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[Story Name] Father's day gifts
[Author] OneSickPuppy
[Type] More/other family


    Mary Taylor snuggled up to her sleeping father and slowly stroked his cock.  It was not unusual for Mary to fondle her dad's equipment.  They had been lovers for almost two decades and had occupied the same bed ever since Mary's mother had left them fifteen years before.  But she never got tired of touching him.
    As she ran her fingers up and down his cock she wondered what she should give her dad for Father's Day.  It was only a week away and she wasn't sure what to do for him.  She wanted to give him a present that would top all the gifts she had given him for the last twenty years and it was going to be hard.

Chapter 1 - Fathers Day 1981

    At sixteen Mary had been a ravishing teen.  She had long blond hair, hazel eyes, a bright smile and lovely face.  And her blossoming body was turning the head of every male between ten and a hundred years old.  And she was popular.  A friendly, outgoing girl, she was able to make friends with almost everyone is school.
    And so it was perhaps surprising that she had almost no sexual experience.  A little fumbling groping of bodies in the movie house balcony and occasional French kisses were the limit of her sexual adventures so far.
    Only one person would not have been surprised by her almost untouched status and that was her father, Jack.  Jack Taylor was sure that Mary was perfect in every way.  His only child, she was the center of his world and he would do almost anything for her.
    And Mary felt the same way.  She adored her father and she wanted to make him very happy.  And with Fathers Day a month away she wondered how she could make her daddy proud of her.  It was going to be tough because the one thing the Taylors didn't have much of that year was cash.  Jack was in construction and there was almost no work.  Mary knew that her father would be satisfied with any gift she gave him; cheap cologne, a tacky tie, golf balls, whatever.  But that was one of the reasons she loved him so much and she wanted to make this a memorable Fathers Day; something to make up for the disappointments of the past year.
    She found the solution to her problem just after third period.  Going from Geometry to Chem she she saw a group of her friends huddled together giggling.  One of them looked up and shouted to her, "Mary, you have GOT to see this!"
    When Mary joined them she saw they were gathered around Sharon Johnson.  Sharon was two years older than Mary and her friends and she was widely known as the school slut.  Sharon looked Mary over carefully and then said, "Still looking for a present for your dad?"
    "Yeah," Mary replied.  "But I can't afford much.  You got any ideas?"
    Sharon grinned.  "I don't know about a present, but I got just the card to go with whatever you get him."
    Sharon handed over a greeting card and Mary looked at it.  On the cover was a picture of a young woman and an older man.  The girl was kneeling and looking up at the man and there was a caption at the bottom; 'I'm Ready To Give You Your Father's Day Present'.  Mary opened the card and gasped.  Inside was a picture of the same couple, only this time they were naked and man had his penis in the girl's mouth!
    Mary shrieked and giggled, just like her friends had and quickly shoved the card back into Sharon's hands, afraid that she would get caught looking.  "WOW!"
    "What's the matter?" Sharon asked, with a wicked smile.  "Afraid your dad won't like the card?"
    "He'd tan my hide," Mary said.  "After he recovered from the heart attack, that is."
    Just then, the class bell rang and the girls saw the principal heading their way, so they quickly broke up and headed for their assorted classes.  But Mary couldn't get the card out of her mind.  She had heard of oral sex and she knew that men liked having their penises in girls' mouths.  'It sure would make Dad's year,' she thought
    After school Mary followed Sharon home and struck up a conversation with the older girl.  Finally she asked to see the card again.
    Sharon was wearing her evil smirk again as she passed the card over and asked, "Got you turned on, huh?"
    Mary blushed and then asked a question of her own.  "Did you ever do that?"
    "Suck my dad's cock?  Don't be disgusting!" Sharon flared back at her.
    Mary could, she thought, understand Sharon's anger.  Sharon's father was nothing like her dad.  Where Jack Taylor was muscular and handsome, Sharon's dad was fat, ugly, and seemed to be allergic to bathing.
    "No, I just meant, well, did you ever do that to anybody?"
    Sharon relaxed a bit.  "Yeah, sure.  I mean if it's your baby making time of the month you don't want some jock pumping your pussy full of cum.  'A blowjob a day keeps the stork away,' my momma used to tell me."
    "Your mother told you that?"
    "Sure.  She knows I'm a hot pussied slut.  She told me she didn't care if I was voted "Ms. Roundheels' but I better not ever bring a bastard into her house.  So, she told me about blowjobs and butt fucking and it was the best advice she ever gave me."
    Mary was shocked that Sharon's mother had discussed such things with her.  Her own mother never really talked about sex.  Their talks had been very clinical.  As for practical advice like how to keep from getting pregnant by using oral sex, no way.
    She was also getting aroused.  She could feel her pussy begin to moisten.  Much more of this and she would have to change panties when she got home.
    "What's it like, letting a boy put his thing in your mouth?" Mary whispered.
    Sharon smirked again.  "You thinking of giving it a try?"
    "Well...you know...maybe someday..."
    Sharon was delighted.  She liked Mary well enough, but the younger girl's reputation for near perfection was a little annoying.  If she was planning to give some boy head, the lucky bastard would brag his fool head off and it would be all over school by lunchtime the next day.  It would be fun seeing 'Virgin Mary' demoted to 'slut-in-training'.
    "What do you want to know?" Sharon asked.
    "Uh, what's it taste like?"
    Sharon smirked again.  "The cock or the cum?"
    Mary gulped.  "Both."
    "Well," said Sharon, "a cock is just another piece of skin.  Unless the guy's not hygienic, if you know what I mean.  Sometimes it tastes a little pissy at first."
    "And cum?"
    "I don't really like it," replied Sharon.  "Slimy and sour, sometimes a little salty."
    "Do boys always squirt it in your mouth?"
    "Not if I can talk 'em out of it.  But swallowing does have advantages.  It keeps it off your dress.  And guys really like to see you swallow their stuff.  Somehow it makes the blowjob better for them.  But don't buy that bullshit about it making your tits grow.  They just say that to get us to swallow."
    Sharon leaned forward.  "So who's the lucky guy?"
    "Who are you gonna do it for?"
    Mary was suddenly panicky.  "Uh, nobody.  I was just curious.  I wouldn't do anything like that.  At least not until I'm married."
    "Sure you wouldn't, honey.  You are just too, too good."  Sharon leaned forward again and sniffed.  "That's why I can smell your hot pussy from here."
    Mary blushed.  She wanted to run away but there was one more question she desperately wanted to ask.
    "Sharon, if you don't like the taste, why do you do it?  What does the boy do to you?"
    "Depends on what I want, the guy, and the time of the month.  I usually make them do the same to me.
    Mary was shocked again.  "That's silly, Sharon.  We don't have penises for boys to suck."
    Sharon grinned.  "First off, it called a cock.  If you want to suck cock you should use the right word.  And you'll be surprised what a guy can do to you with his tongue.  Even if all he does is lick your lips, you'll go crazy for it."
    Mary shook as her pussy spasmed in a minor orgasm.  Would her daddy do that?  Would he put his tongue in her pussy?
    Sharon watched her young friend cum and smiled again.  'Oh, she's hot all right,' Sharon thought.  'And when her reputation is trashed, I'm gonna make her tell me every little detail.'
    When Mary finally calmed down she went home and started planning her daddy's gift.
    Father's Day finally came and Mary put her plan into operation.  She began by dressing carefully for church that morning.  She wore an old white dress she found in her closet.  Last year it had been very prim, proper, and virginal.  This year she barely got it on; it clung to her like a second skin.  And it was a damn sight shorter this year, barely coming to mid-thigh.  Under the dress she wore a pair of last year's panties as well, and they to were far too tight; you couldn't see her pussy through them, but you had no doubt what it looked like.  And of course, there was no room under the dress for a bra.  Looking at herself in the mirror she felt sure that it would get her father's attention.
    As she went downstairs she saw her father waiting for her at the base of the stairs and she gave a little cough to make him look up.
    Jack Taylor saw his daughter standing above him and for an instant his heart stopped beating and he forgot how to breath.  His whole being concentrated on the incredible sight before him.  His daughter was wearing her long hair down, the way he liked it.  It framed her lovely face which was impeccably made-up.  Her white dress proclaimed her virgin purity, but it clung to her body, displaying her like a whore.  Her stiff nipples were clearly visible, as was her delightful navel.  His eyes dropped lower and because of the shortness of her dress he could clearly see her panties.  He could easily make out the lips of her pussy, and above them the dark thicket of her pubic hair.  Instantly his cock began to harden.  He took one step up towards her before he realized who she was and what he was planning to do to her when he got there.  Bringing himself up short he breathed, "My God, Mary, you are lovely!"
    At that moment Mary's mother entered the hallway and her reaction was no less intense.  "MARY MARIE TAYLOR!!  What in the world do you think you're made up for?  You can't wear that to church.  Do you want everyone to think I'm raising a whore?  Go and change into something decent!  RIGHT NOW!"
    Jack turned to his wife.  "There's no time for her to change, Chris.  If we don't leave pretty damn soon we're going to miss the service."
    "That might be better than having our daughter dressed like a strumpet.  What will the pastor say?"
    Mary was thrilled with her parents reaction.  It meant the dress was having the exact effect she wanted.  She decided to play her trump card now.  Faking sniffles she said, "But, Mommy, I thought you liked this dress.  You said it make me look like just the kind of little girl you always wanted?"
       Christine Taylor felt a little guilty at the way she had talked to her daughter, and so she fell into Mary's trap.  "That was last year, honey.  You've grown since then.  It's a very pretty dress and you're a very pretty girl, but it's just too little for you now."
    "Listen you two, time's a wasting.  Either we leave for church now, or we don't go at all.  What'll  it be Chris?" Jack said, hoping his wife would opt for church.  He wanted to keep watching his little girl in the scandalous white dress.
    "Well, let's go then," Chris answered.  "I don't know how Reverend Barnes is going to react to that outfit though."
    The good reverend reacted the same way every other male over the age of two did.  Every masculine eye was glued to Mary Taylor.  Mrs. Barnes saw the look in her husband's eye and then glanced at his crotch and smiled.  She was going to get it good when they got home.  Still, she had better rein him in or things would get out of hand.
    "You had better stand real close to the pulpit today, lover," she told her husband.  "And try to move your eyes away from Mary Taylor once in a while.  The men in the congregation won't notice 'cause their all staring at her too, but the ladies will talk."
    Mary could feel the eyes on her and it made her feel wonderfully wicked, but she gave no outward show.  She was very demure and proper, acting as if she had no idea how she was stiffening every male.  She sat quietly between her parents, the picture of innocence.
    Jack was having a hard time, so to speak.  Mary was so close to him and he could smell the talc she had used after shower, the perfume she had so expertly dabbed on her body, and the faintest whiff of arousal.
    Finally the service ended and the Taylors left, much to the disappointment of Mary's admirers.  Once they were home Jack went to take a nap before lunch, which annoyed his wife greatly.  She had seen the way the men at church had stared at Mary and she was sure that most of her friends were getting royally screwed right now.  She on the other hand was stuck with a sleeping husband.  Still, she admitted to herself, it was better that Jack took his usual nap.  It wouldn't be right for a man to get aroused by his own daughter.  And besides, she had to go to work.
    Of course, Jack was aroused and he was hoping he could go to sleep without jacking off.  He thought about doing it in the bathroom, but it seemed a little childish for a grown man to have to hide in the bathroom to masturbate in his own house.
    Chris came into the bedroom and softly said, "You asleep, Jack?  I don't want to interrupt your nap, but I've got an early shift today."
    "That's okay," he replied.   "I was just resting my eyes.  Getting ready for your strip show."
    That was their private joke.  Jack loved to watch his wife change into her nurses uniform.  He told her the only thing sexier was watching her take it off.
    But today, somehow as his wife's body came into view his mind kept replacing her with their daughter.  Instead of his wife's heavy breasts, he imagined Mary's pert little tits.  And instead of her womanly pussy he imagined Mary's tight, unbroached slit.  Jack decided that once Chris was gone he was going to jack off and propriety be damned.
    Chris finished changing, kissed her husband, shouted a good-bye towards Mary's closed bedroom door and drove to work.
    Mary was watching from her bedroom window as her mother drove away.  She figured what with commute, work time and breaks, she had at least nine glorious hours alone with her father.  It was time to see how her daddy would react to her second outfit.
    She had skinned the white dress off her body and now she was wearing a sheer black teddy with skimpy lace panties and no bra.  The teddy was like a shadow surrounding her body.  It added to the allure without obscuring the scenery.  She decided the outfit needed only one adjustment.  Reaching behind herself she tugged at the back of the panties, forcing the gusset to pull into her crack.  Now it was time to show it to her father.
    "Daddy!" she called.  "Could you come to my room for a minute.  I have to show you something."
    Jack's pusle quickened when he heard her call.  Was it safe for him to go into her room?  He was having some very unfatherly thoughts.  But, he knew that he would never do anything to Mary she objected to, and he knew she was too innocent to have any sex thoughts about him.  He had removed his shoes and shirt when he lay down for a nap, but in his slacks and t-shirt he figured he was dressed decently enough to visit his daughter, so he walked to her partially opened door and went in.
    For the second time that day Jack Taylor found himself being stunned by his daughter's beauty.  And hopelessly aroused.  He marveled at the way her braless tits stood out so proudly, their hardened nipples holding the gown away from her body.  And when he glanced down and saw how her panties disappeared between the lips of her pussy he moaned with want.
    Mary took her father's hand and led him to her bed, where she made him sit down.  Laying her head in his lap she looked up and him and batted her eyes.  "I love you so much, Daddy," she said softly, seductively.  "I know this has been a hard year for you, and I want to make you feel better.  I want to give you a present that I know you will love.  I want to give you a present I know you never expected to get from me.  I want to give you me."
    With that Mary opened her father's trousers and freed his cock.  She started to lick the stiff member, making it even harder.
    Jack was sure this was some kind of delirium.  How could his darling little girl be saying such things to him?  How could she know how much he wanted her?  How could he tell her no?
    But he had to say no.  He was the adult.  He was her father.  It was his job to protect  her from men like him, not take advantage of her.  He had to keep her safe and pure until a man worthy of her came along.  Of course, he knew that there was no such man, unless it was himself.  But he was supposed to say no.
    "This isn't right, Mary.  I love you very much and there are many things I want to do with you, but we can't.  Thank you for offering yourself, but I can't.  Not with my baby girl."
    Mary raised herself onto an elbow.  "I'm not a baby, Daddy.  I'm sixteen and in a lot of places I would be married and have a couple of kids by now.  Don't tell me no, Daddy.  I want to do this because I love you, and because you deserve it."
    Now she slipped the head of his cock into her mouth, carefully keeping her teeth out of the way.  As the shaft moved farther into her mouth her tongue worked the throbbing vein on its underside.  She had done a lot of reading in the last month and she knew that this was the tube that would deliver her father's semen into her mouth.  She hoped she could at least pretend to like it and not disappoint her daddy.
   At that point Jack was defeated and he was happy it was so.  He could not believe how good his daughter's mouth felt on his cock.  She wasn't skilled, but she was somehow putting all of her love into the act of sucking his cock and that made up for any lack of technique.  He sighed and placed his hands lightly on his daughter's shoulders; not to force her to do anything or to control her movements, but only because he wanted to touch her and know that this was really happening.
    "Oh, Mary, I love what you're doing.  I don't know who showed you how to do this, but I'm going to have to thank him.  Just before I rip his heart out."
    Mary interrupted her sucking to say, "There's nobody but you, Daddy.  I never did this with any boy.  I've been practicing on hot-dogs."  Then she giggled, "But I think I should have used a Polish sausage instead."
    And with that she returned to sucking her father off.  Jack was swept in the most blissful feeling he had ever known.  Not only was he getting a blowjob from a beautiful young girl, that girl was his own sweet daughter.  The physical sensations and the thrill of incest combined to drive him to a sudden and powerful orgasm.
    "Here it comes, Mary!  You better pull back if you don't want me to come in your mouth!  IT'S HERE MARY, IT'S HERE!"
    Jacks cock swelled and pulsed in his daughter's mouth and suddenly Mary felt and tasted his cum as it poured into her mouth.  She wasn't sure if she liked the taste or not, but she was determined to swallow all of it to please her father.  Gulping quickly she swallowed the first discharge and prepared herself for another.
    Jack looked down at his little girl and saw her gulping down his sperm.  It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen.  "Ahhhhhhhh, Mary.  You are such a good little girl."
    A few minutes later they were lying side by side.  Jack was floating on a cloud of emotion.  Mary on the other hand was wet and horny.
    Finally Jack turned to look at his daughter.  The sight alone was enough to arouse him again.  First of course there was Mary's simple beauty.  She was lovely by any standard.  But there was also the combination of love and lust that smoldered in her eyes.  And sheen of semen and saliva that coated her lips and chin were a powerful reminder of what had just occurred.  Jack smiled at her and said, "I love you very much, honey.  I wish I knew how to repay you."
    Mary smiled back at him.  "It was a gift, Daddy.  You don't have to repay somebody for a gift."
    Jack grinned.  "But you are supposed to thank them, baby.  Would a card be enough?"
    Mary giggled, delighted that her father was so relaxed about getting sucked off by his daughter that he was able to tease and play with her.  "Oh, a card would be fine, Daddy.  Still if you want to know what I would really like..."
    "Oh, I do, Mary, I really do."
    "Well, Daddy, I've heard that sometimes when a girl does oral sex for a man, her thanks her by doing the same for her."
    Jack smiled again and asked her tenderly, "Do you want Daddy to do oral sex on you, Mary?"
    Mary's pussy spasmed at the very idea and a spurt of lube hit her already soaked panties.  "Would you, Daddy?  Oh, please do it, Daddy!  Eat my pussy!  That's what it's called isn't, 'eating pussy'?"
    "Yeah," Jack laughed.  "It's called eating pussy.  And I would be very proud and happy if you would let me eat yours."
    Mary pulled away from her father and sat up a little against the headboard.  Her crotch was now perfectly positioned for her father's tongue.  But Mary suddenly had an idea to make her dad even hotter.  She carefully slid her fingers into the leg holes of her panties and tugged the crotch out of her slit.  She then smoothed out the soaked cloth over her pussy lips.  She was now more covered up than she had been when they began.  "It's yours if you want it, Daddy, but I want you to prove to me that you want it.  If I just put my pussy out there for you to lick and suck you could always say you had no choice.  Show me you want my pussy, Daddy.  Take my panties off with your own hands."
    Jack beamed.  Mary might have thought she was teasing him, or testing him, but the truth was he wanted nothing more than to remove his little girls skimpy panties and gown himself.  He longed to show her how his hard workman's hands could caress her and arouse her.
    He took her face in his hands very gently and brought her mouth to his for their first lovers kiss.  He could still smell and taste his cum on her lips and he didn't care.  He could never kiss his wife after she blew him, but somehow it was different with Mary.  What seemed disgusting with his wife was pure, almost holy, with Mary.
    It wasn't long, however, both of them wanted more.  First Jack pulled the teddy off.  "Here, honey," he said.  "Let's get rid of this.  It isn't hiding anything, anyway."
    Mary giggled, "That's what I liked about it."
    Jack didn't answer.  Once again he was struck speechless as he viewed his daughter's breasts clearly for the first time.  "Oh, God, Mary," he whispered, "they're the most beautiful things I've ever seen.  They're perfect."
    And Mary's breasts were lovely.  Firm young cones of flesh with prominent scarlet nipples and dark pink aureole.  They thrust defiantly from her chest, denying gravity's ability to ever make them sag.
    "You don't think they're kinda small, Daddy?" Mary asked.  "I thought guys liked big titties."
    Jack kissed her again and ran his hand over her tits.  "Some guy fixate on size, but I think shape and firmness are more important.  And besides, these are your tits and like you they are the sexiest things around!  In the world! EVER!"
    He dropped his head to her chest and took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking softly, then strongly.  He used his tongue to press her nipple back down into her breast and then he nipped her lightly and used his teeth to gently pull the nipple as far as the skin would stretch.
    "Ahhhhhh," Mary breathed, softly.  "Do it more, Daddy.  Do the other one, too.  Play with my titties."
    Jack spent long pleasant minutes worshiping his little girls breasts, before he decided it was time to move on to her pussy.  Time to eat his daughter.
    "Are you ready, baby?" he asked.  "Daddy wants to lick your pussy now."
    "Ohhhhh, YES, DADDY!" she replied, reaching down to push off her panties.
    Jack grabbed her hands, however and pushed them down to her sides. "Did you forget, Mary?  You said I got to do that."
    He slowly put his fingers into the elastic of her panties and inched them down.  When most of her mound had been uncovered Jack stopped and buried his nose in her black, oily pubic hair, inhaling the essence of her desire.  Even with his nostrils filled with her scent and her wiry hair tickling his nose, Jack could hardly believe that this was happening to him.  That his lovely daughter was allowing him to make love to her.
    After a few moments he started pulling her panties down again until he came to the very top of her slit.  Jack stopped again and began licking her exposed pussy hair and then darted his tongue into the tiny bit of her pussy that he had uncovered.
    "Is this what you want Daddy to do, Mary?  Do you want me to lick you and tongue you like this?" he asked teasingly.
    "Oh, please, Daddy.  Don't make me wait anymore," she sobbed.  "I want you to lick and suck all of it.  Please, Daddy, take my panties all the way off and eat my pussy."
    "Anything you want, baby." Jack said, grabbing the bunched cloth of her panties and stripping them off her with one quick motion.
    Jack quickly spread his daughter's legs and moved between them.  He paused only a moment to take in the sight of her pussy before he started to lick up and down her crease.  He continued to tease her, however, as his upward strokes never quite came to her clit, and his tongue swept over but never actually touched her hole.
    Mary was wriggling on the bed, overcome by the most delightful sensations she had ever known.  Her fingers had never felt this good.  If only he would finally touch the good parts with his tongue.
    Jack must have read her mind for on his next pass he paused at the mouth of Mary's pussy and narrowed the tip of tongue, then slowly traced the opening to her vagina, tasting her fast flowing juices.  After a few seconds he stiffened his tongue and shoved it into her.
    Mary arched her back and hissed like a started snake.  "Ohhhhhhhh, Daddy, that is good!" she whisat is good!" she whispered.  "Go deeper!"
    Jack pressed in a bit further, then his tongue touched her virginity and Mary spasmed again.  He touched her hymen only lightly, making sure it was intact, that his little girl was still pure.
    Mary's thoughts were anything but pure.  'God!  If his tongue feels this nice, what would his cock be like?'  But a clearer part of her mind asserted control.  'Not yet.  Not today,' she decided.
    Jack was finally ready to attack her clit, but still being in a playful mood he chose not to start with his tongue.  Instead he jerked his face forward a bit and pushed his nose down on to his daughter's hard little button.
    "Yyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiiiiiii" Mary shrieked.  Her father's nose had come down so unexpectedly and so hard on her most sensitive tissue that it was actually painful.  Even when Jack removed his nose, there remained a sort of dull ache, like an old, almost forgotten bruise.
    Jack made amends at once by gently bathing her clit with his tongue, moving her own juices and his saliva up to Mary's prominent clit.  And as he did so, she relaxed again and reveled in the wonderful job her father was doing of making oral love to her pussy.
    It didn't take long for her excitement to build towards her own orgasm.  "OH GOD!  KEEP DOING IT, DADDY!!  AAAUUUGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  I'M COMING, DADDY!! I'M COMING."
    Mary slowly came back to reality, wondering if she had actually passed out from her first daddy induced orgasm, or was just so powerful that she hadn't been able to notice anything else.  Is she had passed out, she knew it couldn't have been for long, for when she looked down to her loins she saw that her father was still between her legs, his eyes full of joy and love as he looked up at her.
    Mary smiled at him.  "I want to do it some more, Daddy.  How long til you get hard again?  I want to suck you some more, but this time I want you to cum on my face and rub your semen into my skin."
    Jack looked at her in some confusion.  "Where did you ever get an idea like that, honey?"
    "It just popped into my head, Daddy.  What's the matter, don't you like the idea?"
    Jack laughed and pointed to his rapidly hardening cock.  "What do you think, baby girl?"
Chapter 2 - Father's Day 1982

    It had been a wonderful year for Mary and her Dad.  And she considered what to give her father this year, Mary knew there was only one thing to do.  After all, her daddy had earned. it.
    Mary was fortunate that her father had accepted her gift and made no demands on her beyond what she chose to give.  Which is not to say that it hadn't happened again.  It had; many times.  In deed, every time Mary and Jack found themselves alone they quickly moved to suck each other.  It was only days after their first sex session that Jack had introduced Mary to the wonders of 'sixty-nine' and that was their normal way of making love, although Mary had given her dad many quick blow jobs during the year.
    But Mary was seventeen now and she felt that she was ready to become a woman.  And naturally it would have to be with her beloved father.
    The truth was that Mary was no longer a little girl who wanted to do something really nice for her daddy.  She was in love with her father, as a woman loves a man.  She wanted him for her lover and mate.  She prayed she would find a way to make that dream come true.
    Surprisingly Mary had maintained her friendship with Sharon, despite the older girl's frustration.  Sharon had been waiting almost a year for the school rumor mill to announce that Mary Taylor was finally 'putting out' but nothing had happened.  That really made Sharon curious.  She was sure that no teenaged boy who scored with the school's most desirable piece of ass would keep quite about it.  So either Mary wasn't doing anything, or she was doing somebody off campus.  But who?  Mary was dating less this year than last, and she was never seen around town with anyone.
    At least as Mary's friend Sharon was sure she would be the first to know.
    Mary was glad that Sharon was her friend.  Sharon was still Mary's primary source of sexual information.  Her mother was still reluctant to talk about sex, and besides, Mary found it awkward to ask her mother for advice that she would then used to take her father away from the older woman.
    Mary had invited Sharon over for coffee while her folks were out and as they listened to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon", Mary suddenly asked, "Sharon, did it hurt a lot the first time?"
    Sharon knew what Mary meant of course, but she wanted her to spell it out.  "Did what hurt the first time?"
    "Oh, come on, Sharon, you know what I mean."  Mary gulped and then continued, "Did it hurt the first time you let a boy put his thing into your vagina."
    "Mary, cut out the virgin speak.  A 'thing' is a cock, a 'vagina' is a pussy, and it's called fucking.  And yes, it did hurt some.  I'm not sure what you'd call a lot, but it did hurt.  Not enough to make me stop the guy, or to make me stop wanting it.  But it wasn't much fun the first few times."
    "Oh," said Mary.  The disappointment was clear in her tone.
    Sharon saw how depressed her answer had made Mary.  She knew that Mary was planning to have sex and she wanted reassurance.  "You wanted me to say that it didn't hurt, didn't you?" she asked.  "I'm sorry, kid but it did.  Look, I don't think it has to be as bad as my first time.  My guy was so anxious that he didn't get me ready or anything.  He just jammed it in.  Shit, I was so dry it must have hurt him as much as me.  Make sure your guy takes his time and is gentle."
    Sharon's curiosity got the best of her then.  "So, you ready to tell me who gets your cherry?" she asked with a leer.
    "Oh, Sharon." Mary said, "you always think that every time I ask a question it's so I can run out and do it.  I just wanted to know.  I mean, I'm gonna get married someday and you know I can't get my mom to talk about it with me.  I was just curious."
    "Yeah," said Sharon, "and I'm really a gay fullback for the Green Bay Packers.  I can keep a secret, you know."
    Mary giggled, "Yes, Sharon, I know you can keep a secret.  I just know if you would!"
    Sharon laughed and their conversation moved on to other things.  But two hours later as Sharon was leaving she turned to Mary and said, "You could prepare yourself.  Pop it with your own finger in a hot tub.  And use a dildo to stretch your pussy a little so it will be easier for him to get into you.  And remember, even it does hurt you'll get over it and then you can fuck your brains out for the rest of your life without it ever hurting again."
    "Thanks," said Mary.  But after Sharon had left Mary whispered to the closed door, "No.  Daddy wants my cherry to be intact.  And he will love breaking me in with his cock."
    Two days before Father's Day Mary and Jack had managed to get a few hours alone and as always they planed to spend the time well.  Jack was between Mary's legs licking up and down her pussy slit, silently praying that Mary would decide to go all the way with him soon.  And Mary was bursting to tell her father.
    Suddenly she reached down and pulled his face away from her pussy and said, "Slip a finger in me, Daddy."
    Jack had run his fingers into Mary's pussy at least a hundred times in the last year, always stopping at her hymen.  This time when he stopped Mary moved just a bit, applying a little more pressure.  Jack felt her cherry stretch a tiny bit and then Mary clamped down on his finger with her strong young pussy muscles.  She looked into his eyes and said, "Sunday, Daddy."
    Then she slid down to her father's loins and kissed, but did not suck, his cock.  "Save it for Sunday, Daddy."
    Then she left him.  It was the first time that Mary had ever left her father unsatisfied, but the promise of her words took away any sting he might have felt.  Jack knew that the next two days were going to be torment, but it would make Sunday all the sweeter.
    Finally Sunday came.  Mary woke up early to make sure that all her preparations were complete.  Then she waited for long hours until her mother left for work on time.  Chris was working a night shift now and Mary was delighted.  It fit in perfectly with the plans she had made for her father's special day.
    Mary had considered her wardrobe carefully for the last couple of weeks.  While she would have loved to wear the little white dress from last year, there was simply no way she could fit into it now, ever without underwear.  Of course, she could have just gone marching into the master bedroom naked, but her dad had seen her that way many time in the last year.  She wanted this to be special.
    Then she had stroke of genius.  Now she stood in front of her mirror admiring her handiwork.  A few simple adjustments and she was ready.
    Jack was waiting in his bedroom as Mary had asked.  He was fully erect as he waited for his daughter.  The last couple of days had been tough.  Not only had he not had sex with Mary, but because he wanted to save all his cum for her he had turned down his wife for the last two nights, pleading a sprained back.
    He turned quickly when her heard the door open and watched as Mary came into the room.  Just as he had last year when he first caught sight of her Jack gasped in lust.  She was wearing her mother's wedding gown, altered just enough to fit the younger woman.
    Mary saw his reaction and she glowed with pride and desire.  "I want you to be the man who has me like this, Daddy," she said softly.  "I want to be your bride, and I want this to be our wedding night.  Isn't a husband supposed to fuck his wife for the first time on their wedding night?"
    "We haven't exactly had a wedding ceremony, Mary.  But I sure do like the idea."
    Mary grinned, "That's my daddy; always a stickler for details."  She reached into a pocket she had sewn into the wedding gown and pulled out two pieces of paper.  "Here are your vows, Daddy," she said, handing him one of the sheets, "and here are mine."
    Jack looked down at the paper Mary had given him and, and then crumpled the it into a ball.  "We don't need silly vows or rituals, Mary.  Instead just let me swear by all that I hold holy to love you forever, to protect you from harm, to keep you by my side always."
    "Oh, Daddy, I feel the same way.  I only wrote the vows to show you that I'm not wearing this gown as joke or even as a turn on.  I want you be your wife, Daddy.  I wish there was some way I could marry you and not have to hide what we do."
    Jack took her in his arms.  "I wish that too, baby.  I know it's not legal or anything, but we can think of ourselves as married in our minds.  No matter what happens from now on, you are my wife and I am your husband.  I just wish I had a ring..."
    Mary suddenly put her finger on his lip and reaching into her pocket produced a small gold ring.  "I know the boy is supposed to provide the engagement ring, but since this is really our wedding I thought it would be okay if I picked my own."
    Jack took the ring from her and slipped it on her hand, "With this ring I do thee wed," he said, tears in his eyes and then he kissed her.
    Mary looked down at the ring on her finger and joy seemed to explode inside her.  She smiled at her father and said, "Now that the serious business is out of the way, let's get down to the fun part!"
    Jack reached for her and kissed her much more deeply this time.  As he did so, he reached behind her to unfasten the wedding gown.  Breaking the kiss he said, "This reminds a little of the first time I undressed your mother.  Only I love you more than her, Mary.  I love you as my little girl and as my wife."
    Soon Mary was naked and lying on the bed with her father.  They were kissing and Jack had his hand at her groin, playing with her pussy, getting her ready for their love making.  He slipped his middle finger into her.  "Oh, Mary, you are so tight.  I'm afraid I will hurt you."
    "I know, Daddy.  But I want you to do it.  Nobody else will ever be as gentle with me as you will.  And I will never love anyone as much as I do you, or want anyone the way I want you.  Please, be as gentle as you can, but do it.  Make me a woman.  Make me your woman."
    Jack quickly moved between her legs and started licking her pussy.  He had done that at least a hundred time in the last year, but it was different now.  All those other times sucking her pussy had been the peak of their pleasure; this time, they would not stop there.
    "Ohhhh, Daddy, you do that so nice," Mary giggled.  "I sure hope you fuck as good."
    Jack raised his head and smiled at her.  He reached down to her pussy and gathered as much of his saliva and her lube as he could and then rubbed it on his aching cock.  "Are you ready, baby?"
    Mary bit her lower lip and nodded.  Jack carefully placed his cockhead against her pussy mouth and pressed into her slowly.
    Mary could feel the muscles around her vaginal opening stretch to accommodate her father's cock.  It was a new sensation, but not really a painful one.  If it didn't get any worse than this she was sure that her virgin fuck would be a breeze.
    Jack pushed harder and his cockhead moved slowly into Mary's virgin pussy.  He kept going until he came to the familiar barrier of her maidenhead.  "I'm at your cherry, honey," he said.  "Can you feel it?"
    "Ohhhh, Daddy," she moaned, "you're finally going to break it.  I've waited so long for this night.  Bust my cherry with your big cock."
    Jack again applied a tiny amount of pressure to her hymen, stretching it to the breaking point, then holding himself there.  Mary moaned again, this time in pain.  She could feel the tender flesh of her virginity almost ready to tear, but not quite doing it.  That, plus the tension of waiting for her father to break her hymen were driving Mary mad.  Finally, unable to take anymore, she bucked her hips upwards; apply the extra push needed to break the membrane.
    Mary gave a short yelp as her hymen broke, but it was actually a relief to have it over with.  Like yanking a bandage off quickly, instead of peeling it slowly.  It hurt, but unlike the pressure her father had put on her cherry, it didn't keep hurting.
    When Jack felt his daughter's hymen break, he pushed forward, burying all of his cock in her snug virgin passage.  "Ohhhh, God, it feels good, Mary," he said.  "Are you okay?"
    Mary sniffled a bit but she quickly reassured him.  "It wasn't bad, Daddy.  And I wanted you to do it.  Please, make me feel better, Daddy.  Fuck me now and make the hurt go away."
    Jack leaned down and kissed her lightly, then began slow, shallow strokes in her pussy.  "Tell me if it hurts, Mary, and I'll stop."
    "Don't you ever stop, Daddy," she replied.  "I want you to fuck me all night long, and then every night for the rest of my life."
    Jack smiled at her and started making longer, faster strokes in her pussy.  "Does this hurt, baby?" he asked.
    "Hurts good, Daddy!  Keep doing it!  Do it faster!"
    Jack did speed up even more.  This was the most thrilling moment of his life and he prayed he could hold out long enough to make Mary come with him.
    For Mary, too, it was the most wonderful and thrilling moment of her young life.
    "Oh, Daddy, please, promise we will do this always, that you will always want to fuck me."
    "I promise, Mary!  With all my heart, I promise!"
    Jack was putting years of experience into this fuck.  Everything any woman had ever asked him to do, or told him he did well, he was doing for his daughter, pushing her ever closer to orgasm.
    "It's gonna happen, Daddy," Mary said.  "I'm gonna come from your fucking!"
    "Do it, Mary!  Come for Daddy!  Come on Daddy's big cock.  Daddy wants his little girl to COME!"
    He couldn't hold back any longer.  It was too much to withstand.  Mary's pussy was clutching and grabbing at his cock and she was so tight, and above all, she was his daughter and he was the first man to ever fuck her.  As he called on his daughter to come, his own climax overtook him and he started pouring semen into her pussy. And as Mary felt his cock spasm it's load of sperm into her, she came too.
    "YIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!" Mary shrieked as her orgasm hit.  It was perfect.  She was coming with her father and he was shooting his cum in her pussy.
    Minutes later the incestuous lovers were still unable to speak.  They simply held each other close and watched each other.  Finally, Mary cleared her throat and said, "I meant it, Daddy.  I want to do this with you forever.  And I want to do it all night."
    Jack smiled at her.  "It's a dirty trick, I know, but while a woman can go all night, us guys are only good for a few fucks a day.  Two or three, maybe four on a really good night.  But, I'll do what I can."
    Mary kissed him.  "That's okay, Daddy.  Every time I fuck you it is going to be so special.  I'm sure the quality will make up for the lack of quantity."
    "Thanks, babe," Jack said, "and besides, if I can't get it up, I can still eat you."
    And with that he moved between her legs and started kissing her pussy lips.  "Are you sore, Mary?  Let Daddy kiss the boo-boo and make it feel better."
    Mary laughed.  "I'll bet your kissing that boo-boo will make it feel much better.  Oh, Daddy, I am so looking forward to a great year!"

Chapter 3 - 1983

    For Jack and Mary the next year was sometimes wonderful and at other times ghastly.  They fell more and more in love each day, and yet there was a gulf growing between them.  A hopeless split between what Mary wanted from her father and what he was willing to do.
    The trouble began about two weeks after Jack took her virginity.  Always a considerate lover, Jack had refused to fuck Mary for several days after their first wonderful night.  He told her she needed time to recover, that he was sure she was too sore for more fucking so soon.  Mary tried to convince he we was wrong, but in the end she had to make do with her father's marvelous tongue for almost a week.
    Finally, he agreed to put his cock in her again.  In fact, he could hardly wait.  Chris had been called out of town to a seminar and for a glorious week Jack and Mary had shared the same bed with no fear of being caught.  And true to his word, Jack did his best.  He fucked Mary at least twice every night, and even made it three time on a couple of occasions.  Which, ironically, is what started the trouble.
    They were lying together in bed after a wonderful fuck.  Jack was idly running his hands over her body, sometimes taking one of her tits into his mouth, working himself up to another erection for his adoring daughter.
    "Oh, Daddy, you do that so good.  I've just loved the last week.  I wish every week was like this."
    "I know, honey.  Me too," he said.  "Still, we did pretty good.  I make it sixteen fucks and we still have tonight to finish.  It's a good thing you're on the pill or all the come I've put into you would have knocked you up for sure."
    "I'm not on the pill, Daddy."
    It was a simple, quite, matter-of-fact statement.  The reaction was anything but.
    Mary was stunned by the force of her father's reaction.  She had hoped he would be happy; she had feared he would be upset.  She never expected him to be furious with her.
    "But, Daddy, what's wrong.  I'm not especially trying to get pregnant right now, but I wouldn't mind.  I figured we'd have kids someday and I'm willing to let it happen when it happens."
    Jack glared at her.  "And just how in hell did you figure to explain your being pregnant?  You aren't married, you don't date, you're only ever around one man very much and that's me.  Do you think your mother wouldn't figure it out?"
    "So what if she did.  She couldn't prove anything," Mary said, pouting.
    "There are tests and they're getting better all the time.  People would know and I would end up in jail," Jack told her.  Then his voice softened and he caressed her cheek.  "I wouldn't mind the jail bit, but they would never let me see you again.  I couldn't stand losing you.
    "And besides, you shouldn't even think of having kids until you're married.  You're way too young."
    Mary held up her left hand, showing the him ring he had put on her finger just two weeks before.  At first she had worn it on a chain around her neck, but with her mother gone she was now showing it openly.  "I am married, Daddy.  To you, remember."
    "That's not what I mean.  I mean, you know it wasn't legal what we did.  I don't regret it and I love more than my own life.  But to anyone but ourselves, we're not married.  And I'm your father.  It's dangerous for a girl to have children with her own father."
    "No, Daddy," Mary said.  "You're perfect.  Our babies would be beautiful."
    "We aren't going to have children, Mary," Jack told her forcefully.  "I mean that.  Either accept that or forget about us."
    "But, Daddy, I want to have children," Mary cried.  "I've always wanted to be a mother someday, even before we started fucking."
    "You can have them," he said, "when you have a husband."
    Mary got out of the bed and tore the wedding band off her finger.  She threw it at her father as hard as she could.  "I thought I had a husband," she said, and then ran crying from the room.
   As Jack bent to pick up the ring he realized he hadn't hurt this bad since his mother died.  'No,' he thought, 'this is worse.  Mom was old and it we knew it was coming.  And I didn't love her the way I love Mary.'  Still, he had no idea how he could make it up to her.  He was simply not willing to father her children.
    When Chris returned she felt the anger between Jack and Mary at once, and truthfully, she was glad.  While she had no idea of what had been happening for the last year and more, she had always thought Jack doted too much on their daughter and she was glad to see them being pulled apart.  She was also happy when Mary started to date again.
    Mary had turned down a number of boys since she had become her father's lover, but now she was available again and very popular.  But she still wouldn't 'put out', bluntly telling her more persistent suitors that the only way they were going to get in her panties was through marriage.
    Jack was hurt at first when Mary started to see boys again, but he was also relieved.  Apparently she had accepted his refusal to impregnate her and was seeking a mate elsewhere.  He was sorry to loose her as a bedmate, but perhaps it was all for the best.
    Mary still loved her father and she wanted him badly.  And although none of her dates had 'scored" with her, she had let a few of them grope her body, making her aroused and unsatisfied. Eventually her desire became too strong and one night she hugged him after dinner and slipped a package of condoms into his shirt pocket.  "I give up, Daddy," she whispered.  "If you wear those, I suppose we will be safe.  Come to my room after Mom goes to work."
    Jack was thrilled that Mary had forgiven him and soon they were fucking on a regular basis, always with condoms.  It wasn't quite as good as bareback for either of them, but Jack refused to fuck without one.
    As Father's Day neared Jack was tingling with anticipation.  He was sure that Mary as going to do something wonderful for him again.  And since he had already fucked her mouth and her pussy, he was pretty sure this year he would get her asshole.  He had never done that and he could think of nobody he would rather buttfuck than his luscious little girl.
    But Mary had different ideas.  She was still angry with her father and while she kept it under control, there were times that it almost bubbled over.  Which was why she decided that Father's Day was the day to tell him her news.
    At breakfast that Sunday morning she had dropped a bombshell on both her parents.
    "Mom and Dad," she said, "I've got some news for you.  I hope it will make you happy."
    Jack felt a sudden terror.  Could there have been an 'accident'.
    Mary continued, "You know Henry Porter, don't you?"
    "Sure," said Chris.  "He's the schools star halfback, right?  Kinda cute, too."
    "I'm glad you think so, Mom, because he's asked me to marry him and I'm going to."
    Chris shrieked with joy and hugged Mary, already planning the wedding.
    Jack sat stunned.  He felt like somebody had just hit him very hard right over his heart.  Mary getting married to somebody else?  That wasn't supposed to happen; they were supposed to stay together forever.  Suddenly realizing that Chris was staring at him he managed a wan smile, "That's great, Mary.  If it's what you want, that is."
    He had tried not to add that last part, but it just slipped out and Chris jumped all over him.  "What the hell do you mean, if it's what she wants?  Of course she wants to get married, and Henry is a great choice; good looking, great athlete, rich parents.  I know all fathers hate to lose their daughters, but you're just being an asshole."
    Jack barely heard her.  He was mentally kicking himself for his remark already, because he saw what Chris did not.  The pain in Mary's eyes.
    The next morning, after Chris had left for work, Jack went into Mary's room and sat on her bed.  Mary looked at silently, waiting for him to speak.  Finally Jack lowered his head and said, "Why?"
    "Kids," she replied with tears running down her cheeks.  "You told me that if I wanted children I would have to find a husband to make them with, so I did."
    "Do you love him?"
    Mary sat up and hugged him to her bosom, "God, no, Daddy.  I love you and I always will.  Hank is just a convenient sperm source.  And he's been my friend for years.  We can make it work."
    Now Jack was crying too.  "I hate to think of you in a loveless marriage, Mary.  Maybe you should wait for somebody you do love."
    "Oooooh, Daddy," Mary sobbed, "it doesn't make any difference; I'm not going to love any of them?  You're the one person I love who could give me a baby and you won't.  I'll accept that, Daddy, but I still want to have at least one child.  Hank will do as well as anybody.  I could just go to a sperm bank, but I'll need child support."
    Jack left her bedroom then and did not go back.  Mary was wed in September.

Chapter 4 - 1984

    Somehow Mary's wedding destroyed what was left of Jack and Chris' marriage.
    Jack was so devastated by Mary's leaving that it made his wife furious.  She had expected him to get over losing his little girl, but he never did.  At the ceremony when Reverend Barnes asked "Who gives this woman to be wed?", Jack's "I do." was so full of sorrow that everyone in church looked at him and Mary with suspicion.
    And for weeks afterward he had moped around the house, refusing to do much of anything.  And especially refusing to fuck his beautiful and horny wife.
    Their sex life hadn't suffered at all during his incestuous affair with Mary.  In part that was because he was afraid that if he neglected Chris she would suspect what happened, and in part because he was so happy that he wanted to make others happy too.  Now he was so depressed he didn't give a damn what Chris might suspect or if she was happy or not.
    They were already talking about divorce when Mary came back home.
    She appeared at their door one Monday morning with her bags and announced that she had left Henry, was demanding an immediate divorce, and that she was pregnant.
    "Mary, you've only been married seven months.  You have to expect some rough spots in a marriage.  Sometimes they can last a long time.  Trust me on this one; I know," Chris said, glaring at Jack.
    "Seven months and I only got pregnant a couple of weeks ago.  I thought it was taking too long, and now I know why," Mary said.  "Mom, what would you do if you came home and found Dad in bed with somebody else?"
    Jack had a panicky moment as he thought Mary was going to spill the beans.
    Chris looked at him angrily, as if that had actually happened.  "I wouldn't like it," she finally said.  "I don't know if I'd leave him, though."
    Mary took a breath, "Suppose it was another man?"
    Chris and Jack both gasped.  "My God, Mary!" Jack blurted, "Do you mean Hank is a fag?"
    "That's not a very nice way to talk about your son-in-law, but yeah, I guess that's what I mean.  I came home from shopping yesterday and found him in bed with one of his football buddies.  We talked it out last night and this morning and I decided to leave him.  As far as anybody outside the family is concerned, we just had differences.  Exactly why I left him is nobody's business but ours."
    Under the circumstances Chris had to accept that her daughter was moving back in with them, at least temporarily.  Jack was delighted of course.  But he felt a little guilty about the kind of marriage he had forced his daughter to seek.
    Once he and Mary were alone Jack sat Mary down so they could talk.
    "I feel just awful about what happened to you, baby.  I mean, that must have been quite a jolt finding your husband like that."
    Mary laughed, "Not that much of a jolt, Daddy.  I knew about Hank before we got married.  It was all part of the plan."
    "Huh?" Jack said, once again stunned by his daughter.
    "It's simple, Daddy.  Hank and I have been friends for a long time and I always knew he liked boys.  Well, earlier this year, about a month before I told you I was getting married, he told me his dad was getting suspicious.  I told Hank that I would marry him and have his baby so his dad would relax and I could have the baby I've always wanted.  We agreed before hand that once I was knocked up we would split up and I would raise the baby."
    "Well," sputtered Jack, "is it Hank's baby?"
    "Of course it is, Daddy.  Hank's cock and balls work just fine; he'd just rather use them on guys."
    "Well, as long as you're happy, Mary."
    "I'm happy enough, Daddy.  I could have been happier with another man's baby, but I can accept what has to be."
    In no time Jack and Mary were fucking again, and since Mary was already pregnant Jack was able to enter her without rubbers again.  Jack was very happy and was even feeling an old attraction for Chris when Mary dropped one of her patented bombshells.
    "Daddy, do you still have that wedding ring you gave me?"
    "Sure, Mary.  I've kept it safe.  I always hoped one day I could somehow give it to you again.  May I?"
    Mary looked at him.  "That depends, Daddy.  I want it back and I want to be you wife.  Don't worry, I'm not going to start bugging you about a baby again, but I want to be the woman of your house.  That means Mom has to go."
    Jack sat up.  "Now wait a minute, Mary.  Your mother and I had some rough times while you were away, but I think we could salvage our marriage even now."
    Mary looked at him, hard.  "No deal, Daddy.  You can have me as your wife and lover or her, but not both.  I'll handle Mom, you just have to agree."
    "You're not going to harm her, are you?" he asked her, frightened of the possible answer.
    "Of course not, Daddy!  I'm just going to make her want to go away.  Is it a deal?"
    Jack hung his head, a little bit ashamed of what he was about to say.  "I love you too much to say no, baby.  What are you going to do and when?"
    "Well, Daddy, this Sunday is Father's Day.  For your gift this year I'm going to get you a new wife; me."
    Jack was a nervous wreck when Sunday finally rolled around.  Sitting with Mary and Chris at breakfast he wondered what his daughter was going to do and if he would survive it.  He knew that Mary meant to drive her mother out of the house one way or another, and he was afraid of what would happen if Chris tried to fight back.
    "Mom," Mary said suddenly, "do you remember when I asked how you would react if you found out Dad was cheating on you?"
    Chris felt a sudden emptiness in her body.  A great fear of what she might hear next.  "Y-y-y-yes."
    "You said you weren't sure if you would leave him," Mary continued.  "Well it's time to make up your mind, because he has been unfaithful."
    Chris's hand clutched at her fork and you could see that she was ready to stab it into Jack's eyes at any moment.
    "Wait," said Mary, "there's more.  Don't you what to know who he's been fucking behind your back, sometimes in your own bed?  Well, Momma, it was me.  Daddy fucks me all the time and he'd rather fuck me than you."
    Chris let go of the fork and stared blankly at her daughter and husband.  Suddenly everything seemed to make sense.  She wondered how she could have been so blind.  She could feel the love she had for her husband turning to hate.  "You raped our baby," she said, her voice dripping venom.  "How long has this been going on?  She's always been 'Daddy's Girl'; you've been molesting her since she was a baby, haven't you."
    Jack sat there, dry mouthed, trying to gather his wits so he could defend himself, but he never got the chance.
    "It was nothing like that, Mom," Mary said.  "Daddy didn't lay a finger on me until three years ago, and if anybody was molesting anybody, it was me.  I ambushed him and dragged him into my bed.  I was sixteen when it started and I've never regretted a minute of it."
    Chris now felt her love for her daughter die.  The young woman sitting in front of her was no a little girl violated by an unfeeling male.  She was now a harlot bent on stealing Chris's husband.  "YOU SLUT.  YOU MOTHERFUCKING LITTLE BITCH!  YOU GODDAMN, COCKSUCKING WHORE!"
    "That's daddy-fucking bitch, Mom.  And you bet your ass I sucked his cock.  I love the taste of his cum."
    "And I suppose that bastard in your belly is really his.  Oh, when I get through telling the cops what you two have been up to you're both going to rot in jail," Chris said, her voice low and hard.
    "You can't prove anything, Mom," Mary said.  "You see, my baby is Hank's.  I wish it was Daddy's but, he wouldn't let me have his kid.  So, genetic testing will only prove that this is NOT Daddy's kid.  And Hank will swear that he popped my cherry on our wedding night.  So what evidence will you have, Mom?  If you go to the cops you will be the one who winds up in a cell.  Not in jail, maybe, but a mental hospital can be just as bad."
    Chris slumped into her chair, beaten.  "Why are you telling me all this?  What do you want?  Do you expect me to put up with your incest, maybe join you?  Forget it."
    Mary reached into her pocket and pulled out her father's ring.  Slipping it on her finger she said, "I want you to leave.  I'm going to be Daddy's wife from now on.  I'm not willing to share him with you, anymore."
    Chris suddenly wondered if Jack had ever come to her right after he fucked their daughter.  She had a vision of her and Jack making love; of Jack sliding his cock into her pussy; a cock already wet with her daughter's juices.  It made her sick and she fell to the floor, vomiting.
    When she recovered she packed her bags and left, not saying a word to either of them.
    That night Jack and Mary lay in bed holding each other, not quite daring to believe that they had gotten away with it.  Jack kissed his wife/daughter and smiled at her.  "You had this all figured out in advance didn't you?'
    "A little, Daddy.  I was pretty sure that once I convinced Mom that she couldn't prove anything against us that she would just leave.  I hope the divorce won't be too difficult."
    Jack hugged her close, "I don't care, baby.  Anything she wants she can have, if she will just leave us alone.
    "That was quite a bluff you pulled, claiming that Hank would say he got your cherry."
    "It wasn't really a bluff, Daddy," Mary said and then giggled.  "In a way he would be telling the truth."
    "Well, Hank loves to buttfuck his boy toys, and on our wedding night, I let him fuck my ass.  So he did get one of my cherries."
    Mary saw a bit of shock and sorrow on her father's face and she stroked his cheek gently.  "I know you wanted to do me there first, Daddy, but I was still angry with you about the baby thing.  And Hank was being so helpful, I wanted to give him something.  Are you mad at me, Daddy?"
    "No, Mary, I'm mad at me.  I hate hurting you in any way."
    Mary rolled onto her stomach and then raised her ass, "If you don't mind being the second guy, and I swear from now on the only guy, you could do my ass tonight."
    Jack leaned over and kissed and licked Mary's ass cheeks.  "I would love to."
     Getting up on his knees he moved behind Mary and brought the head of his throbbing cock to her asshole.  He pressed slowly into her and was surprised that with only the natural lubrication of his pre-cum he slipped into her easily.  Clearly his son-in-law had entered her ass more than once.  But if entry was easy the snugness of Mary's ass was still wonderful on his cock.  It was just a bit tighter than her pussy; it felt terrific.
    As Jack pumped his cock into her ass, he lay forward onto her back, taking a heavy breast in one hand and teasing her pussy with the other.  He was touching as much of her body as was possible and he loved the sensation.
    And Mary loved it too.  Jack was a much more considerate lover than Hank had been.  Her husband had slammed himself into her ass has hard as possible and had paid no attention to the rest of her body.  Jack was giving her pleasure with out the roughness and she knew it was because he loved her.  She swore to herself that she would return his love and never ask for anything more.
    Jack slid his fingers into her pussy, while his thumb rubbed around her clit and his other hand was squeezing her nipple.  Mary started to come when she felt her father's stiff fingers push into her body and when jack felt the contractions on his fingers, he groaned.
    "Oh, God, Mary, I can feel you coming.  Come for me, honey, come for Daddy!"
    "I love you, Daddy," she moaned, "fuck me, Daddy, fuck you baby girl in her asshole!"
    Seconds later Jack grunted and spewed his come into her ass and then fell to her side, his cock pulling out of her ass with an audible "slurrp".
    Mary smiled at him, "Well, Daddy, did you like your first father-daughter ass fuck?
    "It was terrific, Mary.  I think I'm going to like doing that a lot."

Chapter 5 - Father's Day 1999

    The intervening years had been good ones.  While Mary was pregnant Jack had been as attentive as if he was the father, but then all potential grandfathers are like that.  Most of them, however, never know the joy of fucking their daughters while their unborn grandchildren are kicking and squirming in the the woman's belly.  Jack figured that he had felt his grandchild move in its mother's womb more often while he screwed her than when he was not.
    Probably because he fucked Mary a lot during her pregnancy.  She was terrifically horny while she carried her child and Jack never let her go for long with a loving fatherly fuck, or pussy suck.  She was grateful and she hoped that they could keep this up even after the baby was born.
    Jack also took care of more traditional pre-natal needs.  He converted Mary's old bedroom into a nursery and acted as her Lamaze coach.  He saw that she ate right, and saw the doctor regularly.  And he was with her through labor.
    The morning after his granddaughter, Nicole, was born, Jack came to the hospital to see Mary and the baby.  It had been a difficult birth, and he was happy to see that Mary had recovered quickly.  She was sitting up in the bed, nursing her daughter when Jack came in.  To Jack the picture was as holy as any 'Madonna & Child' ever painted.  He was filled with enormous joy as he watched.
    Then Mary had looked at him and said, "She's beautiful, Daddy, but, she should have been yours."
    As soon as she spoke Mary knew it was a mistake.  She saw the joy in her father's eyes disappear, replaced with pain.  "Oh, God, I'm sorry, Daddy," she said.  "I promise, I'll never say anything like that again."
     Jack smiled weakly, "It's okay, Mary.  I kinda wish she was myself, but you know it can't be.  Let's not talk about it anymore."
    It was about two months after Mary and Nicole came home from the hospital that Jack and his daughter resumed their passionate love affair.  As always Jack was so careful of Mary's comfort that she was forced to rekindle their fucking.
    Mary was feeding the baby and Jack watched them, enthralled by the sight.  But Mary wasn't sure how he really felt so she asked him, "Daddy, does my breast feeding Nicole turn you off?"
    Jack was a little shaken by the question.  "No, Mary.  It's a beautiful sight.  Why do you think it turns me off?"
    "Well, shit, Daddy!  You haven't tried to get your cock into my pussy or ass since we came home!  You haven't even asked me to blow you!"
    "I just didn't want to rush you, honey.  I wanted to be sure you were ready."
    Mary smiled, "Oh, I'm ready.  Ready and randy!"
    She put the baby down and held her hand out to her father.  "Come to the bedroom with me, Daddy and I'll show just how ready I am."
    In less than five minutes father and daughter were naked and kissing on their bed.  Mary felt her father's hard cock poking at her abdomen, leaving little smears of pre-cum on her belly and crotch.  "Well, you seem eager enough, Daddy.  I hope having the baby didn't ruin my pussy for you."
    "I guess it will be different, Mary, but nothing could ever make me stop wanting you.  Now that we're going to be fucking again, I plan on showing you just how much."
    "I love you, Daddy," Mary whispered as she slid a condom on his cock.  Jack felt a burst of love for his daughter as she put the rubber on him.  He had forgotten and that she cared so much about him that even now she would remember filled him with joy.
    He pushed into her, savoring the sensation.  It was the first time he had worn a rubber in nine months and it felt a little strange.  But he was happy that he was back in his little girl and loss of feeling was just something he would have to get used to again.
    "Still good, Daddy?"
    Jack smiled at her, "Still the best, Mary.  I love you, little girl.  Did you know that?"
    Mary's face glowed with happiness, "Yes, I knew it, Daddy.  But I do love to hear you say it.  And to feel you prove it by fucking my little pussy."
    The next morning Jack and Mary woke, still close to exhausted.  Mary because besides fucking her beloved father/husband most of the night she had to take care of her baby.  Jack because at his age four times in one night was a major effort.  He looked over at where his wife/daughter was nursing his grandchild, and decided it was worth it.
    Mary saw he was awake and said, "Well, we sure had fun, didn't we, Daddy."
    Jack looked at Mary and then glanced over at the small pile of condom wrappers.  He smiled at her and then groaned.
    Mary giggled, and then got serious.  "I think it was a lot more fun when we didn't have to use those miserable rubbers.  I'm going on the pill, Daddy.  In a month or so we can do it without condoms.  And I'm not setting you up, Daddy.  I'm going to take my pill in front of you every day so you will know that I am keeping to our agreement."
    "Don't be silly, Mary," Jack said.  "If you tell me you're going to take the pill, that's all I need to hear.  You've never lied to me."
    Jack and Mary settled into an apparently normal life.  Just a divorced man living with his divorced daughter, helping raise her child.
   The only worry they had was that Nicole might someday give them away.  If she ever mentioned that her Jack and Mary were sharing a bed, it would be a disaster.  They considered  home schooling her, but decided against it.  They had so little contact with others that the more nasty minded were already whispering suspicions.  As Nicole grew older, Mary carefully raised her to understand that what went on in their home was not to be discussed with outsiders.
    Little Nicole was a beautiful child and so was soon able to twist her grandfather around her little finger.  Jack adored his granddaughter and made sure that she got everything she ever wanted.  Mary watched then together and for the first time she felt a little sympathy for her own mother.  She could begin to understand how much it had hurt Chris to see so much of Jack's love going to her daughter.  But she was content.  She also adored Nicole and she was glad that Jack was good with her.
    And now, fourteen years later Mary was ready to give her father another fantastic Father's Day.
    Jack was standing at the foot of the stairs waiting for Mary and Nicole to come down so they could leave for church.  He heard a sound and glanced up, and then gasped.  Nicole was wearing a white dress that was much too small for her.  She was braless and it clung to her budding young titties and showed her hard nipples.  Jack was sure that if he glanced up her skirt he would also find that she wasn't wearing panties.
    Suddenly Mary was at her daughter's side and taking her hand she brought the little girl down the stairs to her grandfather.  Mary kissed Jack and placed her daughter's hand in his.  "Happy Father's Day, Daddy."
    Jack was stunned.  He looked at his little granddaughter's hand in his own and then he looked into Nicole's eyes.  She smiled, "Yeah!  Happy Father's Day, Grandpa!"
    Nicole hugged Jack tightly, forcing her tiny, hard-nippled tits into his chest.  Jack felt his cock start to harden and hated himself for it.
    "Mary, this is insane.  I can't do it with her!  She's just a baby!"
    Mary sighed, "Daddy, she knows all about us.  And she's been pestering me to let her join us for two years now.  And I don't want to lose you to my daughter like Mom did.  I'm hoping that if I'm part of it, you'll keep on loving me even while you fuck my baby."
    Jack could see that Mary was close to tears.  Pushing Nicole away he took his daughter in his arms and kissed her.  He held Mary tightly to his body, willing her to feel the love he had for her.
    "You have nothing to worry about, Mary.  I love you more than you can know.  You are my life, little girl, didn't you know that?"
    Mary suddenly felt a great weight lift and in relief, she did start to cry.  "Oh, Daddy, you make me so happy."
    And now Jack was crying too.  He looked over at Nicole and reached out to bring her into the family embrace.  He didn't want her to think she was being left out.
    After a few minutes they were all smiling again, wiping away the tears and laughing.  Then Nicole spoke up.  "It's so good we all love each other.  Can we go to bed now?"
    Jack shook his head, "But, Nicole, I thought you understood how much I love your mother.  I can't love you the same way."
    "That's okay, Grandpa.  I hope I find somebody to love me like that one day, but for today I just want to get fucked.  Please, Grandpa," she cajoled, "please have sex with me."
    "Yes, Daddy," Mary said.  "Fuck her.  You always wind up giving her anything she wants.  Why drag it out and make everybody unhappy.  I want to watch you fuck her.  I want to watch my little girl getting her cherry popped by my Pop!"
    Jack decided that it was useless to fight.  "Well," he said, " I guess we could start her out like you and I did.  Have oral sex for a while.  I still think she's too young to fuck."
    "Uh-uh, Grandpa," Nicole replied.  "You can lick my pussy all you want today and I promise to suck your cock tomorrow, but I want you to fuck me NOW!"
    Jack laughed and looked at Mary.  "You were a lot easier on me.  You led me up to it slowly.  This little slut wants what she wants when she wants it and to hell with everybody else.  Okay, Nicole, if that's what you want, and if I can get my cock into you without killing the both of us, I'll fuck you."
    "YIPPEEEE!" Nicole shouted, rushing up the stairs and towards the master bedroom.  "Come on, you slowpokes," she added, looking over her shoulder.  "Last one naked is the last one to get fucked!"
    Mary smiled at her father and said, "She has a lot to learn about not rushing things, doesn't she?"  Then she headed upstairs, "Wait, a minute, Nicole," she said.  "You keep that dress on 'til I tell you take it off.  Your grandpa loves to strip little girls.  Trust me on this one."
    Jack walked up the stairs much more slowly, wondering what he had gotten himself into this time.  How could he have let his little granddaughter talk him into doing this?  And how would it change his relationship with Mary?  Sure his daughter said it was okay and she wanted to watch, but could she still love him after this?
    Finally he got to his bedroom and he knew how he had gotten into this.  His sexy little granddaughter had offered to let him fuck her and he wanted very much to do it.  His cock had softened slightly while he came upstairs, but now as he saw Nicole lying on his bed, the too small dress covering her but hiding nothing, he was rock hard once more.
    Mary watched her father walking to the bed and she touched his shoulder to halt him for just a moment.  "Be careful with her," she whispered in his ear, "and be sure you make it very good for her.  Like you did for my first time."
    Jack smiled and kissed her, then moved on to the bed.  He leaned over and kissed Nicole on her soft young lips, sliding his tongue into her mouth.  Nicole reacted with a moan as he kissed her and ran his hands over her still clothed body, gently squeezing her nipples and rubbing her mound.  She started to kiss him back just as passionately, pushing her tongue past his and into his mouth.
    After a few minutes Jack sat up on the bed and looked down at his little granddaughter.  She was so appealing in her little white dress that he decided to leave it on as long as possible.  He gripped the front of her short skirt and pulled it up past her pussy so he could finally see the tight little cunt he was supposed to fuck today.  It was sparsely covered with fine red hair and he was eager to start lapping it.  "Spread you legs a little, Nicole," he said.
    As Nicole opened her legs the lips of her pussy split just enough for Jack to enjoy the luscious pinkness of her inner lips.  He parted the lips further with his thumbs and his eyes quickly zeroed in on the nub of her clit.  Jack decided to start there.
    Nicole hissed and arched her back when she felt her grandfather's tongue touch her clitoris.  She had never felt anything so good in all her young life and she knew she would want her grandpa to do this a lot from now on.  And maybe her mother would like to do it to.  She looked over at Mary as the older woman stripped off her clothes.  She wondered what her mother's pussy would taste like.  Maybe they could do it to each other.
    Jack continued to lick and tease Nicole's clit until the little girl could barely stand to have it touched, then he moved down to swipe his tongue along her inner lips and to stab it into her virgin hole.  He loved the taste of the young girl, so much like her mother when they first made oral love to each other.  He wished that Mary ahd gotten the idea of seducing him when she was fourteen.  They had missed out on two years of wonderful sex.
    "Ohhhh, Grandpa, that feels so good," Nicole moaned.  "Do my clit some more now!  PLEASE!"
    Jack sensed that Nicole was near her orgasm, but he wanted to prolong their first sex, so instead of returning to her clit he lifted his face from her groin and slid a finger into her young.  Instantly her cunt muscles clamped down on his finger and Nicole started to buck her hips up, trying to push his finger deeper into her.
    "Do you like that, Nicole?  Which would you rather have, my tongue on your clit or my finger deep in your cunt?" Jack asked the excited girl.
    Jack grinned and returned to licking her pussy while his finger pushed deeper into her, looking for her cherry.  He paused when he touched her barrier and pondered breaking it with his finger before fucking her, but decided against it.  She had want to be fucked and he was going to fuck her right.
    "OH, AH, AH, AH, OOF, OOF," Nicole was panting as she climbed towards her climax.  She had come before, many time in fact, but always on her own finger.  This time she was going to come with a man and it was so much better.
    Finally she could stand no more and as she shrieked her pleasure, Jack grinned.  He may have been trapped into this perverse act of incest and underage sex, but he was going to enjoy it anyway and he hoped his little granddaughter would like it enough to keep wanting to do it with him.
    Nicole's mind was still swirling with her powerful orgasm when she felt her grandfather move up her body until his face was even with her breasts.  She felt him grab her shoulders and pull the material down rapidly, uncovering her young tits.
    Jack stared down at her budding breasts in awe.  It was the first time he had ever seen the tits of so young a girl and he was entranced.  They stood up from her chest, little cones of soft babyfat, topped with brown nipples, still hard and dark from her orgasm.  He reached out to stroke them, loving their softness.  This was very different from when he first touched Mary's tits.  The two years difference in their ages meant that while her tits had been fully developed, Nicole's could almost be mistaken for chubbiness if it weren't that she was such a slender girl in all other ways.
    When he bent down to take her tit into his mouth Nicole gave another gasp.  It felt so wonderful, the way her grandfather was sucking at her nipple.  She decided on the spot that she would breast feed any child she ever bore.
    It was wonderful for Jack, too.  He loved the way the could take her whole little tit into his mouth, his lips touching her ribs while his tongue teased her nipple.  And her soft baby skin tasted wonderful.
    As Mary watched her father and her daughter together she was filled with love for both of them, yet there was a bit of jealousy as well.  That surprised her.  She had expected to be jealous of her daughter when she saw her father's cock cock enter the little girl; she hadn't expected to be jealous of her father when she saw him suck her daughter's pussy and then her tits.  Mary had never been attracted to girls, but she wondered what it would be like to make love to her daughter.
    After many long and wonderful minutes of suckling his granddaughters breasts Jack lifted his head and said, "Are you ready, Nicole?"
    The little girl's pussy suddenly gushed with moisture when she realized what he meant.  He was ready to fuck her but he wanted to be sure she was ready too.  "Oh, yes, Grandpa," she said in a voice filled with love, "please fuck me now."
    Mary finally joined the lovers on the bed and kissing her daughter softly she said, "You had better suck him first."
    "No, Mommy," the girl replied, "I don't him want him to come in my mouth this time.  I want to fuck; really I do!"
    "I know, baby, and I didn't mean you should suck him off.  You should just suck him a little to make sure his cock is good and slick when he pushes it into you for the first time.  I would do it for you, but this is your night."
    Nicole looked down at Jack's cock, the head shiny with his pre-cum and her mouth watered.  She wanted to taste him and her mother had just given her a great excuse.  "Okay, but don't you dare come in my mouth, Grandpa!  Not tonight anyhow."
    Jack didn't say anything, he just brought his cock up to Nicole's mouth.  When the little girl pushed her face forward and took him into her mouth, Jack fought a major battle with himself.  It was such an exquisite feeling that he desperately wanted to fill her mouth with his sperm.  The only way he managed to hold off was by reminding himself of how good it was going to be to flood her cunt with his cum.
    Nicole managed to get about half his cock into her mouth and then she started an instinctive pumping motion with her head.  She loved the taste and feel of his cock and the heady smell of his maleness was filling her nostrils.  She would always love sucking cock and she looked forward to the time (tomorrow morning maybe) when she would taste her grandfather's cum for the first time.
    Jack let her suck him for a few seconds and then he pulled his cock from her sucking mouth, which brought mews of disappointment from Nicole.  "Careful, little girl," Jack said, "you almost made me do what you don't want me to do - tonight that is."
    Jack looked at Mary and said, "It's time."
    Mary nodded and Jack positioned himself between Nicole's thighs, Mary took her daughter in her arms and held the girl's head up so they could both watch as Jack took her virginity.
    Jack took his cock in his hand and moved the head up and down his granddaughter's pussy slit, whipping her lube and saliva, plus his pre-cum into a slick froth.  Then he carefully placed his cockhead at her pussy mouth and started to press inwards, determined not to stop until he touched her womb.
    When Nicole felt Jack's cock push into her virgin pussy she clutched her mother tightly.  "Ohhh, it's big!  Did it feel big to you, Mommy, the first time?"
    "Yes, baby, but I was older than you.  I bet it feels really big in you."
    Just then Jack hit, and without pausing, burst through Nicole's hymen.
    "Oh, it HURTS, Mommy-y-y-y," she whined, "it HURTS, HURTS, HURTS!"
    Mary held her daughter closer to her her.  "I know, baby, I know.  But it won't hurt long and really it's a good hurt, cause now you're a woman and it will never hurt to do this again and you can fuck as much as you want without hurting."
    Jack was sorry he had caused his darling granddaughter such pain.  He paused in his fucking and said, "I'm sorry, Nicole.  I didn't think it would hurt that much.  I'll try to make it up to you.  I promise, anything you want."
    Nicole continued to whimper, but she wiped her tears away and said, "Anything?"
    Jack smiled.  "If you want it and I can do it, it's yours."
    "Okay, Grandpa," Nicole said between sniffles.  "It's not hurting so much now.  Could you fuck me some so it will stop hurting?"
    Soon Jack had established a steady fucking rhythm in his granddaughter.  His cock was being strangled by the girl's strong young cunt muscles, but he loved it.  He hoped she would stay this tight for a long time.
    But, he was also worried about his staying power.  She was so tight, and it felt so good, that he didn't think he could hold out for very long.  Already he could feel the climax building in his balls.  Looking over at Mary he gasped out, "No rubber!  Did you start her..."
    "On the pill?" Mary finished for him.  "No, it slipped my mind.  She pretty close to her period so it should be safe."
    Jack nodded but said, "Better pull out, anyway.  Don't want to take any chances."
    "NO!" screamed Nicole.  "I want you to come in me!"
    "But Nicole, honey," Jack said, "if I come in you..."
    "I WANT YOU TO!" Nicole yelled.  "You promised to do anything for me to make up for hurting me.  Well, I want you to come in me and get me pregnant.  You promised.  You said anything."
    Jack was feeling trapped again.  He had promised, but how could he be held to it.  He had never dreamed Nicole would want him to father a child on her.  'Like mother, like daughter,' he thought.  Still he looked over at Mary for support, but saw at once it was hopeless.
    Mary was fight desperately to keep the hurt and anger out of her voice, but a little slipped through as she said, "Yes, Daddy, knock her up; give her a baby."
    At once Jack had a vision of his little fourteen year old granddaughter pregnant, her young belly swollen and her breasts heavy with milk.  He felt like a complete pervert as he realized he would do almost anything to fuck Nicole in such a condition.
    And at that thought, he came.
    "Ahhhhuuugghhhhh," he groaned, feeling his cum gush out of his cock into his granddaughter.  Again and again it happened and as the pulses slowly subsided he knew that even if her mother was right and it had been safe there was a very good chance he would fuck over and over until she was pregnant.  He knew he couldn't stop himself.  He would have to talk Nicole out of wanting his baby.
    Mary buried her face in her daughter's shoulder so the little girl wouldn't see her pain and her tears.  "Yes, baby, I know.  Grandpa's putting his sperm in you.  You could be making a baby right now.  You lucky little girl."
    Emotionally spent, the trio fell into a short sleep.  When they were all awake, Nicole wanted her grandfather to fuck her again, but Jack insisted that they all had to talk.
    "We have to get this out of the way," he said.  "Some things got said while we were fucking that, well, they just don't make sense when you think about them calmly.  I mean, really, Nicole.  You can't seriously want to have a baby.  Not at your age.  And not with an old coot like me.  There would be all kinds of trouble.  Kids at school will make fun of you and call you names, like slut and whore.  And the police will probably get involved because you're so young.  And the doctors can do tests that will prove I'm the father and then I'll probably go to jail.  You know it's against the law for me to fuck a kid as young as you, and to fuck my granddaughter at any age."
    But Nicole wasn't buying it.  "It's against the law for you fuck Mom isn't it?"
    "Yes," said Jack, "but we take precautions to make sure nobody finds out.  Like birth control for example."
    "Is that why I'm taking the pill, Daddy?" Mary asked.
   Jack ignored her as Nicole was talking again.
    "Hey, it's not like I'd be the only teenager in the world with a baby.  Two years ago Jenny MacIntire had a baby and she was only twelve!  Shit, there are so many pregnant girls in the high school that they've set-up special classes for them.
    "But, I won't force you into keeping your promise if you really don't want to, Grandpa.  But I will have a baby in my belly before the year is over.  If you don't want to do it I can find plenty of guys at school who would love to knock up a hot little piece like me."
    Jack stared at her.  "You can't mean that, Nicole."
    "Yes I do, Grandpa," she replied.  "I want to have a baby and I want to have it now.  I would like for it to be yours, but I can settle for somebody else's if I have to."
    "I guess that runs in the family," Mary whispered lowly, but Jack heard her anyway.
    Nicole continued, "You can't make me take the pill, you can't make the guys who fuck me wear rubbers, and unless you chain me to the sink, you can't keep me from fucking.  If you want to keep a bunch of pimply jerks from shoving their cocks in my cunt, you're going to have to make sure there's no room for them by fucking me yourself."
    Jack thought about it.  He still hated himself for forcing Mary into a loveless marriage, and what Nicole was contemplating was even worse; making herself available to any willing cock at school, without protection.  It was only question if she would wind up with AIDS or the clap before she got pregnant.  And this would give him an honorable way to fuck her and get her pregnant himself; he wasn't abusing her or taking advantage of her, he was protecting her.  'Yeah, you horny, lying asshole!  You're only doing it for her.'
    Jack turned to Mary, "Don't you have anything to say?  She won't listen to me, but she might to you."
    "I figure it's her decision and yours.  If you want to fuck her and knock her up, I won't stop you."
    "But, Mary," Jack continued, "you can't think this is a good idea."
    Mary sighed, "You know damn well I can think just that, Daddy.  Shit, you know what I wanted."
    Jack fell back in seeming defeat, but really he was delighted.  He had Mary's permission now as well.  He gave Nicole a weary smile and said, "Well, I guess I lose, two to one.  But you are young and we are related.  So we are going to keep a very close eye on you while your pregnant.  Now come here you little slut and let's take another crack at filling your belly with a baby!"
    It was tired Jack Taylor who woke the next morning.  His granddaughter had been insatiable and he had a hard time getting it up four time in one night anymore.  He was glad Mary had been there; he had only gotten to sleep at all because his daughter had taken over for him.  The last thing he saw as he drifted off to sleep was Mary pulling Nicole's pussy down to her mouth.
    Jack looked around the room and saw that Nicole was still asleep; curled up in the middle of the bed.  He glanced towards the open door and saw Mary entering the bathroom.  He quickly got up and followed her.
    When Jack entered the bathroom Mary was standing in front of the medicine cabinet, the pill in her hand. Jack reached out and took her shoulder.
    "Mary, we have to talk before Nicole wakes up," he said.
    "What is there to talk about, Daddy.  I gave you my permission to get her pregnant already."
    "That's what I want to talk about, baby."
    "Getting cold feet, Daddy," Mary said.  "You promised her a child and if you're thinking of breaking that promise, you'll have to do it without my help."
    "It's not that, Mary," Jack said, taking her in his arms.  "I know that I hurt you last night, agreeing to do for her what I wouldn't do for you."
    "I can handle it, Dad," she replied.  "After all, she is only your granddaughter, so I guess it's safer than if you and me made a baby.  And it's not like you had much choice; I'm sure she meant what she said about getting some boy at school to do it if you wouldn't."
    "I probably should have let her do it that way," Jack said.  "I think she just wants to get pregnant; she doesn't really care who the father is.  She picked me because she knows I'll take care of her and the baby.  She couldn't be sure with just some guy.
    "But it wasn't like that with you, was it Mary?" he continued.  "It would have meant a lot to you if I was Nicole's father, wouldn't it?"
    Mary started to cry.  "Why are you bringing this up now?  I've spent the last fifteen years getting used to the idea that I could never have your baby.  I love Nicole, Daddy, but she is not my love child.  She isn't yours."
    Jack held the weeping woman close and said.  "I am so sorry to have caused you so much pain.  I don't know how you feel about it now, but I wanted to say that if you still want..."
    Jack couldn't finish because Mary's lips were suddenly sealed to his and she was pushing her tongue deep into his mouth.
    Mary broke the kiss and looked into her father's eyes.  "Do you mean it?  You'll let me have your baby?"  When Jack nodded she put her birth control pill into his hand.  "Prove it, Daddy.  Prove you don't want me to take these anymore."
    Jack looked at the pill and smiled, then dropped it into the toilet.  Then he reached into the medicine cabinet and crushed the package it came in and dropped it into the trash.  "It's up to you when and if you ever take them again.  Can you ever forgive me for making you wait so long?"
    "That depends; do you think you can get me more pregnant than Nicole, and quicker?"
    "I don't know," Jack laughed, "but I am sure going to love trying."
    "SHIT!" Mary suddenly yelled.
    "What's the matter?" Jack asked.
    "Last night after you went to sleep I promised Nicole I wouldn't fuck you again until she got past her fertile time.  I figure that means at least a week's head start for that sneaky little bitch!"
    Jack laughed again, "She is sneaky, but I don't figure it makes that much difference.  It will take a little while for the pills to wear off, won't it?"
    "Yeah," she said, "I suppose it will.  And really, I don't mind waiting a little bit.  It is so wonderful to think that the next time you put your cock in my pussy, we will trying to make a baby.  I love you, Daddy."


    Neither Nicole or Mary got pregnant as soon as they wanted.  And much to Mary's disgust Nicole was the first to show up with a positive EPT.
    After their early check-ups they were comparing their respective due dates when something occurred to Mary.  Grabbing her calendar she suddenly giggled.  "Well, the timing could hardly be better," she said.  "I figure that Nicole is going to become a mother on Mother's Day!  And, Daddy, have I got a Father's Day present for you!"
    Jack laughed.  "That all makes a certain kind of sense, for this mixed up family.  Do you realize that if Nicole has a boy, your grandson will be your brother, my grandson will be be my son, and Nicole's son will be her uncle!"
    "Yeah, Mommy," Nicole chimed in.  "And if you have a girl, your daughter will be your sister AND my sister, too.  She will also be my aunt; which makes sense she would be my son/uncle's sister."
    Despite their joking, Jack was still worried and insisted that Nicole and Mary have complete check-ups.  They were all sitting in the doctor's office as Jack explained that he wanted both women's children to checked for possible defects.
    Dr. Sullivan looked at the trio and as considered what he knew of the Taylor family a suspicion grew in his mind.  Finally he spoke, "Well, the first thing you should know is that from all outward signs, both fetuses appear to be completely healthy."
    When Jack heard that he visibly relaxed and Dr. Sullivan nodded to himself.  "We will conduct more detailed tests soon, but tell me, is there some reason you are concerned about possible defects?"
    Mary knew what he was getting at.  "Dr. Sullivan, anything I tell you is confidential isn't it?"  When the doctor nodded she continued, "Is the same true for Nicole?"
    "No," he said, "she is a minor.  I am required to report to the police that she is sexually active.  I will also have to report anything she tells me about her sexual partners."
    Mary and Nicole looked at each other for a moment and then Mary turned to the doctor and said, "Dr. Sullivan, my father is the father of this baby.  That is why he is concerned and wants all the available tests.  I have nothing to say about my daughter's condition."
    The doctor nodded and looking at Nicole he asked, "Well, young lady, do you want to tell me who you've been having sex with?"  When Nicole just laughed, he nodded and said, "Very well."
    Looking at Jack with some distaste Dr. Sullivan said, "You may as well know that while I will say nothing about you and your daughter, when the police receive my report about Nicole they will probably draw their own conclusions.  They might well order genetic testing to determine if you are the father.  While I hardly condone what you have done, I don't see how getting the law involved will help the situation any.  I suggest that you might want to leave town before I file report.  Which will be in about a week."
    "Thanks for the warning, Doctor, but I wouldn't know where to go.  And besides, I want to be sure that Mary and Nicole are getting the best possible care.  So unless you can recommend some place where the doctors aren't going to ask the same questions, I don't know what I'm going to do."
    Dr. Sullivan sighed and made a decision.  Looking at the Taylors he asked, "Do you have a computer and access to the internet?"
    "I do," said Nicole.
    "Very well," said Dr. Sullivan.  He quickly wrote on a business card and passed it to Nicole.  "That e-mail address may be useful to you.  I have never written to it myself, but I believe that they can help you.  It's a couple in a similar situation.  I believe that they have contacts with others like you.  They might even know of a sanctuary for people like you."
    The doctor hung his head for a moment and then whispered, "If you do contact them,  tell my children that their father still loves them."
    A week later when the police arrived at the Taylor residence to question Nicole they found that she was not there.  Mary explained that to avoid a scandal she had sent Nicole to a home for unwed mothers.  She handed the detective assigned to the case a business card.  "You can call the operator, a Ms. Janet Riordan, at that number if you would like to talk to Nicole.  I'm sure Ms. Riordan will cooperate."
    The officer looked at the card.  "HEY!  This place is in South America!"
    "Why, yes, it is.  Is that a problem?"
    The detective sputtered, "Well, yeah.  I don't have any jurisdiction there.  How do I make this Riordan woman cooperate if she doesn't want to?"
    "I don't know, Officer," Mary replied.  "That's really not my problem."
    "Well, this just puts things off a bit.  When your daughter returns, we will get a court order to have her baby tested for paternity.  We have some questions about your family that such a test will answer."
    "Oh, I'm afraid that won't be possible, Detective.  The baby will be put up for adoption."
    After the detective left, muttering to himself about making a trip to Rio, Mary laughed.  'Let him go,' she thought.  'The only thing he'll find at that address is an answering machine.  But, maybe he'll enjoy Carnival.'
    When the police discovered that Mary was also pregnant their suspicions were aroused, but they found out that without hard evidence they couldn't get a court order to test her baby's paternity.  The judge pointed out that she was an adult and her being pregnant was not proof of illegal sexual activity, as it would have been for a minor.
    When Nicole returned home, without a child to test, the police questioned her and when she refused to cooperate, the case was dropped.  The police didn't have the resources to "stakeout" the Taylor home, so they didn't notice that Nicole was away from home a lot.  They didn't know that she was spending a lot of time at a foundling home just over the state line, caring for one "abandoned" child in particular.
    And when the Taylors move away a year later the police didn't know that Jack had adopted the little boy Nicole had become so attached to.  It was a private adoption, arranged by the Riordan Child Placement Service.
    When Jack introduced the child as "my adopted son Billy" his new friends were amazed at how apt an adoption it had been.  The child fit in so well with the Taylors; almost as if he really were one of the family.

The End.