- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Child's play
[Author] unknown
[Type] more family

Chapter 1:  Happy Birthday!

My name is Samantha and I just turned 18 yesterday.  For my birthday, I got some wonderful gifts, like
this diary, but I think I should back up and tell you who all is going to be in this before we get carried

Samantha- narrator (me), 18
Allan- my dad, 43
Cathy- my mom, 40
Jeff- my brother, 16

Now that you know who I will be talking about, let me tell you what happened yesterday:

As I said, I had my birthday yesterday.  My parents threw this hugh party at the local pizza place with
all my high school friends and people from around our neighborhood.  I had a great time and it was by
far the best birthday I'd ever had.

I thought all was over, but my mom made a comment I should have questioned on our way back home:
"Do you have any plans, dear?"

Plans, on my 18th birthday?  Well duh!  "Well, gosh, Mother," I answered sarcastically, "did you and
Father want to go through the photo album on this memorable day with me, so you can remember how I
got so nervous at my first recital that I threw up?"

I heard my mom chuckle from the front seat.  "Such a sense of humor," she teased.

All was dropped as we neared our house.  Jeff, had left with some friends at the party, and us three
carried the presents into my room.  After the stuff was on my bed, my parents smiled at me and my dad
said, "When you are done, come see us in the den, we have the 'adult' birthday present for you."

A car!! Well, that was the first thing that came to mind, err.. rather what I was wishing for.  "Sure," I said
as I took off my jacket.

I didn't actually put anything away, where do you put things like that?  So I went to the other end of the
house, where the den was located.

My parents were reading their "parent" magazines:  Good Housekeeping and the like.  Both looked up at
me as I entered the room.

"Sit down, we want to talk with you," my dad said.

I sat in a beanbag on the floor.  My parents sat on the floor next to the beanbag, one on each side.

My mom took my hand and said,  "Now that you are 18, and have always been quite beautiful, boys are
going to want to do things with you."  She paused, examined my questioning face and continued, 
"Your father and I feel that we have an open relationship with you, and we don't want you to get used in
ways you shouldn't with boys, and don't want you to be embarrassed doing sexual activities simply
because you have never done them."  She looked at my father, he looking lovingly at me, and said,  "W

Well, what the fuck was I to say?!  "My parents want to teach me about the birds and the bees?", was
all I could muster.

"No,"  my father said slowly.  "Not quite, we want to show you.  Interactive like."

I was slightly shocked, I mean my parents have always been my parents.  But I was still a virgin and
quite curious.  Maybe I was just supposed to watch them and ask questions.  But I just sat there, like a

I felt my mother squeeze my hand a little and at the same time my father leaned down to kiss me.  Lips,
tongue and everything.  Before I could do anything, I felt hands under my shirt, roaming up my torso. 
My mothers hands.

My father became more forceful in his kissing, and I didn't know what I was supposed to do, so I closed
my eyes and relaxed my open mouth.

He ran his tongue over my teeth and sucked lightly on my tongue.  I could feel my mothers hands
stroking my breasts over my thin lace bra.

My father stopped kissing me and stood up.  He started to undo his jeans and my mother, her hands
still on my breasts, leaned down and kissed me.  Although overwhelmed by my parents, I noticed a
tingling, like when I see Jeff, totally built and wet, walking around in a towel, looking for clean clothes.

My mothers kissing was less forceful, more sensual and I started kissing back.  Her hands had moved to
my back, trying to unhook my bra.  I leaned up to give her room.  My father, stripped down to his
boxers, was moaning.  I looked up at him, stroking his cock, already very hard.

My bra was almost undone and my mom straddled me at the hips, still flicking her tongue in my mouth. 
"Come on, baby,"  she said soothingly.  "Let's take your shirt off."

I sat up, lifted my arms above my head and let her pull it off.  My dad, still stroking his cock, pulled his
boxers off and kneeled next to me.  "Look, sweetheart, all hard and ready cause of you."  He leaned
down and kissed me.  My mother unhooked my bra completely and I felt it loosen up on my breasts and
hard nipples.  She pulled the cups down and ran her finger over my nipple.  "So hard," she said.

My dad licked the other nipple and sucked on my breast.  I fell back on the beanbag, gasping from the
new sensations.  My father, still sucking, nibbling and teasing my breasts.

My mother left briefly and came back with a cardboard box.  She sat it down on the floor toward my feet
and started slipping out of her clothes.  As she undressed I noticed how well my parents bodies had
aged. My dad, still taut and tan in the right places. My mom, curvy and smooth.

My dad's hands, roaming over my flesh, started to unzip my jeans. I straightened my legs to straighten
the zipper.  My mother, now naked, pulled my jeans down to mid-thigh and spread my legs.  She sat at
the end of the beanbag and ran her palm over my young but full snatch.

My dad was sucking on one nipple and pinching the other.  He got up and straddled me under my
breasts, throwing his cock, tip glistening, in my face.  "Look at it sweetheart, see the cum at the end. 
Taste it."

Looking up at his face, his lips parted as he stroked his cock, I ran my tongue over the tip.  He moaned
and arched his back.  "Taste is some more,"  he offered.  "Touch it, feel it."

I looked at it, all hard and reddening.  Touching it, its heat vibrated out.  I felt a finger, slide through my
cunt.  As it touched my clit, I moaned.  "See baby,"  I heard my mom say.  "This is what we wanted, for
you to know what it would be like, in a safe place, with people you trust."

"Do it again, Mom,"  I heard myself say.

"Not yet, we have other things to do."  I felt her lift my legs up and pull my jeans off.

Still holding my dads throbbing cock, I licked more of the cum.  The tip was soft and the cum tasted
good.  I held the base with both hands, my dad playing with my nipples again.  He leaned forward as I
took the tip in my mouth.  The cum was warm and I took more of his hard cock into my mouth.  "Yeah,"
my dad said. "Suck that cock for me."

My mom was taking off my panties, running her hands over my stomach.  I took all I could take of my
dads cock and ran my tongue around it my mouth.  He pinched my nipples harder as he moaned deeply. 
I felt my mom spread my legs and sit between them.  I started to move back and forth on my dads cock, a
little faster each time.

"Yeah, baby,"  he said.  "Make, Daddy, come."

I started going faster along his cock.  Faster and faster.  He was moving with my strokes, in and out. 
"Oh yeah, oh yeah, baby,"  he said.

My mom, not saying anything, spread the lips of my cunt and flicked my clit.  "AHHH!" I screamed. 
Letting go of my dads pulsating cock.

"What?"  my dad asked.

"I don't know,"  I said, not sure what she did, but knowing it felt good.

"I flicked her,"  my mom said.

My dad did a slight chuckle.  He got off my chest and leaned down to kiss me,  "Your mother loves

My mother rubbed my clit.  "You are already soaking.  You better get a towel, Allan.  We haven't even
broken her cherry."

My father jogged out, very erect cock bouncing all the way.

My mother continued to rub my clit, sliding down toward my hole.

She leaned up and licked my lips.  "Your father's cum always tasted so good,"  she said before kissing
me again.

My dad came back, a bath towel in his hand.  "Got it,"  he said.

My mom looked up.   She stopped rubbing my cunt and grabbed the towel.  She patted my ass with it,
which I didn't know had cunt juices running down it and laid the towel over the end of the beanbag.

My mom stood up, and reached for my hand.  "Come on, something new,"  she said as I reached my
hand up to her.

I stood up next to her, feeling warm juices running down my leg.  She held her finger out, "Taste

I let her slide her finger in my mouth, the moist juices warm and sweet.  She took her hand out and licked
the tips of her fingers, "You do taste good, baby."

My dad sat in the arm chair, his cock still fully erect.  My mom moved over to the box, me in tow.  I
looked down to see tons of "toys".  Dildos of all sizes, nipple clamps, strap-ons, of course I had never
seen any of this in person yet.  My mom leaned down and grabbed a strap-on dildo.  She put it on
slowly, glancing up to make sure I was watching.  "See, very simple,"  she said as she took it off.  "Here,
slip into it,"  she said and handed it to me.

It was quite different than what I had seen in catalogs and heard of, instead of fabric covering the crotch
it was open and it wrapped around the legs.  I stepped into it and pulled it up.  After it was all the way
up, my mom adjusted the legs and waist so it was snug and secure.  The cock was beige and a little
larger than my dads.

"Spread your legs a little, dear,"  my mom said.

I spread my legs and she ran her fingers along the underside of the crotch, making sure the hole was in
place.  "Perfect fit,"  she said.

My mom then laid down on the beanbag and spread her legs.  "Come here," she said.  She motioned for
me to sit between her spread legs so I kneeled down.  She moved her hand to her snatch and spread her
pussy lips.  "Touch it,"  she said.

Looking at her glistening pink lips, I ran my finger down one, then the other.  She pulled her hand back,
and pinched her nipple,  "Touch some more,"  she breathed, laying her head on the beanbag.

I parted her lips and stared at her cunt.  Pink and wet.  I ran my finger down over her clit.  She twitched
and I pressed my finger on it.  "Oh yeah, that's the spot, baby."  she said softly, playing with her

I looked over at my dad, watching us, his hand going in long, slow strokes over his cock.  I looked back
down at my moms open pussy.  I slide my finger up and down her cunt, rubbing her clit.  I drew my
finger closer to her hole and slowly stuck it in.  She moaned and arched her back.  I moved my finger
inside her and pulled it out.  Feeling brave, I lifted my moms knees up and spread her legs wider.  "That's
it, oh yeah,"  she moaned.

Her pussy, now more exposed was getting pinker.  I felt my own juices dripping down my kneeling legs
and I remembered the strap-on.  I lifted the cock up and ran the tip down her cunt to her ass.  My mom
was moaning more and more, I placed the tip at the edge of her hole and plunged as deep as I could go
in one stroke.  She sat up and screamed, 'AHH!"  Thinking I hurt her, I pulled out.  She fell back on the
beanbag.  "Oh baby, don't stop," she said as she fingered her clit.

I put the head of the cock in place and pushed in again, gentler.  "Oh yeah," she said, so I started
pumping.  Back and forth, I felt her juices moisten the cock and fabric.  Getting into it, I wanted to tease
her so I slowed down.  I leaned over and licked around her nipples.  She moaned again and I took her
nipple in my mouth.  So warm, soft but hard.  I felt hands on my ass and I turned around.  My dad was
behind me.

"It's ok darling," he said.

I went back to my moms nipples.  Sucking and nibbling.  Soon I felt something soft on my pussy lips.  I
looked down to see my dad licking them.  He spread my lips, flicked his tongue at my clit and took it in
his mouth.  I stopped moving from the sensation and leaned up.  My mom started to slide up and down
on the strap-on, rolling her hips and pinching her nipples.

"Do it now, " my mom said, strained and out of breath.  I looked down, watching her fuck the strap-on. 
"Fuck me, Daddy,"  I said.

"Almost, sweetheart," he said, "it's almost time."

I started matching my moms strokes, unfamiliar with this feeling of wanting.  I put my hands on her hips
and pulled her ass up.  My dad started flicking my clit with his tongue and sliding his finger in my hole. 
I felt the tensing again, stronger and all over.  I pushed into my moms pussy with all my weight.  I leaned
down and started licking her nipples, sucking her breasts.

My dad got up and kneeled behind me. He ran his cock over my dripping juices.  "It's time," he said.

I couldn't hear him in my world of sensations and he pushed me down, on top of my mom.  She leaned
up, kissed me, hard and wanting, still fucking the cock, wrapping her arms around my back to hold me to
her chest.  I felt my dads hands moving over my ass and the tip of his cock rubbing over my clit.  "It's
only once, baby, we wanted it to be special,"  he said.

My dads put his hands on my waist and I felt him push into me from behind.  I was pressed onto my
mom, still kissing each other frantically.  My dad kept ramming against my pussy.  "Oh yes," he
muttered, "you're so tight."  He started slamming harder into me and I couldn't keep up with fucking my

I leaned up on my knees and my dad wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to his chest.  His
strokes going deep and hard.  Loving every minute of it I started equaling his thrusts.  My mom turned
around on the beanbag, with her head at my crotch.  She unsnapped the strap-on cock and started
licking my clit. She took the cock and started fucking herself with it.

My dads strokes got faster and harder, leaning toward my ear he started taking dirty, "Come on.  Fuck
me, baby. Yes, make Daddy come."  My inner thighs were soaked with my juices and my legs were
turning to jelly from these tensing waves. "Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me good,"  I said.  "Daddy will, baby,
Daddy will,"  he answered and he started really slamming into my cunt, deep as he could go.

My mom got up and moved the bean bag across the room.  She kneeled in front of me and started
sucking my nipples.  Moving her hand to my cunt she started rubbing my clit.

"Oh, God, you're so tight.  That's right, grip Daddy's cock,"  my dad was saying.  The tensing waves
were getting closer together, like contractions, and I felt like I was going to black out.  My moms warm
mouth on my nipples, her hand frantically rubbing my clit.  I felt a whole body tensing and I screamed,

My dad screamed at the same time too and inside my cunt it felt hot.  He pushed into me and started
twitching.  Hot liquid running down my leg while my mom still rubbed my clit.  The tensing came again
and again and it wouldn't stop, waves of pleasure.

My dad could tell I was still coming and he continued his strokes, short and hard.  My mom stopped
rubbing my clit but started pinching my nipples and running her tongue along my gaping mouth.  My
dad reached his arm down and took over for my mom, rubbing my clit.  "So juicy," he said.

My dad stopped mid-stroke, he slowly pulled out, still firm.  My dad leaned over and kissed my mom on
the cheek, "Your turn," he said.

My mom pulled me away from my dad and he laid down on the floor.  My mom moved down to his cock
and started licking the head.

"Come here," my dad said. "Let Daddy taste your cunt."  I kneeled over his face, facing my mom and he
started running his tongue around my hole, slowly running his finger over my clit.

I was vibrating from the post-orgasmic touches and I couldn't hardly breathe right.  My mom took all of
my dads cock in her mouth and started frantically going up and down.  My dad started moaning and
flicked his tongue over my clit.

My dad told me to turn around so I could bend over.  I turned around, facing away from my mom and
bent over, him still moaning from my moms activities.  I felt something cool on the entrance to my hole. I
looked over my back and my dad was running a hugh dildo all over my cunt. It was much bigger than
my dads cock.  My dad kept running it over my clit and up and down my pussy lips.  I kept watching my
mom sucking my dad, going up and down, her tits hitting his balls.

Finally she stopped and straddled his waist, over his cock.  She spread her pussy lips and sat down on
his cock.  She rocked back and forth, rubbing her clit.

My dad inserted the dildo and this time I felt it, hugh and textured.  "Does it hurt, baby," my dad asked.
"N.. No, don't stop," I stuttered back.

It hurt, but it felt sooo good.  I felt its every move, in and out, in and out.  My dad started sucking my
clit and I felt the tensing again, stronger now.  I felt my cunt wrap around the hugh cock inside me and I
told my dad, "Deeper, Daddy, fuck me deeper."

My dad started forcing the full length of the cock in my pussy and nibbling my pussy lips.  My mom
started going up and down thrashing her head and moaning very loudly.

My dad took my clit in his mouth and pulled and sucked on it.  The cock sliding in and out, faster and
faster.  "Oh yeah, oh yeah.  Yes, yes,"  I heard my mom saying. I looked back and she was ramming my
dads cock as far as it would go, fucking it deeper and deeper.

I felt another strong wave and my legs gave out, my body twitching.  My dad lifted my ass up and kept
the dildo going in and out, deeper and deeper.  He rubbed my clit with his finger, running his tongue at
the top of my hole, licking the trickling juices.  "More, Daddy, don't stop,"  I said frantically.  He took
the dildo and licked all around my hole, sucking the juices.

My mom had slowed down and was just rocking back and forth, rubbing her clit. "I think you've had
enough for now, sweetheart," he told me as he was kissing my cunt, still licking and sucking the juices.

"Honey, you need your rest, you'll be very sore,"  my mom said, unmounting my dad.

My dad left the dildo in my cunt and got up with my mom.  They picked up their clothes and left the
room, holding hands.

Still ecstasy-weary, I turned to my back, my legs up and spread wide.  I took the dildo out and rubbed
the tip over my tender clit.

I put my legs down and laid there, panting on the floor.  I put the dildo on the floor next to me and laid
there til I caught my breath.  I fingered my clit again, not as tender, but still swollen.  I didn't really know
what to do so I got up and took my clothes and went back to my room.

Chapter 2:    The Morning After

I couldn't really sleep, just kind of thought and remembered.  I explored my body as I lay in the dark. 
Never having touched even my breasts in a sexual manner I found them quite sensitive.  I spread my
legs and caressed the hair of my pussy.  I teased my clit a couple times, almost nearing orgasm.

I woke up with my thighs and ass hurting, but as I moved to get up, it was a hurt that reminded me of
the pleasures from the night before.

I decided to write what happened down, which is where I am now:

I leaned up from my diary and stretched my back.  I got up and went for the door but there was a box in
front of it, wrapped for my birthday with a card.  I opened the card, "Samantha, we hope you are not
embarrassed but rather are more sure of yourself as you experiment on your own.  Mom and Dad".  I
went back and put the box on my bed.  I tore the wrapping off and opened the box:  full of toys like my
parents box was, but with K-Y Jelly and some more clamp things.   I closed the box and put it

I left my room and went to the bathroom, doing my morning routine.  As I took a shower, I continued to
rubbed at my clit and explore my pussy area.

All fresh and clean, I went to the kitchen for breakfast.  My parents were gone at work and I guess my
brother wasn't up yet cause all was deserted.  I made some toast and started down the hall.  Jeff
appeared at the door of my room.

He had a smile on his face and motioned for me to follow him.  I followed him to the living room where he
told me to sit on the couch.

"I heard you had a great time last night,"  he said.

"Umm, sure,"  I stammered.  "You were there, remember?"

"I sure was," he said.  He un-muted the TV and pressed PLAY on the VCR.

All of a sudden I heard my moms moans as the picture showed someone moving through the house. 
The picture got steadier as it neared the den.   My heart stopped as the picture filled with me fucking my
mom with the strap-on.  My dad was still on the chair, slowly stroking his hard cock, watching us.

Jeff paused the tape and I looked up at him, my mouth gaping.

"So, again I ask if you enjoyed last night."

I didn't even know what to say.  He pushed PLAY again and left the room.  I didn't know what to think
or do, I just sat there holding my plate of toast as I watched last nights' escapades.

I watched intently as my dad came around behind me and broke my cherry.  I don't even remember any
pain, just the intense pleasure of his hard cock sliding in and out.

The tape continued playing but I came to my senses as I watched mom start to suck my dads softening

I pushed PAUSE and went to find my brother.  I walked around the house and found him laying in his
bed with the curtains closed and under the covers.

"Come here,"  he said as he saw me at the door.

I went over beside his bed and he wrapped his arm around my neck and pulled me down to him.  He
licked under my chin and up to my lips.  "I want you to teach me, big sister,"  he said as he threw the
blankets off to reveal his naked body.

He pulled me closer and started to kiss me, his tongue roaming my mouth.  His hands ran to my breasts,
rubbing the nipples through my shirt.

"I can do more for you than they did last night," Jeff said, letting go of my neck.

He stood up in front of me, a little taller than me, and pulled me against his hard cock.  He started kissing
my neck and running his hands over my ass and thighs.

My brother has always turned me on, and I ran my hand down to the small of his back and pulled him
closer toward me.

His hands went under my shorts and panties, caressing my ass cheeks while still kissing my neck.  My
legs started to turn to jelly again and I leaned my head back.  He kissed down to my chest, running his
lips over my hardening nipples.

He laid down on the bed, pulling me on top.  I felt his cock growing harder between my thighs.  I spread
my legs and straddled his waist.  I sat up and pulled my shirt off.  He reached up and started unhooking
my bra in the back.  As it came off I leaned down and started licking around his nipples, running my
tongue lightly over them.

Jeff ran his hands up my back to behind my neck and through my hair as I played with his nipples. I
kissed up to his neck and ran my hand under his head, kissing behind his ears.

He started moaning and his hands moved to my breasts.  He pulled my loosened bra down and cupped
his hands over my breasts, squeezing the nipples between his fingers.  I sat up and pulled my bra off,
Jeff's hands still running over my breasts.

He rolled over to be on top and lifted my legs.  He pulled my shorts down and then my panties.  He ran
his finger along my pussy lips.

"So sweet,"  he said.  He kneeled on the floor next to the bed and pulled my ass to edge.  He put my legs
on his shoulders and spread my cunt lips.  "So very sweet," he said as he rubbed his finger over my clit. 
It was a bit tender but watching Jeff's naked body touching mine had made me forget any pain.

He licked around my hole with the tip of tongue, slowing going in circles.  He slipped his tongue in and I
moaned with the sensation.  I locked my legs around his neck and started caressing my breasts, slowly
going over the nipples and cupping the bottom of my breasts.

He ran his tongue along my cunt down to my ass.  Moaning louder with such pleasure I started to arch
my back.

He flicking his tongue on my clit and my nipples got harder and harder.  Pinching them I let out a scream
as Jeff kept running his tongue over my slickening cunt.

He grabbed my ankles and stood up.  His cock fully erect and ready, he slid in easily and started
pumping.  He slammed harder and harder.  Jeff was grunting with every stroke and we started shaking
the bed.

I could feel his hard cock sliding in and out, going deeper and deeper.  "Harder, Jeff, fuck me harder,"  I
cried out.

"Ok," he mustered.  He put his hands on my hips and kept thrusting faster and deeper.   "Oh, God,"  I
uttered.  "Yes, oh yeah,"  I said a little louder.

Jeff stopped, a sweat sheen all over his body and pulled me up from behind my back.  "Let's do this," he
said.  He pulled out and stood up straight.  He grabbed my hands and lifted me up,  I stood up and
looked at his face.  I never before noticed that "male" look in him, but he had it now and I could feel his
heat vibrating in the room.

He kneeled on the floor and pulled me down so I was kneeling too.  "Lay down, on your side," Jeff
instructed.  I laid down on my left side, facing him and he pulled my right leg around his waist.  He
straddled my left leg and moved closer to my ass.  He leaned down and entered slowly.  My pussy was
dripping and he slide in as deep as he could.

His hand was tight on my thigh as he sped up his pace, slamming hard against my swollen clit.  Each
impact making me shudder and gasp.  "Oh yeah, Jeff, fuck me deeper,"  I said, lips trembling.

"Ok," he said as his strokes got short and hard.  He moved closer to my ass and his thrusts got deeper. 
"Oh, yeah, yes, yes," was all I could say.  The familiar tensing of my orgasms was starting to grip Jeff's
cock.  "AAAHHHH,"  he screamed as his orgasm hit.

I felt his warm cum, his cock got harder and his strokes deeper.  He arched his back and yelled again, a
second wave of orgasms enveloping him.

"Don't stop," I begged, almost climaxing with his torrent of grunts.  He started again, sliding easier with
cum coating his cock.

"Hard, Jeff, I need it hard," I said frantically.  He leaned down putting his hands on the floor beside me
and slammed me again and again.  I could feel the warm cum dripping down my leg and over my ass.  I
screamed and the orgasm took over.  I kept repeating "Don't stop, Jeff, don't stop,"  as more waves hit
me.  He slowed down and started kissing my neck.  "Ooohh, yeahh," I said as I wrapped my arms
around his neck, bringing our sweating bodies together.

Still going slow, Jeff moved down to kissing my nipple, licking the sweat from my breasts.  I arched my
back when he sucked a nipple, "Ahhh,"  I moaned.  I laid on my back, exhausted and gasping.  Jeff
kneeled back up, pulled out and grabbed my hand,. "Come on, you'll need some TLC."

I could barely stand and he carried me to his bed.  I laid down, facing him and he got in beside me.  He
got close and pulled the covers over us.  He kissed my forehead and wrapped his arm over my waist.  I
was suddenly tired and weary.  I remember the smell of his skin and of his whispering, "Don't worry, I'll
take care of you."

Chapter 3:  Changes in the Mind

I slept very peacefully and woke up in Jeff's arms.  He was still asleep and I looked at the bed-side clock. 
It was just 12:40p.  I guess we had been napping for about an hour.  Thank God our parents were gone
til at least 6p.

I looked back at Jeff and I took a long look, examining his face. I sat up on my elbow and just stared at
him.  I ran my finger tentatively over his lips, soft and warm.  I felt his breath on my hand and I ran my
finger across his cheek.

His eyes opened and I backed away, startled. He reached about took my hand, kissed the back and said
"How do you feel?"

I sat up and my stomach muscles screamed in pain.  "Ahh," I said as I sat on the edge of the bed.

Jeff sat behind me and laid his chin on my shoulder, "I know it hurts, but I'll take care of you," he
whispered and kissed my neck.

He wrapped his arms around me and moved to sit closer against my back.  He felt warm and comforting,
like a true lover should.

I leaned against him and sighed, overwhelmed with the past 24 hours.  He held my hand on my lap and
gently kissing my neck and shoulders.

"Jeff?"  I said.

"Hmm," he muffled.

"What have I done?"

"What do you mean?" he asked quizzically.

"Sex with my parents, with my brother?!"  my voice raising.

"Do you feel bad about it?  Like its something you shouldn't do?"

I stopped, thought about his touches and about last night, losing my virginity the people who care for
me the most.  "N.. no, I don't," I finally said.

He ran his hand up to my chin, turned my head toward him and kissed me lightly on the lips.  I looked at
him and he smiled, his eyes shining.  I kissed him, fully, my hand moving to behind his head, pulling him
closer to me.  He kissed back, our tongues mingling.

He pulled me down to the bed with me laying on him on my back.  He ran his hands to my legs and
started massaging my aching thighs.  "Oooh, mmm," I moaned.

Jeff gently caressed my legs and stomach.  I took his arm and kissed his hand moving to lick the tips of
his fingers.  I put my hand together with his and squeezed.  He squeezed back and I somehow knew our
sibling relationship had changed and moved above to lovers, forever entwined in our caring for each

- - - SpiraL - - -