- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Porno Family
[Author] unknown
[Type] more family

My older sister, Lauren, was always a wild girl. Even when we
were kids, she would do crazy shit that challenged the status
quo. So when she got pregnant at 16 by an older guy, it didn't
really surprise me.
She married the asshole that knocked her up, had two more kids
and moved to Los Angeles in the space of four years. My parents
disowned her and we never talked about them for as long as they
After mom and dad died, I found myself a lonely and confused
young man of 28. I drifted around the country trying to find
myself. I had kept in touch, against my parents wishes, with my
sister during this time. Keeping her up to date on the deaths of
our parents, etc.
She was now 32 and divorced. Her husband had moved out to L.A. to
get into movie producing and had met a fair amount of success. He
got fed up with the "business" after 15 years and just split with
a younger woman. Lauren was a strong headed bitch, I guess, and
had gotten the huge house and quite a nice settlement after all
of this. She and him had always seemed happy together, so it took
me by surprise when he split.
I had broken up with the latest in a string of crazy girlfriends
and was feeling like shit when I talked to her. When she told me
to come out and stay with her, I pretty much dropped everything,
caught the next flight and was there within 24 hours. I called
her from the airport, she sent a limo! for me and I arrived at
the door of the house that would change my life forever.
I knew that Jim had done well, but not THIS well. The house was
located in Beverly Hills and it could easily be called a mansion.
Not gaudy or tacky as I soon found a lot of the other houses in
the area to be, but a nice, understated display of enourmous
Lauren greeted me at the door wearing a jet black one piece
bathing suit. Since this is a sex story, I should probably get
the description of her out of the way. My sister is a fox. Stone
cold fox. Jet black hair and beautiful blue eyes and a dark,
olive complexion. She was always athletic, her swimming trophies
lined our shelves (until she left, of course) when I was a kid.
The only thing that kept her, physically, from being an olympic
swimmer was her huge fucking tits. They were the talk of all of
my horny friends. And I often played with myself at night
imagining what they looked like. Well, when she answered the door
that day, I was thrilled to see that she had taken REALLY good
care of herself. Being the wife of a big Hollywood producer
probably lent itself to keeping oneself in shape, and she had
DEFINITELY kept herself in shape. Her long legs rippled with
aerobicized muscles and her eyes seemed bluer than ever. And
those tits! Firm, luscious as ever; proud. Proud tits. That was
She let me in, we caught up on our respective lives and she
showed me to my room. She told me to come down to the pool as
soon as I felt like it. I took a piss, changed into my trunks and
found my way down to the large, secluded pool.
"Well, you have certainly grown UP!"  She said upon my arrival at
the pool.
She was right. Most of the shitty jobs I had were of the manual
labor variety, my body is good... No, fuck that. My body is
terrific. I've learned since I've been here that guys spend hours
at the gym to get a body like mine. So there. I'm happy with
myself. Fuck you.
Lauren has three kids. Timmy, the oldest, 16. Lori, 14. And Rich
who's 11. They're great. Really great, I found out later. Don't
worry, I'll get to that.
The kids all caught the acting bug and had been doing commercials
and guest starring roles on T.V. Lauren beamed when she spoke of
them and loved shuttling them around to their auditions.
Sometimes Timmy drove them, but when they got acting jobs, she
loved being the "set mother" and also, by law was required to be
there on the set when they were working. That was going to be my
"job". I would be the set guardian.
Over the next couple of months, I got to know the kids better.
They're bright as hell and mature for their ages. Timmy looks
like a young male version of Lauren. Black hair, blue eyes. He
looks much younger than 16, which helps him out with the acting
thing. Generally, producers like to use kids who look older to
"play younger". He'd hit puberty at 15, but was blessed by not
having to go through some akward stage. The changes he was
experiencing agreed with him. He seems more comfortable with
himself at 16 than I do now, if you can belive it.
Lori is a little Lolita. Danger in a five foot package. Shoulder
length blonde hair, a tight trim body and an ass that make men
thank God that they're not gay. She hasn't got her mother's
breasts, but she does have her sense of adventure and rebellion.
More on that later. She's started to sprout, but very subtly.
Rich is a little terror. 11 years old going on 30. Mischevious,
playful and a mop of curly black hair. The boys got their
mother's coloring. Rich also has these pouty little lips
that....well.... I'm getting ahead of myself....
The next few months at my sister's house were fairly uneventful.
She "mothered" me. My only responsibility was shuttling the kids
around to auditions and jobs, and even that wasn't really a job.
It was great getting to know my niece and nephew.
The real news was the sexual tension that started with me and
Lauren beginning the first day I arrived. I'm not going to bore
you with all of the details, but we usually found ourselves in
the jacuzzi or the pool after dinner while the kids were doing
homework or learning lines.
Like I said before, my only sexual experience with my sister had
been fantasies when I was a horny kid. Then, in the last few
months as a horny adult. Our late night pool talks invariably
turned to sex and she would relate stories to me and I to her and
I would end up in my bed, alone furiously jerking my cock,
thinking about her and those lovely breasts.
The first time it happened was in late July. We had had our usual
sex discussions when she suddenly blurted out,
"You know, Tom, you've got to quit jacking off so much. You're
going to hurt yourself"
I got embarassed as hell and tried to bluff my way out of it. She
just stopped me with that look of hers and explained how she
could hear the headboard of my bed thump against the wall. (Our
bedrooms are next to each other.)
"What do you think about when you're playing with yourself,
little brother?"
It was my turn to stump her...
"Well, sis, I'm usually imagining what it would be like to run my
dick between your tits."
I thought that would shut her up, but almost before I finished,
she pulled the top of her suit down to her stomach and sat up on
the edge of the hot tub.
"You mean these?" she said holding a breast in each hand, "you
want to fuck your big sister's big tits?"
And that's how I started fucking my sister. That night she sat me
up on the edge of the tub and sucked my dick like it had never
been sucked before and I ended up fulfilling a life long fantasy
when I showered her beautiful mams with my spunk.
By the end of the week we were fucking like our lives depended on
it and soon after I was sleeping in her bed almost every night.
One night she popped a porno tape in the video machine at the
foot of the bed and sucked me off while I watched. After I came
in her mouth she lay there for a while cleaning me up with her
mouth and playing with my dick.
"Tom, you ever thought about doing porno. You've got the
equipment for it. This thing is huge. You should share it with
the world."
"Ahhh shut up. You're just saying that."
"No, I mean it. If you ever want to get into it... I know some
I looked at her like she was joking. There was something in her
eyes that said she wasn't but she just laughed it off after a
second. I should have known.
Of course, with three kids in the house, I felt pretty weird. I
mean, what kind of example were we setting for them. Every time I
mentioned it to Lauren she just shrugged it off and told me not
to worry about it.
One day, after about a month into our incestuous fling, I had to
gaurdian for Lori. The job generally consists of sitting in a
dressing room and reading. Actually, that's all it consists of so
that's what I was doing when Lori walked in. She was doing some
stupid sitcom about kids in junior highschool. She was playing
the girlfriend of the lead boy. She always played the sweet
innocent girlfriend of the lead boy.
Well they were rehearsing scenes that she wasn't in, so she had
some time off, which was often the case, so she lay down in the
bed opposite the couch I was reading on and opened a book. We
read in silence for a while when she sat up and asked me this:
"Uncle Thomas, are you and mommy doing it?"
My face flushed red, I stammered for a minute.
"What do you mean?"
"Oh don't be stupid. Doing it. Are you and mommy doing it?"
This kid is incredible. There is never any lying to her.
"Yeah, Lori, we're doing it" I sighed, "does that bother you?"
"No. Not at all. I'm glad mommy's finally getting some."
This little phrase took my breath away.
"Getting some? Where did you learn to talk like that?"
Lori sat up on the edge of the bed and leveled her little stare
at me.
"I know a lot of things, Uncle Thomas, you'd be surprised."
She lay back down and began reading her book again. Conversation
over. Done. That's how it is with Lauren's kids. In, out... No
That night, I relayed our conversation to Lauren.
"She's jealous."
"What do you mean, she's jealous?" I asked.
"She obviously wishes it was her."
I just shook this off. There was something in the way that they
said things that left no room for doubt. If Lauren said
something, it was true.
"But aren't you worried that it might...."
"Oh shut up, Tom. You heard her. She's glad her mommy's getting
fucked properly. She's probably in bed right now playing with her
little pussy imagining what it's like to get a good fuck."
I was shocked and told her so. "I can't beleive you talk about
your kids that way."
She just looked at me and laughed. "You are sooooo sweet, little
brother. You're so cute sometimes."
She gave me a playful pat on the head and kissed me. Her hand
traced a trail down my chest to my cock. She wrapped her fingers
around it and began lightly pulling on it.
"Ooooh, you're already a little stiff. Did thinking about your
little 14 year old niece playing with her pussy turn you on?"
I couldn't believe she said this. My look at her probably told
her this.
"Oh, Tom, don't be such a prude. I'm just playing."
There was that look again. Something about it said she wasn't
just playing, but I didn't give a fuck as she lowered her mouth
over my thick head. She adjusted herself between my spread legs
and drooled a big, sloppy glob of spit in her fist on my
hardening cock and started jacking, using the spit as a
"Lori's hand probably couldn't fit around your big cock like mine
does, but I bet she's love to try..."
"C'mon, Lauren, cut it out...." I said feebly.
She looked up at me and gave my cock a quick lick.
"Shhhhhh, baby brother. Just let go."
Lauren clamped her mouth over the head of my dick and started in
on one of her patented mind blowing suck jobs. She worked her
mouth in time with her hand. Up and down, using her hand to cover
the area of my cock that she couldn't get to with her mouth.
Recently, she had taken to tickling my asshole with her other
hand and she was continuing on this jag now. She started pushing
her finger in when I jumped a bit. The sensations on my cock were
getting to me, but I wasn't used to anything up my ass.
"Let me go a little further, Tom. I won't push it in too far. I
I relaxed my ass and after a minute or so she was able to get her
finger in up to the first knuckle.
"Yeah, that's it, little brother. Let your big sister stick her
finger up your dirty asshole."
She likes to talk when she gives me head. I like it too. She
always refers to the fact that we're brother and sister. It makes
it nastier. She gets on a "nasty jag" occasionally. Who am I to
complain. If my big sister wants to talk dirty to me, by God I'm
gonna let her.
She used her shoulders to spread my legs wider and continued
sucking my cock. I could see her tits mash into the comforter
with each stroke of her mouth. I let out a moan. She took her
mouth off of my hard tool.
"Yeah, Tom, just think of your little 14 year old niece sucking
your big cock while her mommy watches. Does that turn you on?"
What the fuck. I was gonna go with it.
"Yeah. I want her little hand wrapped around it, pulling all of
my jizz out."
Lauren gave me a little smile. She was impressed. I could tell.
"Oh yeah, baby. My little girl, jacking off her big, nasty uncle Thomas.
You'd like that, huh? Having a little teenaged sex slave for your very
own. A little blonde girl sucking on a big mansize cock. Trying to get her
hand around your big pole while she tried to fit your fat cockhead in her
little innocent mouth."
She clamped her lips over my prick again. The finger in my ass
went in a little further.
"Oh, God, sis.... That's so good..."
She took her mouth off long enough to say "....tell me more."
I was getting off on this. She has a way of getting inside my
fantasies and letting me go.
"Yeah, sis. I'd make your little girl suck me off all the time.
I'd pull her little panties up into her hairless snatch so the
lips stuck out the side...."
My sister moaned.
"...You'd sit on the bed playing with your hairy muff as I fucked
your little girl's face."
"Ohhhhh Uncle Thomas, your thingy is soooo big...." Lauren said,
assuming the role of her daughter. "...teach me how to make it
shoot. Please, uncle Thomas. I want to see how a big, nasty man
makes cream...."
This was getting good. I grabbed the back of my sister's head and
forced her mouth further down on my prick. I started pumping in
and out of her mouth like it was a deep pussy. I could hear her
gagging as it hit the back of her throat.
"Is your uncle's thingy too big for you, little girl?"
I leaned my head back on the wall and shut my eyes. I was getting
"Too fucking bad, you little slut. You little seventh grade slut.
You're gonna take all of your nasty uncle's cock in your throat."
Lauren pushed her finger further up my bunghole as I forced more
of my dick into her face.
"That's right, Lori. You fuck my ass and I'll fuck your pretty
little face. Your dirty slut mommy wants you to learn how to suck
your uncle off and eat all of his nasty cum."
Lauren gagged as I pushed another inch into her opening throat. I
was getting off on this but good.
"Yeah, little slut, gag on my big dick. I'm gonna shoot my cream
for you just like your mommy wants any second now."
Lauren suddenly pulled her mouth off of my engorged tool and
began jacking furiously. The saliva from the deepest part of her
throat was a fucking insane lube for her handjob.
"Shoot it for me, uncle Thomas. Show me how you make cream. Mommy
wants me to make you cream. If I don't she'll make me lick her
dirty asshole again. Please shoot it!"
It was like she was punishing me for making her gag. She plunged
the rest of her finger up my anus and began tickling my
"Mommy says I'll have to lick your shit off my finger if you
don't cum all over me, uncle Thomas! Please cum."
I opened my eyes. This is the image I was met with: My big
sister, with her finger all the way up my ass was jacking me off.
Her huge tits were bouncing furiously up and down with each,
quick deep stroke. But, there's always a but, the thing that
REALLY got my attention was over on the side of the bedroom. It
was her. Lori. Peeking through the door. Staring at me. With the
most beautiful smile on her face that I have ever seen. She was
nodding. As if to say "Yes, thank you..." I freaked.
Somehow, it didn't seem real though. It couldn't be. This was the
kind of thing that was supposed to be "damaging" to young
children. Why was she smiling?
"She's here." I managed to gasp. Lauren didn't hear. Maybe I
didn't say it. She just kept on pumping.
I couldn't tear my eyes away from my little pre-teen niece in the
"Oh, Lauren... Stop... Lori... Lori's...."
Lauren was still in the role-playing fantasy, it seemed.
"Lori's gonna get a big faceful of your cum...." She panted.
"Shoot it all over me. Shoot it."
Between the furious pace of her hand, the finger twisting in my
ass, the fantasy that we had just acted out and the possibly real
object of that fantasy I started to cum.
Thick creamy wads of my seed started spurting out of my enlarged
cockhead onto my sisters face. I was still staring at my young
niece, but I could actually hear the spurts hitting my older
sister in the face. Plus, since we had watched so many pornos
recently, I knew that she got some weird thrill out of having me
cum on her face. Playing "porno star" had become one of her
favorite games and tonight was no different.
It was like I was pissing sperm. It seemed to be coming from the
soles of my feet, pulling every part of my being with it.
Lori, if she was actually there, had a perfect view of her mother
getting drenched by my come. Her eyes traveled down to her horny
mom. I looked down too. She was possesed. The pace of her hand
had not slowed one bit and she was still twisting her fucking
finger around in my bunghole. The spunk shot out of my cock, hit
her face and what didn't stick, dripped back down into my pubic
hair, forming a puddle in the curls.
"There's so much, Tom. It's beautiful." My sister panted.
"More... More.... More...." We locked eyes as the last spurts
dribbled out over the top of her hand.
I was lost in this moment, staring at my sister's cum covered
"That was amazing, Tom." She whispered and began licking all of
the spunk off of my cock and balls. I sat, gasping as she licked
it off of my pubic patch. A small pool had formed in the crook
between her thumb and forefinger. She was about to lick it off
when she got a mischevious look in her eyes. She held her hand up
about a foot from my face.
"Wanna try it?"
I crinkled my nose. I tried not to look disgusted, but the
thought of eating my own cum (or anyone's for that matter) was
NOT appealing to me.
Lauren laughed her laugh and shook her head.
"All in good time... All in good time. You don't know what you're
missing, little brother."
She brought her hand to her mouth and began lasciviously licking
it off, staring at me the whole time. She then pulled her finger
out of my ass and stuck that in her mouth too. I was amazed. It
was probably the sexiest thing I had ever seen.
Lauren had this look on her face like she had some private joke
as she sucked her finger. Although I am WAY in on that "joke"
now, it only confused me at the time.
"What?" I said.
"You're funny... That's all..."
I sat there trying to figure her out. She just lay there,
watching my cock bob in time to my heartbeat.
At this point I was coming back down to earth and looked over at
the door. Nothing.
"What now?"
"Ummm... I think Lori saw us, sis."
Lauren casually looked over at the door. Looked back at me.
"You have a good imagination."
"No. I mean it. I'm pretty sure she was there."
Lauren shrugged.
"So what if she was? I told you she's probably jealous. She
probably has a crush on you."
There was something about the way she said this that seemed like
she was testing me. Looking for a response. Well, two can play at
this game. I tried my damndest to look blank.
She giggled again and leaned up to kiss me.
"You're cute. Why don't you have a girlfriend?"
I could smell my cum as she kissed me. It always reminded me of
bleach. I couldn't taste it as she put her tounge in my mouth,
but her mouth had that warm, post-blowjob taste that only
comes... well... post-blowjob.
Lauren got up and turned out the light. We finally got under the
covers and snuggled close together.
As I was falling asleep, I swear I heard moaning coming from the
kid's rooms downstairs....
        (TOM)            PORNO FAMILY pt.2
I woke up bright and early the next morning with my standard
"piss hard-on". I looked over at my sleeping big sister and saw
the dried cum in her hair that she had failed to get in her mouth
the night before and was immediately reminded of Lori watching us
"play" the night before. As I got out of bed and went to the big
bathroom, I was struck with intense pangs of guilt. I had
fantasized out loud about getting sucked off by my own 14 year
old niece. Sick, sick, sick, I thought as I pissed in the warm
I had to guardian for the object of my pedophilic lust on her
sitcom that day. Lori was waiting for me in the living room,
looking over her script. She was wearing baggy black sweatpants
and a thin cotton tank top. I unhooked the keys to the Beemer
from the kitchen hook, tried my best not to make eye contact with
her and said "Let's motor".
I drove to the sounds of her repeating French phrases. She would
listen to her French language tapes on the way. She had taken up
this "hobby" about a year previously. I could barely speak
English, for Christ's sake. These kids constantly amazed me.
On the way to the dressing room, I tried not to watch that ass of
hers as it bobbed and weaved beneath the black sweatpants. A
truly wondrous ass if ever there was one.
As I said before, I would usually read while she went on with her
work day. The dressing room was quite large, like a motel room,
with a bed and small kitchen and couch and t.v. I plopped down on
the couch and shut my eyes. Lori pulled her wardrobe out of the
closet and went into the bathroom to change.
"Long night, Uncle Thomas?"
I pretended not to hear. The less said about last night, the
better. I heard a giggle from the other room and then her walk
into the room where I was.
"I know you're not asleep yet."
I opened my eyes, continuing my charade.
"Huh, what?"
She was sitting on the edge of the bed in a short skirt, tying
her shoes. One foot up on the bed and the other on the floor. I
had a pervert's eye view of the flowered panties in the lovely
valley between those long, brown teenaged legs. She was
concentrating on the shoes, so I continued surreptitiously
glancing at my niece's crotch.
"Long night last night? That's what I said."
She brought her knees up on the bed together, making no attempt
to cover herself, tucked one side of her long blonde hair behind
one ear and looked at me, perhaps "catching" me staring at her
lovely panties.
I took a deep breath. "Maybe."
She stood up, smiled that fucking mischievous smile and opened
the door.
"Not maybe, Uncle Thomas. Definitely."
She HAD been watching. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Now she was fucking
toying with me. For some fucked up reason, this excited me. My
cock started growing in my pants. I sat up, embarrassed, trying
to hide my erection.
She giggled.
"Don't make a mess..."
She was gone. I was fucked. My little niece not only that I was
fucking her mother, but fantasizing *with her mother* about her.
What had I gotten myself into?
The rest of the day, whenever she would have some time off and
hang out in her dressing room, I made clumsy attempts to fill the
air with small talk. Lori seemed to take pity on me and went
along with this. I guess she felt guilty about teasing me and
probably knew that I was uncomfortable as hell.
The t.v. set in the room also served as a monitor for the series
that she was working on so we both sat on the sofa and watched
for a while as the director set camera angles, ran through the
scenes with the other actors and then taped the scenes. Whenever
there was a pause, I would continue my nervous chatter about this
or that. Apparently, Lori had had enough.
"You're funny." She said, leaning an elbow on the armrest.
"Funny? What do you mean?"
"It's okay. Really."
Again, I tried to feign ignorance. Never kid a kidder.
"What's okay?"
"Oh, quit it, Uncle Thomas. I don't mind."
"Ummmm, what don't you mind?"
Lori shook her head.
"I don't think you want me to be graphic, do you?"
I shook my head.
"So, quit with the dumb act, okay?" I was going to have to fess
up. Fuck.
"You *did* see, then?" I said. She nodded. Shit. I paused. How
would I explain this to her? "I'm not sure what exactly is going
on with your mother and me..."
"Your *sister* and you, you mean..."
"Uh.... Yeah, Lori... Yeah... I know. It's incest, it's wrong...
But last night... Sometimes adults, they play games...."
"... during sex."
"...yeah, during sex. Um, they're just games. They don't mean
She stared at me for a moment. Searching my eyes.
"So you don't *really* want to fool around with me, then?"
"No. No... I don't." I'm a bad fucking liar. Lori shook her head.
"Then why are you hard?"
She was right. I was. She was teasing me again. I couldn't take
it. I exploded.
"Goddamnit Lori! Stop it. Just fucking stop it, okay?! You're 14
years old! Fucking stop it! NOW!"
The outburst shocked both of us. We stared at each other. Lori
looked down, sad.
"I'm sorry, Lori."
"No... I'm sorry. You're right. It's not fair of me to tease you
like that. I won't do it anymore."
She smiled and offered her hand to me.
We shook hands.
"Friends." I replied.
Soon after, she had to go and work. I felt very proud of myself
that I had shut the door on a potentially explosive situation.
Wasn't I mature?
I made a silent vow to myself and the rest of the day went off
without incident.
The little bitch had played me like a fiddle...
When we returned, Lauren was out back, in the hot tub (I think
she lived there) wearing that fucking black onepiece.
"Hi, little brother. How was your day?" She had a gleam in her
eye. I didn't know what it was. Then. I do now.
I was all business. I pulled a chair up next to the tub and
explained to her what happened that day and how we had to stop
fucking and that I was going to sleep in my own room and try to
find a job and move out....
I went on for probably 20 minutes, remaining calm and explaining
how dangerous our relationship was. Lauren listened intently to
every word. Not moving, not speaking. She didn't have her usual
snappy comebacks and thankfully, seemed to be taking me
I finished. Lauren paused maybe 2 fucking seconds.
"So you're going to take that nice, fat, cock of yours away from
I couldn't believe it. I had just lay my soul on the line.
"Lauren! Listen..."
"No, Thomas, you listen. We're fucking. That's all. If you can't
deal with your guilt, leave me out of it. You turn me on. I don't
care that we're brother and sister. We're adults. I know that I
get you off like you've never gotten off before, so if you want
to fuck that up, go ahead."
She sat up on the edge of the tub and dropped the straps to her
bathing suit. Her enormous breasts jiggled on her chest. She held
one in her hand, pinching the nipple that sat on her wide areola.
"I know that you love my big tits, Thomas."
She pulled the crotch of the suit to one side with her other
hand, exposing her hairy, black, snatch.
"And my pussy... I know that big fucking cock of yours likes it
in my pussy."
I stood up, my erection obvious in my pants.
"See" she said "see how hard you are now?"
My resolve was getting weaker. Lauren's firm voice changed to a
"Let me see it... Please let me see your cock, little brother."
I don't know if she had somehow hypnotized me, or what, but
before I knew it, I was fishing my tool out of my fly and showing
it to my panting sister.
"Now spit on your hand and jerk it for me. I want to see you jerk
it off..."
I followed her instructions and began stroking myself, standing
on the edge of the tub while she pushed two fingers in her cunt.
"God, Thomas. I swear, I've never seen a cock like that. It's so
beautiful. Keep jacking, keep jacking it for me."
She stood up and pulled her suit off while I continued
masturbating. She bent down in front of where I was standing and
backed herself onto my cock. As I entered her warm hole, we both
sighed with pleasure. I looked down and watched as she fucked
herself on my hard cock. My sister, for reasons I would later
learn, didn't trim her pubic area at all. The thick, black curls
almost completely hid her full pussy lips from my view and I
started humping into the mat of dark hair.
"Yeah, Thomas. You're splitting me in two with that monster. Fuck
your big sister's hairy cunt with that big cock. Fuck it. Fuck
Her nasty talk was all I needed to break me out of my "trance". I
grabbed the sides of her full ass and started pounding in and out
of her. She reached between her legs and began pulling on my sac
and playing with my balls.
Lauren closed her legs together, increasing the friction on my
I was pissed that she was able to manipulate me like this, so I
fucked even harder into her. I had set out to end exactly what
was going on now and she had somehow managed to make me forget
all of it in a matter of seconds.
"Take it, you fucking whore. Take my big cock." I sneered,
pumping into her.
"Yeah... I'm your fucking whore sister. I'm so nasty. I'm a
nasty, evil lady."
I had no idea how true these words were.
"I'm gonna fill you up with my cum, you whore. I'm gonna shoot
into your big, nasty cunt. You want that, you slut?"
"Yeahhhhh, oh yeah. Come on, Thomas, shoot, shoot, shoot! Fill it
up. I want that juice."
There was a film of sweat forming on her back. It was always a
sign that she was getting close to cumming. I didn't want her to
orgasm. I think that was my only way of "punishing" her.
"You're gonna cum, huh, sis? You're gonna get your cum, aren't
She could only grunt.
"Well, fuck you."
I pulled quickly and jacked myself off into my other hand. I
could hear her cries of "No! Please!". She turned around and
tried to hold onto my cock. I backed off and finished shooting
into my hand. She knew what I was doing.
"You fucking asshole!"
She started trying to rub her hairy muff to bring herself off. I
quickly put an end to that and roughly pushed her on to her back
with my foot. Her head hit the deck of the tub with a loud thud.
I knelt across her chest, pinning her arms to the ground and
began rubbing my cum all over her face.
"There, you bitch. That's all the cum you're going to get from
I roughly rubbed my juice all over her face. She turned her head
from side to side, trying to escape. She couldn't. She was
pinned. Her huge breasts formed a nice pillow for my ass. My

From jefk@qnet.com Sun Sep 17 12:39:40 1995
Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories
Subject: Story from my files-[2/7]
From: jefk@qnet.com (Highlander)
Date: 17 Sep 1995 17:39:40 GMT

slimy, deflating cock left a sticky trail on her neck. I had her
face gripped in my hand like a ball.
"Eat it." I said, holding my palm an inch from her cum covered
face. "Lick it off."
It was her turn to follow orders. She complied, greedily licking
the remaining spunk off of my hand. I then scooped up a few globs
on her shiny face and flicked them in to her mouth.
She peered at me with those blue eyes.
"You're right, Thomas. I've been a bad girl. I'm sorry."
Unbelievable. She was continuing the game.
I stood up and left. Leaving my big sister writhing naked on the
deck with a sticky sheen of my drying jism on her face.
I did sleep in my bed that night. She had come in as I was
falling asleep to make sure I was sure. I was.
"Suit yourself." She said and turned out the light and closed the
I woke up in the dark, who knows how many hours/minutes later,
getting the best blowjob I had ever received. The warm mouth made
love to my cock as it sucked it in and out. Fine with me. If
Lauren wanted to suck me off in the middle of the night as an
apology, who was I to complain? Her technique was impeccable as
ever. She used her hand to trail her mouth as it ran up and down
the length, pausing occasionally to breathe and furiously jacking
on it as she licked around the engorged head. She would then
squeeze tightly on the base and suck on the ridge just below and
lightly scrape the shaft with her teeth.
I kept my eyes closed as Lauren brought me off. Her mouth plunged
down once again.
"Like it, little brother?" The voice in my ear whispered.
"Yeah, sis...."
The voice in my ear? How could that be? Her mouth was occupied
with my dick, how could she talk?
I opened my eyes. Shit. As my eyes adjusted to the bright light
and my brain adjusted to being awake, I was able to make out what
was going on. The big news was that my sister had tied my hands
to the bedposts with two of her bras. The other news, the really
big news was Lori kneeling between my outstretched legs giving me
a world class blowjob. Lauren lay next to me on her side, her
head propped up on her hand, watching my reaction.
"She's good, huh?"
Lauren reached her other hand out and began caressing my chest.
"That's it Lori, good girl..."
Lori took her mouth off my cock and pumped her fist up and down
over it. She looked up at me and smiled.
"Hi there, sleepyhead."
Mother and daughter laughed at their fucking joke. I tried to
"What the fuck is..."
"You're getting your cock sucked, Thomas. See?"
She lifted my head up and stuck two pillows underneath basically
"forcing" me to watch her 14 year old daughter suck me off.
Lori dropped a big gob of spit into her hand and pumped some
more. She looked at me and then her mother and said "You were
right, mommy, it is big. I've never seen one this big. It's
really cool." She then resumed the bj.
"Lauren," I said, trying to be reasonable "this is wrong. This is
so fucking wrong."
Lauren looked confused. "It is?" She said, looking at my blood
engorged cock pumping in and out of her daughter's sucking mouth.
"It doesn't look like your big dick thinks it's wrong." My hips
had taken on a life of their own. She was right. "Honey" she said
to Lori, "do you think that you're doing something wrong?" Lori
took her mouth off of me and began rubbing my cock all over her
face. "No, mommy. The only thing I'm doing wrong is not being
able to get it all down my throat."
I closed my eyes. The lights were so bright. I supposed that my
eyes hadn't had time to adjust.
I felt my niece's mouth start sucking again.
"See, Thomas. Nothing's wrong. It feels good, doesn't it?"
I moaned and nodded. It did. It felt beautiful. Little Lori was
moaning while she sucked, sending vibrations through my cock. She
twisted her hand around the head and the base near the balls,
covering the entire area.
"It feels... It feels.... So... Uh.... gooooood." I managed to
"Are you going to come soon?" I nodded. The sucking stopped.
"Don't cum yet, Uncle Thomas" the voice from my crotch said.
"Yeah, you still gotta fuck her."
My eyes shot open. That was Timmy's voice. My nephew. I looked
over to the side of my bed. There, in his underwear, was 16 year
old Timmy. He was pointing a video camera at his sister who was
lightly pumping on my dick. That explained the bright light.
"Oh my God...."
I looked around the room. Timmy, running the camera, sporting a
telltale hard-on in his white briefs. Lori was still gripping my
cock and adjusting herself up onto her knees. And Lauren, my
sister, Lori and Timmy's mother, who gave me a sweet smile and a
"Smile. You're a movie star...."
This was fucked up. My sister, somewhere along the way, had lost
her mind.
I groaned. "Oh fuck."
"Okay, Uncle Thomas, I will!"
I looked down. Lori was now squatting over my dick. The head was
poised at the entrance to her lovely little 14 year old pussy.
There was only a minuscule patch of light blonde fuzz surrounding
her rosy, pink cunt lips. Her whole body glistened with a light
coating of sweat that shone in the light that her older brother
had set up. As she rubbed the fat head of my prick across her
pussy lips, I couldn't help but admire her budding tits and flat
teenaged stomach as her chest heaved with excited anticipation.
She was beautiful.
I was broken out of my reverie by my sister and her children's
"You got a good close-up of that, Timmy?"
"Yeah, mommy. You think it will fit?"
"Oh yeah, Lori's little pussy can take anything, right honey?"
"You bet, mommy. I can't wait to get this fat cock in my cunt.
See how it's dripping?"
Timmy spoke again. "Do it sis. Fuck that big cock."
As my nephew said this, Lori dropped down on my dick. We both
gasped as it penetrated her tight box. Lauren and Timmy both gave
audible gasps too. The room was silent for a moment. Lori just
sat there on my cock, getting used to the sensations, her face
contorted with pain and concentration. Finally, she exhaled
deeply and looked into my eyes.
"That is some big dick you've got there, Uncle Thomas..."
The family broke out in laughter at Lori's joke (That's what I
think they call it).
"Timmy get a good angle of this." She said to her brother. Timmy
sat on the bed next to me, his white briefs next to my head. I
could smell the familiar sweat of "teenaged boy horniness" as he
lined up a shot of my dick in his little sister's pussy.
"Got it!" he said "Start fuckin'!"
Lori spread her legs wider and put her hands on her knees, giving
Timmy an even better shot of our incestuous coupling. She then
began "riding" me, slowly rising up and then squatting back down
on my prick.
She looked past me and spoke into the camera. "I love fucking my
Uncle's big prick. He's got the biggest cock I've ever fucked.
This is the first time he's fucked me, but believe me, it won't
be the last!! " She said this with the most beatific smile I had
ever seen on her. It was similar to the smile she had on her
commercials. It was as if she were selling a product; her Uncle's
big cock. My cock.
"Fuck me, Uncle Thomas. Fuck your little niece with your big,
nasty dick!"
She began riding me faster and faster. Her little blonde snatch
stretching obscenely each time she lowered herself all the way
Timmy was filming this with one hand and lightly caressing his
penis with the other. His young dick had, at some point, popped
through the fly in his briefs. I could hear his shallow breaths
as he played with the top of his knob.
My sister rubbed my chest lightly, leaned over to me and
whispered "Welcome to the wonderful world of kiddy porn..."
I turned my head to her. She must have seen the disbelief in my
face. She gave me a conspiratorial look, brought a finger to her
lips and said "Shhhhhhhh.... Don't tell..." She stuck her finger
in her mouth, wetting it with her spit and traced a trail past
her heaving tits, through her thick pubic patch and plunged it
into her vagina. Lauren worked it around for a minute and then
sat up, indian style and offered her finger to her daughter. Lori
sucked on it furiously as she continued to hump my cock.
"Get a shot of this, Timmy."
She repeated the action of feeding her daughter her cunt juice
several times when Lori finally spoke.
"I think he's gonna cum, mommy. It's getting bigger!"
This girl was good. I didn't know how many times she had been
fucked, but she was right. Through my shock and anger and
disbelief, I was still a man. A tight teenaged pussy is a tight
teenaged pussy and the combination of that and my cock was going
to make some come soon. Real soon.
Lauren spoke authoritatively."Timmy, give me the camera."
Timmy quickly handed his mother the video camera. She scooted
back towards the head of the bed where my arms were tied. Lori
leaned back on her haunches and my throbbing dick snapped out of
her young pussy with a pop. The next thing that happened blew my
Timmy quickly joined his sister at the juncture of our crotches.
He looked at his  mother for what seemed to be an okay signal. He
then spit in his palm and grabbed my dick and began jacking me
As if tying me up and getting me to fuck her daughter while her
son videotaped it wasn't enough to send me into sensory overload,
Lauren was now orchestrating my first "gay" experience. Although
getting a handjob feels the same, no matter who does it, this was
a first for me. (It wouldn't be the last, believe me.) I
considered myself pretty open minded; live and let live and all
that, but this was too fucking much. I had to stop this!
But, goddamned if that kid wasn't GREAT at it. I was speechless.
It felt too good to protest. My cock had sent a message to my
brain to just shut the fuck up and let my nephew do his magic. I
did. Boy did I ever.
Lori was the first to speak. "Ooooh yeah, big brother. Jerk our
uncle's big cock all over my little pussy. Make him shoot his
cream on my cunt, Timmy. Jerk it off. Jerk him off for me!"
My sixteen year old nephew twisted and pulled on my cock. The
combination of his little sister's pussy juice and his spit made
a slick lube that allowed him to pump me off with no resistance.
Lori pulled her labia apart with her fingers and squatted over my
swelling cock. "Make it shoot, Timmy. I wanna see my nasty
uncle's load. Cum for me, uncle Thomas. Pleeeeeeze...."
"Gosh, Uncle Thomas, your prick is so big. Do you think mine will
ever be that big?"
Timmy was speaking to me as he pumped. I gave a nearly inaudible
"Can't you see he's about to cum, dummy? Just jack it, Timmy.
Make him cum and then you can ask him your silly questions."
"Sorry, sis" Timmy said. Later, I would learn that these little
exchanges were semi-scripted, but at the time, I was amazed at
how normal their conversations seemed. It was like they were
washing dishes or doing yard work or watching t.v. There was
something so sexy about the whole family talking to each other as
they basically committed a federal crime that my cock started to
As you have probably gathered, my penis is on the large side.
Well, it was never as big as it was the first time I started
ejaculating on my 16 year old niece's pussy. It swelled in
Timmy's hand as he pumped, the skin taut as the veins enlarged,
turning my cock into an angry, purple gun.
When the first glob was launched out, Lori sat back with her
hands behind her. Timmy, whose head had been dangerously close,
moved back to allow their mother, Lauren to get the cumshot on
tape. It landed with a plop an the area just above Lori's clit.
Timmy "aimed" my cock closer to her cunt lips and, sure enough,
the second shot landed right between her swollen labia. Timmy
continued pumping my dick onto his sister's pussy as Lori egged
me on with dirty talk.
"That's it, Uncle Thomas. You're shooting your sperm on my little
pussy. Look at all of that cream coming out of your big, nasty
dick. Keep it coming Timmy!"
"You got it, sis. Cum on her, Uncle Thomas! Look at all of the
cum, mommy."
I had never cum this much before in my life. Lori's pussy was a
mess. Thick streams of my seed clung to her hot snatch as her
brother pumped my dick.
"Good boy" said Lauren to her son."Make your Uncle shoot."
He continued jacking me off, spraying his sister's pussy with my
hot spunk. Finally, it stopped. Timmy squeezed my cock, pulling
the last bits of sperm out of the head. A small gob rested on the
head of my dick. He pushed it onto his fingers with his thumb and
held it up to Lori's mouth.
"Here ya go, sis. You first."
Lori, staring into my disbelieving eyes, gobbled it up.
"Mmmmmmm... You gotta try it."
Lori was looking straight at me when she said this.
It was at this moment that I realized that I should never fuck
with my sister.
Timmy removed his hand from my deflating dick. Lori stood up and
walked, straddling my body, up the bed to my face where she
crouched down.
I looked over at my goddamned pervert sister. She had been
following her daughter's movements with the camera. She pointed
the camera at my face and looked at me, holding the camera. "It's
your turn to eat it, little brother. Your niece has your dirty
cum all over her little pussy. Enjoy."
She moved the camera down to my face as Lori inched her cum
covered pussy closer and closer to my mouth. I'll be damned if
Timmy didn't start sucking me off. What got to me was that my
cock began responding to my nephew's mouth.
Lori began grinding her snatch all over my face, rubbing my sperm
over my pursed lips.
"Come on, Uncle Thomas. Be a good sport and suck the cum out of
my pussy. Please. C'mon, don't be shy. Timmy's not."
She was right. Timmy was sucking my cock like there was no
tomorrow. Lori pinched my nose. After a few seconds, I was forced
to open my mouth. I got my first taste of cum. My cum. The cum I
expected all of the girls and women who had sucked my cock my
entire life to eat. I guess I was atoning for my "sins" and
snaked my tongue out and licked a glob off of my 14 year old
niece's snatch.
The idea of it was worse than the reality. It was tangy as hell.
It tastes like, well, cum. There's no other taste. There was that
fucking chlorine smell, but the taste... Guys always want to know
what cum tastes like. Well, try it, it'll make a man out of ya...
"Clean her up, Thomas. Clean your niece's little pussy up."
I munched. I munched and munched on her snatch, licking as much
of my sperm off as I could. I pointed my tongue out and tickled
her swollen clit, licked up and down the lips, sucked on the
insides of her muscular thighs... everywhere. I left no area
I justified it in my mind as eating pussy, not semen. I was okay,
right? I mean, so what if I was getting a blowjob from a sixteen
year old boy, right. I was EATING PUSSY goddamnit!
So I liked the taste of my cum. So what?
"You're a good Uncle. You cleaned all of your nasty sperm off of
me! Thank you. Lori leaned down and gave me a sexy, wet kiss. We
explored each others mouths for what seemed like hours. Lauren
had the camera in close as her daughter tongued her incestuous
uncle's mouth.
Lori rolled off of me on the other side and looked down at her
brother who was furiously working on my freshly hard dick. She
looked into the camera and spoke again. "It looks like my Uncle
Thomas likes little boys too! We're going to have a lot of fun! I
can't wait, can you?"
On cue, everyone's favorite pre-teen brother, Rich opened the
door to my room and jumped on the bed next to Lori.
"Can I play too, mommy? Can I, pleeeeeeeeeeze?!?

Little 11 year old Rich had apparantly been watching for awhile
as well. His tiny boycock stood erect as he hopped up onto the
bed. He was completely naked as well and I got a view of his
white ass as he crawled away from my head towards his older
brother who was at this moment gagging on my cock.

"Yeah, little brother" Timmy said, spit dripping from his lower
lip to  the head of my dick, "come help me with this monster!"

He held it in his hand, offering it to Rich as my sister, Lauren
handed the camera to Lori and moved down to join her sons. Lori
sat near my head, leaning back against the headboard with her
legs spread as the three positioned themselves around my crotch.
She didn't bother to wipe the excess sperm off of my face.

"Got a good shot of this, honey?" Lauren said to her 14 year old

"Move to your left a little, Timmy. His boner's blocking your

Timmy did so as he and Rich traded grips on my swollen cock. My
sick sister looked up at me as Rich stared at my cock,

"You're gonna love this, Thomas. Rich is one of the best
cocksuckers in the business. I've taught him everything he

"Jesus, Lauren" I said as her young son, my nephew, began slowly
jacking the length of my spit soaked cock, "you're sick. What
fucking business?"

She silenced me with a look and brushed Rich's dark curls out of
his eyes and spoke lovingly to him.

"You think you can handle him, Rich?"

Rich, continuing to stare at my dick, pursed his thick lips
together in deep thought, considering her question as if she just
asked him if he could handle washing the dishes by himself. The
relaxed attitude of the family was unnerving. He squeezed my rod,
measuring the width; sizing it up. His hand didn't fit around it.

I groaned...

"I dunno, mommy..." Finally. He spoke. "It's bigger than
Timmy's... It's even bigger than Mister Kyle's.... Look... My
fingers won't even touch."

"C'mon, Rich" Lori said, cheering him on, "you can do it! Go for

Then he began. He took a couple of tentative licks around the
crown, moving his hand up and down on the base at the same time.
As he did this his mother cooed at him, whispering "Good boy...
Suck your Uncle off... Show him..." He would smile up at her, at
Timmy and at me and lewdly lick the length of my cock, bathing it
with his spit. Rich kneeled, his white bottom shining in the
light that had been set up and took the head into his 11 year old

The room was silent as my nephew began slowly moving his mouth
down my perverted cock. I couldn't believe I was still hard, but
I was fascinated at least at the sight of this young boy being
egged on by his mother to suck his uncle off. There was something
strangely tender about the way she gently pushed his head down as
more and more of my dick dissapeared into his mouth. His jaw was
stretched obscenely as I felt the familiar feeling of my dick
hitting the back of his throat.

He paused for a moment then Rich inhaled deeply through his nose.

"All the way, bro... All the way down..." Hissed Timmy.

All the way down was exactly what he did. Rich, my 11 year old
nephew, a kid who by all rights should be out playing baseball
and fishing and learning all sorts of misinformation about girls,
was deepthroating me while his sister filmed it! His young throat
bulged with my expanding tool as he excitedly took more rapid
breaths through his nose.

Lauren lovingly wiped the tears that gathered on the insides of
his eyes. "Good boy..."

Then "it" started. The thing that would make a "believer" out of

The kid started swallowing, milking my dick. His throat muscles
trying to pull my cock into his stomach. His nose was buried in
my pubic hair so my dick had no where to go. The feeling was
almost painful as the walls of his throat pumped the top third of
my cock.

An 'Oh God' must've escaped my lips, because Lauren looked up at
me and smiled.

"He's doing it, huh? He's doing the swallowing thing?" She said.

"I don't know what he's doing but..." My voice trailed off as I
was overcome by the feeling. My nephew was "making love" to my

Timmy finished my sentence for me; "...it's beautiful, huh? He
sucks so good, huh, Uncle Thomas?"

Lori quickly turned the video camera onto my face. "Yeah, Timmy.
It's good. It's good..." I wheezed. I thought that Lauren sucked
good, that Lori sucked good, even Timmy was incredible, but this
little boy was the best. 'This little boy was the best' I never
thought that that thought would ever be in my mind, but there it
was. I was getting the best head of my life from an 11 year old
boy. It's a strange world we live in, isn't it?

It gets stranger, trust me... But... Back to the matter at hand.

Timmy sat up and spread his legs, exposing his erect member. It
was, for a 16 year old boy, huge. It bobbed and danced as he
positioned himself so that his dick, from my line of vision,
seemed to be growing out of my thigh. The purple head dripped
copious amounts of shiny pre-cum that dripped down onto the
bedspread. I don't know what it was about our family, but I guess
that we were "blessed" with bigger than average tools.

He leaned back so his fat cock brushed up against his little
brother's forehead, leaving a slimy trail shining in the bright

"I want some too, mommy. I'm gonna bust!"

Lori turned the camera back to the "action" as Lauren kissed the
head of her son's dripping meat.

"Rich is busy with your Uncle, honey. You don't mind if your old
mother sucks you off, do you, Timmy?"

Timmy shook his head as Lauren spread the pre-cum up and down my
nephew's pole. She looked at me.

"So, Thomas... You probably think my boys are little faggots,
huh? That I've raised two little prissy little homos?" She spit a
gob into her fist and jacked Timmy a bit faster. "That kind of
thinking's gonna get you in trouble, Tom. You probably pull your
pud thinking about two chicks suckin each other's pussys... These
boys of mine fuck with the best of 'em. Right Lori?"

"Right, mommy" Lori said enthusiastiacally, "Rich and Timmy eat
pussy like no one else... and I just cream when Timmy pounds me
with that fat cock of his..."

Lauren took a loving swipe at Timmy's dick and spoke again. "My
kids like sex. Any sex. Any time. And I've taught them how
beautiful the human body is and that the only thing that's bad
about sex is shame. Shame..."

Rich began going for it. He pulled his face off of me and rammed
it down to the base, fucking my cock with his throat. He would
pause for a second here and there to do the milking thing with
his throat and then repeat the action again and again. I had
never felt anything like it. This kid was good. I don't think
that shame was in his vocabulary.

"C'mon mommy," Timmy whined, "do it..."

She looked at Rich, admiring his technique, and then looked at me
one last time.

"So don't you go trying to put these kids into some kind of mold,
'cause they're special... They're not homosexuals...  They're not
heterosexuals... They're not bisexuals... They're just the best
fucks you'll ever have..."

Yeah, yeah, yeah... What ever you say, sis... I couldn't
concentrate on this gibberish that was spewing from my big
sister's brain because at the moment my brain was occupied with
the sensations, both physical and visual, coming from my 11 year
old nephew's mouth.

Lauren took her oldest boy's cock into her mouth and effortlessly
deep throated him. Timmy gasped as his mother pounded her face
violently into his crotch. His cock, like mine, would dissappear
into a face and emerge coated with spit and then dissappear

Rich and Lauren locked eyes. It was as if they were competing for
the title of "best cocksucker" or something. There was something
angry, challenging about the two.

Both Timmy and I were breathing heavy and humping our respective
cocksuckers. Timmy looked into the camera that his sister had
trained on us and spoke breathlessly.

"My little brother's suckin' pretty good, huh? Do you like the
way he sucks my uncle? Oh yeah... My mommy's a nasty cocksucker
too. She's taking my whole cock into her mouth. I know that she
loves my by the way she sucks me....Ooohh my nasty mother's
suckin' me off... Suck it, mommy... "

This littany of dirty talk continued on for a while. Lauren
pulled her mouth off his dick and started rubbing it against her
parted lips.

"My little boy's cock tastes sooooo good. Do you want to taste
his young cock? Are you a nasty pedophile? Do you want to get
fucked by this teenaged prick?"

She then began rubbing the head of his prick against Rich's face
as he continued to suck me off. She continued speaking into the

"Look at my little boy, sucking his uncle's monster cock. He's
taking it all the way down his throat. He's only eleven years
old, you fucking pervert. Does that get you off? Watching little
kids fucking and sucking? It gets me off too. I love getting
fucked and sucked by little boys and girls."

My sister, I suppose, was trying to win a Kiddie Porn Academy
Award or something. Her intensity and passion was fascinating.
She was almost accusitory in her delivery.

"Do you like cock, Rich?" She panted.

"Yeah, mommy... I like cock and cunt and ass! I love it! Watch

He rammed his face into my cock again, burying his nose in my
pubes. He then began moaning, sending vibrations up and down the
length of it. Rich then pulled off and lewdly started rubbing my
slick tool all over his face, covering himself with the spit from
the recesses of his own throat.

"You like cum, too. Don't you Rich?" Lauren continued. "Timmy,
will you give your little brother a nice facefull of your
teenaged cum?" She beat her oldest son's meat even faster and
pointed it at Rich.

Rich looked up at his brother.

"Give it to me, Timmy. Shoot your spunk on me."

Timmy was not one to hold back and began firing creamy loads of
jizz at his little brother's face. Rich appeared to be in heaven,
although I don't think that heaven would be the place that
whoever was watching this particular home movie would ultimately
end up.

Rich squealed happily as more thick jets of cum soaked his face
and dripped down onto my rock hard prick.

"Yeah, Timmy! Shoot it! Jerk it on me, mommy. Make Timmy sperm on

She did. She jerked her oldest son's cock onto her youngest
child's face.

As the jets slowed, then stopped, Lauren squeezed the remaining
drops from Timmy's still hard tool and flicked them onto Rich.
Little Rich then began rubbing my stiff meat over his face,
wiping it clean, covering my dick in my oldest nephew's cum.

He then sat up, indian style and began working my prick with both
hands, using Timmy's sperm as a lube for my swelling dick.

"Uncle Thomas... My dirty mommy says that you shoot a lot of
sperm. Will you show me, please" Rich said, in a little boy
voice, "I like watching grown men make sperm come out of their
big, nasty penises. Show me how much sperm you have in your big
balls. Your weiner is so big that I have to pump it with both of
my little hands and use my brother's sperm to make it slick like
men like. Can you make it shoot that cream for me?"

The way that these kids talk never ceased to amaze me. Rich was
now transformed from an 11 year old cock sucking machine into a
curious pre-pubescent boy whose only innocent desire was to learn
about how men's cocks shoot sperm.

Lori bent over to get a better shot of her little brother's
ministrations on my dick. Her perfect ass was just to the left of
me and I could see her slick, parted teen pussy lips part as she
moved into position. I guess that a good "cum shot" was important
in Federal Crimes as well. Her mother snaked a finger into Lori's
sopping pussy as she settled into position.

"You'll get some more in a minute, honey. Just get this..."
Lauren whispered.

Rich had been continuing his "baby talk" during this and without
warning, my balls contracted and one thick glob of my spunk shot
straight up into the air, landing with a plop right back on the
head of my dick.

I spoke. Surprising myself.

"Here it is, you little fuck..."

Rich pointed the head towards his face as I erupted some more.
Since he was so small, the head of my tool reached up to just
below his breastbone. I fired five quick shots, one after the
other of thick sperm at his face as he continued to milk me with
his tiny hands. I could understand how perverts got off on seeing
tiny hands wrapped around their full grown penises.

"Yeah, Uncle Thomas! Lookit all of that cream!" Rich exclaimed.
"Mommy you were right, my Uncle's weiner makes alot of that man
cream!" His face was getting covered in my spunk as the shots
slowed to dribbles.

Lauren reached over to Rich and brushed his dark curls out of his
face. She held the top of his head with one hand and pushed his
face down again. He took tentative licks of the pools of cum that
had formed in his fist.

"It's good, huh Rich?" Timmy said.

"Yeah, Timmy. Just like yours."

Lauren then pulled his face up and displayed her son to the
camera like a prize catch.

"Show everybody at home your cummy face, son."

He smiled a toothy grin and slowly moved his face from side to
side, proudly "showing off" the results of his "work".
A facefull of cum. Something every 11 year old kid should have.

After a moment of this, Lauren spoke again.

"There's a lot of sperm there, honey. Do you need some help
cleaning it up?"

Rich nodded. "Yup! Uncle Thomas and Timmy made alot of it, didn't

"Of course they did. With a cute little boy like you around, how
could they not?" She said, sweetly.

She leaned over and mother and son began licking up the stray
strands of cum that covered his face and my dick. Timmy pushed
the head of his cock in between their faces and managed to
squeeze a couple of extra drops into the mix.

Timmy looked at me. "You like that, Uncle Thomas? Was that the
best suck job you ever had?"

I nodded. It was. Who was I to lie?

"Say it, Uncle Thomas" Lori said, pointing the camera at me.

I paused. Was this the kind of thing I wanted on "my permanent
record"? My perverted, kid fucking sister managed to slip the
entire length of my now flaccid cock in her mouth, greedily
sucking up the excess sperm.

"That was the best suck job I ever had, Timmy."

Lori whipped the camera back to Lauren and Rich. He looked up at
me and smiled.

"Thanks, Uncle Thomas!"

Lauren then took the camera from Lori.

"Okay, Lori honey, Rich...you know what to do..."

Rich stood up on the bed, his young cock standing proudly at
attention. He moved up and sat on my chest, the tiny knob about a
foot from my face. Lori moved right in front of him, facing me,
giving me a perfect view of her puffy, fur lined cunt.

"Give me a good fuckin', Rich" she said and sat down on his
swollen penis. She put her feet behind his ankles and squatted up
and down on his little tool. Her pussy juice dripped down his
tiny ballsac and onto my chest. Their mother caught all of the
action on videotape as her two kids fucked, inches from my face.

I felt Rich lean back, his hands resting on my knees as Lori
continued fucking him. The smell coming from their crotches was
delicious. I could see the tiny fuzz of dark pubes forming around
Rich's tiny sac as his boyprick fucked in and out of Lori's
teenaged pussy.

"Look, Uncle Thomas, my little brother's  fucking my little
pussy!" she moaned, "It's pretty, isn't it? His little weiner
going in and out of me..."

"Yeah, honey..." Was all I could say. I knew better than to

"You know what, Uncle Thomas? Rich can make sperm too, can'tcha,
Rich?" Rich groaned behind her, his balls slapped the pool of
juice on my chest. "Get ready, Uncle Thomas! Here it comes!"

She pulled his dick out of her, pointed it at my face and began
rubbing it. In no time, Rich began spurting his juice onto my

"Open your mouth, Uncle Thomas" she commanded, "don't let all of
that boyjuice go to waste.

I was exhausted, beaten. If my fourteen year old niece wanted me
to catch her little brother's cum in my mouth, I would catch his
cum in my mouth. My jaw opened.

I felt the matress move as my sister moved closer to me..

Rich shot about three globs of spunk into my open mouth. Boycum.
I was eating boycum.

"He likes it, mommy" Lori exclaimed, gleefully "he really likes

Lauren continued filming as her son shot his load into my waiting

"See, Thomas. It's not SO bad, is it?"

I heard Rich's muffled voice from behind his sister.

"He's eating it? My uncle's eating my load?

"Yeah, Rich" Lori said, "It's soooo sexy, Uncle Thomas. I love

Rich was spent. Lori leaned down and kissed me lightly on the
lips, licking a stray glob of her brother's cum off my cheek.

"I love you too, Lori. I love you too...."


Lori maneuvered herself off her little brother and bent over to
lick the excess sperm off his pink little prick. She squeezed the
base and pulled tiny droplets up his penis. A glob appeared on
the top of the shiny head. She snaked her tongue out and toyed
with the pearly drop of Rich's seed as her mother caught all of
the action on film.

Lori caught my eye and smiled as I watched her clean Rich up.

"You should get a shot of Uncle Thomas' spermy face, mommy."

Lauren moved the camera over and let it linger on my cum covered
face. A few of Rich's shots had missed my mouth and were
congealing on my upper lip and chin. Some of my cum was still
sticking to my forehead where Lori had rubbed her cunt.

Lori slid up my chest and started licking the stray cum from my
face, her blue eyes boring into mine, studying, watching.

There was a silence, a peace in the room as we recovered from our
orgasms. The only sound was the kid's heavy breathing as Lori
finished her cleaning.

Lori looked into the camera.

"I hope you liked Uncle Thomas as much as we did. He's got a big
one, huh? It looks like he likes sucking cock as much as we do.
Maybe you can come have a fuck party with us sometime. Hope it's
soon. Bye, bye . . . "

Her voice stopped as she kissed me deeply. Our tongues danced
together mixing her spit and her brother's cum into our mouths. I
closed my eyes and "made out" with my fourteen year old niece. I
was drained. Drained by my sister's children. Unbelievable.

"Okay, you two lovebirds, I quit filming." Said Lauren.

Lori immediately pulled away from me, giving me one quick peck on
the lips, and sat cross legged next to me. Rich moved off the bed
and turned off the bright light that had been set up in the
corner of the room.

"How was that, mommy?" Lori said.

"It was HOT, kids! I think we should do pretty well with this
one. We'll have to see what Mister Kyle does with it, though . .

They continued to discuss our "family orgy" as they called it, as
if I wasn't there.

"How about all of the cum I got on my face . . .?" Said Rich.
"Yeah mom," Timmy continued, "you were possessed when you were
sucking me! I thought I was going to pass out when I started
shooting on Rich!"

Lori interjected, " . . . and how about the way I got him to lick
his own juice from my pussy, Timmy? His look was priceless!"

Lauren casually leaned back against the headboard with her legs
splayed obscenely. We all got a view of her hairy muff and the
thick cuntlips that rested in the patch of fur.

"You kids! I love you! C'mere, Timmy. Give your old mother a

Timmy crawled across the king sized bed and hugged his mother,
his thick cock dangling between his legs.

"We love you too, mom. Thanks."

They kissed as mother and son do. The only thing that was wrong
with the picture was that just a few short minutes ago, mother
was sucking son's cock and jacking his sperm onto other son's

Timmy rolled around so his back was to his mother. She held him
in her arms and stroked his hair. She looked over him, to me, as
his eyes closed in post coital bliss.

"Well, Tom, what do you think of our little arrangement? Do you
think you can handle it? You'll never have to work another day in
your life."

"What the Hell are you doing, sis?" My wrists were sore from
being tied to the headboard.

"What does it look like, Tom? We're making home movies." Lauren
and the kids laughed at her "joke."

"Home movies that  paid for this house and are going to put us
through college and make it so we never have to worry about money
for the rest of our lives." Said Lori.

I looked up at Lori, who tucked a strand of her hair behind her
ear. "You're SELLING this? You're actually making . . . "

"Kiddie porn." Lauren said simply. "Yeah. The money they get from
t.v. and commercials is chicken feed compared to the cash we get
for this." She motioned to Rich. "Rich, put in a tape."

Rich jumped up from the bed and moved to the cabinet at the foot
of the bed. He opened the doors where the t.v. and v.c.r were. My
naked little nephew opened another door and looked at the line of
video tapes. He picked one and popped it into the v.c.r.

"That tape that Rich just picked is worth eight grand to us.
Every time one of the kids is in one, it's four grand in our
pocket immediately. All three kids, twelve grand. Every time
another one sells: Another four grand for each kid. Each tape,
Tom. Every tape . . .  They sell a shitload."

The screen flickered to life. Rich bounded back to bed his little
cock slapping against his tummy as he sat back against Lori, who
held him maternally.

The scene began. The quality was simple; a home movie. A title at
the bottom of the screen said "Lori and Timmy: Brother and
Sister. It was Lori and Timmy, on the floor, in a sixty-nine.
They looked younger. Lauren spoke again.

"This is about two years ago. It's one of Lori's first." Lori
sucked on Timmy's thick cock, loudly slurping as her hand trailed
her mouth. The camera lingered on her innocent 12 year old face
as it was invaded by her brother's cock. A "look up and smile"
was heard from offscreen and Lori obeyed, smiling sweetly into
the lens. She continued playing with Timmy's dick and, still
looking into the camera, planted kisses around the head of his
penis. She didn't look as sure of herself as she did when she was
sucking me off. It looked like she was a little weirded out by
being naked in front of the camera, like any NORMAL 12 year old
girl would be.

As the felony continued on the television, Lauren spoke again.

"Most of the kids that do these don't get as much, usually only a
grand or two, and they don't get the money each time a tape is
sold, either. But since Timmy, Rich and Lauren are in T.V. shows
and movies and "real" brother and sister, all the sickos out
there are willing to pay more. They like the idea that they can
see them on a silly sitcom where they're sweet, all American
kids, and then watch them fuck and suck like animals."

"Look how inexperienced I am, mommy" Lori said. "I remember this
one. God, I look like a dork!" She covered her eyes as if she
were watching an old ballet recital tape or something.

"I think it's hot" Timmy said "you look real young, too."

Lori looked over at Timmy. "I can SEE that you think it's hot,
Timmy." She teased, referring to his boner that he was stroking

The camera had moved around, focusing on the little hairless
package that Timmy was licking. Lori's tiny, pink, asshole winked
as her brother suckled and pulled on her completely hairless
pussylips. He would snake his tongue up his sister's snatch and
lightly bit her little labia and then lick circles around the
whole area. A male voice saying "get her asshole, Tim" was heard
and Timmy lifted his head a bit and began sucking and licking
Lori's pink rosebud. The girl moaned as her brother kissed and
licked her anus.

"You sure taught him how to suck a pussy, mommy." Lori said to
her mother as she watched herself get rimmed.

"Thomas," Lauren continued, "this is just a shitty little "loop"
too. We do productions on film that go for even more and the
profits pass right on to us."

"Oh yeah" said Rich, excitedly, "you should see them, too. We get
to go all over the world. We went to France and the Grand Canyon
and Hawaii and Japan . . . " He continued listing countries and
landmarks like a kid talking about his summer vacation. Lori, at
this point, had begun fingering his stiff penis as he watched her
get eaten on the t.v. I just looked at Lauren and shook my head.

"You're gonna get caught, sis. It's bad news..."

She just smiled and gave me a condescending look. "Thomas, if you
only knew just who was involved in this, you wouldn't be
worried... I'm not. Besides," she went on, "nothing can happen to
the kids. As far as any "law" is concerned, they're "victims".
It's me who has to worry. And believe me, I'm not! The people at
the top of this are... well, very powerful." She turned to watch
her kids fuck on the tape some more.

Timmy had one finger tracing Lori's winking anus and two fingers
on his other hand spread her pink pussylips and he was flicking
her exposed clit lightly with his tounge. Lori lifted her head
and looked back at him over her shoulder. She cooed softly as her
firm ass began moving in circles over her brother's face. I could
see from the movement of her shoulders that at least one hand was
still busy on Timmy's cock. To be honest, this was one of my jack
off fantasies from my youth with Lauren; when we were this age.
To be lying underneath my sister and licking her slit while she
sucked and licked on my hard penis was a "movie" that constantly
played in my horny teenaged mind.

The camera moved back around to where Lori was jacking on Timmy's
cock. She looked to whoever was filming for the go-ahead and then
dropped her mouth back onto Timmy's thick shaft. She wasn't as
timid. Whatever Timmy had been doing to her cunt had payed off,
because she was now sucking him with abandon. As she got more
into it, her long hair fell down, blocking the "action". A male
hand with a large diamond pinky ring reached out from behind the
camera and tucked it behind her ear. "Remember your hair, baby",
the gruff voice said. Lori looked up apologetically and returned
to her brother's dick.

Timmy commented on the scene. "That always used to be a problem,
remember, Lori?" She shushed her brother and turned her attention
back to herself on screen.

Timmy's legs spread wider and his hips began pumping his cock
into his sister's mouth. She pulled off and looked back over her
shoulder again. "You gonna shoot, Tim?" Timmy could only grunt as
the first globs of his teen sperm rocketed out of his swelling
prick, hitting Lori on the chin. She hurriedly stuffed his
exploding tool back into her mouth to catch his seed. Her cheeks
expanded as more cum was shot into her 12 year old mouth. From
the way she was breathing through her nose, it was obvious that
Timmy was feeding her a good load. A small bit of his cum
dribbled from her lips down his prick as she attemted to hold him
still in her mouth. "Don't let any more drip, Lori!" the
offscreen voice commanded. She looked a bit bewildered at the
"director" as if to say "You try holding all of this in YOUR
mouth, mister!"

I could hear Timmy suppressing a giggle on my left as he watched
his sister struggle with the mouthful of cum and his big teenaged
cock. Lauren gave him a simple "Shhh" and he stopped.

Back on the t.v. Lori carefully lifted her mouth off Timmy's
dick, still holding the cum in her cheeks. The camera moved back
and refocused for a moment as Lori sat up on Timmy's chest. She
lightly carressed his softening dick and brushed a strand of her
hair out of her face. Finally, the camera in place, an "Okay,
now" was spoken.

From the way she did it, it was apparent that this had been
worked out previously. Lori gave a sweet smile, slowly opening
her lips. As her teeth became visible, Timmy's thick sperm slowly
oozed out of her mouth and dripped down her chin.

I couldn't help it... My dick started to grow. I should have been
disgusted at the sight of my 12 year old niece scobbing her
brother's cum, but I guess that's why I am where I am now.

Anyway, Lori parted her lips and a fucking flood of Timmy's spunk
flowed out of her sweet little mouth, down her chin and neck and
onto her flat chest, where it broke into small rivulets and
continued flowing down her sexy, flat pre-teen stomach. "Good
girl!" the perv from behind the camera said in a throaty voice.
Lori brightened up at the praise of a job well done. There had
obviously been some SERIOUS manipulation going on here.

"Show everyone, honey" said pervert pinky ring. Lori opened her
mouth wide and the camera zoomed in to see the small globs of
spunk that clung to the girl's tongue. "Did you like sucking off
your very own brother?" said the voice. Lori smiled and nodded
exuberantly. "Yeah, mister Kyle. I love it when he makes cum. I
like sucking my big brother off and making him shoot!" She
gathered a few globs from the bumps on her chest and licked her
fingers. "I LOVE cum! I like to fuck and suck with older men and
women too!"

The scene faded to black on a close up of Lori and Timmy French
kissing, passing his spunk between their open mouths.

"It looks to me like that turned you on, little brother", said my
sister as she eyed my full cock. "Admit it. You like it. You like
watching little boys and girls 'play'. Innocent kids fucking and
sucking gets you off, too. Just like me..."

She was right.. She had me pegged. These kids (and the ones I
would be involved with over the next few years) were able to take
me to places sexually I never thought existed. Their innocence
and ability to play sexually with such abandon had been missing
from my sex life thus far.

"I... No..." I stammered. I couldn't admit it to her. I couldn't
admit to being an evil kid fucking pedophile, even though I had
just had the best sex of my life with three children. Lauren took
her hand off Timmy's cock, squeezed mine and whispered "Your cock
doesn't lie, Thomas." She gripped it harder, squeezing the clear
lube out onto the head. Releasing it and returning her attentions
to her oldest son's prick and the t.v. screen I knew that my life
would never be the same. If I only knew...

The title read "The Den Mother". It took place in a modest living
room. Lauren sat on the flowered couch naked from the waist down.
She had a cub scout top unbuttoned and arranged so her gigantic
tits were pushed up and out for easy access to whoever wanted
access. My sister's ass was resting on the edge of the couch with
her legs spread impossibly wide as Timmy knelt in front of her
and licked and suckled on her hairy pussy. He too had only the
top of a cub scout uniform on.

The quality of this tape was better than the previous one. There
were obviously different cameras as the shots kept cutting back
and forth. Also in the room were six other boys, ranging in age
from 10 to fifteen (which is how old Timmy seemed to be) all
wearing only the uniform shirts. All of the boys had hard ons and
were stroking them as they watched my sister get eaten out by her
son. A couple of the younger ones, including a ten year old Rich,
sucked on the older boy's cocks.

Lauren was casual in her attitude as she spoke to her cub scout
pack. "All right, kids. Today we're going to get our merit badges
for sex. This is your last test. I see that you all are familiar
with penis play. Are any of you virgins?" One boy, whose mouth
was occupied with another's dick raised his hand. "Jack. I didn't
know that. Okay. You'll be last. Make sure you don't cum." She
patted Timmy's head "Son, do your stuff. Boys! Gather round."

Timmy stood up and methodically plunged his tool into his
mother's snatch. The other cub scouts arranged themselves in a
semi-circle around the action. The ones who had been fellating
the other boys now simply fingered their respective "partner's"

As a close up of Timmy's young penis fucking his mother played on
the t.v. Lauren spoke to me. "Look at my hairy cunt, Tom. The
guys who make these told me not to trim my pubic hair 'cause the
freaks that watch the tapes like seeing young cocks fucking
really hairy pussies." There was something sexy about seeing a
nearly hairless teenaged dick penetrating an obviously older,
more experienced hole. Whoever was making this knew their stuff.
I was used to seeing "straight" porn. All of the starlets had
impossibly trimmed snatches and the sight of a real pussy was a
turn on.

Timmy fucked his mother for only a couple of minutes, and then,
without warning pulled his dick out of her and began spraying her
cunt with cum. Thin jets of it splattered obscenely over her
thick lips and black bush. Lauren held her labia open and Timmy
shot a couple more globs into his mom's pussy. "Thank you, scout"
Lauren said in an official voice and Timmy moved away and sat
with the group of other boys.

A skinny kid who looked to be about eleven took his place. "May I
clean you, Den Mother?" he asked. Lauren nodded and the boy knelt
between her legs and licked up all of Timmy's cum off her pubic
region. When it was clear of cum, he looked up hopefully. Lauren
nodded and the skinny boy fucked his thin cock into her.

I watched in awe as my sister pulled a train with the young boys.
They would fuck her, making nearly no noise and then spray her
muff with their juice and move away. The next kid would kneel
between her, suck off all the previous boys cum and then repeat
the ritual and fuck her.

When Rich had finished licking his mother's cunt clean of sperm,
he stood up and paused. "What's wrong, Rich?" Lauren said. "I
can't make cream like the other boys." He said, sadly.

It was true. Rich was only ten and hadn't reached puberty yet.

"You know what the scout handbook says... What are you waiting
for?" Lauren chided. Rich seemed relieved and after a couple
minutes of incest, pulled out his tiny boydick and sprayed his
mother's snatch with quick bursts of piss. "That's a good scout!
That's right. Remember boys, be prepared!"

Rich sprayed a few more jets on his mom's cunt and joined the
other boys who were now recovering and playing with each other's
cocks. Jack, the virgin, crawled between Lauren's legs and
without hesitation began licking Rich's piss off her pubic mound.
Timmy and another older boy moved to the couch and sat next to
Lauren and began sucking on her hard nipples. Jack finished his
cleaning and stood up, his tiny boydick bobbing excitedly with

"Your mommy doesn't let you fuck her, Jack?" Lauren inquired. The
boy shook his head sadly "I don't have a mommy, Den Mother.."
Lauren fingered his pink dick. "Ohhh, Jack, I'm so sorry. That's
why scouting is so important. Your Den Mother will teach you the
things that you miss if you don't have a mommy." She rubbed the
tip of the boy's hard dick around the lips of her snatch for a
few brief moments and then guided his dripping tool into her
vagina. The boy let out a gasp as his cock was enveloped by a hot
cunt for the first time in his life. "Ooooohhh that's right Jack.
Fuck your dirty Den Mother. She's gonna make it so good for her
little cub scout. You're a good scout..." She cooed as the boy
slammed into her open hole. Lauren reached over and began
stroking the two boys who were suckling and kneading her breasts.
"All of you are such good scouts" she panted, "taking care of
your horny Den Mother.... My son's Timmy and Rich are so lucky to
have a slut mother like me. Aren't you, boys?" Timmy nodded
enthusiastically and then there was another shot of Rich whose
mouth was being fucked by another boy. He just moaned an
enthusiastic yes.

I don't know. The kid seemed to like sucking cock a bit too much
if you ask me...

Jack the virgin didn't last long and began pumping his jizz onto
Lauren's stomach and pubic hair. Lauren egged the boy on, coaxing
more cum out of his red, angry cock. "Good Jack! Shoot your cream
on me! Look scouts! Jack's making his first cum!" The other boys
yelled their support for their young friend as he sprayed spurt
after spurt of juice on my sister's body. Cries of "go Jack! Fuck
it Jack!" filled the room as Jack finished off by dripping one
last drop on her muscular inner thigh.

Timmy and the other boy kneeled up on the couch and Lauren jerked
their cocks off onto her bouncing tits. Each kid, it seemed, had
been trained to cum on cue and their full cocks emptied their
loads onto her chest, covering each breast in boyjuice.

Timmy and the other boy collapsed against the high arms of the
couch, their dicks dangling and dripping cream.

The last shot was just Lauren. She hefted a tit to her mouth and
lewdly licked each one clean of the sperm. She pinched and pulled
on her nipples, capturing stray bits of semen on her fingers and
then greedily lick them clean.

She looked into the camera. "I'm all clean and my scouts are all
fucked out. Do you want ME to be your Den Mother?"

She gave a wink and the screen faded to black once again.

The tape stopped in the machine. It was over. I had only heard of
kiddie porn but thought it was just an urban legend. I was
stunned. Not only because I was actually seeing it and that my
sister was making it with her children, but mainly because I
wanted to see more!

"That's it, mom" Timmy said, "I gotta fuck you. I'm gonna burst!"
Lauren looked over at me.

"If I untie your hands, will you shoot this one?" asked my
sister, cautiously.

I could feel myself nodding yes. I couldn't believe I was doing
it. I heard a voice; my voice: "Please. Yes. I wanna watch you
fuck your son, Lauren."

I was untied from the headboard and the small video camera was
placed in my hands.

"I'm ready, Lauren" I said. The light was switched on and I
pressed the record button on the camera and kneeled next to
Timmy who quickly mounted his mother and began fucking his big,
teen cock into her.

Lauren looked into the camera; "My oldest boy likes to fuck and
fuck and fuck and fuck! He's a good boy. He fucks me sooooo

The drivel faded into a din as it went on and I, a man possessed,
began moving around the incestuous pair, my prick ready to bust,
making the biggest mistake of my life.


So, I taped Timmy fucking my sister, ending with the standard
porno "cum shot". It awed me how the kids slipped so easily into
the format of your basic fuck and suck flick. The only
difference, of course, being that the players in these movies
were kids.

Over the next few months, I realized that the "legit" work on
t.v. and commercials had payed off. They made the situations that
they were thrust into in the pornos seemed so natural and easy.
Even if it was a scene where Rich was licking Lauren's ass out
while Lori sucked him off. They threw themselves into their roles
as the professionals that they were.

I finally met the "Mr. Kyle" that they had talked about. He was a
little troll of a man that you would expect to be the head of
such an operation. He was around fifty years old or so and had
that weathered "tanning salon" ruddiness to his face. He shaved
his head completely bald and wore expensive jewelry and watches.
He had a different Rolex for each day of the week. Kiddie Porn
had made Mr. Kyle a rich man.

I first met him two weeks after the first night with Lauren and
the kids. He came over to pick up the tapes that we had made.
There was about two hours worth of tapes. The arrangement was
with this type of tape that Lauren and the kids would shoot it,
call Mr. Kyle and he would come by with some cash, take the
tapes, edit them, put on titles, and have a fairly slick hour
long tape, which he would then "distribute" and pass more cash
along to my fucked up sister.

Anyway, when he first met me, he shook my hand and said, "Aha,
this is the big cocked brother that Lauren's been telling me
about". The kids greeted him like a favorite Uncle, hugging him
and what not. He always had gifts for them. Of course, when they
greeted him, they were naked.

Rich had jumped up into his arms and Mr. Kyle carried him over to
the couch, fingering his little dick, as Lauren popped the tape
into the vcr. He studied it like the professional that he was
interjecting comments here and there. "Good angle, Timmy... Nice
look into the camera, Lori." He casually unsnapped his pants and
exposed his hard dick and said to no one in particular; "who
wants to suck me off today?"

Rich slid over as Lori immediately dropped to her knees in front
of him and took the knob of his pervert dick into her mouth and
began working him as Mr. Kyle looked to me. I couldn't help but
notice that he had completely shaved his pubic region. Probably
to make his less thatn average sized cock look bigger.

As my 14 year old niece sucked him, Lauren and the boys watched
the rough tapes as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

"So Tom, I hope that you can appreciate what we're doing here.
All you have to do is play along and you'll be financially secure
in no time. Just remember, keep your mouth shut... Unless of
course there's a bald pussy in front of it..."

He laughed at his attempt at humor. Lauren laughed along with
him, playing up to him. I could tell from the way he said this to
me and the way that Lauren responded to him that the last thing I
would want to do would be to fuck with him in any way. He was
somehow mesmerizing. Completely threatening in such an easygoing
non-threatening way.

He turned his attention back to the tape while Lori loudly
slurped on his cock and balls for a few minutes. Then he casually
motioned for Lauren to come over to him. She sat next to him as
Lori pulled her mouth from his knob. Lauren methodically stroked
it and Mr. Kyle shot three thick globs of cum onto Lori's
outstretched tongue. She waited there as my sister snapped his
pants up. Mr. Kyle gave Lori a slight nod and she swallowed his

Timmy popped the tape out of the vcr and handed it to Mr. Kyle at
the door, his big dick stiff from seeing the action on the couch.
Mr. Kyle took the tape from him and stroked Timmy's dick a few
times. "I'd love to suck this off, Timmy, but I've got to get to
work on these tapes. Maybe your mom would take care of this for

Lauren moved over to her son, knelt down in front of him and
began sucking him as Mr. Kyle left. Rich sat on the floor and
jacked off as I considered what I had gotten myself into...

A week later I did my first "feature". We, of course, had
continued to make "home movies", coupling in various
combinations. I did my best to cling to my heterosexuality, but I
invariably found myself getting sucked off at some point by one
of the boys. Rich's deep throat was addicting. Somehow, getting a
killer blowjob from a 12 year old doesn't really make a
difference: A kid's a kid.

But I digress...

The filming took place at a mansion down the street from us at
another family's. There was a large den/playroom that I
recognized from a couple of other tapes that Lauren showed me.

They used a real live honest to gosh movie camera and everything.

The movie was something about two families getting together and
having an orgy, an "Oral Orgy" which was the title and is exactly
what we did.

Valerie and Scott were a couple in their late thirties with two
adorable little redheaded girls; Amy,7 and Corinne,10. The night
before we shot, Lauren had shown me a movie of this family out on
a "camping trip". The story was that Valerie caught Scott
"molesting" the two girls in a pond and was so turned on by it
that she joined in, fingering her two daughters while she rode
Scott's cock.... Yeah right... Real believable.

The other player in the movie was Matt, a 22 year old bodybuilder
who was also Lauren's trainer. He came to the house several times
to work out with Lauren and I had no idea that he was in on this.
I learned later that he *paid* to be in the movies. There were
several people like this I met over the years. Hardcore
pedophiles who liked fucking little kids and would pay handsomely
for the opportunity to shoot off in an innocent boy or girl's
mouth or bald, tight pussy.

After a few beers and couple of joints, it began:

We all sat naked in a circle. Timmy and Rich started things off
in the center in a sixty-nine. Amy sat on her dad's lap rubbing
the tip of his dick against her little slit as Corinne and Val
cheered Rich and Timmy on.

Lauren sat between me and Matt, lightly rubbing us.

"Val and Scott's girls love watching my boys suck each other. It
gets them really hot." She whispered to me.

Before either of the boys had a chance to cum, Amy and Corinne
moved in and kneeled down, back to back.

"We want cock!" said little Corinne as she slipped Timmy's slick
tool into her mouth. The boys were happy to oblige as the each
grabbed a handful of red hair and pumped away.

Lori moved in next to them as Matt, Scott and I stood over her.
She kneeled passively as we each took turns fucking her beautiful
young face.

Lauren came over with a small bowl and, one after another, each
of us emptied our sperm into it. Lauren then took the bowl over
to Amy and Corinne. Timmy and Rich pumped their cum into the
preteen girl's mouths. Lauren lay down and set the bowl on her
hairy muff as each of the girls bent over and let the cum drip
into the bowl from their mouths while Lauren snaked a finger into
their tight little cunts.

Valerie crawled over and set the bowl between Lauren's spread
legs. She parted my sister's pussylips and Lauren shot three
spurts of piss into the bowl. We all moved back to our circle as
Valerie mixed the concoction with her finger.

"Lori", she said, "it's time to wash your hair, honey". Lori sat
down indian style as Valerie kneeled behind her and poured the
mixture of piss and cum into her hair. Lori acted as if it were
the most precious shampoo in the world, cooing as Valerie
massaged it into her scalp. Lori opened her legs wider and jammed
a couple fingers into her pussy as Valerie worked the cream
through her hair.

"Yeah, Val, give me a cum shampoo!" She said.

"This is sooooo good for your hair, Lori." Valerie purred. "My
daddy and his friends used to give me shampoo like this when *I*

From jefk@qnet.com Sun Sep 17 12:40:00 1995
Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories
Subject: Story from my files-[4/7]
From: jefk@qnet.com (Highlander)
Date: 17 Sep 1995 17:40:00 GMT

was a little girl. It's a special beauty secret!"

I don't know who wrote these scripts, but they were truly odd.

"Okay, Lori. Time for a rinse." With that, Val stood up and
rinsed Lori's hair off with a bladder full of piss.

Lori shrieked with joy as Valerie emptied her bladder onto my 14
year old niece. Timmy and Rich joined soon after, first pissing,
and then pouring two cans of beer onto their sister as she rubbed
it all over her budding body.

I sat there and wondered about the carpet cleaning bill.

Later, I did another scene where I sat on a chair with Corinne
and Amy on each knee, their bald little pussies dripping juice on
my leg as they both stroked my tool. These girls were little. The
way they clumsily tried to jack me off was sexy as fuck. I don't
know if it was the glass of wine they had shared during the break
or just lack of coordination, but there was something beautiful
about the way they tried to jerk me off. I held each of them
around the waist as they purred and cooed at the size of my penis
in their little hands.

"Gosh, your weiner is bigger than daddy's! Do you make alot of
medicine with it?"

I tried not to look confused as Amy said medicine but thought
"what the fuck" and snaked my hands around and spread each of
their tiny labias open with my fingers.

Matt and Scott walked over, their cocks bobbing with each step,
and the girls opened their mouths.

"Mind giving me and Matt a litte head while you're playing with
that monster cock, girls?" said Scott as he rubbed his leaking
cockhead over his youngest daughter's face.

"Sure, daddy!" said Amy, "I like sucking on Matt." Said Cory,
"He's got biiiig muscles."

"Why don't you suck on *this* muscle, little slut?" Matt panted
pushing his thick tool into Corinne's tiny mouth.

I sat back as the girls somehow managed to jack me off, rub their
pussies on my legs and suck off the two men that huffed and
puffed and thrust their perverted dicks into these adorable young
girl's mouths.

I glanced past the camera and noticed that Lori was stroking Mr.
Kyle's exposed cock as he looked through the camera.

"Oh yeah... My little girl loves to suck her daddy's big dick,
doesn't she..." Scott wheezed as he fucked his child. "Daddy's
gonna give little Amy a good taste of his medicine... Here it
comes, little baby, here comes daddy!"

I watched as Scott's asscheeks clenched and he spurted his cum
into his daughter's willing mouth. Amy looked up at him
thankfully as he continued pumping his load into her.

"Scott, your little slut sucks so good" said Matt, "I love
fucking little girls mouth's... They're so tight and hot.... Eat
your daddy's load, slut."

I doubt that I'll be having children, but if someone talked to my
daughter like that, I don't think I would appreciate it. Scott,
however, was turned on by Matt's talk and fucked his cock deeper
into Amy's mouth. Amy's cheeks bulged as her father pumped the
last of his cum into her.

"Just hold onto it, baby. Don't swallow..." He said and backed
out of the shot as Matt threw his head back and blasted his cum
into Corinne's mouth.

"Eat that cock, baby. Here's a hot load a jizz for you, Cory." he
hissed, fingering his balls.

He pumped a few more spurts dramatically (a little too
dramatically if you ask me) and withdrew out of the shot.

The girls dropped to their knees in front of me and let the cum
dribble out of their mouths again and used it as a lube to finish
me off.

"We wanna see this big pole make medicine, Thomas! Make it shoot!
Pleeeeeeeeeze!" Amy pleaded in a little girl voice. I was happy
to give her what she wanted and blasted a good sized load all
over my chest.

I was a sticky mess of jizz. The little redhead incest victims
cleaned me up without a hitch and that was the end of that scene.

During the next break, Lori and Timmy took turns sucking Mr.
Kyles dick until he came. He patted them each on the head
paternally and said "You kids are the best!"

I was surprised again to see Lori and Rich sharing a joint with
Amy and Valerie, but realized that if you're going to corrupt
your kids, you might as well go whole hog...

During the break, Scott proudly played a tape of Corinne sucking
of the nastiest, hairiest old pervert I've ever seen. As
disgusting as it was, however, it worked and after about fifteen
minutes, all the guys sat jacking off in a semi-circle again as
Lauren and Valerie were serviced by Lori, Amy and Corinne.

Lauren rested on her elbows and watched her daughter lick and
suckle at her furry pussy.

"I love you, Lori... You're so good to mommy's pussy. You eat it
so good." She whimpered as Lori flicked her mother's clit.

Valerie had Corinne in a sixty-nine and Amy helping Corinne out
at her mother's cunt. Without warning, Amy balled her hand up
into a little fist and plunged it into Valerie's muff. Valerie

"Fist it! Fist mommy's cunt, you little fuck!" Amy fucked her
forearm in and out of Val's pussy faster and faster as Val humped
up into Cory's face.

Cory pulled her mouth off her mom's pussy and watched, fascinated
as Amy fistfucked their mother.

Lauren reached down and pulled her knees up to her neck, lewdly
exposing her cunt for Lori's greedy, sucking mouth. "Make mommy
cum, honey. Make your dirty mommy cum! Finger my ass, baby.
Finger my dirty asshole, Lori... C'mon, baby. Stick it in." She
panted. Lori poked her index finger in Lauren's cunt for lube and
then snaked it slowly into her lightly haired asshole.
"Is that good, mommy? My finger in your dirty hole?" Lori whined.

Lauren began sweating her "cum-sweat" and trembling.

I had the greatest view of Amy's hairless little pussy as she
bent over her mother and plunged her fist into the depths. I
globbed another mouthful of spit on my dick and stroked it.

"Okay, guys" I heard Mr. Kyle say, and like the trained seal I
was, began jerking furiously on my pole with the others.

Timmy shot first, firing a couple blasts of boycum on his mom's
face, with Rich a close second. I was next. I lay a couple
strands directly on Amy's puckered hole and moved up to her
lovely red hair, where my cock spat the remainder of it's load.

Scott, being the pro he was, stood up and shotgunned a huge
eruption all over Corinnes ass to Val's face. Val moaned as she
was rocked by a screaming orgasm.

Matt pulled on Lori's hair and painted her face with five blasts
of healty bodybuilder spunk. Lori pulled her finger from my
sister's ass and offered it to Matt who greedily sucked off the

All of us sat back as the girls suckled and nibbled on our
deflating, spent dicks.

Soon after, Mr. Kyle (after fucking Scott's wife, Valerie) packed
up the camera and split.

I was in no shape to drive and neither was Lauren or Timmy, so we
hung around for a while.

Scott and Valerie shooed the kids off to the pool, we moved into
the living room and sat around sipping coffee and making small

I finally blurted out "What the hell were they talking about,
'medicine'?" This was greeted with uproarious laughter. I was not
in on the joke. Lauren cuddled up next to me. "You are so sweet,
little brother. You are just the cutest..."

Scott opened a cabinet and pulled out a video tape.

"Well, Tom. As you'd probably guess, wanting to fuck your kids is
not the easiest thing to do. You gotta kinda convince 'em that
it's okay sometimes." He inserted the tape into the vcr and
pressed play. "We took Cory to a doctor... A friend of Mr.

He sat down next to his wife and watched.

The title read *Doctor PEDerson-PEDOPHILTRICIAN*

In an empty waiting room sat a 9 year old Corinne. She was
wearing one of those hospital gowns with no back. She looked
nervous as hell. This tape was NOT staged.

A voice spoke; Mr. Kyle.

"Why are you so nervous, Corinne?"

"Mommy and Daddy said that I'm sick and have to go see the

"So. You've been to the doctor before, right?"

"Yes. He gives me shots."

The door opened. It was Lauren in a nurses uniform. "Corinne?
We're ready."

The camera followed Cory down the deserted hall, focusing on her
fourth grade ass as she walked.

In the room was the doctor who had given me my blood tests
earlier, Doctor Pederson. Valerie and Scott were there also. All
of the adults had a very grim demeanor that Corinne picked up on.

The doctor had Cory sit on the examining table and remove her
smock. She seemed hesitant.

"Are you embarassed about being naked in front of all of us,
honey?" asked Valerie. Corinne nodded yes.

"Well, I tell you what" Valerie continued, "how about if mommy
and daddy take off their clothes too? Would that make you feel
less nervous?"

Corinne just shrugged, confused by her mother's odd suggestion.
"Okay, baby. We'll take off our clothes too."

With that Valerie and Scott unceremoniously removed their
clothes. Scott's dick stood at "quarter mast" in anticipation of
things to come. Corey's fucked up parents sat back down as Lauren
helped Corinne off with the smock.

The little girl sat shivering on the table, casting nervous
glances at the camera as the doctor spoke to her; "Now, Corinne,
your mommy and daddy tell me that you haven't been feeling too
well, is that right?" Corinne just shrugged again, looking
curiously at the camera. "Never you mind about Mr. Kyle, he's
just helping me document what I think is a rare disease..."

The doctor went through a normal examination of the little girl,
taking her temperature, blood pressure, looking in her ears,
reflex, the whole shebang. What he did next freaked me.

"All right, Corinne, lie down, I need to look at your 'private
places', okay?" She lay down, Lauren stood next to her and
grabbed an ankle in each hand and spread the little girl's legs
impossibly wide. As the camera moved in for a closeup, the doctor
took a long swipe of Corinne's asshole and pussy with his tongue,
startling Corinne. He had a confused look on his face and snaked
his tongue back into her asshole again, longer this time than
before. He stood up. "Have you been wiping your bottom
thoroughly, young lady?"

"I... Uh... I guess so... I think..." The scared little girl

"Well, Corinne, I just did a special test, and I think you need
to wipe yourself a little better after you poo-poo from now on,
okay?" he said in a condescending doctor voice.

Cory just looked over at her mother.

"Listen to the doctor, honey" Valerie implored.

"Nurse" the doctor said "see what I mean?". He traded positions
with Lauren who took an even longer swipe of the virgin anus and
pussy with her tongue.

"Yes, doctor" she said, "this could be what the problem is."

Lauren moved to the cabinet and poured a brown liquid into a
small cup and handed it to Corinne. "Here's some medicine. It may
burn a little, honey. But it's either this or a shot."

With that Corinne downed the cup of "medicine". She gasped for
breath and clutched her throat.

I looked over at Scott, who was idly fingering his tool.

"Is that..."

"Jack Daniels" he winked at me. "Gotta loosen 'em up somehow...
Now it gets really good.... Watch."

The doctor and Corinne's parents talked for a minute or so in
what can only be described as complete gibberish. They made
absolutely no sense and Corinne grew more and more scared.

"...see what I'm talking about." the doctor said. Valerie stood
up and moved over to her young daughter. She too licked Corinne's
tiny cunt for a few moments. "I agree, doctor. It's the only

The doctor looked at Corinne gravely. "Corinne, I want you to be
honest, now. Did what your mommy just do to you feel good at

The Jack was taking effect on the fourth grader. She didn't know
how to answer... "Um well, it... it kinda um, tickled..."

The doctor smiled. "Ahhhh good. There's hope, Corinne, there's

Corinne lit up. Happy that whatever she "had" was "curable".

Valerie motioned for her daughter to sit on her lap. Lauren led
her over and the naked little girl sat on her naked mother's lap.
The frame showed Scott's cock growing ever so slightly.

Lauren spoke. "Okay, Corinne, the doctor and I are going to show
you what you have to do to get well, alright? You need to get a
special medicine that only your daddy and special men like the
doctor make. I'm going to show you how to get it. It comes from a
man's penis. Do you know what a penis is?"

Corinne nodded and pointed to her father's growing tool.

"That's right, Corey" Lauren continued "that's a penis."

She knelt down in front of the doctor and fished his cock out
through the fly of his pants. She stroked on the already stiff
dick as she spoke to Corinne.

"You know how when you get bigger, your breasts will grow like
mine?" She said, unbuttoning her nurses uniform and hauling out
her enormous jugs. "Well, the reason you feel sick is that you
have a special problem where yours will never, ever grow, unless
you get the special medicine from a man.... Valerie, go

She nodded to Val, who began lightly rubbing her daughters
hairless hole. Circling her undeveloped labia and clit.

"Part of this treatment, watch closely, means that your mother is
going to be good enough to rub you on your little cunny while you
do this... Watch closely... If you don't do it right, we have to
give you a bunch of shots. And none of us want that, do we?"

And with that, my fucked up sister demonstrated cocksucking to a
drunken fourth grader.

"You have to lick and suck on the man's penis until he makes
medicine..." She nibbled and suckled on the doctor's cock,
trailing her left hand up and down the thick shaft. After a
moment she looked at the wide eyed little girl. "Do you think you
can do that?"

Corinne gulped. She was breathing a bit heavier. "Ummmm but...
isn't that 'bad touching' like they taught us in school?"

"Oh no, baby. Not when me or your daddy say it's okay." Valerie
said, blowing softly into her ear. "Why don't you see if you can
get medicine from the doctor."

Lauren helped the doctor out of his pants and led him over to the
young girl. Valerie reached out with her free hand and gripped
his cock and pulled him even closer. "See, I'll do it too, Cory."
Valerie said as she encased the dripping tool in her sucking

The camera moved in for a close up as a wide eyed Corinne watched
her mother give head to the doctor.
"You've got to get it really wet and move your hand fast, too.
It's hard to do, but it's better than getting a shot, right?"
Valerie said, offering the dick to her preteen girl.

Corinne considered the penis in front of her for a moment the
snaked her tongue out and tentatively licked at the head.

"That's my girl" the doctor whispered, "that's a good little

Corinne seemed a bit startled at the doctor's words, but Valerie
spoke, reassuringly, forcing a little more of the dick into
Corinne's mouth.

"Sometimes the man will say words that you think are nasty... But
it just helps them to make the medicine, okay?" said Valerie.

Valerie winked into the camera as she jacked the doctor's stiff
prick into her daughter's mouth increasing the tempo as Corinne
bobbed her head faster and faster on the doctor's shaft. Valerie
cooed softly into Cory's ear. "Good girl. Good sucker, baby...
That's right... Doctor's gonna give you his special medicine."
She diddled Corinne's clit a little faster as well. "Does mommy's
finger feel good on your cunny, Corinne?"

"Mmmmmhhhhhmmmmm" moaned the little girl. The doctor began
thrusting a bit into her mouth.

Valerie had her hands full, literally. One on the doctor's dick
and the other on Corinne's bald snatch. Scott noticed this and,
being the nice guy he was, brushed Valerie's hand out of the way
and began manipulating Cory's cunt himself.

"Oh goody, honey... Your daddy's helping me rub your little

The doctor began thrusting faster. "It's gonna shoot, Val. It's
gonna cum...."

Quickly, Valerie removed the dick from her daughter's mouth and
continued jacking on it.. "This is the most important part, Cory.
We've got to make sure that you get enough, so open your mouth
really wide so we can..."

Just as the girl opened her mouth, the doctor's cock began
spurting globs of juice. The first two drops splattered on
Corinne's and Valerie's faces. It seemed like Valerie did this on
purpose. But the next two shots hit the target: Square on
Corinne's tongue.

"That's it honey, let the medicine catch on your tongue. Get it
all, baby. Goood doctor... Cuming for my little girl. Shooting
his medicine on my baby's tongue..."

The doctor shot another couple of thick spurts, followed by one
watery one which dripped down onto Cory's bald snatch. Valerie
squeezed one last drop onto Cory's tongue and released the

"Thank you, doctor. Now, Cory, show Mr. Kyle with the camera how
much medicine you have on your tongue."

Corinne turned her head a bit towards the camera and opened her
mouth as far as she could. The cum forming a string from her
teeth to her tongue.

"Okay, that's good." Mr. Kyle said, from behind the camera.

Cory looked to her mother, who gave an okay, then swallowed the
man's spunk. She made a bit of a face at the taste (believe me, I
know how she feels) but then smiled, her eyes illustrating the
effects of the Jack Daniels.

Scott stood up and began jacking off into his daughter's mouth.

"Alright, little one. Daddy's gonna give you medicine too. Open
up that sweet little mouth, sugar." Scott panted as he furiously
masturbated his perverted dick.

Corinne complied, looking trustingly into her father's eyes as he
whipped his hand up and down the length of his shaft.

Valerie whispered into Cory's ear. "Say :Cum for me Daddy! Cum in
my mouth! Give it to me."

Cory repeated her mother's words in her cute little voice. "Cum
for me daddy! Cum in my mouth! Give it to me!"

That was enough for Scott and he fired five thick spurts directly
into his oldest daughter's waiting mouth with a gasp and moan.
Again, Corey showed the camera her mouthful of sperm before
swallowing and then licked and suckled Scott's deflating cock,
desperate to get any remaining "medicine" from her father.

The tape ended with a naked Cory drunkenly dancing around the
doctor's office as the nude adults clapped a strange ryhthm.

Scott looked over at me.

"That's how we bought this fuckin' house, man!"

Valerie piped in; "I love my kids! I love my girls." She loaded
another bowl in her pipe and took a deep drag.

I looked at Lauren who was busy working her pussy with both
hands; three fingers in her cunt and one finger circling her

What was I to do? Say "this is bad!"?

Are you kidding? I had a huge fucking boner and three naked
little girls and two of the best cocksucking boys just outside.

This was the fucking life for me. Oh yeah!

pfam 6

Two days later; It's ten in the fucking morning and I'm in the
front seat of Mr. Kyle's jag doing an impossibly huge line of
coke. Matt's in the back seat looking out the window and flexing
his biceps in the reflection of the tinted windows.

This is the first "job" I'm going to do without Lauren and the
kids. I'm a little nervous, but the blow helps.... I think. We're
heading downtown to the fucking slums. Gang writing is thick on
all of the buildings as we speed closer to our final destination.

I do another line and am finally able to key in on what Mr. Kyle
is saying.

"...used to be a dishwasher at my restaurant. I caught the
motherfucker stealing toilet paper and threatened to have him
deported unless he let me film his kids."

The reflections from his rings were blinding me. We turned a
corner, passing yet another liquor store.

"The kids are great. Real pros. Lupe's getting a little old, but
she'll do anything with anyone, right Matt?"

He looked back at Matt the weirdo in his rearview. Matt was in
the process of funneling a few hundred bucks of coke into his
tanning saloned nose. He wiped the powder off his upper lip.

"Kid's got a tight fuckin' ass, Mr. Kyle."

Mr. Kyle grinned at me, "I think Matt's got a crush on the boy."
He laughed his slimy laugh as we pulled up to the building.

As we entered the tenement, I went back to lock the passenger
door. Mr. Kyle shooed me away. "People here know better than to
fuck with my car, Thomas. Forget about it."

The elevator's broken so we walk up four flights of stairs. There
are some really, really, nice people smoking crack in the
hallways. The incessant thudthudthud of rap music blends in with
the crying babies and screams in Spanish that reverberate from
behind doors and through the hallways. The smell of piss and shit
adds a soft homey feel that is just fucking missing from the
hustle and bustle of Beverly Hills.

I wanna get the fuck out of here as fast as possible. It's
fucking with my high. I feel woozy from the coke and the whiskey
I had before baldie picked me up.

We're let into an apartment by a fat slob of a Mexican named
Luiz. He's about 43 and wears one of those "wife beater" tank
tops, complete with food stains on the front. His two daughters,
Mimi and Lupe are sitting on the ratty couch in tiny cotton
training bras and little panties.

Mimi isn't much older than 10 and has a drunken, glazed look
about her. Lupe is smoking a joint, studying me, the "new guy" as
I walk in. She's 17. "Getting a little old" as Mr. Kyle said.
She's beautiful. A princess. Her long legs parted awkwardly in
that netherworld between girl and woman.

Lupe smiles at me, obviously liking what she sees, and hooks one
leg over the arm of the couch. She reaches down and pulls the
side of her panties to the side, exposing her puffy, teen pussy
to me. No introductions, no "Hi there, sexy", nothing. Just a
quick smile and you show the stranger your cunt. I guess that's
how it works here in "Kiddie Porn Land".

I notice that there's hair above the moist slit; something that's
been missing from the girls I've been fucking and sucking (save
their parents, natch) and my surprised look makes her giggle a
bit self-consciously. She casts a bored glance past me. I look to
see Matt on his knees in front of a 9 year old Mexican kid,
Louie. Matt has the kid's dick out and is stroking away at it.

"You ready for your Uncle Matt, Louie? You ready for Uncle Matt
to suck you off?" He pants, licking his lips at the pedophile's
dream of a 4 inch hairless dick in his big hand.

Mr. Kyle already has the camcorder out and is taping the
proceedings. In my stupor, time is whizzing past me. Everything's
a blur, except for this nauseous feeling in my stomach.

"Suck him off, Matt!" Directs Mr. Kyle. "Suck that little
beaner's dick. You like Spic Dick, faggot?"

Mr. Kyle's racist taunts seem to excite Matt and he engulfs the
boy's tiny cock into his mouth.

The kid's dad is sitting at a small kitchen table absently
slurping from an open bottle of tequila and fingering his prick
through his dirty khaki pants. He watches with glazed eyes as
Matt makes love to his son's penis with his mouth.

"You like it when Matt sucks you, Louie?" Mr. Kyle prompts as he
moves in closer. The boy can only nod a sleepy nod. He grins a
bit as Matt pulls Louie's pants all the way off.

The kid is standing in the middle of the room, naked from the
waist down as Matt sucks him off.

I think I'm gonna puke. "...bano... toilet... bano..." I mumble
to no one in particular.

The youngest of the sisters points off behind me and the next
thing I know, I'm praying to the porcelain god in the smelliest,
most roach infested bathroom I've ever had the privilege of
puking in.

I think I passed out at some point, I don't know.... I feel
better, I know that much and kind of glide back into the living

Matt is naked now and has Louie on his back and is fucking the
kid in the ass as his naked sisters sit on the floor and watch.
Mimi, the youngest of the girls is squatting close to Louie's
head and is holding her tiny cuntlips apart and frigging her
underdeveloped clit. Lupe is kneeling closer to Matt and caresses
his back while he fucks her little brother.

"Fuck heez tight leetle azzz weeth yuur beeg deek!" She repeats
over and over, like a mantra; urging Matt on with her soft

Mr. Kyle looks over at me, pissed. "Come on, party boy. Time to
get to work." He motions for me to strip and turns his attention
back to the action on the floor.

"Luiz," he says to the kid's father, "get a load of the cock on
this guy... Show 'em, Thomas."

I shuck off my pants, exposing my tool and begin stroking it.
It's strange, I'm already hard. The idea of fucking kids is
getting exciting to me now. The thought of some innocent little
mouth or pussy on my cock gets me off more than any adult woman
ever could.

I'm hip to the "blocking" of scenes, Mr. Kyle has stressed the
importance of not blocking anyone's faces or bodies over and over
to me, so I stand between the girls, giving them access to my

They're amazed. Mimi's eyes look like they're going to pop out of
her head as she eyes my growing member. Lupe tentatively reaches
out to stroke me.

"That's right, little slut" Mr. Kyle interjects, "jack that
monster off while Matt fucks your little brother... What'd I tell
ya, Luiz? Hung like a fucking horse, that one!"

Luiz takes a swig from the bottle and grunts. I lock eyes with
him. They're glassy... Teary? Is he crying?

I'm distracted by the familiar feeling of a preteen mouth trying
to suck on the swollen head of my prick. I look down; it's Mimi.
The ten year old. She's trying to suck me off, God bless her...
Lupe is holding the shaft of my dick and aiming it towards her
little sister's mouth and egging her on in Spanish.

Lupe looks up at me. She's got beautiful eyes. "Meester Kyle was
right.. You have beeeeeeg deek, meeester Thomas... Beeeeg deek. I
never see one theees beeg..."

Kids: They're so easy to impress.

Matt's huffing and puffing away as he buggers Louie. "If I had a
cock that big, I'd be ripping this little fuck in two, man. I
wish my cock was that big, Tom... You gotta let me suck you off
someday, man... Ooooh this ass is TIGHT!"

I consider this for a second. I don't know. It's one thing to
have a boy suck you off in a flick, but a man... I'm not sure
where the hell my sexuality is going, but I'm pretty sure I don't
want Matt to suck my dick, even though he'd probably do a better
job than some of the kids that have had access to it over the
past few weeks.

Louie is absently fingering Mimi. I don't know what these kids
have been drinking, smoking or popping, but the boy only seems
semi-aware that there's and adult man fucking his ass. Louie's
little boy prick is bobbing around semi-hard as Matt fucks into
him, holding an ankle in each hand. Louie will look down every so
often and watch the adult prick fuck into his stretched anus.
"You have a beeg one too, mister Matt. I like your dick too..."

"Mimi! Lupe! Get the fuck away!", barks Mr. Kyle. "Thomas, start
feeding little Louie your prick. Oh man, this one's gonna make us
a fucking fortune. Look at the way his little brown prick is
flopping around... C'mon, Tommy boy, fuck the little kid's

Lupe and Mimi have moved away before Mr. Kyle finishes. Like the
trained pony I am, I kneel next to the kid's head and lay my tool
across his face. I can see past Mr. Kyle and his camera to Luiz;
he's got his dick out and is jacking off while we fuck his son.

Fucking pervert.

Matt wraps one arm around the kid's back and is cradling him in
his one beefy arm. He begins stroking the preteen prick with the
first two fingers on his left hand. I put my hand next to the
kid's face. He spits a gob of spit into my palm and I begin
stroking my cock over his face, using his own saliva as a lube.
Louie just opens his little mouth like a baby bird waiting for
it's mother to feed it. I watch as he does this. It's not a new
sight for me. I suppose that Mr. Kyle has all the kids "trained"
like this; it's submissive as hell and I'm beginning to like it.

Louie's sisters seem fascinated now that my cock has grown to
it's full size and giggle to each other and point as I begin
rubbing the head around Louie's lips. He stares up at me and
manages to smile as best he can with a cock invading his young

"Yeah, little Louie", Matt grunts, "suck that big tool..." Matt
looks up at me. He's got the wildest look in his eyes. "This kid
sucks cock almost as good as your little nephew. You should see
'em together." Matt's voice trails off as I begin to experience
what I can only describe as "aural tunnel vision". There's a
ringing in my ear and I can hear what sounds like words, but they
don't make sense to me. All I can really, really feel is the
sensation of a preteen mouth trying to get as much of my penis in
as possible.

I like it. I really like it.

I watch as Matt pulls his cock out of the boy's ass and begins
firing spunk onto Louie's hard little prick. Matt "paints" the
kid's dick with his cum. Matt looks up at me. I'm pretty sure of
what he's saying...

I look over at the girls and give them a "watch this" look and
pull my dick out of Louie's mouth and start laying lines of my
own sperm on his dick too. The two adult cocks shooting jizz on a
9 year old boy's little, brown, bobbing prick must make a pretty
good shot for Mr. Kyle's camera. I straddle Louie, my ass in his
face to get a better shot at cumming on his prick. (This is not a
new angle for me. Mr. Kyle likes to use the same format for most
of his flicks and I've probably used this position at least a
dozen times with either Rich, Timmy or Lori.)

I get a little surprise as Louie starts tonguing my asshole. It
eggs me on to shoot a couple more strands on his cock. I keep
wondering if I wiped my ass well this morning or not. I shrug
this off and start flicking the last of my spunk from my
softening prick onto the boy's stomach and balls.

As I get up and back off, Mr. Kyle moves in close with the camera
to get a shot of Matt holding Louie's cum covered dick in his
hand. Matt leans over and lightly touches the spermy prick with
his tongue. He looks into the camera.

"Me and Thomas just got a great fucking out of this kid. I bet
you wish you were here to fuck and suck with us, don't you? Look
at all the cum we made on this little boy's penis. He can't even
cum yet. But he likes it when grown men and women show him what
sex is all about... Don't you, Louie?"

Louie props himself up on his elbows and looks at the pedophile
with his cock in his hand. "Yes, meester Matt. I like eeet. I
like to watch you make your weeeener shoot like that... You suck
me now?"

Matt smiles at the boy and engulfs his tiny prick, sucking our
jizz off as Louie humps up into his mouth.

Louie has a dry cum in Matt's mouth and we all take a break.

I'm feeling a little better now; not so sick, but I do wanna get
the fuck out of here and back into my own bed. Alone. Being the
star of kiddie flicks takes it out of you.

While Matt and I recover, Mr. Kyle has Mimi kneel down next to

From jefk@qnet.com Sun Sep 17 12:40:10 1995
Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories
Subject: Story from my files-[5/7]
From: jefk@qnet.com (Highlander)
Date: 17 Sep 1995 17:40:10 GMT

her daddy and jack him off. Luiz, not wanting to be identified, I
guess, pulls his shirt up over the front of his face while Mimi
expertly pulls him off. As he gets closer to spurting, Mimi's
hand begins moving faster and faster, causing Luiz' fat stomach
to start shaking like a bowl of Jello. It's truly and odd sight;
this sweet little girl jacking off a fat slob with his shirt
pulled up over his face.

Luiz shoots a watery load onto his fat tummy and his daughter
picks what she can off and lets it drip into her mouth.

To get us hard, (Matt, actually, I'm raring to go) Mr. Kyle has
the girls 69 each other for a few minutes. I share a line of blow
with their dad and move to the couch.

Matt sits next to me and the girls kneel in front of us and start
sucking us off. Mr. Kyle moves around the action getting various
shots of the two Latino Lolitas giving us head. Lupe has been
"assigned" to me and she works me like the pro she is. Stroking
the length of my shaft with one hand while stuffing what she can
of my prick in her mouth. She's good. She's real good. The fact
that she's probably not paying for a college education like my
sister's kids makes me sad for a moment, but then I think "fuck
it" when she starts tickling my asshole with her finger.

"How you get so beeg, mister Tom? You bigger than papa! You make
mucho cum for meeee?" She almost pleads as she catches her

I just nod a stoned nod and brush her long hair out of the way so
Mr. Kyle can get a better shot.

He gives a signal and the girls "mount" me and Matt, facing away.
It's called a "reverse cowgirl" according to Lori. She said that
the pervos that watch these like to see the smooth chests and
hairless twats of the little girls as they're getting fucked. I
don't care either way. All I have to do is sit there and let the
little kid do the work. It's like she's jacking me off with her

I look to my left, where Matt is stuffing his dong up Mimi. Louie
is sitting on the armrest and feeding his tiny dick to his
sister. Matt clutches the girl's waist and starts moving her up
and down on his prick. I can hear Mimi struggling a bit. Matt's
prick is too big for her underdeveloped pussy and she's grunting
with the pain. But she's a pro; the show must go on, and all that
and she finally is able to relax a bit and try to enjoy it. Matt,
the caring lunatic that he is, doesn't even notice. Or at least
pretends not to notice Mimi's discomfort and pushes her down even
further on his fat cock.

Lupe is having a bit of trouble with my dick as well. It's odd.
Everyone seems to make such a big deal (pardon the pun) about the
size of my dick. I never thought that it was that big. I won't
measure it, Lauren and Lori keep wanting me to, but I think it's
stupid. Anyway, Lupe finally is able to take the whole thing
inside of her. She breathes a sigh of relief and leans back. I
pull her close to me. She's sweating and sort of stinks. I wonder
when the last time she took a bath was. It feels kind of squishy
in her cunt, maybe daddy fucked her in anticipation of our
arrival, I don't know. If I think about it too much, I start to
feel sick again, so I will myself to concentrate on her smooth,
dark skin and pert budding, tits.

I pinch and pull at her nipples. Maybe too hard, I don't know. I
don't really care. I just wanna cum and get the fuck out. Lupe
leans back more and starts to kiss me. Our tongues do the tongue
dance and I become aware of just how much booze and pot this
teenager has ingested. It's like a liquor store in her mouth. I
look into her eyes as best I can with her humping up and down on
me. Her eyes are redder than red. This girl is fucking wasted.
I'm glad that it's so consensual with these kids... Jesus.

She leans forward and pulls her knees further apart so Mr. Kyle
can get a good closeup of my prick fucking into her.

"You splitting me in twoooo, meester Thomas. You deeek so
beeeg... So beeeg." Her delivery isn't as good as Lori's. It
occurs to me that I've never seen Lupe or Mimi on T.V. either. I
guess some victims are better actors than others...

I turn my attention over to Matt The Weird. He's slamming little
Mimi down on his cock like a rag doll. She grunts and spasms in
pain with each thrust, all the while trying to keep Louie's
little cock in her mouth.

"You like it, little slut? You like getting fucked for real by a
real man?!" Matt hisses. "Take it. Take my grown prick up your
little snatch, slut!" Slam.Slam.Slam.

He looks over at me and leers; "I love fucking little kids, man!
I looooove fucking little kids!"

I like Matt. He's honest if nothing.

He lets go of Mimi with his left hand and snakes it around to
Louie's asshole and begins playing with the boy's puckered ring.
"You gonna let me play with your little asshole while your 'beeeg
seester' sucks your little prick, boy? Hmmm? You like it? I'm
gonna play with your little asshole just like my daddy used to
play with mine... Maybe I'll even fuck it for you again. Would
you like that, little boy?"

I realize at that point that Matt could use a little therapy.

"Yes meester Matt" replied Louie, dutifully, "you can fuck me
anytime. I like many deeeks."

"Aren't these little fuckers great, Thomas?" Matt says to me. I
can only grunt a response; Lupe's pussy is working miracles on my
cock and I'm trying to hold off for a double cumshot that Mr.
Kyle wants.

"Let's drown these punks in our juice. Whaddya say, Tom? You
ready to shoot off?"

"Born ready" I say.

We both lift the girls off us at the same time. This is their cue
to begin stroking our dicks. Lupe uses both hands as my first
spurt arcs up to her budding tits. Matt sprays the 10 year old
with a good couple of globs. I watch Mimi as Matt cums. She's
still a bit confused, it seems, as to just what the hell is
coming out of Matt's prick. I suppose she just began "acting".
Poor kid. Naaaah fuck it. She deserves it.

Lupe is flopping my dick around with one hand now and using her
other hand to squeeze my balls. I can see the tent in Mr. Kyle's
pants as I cum on the teenagers chest and stomach. He's taught
them well. I guess it was him. I doubt that their dad has much to
do with it, other than getting the occasional bj or fuck. I've
seen Mr. Kyle work with Lauren's kids and he's quite demanding as
far as getting the kids to play with other's genitals in "just
the right way".

Whatever he's done, he's done well. Lupe is milking me for all
she (and I'm) worth. Getting into it as the spunk begins slowing
to a dribble in her hand.

Matt makes Mimi rub his cum all over her body and Louie's prick
and then suck it off of Louie. Matt really get's into this. It's
sweet. I mentioned it before; I like him.

"Hey Louie, you like it when your little sister suck you?" He
asks. Louie nods. "I'm making her suck my cum off your little
dick so she'll know what it's like when you're finally able to
make juice with your prick. She's good, huh?"

Louie nods enthusiastically. "Si, meeester Matt. She suck me many
times. Every day she suck me or papa. She goooood. Lupe too. They
like deeek."

"You like dick too, don't you boy?" Matt adds, playing to the
camera a bit.

Louie blushes at Matt's words and nods shyly.

The girls "dismount" and lick what sperm they can off of me and
Matt. Then Mr. Kyle has the kids get into a threeway on the floor
and clean each other up. Louie's still hard, so he takes turn
fucking each of his sisters doggy style. He's pretty
inexperienced so his dick slips out of their stretched pussies
often. Mr. Kyle signals for Luiz to come over and help his son
out. He does, shirt covering his face, aiming Louie's little cock
at his daughter's vaginas.

Louie has another dry climax and Mr. Kyle ends the scene with
Luiz jerking off onto all three kid's faces. His spend is almost
non-existent and Mr. Kyle is pissed.

"Come on, you fat spic! That load is pathetic! If we didn't have
to split, I'd make you take Matt up the ass!" Chides Mr. Kyle.

Matt grins at me over this. I can't believe Mr. Kyle. He's like
Jekyll and Hyde. I wonder if Lauren has ever seen this side of
him. But, a sociopath is a sociopath and Mr. Kyle makes no bones
about it.

Luiz can only mumble a slurred "I'm sorry" and pulls up his
stained pants.

Mr. Kyle packs away the camcorder. Matt and I put our clothes on
and I make one more stop to the bathroom to puke again. Maybe
I've got the flu or something.

I come out and Lupe is finishing giving Mr. Kyle a blowjob.
Keeping her mouth open as he blasts his cum onto her tongue. She
stays on her knees as he pulls up his pants and nods for me and
Matt to split.

Just before we leave, Mr. Kyle hands Luiz four twenty dollar
bills. Eighty fucking dollars. Eighty. That's it.

I'm not so sure I like Mr. Kyle anymore.
pfam 7

Lori was asked back on the stupid teen sitcom that she had been working on
when I first moved in with the family, so I went with her to work that week as
her guardian again. If they only knew that each night, after Lori studied her
lines (she was really good) we would sit around and watch an endless stream of
kiddie porn videos that either her or one of the other kids had starred in.
Lauren loved to sit on the edge of the sofa as one of the kids lapped and
suckled at her hairy cunt while we watched. The object of her desires was
often Lori, who took great pleasure in giving her mother nightly cums. Lori
also would sit, fascinated, next to us as I fucked her mother after she "lubed
her up" for my dick.

The kids usually walked around the house wearing only loose fitting t-shirts
and no underwear at all. Whenever the mood struck, there was a cock or cunt
there for the taking. At dinner either Timmy or Rich (or I) would pop a boner
and before you knew it, someone was sucking one of us off. Often times we
would be in the middle of a conversation and little Lori would lift her shirt,
prop a foot up on the table and point to her sweet pussy.

"Someone lick it, please." She would say in an almost pleading voice. We would
continue the conversation as whoever (usually Rich) dropped below the table to
relieve her.

Anyway, the first couple days on the set went of without incident. She would
come into the room at lunch and we would fuck. I was growing addicted to my
little 14 year old niece's tight pussy. She, like her mother, liked to get
nasty sometimes and would whisper in my ear while I stuffed my prick into her.

"Fuck that huge prick into me, Uncle Thomas. Give your little girl your hot
spunk. You fill me up sooooo good with that thing, Uncle Thomas. Fuck it. Fuck
it. Fuck it into me...." And so forth. She was on the pill so it was a treat
to fuck her and actually cum inside of that sweet cunt. Usually, we were being
filmed, so I had to pull out and spray her adorable face or budding tits with
my jizz, so it was a nice break to put my sperm where it "belonged"; inside of
her. She would then have me sit back and would "make" me watch as she opened
up her snatch with her fingers and dig the load out. The girl was fascinated
with cum. She would let it drip off of her fingers into her mouth or on her
chest and rub it into her budding breasts.

"It's beautiful, Uncle Thomas. Your sperm is so beautiful..." She would say as
she examined the creamy load.

On the third day of rehearsals we were visited by the executive producer of
the show, Jim Walsh. Jim was a fairly handsome man in his early 40's. It was
obvious from his penchant for fine suits that he had made quite a bit of money
in the T.V. world. He came in after lunch with a bouquet of flowers. He gave
them to Lori, who fawned over them like she had won the lottery. He sat down
next to me as she put them in water and looked for "just the right place" for
the vase.

After that performance was done, Lori sat on the edge of the bed across from

"Thanks soooo much for the flowers, Mr. Walsh." She said, resting her ankle on
her knee. Her short skirt fanned out on her lap, giving both of us a sweet
view of her little blue panties. She didn't care. She didn't care one fucking

"Sure, Lori. All of us here on the show just wanted you to know how special we
think you are."

"Oh, Mr. Walsh... I'm not so special."

"Call me Jim, Lori. You're very, very special. It's always a treat for us to
have you. Always a treat." He looked over at me and gave me a wink. "We're
even thinking of writing a regular part for you to play every week."

Lori gasped a bit. "You'd do that for me! That would be awesome, Mr. Walsh!"

"Jim, Lori... Call me Jim." He chided the teen.

"I'm sorry, Jim." Lori leaned back on the bed on her elbows, put her foot down
on the floor and began coyly moving her knees together and apart, flashing us
on the couch. She did this movement unconsciously, almost a nervous movement,
if you didn't know better. "My daddy's name was Jim. Did you know that, Mr.
Wal- Jim."

"Yes. I knew your father, Lori. I knew him very well." Jim said, brazenly
staring at the girls tight panties. He stuck his feet out in front of him and
quickly slipped his shoes off.

"I miss my daddy, Jim. I wish he was around to see me and "play" with me."
Said the girl, licking her lips.

Jim stood up. Lori's "teasing" was obvious in the way his suit pants tented
out in front. Lori leveled a stare at his crotch. "Well, you've got your Uncle
Thomas here to "play" with, don't you? And your brothers and mother like to
play too, don't they."

Just as I thought. Jim was a regular viewer of my "work" with Lauren and the
kids. No wonder I got a bunch of weird looks from the staff of the show
whenever I came to the set. Great. I mean, I knew that part of the reason Lori
and the kids worked so much in T.V. and the movies was because they did the
kiddie porno, I just had no idea who actually was in the "target audience."

The conversation went on as if I wasn't there. Jim moved closer to my niece
and adjusted his boner in his pants.

"Would you be my daddy and play with me Jim?" Lori asked, in her best little
girl voice. "Would you play with me like my daddy used to?" She fingered the
edge of her skirt and slowly raised it above her panties.

"I'll play with you anytime you want, Lori. You know that." Jim panted, moving
closer to the bed.

Lori put her heels on the bed and lifted up. She eased the panties down her
long, tan legs, exposing the light tufts of hair on her developing pussy. She
held the panties in her left hand as she sat back on the edge of the bed and
moved in to Jim.

"You'll be my daddy? You'll make me your little girl?" She asked, looking up
at Jim with her innocent baby blues.

Jim nodded and ran his fingers through her hair. Lori reached out with her
right hand and unzipped Jim's fly. "Does daddy want suckee? Daddy want a
suckee?" She said, fishing his hard dick out of his pants.

"Yeah, baby. Daddy wants his little girl to give him a suckee..."

Lori put a leg back up on the bed, spreading her pink slit for both of us to
see as she stroked the length of Jim's prick. She then took the panties in her
left hand and wrapped them around Jim's cock, making him shudder with
excitement. "Daddy's got a big dicky. Daddy's dicky is soooo big." She wrapped
the panties tighter around his dick, making it swell up. Jim groaned as she
tightened the grip. "Oh daddy, it's getting all purple and big! Does it hurt?"
She asked as she studied his shiny penis.

"Yeah, honey. Why don't you kiss it for daddy and make it all better." He said
thrusting his hips forward.

Lori began planting light kisses all around the engorged head. She took
tentative licks at the drops of pre-cum that dripped out of the prick in her
hand. "I give you a suckee now, okay, daddy? Can I give you a suckee?"

Jim just grabbed the back of my niece's head and plunged the first half of his
cock into her mouth. "Suck it little girl. Suck daddy's big cock for him."

Lori went to work on him as she had obviously done so many times before. This
girl could suck a cock. And she was giving Jim on of the best. She gorged
herself on his meat, trailing the panties up and down his pole as she bobbed
her head. As she did this, the panties got wet with the spit from her mouth
and it began to drip down her hand and wrist. She reached around with her
other hand and pulled him further into her mouth, clutching his ass in an
attempt to work more of his cock into her teenaged mouth.

"Ohhhhhhh... My little baby's sucking her daddy's big cock. My little girl's
being so good to her daddy." Jim panted as my niece fellated him.

Lori managed to look over at me and roll her eyes, nearly causing me to laugh.
I guessed that this was some kind of fantasy of his. Either he had a daughter
that he wanted to fuck, or he wished he had a daughter that was as eager to
please him as Lori seemed to be. The world is an odd place.

Lori removed Jim's dick from her mouth and began stroking the length of his
prick with the now spit-soaked panties.

"Oh daddy... Daddy, daddy, daddy.... I love to give my daddy a suckee. I love
daddy's big dicky in my mouth." She curved the head of his cock up and lowered
her head further and began mouthing his hairy balls. Lori stuck her tongue out
lewdly and licked all around, moaning as if it was the sexiest thing she had
ever done.. "This is where daddy keeps all of that cum for me, isn't it daddy?"
She jacked up and down his prick with the panties while continuing the litany
of baby talk for Jim's enjoyment. "Daddy likes to make his dicky cum for his
little princess, doesn't he?"

Jim held her head with both hands and maneuvered his cock back towards her
mouth. "Suck it. Suck it, honey... Daddy wants little princess to suck him..."

My niece rubbed Jim's cock on her face, teasing him, driving him out of his
mind. "Will daddy give me a load of sperm if I suck it some more?"

Jim panted "Yeah, baby" and watched as the 14 year old engulf his dick in her
mouth once again.

Lori began humming on his cock as she bobbed her head faster and faster,
coaxing the cum out of her employer.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...." She hummed as Jim thrust his dick into her mouth.

"...gonna... gonna.... get... it.... Awwwww baby girl.... Daddy's....
gonna.... get...." He stammered.

Lori, being the pro she was, pulled her mouth off of him and opened wide,
looking directly into his eyes as he began cumming off.

One. Two. Three. Four shots of spunk sprayed out of Jim's prick and into
Lori's waiting mouth. She was as still as a statue as he fired his load into
the teen's mouth.

"That's it, little girl... Uhhhhghhhhh.... Daddy's making it for you...
Daddy's letting you eat his jit.... Ooooohhhh...."

Jim's balls danced around as one huge glob flew from the angry purple head of
his cock. Lori looked as if she was in heaven as each glob hit her tongue. The
girl knew how to make a man feel special, I'll give her that. She continued
lightly stroking the panties up and down the length of his cock as Jim
finished shooting. She squeezed on last large load and watched as it dangled
from the head. Quickly, she moved her head underneath him and caught it on the
chin, not wanting any to go to waste.

Jim backed up a couple steps and Lori unwrapped the panties from his dick. She
held them below her mouth and let the cum drip into the crotch of her panties.
Jim finally looked over at me and shook his head. "You are one lucky man,
mister..." He smiled conspiratorially at me. I just grinned back, my attention
on my niece who was now rubbing the cum all over her crotch, masturbating
herself with the cum soaked panties.

Jim unceremoniously tucked his now flaccid prick back into his pants and
zipped up. Lori was in the process of stuffing what she could of the panties
into her young snatch. She leaned back on the bed, letting about half of the
panties hang out of her cunt and rested on her elbows.

"How was that, Jim?" She asked.

"Great as usual, Lori. Great as usual..." He said, glancing at the obscene
sight. "You're gonna go places in this business, Lori. Believe me..."

With that, he turned on his heel and left the room.

"What an asshole." Lori said as he left. "He always says that they're gonna
write a regular part for me on this stupid show... Like that's the reason I
let him fuck me. I don't give a shit about this dumb show...."

I was confused. "Then why do you.... Um... Why do you..." I guess I was still
embarrassed by what she actually did.

She giggled at my discomfort. "Why do I fuck and suck him, Uncle Thomas? Is
that what you're trying to say?"

I just nodded.

"Because," She said, parting her legs and pulling the panties out of her
vagina. "... it's fun. I like to fuck." She smiled at me. "Now why don't you
come over here and fuck me with that enormous cock of *yours*!"

Who was I to let her down?


We got home later that day. I was pretty tired. From what, I don't know. My
job consisted of sitting around Lori's dressing room, reading, watching her
rehearse the show, eating and fucking my niece when the mood struck her. I
moved through the large house and out to the backyard to soak in the hot tub.

Timmy was sitting naked on the edge of the large wooden hot tub, his feet
dangling in the water. My sister was in the tub kneeling in front of his
spread legs, lovingly sucking her son off. They both casually glanced over at
me as I shucked my clothes and sat down in the tub.

"Hey, Uncle Thomas" Timmy panted as he watched his mom give him head. "This is
the third time mommy's sucked me off today. She's cock crazy today. You better
watch out, Uncle Thomas."

Lauren removed the boy's prick from her mouth long enough to look over at me
and say "I just love eating my son's prick. What's so wrong about that?" She
then resumed her attempts at stuffing his meat in her throat.

This was a fairly normal occurrence; one of the family members pleasing the
other sexually. It was their way of expressing affection, as normal as hugging
or kissing for any other family. I doubt Dr. Spock would approve, but it
seemed to work. There were never any fights and the kids were well behaved and
quite intelligent.

As Lauren sucked her son, her huge tits splashed in the water of the tub with
each bob of her head. Often, she would pause, licking around Timmy's balls or
asshole and her breasts would just kind of float there in the water. They were
beautiful tits. Just luscious.

"Where's Rich?" I asked.

Timmy continued watching his mother commit incest on him. "Mr. Kyle took him
to Vegas. He's doing some fuck flicks with Caroline and some other boys and

Ahhhh. Caroline. She was a cutie. I had "worked with her" a few times.
Caroline was an 11 year old Korean girl whose foster parents got her into
kiddie porn to supplement the money they got from the government to raise her.
Her foster parents never appeared in any of the videos with her, but they were
more than happy to watch her suck a stranger's dick or get into a preteen
lesbian orgy with any girl that Mr. Kyle wanted. I knew that her father was
trying to fuck her without success. Her little pussy was too small for an
adult penis. So after she did a scene, he would usually get her to suck him
off right there while we all watched.

Rich had apparently been giving her "cocksucking lessons" as the girl was
adept at deep throating as Rich was. I loved doing scenes where I would just
lie back and let the little girl work her magic on my prick. She would nibble
and suckle on the head, preparing my cock and her throat for the impending
invasion as I lightly fingered her bald, 11 year old slit. She was small for
her age as well and one of the images that Mr. Kyle loved to capture on his
video camera was little Caroline jacking me off with both of her little hands
wrapped around my fat prick. Her fingers wouldn't touch unless she squeezed
really hard. She had the most adorable little smile. Whenever she smiled at
me, her eyes looked like they shut.

She often spent the night with us after making a film. I felt sorry for her.
Her foster parents apparently worked her like a horse, making her responsible
for all the chores around their house, and her nights and weekends at our
house were like a vacation for her.

I thought of her and Rich in Vegas with Mr. Kyle. Who knows what kind of film
they were making. I know that he liked to have the younger kids just sit in
chairs while as many men as he could recruit would jack off into their faces,
covering their innocent grins with copious amounts of sperm. I imagined Rich
and Caroline sitting naked, back to back in the middle of a huge suite as a
group of naked pedophiles stroked their dicks, waiting to be sucked off by a
young mouth.

I was brought out of my reverie by Timmy's voice. "...I don't know if I can do
it, mommy."

"Sure you can, son. Here, I'll help you." Lauren replied standing up in the
hot tub.

She kept one hand furiously jacking on my nephews prick and cupped her other
hand behind his neck, pulling his head close to the head of his big dick.

"Mr. Kyle will love this, if it works." She said, pulling the boys mouth
closer to his own cock.

I knew the kid was limber, but just how limber was the question that was going
to be answered right before my eyes.

Timmy wrapped his hands underneath the back of his knees and pulled himself
closer to his dick. Lauren continued jacking him with one hand while she used
the other to massage his back in an attempt to loosen any tightness there.

"Come on, honey.." She said rubbing her huge tits on his shoulders. "Show mommy
how you can suck your own cock. Mommy wants to see her oldest boy eat his very
own dick." She pushed down a little bit harder on his neck. Timmy's mouth was
now a scant two inches from the head of his dick.

"Stick your tongue out and lick it, baby." She said. Timmy did and was treated
to the taste of his very own penis head. "I know how much you like sucking
cock, Timmy. Now you're gonna be able to suck your own prick whenever you feel
like it!"

The taste of the drops of precum seemed to inspire the boy and he was able to
now drop down a bit further and kiss and suckle the first third of his large
mushroom head. "Mmmmmmmmm..." He groaned, taking his mouth off his prick for a
moment. "I can taste my own prick, mommy."

It helped that the kid was fairly well developed in the dick department. He
had, like me, a larger than average cock. Stuck on his young body made it look
even bigger, but still, it was a long one.

Lauren pushed down on the back of his neck once again and the kid took the
whole head of his dick into his mouth this time. My sister gave a lusty groan
and pushed down even harder, forcing more of my nephews cock into his own
mouth. "Yeah baby, just imagine mommy's pussy juice is covering your big
teenaged dick and mommy wants you to lick it all off. Suck your own monster
prick, son. Get it all..." She continued wildly, possessed with the sight of
her eldest son fellating himself.

I had to admit, it was a pretty erotic sight watching the boy gasp and strain
in discomfort while he tried to stuff more of his cockmeat into his mouth. It
made me resolve to start a serious stretching regimen!

She began pumping his neck so his mouth bobbed up and down on his cock,
helping her son bring himself to a cum. Her other hand moved up and down on
whatever area was left on his prick.

Timmy began moaning as he fucked himself in the mouth.

"That's a gooooood boy," Lauren cooed "eat your prick for mommy. Suck yourself
off, Timmy. Make it shoot in your own mouth." Lauren egged her boy on, gently
helping him bob on his large tool. "Get a big mouthful of cum, honey. A big
creamy load to snack on..."

Lauren's wish was Timmy's command and his young balls contracted as the boy
began firing his spunk into his own mouth. "Gaaa... Gaaaahhhh" he groaned as
the cum hit the back of his throat. The kid was no stranger to cocksucking, I
can testify to that, so he wasn't shy about getting a mouthful of jism, that's
for sure.

"Cum for your mommy, baby boy. Cum in your mouth for mommy." Lauren stroked
his prick some more as the boy fired spunk into his own mouth.

Timmy moved his head up so his mouth was a couple of inches away from his
shooting tool. The last couple of wads flew out onto the boys face.

"I'm making a lot of cream for you, mommy... Ooooooh... It's soooo gooood..."
He said, letting the cum drip out of his mouth and onto his mother's now still
fist. When the kid stopped cumming, Lauren squeezed hard on the base of his
dick and moved it up, coaxing one last creamy drop to the opening on the top
of his tool. Timmy snaked his tongue out and licked up the last remaining

"Good boy." Lauren said, simply and lowered the panting boy's head to the deck
of the hot tub. She then lowered herself on her son's cock and cleaned the
remaining cum off of her fist and his cock. She looked over at me and winked.

I calmly pushed my hips up and let my cock rise from the warm water like the
periscope of a submarine.

Lauren let go of her son's cock. I watched his stomach rise and fall as he
tried to catch his breath.

Lauren shook him gently. "Timmy. Your uncle's big prick is hard." Timmy sat up
a bit, resting on his elbows, staring at my excited tool. "Do you mind if your
dirty mommy fucks her brother?" She said, grabbing my cock with her hand.

Timmy's dick began rising again. (ahhh youth) "Go for it mommy. Fuck that fat

Lauren straddled me and began fucking up and down on my prick as my nephew
looked on.

She kissed my ear and whispered "You're next..." I threw my head back and

pfam 8

About six the next morning, someone came into my room and sucked me off. This
was a pretty regular occurrence. I never knew if it was Lauren, Timmy, Rich or
Lori. This day I was sure at least that it wasn't Rich as he was in Vegas with
Mr. Kyle and Caroline and God knows who else making a kiddie flick.

In the past, if it was Lori or her mother, I would sometimes lick some pussy,
other times a hand would gently push me back to sleep and I'd just relax. Rich
liked me to suck him off. If his deep throat was particularly good on those
mornings, I had no problem taking his boycock into my mouth. It's funny, I had
no reservations about having sex with the many boys I encountered during my
days as a "kid porn stud" (as Lori would jokingly refer to me,) but I never
considered myself gay. I suppose I'll cling to my heterosexuality until the
day I die. (And considering where I am now, that might not be that far off...)

This morning was one of the mornings that I just lay back and got head. The
gentle sucking had gotten me off in a matter of minutes and I fell back to
sleep probably before whoever had eaten my cum was out the door.

The whole family had basically the same technique, with a few personal
variations, when it came to giving head, so I liked to lie there with my eyes
closed and try to guess who got my load. Lori was fond of using her hand in
tandem with her mouth to milk the cum out of me. Rich, of course, had the

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Subject: Story from my files-[6/7]
From: jefk@qnet.com (Highlander)
Date: 17 Sep 1995 17:40:21 GMT

ability to deep throat, so it was never a question when he was the one. Timmy
and his mom, Lauren, were so close in style that it was always a challenge.
This particular morning I guessed it was Lauren. I figured she was "thanking
me" for the good fuck I had given her in front of Timmy in the hot tub the
night before.

I awoke three hours later to the sounds of splashing and giggling in the pool
outside of my window. I sat on the edge of my bed and parted the curtains.
Timmy was sitting naked, one leg dangling in the water, the other bent with
his foot on the deck. He was facing towards me as Lori swam by him, also
naked. He was stroking his full erection and talking to Lori all the while.

Lori swam over to her brother and rested her head on the deck and watched
Timmy stroke himself.  Timmy brought his other leg out of the water and sat,
spread-eagled, in front of his 14 year old sister. She nonchalantly reached
out and tickled his anus with the forefinger of her left hand. The sensation
in Timmy's ass compelled him to stroke his big teen cock faster. The two
continued to talk. I couldn't hear what they were saying to each other as the
window was closed, but it looked like they might as well have been discussing
the news of the day or something, their demeanor was so casual.

After a minute or so, Timmy grabbed the back of his knees like he had done the
night before and lowered his mouth to his own dick. Lori stared, open mouthed,
in awe, as her older brother began fellating himself.

My cock had been hard anyway, watching the tableau of brother and sister
engaged in such play, knowing exactly how it was to have sex with both of
them, so I lifted the t-shirt I wore to bed and began fingering my own dick.

Lori smiled at her brother as she watched him suck himself off. She seemed
impressed at his newfound skill. (Who wouldn't be?) She shook her head in
disbelief as Timmy lowered himself further and further down on his blood
engorged penis. He held his head there for a moment, staring lovingly into his
younger sister's blue eyes and then took his mouth off his cock and said
something to her. Lori hoisted herself out of the pool and sat next to Timmy.
It gave me a nice look at her beautiful teen pussy and tits. Her blonde bush
had been sprouting nicely over the last couple of months and the water from
the pool matted it down and dripped onto the deck as she sat, cross legged
next to Timmy.

I could see her puffy teen cunt lips part a bit as she used her right hand to
push down on the back of Timmy's neck. Her left hand was occupied with her
brother's asshole as she slipped her index finger in the tight, puckered ring.

At that point, the door to my room opened. It was Lauren. My sister. The
sister who had gotten her three children into kiddie porn. I kept telling that
to myself, trying to pass some kind of judgement on her for involving them in
what was supposed to be such an "evil act". But the kids were all for it and
actually good at what they did. The scene in front of me; sister helping
brother suck his own dick, seemed so natural and ordinary to me, that I
couldn't fault Lauren for what she'd been doing with them. Nor could I fault
her for involving me in their "underworld." I loved it. It was the best sex
I'd ever had. It wasn't just the sex, either. It was the way all of the
parents and kids treated each other: Equals. Respect. Of course there were a
few exceptions with Mr. Kyle and some of the less fortunate kids like Mimi and
Louie and their other sister, but still...

No one ever knocked in the house, so I was accustomed to jacking off or
fucking or sucking and having someone walk in, so I continued to stroke my
cock and watch the kids at play. Lauren was just wearing a robe.

"I was going to ask you if you wanted to go for a swim, but it looks like you
found something better to do..." She said, dropping the robe and exposing her
killer body. Her big tits bounced and flopped above her rippled stomach as she
walked over to me. She straddled me, facing away from me and dropped her hairy
pussy right on my hardon and just sat there, watching her kids play with each

Lori had her finger pretty far up Timmy's asshole at this point and was
pushing his head down so his mouth reached about halfway down his thick pole.
Timmy would come up for air, his mouth dripping copious amounts of spit and
precum. Lori would kiss him, licking up the nasty juice from his face and then
help him get right back to work.

"Looks like my boy has found a new hobby." She sat there, just sitting on my
dick as I looked over her shoulder. "It's beautiful, isn't it Thomas? The way
they express their love for each other?"

She was right. I don't know if I was feeling particularly romantic that
morning or what. But somehow, to me, a 14 year old girl helping her brother go
down on himself by the pool in the morning seemed like the truest expression
of love that there ever was. Call me crazy.

Timmy bobbed his head faster and faster on his dick. I could see that Lori was
egging him on to shoot his load. She was amazing like that. Her ability to use
her innocent looks to make men and boys cum by talking dirty was second to
only Lauren.

"Tom, do you think you can cum in me with me just sitting here?"

"I don't know, sis. What do you think?" I replied.

Lauren began a gentle rocking on my lap. "I think that that monster dick of
yours can shoot off in my hairy muff while you watch your niece and nephew
play with each other. That's what I think. Look at my son suck his own dick.
You know how it feels to have your cock in my boy's mouth, don't you? Everyone
says he gives great suckjobs. Imagine what it must feel like to suck yourself
off, big brother."

I didn't need to imagine Timmy sucking me off when I had my tool embedded in
my sister's snatch. The kid *was* good, but I had all the stimulus I needed
right there: My sister's pussy and my niece and nephew right outside my

"Look Thomas," she said, "he's gonna get his cum!"

Timmy pulled his mouth just and inch away from the head of his dick as Lori
plunged her finger all the way up his tiny bunghole. It was obvious that she
was moving it around, rubbing his sensitive prostate gland. Without warning,
Timmy began lobbing quick bursts of jism into his own mouth as his sister
looked on.

It was too much for me and I began cumming in my big sister's sloppy cunt.

"OOOOhhhh Thomas. He's eating his cum for his sister. Just like my pussy is
eating your cum for you. Look at Timmy showing off for Lori, firing that nasty
spunk into his mouth. I'll bet you he's gonna give her some of his boy
cum...", Lauren panted as I emptied into her. She was right. After Timmy
finished cumming in his own mouth, he leaned back and he and Lori kissed each
other deeply, passing his juice back and forth between their mouths. Lori
traced her finger lightly up and down his smooth chest as they kissed, pausing
occasionally to tweak one of his pink nipples. His cock bobbed in time with
his pulse, exposed to the morning air as he shared his fresh semen with my

Lauren didn't get up off of me. She just sat there and began rubbing her
enlarged clit as my cock softened inside of her. Timmy and Lori had finished
their soul kiss and Timmy leaned back onto the deck. Lori lowered her mouth to
his semi-hard teenaged dick and began cleaning up the extra spunk that had
dripped onto it from his mouth.

"Oh Thomas. Look at her clean her brother's tool. It's so fucking sexy." She
panted, rubbing her clit faster and faster.

I took Timmy's cue and flopped back down on the bed as my sister brought
herself to orgasm while watching her kids "play."

I heard a two splashes and laughing and knew that the kids had jumped back
into the pool to perhaps clean off some more or "get going" for the next sex

Lauren finished herself off and lay down next to me. She played with my cum
covered dick, squeezing the last drops of sperm from me. We kissed, our
tongues intertwined, searching for something.

I looked into my sisters beautiful blue eyes.

"Lauren, how did this start?"

"Well, I heard you pulling your pud in here and..." She joked.

"No. You know what I mean. All of this. The kids. You. Mister Kyle. Jim."

"Are you sure you wanna know?" she said. She was serious. The playfulness was
gone. She propped her head up on her hand and stared into my eyes.

I knew that curiosity killed the cat. I should have listened to that voice,

"Yeah" I heard myself say, "I wanna know, sis."

Lauren got up and walked into my big closet. I could see my cum leaking out of
her cunt and dripping down her muscular thighs as she reached up onto a shelf
in the back of the dark closet. She wrestled with the weight of a large,
wooden box, and brought it over to the bed and dropped it next to me with a

She sat down and fingered the combination on the lock and opened the box.

"Here it is. It's sorta my "scrapbook"."

She reached in and handed me a stack of old photos. From the quality, I could
tell that they were amateur and they were taken sometime in the early
seventies. They were pictures of a young girl, probably 10, naked with her
legs open. The girl's face wasn't visible in the first couple of pictures. The
next group made me sit up with a start.

It was her. My big sister. Age 10. On the floor with her ankles in her hands,
exposing her pre-teen pussy to the world.

"Oh my God..." I gasped. This is...

"Me, Thomas. It's me." She took one of the pix from me and regarded it as a
woman regards a picture of herself from the past. "I was a cutie, huh?"

"But..." I stammered. I couldn't believe it. I looked in the box. There were
stacks of old magazines and reels of super 8 film. A pedophile's dream
collection of kiddie porn from the seventies. Enough to land you in Federal
Prison for the next ten lifetimes. All of it starring my sister, Lauren. There
was one dusty video tape that she put off to the side. I reached into the box.
She stopped me. "Hold on. I wanna tell you. My way. Hold on."

I stopped and for the next hour, my sister told me the most mind blowing thing
I had ever heard...

"Remember the summer you went to camp?" She said. I nodded.

Camp was the last place I had wanted to go that year, but our parents had
basically forced me into going for a month. "The night after you left, mother
was giving me a bath. Now, this was normal, remember, but this night,
something was weird. Mom and dad were both kind of strange at dinner. I
thought it had something to do with you being gone. But... Anyway. Mom was
washing me and without warning, just shucked off her dress and underwear and
sat in the tub with me. I remember being fascinated at how hairy she was
between her legs and how strange her breasts seemed. She just said something
like 'I need a bath myself.' So we just sat there in the tub. Both naked...
Kinda staring at each other."

I couldn't imagine the scene. Our parents were always so uptight. Lauren

"Mother started rubbing me really lightly all over with the washcloth. After a
while, she started concentrating on my little pussy. She'd washed me down
there before, but this time. Well, you *know* what she was doing. It started
feeling really good. She even asked me if it felt good. All I could do was nod

"The bathroom door opened and daddy walked in. They were both so casual and
gentle. It was kind of nice. Mom said 'Daddy and me are going to show you a
few things while your brother's away'. Dad unceremoniously dropped his pants
and stepped into the tub and sat on the edge. I remember looking between his
legs and seeing that....'thing'. It was half hard and sort of jumping. I had
seen yours when you were a baby, Thomas, but I had never seen an adult's

"Mom stopped rubbing me and grabbed dad's dick. 'This is daddy's penis. I'm
gonna show you how I show your father that I love him.' And then... she just
jacked him off right there in front of me. Daddy was staring at me the whole
time. He kept saying 'Your Momma sure does love me, Lauren. Look at what she's
doing to my penis. Your Momma sure does love me.' It was big, Thomas. Not as
big as yours, but to me, a ten year old girl, it was enormous! After a couple
of minutes, daddy started cumming. It was spraying all over mom and dribbling
down her wrist. I must have winced or something, 'cause mom said 'It's okay,
Lauren, daddy's not peeing. He's cumming. This is what men make to show that
they love you..'"

Now, I had heard this rap many, many times in my travels with Lauren and the
kids. It was a common theme in alot of the vids we made with the younger kids.
Get them to think that sex play was a thing that everyone did together.
Especially your family and "approved" friends. It was a way to get them to
accept what was being done as a natural thing; other times it was referred to
as "medicine".

"Mommy licked up what sperm was on her hand and traded places with daddy."
Lauren continued, "Daddy spread her legs wide open in front of me and gave me
a guided tour of mom's vagina, explaining all of the scientific names for
things and then coaching me on the nasty names as well. He explained to me
that it gets hairy like hers because she has someone that loves her and will
have sex with her and without that, I'd never be a woman like her. Then he put
his finger inside of her and moved it around.

"I remember thinking that it looked like a big black sponge that was sucking
in dad's finger. He spread the lips and started playing with her clit. Mom was
panting and humping dad's finger. 'See how your father loves me, honey. It
feels so good. Like what I was doing to you with the washcloth. Only better'
Then dad started licking mom's pussy right there in front of me. Mom humped
his face and started sweating and breathing really heavy. I thought he was
hurting her, but she kept panting about how good it felt. Dad suggested that I
rub myself while he licked her. So I did. They were right, of course, it felt
great. Then mom and dad switched places again. Daddy was hard again. Mom took
my hand and wrapped it around daddy's dick and helped me jerk his cock off. I
learned how to use my spit to make it slick and how to twist my hand around
the head. I was fascinated at the way I could make daddy jump and moan. It
felt so powerful, Thomas. I loved the way mommy encouraged me to jerk daddy
off. His big balls were slapping against the inside of the tub.

"When he came, she had me taste his semen. I had the same reaction as you did
that first night with the kids, but as you know, I've grown to love the taste.
Then mommy sat on the edge of the tub and dad had me lick her to a cum as

I couldn't believe that our parents had done this to my sister. I was at once
enraged and excited. A lot of things about Lauren were now making sense. I had
no idea...

"We all got out of the tub and dried off. They didn't put their clothes on and
we went into their bedroom. I felt so happy."

I could understand that. Mom and dad's room was pretty much off limits to us.
We could only go in there on special occasions. I guess that molesting your
daughter would constitutes a special occasion, wouldn't it?

Lauren went on with her story. As she told the story, she began sounding
younger and younger; like a young girl telling me a story.

"They had the movie projector set up in the room. Remember watching the movies
of us when we were kids, Thomas? It was the same projector only this time,
they showed me different movies. They were movies with men and women and boys
and girls my age and younger doing stuff like we had just done in the bathtub.
But sometimes the kids put the penises in their mouths. They all looked so
happy doing it, too. It was such a special night, Thomas. I wish you could
have been there. Every time a man shot his load the girls smiled and were
thrilled when it got on their faces. Mom kept saying stuff like 'Look how that
little girl loves her daddy, Lauren. See how she makes him cum with her

"There were movies where little boys sucked on men, too. Mom and dad were so
great, Thomas. They explained how it was perfectly natural for boys to lick
and suck just like girls. When the movie was over, I sucked daddy off for the
first time."

My cock was hard despite myself. The image of my little sister sucking off our
dad in my parent's bedroom was exciting to me. Lauren handed me one of the
magazines from the "hope chest". It was about half the size of a normal
magazine like Time or Newsweek, but quite thick. The mag was called "Lolita
#8". There was a picture of Lauren on the cover with a dick in her mouth. I
flipped the pages as she continued with her story. The man was obviously our
dad, but his face was never visible. The writing inside was in German. I had
seen magazines like these that featured one of Lauren's kids. Alot of times
they were stills from the movies they did. Your basic fuck and suck porno
book, but with kids instead of fake titted models.

"Every day that whole week, either mom or dad or both of 'em would have me
give them oral sex. Anytime. Anywhere. In the backyard, in my room before I
fell asleep, when I woke up, after lunch. The whole week was filled with
daddy's cum and mommy's pussy juice, Tom. After the week was over, they asked
me if I liked it. Thomas... I *loved* it. It was such a great feeling to know
that I was giving them pleasure like no one else could. I told them just that.
They seemed pleased with my answer and told me that was exactly what they
wanted to hear, but if I ever wanted to stop, I could. There was no way that I
would want to stop, though. It felt soooo good. Then mommy brought out a
camera and took pictures of me sucking daddy's dick. Those are the pictures
you're looking at right now. That was my first photo session for the Germans."

I was looking at the last photo in the large mag. It was Lauren smiling with
our father's cum all over her face.

"Then mommy and daddy showed me more movies and magazines with little boys and
girls my age. Some of the boys were older and I was amazed that some of the
things they showed me had the boys sticking their dicks into the girls.
Fucking, of course. That's what mom and dad told me it was called. They asked
if I would like to try it. They showed me right there how to do it. Dad
climbed up on mommy and fucked her as I watched. Mommy looked so happy with
dad's dick in her, how could I say no? I was concerned that dad's dick
wouldn't fit in me. They said I was probably right..."

My sister handed me another magazine, "Kindersex #22", there was a picture of
my sister sucking two dicks, a boy and a man. I flipped opened it to the first
page. You could see the boy's face. He was about 14 or 15. The man had his
hand on my sister's head. He was wearing a large, gold ring. A very familiar
looking gold ring...

"That night a man and his son came over. The man's name was Mister Kyle and
his son's name was Jim." said Lauren. It took my breath away. This was deep.
Maybe deeper than I was willing to go.

"You mean..." I managed to say after a moment.

"Yes," she said "the same Mister Kyle and the same Jim. After mister Kyle came
on my face, his son took my cherry while dad took pictures of it for this
magazine. Then mister Kyle shot a super 8 movie of me and Jim fucking. It was
the beginning of a relationship that looks like it's going to last forever,
Tom. Forever..."

She pulled the rest of the magazines and reels of film out of the box and I
looked through them.

"Every day until you got back from camp, they would come over either alone or
with other boys and girls and Mr. Kyle would take pictures and movies of me
having sex with whoever they told me to have sex with. He called me his
'little movie star'. I especially liked it when mom or dad were in the
pictures with me. He liked to suck Jim off, too..." She laughed. I had to
smile as well. I couldn't, for the life of me, imagine our dad with a dick in
his mouth. But... I couldn't imagine myself with a boy's spurting cock in my
mouth either a few months ago either. Lauren went on. "He really liked the
little girls, though. Mom used to get off so good when we did a session with a
girl and daddy. Of course, I got sweet on Jim. After all, he was my first."

I tried to say something. I wanted to know how Lauren ended up marrying Jim.
My sister shushed me. "Let me finish. I know you have a lot of questions...
Just hold on." I sat back, rapt. "You probably want to know where you fit in
to all of this?" I nodded. She smiled. "We never really talked about it,
Thomas. I think they only wanted one of the kids involved. I guess I just got

I don't know if lucky would be the word I would use, but...

"I'd always wondered about it, too. I really wanted to do it with you back
then and told mommy and daddy, but... Well, I brought it up once and they told
me it would never happen and not to bring it up again. A couple of years ago,
Mr. Kyle told me that he and daddy had some sort of arrangement. I think that
daddy did something really bad and owed Mr. Kyle something. Sorta like the
Mexican man, Louis. It's not really important now. Anyway, anytime that you
were gone for more than a couple of hours, I would do some kind of session
with someone..."

I recalled the many weekend sleepovers that Lauren would go to when we were
kids. I guess those were actually "sessions" as she called them.

"Mr. Kyle and Jim really liked me alot. I was the most popular girl they had.
Especially when I hit puberty and my tits started to grow like they did. That
wasn't really the best thing for kid porn, but since they liked me, they had
me help them break in younger "talent". I did other kinds of movies with them
too, Thomas."

"You mean like dogs and animals and stuff?" I asked. Lauren nodded slowly.
"Yes, Thomas. And... Others.."

She must have sensed my confusion. Her voice lowered. She got a far away look
in her eyes. "When I was 14, we started doing these movies where a man would
*pretend* to choke one of the kids to death. Daddy really liked doing these.
Um... Well, one time... When I was 16... He really did it." She stopped. Her
eyes got teary.

"He killed someone?" I gasped, "A kid? Dad killed a little kid?" My head was

"Yes" she replied, "Katie... Her." She pointed to a picture book with an
adorable little blond of about 12. "She was a really good friend of mine from
Holland. Her parents would come over every 3 months or so and do sessions. We
all thought she was joking after daddy had strangled her, but...."

Needless to say, my cock had completely deflated. I thought that snuff flicks
were an urban legend. There was a deafening silence in the room as my head
swam with all of the things my sister was telling me. She had been brainwashed
by *our parents* and Mr. Kyle into loving sex as a kid. She was still
"brainwashed" in a way. She didn't know any other way of living. It was her

"You can imagine how the shit hit the fan after that. Daddy was inconsolable.
Mommy almost had a breakdown. The parents wanted to snuff me as a sort of
retribution. But... I was.. I was pregnant with Jim's baby..."

I remember this time. I thought that mom and dad were just freaked out because
Lauren had gotten pregnant at 16. I had no idea just how serious it was. It
was a really shitty time as I remember. Mom crying all of the time and dad
just sitting in his chair, staring off into space.

"Mr. Kyle thought it best that I get out of the house and go and live with him
and Jim here in Los Angeles... The rest is... well, you basically know the

I sat there for a minute, looking at my naked sister. She looked vulnerable
for the first time in her life. I moved over to her and gave her a hug.

"It's okay, sis. It's okay..." I said. She leaned her head on my shoulder and
began sobbing.

I felt horrible. My whole childhood had been a farce. I always knew that there
was some strange relationship with our parents and Lauren. Now things were
beginning to make sense. The only thing that seemed odd was Jim, her ex-
husband. Where was he? I asked Lauren this very question.

"It's worse, Thomas. A lot worse."

I wondered how worse it could be. Hoo-boy. It was worse. Way worse.

Lauren collected herself. "You can't tell anyone. Okay?" I nodded. Who was I
gonna tell? Christ...

"You may have noticed that Lori isn't quite the image of her mother that Timmy
and Rich are..."

She was right. Lori was a blue-eyed Nordic blond. Her eyes were the only thing
that resembled Lauren's.

Lauren opened another kid porn mag. It was Lauren. She was probably about 18.
She was on her back, sucking the dick of a young kid while another boy of
about 15 fucked her. He had long blonde hair, blue eyes... you get the idea.

"That's Lori's dad, Werner. This was taken in Denmark about a year after Timmy
was born."

I flipped the pages. Standard kid porn fuck and suck, ending in a facial
cumshot from Werner.

"We had a party the day before this session. Werner fucked me for the first
time. I had forgotten my birth control pills... and well..."

"But how does this explain Jim?" I asked, confused.

"Jim was pissed off at Werner. They had always had this kind of rivalry.
Remember, Mr. Kyle is a very powerful man. So was Jim... He got jealous and...
He..." Lauren began sobbing again. I held her as the tears flowed.

"Oh my God, Lauren... You mean Jim killed Werner?" My sister nodded.

"Yes. He and his dad flew there after Lori was born and did a snuff with
Werner. But... Jim... Jim... He got set up about a year later. There was a big
international crackdown on all of this stuff. Mr. Kyle told me that Jim was
the "sacrificial lamb". They *had* to do it. Or else the  whole thing would
have come down. The whole thing. I was worried about *you*, Thomas. I didn't
want you to learn about this on 60 minutes or something, so..."

"Jim's dead?" I asked. "They killed him?" Lauren shook her head.

"No... He's in prison in Germany... Forever. The kids think that we got
divorced, like we told you. You can't ever tell them..."

I sat back on the bed, surrounded by the magazines; Lauren's childhood and
growth into womanhood captured by thousands of photographs of her having sex.
The glossy covers reflected the sunlight pouring in from my window. I looked
into my sister's imploring gaze. "I promise, sis." I whispered. She gave me a
peck on the cheek.

I flipped the pages of one of the mags. She was on the back steps of our old
house. Her little pink skirt was raised and she was pissing down the steps.
Her head was tilted back so the faceless man could fuck her throat. I had been
in this very same position with several teen and pre-teen girls on many
different photo and video shoots. I remembered that skirt from when we were
kids. She had gotten it for her 11th birthday. I remember picking on her
because she loved the skirt so much... And the steps, Christ. I don't know how
many hours I had spent on those back steps as a kid. Listening to the crickets
at night, watching the birds play in the garden, bullshitting with friends,
copping feels of girlfriends in highschool... Here was my sister at 11 sucking
a grown man's dick.

Other magazines charted her growth. "Pajama Party Princess" had her and four
other girls showing each other their sprouting pussy hair, only to be
interrupted by 2 boys (one of them Jim, her future husband) and a man, who
proceeded to fuck them and cum all over their budding, little girl tits and
pussies. Titles like "Birthday Girl" "Kiddie Queen Review #12" "Tiny Dicks,
Tiny Tits" and "Cherry Slits" screamed at me with their brightly colored
letters from the bed.

She was a star. All of the pictures of her showed her relishing her position
as a kid porn queen. Countless photos of her dripping cum from her mouth
showed her smiling with pride at the results of her "labor". Lori, Timmy and
Rich all had that same gleam in their eyes when they were fucking and sucking
for the camera. It was a look that said: "Look what *I* can do!" And they
did... Boy did they ever.

The most fascinating thing about all of the smut that surrounded me on the bed
was my reaction: My cock was rock hard and dripping. I couldn't help it. I
*knew* the kind of feelings that the men who were in the photos with Lauren
had. There's nothing like the tiny, hot, hand of a sexually charged little
girl wrapped around your cock. Nothing like the look of surprise on the face
of a 13 year old girl when you shoot your spunk all over it. They have such a
sense of accomplishment at being able to do what "grown ups" can do.

There was one magazine, "Poppin' and Fresh", that featured a 16 year old
pregnant Lauren in the middle of a gang bang of 10 men and boys. By the end of
the magazine, her enormous, milk filled tits were covered with the spunk of
all of the guys. The back cover showed her spread eagled on the floor, sucking
the cum off her swollen nipples.

One series of magazines was simply called "Incest". 3 of the series featured
Lauren and our parents exclusively. Dad's face was never completely shown,
although if you knew him, you could definitely identify him. Another was of a
young dark haired girl of probably 9 or 10 and two boys.. One looked to be
right around her age and the other was probably 14. The girl wore only a blue
shirt and was naked from the waist down. It showed her sucking the hairless
dick of the younger boy first and then fucking him. Then she sucked the dick
of the older boy as the younger one licked her bald cunt. The kids were
obviously related. You could see the similarity in their toothy grins as they
smiled for the photographer. The last photo had the girl lying on her back,
holding her knees apart as the older boy pissed on her open little girl pussy.

Here on the bed before me, was what seemed like the history of kiddie porn.
There only looked to be about 14 kids in all of the magazines. Basically a
"repertory company" of the kid porn world. Just like today. Except for the
occasional "stray" that Mr. Kyle would pick up and bring in to the group,
there were only about 4 families that we ever had "sessions" with.

More magazines; Lauren with older girls, Lauren with younger girls, Lauren
with boys, with men. Lauren and a woman sucking off a dog, Lauren and a boy in
overalls jacking off a horse, Lauren with Jim and Mr. Kyle, Lauren getting
fucked by a man while she nursed a baby, Lauren fingering dad's anus while he
eats out a 12 year old girl, Mom sucking off Jim, Jim sucking off dad while
Lauren jams a finger in her pussy... Thousands of pages of children fucking
and sucking with adults. Doing anything the adults wanted. Anything.

I looked up at my sister with a new emotion: Pity. She was smiling at me. Her
eyes watery.

"You... you... like it, don't you?" She whispered.

It was an electric moment. She was so vulnerable. It was like a girl asking
you if you would still respect her after you fucked.

I tossed the magazine I had been flipping through aside and thrust my swollen
dick towards her.

"Lauren" I said, letting the moment linger "I fucking love it."

And I did. She sucked me like she never had. Like her life fucking depended on
it. As she wolfed down my cock, I could hear her gasping

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