it will feel even better if you move your hands up and down." Tom moaned. He took her hands into his and showed her how to jack him off. Sandy started to rub his cock with vigor. The knowledge that she could make her father feel good made her feel all grown up. Tom was lost in a haze of lust. The touch of the seven year old's little hands rubbing his cock send shivers down his spine. The feeling was absolutely incredible. "Oh god honey!!!! That feels so good!!!!". He moaned. "It will feel even better for daddy if you kiss his cock honey.". Sheena told Sandy. Tom almost lost it when he heard her say that. It took all his will power not to cum. Then Sandy brought her lips to his cock and started to kiss it all over.
"OOOOOOHHHH!!!! GODDDDDDDD!!!!! OHHHHHH!!!!! FUCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!". Tom groaned as he felt his daughters lips touching his cock. Streams of fire shot straight from her lips through his cock to his brain. Tom was in heaven. Sandy stuck out her tongue and started to lick around the head of her father's cock. Tom groaned and squirmed as the little girls tongue send wonderful sensations through his body. Sheena sensed that Tom was ready to cum and said. "Some white and sticky stuff is going to come
out honey. It's called sperm or semen or cum, and daddy would really like it if you swallow it."."Ok mom.". The seven year old replied as she put the head of her father's. cock into her mouth. That was to much for Tom. "OHHHHHH!!!!!! GOD!!!!! HERE IT COMES HONEY!!!!! I"M CUMMINGGGG!!!!!!!!". He screamed as started to shoot his load into the preteen's mouth.
Sandy tried to swallow all of her father's semen but, with his dick already filling her mouth to the brim, there just wasn't enough room for his sperm to collect. And she couldn't swallow fast enough to keep up with the stream of sperm that he was shooting into her mouth. It started to dribble out of the corners of her mouth on to her chin. She kept swallowing until her fathers cock went limp. Then she took his dick out of her mouth and wiped the sperm of her face with her fingers. She put her fingers in her mouth and for the first time really tasted her fathers semen. "Hmmm, it tastes nice.". She concluded. Tom smiled. He gave her a hug and said. "I'm glad you like it.".
Sandy looked at him and said. "Are you going to fuck me to?". "Do you want me to?". Tom replied. "Oh yes, please fuck me daddy!". Sandy said eagerly. Tom smile widened. He gave her a kiss and said. "I will honey. But not tonight. Tomorrow is going to be a big day. It's our first day at our new school. So we need to get some sleep.".Sandy wasn't satisfied with that answer. "When are you going to fuck me?". She pouted. "Tomorrow after school honey.". Tom said with a grin on his face. He pulled the sheets over them and turned of the light. "Daddy?". Sandy said a few minutes later. "Yes honey?". "I think that mister bear is lonely.". "Do you think he want's to sleep with us?". Sandy nodded. "Ok. Let's get him then.". "Me to.". Shelly said. Tom nodded. They got out of bed and, hand in hand, walked to the girls bedroom to get their teddy bears.

The next morning Tom, Shelly and Sandy went to their new school. They where greeted by the principal, Mr. Waters who showed them around. Tom didn't know where to look as they walked down the hall with the principal. "As you may have noticed, A lot of the girls don't wear panties.". The principal said to him. "That means that they are available. If a girls wears panties it means she is not available. Usually they only wear panties when they have their period or when they are trying to get pregnant.". "You mean that all the girls that don't wear panties are willing to fuck?". Tom stammered.
The principal grinned. "Well it means that you can ask them. They still can say no if they don't want to. But a handsome guy like you shouldn't have much problems with that. There are a few rules though. Number one no sex during school hours. And number two no sex with children under the age of ten unless you are asked by one of the senior students or the child's parents. And of course the child has to agree to. We have set those rules to prevent the children from being molested.".
They walked on as the Principal continued to speak. "This is a very small town so we have children of different ages in the
same class." He said as they stopped in front of a classroom. The principal opened the door saying. "This is your class. They are the six to ten year old girls. So your daughters will be in this class to.". "Ohhhhh!!!! Goddddd!!!!!". Tom groaned as he saw the girls in his class. None of them was wearing panties. When he saw what Tom was looking at, the principal smiled and said. "You'll get used to it after a while. Everyone does". "No boys?". Tom inquired.
The principal shook his head. "No we keep them in separate classes until they are sixteen to prevent things from getting out of hand.". Then he Turned to the girls and said. "Good morning girls.". "Good morning Mr. Waters.". The girls replied. "This is Mr. Brooks. He is going to be your teacher this year.". "Good morning Mr. Brooks.". The girls chirped.".
"Good morning girls.". Tom replied. "Well I'll leave you to it then". The principal said as he left. 'This going to be hard work.' Tom though as he looked around the class. He sat down behind his desk and started with the introductions, trying not to stare at the cunts of the girls as they introduced themselves. Instead of paying attention, Shelly was talking to Tammy who was sitting next to her. Tom walked over to her and told her to stop. "Yes dad.". Shelly replied with a grin.
Tom couldn't help himself and grinned to. "You better behave young lady, you are not to old for a good spanking.".
Shelly started to giggle. "promises. Promises." She sniggered. Everyone started to laugh. Tom shook his head. "I think these two need to be tickled. Lets get them girls.". He said as attacked Shelly. The whole class joined in the tickle-
attack and they had the girls screaming for mercy in no time. Tom stopped them and send them all back to their places saying. "Ok girls that's enough fun for one day.". He sat down behind his desk and continued. "Now I want you all to put your hand on your pussy and finger yourself.".The girls looked stunned. "Well what are you waiting for?". Tom said.
Hesitantly the girls started to finger their cunts. An evil grin appeared on Tom's face "Good. Now every time you feel horny and think of me, I want you to do that. Because that's as far as you will get with me.". A look of disappointment appeared on the girls faces. "That's not fair.". One of them said. Tom smiled he let them simmer for a while and them said. "Unless you do your best in class. Any girl that gets at least one A on her report can get a date with me.". That got him some cheers.
The rest of the day was uneventful. And even though he had a hardon most of the day, Tom managed to get through it with out to much trouble. A quick fuck with Shelly during the lunch break had given him some relief but it wasn't enough.
"Thank god!". He sighed when bell rang, signaling that the day was finally over.
He wondered if he could survive another day with twenty preteens showing off their beautiful cunts as much as possible. 'Ohh well, I better get used to it'. He thought. As the girls left Sandy came to him and asked of she could go home with one of her classmates to play with her. Tom agreed and told her to be home before six. Soon all the girls had left except for Shelly and ten year old Tammy, who would be picked up by her mother. The girls where engaged in a lively conversation with lots of giggles. Tammy's mother came in and introduced herself saying. "Hi I'm Samantha Wise.".
"Tom Brooks.". Tom replied as they shook hands. Tammy went to her mother and whispered something. Samantha looked shocked. "What?". She cried out. "I'm sorry mommy. I didn't mean to be bad.". Tammy started to apologize. Samantha hugged her. "Your not bad dear. In fact I think that it is a wonderful idea. I just was surprised.". She smiled and added. "Why don't you ask him.". Tammy whispered something else to her mother. Samantha smiled. "I'm sure he will make an exception for you. Go on ask him.".
The girl blushed. "Would you like to lick my pussy.". She said to Tom. Tom looked at Samantha. "Please.". She mouthed.
Tom turned back to Tammy "I would love to.". he said. He was rewarded with a radiant smile from Tammy. "Bring her home before six." Samantha said as she left. Tom started to kiss Tammy, working his tongue into her mouth. At first
Tammy was surprised by this, but soon enough her tongue was exploring Tom's mouth. Tom broke off their kiss and took off the little girls shirt. Then He brought his head to her nipples and started to suck on them sending shivers down the ten year old's spine. "That feels good!" Tammy moaned. After a while he let go of her nipples and started to kiss his way down to her skirt. Tammy was in heaven. When he arrived at her skirt Tom stopped. He took one of her feet in his hands and took off her shoe and sock then he started to suck on her toes. This made Tammy giggle "That tickles." She said.
Tom let go of her toes and started to kiss his way up her leg. When he reached her pussy he took her other leg and repeated the procedure. "Ohh!! Yesss!!! Good!!" Tammy moaned. Tom started to lick around her pussy with long broad strokes teasing her a bit more. Then he started to lick her pussy stopping each time at her clit. It was driving the girl crazy.
Tom kept her on the edge for a while stopping each time as she was ready to cum. Then he took her clit in his mouth and started to suck on it. This took Tammy right over the edge. "OOOOOOHHHHH... GOGDDDDD...YES... AAAIIIIII....YEAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" she screamed as she exploded into an orgasm. Her mind exploded into millions of colors and her arms and legs started to flop around as streams of fire scorched her preteen body. Tom kept licking and sucking her clit until her orgasm subsided. When Tammy finally came back to earth she hugged John with tears in her
eyes. "That was so good!". She mumbled. Tom smiled. "I would like to fuck you.". He said. "Oh no!!!! You can't.". The girl answered with a frightened look on her face. Tom gave her a hug and said. "Don't be frightened. You don't have to do
anything you don't want to do.". Tammy sighed in relief. "I want my daddy's baby". She said. She looked away and added. "I would like to see you fuck Shelly.". Tom looked at Shelly and saw that she was already naked. He grinned and laid down on the floor. "Why don't you two take my clothes off.". He said. Giggling the girls started to strip him. He didn't help them so it became a real fight. The whole thing got Tom so exited that he almost shot his load in his pants. The girls managed to get off his shirt and started to work on his pants. This time Tom helped them a bit. "Ohhhh! It's so big!" Tammy exclaimed when Tom's dick came into view. "You haven't seen anything yet. Watch this.". Shelly giggled.
She kneeled above Tom's dick and put the head at the entrance to her cunt. Then she pressed down hard. When she had about six inches in, he hit her cervix. Shelly looked down and saw that more then two inches where still outside. Wanting to show off to her new friend she decided to take it all. She lifted up a bit and then pushed down with all her force. At first
nothing happened. Until suddenly her cervix gave way and Tom's dick shot all the way into her womb. OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! GODDDDDDD!!!!!! I'M IN YOUR FUCKING WOMB!!!!!!!". Tom cried. Then he saw the tears in Shelly's eyes. "Oh my god!!!! Are you alright honey?". He cried. Shelly nodded and croaked. "Yes it just hurt a bit more then I thought it would, but the pain is already going away.". For a while she just sat there waiting for the pain to go away. Then she slowly began to move her hips up and down. A smile appeared on her face as her father's cock going in and out of her womb send wonderful feelings through her body. She began to bounce up and down his cock with all her
force. "OOOOHHH!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!! FUCK ME IN MY WOMB!!!!!!" She screamed. Tom put his hands around her waist and began to move her up and down on his cock.
"OooHhhhhh!!!! Yessssss!!!!!! I'm fucking you in your womb!!!!" He moaned. He started to thrust his hips up and down in time with her body. "OOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! GODDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! HARDER!!!!!!!!
FUCK ME HARDER!!!!!!!! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!" Shelly screamed. Tom put one arm under Shelly's ass and the other behind her back. Then he stood up with Shelly still impaled on his cock. He lay her down on his desk
and started to pound his cock in and out of her preteen cunt with all his force. Shelly went over the edge and started to scream like an animal as her orgasm hit her. Tom just kept on fucking her through one orgasm after another. After about ten minutes he couldn't hold out any longer. "OHHHHHHHH!!!!!! GODDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!! I'M CUMMING IN YOUR WOMB!!!!!." He shouted. "OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!! SHOOT YOU BABY-JUICE IN MY WOMB AND MAKE ME PREGNANT!!!!! OOOOHHHH!!!! GODDD!!!!! AAAAAAAAAIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!".
Shelly screeched as the feeling of her father pissing his sperm into her preteen womb set of yet another orgasm.
"Ooohhhhh! I wish my daddy would come back and do that to me." Tammy sighed.
"Where is your father?". Shelly asked. Tammy looked forlorn. "Mommy says that he is in a big place in the sky.".
Tom felt his heart sink when he realized that the little girls father was dead. He took her into his arms and said. "Daddy's can't come back when they go to that place."."He has to!". Tammy cried. Tom decided to try a different approach. "Do you have a brother?". He asked. "Yes Peter.". Tammy replied. "And how old is Peter."."He is fifteen.".
Tom smiled. "You know, if I was your daddy I would want you and Peter to make a baby. Then you could tell the baby about me and that way you would not forget about me.".Tammy thought about it for a while and then answered. "Do you think my daddy would want that to?"."Yes I think that all daddy's that go to that place in the sky want that.". Tammy nodded. "I'm going to ask daddy if he want's that too." That evening Sandy came into her parents bedroom and jumped on the bed. "Are you going to fuck me now?". She asked her father with an innocent smile on her face. Tom's cock immediately became rock hard. "Sure honey.". He replied. He slowly removed the seven year old's nightshirt and discovered that she wasn't wearing panties. For a while he just sat there and looked at her. He admired her flat chest with small nipples pointing out proudly. He admired her tiny hairless cunt with its puffy lips already moist from excitement. He admired her golden hair cascading down from her head. He admired her straight legs and hips which, in a few years, would develop those these delicious female curves. He wanted her. He wanted to make love to that little angel, lying there with her big blue eyes gazing up at him lovingly, waiting for him to fuck her. Tom's heart filled with love for the little girl. He knew then that he could not refuse her anything. He bend over and kissed her, ramming his tongue into her little mouth. Sandy's tongue met her father's halfway and they entwined in a tender duel of love. After a while Tom broke of the kiss and started to lick the preteen's chest , paying special attention to her nipples. Sandy moaned as the tongue, caressing her body send streams of fire through her body. Tom's tongue started to explore the rest of Sandy's body, making her shiver in delight. When he reached her virgin pussy, he teasingly started to probe and lick it with his tongue.
"Hmmmmmm!!!! Godddddd!!!!!! Yesssssss!!!". The seven year old moaned as she felt her father's tongue touching her cunt. Tom smiled. He slowly pushed a finger into Sandy's fuckhole and started to finger fuck her. "Yes! Do it! Fuck me with your fingers!". Sandy groaned. Then she started to thrust her hips up to meet his finger. Tom added a second finger and started to suck on her clit. This took Sandy over the edge. She let out and ear piercing scream and her body went rigid as her orgasm came crashing down on her. Tom kept ramming his fingers in and out of her tight preteen cunt until her body went limp and fell back to the bed. When Sandy came down from her orgasm Tom hugged her and said. "Are you
ready to fuck now?". In response Sandy lay back down on the bed and spread her legs wide. Tom grinned. "I guess that means yes.". He put the head of his cock against the entrance of her bald preteen cunt and said. "It will hurt a bit the
first time honey."."I know.". The little girl replied. "Are you going to fuck me now?". Tom smiled he bend forward and gave her a kiss. Then he started to push. At first his cock wouldn't go in. Tom pushed a bit harder and suddenly his
head shot into the seven year old's pussy. "Ohhhhhhhhwwwwwww". They both moaned as Tom's dick entered his daughter's virgin fuckhole for the first time. Slowly Tom pushed his dick in further but, almost immediately he met some
resistance. Deciding that it was best to take her cherry quickly, he pulled back a bit and then rammed his cock into her tight virgin cunt with all his force, only stopping when he hit the little girl's cervix. Sandy froze and let out a small scream.
"Are you alright honey?". Tom asked with concern in his voice. Sandy nodded, unable to speak without screaming. A tear formed in the corner of her eye. Afraid of hurting the seven year old even more, Tom stopped moving. That was just what sandy needed. After a few minutes the pain started to fade away, allowing her to concentrate on the new feeling of
being filled by her father's dick. She put her arms around her father and said. "It's alright now daddy it doesn't hurt anymore.".
Slowly tom started to move his dick in and out of her incredibly tight cunt. Taking his cock almost all the way out and then pushing it all the way back in again. The feeling of the little girl's tight preteen pussy clinging to his dick was indescribable. He had never fucked anything so tight before. He needed all his will power not to cum to soon. Sandy
started to move her hips in time with his strokes.Sensing this Tom started to fuck the seven year old faster and faster, ramming his dick in and out of her virgin cunt with short quick jabs. "OH HONEY YOUR PUSSY IS SO TIGHT!!!!!!! DADDY LOVES YOUR TIGHT PUSSY". He moaned.
He doubled his efforts and pounded his cock in and out of Sandy's tight preteen fuckhole like jackhammer. The sensation of her fathers dick ravaging her pussy soon became to much for Sandy. She let out an ear piercing scream as her orgasm hit her like freight train. Her arms and legs started to flop all over the place as she lost control over her body. Seeing his seven year old daughter having an orgasm on his dick took Tom over the edge to. With one last push he shoved his cock into her preteen pussy as far as it would go and started to piss his semen into her womb. Feeling her father spraying his sperm into her womb made Sandy orgasm all over again. The pleasure became to much for her and she passed out.
"Well did you like your first fuck?". Tom asked Sandy when she came back to earth.
"Hmmm... Wonderful.". Sandy murmured.
She cuddled up to him and fell asleep.

The next morning the principal came to Tom's class.
"Tammy's mother called to say that Tammy will not come to school today.". He said.
"I hope that it hasn't anything to do with what happened yesterday.". Tom said. The principal smiled "Well it has. And we are all very grateful to you.". "I see nobody told you about Tammy.". He added when he saw the confused look on Tom's face. "You see, Tammy's father died in a car accident four years ago and Tammy has not spoken to anyone except her mother since. It's a miracle that she even talked to you, let alone touch her. And now I understand that she is going to try and have a baby with her brother." He smiled and added. "I don't know what you and Shelly did but it sure had a
big impact on Tammy.". Tom smiled. "I don't know either. She and Shelly where talking and giggling from the moment they met."."Kids!". The principal said as he shook his head. "Ohh well I guess I better get back to work.".
For the rest of the day Tom wondered how things were going with Tammy. He really hoped that she would find peace with fucking her brother instead of her father.
That evening Tammy and her mother came to Tom's house. "What can I do for you?". Tom said while he let them into the living room. Samantha smiled. "Tammy couldn't wait until tomorrow to tell you what happened today.".
"So what happened?". Tom asked Tammy. "Well we went to that place where you can talk to people who go to he...".
She stuttered. "Heaven dear.". Samantha said. "You know that big place in the sky.". Tammy explained. "Anyway I asked my father if he would like me and Peter to make a baby, like you said and he said yes.". Her face began to glow as she continued. "Then we went back home and Peter and I tried to make a baby.". "Ohhhh!!!! You did? You have got to tell me all about it.". Shelly exclaimed. Tammy blushed. "I don't know.". she said. "Why don't you show Tammy your room?". Sheena said to Shelly. "Yes we can talk there.". Shelly said to Tammy. She took the girls hand and let her to her room. Moments later they heard giggles coming from the girl's room. Samantha wiped a tear out of her eye and said. "I thought that I would never hear her do that again.". Sheena gave her a hug. Then she stood up and said. "I'm going to make some
coffee. "I'll help.". Samantha said as she followed Sheena to the kitchen. Ten minutes later they came back. Sheena looked at Tom and said. "Poor man.". She and Samantha burst out in laughter when they saw the look on Tom's face.
"Yes. So much work and no time to play.". Samantha sniggered, starting another round of laughter.
"Just talking about your troubles at school dear.". Sheena said. "Oh! And that's funny?". Tom grumbled.
That set off another round of laughter. When they finally calmed down, Samantha sat down next to him and said. "How
would you like a job where you can fuck all those preteens as much as you like.". "What do you mean?". Tom asked.
"Well we have a special club for girls who don't have any male relatives. The purpose of the club is to find a suitable male partner for them who can teach them about sex. Sheena and I where wondering if you would like to be one of those males. The girls are six to fourteen years old.". Samantha explained. "I don't know". Tom muttered looking at his wife for help.
Sheena smiled. "All the girls in the club want to do it Tom. They hear their friends at school talking about it and want to try it to. They don't have to do anything." "Hmm... But what do you mean by teach them sex. That covers a lot you
know." Tom said."Well you just teach them everything they want to know. Nothing more nothing less.". Samantha replied. "Everything?". Tom asked. Samantha smiled. "Well you will have to use your own judgement about what
you will teach them, but we don't have any kinks about sex here. So don't be surprised if one of the girls ask you about the more exotic forms of sex.".
Tom thought about it for a while. Then he looked at his wife and said. "Well if it is ok with you I'll do it.".
Sheena nodded "Yes. It's ok with me.". She said. "Good you can start with Jenny. She is my twelve year old daughter.".
Samantha said. "I though you said the club is for girls who have no male relatives.". Tom said.
Samantha grinned. "I know. But Jenny made me promise to get her a date with you, when Tammy told her what you did with her yesterday.". Tom smiled. "Why don't you all come to Shelly's birthday-party on Saturday. Then Jenny can stay for the rest of the weekend and I will teach her whatever she want's to know about sex." Samantha started to giggle. "I don't think that she has much to learn. But she'll love doing it anyway.".

That Saturday they had a big birthday-party for Shelly. It went pretty much like all birthday-parties for ten year old girls go. Except for Tom that is. He couldn't keep his eyes of Jenny. Jenny suffered from the same kind of distraction and they both couldn't wait until the party was over. Samantha had brought a list of girls who wanted sex education with her and
went through it with Tom. "Geez they are all pretty young, aren't they?". Tom said when he saw that many of the girls on the list were six years old and that the oldest girl on the list was eight."."Is that a problem?". Samantha asked.
Tom shook his head. "No it's not that. It's just that apart from my daughters I have never really had sex with girls that young". He looked Samantha in the eye and added. "I guess the problem is that I'm afraid of hurting them.".
Samantha smiled and gave him a kiss. "I'm sure you would never hurt any of the girls. I wouldn't have asked you if I thought you would.". "Hmmm, I don't know. I hate to brag but I'm rather well endowed you know.". Tom told her.
"And did your daughters have any problems with that?". Samantha asked. A smile appeared on Tom's face. "No I guess they didn't.". He took the list from Samantha and said. "Ok, I'll do it. But I want to start with the eight year olds. That way I can see how things go. If it works out ok with them I will teach the younger girls also.".Samantha agreed and they stared to sort out the list. After sorting the list Tom looked around and said. "I wish this party was over. Samantha started to giggle. "Can't wait to fuck Jenny?"Tom blushed and nodded. After dinner Tom and Jenny finally managed to get together. They started with a long shower soaping each other up and drying each other off, paying special attention to each other's private parts. When they where done. Tom carried Jenny into the bedroom and put her down on the bed. He laid down
beside her and started to kiss her. Their tongues entwined in a heated battle for a while. Jenny broke of their kiss and turned around. She took his dick in her little hands and said. "Hmmmmm. That's a nice dick.".Tom grinned. "I'm glad you like it.". He replied. Jenny nodded. She took his dick in her mouth and started to suck on it while jacking him off with her hands. In an effort to keep his end up, Tom stuck his head in her crotch and started to lick her pussy. "Hmmmmm!!! Goodddddd!!!!!". Jenny murmured. She forgot all about sucking Tom's dick and closed her eyes, enjoying the sensations that his tongue was sending through her body. Tom stuck his tongue in her tight cunt and started to tongue fuck her, making the twelve year old moan in delight. After a while he replaced his tongue with one of his fingers and started to finger fuck the twelve year old. His tongue, in the mean time, started to work on the her clit. "OHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!! FUCK MY PUSSY WITH YOUR FINGERS!!!!! LICK MY CUNT!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!! OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! FUCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!". Jenny screamed in delight.
Tom grinned and added another finger. Then He started pump the two fingers in and out of the child's cunt as fast and as hard as he could. "OHHHHH!!!!! GODDDDD!!!!! FUCK!!!! FUCK!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!". Jenny chanted as streams of fire shot from her cunt through her body. Tom added a third finger and started to suck on the thirteen year old's clit. This was to much for Jenny. "OOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!! FUCKKKKK!!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!". She screamed as her orgasm came crashing down on her. Tom kept finger fucking and licking her cunt until her orgasm subside. When she finally came down from her orgasm she looked at Tom and said. "Ohhhh god!!!!! That was good!!!".
Then she took his dick in her little hands and added. "Now it is my turn.".She bend forwards and took the head of his cock into her mouth. "Ooohhh!!!!! Yesssss!!!!! Stick my cock in your mouth and suck on it!!!!". Tom groaned when he felt the head of his cock disappear into the twelve year old's mouth. Jenny sucked and licked the head of his cock for a while, making Tom moan from pleasure. Then she looked him in the eye and said. "I want you to fuck my mouth with your cock.".
She put his cock back into her mouth and started to swallow it. "OHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! GODDDDDDDDD!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!". Tom screamed when Jenny took his cock into her throat.He had never had his cock in a woman's throat before and thought that he had died and gone to heaven. Blinded by lust he grabbed Shelly's head by her
hair and started to ram his dick in and out of the her throat like a madman."OHHHHHH!!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!!! I'M FUCKING YOUR THROAT.". He yelled. He was hammering his cock in and out of the twelve year old's throat
without mercy. Jenny started to hum around his cock while she fondled his balls with her hands. The humming around his cock send Tom over the edge in seconds. "OHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!! FUCK!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!! CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!". He shouted.
He rammed his dick into the little girl's mouth until his balls hit her chin and then started to spray his load into her throat. It seemed like his orgasm would never stop as he shot stream after stream of his hot sperm down. the twelve year old's gullet. Jenny kept humming and sucking and swallowing until Tom finally had no more semen left to give her. Tom sighed when his orgasm was finally over. He pulled his now flaccid cock out of Jenny's mouth and said. "Ohhhh!!! Godddd!!!! That was fucking unbelievable!!!". Then he realized what he had just done. "Ohhh my godddd!!!! I'm sorry I
didn't mean to hurt you!". He cried.Jenny started to laugh. "Don't worry I like it when people fuck me that way. I like it rough and hard. I want you to fuck my pussy and ass that way to.".Tom kissed her and said. "Ok, I will fuck your pussy and ass hard and make you scream for mercy.". That made Jenny giggle. "Well I better get you ready then.". She said.
She took his dick back in her mouth and sucked on it until he was hard again. Then she sat down on all fours and said. "Fuck me hard and make me scream!!!".Tom laughed. He gave her a slap on her butt and said. "Your wish is my command.".
Then he sat down behind her and put his dick at the entrance of her cunt. He grabbed her thighs and shoved his dick into her tight cunt until he hit her cervix. He pulled back a bit and with one mighty push rammed his dick through her cervix into her womb. "OOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!! FUCK YOUR BIG COCK INTO MY WOMB!!!!".
Jenny screamed.Tom grinned. He started to pound his dick in and out of the twelve year old's fuckhole with all his force.
"FUCK!!!!! FUCK!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!". Jenny chanted. "OHHHHH!!!!! YESSSSS!!!! I"M FUCKING YOU!!!!". Tom cried.
He ruthlessly hammered his dick in and out off her tight cunt, shoving her forwards over the bed with every stroke. He raised his hand and started to spank the twelve year old while holding on to her with his other hand. "OOOOOOHHHHH!!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!! FUCK ME!!!!!! SPANK ME!!!!!!! FUCK MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!". Jenny screamed as her orgasm came crashing down on her.
Tom kept fucking and spanking her all the way through her orgasm. Then he pulled his dick out of her cunt and with one stroke shoved it all the way into her tight ass.
"OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!". The twelve year old howled as Tom's dick ripped open her anal passage.Tom fucked Jenny's ass with slow long strokes. "OHHHHHHHHH!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!! I"M FUCKING MY BIG COCK INTO YOUR TIGHT ASS!!!!! TELL ME LIKE GET YOUR TIGHT ASS FUCKED BY A MAN!!!!!". He screamed as he started to spank her again.
Jenny brought one of her hands to her pussy and started to finger fuck herself. "OHHHH YESSSSS!!!!!! I LOVE TO GET MY ASSS FUCKED!!!!! SPANK ME AND FUCK MY ASS HARD!!!!!! DO IT!!!!". She screamed.
Tom was ramming his cock in and out of the girls ass like a jackhammer, spanking her ass hard, every time his dick disappeared into her anal passage. Jenny's body became rigid and she let out a mighty scream as another orgasm came crashing down on her. Her ass tightened around Tom's dick setting him off to. With one last powerful thrust he shoved his
entire dick into her tight ass and sprayed his load into her bowels. When they came down from their orgasm they cuddled up and fell asleep with his dick still buried in her ass. 'I wonder how it would be to fuck Shelly's or Sandy's ass.' was Tom's last thought. Early the next morning Tom woke up with a hard-on. His mind immediately went back to the night before and again he wondered how it would be to fuck Shelly's or Sandy's ass. He really wanted to fuck Sandy in the ass because he thought that her ass would be the tightest. But after some thought he decided that she was to young to get fucked up the rear. Then he thought about Jenny. Even though she was three years older then Sandy he was still worried about hurting her. "Ohh fuck!". He mumbled unsure of what to do. At that moment Jenny woke up. She hugged him and said. "Hi lover." Then she saw the look on his face and asked. "What's wrong?".Tom explained that he wanted to fuck his daughters in the ass but that he was afraid of hurting them. Jenny gave him a funny look when she heard what his problem was.
"Why don't you ask them if they want to try. You can always stop if it hurts to much.". She said as if it was the most logical thing in the world. Tom started to laugh when he saw the look on her face. He gave her a kiss and said. "Yes you're right."Having made his decision he got out of bed and went to Shelly's room. There he sat down on her bed and woke her up. "Hi daddy." Shelly said when she saw him."Good morning honey.". Tom replied as he gave her a kiss."Come to give me a good morning fuck?". Shelly giggled when she saw his hardon. Tom kissed her. "Daddy wants to fuck your ass dear.". He said."Ok daddy.". Shelly replied. She sat down on all fours and wiggled her ass. "Do it daddy. Fuck my ass.".
Tom sat down behind her and put some lubricant on her ass. He did the same with his dick and then put the head at her anus. With one push he shoved half of his dick into her tight virgin ass. "Ohhhhhhhhwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!". Shelly screeched when her fathers dick tore open her anal passage. Tom kept pushing until his dick was all the way in.
"Ohhhhhhhh!!!!! Godddddddd!!!!!! Your ass is so tight. Daddy loves your tight preteen ass honey!!!!!". Tom moaned.
He started to fuck her ass with slow long strokes. Taking his dick almost all the way out and then all the way back in again. At the same time he started to play with her clit."Daddy is fucking your ass dear. I love fucking your ass." He groaned. Shelly started to push back on his dick as she felt her orgasm building. "OOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!! FUCK MY TIGH PRETEEN ASS DADDY!!!!! DO IT HARD!!!!!!!". She cried. Lost in a haze of lust, Tom started to hammer his dick in and out of the ten year old's ass without mercy."OHHHHHHH!!!!!! GODDDDDD!!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!!!! FUCK MY ASS!!!!! HARDER!!!!! HARDER!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!".
Shelly screamed as she exploded into an orgasm. Her ass clamped down on her daddy's dick making it almost impossible for him to move. "OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!". Tom screamed. He rammed his
dick all the way into her tight ass and dumped his load deep within her bowels.
"Ohhhhhh daddy. We have got to do this again.". Shelly sighed when she came down from her orgasm.
Tom smiled. "Sure honey.". He said as he gave her a kiss. A few days later while he was walking over the schoolyard he saw a girl sitting under a tree. He had seen her around before and noticed that she was always alone and seemed to have no friends. He wondered what was up with her. "Who is that girl?". He asked the colleague who was walking with him while he pointed at the girl. "That's Janis. She is probably the only twelve year old virgin there is in Tenyar.". His colleague replied."What do you mean?". Tom asked."She is a twelve year old virgin.". His colleague replied.
"Doesn't she like boys?". His colleague shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. She doesn't seem to like girls any better then boys. The only one she really tolerates near her is Bobby sanders. But she doesn't fuck with him.". "Hmmm, thanks.". Tom said. He left his colleague standing there and waked over to the girl. He sat down next to her and said. "Hi, I'm Tom. I don't think we have met before.".
The girl gave him an angry glare and then ignored him. 'Hmmm, not a good start.' Tom thought. For a while they just sat there without speaking and Tom wondered how he could make contact with the girl. But then the girl turned to him and said. "Do you want to fuck me.".Tom gave her a surprised look. 'What does she of me?'. He thought. He could tell from the tone of her voice that the question was important to the girl, but he was sure that she didn't to fuck him. So why ask?.
He looked at the girl, shook his head, and said. "No I don't want to fuck you.".
That seemed to surprise her. "Why not? You fuck with the other girls.". She said.
Tom smiled. "Well first of all you don't want to fuck me. And secondly you haven't told me your name yet and I don't fuck a girl before I know her name.".
The girl blushed and said. "I'm Janis.". She gave him a questioning look and added. "You really don't want to fuck me?".
"No I don't want to fuck you.". Tom replied. He looked at her and added. "Don't you have a boyfriend?". Janis looked disgusted. "No all the boys around here want is to fuck.". Tom nodded. "And you want them to love you instead of wanting to fuck you.". He concluded. Janis looked forlorn. "I guess I'm just stupid.". She said. Tom gave her a hug and said. "No your not. Everybody wants to be loved."."Then why do boys fuck with any girl they can get.". Janis asked.
"Well I guess because sometimes it is nice to be able to fuck someone without all the emotional attachments and I guess it is the same for the girls. Of course it's easy for me to say. I've got a wife and to daughters who I love very much and who love me very much to.". "But doesn't your wife get jealous if you fuck another girl?". Janis asked. "No she doesn't because she knows that I love her. And for the same reason I don't mind if she fucks with another man.". Tom replied
"Well I wouldn't want my boyfriend to fuck with other girls.". Janis said firmly.
"And did you tell that to Bobby?". Tom asked. The lonely look came back into her eyes. "No I didn't.". She whispered.
Suddenly she realized what they where talking about and shouted. "How do you know about Bobby?".
Tom smiled. "I don't. But I heard that he is the only one you allow hanging around you. So I figured that he is special to you."."Oh.". came the reply. A frightened look appeared on her face as she added. "You won't tell him, will you?".
"No I won't. But you should tell him how you feel."."Oh no, I couldn't!!". Janis cried. "I have an idea.". Tom said. "I'm taking my family to the lake this weekend. Why don't you and Bobby come to.".At that moment the subject of their conversation arrived."Hi Janis are you doing anything this weekend?". He said. Tom looked up and saw a sixteen year old boy standing in front of them. "Oh, hi. You must be Bobby.". He said. "I just asked Janis if you two wanted to come with my family to the lake this weekend."."Well if Janis is going.". Bobby muttered."."You...". Jenny started, but Tom stopped her before she could make a sharp remark that would ruin the whole thing. "Good I will see you Saturday at eight then.".
"Eight o'clock on a Saturday morning?". The kids cried. Tom grinned and stood up. "Yes well, if you want something you have to work for it.". He said as he walked away. "What does he mean?". Bobby asked Janis. "How the hell should I know.". She grumbled. Then she stood up and ran off, leaving a puzzled Bobby behind.

The next Saturday at eleven o'clock they arrived at the lake. Tom had a cabin there and they had planned to stay the rest of the weekend. Sheena showed Bobby and Janis their rooms while Tom unpacked the car. After Everybody was settled in Tom took Shelly and Sandy out on the lake while Sheena disappeared in the kitchen. This left Janis and Bobby to fend for
themselves. They walked to the lake and sat down near the shore. "They don't even have a television here.". Bobby grumbled."I didn't want to be here in the first place.". Janis retorted. Bobby gave her a surprised look. "Then why did you agree to come here?". He asked. "I was tricked into to coming here with you.". Janis pouted. "Oh.". Bobby said disappointed. He stood up and added. "So you don't want to be here with me.". "Sit down!!". Janis demanded.
"What?". Bobby said surprised. "Oh just sit down and let me explain.". Bobby sat down and said. "Explain what?".
Janis took a deep breath and said. "It's not that I don't want to be here with you. It's just that I'm mad that he tricked me into coming here in the first place.".
Bobby frowned and said. "I'm sorry, but I don't understand. Why would he trick you in to coming here.".Janis looked at him and sighed. "Well the day that he invited us he sat down next to me and introduced himself. At first I gave him an angry look and ignored him, but that didn't work. He just sat there without saying anything. It was making me really nervous. The fact that he made me nervous made me angry, so I tried to piss him off and asked him of he wanted to
fuck me.".Bobby grinned. He had seen her do that to several boys. They always agreed eagerly only to be told that would never get the chance. Usually the boys never tried anything with Janis again."It's not funny.". Janis said when she saw him grin A look of disbelieve appeared on her face when she added. "He said NO!!".Bobby burst out in laughter.
"Yes go ahead and laugh at me.". Janis pouted.
"I'm sorry, but you have to admit that it is pretty funny. So what happened next.". Janis shrugged her shoulders. "We got to talk about boys and fucking and then he tricked me into coming here with you."."And that's it?". Bobby asked.
Janis nodded. "But you still haven't told me why he tricked you into coming here.".Janis gave him a nervous look and then turned her attention to the lake."Well we got to talk about boyfriends.". She whispered. "And?". Bobby said when Janis didn't continue. Janis stood up and turned away from him. "And he told me that I should tell you that I want you to be my boyfriend. And that I don't want you to fuck with other girls.".
Bobby stood up and put his arms around her from behind. "And do you want to tell me that?". He asked. Janis nodded. "I want you to be my boyfriend.". She whispered. "But I don't want to fuck.".
"That's ok.". Bobby said. "I don't want to fuck you. I want to make love to you.". Janis turned around and with a surprised look on her face said. "What do you mean?". Bobby smiled. "I want to kiss you and hold you and do all the things that
lovers do. I guess that sex is part of that to, but it's ok if you are not ready for that yet. I can wait.".
Janis had stopped listening after the word lovers. "You love me?". She whispered. Bobby kissed her forehead and said. "Yes, I have been in love with you ever since I have met you.".
Janis pressed herself into his body and started to kiss him. Bobby replied by thrusting his tongue into her mouth. He was met halfway by Janis tongue. Their tongues entwined in a passionate duel of love. Bobby brought one of his hands to Janis breast and started to fondle it through her blouse. immediately Janis froze. Bobby stopped what he was doing and sat down on the ground, pulling Janis with him. "Scared?". He asked her. Janis nodded. She put her head on his shoulder and burst out in tears. Bobby just held her while Janis soaked his shoulder with tears. She was really crying her heart out.
"Feel better now?". Bobby asked when she finally stopped crying. "Don't know.". Janis whispered. Bobby started to stroke her hair and said. "I would like to do something that will make you feel real good. But it involves lots of kissing and
touching. Do you think I should do that?". "Yes.". Janis whispered. "Ok, but I want you to tell me if you want me to stop.". Bobby lay her down on the ground and started to kiss her. For a while their tongues explored every nook and cranny of each others mouth. Then Bobby broke of the kiss and started to nibble on her ears. That made Janis
giggle. Bobby kissed her nose and whispered. "Here comes a scary part.". Then started to unbutton her blouse. A smile came to his face when he saw that she was not wearing a bra. He took her blouse off and admired her beautiful tits. They where small, round globes that begged to be touched. He brought his hands to breasts and started to fondle them. At first Janis froze, but then she relaxed and sighed as his touch send shivers down her spine. Bobby lowered his head and sucked a nipple into his mouth. "Oh god... That feels so good!!". Janis moaned as he flicked his tongue over her sensitive nipple.
For a while Bobby played with her nipples, making her moan from delight. Then he left her tits and started to kiss and lick his way downwards, making sure to cover every inch of her body. When he came to her belly button he lingered for a moment and licked it carefully, making Janis squirm from delight. Bobby smiled and sat up. He took her leg in his hands
and removed her shoe and sock. Then he brought her foot to his mouth and sucked on each of her toes. He took her other leg in his hands and repeated the procedure. Janis was moaning and squirming on the bed as the pleasure in her body was building. Bobby removed her trousers and started to kiss and lick his way up her legs. When he reached her pussy he took off her panties and licked around her cunt for a while, driving Janis crazy with lust.
"Please lick my pussy!! Do it now!!! Please!!!". She moaned. Bobby grinned. He slowly started to lick up and down her pussy touching her clit, with his tongue, on the end of each stroke. He loved the strong fresh taste of the juices that were flowing form her virgin pussy and tried to drink as much of the precious fluid as he could. He plunged his tongue all
the way into her pussy and then started tongue fucking her for all he was worth. Janis started to shake and moan. She took his head in her hands pushed his face into her pussy. Taking his cue from her actions, Bobby placed his lips around her clit and started sucking on it. This took Janis over the edge, She let out a long, high pitched scream. Her body started
convulsing and her pussy flooded with cum. Then her body slumped back to the ground. Bobby licked her pussy until her orgasm subsided. "Oh geez". Janis exclaimed, with tears in her eyes, when she came down from her orgasm.
"Does that mean you liked it?". Bobby said with a smile. Instead of answering Janis pulled Bobby on top of her and started to kiss him passionately. After a while She pushed Bobby of her and said. "I want to do that to you.".
"Well I'm not stopping you.". Bobby replied with a grin. Janis ignored him. "I love this.". She said kissing his forehead. "And this.". Kissing his nose. "And this.". Kissing his lips. When she reached his neck she took off his shirt. Then she started to kiss and lick his chest and belly, carefully watching his reactions. Each time she found a sensitive spot she would pay extra attention to it, driving Bobby crazy with desire.
"Am I doing it right?". She asked nervously when she reached Bobby's pants. "OH GOD YES!!! PLEASE DON'T STOP!!!". Bobby croaked. Janis was doing far better then good. The delicate, tender touches of her tongue and lips where driving him crazy. He needed all the strength he could muster, just to keep himself from blowing his wad in his pants without her even touching his dick. Janis started to remove his pants and shorts. She gasped in surprise when his ten inch long cock sprang into view. She had never seen a cock in close-up before and it was far bigger then she had ever imagined it to be. She wondered how something that big could ever fit in a pussy. Returning to the task at hand, she pulled Bobby's cock out of the way and licked the underside of his belly. The moment her tongue touched him there, Bobby jumped almost a feet into the air. "OHH FUCK!!!!! OHHHH!!!! FUCK!!!!! OOHHHHHH FUCK!!!!!!!". He moaned as
streams of fire shot through his body. Puzzled by his reaction Janis licked the spot some more. "FUCK!!!!! FUCK!!!! FUCK!!!! FUCK!!!". Bobby yelled as he tried to squirm away. Janis turned her attention to his cock. She had spied on her sister once and seen her give a blowjob and she decided that she wanted to do that for Bobby. She planted a kiss on the head of his cock and then started to lick all around the head and shaft. When her tongue touched the sensitive head
of his cock, Bobby lost it. "OHHHHHHHH!!!!! GODDDDDD!!!!!!!! CUMMINGGGGG!!!!!!!!". He screamed as shot
his load into Janis face. Surprised Janis pulled her head away. "SHIT!!". She exclaimed when the second spurt of semen hit her on the nose. Strand after strand of cum left Bobby's dick covering Janis face with sperm. When his orgasm finally subsided, Janis lay down next to him and said. "I'm sorry.". "What for?". Bobby said surprise. "You just gave me the best orgasm of my life.". "But I wanted to suck on your cock.". Janis pouted. Bobby burst out in laughter. He rolled on top of her and said. "Well you can do that any time you like."."Was it really the best orgasm of your live?". Janis asked.
Bobby gave her a kiss and replied. "Yes, the best and the biggest I have ever had.".
Janis felt his dick, which had regained its hardness during the conversation, poking in her belly and whispered. "Are you going to fuck me now."."do you want me to?". Bobby replied. "Yes, but I'm scared.".
"we don't have to do it now, you know.". Bobby told her."I know. But I want to do it. I want to be a woman.".Bobby smiled and gave her a kiss. "You already are a woman. In fact you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.".
Janis blushed and giggled when she heard that. "I want to do it anyway.". She said. Bobby nodded. He kneeled between her legs and put the head of his dick at the entrance of her cunt. "It will hurt a little the first time.". He warned her.
Janis gave him a nervous look and nodded. Slowly Bobby pushed his cock into the twelve year old's virgin pussy. To Janis surprise it didn't hurt at all. The only thing she felt was the wonderful sensation of being filled by a cock.
"Oh my!". She whispered as she clamped her arms and legs around Bobby. "Oh my!". She repeated herself. Her body started to tremble as a mini orgasm washed over her. Bobby started to fuck her with slow long strokes, taking his cock almost all the way out and then pushing it all the way back in again. Feeling his cock going in and out of her pussy set Janis off again. She arched her back and opened her mouth in a silent scream as another orgasm wracked her body.
Bobby was stunned. He had never seen anything like it before. He had barely started to fuck and already she was having one orgasm after the other. A smile appeared on his face as he watched Janis having yet another orgasm. It was definitely fun being her boyfriend he decided. He increased his tempo and started to hammer his cock in and out of her virgin fuckhole with all his force. After only a minute of this Janis had the biggest orgasm of her life.
"OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHWWWWWWW!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!". She screamed as her orgasm came crashing down on her. Stream of fire shot through her body to her brain and her arms and legs started to flop around as she lost control of her body. Seeing Janis go of like that took Bobby over the edge to. After a last flurry of strokes he
buried his cock in her cunt as far as it would go and sprayed his semen into her womb. Feeling Bobby cum in her womb was to much for Janis after a last ecstatic shudder she passed out.

Two days later Tom's first student for his sex-class came to his house. She was brought by her mother a good looking woman of about thirty years old. "Hello I'm Tony and this is Karen.". She said, pointing at the beautiful eight year old girl that was holding her hand, when Tom opened the door for them. "Hi I'm Tom. Come in.". Tom replied, holding the door open for them. "I would love to but I have a meeting.". Tony said. "I'm sure that I'm leaving Karen in good hands.".
Then she gave her daughter a kiss and left. Tom let Karen into the living room and sat her down on the couch. "So you want to learn about sex.". He said while he sat down next to her. Karen blushed and nodded. "And what would like to learn about sex?". Tom asked. "everything.". Karen whispered. "And what is everything?". Tom inquired.
Karen's face turned red. "Well you know everything.". She replied. Tom smiled. "Ok. Here is your first lesson about sex. It's not bad to talk about. In fact it is very important that you tell people what you want or do not want to do. You don't have to be embarrassed about it. Ok?". Karen looked like she was ready to panic. 'This is going totally wrong.'
Tom thought. "Do you want a coke?". He asked in an effort to comfort the child. Karen nodded. Tom stood up and went to the kitchen. At that moment Karen barged in. "HI Karen what are you doing here?". She asked when she saw the girl.
They where in the same class and had become pretty good friends. "Do you want to play with my dolls?".
She continued without giving Karen a chance to answer. "I can't. Your father is going to teach me about sex.". Karen replied. "Geez, I wish I was you. I really like to fuck with him.". Karen sighed. "You fuck your daddy?". Karen asked surprised. "Oh yes it's wonderful.". Sandy replied. "Does it hurt.". Karen asked. "Well only the first time. But the pain only last for a minute and after that it is the best thing there is in the whole world.". Sandy said with a tone of authority.
When Tom saw the girls chattering he had an idea. He could let Sandy help him to teach the girls about sex. She knew all the girls on his list and he was sure that the girls would be more at easy if one of their classmates was present. He took a couple of cokes out of the fridge and went to the girls. He handed them the cokes and said. "Sandy, would you like to help me teach Karen about sex?". "Oh can I! Can I!!". Sandy cried. "Yes you can and if you're real good you can help me teach other girls sex to.".
Excited Sandy jumped into her father's arms and started to kiss him. "Lets start by looking at all the parts of the male and female body.". Tom said. Then he took them by the hand and led them to the bedroom. Once they where in the bedroom Tom turned to Sandy and said. "why don't you get your clothes off. Then we can show Karen the what the female body looks like.".
Sandy took her clothes of and lay down on the bed. Tom sat down next to her and told Karen to sit on the other side of the bed. He started hid lesson at Sandy's chest telling the girls about nipples and breasts. Pointing out the differences and similarities between men and women and how they could be used in making love. From there he worked his way down
Sandy's bottom. When he came to Sandy's sides he grinned and said. "The sides are usually very sensitive in both males and females. They are great for tickle attacks.". At the same time he started to tickle Sandy. Karen joined in and they had
Sandy begging for mercy in no time. Tom let Sandy catch her breath and then continued. He pulled the hood over Sandy's clit back and pointed at her clitoris saying. "This is the clitoris or clit. It is very sensitive and one of the spots that is good for sex-play. Woman like it when someone rubs or licks it. Also this is the spot woman usually stimulated if they masturbate.".
"Mastebate?". Karen said.
"Masturbate. That's what playing with yourself is called. Most people do sometimes. And it can feel really good."
Tom saw that Karen was still pretty nervous and decided that the best way to proceed was to get the girl to masturbate.
"Why don't you show Karen how you play with yourself Sandy. In the mean time daddy is going to make a phone call.".
As he left Sandy started to show Karen how she played with herself. The last thing he heard before he closed the door was. "No silly. You have to take your panties of first.".He came back half an hour later and knocked on the door. When no one answered he opened the door and walked in. He was greeted by an incredibly erotic sight. Sandy and Karen where lying on the bed in a sixty-nine position vigorously licking each others cunt. Silently he watched the preteens quickly bringing each other to an orgasm. When they where done Tom announced his presence by saying. "I see you have already started with Karen's next lesson.". He winked at Sandy and then said to Karen. "What you just did is called licking pussy or eating pussy or giving head.".He sat down on the bed and continued. "I think it is time to look at the male body. But we can only do that if you two can get my clothes off.".Sandy immediately jumped him. Sandra followed her a few moments later. Tom only put on some token resistance. So it didn't take the girls long to take his clothes off.
"It's so big!". Karen exclaimed when his cock came into view. Tom grinned. "That's because it is exited about seeing a beautiful little girl like you.". Karen blushed and giggled. Tom explained the function of all the male parts to the girls and then said to Karen. "Well I guess it is time to teach you the sex part. So what do you want to know about sex?".
A thoughtful look appeared on Karen's face and for a while nothing was said. Then she looked at the floor and said.
"Well I want to learn how to suck on a cock and about when a man puts his cock in a girls trickle or her bottom.".
Nervously she looked up at Tom to see his reaction. Tom gave her a hug and said. "Ok. Lets start with sucking on a cock. It's called a blowjob or giving head.". He turned to Sandy and continued. "Why don't you show Karen how to suck a cock.".
"Ok daddy.". Sandy replied.
She turned her attention to her father's cock and said. "Take it in your hands like this and then move your hand sup and down.". "Like this?". Karen, who was copying her, asked. "Yes, like that. It's called jacking off.". Sandy replied. She was really enjoying her role as the expert. Tom was in heaven. The for little hands on his cock where sending wonderful
sensations through his body. "Now kiss and lick his cock.". Sandy instructed. Tentatively Karen stuck out her tongue and licked the head of Tom's cock. When she found that it didn't taste bad she started to lick and kiss his cock with more vigor. "OHHHH!!! GODDDDDD!!!!! YESSSS!!!!!!". Tom groaned. The eight year old's lips and tongue where driving him crazy. "Now take his cock in you mouth and suck on it.". Sandy said. Karen complied and started to suck on Tom's cock."OHHHHH!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!! YESSSS!!!!! SUCK MY COCK!!!!!!". Tom moaned. "Now move your head up and down like you where jacking him off and keep sucking.". Sandy instructed. "OHHHH!!!!! FUCK!!!!! OHHH!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!! I"M GOING TO CUM!!!!!". Tom screamed when the eight year old followed Sandy's instructions.
"Some white and sticky stuff is going to come out. Just swallow it.". Sandy said.
"Ok.". Karen mumbled around Tom's cock.
That was to much for Tom. "OHHHHHHHH!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!! CUMMINGGGGGGGG!!!!!".
He screamed as he started to dump his load into the eight year old's mouth. Even though she was warned the first shot of sperm took Karen by surprise. She yanked her head of Tom's cock and the second shot landed on her chin. Quickly she put the head of Tom's cock back into her mouth and swallowed the rest of his semen. "Did I do it right?". She asked nervously when the semen finally stopped coming out of Tom's dick. Tom hugged her and said. "You did absolutely wonderful.". That brought a smile to Karen's face. She looked at his still hard cock and said. "Are you going you put it in my trickle now?".Tom smiled. "It's called fucking when a man puts his cock in your pussy. Do want me to fuck you?".
"I don't know.". Karen replied. "Then we won't do it.". Tom replied. "I'm afraid that it will hurt.". Karen said. "It will hurt a bit to take your cherry. But only the first time you do it. and the pain goes away real quick. It is something all girls have to go through one time or another.". Tom told her. "I would like to see you fuck Sandy.". Karen said. "Oh, would you daddy?". Sandy asked eagerly.Tom laughed. "Yes I will.". He replied. He kneeled between Sandy's legs and put the head of his cock at the entrance of her tight preteen cunt. Then with one stroke he shoved his dick all the way into her fuckhole until he hit her cervix."OH YES DADDY!!!!! FUCK ME GOOD!!!!". The seven year old cried when she felt her father's cock enter her pussy. Tom pulled back a bit and then with all his force rammed his dick through her cervix into her womb.
"YESSSSSS!!!!! FUCK MY WOMB!!!!!!!! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!". The seven year old screamed.
Tom didn't need any encouragement. He forced his cock all the way into her cunt and then started to ram it in and out of her tight preteen fuckhole with all his force. Karen was looking on with great interest. "Does it really feel good?". She asked. "OH FUCK YESSSSS!!!". Karen replied. "MORE!!!! HARDER!!! FUCKKKKK!!!!!". Tom was doing his best. He was hammering his cock in and out of the seven year old's tight cunt without mercy. All to quick it became to much for Sandy. Her body went rigid and she let out an ear piercing scream as her orgasm came crashing down on her. Seeing his daughter cum on his cock almost took Tom over the edge to. But he managed to go on without pissing his load into her preteen womb.
"OH YES HONEY!!!! COME FOR DADDY!!!". He yelled as he continued to ravage her cunt and womb with his cock.
"Oh daddy! That was the best!". Sandy sighed when she came down from her orgasm. Then she turned to Karen and said. "Now you.".Karen still looked unsure about it. "I don't know.". She said. Tom smiled and said. "I have an idea. You can go on top. That way you can decide What happens. Do you want to try that?".Karen nodded. Tom lay down on the bed and waited. "What do I do now?". Karen asked. "Just kneel above my cock and put it at the entrance of your pussy. Then
you can lower yourself down and fuck at your own pace.". Tom replied. Karen did was Tom had told her and slowly lowered her self on his cock. With only an inch in she hit her hymen. "It doesn't go any further.". She complained.
"That's your cherry.". Tom told her. "You will have to push down hard to go through it. That is also the part that will hurt a bit.".Karen nodded nervously. She pulled up a bit and then pushed down hard. She felt something tear and then Tom's cock shot into her virgin cunt until, with five inches in he hit her cervix. Much to her surprise it didn't hurt all that much. Instead there was the strange feeling of being full. It felt like she had a really big stick in her tummy. But it didn't hurt. She
experimented with moving up and down a bit and concluded that it felt good. Then she saw that a large part of Tom's dick was still outside her pussy. "It's still not all the way in.". She said. "That's my cock is already at the entrance of you womb. It can't go any further.". Tom replied. "But it went all the way in with Sandy.". Karen retorted. "That's because I pushed my cock through her cervix into her womb. But she has done it before. The first time you do that really hurts a lot.". Tom
explained. Karen decided that if Sandy could do it she could do it to. She pulled up until only the head of Tom's cock was in her pussy and then pushed down with all her force. At first her cervix held against the pressure but then it gave way and Tom's cock shot into her womb. "OHHHHHHHHHHWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!". Karen screamed as her cervix gave way to Tom's cock. A look of shock appeared in her eyes. She had never expected that it would hurt so much. She froze and for minutes just sat still on Tom's cock. "Are you alright?". Tom asked with a look of concern on his face.
Karen nodded. "It's already better.". She managed to say a minute later. A few minutes later the pain was almost gone and she started to move up and down Tom's cock. A new and wonderful feeling started to develop deep with in her belly as she started to move more freely. "OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! THIS FEELS GOODDDDD!!!!!". She moaned. She began to bounce up and down his cock as fast as she could. "OOOOHHH!!!!! GODDDDDD!!!!!! I CAN FEEL YOU IN MY WOMB!!!!!!" She screamed. Tom started to thrust his hips up and down in time with her body moving up and down. "OHHHHHH YESSSSSS!!!!! I"M FUCKING YOUR TIGHT PRETEEN CUNT!!!!".He moaned. "OOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! GODDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! HARDER!!!!!!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!!!!!!! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!" The eight year old screamed. Tom grabbed her sides and rolled her over on her back. Then he started to pound his cock in and out of her tight preteen fuckhole with all his force. Karen exploded into an orgasm. He body became rigid and she let out an inhuman wail as she came like she never had before. Tom fucked her through three more orgasm before he could hold out no longer. "OHHHHHHHH!!!!!! GODDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!! I'M CUMING IN YOUR WOMB!!!!!." He Screamed.
The feeling of Tom pissing his sperm into her preteen womb made the eight year old orgasm again.
"OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!! GODDD!!!!! AAAAAAAAIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!". She screeched as she exploded. When Karen came down from her orgasm, she hugged tom and burst out in tears.
"Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh Boy!". She whimpered. "Does that mean you liked it?". Tom asked. Karen managed to compose herself and nodded. She gave Tom a kiss and said. "Are you going you put it in my bottom now?". Tom looked at Karen and said. "I suppose that you want me to fuck your ass to?."."Oh yes please!". The seven year old replied eagerly.
Tom laughed. "Well if you girls can get me hard again I will do it.".Sandy and Karen immediately started to work on his cock, licking and sucking it until he was hard again. Tom took some lubricant from the nightstand and told the girls to sit on the bed on all fours. Then he started to apply the lubricant to Karen's ass. First he started to fuck her ass with one finger
and then with two. When he felt that she was ready he repeated the procedure with Sandy. When she was ready to he told Karen to lay down beneath Karen and lick her pussy. Then he put the head of his cock at Sandy's ass and started to push. At first it wouldn't go in. He pushed harder and suddenly the head of his cock shot into the eight year old's tight ass.
"OHHHHHHHWWWW". Tom and Sandy both groaned as his cock slowly went into her ass. Tom kept pushing until his cock was all the way in the eight year olds tight preteen ass. In the mean time sandy had started licking Karen's cunt.
"OHHHHHHHH!!!! YESSSSS!!!!!! LICK MY PUSSY!!!!! FUCK MY ASS!!!!!". Karen cried.
Tom started to pound his cock in and out of the preteen's ass with all his force.
"OHHHHH!!!! FUCK!!!! YOUR ASS IS SO FUCKING TIGHT!!!!". He groaned. He increased his tempo and started to ram his cock into the eight year old's ass with short quick jabs. At the same time Sandy buried to fingers in Karen's cunt and started to finger-fuck her. This was to much for Karen. "OHHHH!!!!!! YESSSS!!!! OHHHHHH!!!!!! FUCKKKK!!!!!! AAIIIIIIIII!!!!!!". She screamed as she explode into an orgasm. Tom kept fucking her ass until her orgasm subsided. Then he pulled his cock out and made the girls switch places. When they where in position he put
his cock at Sandy's anus and pushed. "OHHHHHHH!!!!!! GODDDDDDD!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!". He groaned as his cock slowly entered the seven year old's tight preteen ass. Sandy's ass was so tight that it almost hurt. He had never fucked such a tight hole before in his live. He knew he would only last a few strokes if he continued, so he stopped pushing. Sandy was having none of it. She pushed back on his cock forcing more of it into her ass. "Please stop moving honey or daddy is going to cum.". Tom said. "Don't you want to cum daddy?". Sandy asked. "Yes, but not to soon I want it to be good for you to.". Tom replied. Sandy shook her head . "Geez daddy I like it when you cum.". She said and pushed back on his dick until he was all the way into her ass. This was to much for Tom. "With a loud groan he started to shoot his load deep within the seven year old's bowels. Feeling her father pissing his sperm in her ass was enough for Sandy to have an orgasm to. As she came she lost control over her body and the only thing that prevent her from falling forward on the bed was the hard cock buried in her ass. A week later Janis invited Tom and his family to the well-known tradition
of murdering a good piece of meat, the barbecue. "Oh and don't dress up. We usually don't wear clothes at all at a
barbecue.". She said when Tom accepted the invitation. Tom grinned. "Sounds more like an orgy then a barbecue.". He replied. Janis shrugged her shoulders. "It usually is.". She said. Then she left saying. "See you Saturday.". That Saturday Tom and his family arrived at Janis house around noon. Janis greeted them naked as the day she was born. She led them into a bedroom and said. "You can undress here. I'll wait for you downstairs.". When they came downstairs Janis led them to the garden behind the house and introduced them to her parents. Then she walked with them to through the garden. Tom saw Karen who was getting fucked from behind by one man while she was giving another man a blowjob. Tom greeted her and said. "I see my lessons paid off.".
Karen giggled and said hi. A few yards behind her Tammy was getting fucked by her brother. Tom walked over to them and said hi. He stuck his hand out to the boy and said. "Hi I'm Tom. You must be peter.".The boy shook his hand and then resumed pounding his cock into his little sister. "Are you coming Tammy?". Janis asked. Tammy started to laugh. "Yes, I'm almost there.". She giggled. "Just keep fucking me Peter.". "Ohh Tammy, You know what I mean". Janis sighed
Tammy nodded. "Go ahead. I'll be there in a minute.". She panted. At the bottom of the garden there was a circle of chairs. One of them was festively decorated. "You didn't tell me that it is someone's birthday.". Tom remarked when he
saw the decorated chair. Janis smiled. "There isn't.". She replied. She guided him to the chair and made him sit down on it. Then she took a plate that was lying there and started to bang on it with a spoon. On that signal everybody came to the circle of chairs and sat down. When everybody was seated Janis and Tammy walked to the center of the circle
and said. "As you all know we are her to thank Tom for helping Tammy and me. He helped me realize my dream of having an monogamous boyfriend and he helped Tammy to find a way to have something special to remember her daddy.". She turned to Tom and said. "Tammy have thought a long time about how we should thank you and we have decided to give you two gifts. Your first gift is something from both of us.".
Tammy produced the gift and handed it to Tom. It was a silver cigarbox. Inscribed on it was the text 'from Tammy and Janis, no longer virgins'Tom blushed. "You shouldn't have.". He whispered. Then gave them both a kiss and said thank you.Janis smiled and said. "Our second gift is more personal. Since you helped me lose my virginity I want you to have the only part of me that is still virgin. I want you to be the first to fuck my ass.".Tom was stunned. He wondered why Janis had decided to give him this gift. He knew she hated people fucking around and had made Bobby promise not to fuck anyone but her. He wondered if he should accept it or not. He decided to follow his instincts and said. "I'm really honored that you want to give a part of your virginity to me. But you have already given me much more than you can imagine. And I think that Bobby should be the one to get this gift.". Janis sighed in relieve. She had really believed that it was something that she wanted to do. But when Tom had said no, she realized that she didn't. She hugged and kissed him and whispered. "Thanks.".Tammy stepped forward and said. "This is my gift. After I have had a baby from Peter, I want one from you.".
Tom smiled. He gave Tammy a kiss and said. "I hope you and Peter have a baby soon, so we can start making one.".
Tammy nodded and said. "Because you have to wait so long for your gift I'm also going to give you something now.".
Then she kneeled before him and took his cock in her hands. She started to kiss and lick the head of his cock while jacking him off with one hand. With her other hand she started to caress his balls. "Oooohhh yes lick my cock...Oooooohhhhh GOD YES SUCK IT!!!" Tom moaned. After teasing his cockhead for a while Tammy opened her mouth and started swallowing his cock. When she had about four inches in her mouth she stopped and started bobbing her head up and down his cock, using her tongue to lick all around the shaft and cockhead. In the mean time she kept
jacking him off with one hand, while using her other hand to fondle his balls. After she had done this for about two minutes she went down until his cockhead was against her throat. She took a Deep breath Through her nose
and then started to swallow his cock. "OHHHHHH!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!". Tom groaned as he felt the head of
his cock disappear in the ten year old's throat. Everybody started to cheer and urged Tammy to take more of Tom's cock in
her throat. Tammy slowly swallowed Tom's dick until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. Everybody cheered and applauded when the little girl had managed to swallow all of Tom's cock. Tom let out long moan of pleasure.
The ten year old's throat felt like heaven to him. Tammy held her head still an began milking his cock with her throat-muscles. Tom was totally overwhelmed by feeling of the ten year old's throat milking his cock. He started to moan and pant. "OoooHhhhh.......YESSSSS!!!!! OHHHHHHH!!!! FUCKKKKKKK!!!!!". Tammy sensed that he was ready to cum and quickly took his cock out of her mouth. She held the head of his cock in front of her open mouth and started
to jack him off. Seconds later Tom exploded into an orgasm "OoooooHhhhhhhh fuck!!!! I'MMMMMM CUMMINGGGGGGG!!!!". He shouted. He came like he never had before. It seemed like it was never going to end
as he shot strand after strand of his semen into the preteen's mouth. Tammy just kept milking his cock to the last drop. When his orgasm finally died down Janis sat down next to Tammy and opened her mouth. Slowly Tammy let some of the cum run into Janis mouth. Then both girls showed him the semen in their mouths and swallowed. Tom was a bit overwhelmed by it. They had given him something far more beautiful then their virginity. They had given him their love. He wiped away some tears and hugged the girls. After a while Janis broke off the embrace and said. "The barbecue will be ready in half an hour.".
45 minutes later the ancient ritual of burning meat was well under way and everybody was enjoying their meal. Janis and Bobby cane to Tom and thanked him again. Tom saw some cum dripping from Janis ass and whispered."You better clean up if don't want the whole world to know that you got fucked in the ass.".
Janis threw her arms around him and gave him a big hug. "I don't care. I don't want to clean up. I'm so happy.". She whispered. "I'm happy for you.". Tom said as he gave her a kiss. Suddenly people started to yell and cheer. Tom looked up and saw Sandy and Janis nine year old sister Mandy walking through the garden with a German shepherd. Sandy came to him and said. "Can I play with the dog daddy?". Tom was about to say yes when Janis stopped him. She kneeled in front of Sandy and asked. "Has Mandy told you what she does with the dog?".Sandy nodded. "Yes and I want to do it to.".
Janis stood up and said to Tom. "Before you say yes, you should know that Mandy has sex with the dog and Sandy want's to try it to.".Tom's cock got instantly rock-hard at the thought of the seven year old getting fucked by a dog. But concern for Sandy's safety took over and he said to her. "I don't know. The dog might hurt you and I don't want you to get hurt.".
Sandy looked really disappointed. "Please daddy!". she begged. Janis father, who had been listening to the conversation, said. "The dog won't hurt her Tom. All she has to do is say stop and the dog will back off.".
"well If you say so.". Tom replied. He turned to Sandy and said. "Ok honey. You can play with the dog.".
"Oh goody!". The seven year old cried. Shelly climbed onto Tom's lap and said. "Is sandy going to fuck the dog?".
"Yes she is dear.". Tom replied. "Oh.". Shelly said. She put her father's cock at the entrance of her cunt and sat down, impaling herself on his cock. Then she just sat there watching Sandy and the dog. Sandy lay down on a low bench and spread her legs. "Come here doggie. Come here and lick my pussy.". She said. Slowly the dog approached. He stuck his head between Sandy's legs and began to sniff at her cunt. The dog's hot breath caressing her preteen fuckhole, made Sandy shiver in delight. "Oh yes. Lick my pussy doggie.". She moaned. The dog's long hot tongue snaked out, stabbing deep up between the waiting girl's quivering thighs, mercilessly penetrating her hot wet cunt, sliding up over the wet vaginal opening and then digging into the seven year old's tiny pink clitoris."Aaaaahhh!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!" Sandy moaned, filled with desire for the dog's hot tongue.
Her back automatically arched to thrust her steaming cunt up toward the dog. She spread her thighs farther and farther apart, begging the dog's to drive it's tongue deep up inside her. The dog ardently stroked his hot wet tongue up into the seven year old's pussy, licking up the fluids that where dripping from her cunt. "Ooooohhhhh!!!!!!! Yesssss!!!!!! Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!," Sandy moaned. She started to pinch and pull her nipples in an attempt to quench the fire within her. The dog rasped it's rough tongue over the little girl's clit, sending jolts of electricity through her body. The seven year old gritted her teeth and almost stopped breathing as she felt herself teetering on the brink of an orgasm. The dog stabbed his tongue into the preteen's fuckhole in search for the source of the arousing fluid that was flowing from her pussy. This send Sandy over the edge. She let out an inhuman wail as her orgasm came crashing down on her. Her mind exploded into millions of colors and her arms and legs started to flop around as she lost control over her body.
The dog decided that it was time to fuck. He put it's front paws on the bench and started to stab his cock at Sandy's trembling body. When Sandy, after a few minutes, finally realized what the dog was trying to do, she took his dick into her hand and held it at the entrance of her preteen cunt. The dog did what came natural and rammed his dick all the way into the seven year old's tight cunt. Seeing the dog's cock disappear into his daughter's cunt was to much for Tom. With a loud groan he started to spray his sperm into Shelly's welcoming womb. "Oh daddy! I can feel that.". Shelly giggled as the wonderful feeling of being filled with her father's sperm spread through her body. She cuddled up closer to her father and then continued to watch Sandy getting fucked by a dog.
Sandy could feel the huge cock of the dog ramming deep up into the depths of her preteen pussy. The feeling was incredible. Low, shuddering moans escaped in a continual stream from her lips as the dog mercilessly drove his cock into her tight preteen cunt. Her hips began a mindless, automatic motion back against the invading animal cock. The dog's cock send wave after wave of pleasure through the seven year old's body, driving her crazy with desire. "OH DOGGIE!!!!! OH DOGGIE!!!!! OH DOGGIE!!!!!". Sandy chanted. Her world had shrunk to the dog's hard cock, savagely pounding her tight preteen cunt. The dog rapidly fucked in and out of the seven year old's cunt. His powerful cock was ripping into her without mercy. Sandy's tight preteen cunt swallowed his rock hard cock eagerly , holding- and squeezing it with her cuntal muscles. Her body tensed and relaxed again and again beneath the dog as it's cock set her body on fire. "OHHHHH!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!! FUCK ME!!!! HARDER!!!! DO IT HARDER!!!!!". She cried.
The dog didn't need any encouragement. Relentlessly it drove it's cock into the ten year old's pussy at a pace no human could match. "OHHHHHH!!! YESSSSSS!!!!! OHHHHHH!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!". Sandy cried as the dog ruthlessly battered it's cock into to her tiny cunt. Soon the hard animal cock ravaging her preteen fuckhole became to much for the little girl.
"OHHHHHHHH!!!!! GODDDDD!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!". She howled as her orgasm came crashing down on her. Her tight preteen cunt clamping down his cock was too much for the already wildly aroused dog and suddenly he began to piss his hot animal cum into the seven year old's squirming cunt. Sandy's mind exploded in a great flare of colored lights as this last incredible stimulation, of the dog shooting it's sperm into her cunt, made her cum all over again. The dog seemed to come forever. But finally it stopped and he backed away. It's cock left Sandy's pussy with a loud plop and a great river of doggy cum started to gush from her abused cunt. "Geez look at that!". Shelly cried when she saw the enormous amount of doggy cum that came out of Sandy's pussy. "Yes it sure is a lot.". Tom agreed.
His cock had regained it's strength while he watched the dog fuck Sandy, and Shelly started to Bob up and down on it. Suddenly Shelly felt a finger invading her anus. "Oh yes daddy! Stick your finger in my ass!". She moaned. Tom grinned and said. "I'm not doing that.". Surprised Shelly looked around and saw Janis father standing behind her. "Do you want me to put my cock where my finger is?". He asked while he shoved a second finger in to the preteen's ass."Oh yes please!". Shelly replied eagerly. Tom put one arm under Shelly's ass and the other behind her back. Then he came up from the chair and lay down on the ground with Shelly on top of him. Janis father Kneeled down behind Shelly and with one thrust shoved his dick all the way into her ass. Then the men started to fuck their hard cocks in and out of the ten year old's tight holes. Slowly at first trying to find the right rhythm, but soon they where fucking her holes with a steady pace. Shelly was in heaven. The cocks hammering in and out of her tight, preteen holes were sending wonderful feelings through her body.
"OHHHHH!!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! FUCK MY PUSSY. FUCK MY ASS!!!!! DO IT HARD!!!" She screamed.
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When Tom came down from his orgasm he saw Sandy sitting next to him."Can I have dog daddy? Please daddy, please!!". She begged. Tom burst out in laughter. "Sure honey, you can have a dog.". He said. "I'll help her pick out one.". Janis father offered. "She will need a well trained dog. If she want's to fuck with it."."Oh goody.". Sandy cried.
She jumped into the pile of bodies in front of her and started to hug and kiss every one. "Hey your squashing me!". Shelly cried. She was still lying in the middle, impaled on Tom's and Janis father's cocks.
The men started to laugh. "Sorry dear.". They said in unison as they pulled their cocks out of the little girl's tight holes.
Tom stood up and walked over to Sheena. "I'm afraid I promised Sandy that she can have a dog.". He said to her.
Sheena grinned. "So she wants her own doggie to fuck.". Tom nodded. "Yes her daddy is replaced by a dog.". He sighed.
They both burst out in laughter at that remark.