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[Story Name] Life on the farm: bred to fuck
[Author] Unknown
[Type] More/other family


Floyd Jones was an Iowa farmer with six strapping teenage sons and two daughters, ages 9 and 10. The youths helped out on the farm, which was the principal reason farmers had kids: They were in effect bred as a labor force, with no other purpose to the farmer outside of the labor necessary to keep the farm operating smoothly. Tragedy struck the Jones family, however, when Mrs. Jones died suddenly after a short illness. The death of his wife left Floyd Jones in a state of shock. He cried uncontrollably as her coffin was lowered into the ground, and he was grief-stricken to the extent that he took to his bed. When not in the fetal position he would wander the farmhouse in the nude. His strong young sons took up the slack, performing the farm work that still had to be done. However the absence of the strong influence of their mother -- Floyd's deceased wife Ethel -- left the whole family in the lurch.

The Jones family felt their world fall apart, and with it all the limitations Ethel insisted upon when she lived. They stopped attending church services Sunday mornings, and Floyd began to drink heavily. In an attempt to make up for the absence of his wife Floyd started going into his daughters' room at night, to sleep in the same bed with his little girls. His sons ignored it, assuming it was all very innocent, but things were rapidly changing in a direction none of the family members expected.

When Floyd started sleeping with his daughters he basically just passed out nude on top of their bed. He would wake up in the morning disoriented as his daughters openly stared at his exposed manhood, a sight they had rarely seen before. Floyd felt embarrassed and shame, but then that night he would get drunk again and repeat the whole thing, falling asleep in bed with his daughters. This went on for about six weeks when one morning Floyd woke up with a hard-on, which his daughters were taking turns touching. His rigid penis started to do his thinking for him, and the idea of having sex with his ten-year-old daughter crossed his mind. The revulsion he instantly felt at the thought of fucking his own child suddenly became titillating, almost inviting .

Floyd now threw caution to the wind and boldly instructed his daughters in the art of masturbating an adult penis. It didn't take long for the girls to produce a powerful orgasm from Floyd's cock, which released jets of semen for the wide eyes of the children to witness for the first time. Floyd had no reservations about having sex with his daughters anymore than he had reservations about using his sons for labor on the farm. Most farmers felt that their children were theirs to use any way they desired, and to use them for sex did not seem in any way to be the slightest bit unusual. The children were bred for labor the same way the cattle were bred for milk, by farmers who thought nothing of selling a child to a traveler passing through, should the price be right.

Once Floyd became aroused by the prospect of fucking his ten year old daughter Betty, he made a bee-line for her virgin pussy. The next evening he went into his daughters' room prepared to get under the covers and pressure Betty to have sex with her dad. The girl was frightened and refused, but Floyd wasn't prepared to accept a rejection from a girl he felt was ingrateful. He angrily ripped Betty's nightgown right off her body, forced her legs apart, and entered her. The child sobbed as her father rammed her deflowered cunt, brutally humping her faster and faster. Finally, Floyd reached his orgasm and shot off his incestuous sperm deep inside the womb of his daughter. Floyd started fucking Betty on a daily basis. He began to treat her like his new wife, and within a few weeks the whole household knew that Floyd was engaging in incest with his daughter. Floyd even began to refer to Betty as "Mother," and he insisted that the other children should treat her like a step-mother, as his "common law" wife.

The boys, however, were less than sanguine that their dad had a pussy to fuck, and they had nothing. They were all very horny teenage boys, and they began to make snide remarks that implied that it was unfair for the old man to ignore their needs for pussy, when he had a daily supply. This went on for some time until Floyd realized that he had a problem brewing, that stood a good chance of slowing down work on the farm at the time when the labor was the most needed, at harvest time. To Floyd his solution was the height of pragmatism: He would give the eight-year-old to the boys to fuck.

Floyd called his eight-year-old daughter Anne-Marie to his side and informed her that her duties would henceforth include sexually servicing her six older brothers. The child had no idea of what "sex" was, but she did understand that she would no longer have her own room or her own bed. She would now sleep in the same bedroom as her brothers, taking turns sharing a different brother's bed every night. She would not be allowed to wear any clothes to bed, and was required to allow her brothers to get on top of her and do "Anything they want to..." That night the little tot disappeared behind the closed doors of the boys' room, and her cries could be heard throughout the house as her brothers gang raped her with their father's permission. The child was strapped down to a bed as the youths took turns penetrating her for over two hours.

The next day the girl begged her father to change his mind and give her back her old room, but his mind was made up; he had already "given" her to the boys, he could hardly go back on his word to them. From that night on the eight-year-old was gang-fucked on a nightly basis by her older brothers. At 11 years of age the boys made their little sister pregnant, and they openly wished for a girl so that they would have some "fresh cunt to fuck." Over the course of the next decade Anne-Marie bore nine children fathered by her brothers, six girls and three boys. When each of the girls reached about six years of age, the boys -- their fathers -- fucked them, each boy eventually taking one of the girls as a "common law" wife.

On the farm, of course, births took place without birth certificates the same way a horse might give birth to a foal.

Anne-Marie married her oldest son, Paul.

Floyd proceeded to impregnate his daughter Betty when she turned 12 years-of-age, and she bore 17 children by her father.