- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] My Uncle
[Author] Geetha
[Type] more family

My name is Geeta and this is my true story. This happened when very
young and the memories still make me wet and horny. It was my uncle and he
was doing his MBBS and was in the hostel. Weekends he will come to our
house as his hostel were near to our house. He will bring ‘5Stars’ and
chocolates for me and my sister. My sister was 4 yrs elder than me. I
was very fare and kind of plump and was a favorite of all. I had big
round bottom and my pussy bulged with fleshy lips, which I never noticed.
Uncle will teach me and I used to be the topper in my class. So my
parents never worried about what we were doing. He loved me so much and I
will be in his lap all the time, playing, reading, etc.. When my sis and
friends play outside we will be in the room. He will kiss me, fondle me
and read stories. We were free except when my sis come and check what
we do.

I only realized the sexual nature of it when I was around 9. I never
realized that what we were doing is just the foreplay before the real
thing. He will kiss my face, lips, neck, hands, legs and suck my fingers.
He will trace my lips with his fingers and I will suck the finger. He
taught me how to use my tong while sucking. When he stroke my groin for
long I will feel shame and will slowly push his hands. I had no breasts
at that time but he will pinch my nipples and make me laugh. He loved
my bottom so much. With both hands he will squeeze, roll and pull them
apart and it was fun for me. He will say: " Geetu, your kundi is so
soft. " I later noticed the hard thing pushing against me when I sit in his
lap and will roll my bottom on that. Then he will put me such a way
that I will be straddling it and he will hug me tightly. Every now and
then his hands will creep between my thighs and will touch my panties. I
will not notice it until he tries to dig in and will move his hands. He
will be busy doing something else and will show no notice of what
happened either. Sometime while I am reading he will take my hand and place
it on his hard thing over the ‘lungi’ and move slowly. Though I loved
to do it I will pull my hands after some time.

He was introducing me into sex very gently. One day I was in his lap
and he turned my face and kissed my lips sweetly and then... his tong
entered my mouth! I looked at him in surprise and he did not meet my eyes.
Thereafter all our kisses were wet! All this things used to make me so
exited and my body ticklish and I will hug him tightly. He will ask me:
"Geetu, do you like the fun?" I will kiss him and he will whisper in
the ear: " Geetu, I am going to kiss you every where, here, here, ..…"
and his hands will move to my bulging pussy. "Geetu, what is this?" I
have to whisper "yoni". But he won’t leave it until I say "kuruchi". At
that time it was such a dirty and shameful idea to me and I will run
away. But he will move my clothes and kiss my belly button and lick there.
Then he will go down and press his face on my bulge, deeply inhaling.
With a sense of shame I will stop him. He will ask:" Geetu, did you put
any scent there? It is so so good." But now I realize that I wasted
such a heavenly experience. If I had encouraged him, he would have opened
my thighs and lowered his face on my naked bulge kissing, kissing and
kissing. With his thumbs he would open my lips and the darting tong
would go deep into me!! God! I was too young to know it at that time.

I was growing up fast and we were progressing to the real thing. But
luck was not on our side. My sis smelled some thing and used to spy on
us. She had developed breasts and was aware of sex. May be she too wanted
to play with uncle. She will wear short dress and when standing near to
him will press her boobs on him. But he wanted to do me and we tried to
get the chance. When we study, she also will sit in the room in the
pretence that she can clear her doubts too. That spoiled all our fun. But
whenever we get the chance he will suck my lips and squeeze my bottom,
pussy and the budding breasts.

One day we had to attend a marriage far away from our place and we all
went in the car. After the marriage we started late. The car was so
full that I had to sit in his lap. I was wearing a short skirt that did
not reach my knees and soft white panties inside. My mom was in the other
side. He was talking to others and nobody knew that he was stroking my
soft inner thighs and trying to reach higher. It was dark and after
talking some time all started to doze. He shifted me a little and put my
legs beside his and my tight thighs are all open now! He cupped my
bulging mound and licked my ear. I was scared but all excited. My pussy was
leaking and heart pounding. He pulled my panties to one side and my
‘kuruchi’ opened up for him for the first time! God! I can not explain
what he did to me! Every time he pushed his finger into ‘kuruchi’ and the
hole below it, I came!

Next day I locked the room and stood in front of the dressing mirror to
watch myself. My lips, small swell of the breasts, tight milky thighs,
the fat bulging mound and swollen lips! When I stand straight the slit
will hide and only the round bulge will be seen! I opened the thighs
and lips to see that. I fell in love with sex!

I was not lucky enough to enjoy sex so early only because of my sister.
One day he was teaching me and the power went off. We got the chance.
He took my hands and put it on something. It was hot and big. I tried to
grip it. Then he sat down, lifted my skirt and lowered my panties! I
was about to sit in his lap and then my sis came with a candle! I cursed
her in mind. But I took sweet revenge on her after her marriage.

Uncle could not fuck me in real sense except he sham pocked me a few
time when I was sleeping.

One night I slept early and I got up when I felt a hand on my thigh. It
was dark and I did not move. I was scared, but I heard mother doing
some thing in the kitchen. I was on my stomach and his hands were now
inside my panties, feeling my kuruchi. He lifted the skirt and pressed his
face into it kissing and licking my naked thighs, globes and in between
them. My heart was pounding so heavily, I thought it would burst. He
traced my slit from beginning to end pushed into both the holes! Then
God! He climbed into the bed and sat below my butt! He pushed my panties
to one side and put his big hot rod into my crack! He pressed the wet
tip against my butt hole. I was limb with fear and excitement. Then he
was laying over me supporting himself with his hands. He moved his rod in
my slit. Then with his knees he closed my thighs and my thighs and ass
tightly enclosed his rod. It was burning hot there. Then he moved it
fast like stabbing and finally ground his groin onto my ass crushing and
squeezing. His rod jerked and leaked some thing. I thought he pissed.
Then he got up fast and cleaned me there with a cloth and left after
kissing my butt. I lied there motionless for hrs wondering the pleasure
and force of real fucking!

I still feel sad that we could not do it properly and he could not even
see my ‘kuruchi’ well. I could not suck his rod too. He tuned my mind
for sex but could not enjoy it! Soon he finished his study and joined
Army. He married a beautiful girl with a nice bottom and have 2 children
now. I had some more good experiences before marriage. But my ‘kuruchi’
is still wet for him….

Thank you.