- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Magic Potion
[Author] Trinity
[Type] More/other family

Paul sat on his bed and looked at the Greenish liquid in the small bottle. It looked ugly. He squirmed. He thought about the man who gave it to him when he offered some loose change to the shabby-looking stranger who was sitting in the alley near his house as he came home from school.

"Take it, it would be the answer to all ye problems" the man had said.

"How so, my dear old man?" Paul had enquired, flabbergasted that his few pennies he passed to the man actually reaped something in return.

"You'll see, just use it on yourself," the man replied, putting an evil grin across his face.

Paul was in disbelief. Yeah right, this green stuff would be the answer to all my problems. Paul sighed. At 19, he was still a virgin. The number of dates he had gone on can be counted with one hand. He sure ain't having a great time in love, is he?

Sighing again, he put the liquid in his drawer and went to bathroom. He just had to pee. He stood outside the bathroom and waited as he heard the shower in the bathroom running.

"Who's inside? I really have to go!" he shouted.

"Wait your turn, bonehead!" his 15 year old only sister, Jessica, replied.

"I would, but my $@#$!!! Bladder won't!" he said in earnest.

Jessica didn't seem to bother. Standard practice from his sister. Short of dropping dead, his sister could not give so much as a thought to him. His mother was gone till two days more, she was visiting her sick uncle, so he had no one to complain to. (His father was attached in Singapore, and had been for the past few months.)

He turned the knob and much to his surprise, the bathroom was not locked. He decided to try his luck. It would be better being caught in the bathroom with his sister rather than pee OUTSIDE the bathroom, which he was about to do anyway.

He sneaked inside, his first thoughts solely on entertaining his bladder. He then started relieving himself.

"Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! You Pervert!" he heard his sister scream.

He turned towards the see-thru shower compartment that was in the bathroom.

"How dare you come in when I was... was..." his sister said in rage.

"I'm sorry, I just had to." He replied, taking in for the first time the view of his sister in the buff.

That few seconds, he surveyed his sister maturing body for the first time. She had already cross her arms over her breasts, but the tanned breasts, full as they were, were spilling out. He could see the top of her wrinkling aureoles, obviously wrinkled when in touch with the cold water. However, as she covered her breasts with her hands, she had only crossed her legs. Paul took the view down there. He copped an incestuous look at the extremely bushy black pubic hair covering her love-hole. He swelled with pride at the thought that it was his sister. His other "brother" swelled as well, not with pride, but lust.

"What the fuck are you looking at?" his sister hissed.

She turned and faced the wall.

"Just fuck off," she said.

"Look, I'm sorry... I," but his voice trailed off, knowing that she would not be bothered with an explanation anyway.

He walked out and went back to his room to jack off. God knows she would start being in his fantasies now, he thought.

The next day, he awoke and bathed as well as getting dressed. He then took out the bottle, spraying a slight amount on himself. It did seem to have a slight horny effect on him.

Well, here goes nothing, he thought.

He went down to the living room after wearing his attire.

There, he saw his sister on the couch. Apparently, she was skipping school again. God, the liquid was having an effect on him. He noticed her short skirt that flirted around her hips and the fact that she was not wearing a bra, her nipples clearly in need of relief pushing against her tight T-Shirt. God, she looked so fucking hot!

"Sis, I'm goin' now," he said.

She turned around.

"What perfume are you wearing?" she asked inquisitively.

"I donna actually, just some old stuff," he replied.

She stepped in front of him, blocking his path to the door.

She then gave him a deep kiss, tongue to tongue. He felt her inside him. Their bodies melted together. He pulled away from her.

"What was that about?" he asked.

"Come on, I'm just sorry for what happened yesterday, that is all. You liked what you saw yesterday didn't you,? Come on your cock was bulging", she teased. She twirled her hair.

"Don't you like me big brother?" she asked, leaning forward to kiss him again.

He could not resist, not such a hot babe. Their mouths melted together, tongue wrestling with tongue. They parted.

Paul pulled up his sister's T-Shirt, revealing her two ripe apples, there for the picking. He examined her treasures. Her breasts were abundant, topped by wrinkled brown nipples, the size of silver dollars. Her nipples jutted out. Her breasts just looked so wonderful. He lowered his lips to her mounds of flesh, his tongue licking the erected toys of joy. He could be so satisfied just being linked to her milk jugs but his cock was stirring and he just had to find out how tight his sister was.

He slowly released her skirt and saw her pink panties, hiding a girl's greatest secret. He squeezed her panties, and immediately felt her wetness. She on the other hand, had already stripped him of his shorts, allowing his cock the full freedom to reach its full potential of 8 inches.

"Oh, Paul," she sighed.

He pulled down her panties, observing her dark triangle of pubic hair that was very much existent. He pulled himself from kissing her breasts and lowered his tongue, lowering it over her belly button and than into the deepest areas of a woman. He used his tongue to part the slit that was hiding behind the forest of pubic hair, the slit that represented her womanhood. She groaned, pulling him deeper, allowing him access to places no brother was supposed to go or enjoy.


She them came gushing her juices all over his face as he slowly slid his tongue up her body again and found his lips on her neck, making small hickeys.

He then pushed his cock into her love hole, which was extremely tight. He pushed till he felt a little resistance. He then realised his sister was still very much a fresh virgin. He pushed in, not meaning to hurt the girl he so loved, but wanting to be the first to enjoy her fully, to embrace her love and to make hot, passionate love to her. He could see small drops of blood dripping down from her vagina, from being invaded for the first time. He could also see her pink cuntlips enveloping themselves over his cock, protecting it. He felt a sudden connection with his sister.

The resistance in her cunt finally broke. She was no longer a virgin. Her cherry had been taken by her brother!! By now, the two siblings were fucking and frenching like lovers. He went deeper and deeper in her, coupling with his sister in a way no siblings should be together. They rocked together, each thrust by him met by an equally forceful thrust by her.

He pushed in wildly and got connected with her womb. It felt so right being there. Siblings showing each other the meaning of being in love, unconditional love. He felt himself coming to a climax.

"Oh Sis, I'm gonna cum," he said, trying to pull away, not wanting to impregnate her.

However, her legs now enveloping his hips, pushed him back in, to the point of her womb again.

"Cum in me, big brother..." she said huskily.

He could not take it. He thrust his cock in and met her womb, cumming spurt after spurt of incestuous cum into her womb, impregnating her womb with their incestuous child, he was sure. She continued pushing him in with her legs, touching regions of her no man would be able to claim after her own brother's successful mount. She knew right there and then that this would be her most ultimate sex that she would ever have. No man could give her the unconditional love that her brother surely had for her. How could something so right be so wrong?

"Oh... oh... Jessica... sis..." Paul moaned, continuing to eject spurt after spurt of young healthy sperm all chasing after his little sister's eggs.

They kissed each other. Their climax was over. They had done it.

Paul kept his cock lodged in his sister still not believing the scenario he had just got into. Two days ago, he'd think his sister was a goddamn bitch, now, he thought that they had fucked like she was a bitch in heat. Ironic?

"Why Jess... why this sudden errr... emotion?" Paul asked as he continued kissing her neck.

"I dunno Paul, I just took a whiff of your perfume and God, you just seemed so fucking sexy there and then." She said, while responding to his kisses with occasional groans.

Oh fuck, Paul thought, it works!



The bell rang. 5 o'clock! Time to leave, Paul thought. He smiled. His mind was not on the Mathematics lecture going on. His mind ran through the events over the past two days... what happened earlier with his sister.

He smiled again. He had went to bathe after what had happened; apparently to ensure nothing of the same sort happened in school; his record in school was good, he did not want to tarnish it by getting a lecture in premarital sex in the principal office if he got caught.

School was over. He walked out of the school building to his old dilapidated car.

Sigh, some things never change, Paul thought.

As he drove back home, he had thought of the possibilities that lay before him with this perfume: getting fresh with his teacher, or getting revenge with the bitch of the school, Jocelyn, who wouldn't give him a second look otherwise, or getting fresh with the cheerleaders. Whatever it was, he was amazingly realistic considering he has a normal sized teenage sex drive. He knew not to squander too much, too quickly. He had to make sure, just in case, to have some handy later on if he were ever to pass a girl the like of Jennifer Love Hewitt or Sarah Michelle Gellar on the road.

He had reached home. He parked his car in the garage. When he went in, he saw his sister on the couch in the living room watching TV. The Practice must be on, Paul guessed. His sister, Jessica, had been distanced from him ever since the day he took her virginity. Almost as if she regretted what had happened, she had came in the next day to apologise for her behaviour that induced him to make love to his own sister. When he tried to hug her to assure her that he did not mind the incident one bit, she moved away. He decided not to press the matter but was nonetheless feeling guilty for making his own sister act like a slut that fateful day.

"Listen, about that day..." Paul started.

"Oh Paul... Don't speak, I'm really really sorry... I love you, I'd like to, no, love to make love to you again, but I... I can't... it's incest don't you understand?" she said, giving him the puppy eyes.

"But sis, if we liked it so much..." Paul protested.

"Stop... I love you..." she replied, giving him a peck on the cheek and she went back to her room, switching off the TV along the way, locking the door.

Paul sighed. That was another indication that the power of the perfume should not be wasted, that it should only be used when absolutely needed. He loved his sister, and did not want her to be scarred by their love the other day. He loved her too much for her to be scarred.

He went into his room, locking the door and resting on his bed. Was it worth it?, he asked. One night of pleasure for a life of scarring your own sister.' Well, at least his mother, was coming back that night. Finally, something normal back into their lives. Something his sister desperately needed.

He lay there thinking of the day their lives changed. How he tasted the salts on his sister's firm, tight body. How her cunt had enveloped his cock, signalling the union of brother and sister, and how her tight hole had pulled and sucked at every last spurt of sperm that came out of his cock. How they fucked the whole day long, Paul missing school for the err.. Activity at home. How when they were fully spent, she had trouble to get up with her cunt so full of his love that it was oozing out of her love hole, dripping down her thighs.

Before he knew it, he realised his right hand was pistoning up and down his cock to incestuous thoughts of his sister. He came, thinking about how saltish her nipples were, wrinkled as they were during that day of passion. He was asleep.


Paul awoke with a start. Huh?

"Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!" he heard again, it sounded like his sister!

Paul ran out of his room into his sister's room. He saw his scantily-clad sister, in bra and panties, at the side of the cupboard.

"Huh?" he said, out loud.

"There's a big cockroach in my bed!" his sister shouted, gesturing wildly to the bed.

Paul looked on the bed. There was indeed a cockroach, and a big one at that. He took the nearest thing he could find, a History Textbook (hey, that's as good a use for a History Book that I can think of, so sue me!), and took aim at the small animal.

Wham! The cockroach was still.

"Phew....thanks brother" Jessica said, coming closer to Paul, giving him a kiss on the cheek. He hugged her and she responded. Her kiss had now moved to his mouth and concentrated there. He made his move and moved his hands onto her bra clasp and undid it.

"Paul...?" Jessica said uncertainly.

"Shhhh...I love you, you love me too, don't you?" Paul answered reassuringly.

Her resistance dropped there and then. He didn't smell as he did earlier, but he was right. She loved him far too much, far too much to see him suffering every single day, her being so distant. His pain was evident. She knew part of the reason they made love was not because of his lust, but his genuine love for his sister.

She kissed back hard, releasing his now-rigid cock from the refrains of his shorts. He, on the other hand, after successfully releasing her two bouncing beauties, ripped open her panties. He turned her around, his hands still firmly lodged at her breasts, fingers toying with her swollen nipples. He then positioned his piston at her still-virgin butt hole. He slowly pushed his cock in, feeling the enveloping on his cock even tighter than earlier with the cunt.

"Aaaahhhh..." Jessica moaned, in half-pain, half-pleasure that her brother was corn-holing her. He started to stroke her further, his hands still having a firm grasp on her erect nipples.

He looked down. His cock was by now covered with a coating of shit, which by now, was acting as a perfect lubricant to his fucking. God works in such weird ways! He continued mating her, his thrust met each and every time by a hoarse groan from her and her butt pushing itself against him even further, allowing him deeper and deeper access of her initially virgin shit-hole.

"Oooohhh... sister... ohh... " Paul moaned, coming. His sperm flooded out into her anus, filling her with his seed. The small hole, unable to accommodate such manhood at its initial ass-fucking that globs and globs of sperm were dripping out of her asshole even as he continued to thrust his manhood in.

"Paul... oh Paul..." jets and jets of sperm spurted up her hole. She came too, saying bad words to induce a higher level of fucking from her own brother.

"Oh... fuck me... fuck me you dirty bastard... cum in your sister's shit-hole... OOOOHHHH!!!" she said as she came, wave after wave of orgasm sweeping her petite little body.

The two bodies in an incestuous fucking slumped down on the bed, spent but happy. They hugged each other and kissed. Jessica apologised for being such a prude earlier and that she knew he only loved her and wanted to show it. He responded by putting his finger on her lip, indicating she need not explain anything. Sperm was all over the bed, as her ass-hole was not large enough to accommodate the spurts of sperms he had deposited in his sister.

They went to bathe together, rushing a little to make sure their mother would not suspect anything was amiss when she reached home.

The next morning, Paul awoke with his mother over him, smiling.

"Hello Pumpkin," his mother said, much to his annoyance. He wished she would stop calling him that. He's almost 20 for goodness sake!

However, he noticed that his mom, bent over him, was showing a lot of cleavage of her enormous tits. He got a hard-on instantly. His mother, realising where her son's incestuous stare was on, promptly stood up.

"Don't worry, in the teenage years, you'd wanna fuck anyone given a chance." She said and ruffled his hair.

He sat up. He thought of his mother. For all of her 38 years, she wasn't such an ugly looking lady, he thought. He smiled. Looks like the previous days' activities were having an effect on him. He had never thought of him mother even vaguely sexually before then.

He went down to eat breakfast that his mother had prepared. It was Saturday, so he could sleep in. His sister was already out, being extremely active in school activities. It was also, he knew, house -cleaning period for his mom. She always snooped around the house, finding things pack and arrange on this day.

He sat in front of the tube and watched television. The Simpsons was on. He then heard his mother ruffling through his things in his room (just beside the living room). Not again! If there was one thing Paul hated about his mom, it is the fact that she liked to snoop around.

He groaned, getting up to go to his room to ensure that his Playboys and Penthouses are kept under lock and key. When he reached his room, he saw his mother at his dresser holding up the bottle of green perfume.

"This looks nasty... wonder how it smells?" she said, spraying a small portion onto her left wrist.

"No! Mom!!" Paul said hastily, grabbing the bottle from her hands, not wanting to waste the small amount that was already left.

His mother inhaled deeply and took in the smell of the perfume. She continued doing so.

"Mom, are you okay?" Paul asked, obviously wondering the effect it would have on his mother.

"Paul?" she asked, slightly dazed, as if drunk.

"Mom, I'm here," he replied.

"Paul... what was that perfume... it smells so heavenly... so hot..." his mom said, as she started to unbutton her blouse.

"MMMMmmmmm..." she moaned.

Oh shit, Paul thought, as he looked at his hot mom. He had never thought of his mom sexually before that day but she sure was hot. He thought about the times he sucked on his mother's breasts when he was young. Not that he remembered it, but the sheer thought of sucking milk from this hot body was already making him horny. His cock started to rise, as more and more of his mother's forbidden cleavage was revealed.

He knew his mother was a real prude who always wore a bra, even at home and he was very sure that his father was the only one who was allowed to enjoy her. Even then, it was not by dating that he got to know her, but by an arranged marriage. Yet here is this lady, shedding every last bit of decency, to her son nonetheless, and not giving a damn.

"Mom, are you really sure about this?" he asked her. Although his cock was saying yes, he was scared that his mother, after this incident would go into a recluse and not speak to him, like how his sister initially was. He couldn't afford to lose his mother, even if it is for this one night of passion. He loved her far too much. By this time, she had already slipped off her blouse, revealing a slightly sagging cleavage with two milky mounds covered by a white bra.

"Paul, don't you want your mother... I saw the way you looked down my blouse in the morning... you liked what you saw don't you... "she said as she closed on him.

By now, he was beyond reason. Here was probably the most inaccessible fuck-toy he was ever going to get and she was presenting him to fuck her brains out, and here he was protesting. He moved towards his mother.

"Oh mom... I love you..."

"I love you too Paul..."

Paul moved towards his mother. He kissed her full on her lips, his tongue wrestling with hers. He leaned her onto the bed. His mouth slowly went down her body, down her white neck, into her armpits, slowly down her deep cleavage. He stood up above her. He then slowly pushed his hands under her to her bra clasp, which snapped open easily. He slowly pulled her bra out while kissing her.

He finally scrutinized the two globes of flesh on her chest when the bra was gone. They were sagging, but only just. Her nipples were obscenely sticking out and wrinkled, sort of like large prunes and her breasts looked like milk jugs, they were that beautiful and symbolic to him. Her aureole was by then also wrinkled. His mom pulled him towards her chest.

"Come back where you belong son..." she said.

Paul appreciatively locked his mouth on a nipple, where he was so lovingly sucking on many years ago. Now, it is back to nature. He bit on the fleshy nipple, licking it as well to its now swollen state. He alternated between nipples, allowing them fresh air in between his licks. By then, Paul was already bottomless, with only his T-Shirt on, his boner allowing to be viewed.

"Oh Paul..." his mom moaned.

Paul took the next step, slowly releasing her skirt. As her skirt slid down, he was shocked. She wasn't wearing any panties! He knew that she would never be caught without a bra, but he did not know she was such a slut that she did not wear panties! Of course, he had not known as he was not checking earlier: he knew his mother even in a slightly sexual way only that morning. He observed her dark triangle below. He looked at the patch of pubic hair, which was already wet with excitement.

"Paul, I need you in me."

Paul decided to tease his mom. He slowly slid below, his tongue moving along her groove, over her clit, when she screamed out in pleasure.

"Oh... Paul... OOooooOOOoHHhHHhH!!!!" she shouted, as she came, her juices mixing in her cunt, and he sucking it out.

He moved along her two folds of skin, peeling them of any secrecy with his tongue, which was by now playing with the pink flesh below, exciting her beyond points of ecstasy she had ever reached.

His mouth slowly moved back up to her breasts, teasing her nipples once again. He positioned his cock over her cunt lips, and slowly grooved his cock into his point of origin many years ago. Her cunt was extremely loose, he thought, considering she had never had sex since his father died so long ago.

He hugged her and continued kissing her breasts. Hs started thrusting, and she started returning each thrust with a corresponding groan and thrust herself, allowing his cock to access her womb, his true point of origin. He continued kissing her, pumping his cock into her with renewed vigour. Unlike his sister, who he did not want to knock up, he DID want to make his mother pregnant. He wanted to present his mother a gift of their love, a baby. The thought interested him very much. He continued thrusting.

"Paul... aahahh... I have a confession to make..."

"When... your... father... aaahhh... died... ooohhhh... I was fucking every single guy in town... aahhhh... I was just sooo... aaahhh... horny... I just had to... the past two days... I was not visiting my sick uncle... but ahahhh... was prostituting myself outside town... how do you... aahhh... think we could get...so much money spending money... it's true... and the more I... aaahhh did it... the more better the sex was... I was pimping myself free to many guys... because sex was just so... so... good... aaahhh," his mom said.

Paul, rather than being angry, continued fucking her even more actively, with the knowledge that his mother was just a fucking slut and a piece of meat. Who he loved, nonetheless. The fact that she pimped herself to guys, even if she enjoyed them, only goes to show how much she was willing to sacrifice for them. But he realised it was probably true. They had been living a good life till now, even though father rarely sent back any money from Singapore, and mother was always out, visiting someone or other, or so she said, when actually she was acting like a whore with some other guys.

He continued thrusting into the loose cunt, which he know realised was due to excessive fucking.

"Fuck you bitch," he said, in between his lingering slobs on her breasts, where he milked every single part of skin.

"I'm... oh... mom... I'm cumming..." he said, pushing in further, accessing parts of her no son have any right to access.

"Mom... oh... mom..." he said as he came.

Wave after wave of cock juice spurted into her as his cock was in direct connection with her womb, all the virile sperm making its way to the very fertile eggs in her womb. No doubt, she was well and truly knocked up. Her cunt squeezed his cock and as loose as it is, still did a good job in extracting every last drop of sperm. She came, pulling him in further, wanting him to impregnate her....

"Come on Paul... make mummy a baby so both of you can share my breasts..."she said huskily into his ears. Globs and Globs of sperm continued to leave his cock for her womb, renewed vigour coming from his new found lust in his mum's desire for a child. He felt his cock's connection with her womb, his point of conceiving, the place he spent nine months nestled in, his mother womb was now protecting him again. Not him as a whole but his sperm-filled cock.

Still spurt after spurt of fertile sperm came out of his young cock into his whore of a mother, so much so that sperm was literally dripping out of her cunt despite their incestuous coupling leaving no hole in her cunt. Her cunt continued its pull on her son's cock, apparently, the best sex of her life, he was even better than her husband. She had to fuck strangers to get satisfied when her boy was all that was needed. She came, her cunt tightening up even more on her child.

"Oh... Paul... OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" she cried in ecstacy, thrusting her cunt so that it could grind with his cock.

The two spent lovers lay on the bed, fully satisfied. They had just been in a union society had forbidden them to be in: yet all the same, it felt so nice and correct. He slid his cock further in and fell asleep nursing his mother's tits. Just like when he was younger. A return to nature no one should be denied.

Footnote: Both sister and mother continue fucking their brother. They would give birth to two healthy babies on nine months after the incident.