- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Family love pt 12
[Author] Eric MJ12
[Type] More/other family

Chapter #12   Kristy visits Mike and his family:

 Kristy called one night and she was really up set and asked
Mike, if she could fly out and stay with them for a week or so.

 Mike was really concerned and asked her what all was wrong and
then Kristy broke down and started to cry. She told Mike that
her and Tim were filing for a divorce and that she needed to get
away and think things out for awhile.

 Mike listened and talked with his little sister and he was
hurting inside just as much as she was, because he cared for his
little sister so much.

 He then asked her if Beth was also coming out and she replied
that she was going to spend a few weeks with mom and dad.

 (Beth is Kristy's only child, a daughter and she is about 11
years old.)

 Mike was very supportive and said that she could fly out and he
would pick her up at the airport and she could stay with them
for as long as she wanted.

 Kristy began to feel better and then said that she would call a
travel agent and she would book a flight out Friday night and be
there this coming weekend.

 They said their good-byes and Mike then told her not to worry
and that everything would work out.

 Kristy was feeling better by the time they hung up and things
were set for her to come and stay at their house for at least a
week if not longer.

 After Mike got off the phone with Kristy, he had a nice long
talk with Kim. Kim understood how Kristy must feel and was very
supportive of having her come out and stay with them for at
least a week if not longer.

 Mike and Kim went to bed and they both noticed that Nick's
bedroom door was closed and Nancy was not in her room.

 They both knew that their own lovable children were in Nick's
room and they were once again enjoying each other sexually.

 Ever since their first family orgy together Nick and Nancy
began to spend more and more time together sleeping with one

 Mike and Kim decided to leave them alone and not disturb them
or like a lot of times they would join them and all four of them
would spends hours upon hours switching off doing one another
and then watching the others while they each took a break.

 Nick was at the age where once he got a hard on, he would fuck
anyone and everyone till his cock hurt and he couldn't come any

 Nancy was also at the age were she was becoming more sure of
herself and she would take the lead and ask Nick, Mike and also
Kim to have sex with her and there was times where Nancy enjoyed
having Mike fuck her non-stop till he came and then have Nick
slide right into her well fucked young pussy and he would pound
her little pussy till Mike was up and hard enough for her to
have Mike once again fuck her and then she would have Nick do
her for the second time in a row also.

 Nancy was indeed quit the little power house and she loved sex
for the pure enjoyment of coming over and over again.

 Mike and Kim returned to their bedroom for the night and they
both got ready for bed. Once in bed Kim settled in close to Mike.

 Since they had their first family orgy, Mike, Kim , Nick and
Nancy very rarely wore any bed clothes, in fact, they began to
run around the house completely naked most of the time, once
they had finished supper.

 Kim pressed her warm, smooth, naked body up against Mike and
draped her arm over his stomach and they began to talk about
Kristy coming out to stay with them.

 Kim was the one who brought up the subject of Kristy and sex.

 Kim talked to Mike and said, "So Mike? Do you think Kristy
would be interested in starting back up her relationship with
you again."

 Mike replied, "I really don't know. I mean it has been years
and Well, I tried to talk to her about it a few times and even
tried to put the moves on her a few times when ever they came to
visit or we went out there to visit and ......"

 Kim perked up and said, "Really!!?? So what was her response?"

 Mike then told her about the couple of times they visited each
other and said, "Well the first time I asked her about it, was
just right after they got married and they moved."

 Mike continued his story.

 Kristy and I were alone for a little bit and so I took her in
my arms and frenched her and she responded and I was feeling her
up and she went straight for my cock and I went for her small
little breasts.

 We kissed and felt each other up and I had my hand down her
pants and I was finger fucking her while we were both standing
up and I just about made her come when we got interrupted by you
and Nick.

 Kim then placed her hand down and cupped Mike's now hardening
cock and felt his warm sperm filled balls.

 Mike continued and said, "Any way we got ourselves back into
shape, so to speak and then we could really never find the right
time or the place to be alone for very long, so most of the
time, we just coped a feel here and shared a few kisses there."

 Kim smiled and snuggled up closer to Mike and said, "Wow!! I
bet that drove both of you nuts. Each of you wanting each other
and then, you two get something going and then you all had to

 Kim laughed and said, "So that is why you were always so horny
and wanted to fuck me all the while we were staying out there
with them."

 Mike laughed and said, "Well, Yea, I guess if I couldn't have
my sister, then I was at least going to have you."

 They both laughed and then Mike continued with his story of the
failed attempts to make love to his little sister during the
family reunions and when they visited each other.

 Mike then said, "There was this one time when they came over
and stayed with us. Well, this time Kristy was the one who made
the first move and she pulled me into our bathroom and she just
about attacked me. I mean she had my pants pulled down before I
even knew what hit me and she started to suck my cock right
there in our downstairs' bathroom and I was just about to shoot
off in her mouth in less than 30 seconds and Nick came in the
house and he ran right to the bathroom and just about caught us
in the very act. Luckily, I caught the door before he made it in
to see me with my pants down and my cock in my sister's sucking

 Kim laughed really big at that episode and then said, "So Baby,
did you have a bad case of the blue balls or what?"

 Mike laughed at that one and said, "Yea!!! I could of bopped
Nick on the head for that one. I mean I was this close." Mike
held up his hand in front of Kim and used his thumb and index
finger as a measure to how close he was to coming in Kristy's
mouth and there was only about a half of inch gap between his
thumb and index finger.

 They were both laughing at that one and Mike then continued and
said, "I was so scared my cock shrank in Kristy's mouth faster
than it had ever shrank up in my entire life. I mean one second
I was rock hard and was just about to come and the next second
it was a limp noodle and my heart just about exploded in my

 Mike then added, "I just thank god that Kristy didn't bite it
off when Nick hit the bathroom door at full speed."

 Kim was roaring in laughter at listening to Mike tell his story
of how he could never get Kristy alone long enough for them to
finish the job, so to speak.

 Mike then continued his story and said, "Well, the last time we
did anything together was right after Kristy gave birth to Beth
and it was what? about six months and We went out there to see
them. Any way, we were alone once again and this time I was
finger fucking her and she was jacking me off and I got the
great pleasure of sucking on her milk laden tits. Well, at least
I got to taste what she was feeding Beth and I was really
enjoying my little sister's breast milk and once again before we
could get very far along we got interrupted once again."

 Kim then said, "Well, I definitely know about you and your love
of breast milk. Hell!! I had a harder time trying to wean you
off my milk filled breasts than both Nick and Nancy combined!"

 Mike laughed and said, "Honey, It's not my fault!! Hell!! They
need to quit advertising that one commercial that says, "Milk!!
It does a body good!" Every time I see that I get the urge to
nurse on a breast."

 Kim was just about laughing non-stop listening to Mike's tales
of Woe's about not being able to get a little off from his
little sister and how every time they got together something
would also stop them short of their ultimate goal.

 Mike then finished his story about the last time and Kristy
stopped Mike's advances and said, "Mike, I'm really sorry, but I
think this, US, was never meant to be, I mean, We have shared a
lot of good times together and I will always cherish them, but
now, I guess we can no longer try to do this type of thing any
more. Besides if we ever got caught, both of our marriages would
be over and there would be hell to pay to say the least. I think
we just need to let things go and just be happy we were able to
share the moments and times we had together."

 Mike then said, "Kristy gave me one last french kiss and she
slowly got up and left me there on the couch and we haven't done
anything or said anything about what we use to do to each other."

 Kim was no longer laughing and she knew that Mike was feeling
bad about remembering that moment in his life. When his little
sister left him once and for all. It touched Kim in such a way,
that she had tears in her eyes and Mike looked over and hugged
Kim and loving wiped her tears from her eyes and they both hung
on to one another in silence.

 Kim then said, "Well, Mike! Since Kristy is going through a bad
time in her life, maybe this will be the right time for you two
to get back together. I mean, If she was scared of being caught
and it causing a bad situation with her husband and with me,
Well, Maybe she will start back up with you since we are all
open and our family has a new attitude and outlook toward the
topic and subject concerning incest."

 Mike hugged Kim closer to him.

 He felt more love towards her now than ever before. Kim was and
is more than just his wife, she was and still is his best friend
and most thoughtful lover he has even had the joy and privilege
to know and love.

 He then said, "Kim!? Are you really sure about this? I mean, Do
you really think everyone and especially you can handle and
accept me and Kristy starting back up again?"

 Kim hugged Mike and then leaned over and french kissed him and
slowly started to stroke his now hardening cock.

 She then replied, "Mike! I'm totally sure of myself and I think
you and Kristy should get back together if she wants to."

 Mike then replied, "Well, The last thing I want to do is cause
problems between us and if I had to choose one over the other I
would have to choose you sweetheart!"

 Kim replied, "Holly Cow Mike!!! I'm not going to get jealous
over you and Kristy doing each other. I mean I'm doing daddy, my
sister (Debbie) and our own kids Nancy and Nick for gods sake! I
want you to have Kristy and if you don't mind me saying this, I
would also like to do Kristy myself!"

 Mike and Kim both started to make out and they started to play
with one another and before long they began to stroke each other
off and they continued to talk about the possibilities of
getting Kristy back into the family fold, so to speak.

 Mike then said, "Well Sweetheart? How do you propose we go
about getting Kristy involved? I mean, do I just come out and
say, "Hey Kristy, I want to fuck you and you don't have to worry
about a thing, because our whole family is now into fucking each
other and by the way my wife Kim is now fucking her own dad, so
what do you say, want to fuck me now!?"

 Kim laughed and said, "Mike!!! I don't think you should use the
sledge hammer effect on her and come right out and say it like
that. In fact, if you want me to, I think I can probably come
around and slowly bring her in and then tell her about our
family and how everything happened and that I owe it all to her
and you for being the brave ones who started the family in this
new life style."

 Kim then went on to say, "Besides, I would love to have her
myself. So, if it is OK with you, I would like to do the honor
and privilege of welcoming her back into the family."

 Mike frenched his lovely naked wife once again and this time he
rolled her over onto her back and he mounted her and slid into
her wet, juicy, tight, pussy once again and began to fuck his

 Mike then replied to Kim after he was already seated balls deep
in her shaved, bare, smooth, pussy he had grown to love more and
more each day, "Well Kim, I was thinking, Since I'm going to
pick her up at the airport on Friday. I was thinking of trying
to put the moves on her and see if she responded in a favorable
way and then we can all kind of play it by ear then."

 Mike paused for a few seconds and then said, "I mean, if that
is OK with you?"

 Kim smiled up at Mike and she began to move her hips from side
to side and said, "She is your sister Mike. You can do what ever
you think is best."

 Mike smiled back down at his lovable wife Kim and slowly began
to stroke his cock in and out of her wet, clasping, pussy and
moaned out loud as Kim used her inner pussy muscles to softly,
but firmly grip his cock and cause him to moan out in sexual

 Kim then said, "Well, Mike if you get anywhere with her, you
can even go and check into a motel and do her, but please, don't
tell her about the family and us doing each other, OK? I would
like to tell her that, if you don't mind?"

 Mike once again groaned out in lust as Kim used every muscle in
her pussy to really grab his cock hard and almost kept him from
sliding out or even into her pussy. Her grip was that good and

 Mike relented and said, "OH GOD KIM!!!!! OK!!! OK!!!! YOU WIN
HONEY!!!! I GIVE UP!!!!"

 Kim laughed and relaxed her pussy muscles and allowed Mike to
continue plumbing her depths in her warm, wet and tight pussy.

 Mike plunged into Kim's bare pussy and began to slide in and
out of her wet, warm, sheath and he began to think about all of
the possibilities.

 A million things were going through his mind all at one time
and it seemed like a dream come true once again. After all of
these years of thinking what it would be like to have his sister
once again as a incestuous lover and wondered what it would be
like to make love to his own daughter and now everything was now
all falling into place it seemed like.

 As he fucked Kim he was imagining that it was Kristy who was
laying underneath him. He was fucking his wife, but thinking
that it was his sister and it pleased him beyond mere words that
his own wife Kim was willing to let Mike start back up were he
and his lovable little sister left off.

 Kim even got into the act and said to Mike while he was
thrusting in and out of her pussy, "Just imagine Mike, Pretty
soon Kristy will be here in this same position and you will be
once again enjoying your little sister like you use too."

 Kim continued to say, "OH MIKE!!! I really want to see you and
your sister doing each other. Just think!!! If she is willing to
start back up, our whole family can have one big giant family
reunion and we can all trade off and share with each other."

 Kim then started to buck up into Mike's thrusts and she then
said, "OH GOD!!! Just imagine one big family orgy and everyone
will be able to fuck one another in front of everyone else. OH
GOD!!! I'm coming, just thinking about all of the wild hot times
we can all have together, doing each other and watching our
whole family coming together and coming inside of each other.

 Mike was nearing the point of no return and he to was just
about ready to shoot a full load of hot come into Kim's super
heated pussy.

 Mike groaned out and then he quickly pulled out of her super
heated pussy and crawled up the length of her body and pointed
his long, hard, thin, cock towards her mouth and Kim knew what
to expect and she willingly opened her mouth and Mike aimed his
cock head towards her open mouth and jacked his cock off and
shot his load of hot, white, sticky come directly into her
waiting open mouth and when his come was over Kim lifted her
head up and took his cock head into her mouth and sucked his
cock clean.

 Well they both fell asleep a little bit later on after Mike
went down on his wife's pussy and made her come two time one
right after the other and they embraced each other as they
drifted off to sleep.

 Friday came and Mike drove out to the airport to meet Kristy's
plane and bring her home.

 Mike spotted his lovely little sister as she came through the
door into the airport lounge and Kristy noticed him and her face
lit up with a beautiful smile and they made their way to each
other and they embraced right there in the airport.

 Mike hugged his little sister and actually lifted her small
body up off the floor and then slowly put her feet back down on
the ground and they both continued to hug each other.

 After a brief period they separated from one another and Mike
said, "OH GOD KRISTY!!! You look absolutely beautiful!!"

 Kristy kind of blushed and they both turned and started to walk
down the concourse towards the luggage claim terminal and they
waited for Kristy's luggage to show up.

 While they were waiting they made small talk and Kristy asked
how the family was doing and how Kim was and things like that.

 Mike said, that the whole family was pleased that she was going
to spend at least a week or more with them and that way everyone
would be able to catch up on what all was happening and they
could all do things together.

 Kristy pointed out the luggage that was hers and Mike grabbed
them and they headed out to the airport parking lot. Mike put
her luggage in the back of the club cab pickup truck and he
unlocked the passenger side door and held it open for Kristy to
get in and he then walked over and got in on the driver side.

 Mike started up the pickup and before he put it in gear Kristy
asked Mike a question. She asked, "Mike? Uuhhh How are you and
Kim getting along? I mean .....?"

 Mike looked over at Kristy and looked her right in the eyes and
said, "We are getting along better now, than ever before." as
soon as Mike said that he wished he would have never had said
that, because he noticed the look on Kristy's face as though it
was a look of disappointment or despair.

 Mike then leaned over and hugged his little sister and
whispered in her ear, "I'm sorry Kristy!!! I shouldn't have said

 Kristy said that was OK and then she started to cry and they
both hung onto each other and Mike kind of moved over closer to
Kristy and then he kissed her on the side of her neck and began
to rub his hands up and down her back and while he was doing
this he noticed right off the bat that Kristy was not wearing a

 She continued to cry and tried to say she was sorry for crying
like a little baby and Mike was just hugging her hard and
rubbing his hands up and down her back and then he slid one hand
onto her side and was rubbing her on her side and along her ribs
from her waist all the way up to her arm pit. Mike was also
telling her everything would be all right.

 Mike decided to try to break her crying spell, so he then
started to tickle her on her ribs as this was one spot she was
very ticklish.

 She jumped in his embraced and she was beginning to laugh and
tried to move away from his tickling fingers. They were almost
wrestling in the front seat of his pickup and she was squirming
to get away from his tickling fingers and she was now laughing
and begging Mike to stop tickling her.

 Mike hung onto her and as he was tickling her he kind of let
his one hand slip just a bit and he now cupped her small braless
breast in his hand.

 Kristy froze on the spot and stopped laughing and there was
almost total silence in the pickup, except for the radio and the
engine running.

 Mike broke the silence first by saying, "Well, I see my cute
little baby sister is once again going braless!"

 Kristy brought her hand up and placed it over her brothers hand
that was gently, but firmly cupping her small delicate breast in
the palm of his hand. She make a light attempt to remove his
hand. Mike resisted her attempt and stood his ground.

 Kristy then said, "Mike!!! I don't think this is a very good

 Mike then replied, "Sssshhhhh, Everything is just fine. Just
relax and enjoy Kristy."

 Kristy moved her head and looked directly into Mike's eyes and
her eyes were slightly red from her short crying spell and then
she said, "Mike ........ Don't please!?  My marriage is over and
the last thing I want to do is make things worse and cause
problems between you and Kim."

 Mike leaned forward and brought his other hand that was on her
back up and cupped the back of her head and pulled her head
towards his as he leaned forward and he planted a non-brotherly
kiss on her lips.

 This kind of shocked Kristy as her eyes were wide open and he
could see the whites of her eyes all around her irises.

 Mike then stuck out his tongue and meet resistance to her lips
and slowly Kristy relented and allowed her own brother to french
kiss her. As they shared their first french kiss, Mike began to
message her breast he was cupping in his other hand. It was then
that Kristy surrendered to her brother and allowed him to take
her like he had so many times in the past. Her eyes slowly
closed and she then put her arms around Mike as old lovers would
and she moved closer to him and began to enjoy the feelings she
had missed over the past several years.

 They broke their first incestuous kiss they had shared in over
10 years and Kristy was breathless and then she tried to collect
her thoughts and said, "OH GOD!!! I knew something like this was
going to happen. Mike!!! We can't do anything!! The risks are to
great and the last thing I need now is to have a guilty feeling
of putting your marriage in jeopardy!"

 Mike was still cupping her breast in his hand and this time
Kristy tried harder to remove his hand and Mike stood fast and
would not remove his hand from his little sisters breast.

 He then replied, "Kristy!! You don't need to fear anything like
that OK!!?? Besides, We use to do this when Kim and I were first
married, so what is the problem now? I mean,"

 Kristy allowed Mike to continue cupping her breast and she
looked at him and said, "Mike! I just don't want to cause any
problems and the last thing I need is for her to find us in a
compromising position."

 Mike then said, "Look Kristy!! I just want to see what I have
been missing for over 10 years and besides no one will know."

 He then leaned forward and frenched her once again and this
time Kristy allowed Mike to have his way with her and while they
were frenching each other Mike slid his hand up under Kristy's
blouse and cupped her bare breast in his hand and felt her, rock
hard, nipple as he slid his hand up and over to cup her small,
firm, bare, breast in the palm of his hand.

 Kristy moaned into his open mouth and then she broke the kiss
as she heard some people talking as they passed by their truck
in the airport parking lot.

 This brought Kristy back to the present and she pulled back and
looked at Mike and said with a shocked look on her face.

 "Mike!!! We are in a public place!!! What if someone who knows
us walks by and sees us like this!!??"

 Mike replied, "Kristy! The windows are tinted and I seriously
doubt that anyone will come up and try to look in the pickup."

 Mike then leaned over Kristy and pulled the seat lever back and
her seat back fell backward, till it was almost flat and then
Mike got back into the driver seat and then put the truck into
gear and moved his truck out farther into the parking lot, so
that it was almost by itself and then he parked it and turned
off the engine.

 Kristy knew what was going to happen next and her heart was
racing in her chest at the very thought of making out with her
own brother in a parking lot in broad daylight were someone that
knows them might pull up and stop and discover that they were
doing things that most brothers and sisters should never do to
each other. However, she was also sexually excited at this new
type of public sex and the added thrill of incest thrown in to
make matters even hotter, dangerous and more exciting.

 Kristy also realized that it had been over three months since
she had sex with another person. She had played with herself a
lot since then, but this was the first time in three months that
she had been with another person and she was definitely in need,
sexually to have her thirst and fire put out by someone other
than herself. Kristy then realized that her pussy was wet and
her wetness was now seeping into her panties.

 She was going through all different types of emotions as to
wanting to let go and enjoy what she really wanted and needed
and that was to let her older brother/lover take her right here
and now and she also felt guilty for letting this happen and
risk Mike's relationship with his wife Kim and their whole
family. She really didn't know what to do and she was going back
and forth in her mind as to what she should let happen.

 Even though the back of her seat was laying down almost flat
she was still sitting upright and when Mike parked the truck she
looked around and saw that there was not any cars or trucks
within almost 200 feet of their parked truck and there was no
one walking out this way. She felt a little better about that,
but still!!! In a public place with her own brother!!! This was
just too much!!!

 Mike then turned towards her and he leaned over and began to
push his little sister back and down, so that she was now almost
laying down flat on her back and her older brother was poised
over her in a position she knew and remembered.

 Mike leaned down and brought his face closer to hers and then
their lips met once again, in a incestuous french kiss shared by
a loving brother and his little sister.

 Kristy relaxed and surrendered to her brother and accepted his

 As Mike was frenching his little sister and she responded with
her own talented tongue, he once again moved his hand up under
her blouse and sought to find her braless breasts. His hand
found its mark and he was once again cupping her small, firm,
breast in the palm of his hand and then he moved slightly, so
that his thumb and forefinger could grab a hold of her thick,
long and hard nipple and he pulled on her nipple at the same
time twisted it slightly as this was Kristy's favorite thing for
him to do to her.

 Kristy moaned out into Mike's open french kissing mouth and she
was getting turned on once again, as she had in the past when
ever her brother took her sexually.

 She knew how wrong it was, but she also felt how good it was
and in a way, it felt so right as they once again introduced
themselves to each other, again after a 10 year separation.

 To Kristy, it was if they had never ever been apart, because
all the old feelings and sensation all came rushing back to her,
just like they had never been apart. In a way, it felt as if
they had just made love to each other just last week. The
feeling and sensations were that strong and that clear to her.
Mike frenched her and began to feel her up once again.

 They broke away from their french kiss and Mike was looking
down at his beautiful little sister and he said to her,
"Kristy!! Lift your blouse up and let me see your tits!"

 Kristy smiled and she had a look of mischief in her smile and
in her eyes. She then lifted the small of her back and grabbed
the bottom of her blouse and then she lifted the blouse up till
it caught just under her small, delicate, breasts and then she
lifted her upper part of her body up off the seat and continued
to lift her blouse till her small 34A breasts where both fully
exposed before her loving, older, brothers staring eyes.

 Mike moaned out loud, "OH GOD SIS!!! They are just a beautiful
as I remembered them!!"

 Mike then dove down and immediately sucked the closest breast
into his mouth and began to nurse on her breast like she was
breast feeding him.

 This caused Kristy to moan out in sexual pleasure, as her small
breast was almost swallowed whole by her loving brother. She
then wrapped her arms around his back and also his head and drew
his head down more firmly against her bared chest.

 Mike was enjoying himself beyond words and he then used his
left hand and slid it down her chest and over her small exposed
belly over her skirt and gently felt her pussy mound covered by
her skirt and panties and then he slid his hand lower, till he
felt her nylon encased legs and he felt her legs downward, till
he could not reach any farther.

 Kristy almost automatically spread her legs as soon as she felt
his hand go over her pussy mound and onto her black nylon
encased legs. She once again moaned out and said, "OH MIKE!!!
YES!!!!  OH GOD!!!!   IT'S BEEN SO LONG!!!!!"

 Mike almost swore that Kristy came from just having her small
delicate breasts suckled and her legs being felt. Mike smiled to
himself as he switched breasts and sucked on the other breast
and at the same time he then began to bring his exploring hand
back up her leg this time on the inside of her leg and thigh and
before to long he was actually cupping his little sister's pussy
mound in the palm of his hand.

 This brought back a complete flood of memories of how many time
they had done this exact thing before. He also noticed that she
did not wear regular pantyhose, but was in fact, wearing hose
being held in place by a garter belt and her panties were put on
first, so that meant, that he would have to unsnap her hose, if
he was going to bare her pussy in the truck.

 Mike was slowly rubbing the out side of her pussy up and down
the length of her pubic mound and he was surprised that he felt
her hand down next to his.

 Kristy was helping her own brother by unsnapping her garter
belt from her hose, so that Mike could pull her panties down to
gain clear access to her warm, wet, pussy he had not been in
contact with in over 10 years.

 Once her hose was undone from her garter belt she lifted her
hips up and she pulled her panties down and exposed herself for
her own brother to have complete access to her pussy.

 Kristy was beyond caring if someone would see them or find
them. All that she was concerned about, was letting her brother
have his way with her and in doing so, she was going to receive
the pleasure of having someone other than herself make her come.

 She was dripping wet by the time she lowered her panties far
enough for Mike to have complete access to her pussy. She spread
her legs as far apart as possible, limited by the space in the
truck and the panties which were not all the way off, because
she could reach down that far.

 Mike did the rest for her and lowered her panties till they
fell around her feet and she lifted her feet up off the
floorboard of the pickup and she eventually got then all the way
off. She then spread her leg as far as she could then and Mike
once again ran his left hand up her legs till his was now
cupping his sweet, little, sister's bared, pussy in the palm of
his hand.

 Mike lifted up from sucking on her right breast and looked down
and saw Kristy's pussy for the first time in over 10 years and
noticed that she had just a small little tuffet of light brown
pubic hair just above and a very slight amount surround her
pussy lips.

 Mike was awe struck at the sight of finally being able to once
again look at his lovable, little, sister's pussy.

 Mike then moaned out, "OHhhhhh!!! Kristy!!!!! Ohhhhh God!!! You
are absolutely beautiful!!!"

 Mike then began to run his hand and fingers up through her
small little tuffet of pussy fur and back down again. He was
actually  petting her pussy, like he would pet a dog or cat. He
enjoyed the texture and feel of her soft, fine, brown hair which
lightly covered her pussy. He was also impressed to see that she
had a pair of pussy lips that stuck out about 1/2 inch and they
were parted and shaped like a beautiful orchid flower in full

 He then slide his finger down her slit and past her parted
pussy lips and felt the moisture and heat of her exposed sex
before him. He then brought his fingers back up along her lips
and slit and was impressed by her slickness and heat emanating
from her pussy.

 Kristy was moaning almost non stop now and she was even
beginning to lift her hips up, so that his fingers would press
down on her exposed pussy and clit more forcefully.

 Mike then guided his middle finger down between her small,
parted, pussy lips and inserted his middle finger up into his
little sister's pussy.

 He was amazed and impressed by how wet and warm she was on the
inside and as he slid his middle finger deeper and deeper up
into her pussy, his mind was over loaded with all of the old
memories of them together, as incestuous lovers.

 He remembered things that they did to each other and together
as brother/sister incestuous lovers and solemates.

 Mike moved his head back up to Kristy's face and planted
another feverish french kiss on her lips and in her mouth as he
began to finger fuck his own sister, just like old times.

 He was turned on like never before, because now he had his
sister once again, in a lovers embrace.

 Kristy was coming almost non-stop as Mike plunged his middle
finger up into her super heated pussy. She was now bucking up to
meet his plunging finger and as he withdrew his finger from her
velvet pussy she would squeeze her pussy muscles as though to
keep his finger deep within her warm, wet, pit of passion.

 She was also moaning in time to his thrusts into her pussy and
she would wiggle her hips from side to side at times.

 Mike would have come in his pants, but he was more interested
in making Kristy come as hard and as long as possible. He was
over joyed that he had finally got her alone, after 10 years of
separation and he was not about to let her go, until he had made
her come big time.

 Kristy was beyond caring if someone would stop and look in or
even open up the door to watch a brother and sister engaged in
the ultimate act of love. She had only one thing on her mind
also and that was to totally surrender to her big brother and
let him bring her off, like only he knew how. She was really
pleased that even after 10 years Mike was more than just
interested in making love to her, he had attacked her and almost
forced himself on her, but she was not about to complain,
because this was what Kristy really needed at the moment and
that was to feel the embrace of a lover, who would take her as
she was and didn't ask or demand anything in return.

 This almost made Kristy break down and cry, not from sadness,
but from sheer joy and love she felt for her older, big,
brother. However on the other hand, she wished that he was not
her real brother, because she really wanted him now, as her
complete lover and mate for life, but that was not to be, so she
accepted what ever they could share together, as part time

 Kristy was coming almost none stop now and she was completely
lost in her sexual release. She just surrendered to the feelings
and let herself go.

 Mike was thoroughly pleased to see Kristy let herself go, just
like old times and just relax and enjoy her orgasms as he
brought her off repeatedly.

 Mike then slowed down and slowly and lovingly removed his wet
fingers from his little sister's super heated and completely
drenching wet pussy. He brought his wet fingers up to his own
mouth and once again refreshed his mind and his taste buds on
his little sister's tasty pussy.

 Kristy slowly recovered and she slowly began to rearrange her
clothing and when she was finished doing that she raised her
seat back up in the upright position and she then leaned over
and frenched her loving older brother to show him her
appreciation as to what he had done to her and for her.

 She then reached down and started to unbutton his jeans and
pull his zipper down, so that she could do for him, what he had
just done for and to her.

 Mike then stopped her and said, "Sorry Kristy, but you and I
both are going to have to wait for this."

 Kristy had a puzzled look on her face and she replied, "Why?
What do you mean?"

 Mike looked over at his little sister sitting next to him as he
reached up and started the truck and he then put the truck in
gear and start to move towards the parking lot exit.

 He then said, "Well, I think we need to reacquaint ourselves
properly, so we are going to go check into the airport Hilton
and do it right!"

 Kristy's jaw almost hit the floorboard of the truck and said,
"We can't do that! Your wife, Kim and your family is waiting for
us to get back!"

 Mike smiled and said, "Don't worry about a thing OK? This is
just like old times, so I have it all worked out, OK?"

 Kristy was kind of shocked that Mike would do something like
this, but then again. She remembered a lot of the old times when
he would do things like this and nobody found out, so she
decided to let Mike run the show, so to speak.

 They pulled up and parked in the airport Hilton's parking lot
and they both went inside and Mike checked in at the front desk
and in less than 10 minutes they were on the 10 floor in their
hotel room.

 Mike locked the door and then turned around and looked at his
little sister and smiled and said, "Well, Kristy!! I think it is
long past due for us to once again enjoy ourselves like in the
old days."

 They both looked at each other and then they both smiled at
each other and they both began to undress in front of the other.

 Mike made the comment that she should leave her hose and garter
belt on along with her spiked high heel shoes and Kristy could
only smile and say, "What ever you say, LOVER!"

 Once they were complete undressed they automatically came
toward one another and they embraced as lovers.

 They shared feverish kisses with each other and began to
explore each other's body with their lips, tongues, teeth,
hands, and fingers.

 Mike was the first one to kneel down in front of his sister and
stare intently at her pussy and the light covering of pussy hair
that highlighted and framed her cute, little, pussy more than it
hid it.

 He reached out and touched her once again and at the same time
said, "OK GOD KRISTY!!!! You pussy looks more beautiful now than
the last time I saw it!"

 Kristy laughed and said, "Well I should hope so, because the
last time you saw me, was just right after I had Beth!! I was
still fat and ugly and besides, I had all sorts of stretch marks
and my tits were sagging then too!"

 Mike looked up in his sister's eyes and she was looking down at
him with a slight smile on her face and he then said, "Well, I
can hardly tell you have had a kid and as far as your tits go.
Well, I have to tell you, I definitely going to miss your milk
filled tits!"

 Kristy laughed again and said, "You really got off on sucking
my milk filled tits! Didn't you?"

 Mike laughed and said, "Well, I can't lie about that. I mean,
it was really wild nursing on your tits and tasting your milk. I
just wish, I could have enjoyed doing that to you as we fucked,
but we didn't get that far."

 Kristy laughed and thought back to that one day they were doing
each other and she wished that they too would have had enough
time to do it properly and she kind of regretted not being able
to allow Mike the honor and privilege of fucking her at the same
time nursing on her wet breasts full of mother's milk.

 Mike then reached out and touched her pussy once again and he
began to feel her up like he had done to her in the past and
they both began to get heated up and turned on.

 After a few minutes of playing with her pussy he then leaned
forward and planted a french kiss on her lower lips and he
slowly inserted his tongue between her lower lips and tasted her
pussy for the first time in over ten years.

 Mike tongue fucked his little sister as she stood at the foot
of the bed in the hotel room and as soon as he slid his pointed
tongue up into her wet, little, slot Kristy reached down with
both hands and held the back of his head and drew his head and
face in closer to her wet, heated up, pussy.

 They were both moaning out in pleasure.

 Kristy then regrettable pulled her loving brother's face away
from her pussy and Mike looked up at her with a look of
disappointment in his eyes and Kristy smiled down at him and she
motioned him to stand up and they once again embraced each other
in a heated french kiss.

 She could clearly taste the flavor of her own juices on his
lips and tongue and this only caused Kristy to french him more
urgently and she even began to lick the sides of his face clean
of her scent.

 Kristy then broke the fevered kiss and licking and she was the
one who was now kneeling down in front of her older
brother/lover and she looked at his long, hard, thin, cock and
all sort of memories began to flash back to her, of all the
times she had found herself in this very same position.

 She reached out and gently cupped his balls in the palm of her
left hand and she used her right hand to grasp his swollen shaft
in her right hand.

 She stared at his cock and balls and then looked up to look
into his eyes and then she said, "OH GOD MIKE!!!! You don't know
how long I have waited for a moment like this to take place."

 Kristy moaned out in sexual pleasure and paused for a second or
two before she continued.

 Then she said, "I have wanted you ever since I got married and
then when we tried to find the right moment to be alone, we kept
getting interrupted and then I began to think that maybe someone
or thing was trying to tell us something."

 Kristy paused and then continued.

 "OH GOD MIKE!!! I never really wanted to stop what we were
doing to each other. I mean, I felt like you and I were really
meant to be."

 She once again paused to collect her thoughts and began again.

 "Sometimes I wish we were never brother and sister and yet that
is what makes our relationship so special. I mean, Most people
would find what we are doing to be really sick and disgusting
and illegal and immoral and sinful and all of that stuff, but I
really never felt that way, did you?"

 Mike looked down at his little sister and smiled and said,
"Kristy!!! If you really want the truth!! I would have married
you in a heart beat, if it would have been legal!! I would
probable still marry you even if it wasn't legal! I love you as
a sister and I love you as my lover and I don't ever want it to
stop between us!! Never again Kristy!! Do I want to wait 10 long
years and just dream what it was like or what it might be like
to have you again."

 Kristy was almost in tears as she heard from her older brother
that he felt the same way about her and their intimate
relationship as incestuous lovers.

 Kristy then bent Mike's long, thin, hard, cock downward and at
the same time she opened her mouth and leaned forward and
swallowed him whole, all the way down to the very root of his

 Kristy attacked his cock with a vengeance and she was swirling
her tongue all around his cock head and shaft. She then started
to bob her head up and down, along the full length of her
brother's cock.

 She withdrew him all the way from her mouth and looked back up
at him and said, "OH GOD!!!! I LOVE YOU MORE NOW THAN EVER

 Mike was looking down into his sister love filled eyes and

 Kristy kept looking up into her brother's eyes as she once
again leaned forward and took him into her mouth once again. She
bobbed her head up and down along his long, hard, thin, shaft
and she never broke eye contact with him, as she was sucking him

 Mike was almost ready to shoot off inside his little sister's
mouth and he decided then to stop her, because her wanted to
make love to her properly, as only a brother can to his sister.
He wanted to fuck her and shoot off into her pussy, as they had
done some many times in the past. He wanted to give her a gift.
A loving gift of his come into her clasping pussy. He wanted her
to have his come were it truly belonged. In her pussy.

 Mike reluctantly pulled her head back and she slowly allowed
Mike to remove his long, hard, thin, cock from her sucking mouth.

 Kristy knew that her brother wanted to fuck her and come in her
pussy. She knew him and his ways almost a well as Mike knew
himself. She also knew that he preferred to shoot his come in a
warm, wet, pussy more than anything.

 Of course he enjoyed oral sex, anal sex and tit fucking, but
given the choice, he would rather come in a pussy. Kristy didn't
have any problem there either, because she truly enjoyed the
feeling and sensation she got when ever her brother would shoot
off inside her pussy.

 It really pleased her to know that she excited her own older
brother enough that he would want to have sex with her and that
he wanted to come inside her pussy.

 Kristy slowly stood up and they once again embraced in a
incestuous french kiss and they just sort of fell over onto the
bed. This caused them to break off their kiss and they both
laughed that they had both fallen over and nether one really
cared if they hit the bed or the floor.

 She crawled up on to the bed and laid down almost in the center
and she spread herself out in the famous spread eagle position.
She knew that Mike really enjoyed the sight of her spread out
like this.

 It was a sign of her acceptance and surrender to her own
brother and it also severed as a sign to her brother that she
was openly and willing giving herself to him.

 Mike was now kneeling on the bed beside her and he slowly knee
walked down and got between her spread open legs. He was now
enjoying the sight of his little sister as she openly spread
herself, in open invitation for him to take her and fuck her.

 Mike then said, "Kristy Honey? Why don't you give me one of
those pillows."

 Kristy was already laying her head on the center pillow of the
king size bed. She reached over and got one and handed it to
Mike. She knew exactly what he was going to do, so she went
ahead and bent her knees and placed her feet up on the bed next
to her butt and lifted her ass up off the bed, so that her
brother could slide the pillow up under her lower waist and butt.

 This caused her waist, ass and pussy to be slightly elevated
and gave him more room, so that he could go down on her and do
her right.

 Mike then slid up and planted his face directly in her crotch
and he began to eat her pussy like he was a starved man who
hadn't a thing to eat in weeks.

 Kristy was enjoy this to no end. In all her life and all of the
different guys she has had over the years and even a couple of
girls she had been with, nobody and I do mean nobody, could eat
her pussy like her own brother could.

 She was almost coming in less than thirty seconds and he
continued to lick, suck and even nip at her exposed clit.

 Mike enjoyed eating his little sister's pussy and he was also
looking up over her lightly haired pussy mound, over her firm,
flat, stomach and between her small little, firm, breasts which
were the exact same size as his lovable wife's, Kim's. They both
had 34A breasts.

 Kristy was also enjoying the sight of seeing her older brother
down there, between her spread legs with his face buried and
pushed up against her pussy. She really enjoyed looked down
between her breasts and across her stomach and saw his nose
rubbing itself in her small patch of pubic hair and she felt his
lips, tongue and even his teeth on her most private sexual parts.

 She was beginning to buck up into his mouth and she was shaking
her head from side to side now, as she was experiencing one
orgasm and then it lead into her next orgasm almost non-stop.
She was moaning out in sharp high pitched moans and slight
screams, as her own brother was bring her off like never before.

 Mike also reached up with both of his hands and began to play
with her small breasts and began to tease her rock hard,
sexually, excited, nipples.

 Kristy reached down and covered his hand, which were playing
with her nipples and then she reached down and grabbed a hold of
his hair on the back of his head and she was forcing his head
and mouth harder and deeper into her crotch and pussy.

 Kristy was just about to come once again when Mike jerked away
form her pussy and stood back up on his knees and then slowly
moved forward.

 Kristy was on the very edge of coming once again when he
stopped and she almost screamed out in despair as he left her
hanging on the edge.

 She then realized that he was going to finish her off with his
cock, as only a loving brother could and should do to his little
sister in need.

 Mike leaned over and got into position over his totally nude
and spread open sister and prepared to slide into her.

 He got his cock in place at the very opening of her pussy and
he leaned over and slowly lowed the upper part of his body down
on top of his sister and they were now face to face and his hips
were raised, so that his cock had not penetrated her yet.

 He then french kissed Kristy and she responded by wrapping her
arms around his shoulders up under his arm pits and he was kind
of resting on his forearms and knees.

 The shared a long and loving kiss and then they broke their
kiss and they once again looked deeply into each others eyes and
Mike then said, "KRISTY!! MY LOVE!!" his paused for a split
second and then continued and said, "With this cock!!! I Thee

 Mike then allowed his hips to sink down and his long, hard,
thin, cock penetrated his little sister's pussy and he continued
to go deeper and deeper, till he was fully engulf in her tight,
loving embrace. He was now fully seated once again in his own
sister's warm, wet and tight pussy.

 Kristy's eyes went from slightly closed to wide open when her
ears and her brain heard her own brother say, "With this cock, I
thee wed!"

 Kristy almost froze on the spot and then all of a sudden she
broke down, like the dam had burst and cried out, "OH GOD!!
YES!!!! Ohhhh Mike!!"

 Kristy shut her eyes and squeezed them shut as tight as
possible and then she lifted her legs and wrapped them around
his waist and squeezed him between her tight thighs.

 Her brain was completely over loaded by what Mike had just said
to her and at the same time she began to come like never before.
The feeling and sensations of her orgasm crashed upon and over
her and totally surrounded her in a heavy blanket of sexual
pleasure she had never ever felt before.

 Her whole body began to react by itself and she was only along
for the ride and duration. With her eyes closed she saw stars,
bright lights flashing and her ears could only hear a roar like
a rushing freight train or maybe a tornado. She was only aware
of her body and mind nothing else was registering.

 It felt like her body had a mind of its own and she felt her
pussy quiver and flex and relax and then flex and relax over and
over. It kind of scared her to the point, that she thought maybe
she was having a heart attack or stroke or something and she was
dying right then and there, as she was being fucked by her
brother. She then thought that if she was indeed dying she would
then let go and she would not fight it, because she had
experienced the most wonderful feeling she had ever experienced
and if this was to be her last time, she was truly thankful that
it was her brother she had next to her as she pasted on to the
unknown. Then all she saw was blackness and then she heard
nothing and the blackness surrounded her and covered her and
then there was nothing.

 In the  mean time, Mike could not hold back and as he felt her
pussy go wild around him and she squeezed him between her thighs
he let himself go and he began to shoot off into her pussy.

 He fired off at least seven or eight streamers of white hot,
bubbling, sticky, come into his beautiful sexy sister's pussy.
He strained as he shot off into her and he was feeling pain and
pleasure like never before, because Kristy was holding him and
squeezing him in a death grip and he could hardly breath and he
began to panic thinking she really might just squeeze him to

 Then all at once, Kristy relaxed and let him go from her death
grip and he began to catch his breath and he laid down on top of
her and relaxed and tried to collect himself after that orgasm
which was one like he had never ever experienced before. It was
more intense than anything he had ever done in the past or maybe
in the future to come. That was by far the best come and best
fuck of all time.

 He then looked down at Kristy and he noticed that she was
completely out of it and at first he was really scared that some
dreadful had happened to her.

 Mike pulled his still hard cock out of her pussy and jumped up
off of her and he immediately put his finger on the base of her
neck to check her pulse. He really began to panic when at first
he could not feel anything and he then placed his ear on her
chest to listen for a heart beat.

 His own heart was in his throat and for a split second he
thought that his one and only sister was indeed dead.

 He then heard her steady heart beat in her chest and he
immediately check to see if she was breathing properly and he
noticed she was breathing in very shallow, but regular breaths.

 He was now kneeling above her and he then started to lovingly
and gently pat the side of her face and cheek and said softly,
"Kristy!? Kristy!? OH GOD KRISTY!!! Please wake up!!!"

 Kristy began to slowly and surely responded and her eyes kind
of flickered a couple of time and then she had her eyes open and
she was looking up into his concerned face looking down upon her.

 She blinked her eyes a couple of times and then softly said,
"What happened?"

 Mike felt a whole lot better, now that his sister was back
among the living, so to speak and then replied, "I don't know!
Are you all right?"

 Kristy looked around and she saw that she was still in the
hotel room and they were still both naked and then she smiled up
at him and said, "WOW!!! I think, I passed out or something! I
mean, it was really wild!!! I remember coming and then
everything kind of went black on me and then I just wasn't here

 Mike still had a concerned look on his face and then said, "Oh
God Kristy!! Maybe I need to take you to the hospital or

 Kristy then sit up in bed and looked around and she smiled at
Mike and said, "No!!! I'm fine!! I just think I had the living
daylights fucked out me, that's all!!"

 Mike had a concerned look on his face and said, "Look Kristy,
you scared the living daylights out of me!! Are you really sure
you are OK?"

 Kristy then looked over at Mike and then she rolled her eyes up
in the top of her head and then said, "Ooohhhh!" She then fell
sideways into Mike's arms and Mike was now scared half to death
that something was really dreadfully wrong with his sister.

 Just then Kristy started to laugh and giggle as she then
straighten back up in a setting position on the bed. She then
looked over and saw that Mike's face was almost ashen white and
had a real look of concern on his face and then she said, "OH
MIKE!!! I'm sorry!! I'm really fine OK?"

 She then leaned over and hugged him and then started to tell
him that she was indeed fine and she had just simple passed out
from the sheer pleasure she felt as he fucked her to completion.

 It took Mike about fifteen minutes to calm down and accept the
fact, that nothing was truly wrong with his little sister and
then he began to lighten up about it and with in a half hour
they were both laughing over the whole situation.

 They were both still naked and they both decided to take a
shower together and they proceeded to go into the bathroom.

 Just then Kristy said, "OH SHIT!!!"

 Mike looked at Kristy and said, "What?"

 Kristy then said, "Look at the time!!! They are going to think
that something really did happened to us."

 Mike then smiled and said, "No problem! I'll take care of that

 Mike then walked back to the bedroom and Kristy looked from the
bathroom door as Mike picked up the phone and started to dial
his home phone number.

 Mike then looked up and over at Kristy standing part way in the
door to the bathroom and this time it was her turn to feel and
have that concerned look on her face instead of her brother's.

 Mike enjoyed her look of concern on her face and then Kim
answered the phone and Mike said, "Hi Honey!! It's me!! I just
wanted to call you guys and let you know that we are kind of
running late and well, Kristy wasn't and still isn't in the best
of shape and so I was hoping that if it is all right with you
and the kids, if we just stay over here tonight and that way, it
will give her and I a chance to talk things out, in private and
try to get her on a more even keel."

 He was looking directly at his little sister and this time
Kristy was the one who had the ashen white look on her face and
she was waving her arms and shaking her head no.

 Mike just smiled and listen to Kim on the other end.

 Kim then said, "So!!! I take it that you and your little sister
have got along better than to be expected?"

 Mike said, "Yea, We did!!"

 Kim then said, "So have you already fucked her or what?!!"

 Mike again replied, "Yea, We did!"

 Kim then asked, "So, was she as good as you remember?"

 Mike then replied, "Yea, and then some."

 Kim then said, "Is she there now? Listening to us talking?"

 Mike replied, "Yea!"

 Kim then asked, "Are both you already in a motel room?"

 Mike said, "Yea, I think we'll check into the airport Hilton,
if that is OK with you and then we'll drive on in tomorrow

 Kim then said, "OH, so are both of you naked now!?"

 Mike simply replied, "Yea!"

 Kim then said, "Did you already come in her pussy?"

 Mike once again replied, "Yea!"

 Kim then said, "OH GOD MIKE!!! I wish I could have been there
to see you two doing each other!! I would have loved to have
gone down on her and eat your hot, tasty, juicy, sticky, come
from her wet, swollen, little, pussy!!"

 Mike then said, "Yea, I miss you too Honey! Hey! I better go
and get checked in, before they fill up OK?"

 Kim took that as a sign that they had talked enough already and
then she said, "Well!! I'd just like to remind you that you have
two little pussies back home that are going to miss you and
while you are having fun with your sis, I guess we will just
have to find our own ways to please our little pussies here. I
guess Nick will not get to much sleep tonight!"

 Mike laughed and said, "OK!! That's sound like a lot of fun, so
I'll let you go and you all have fun tonight and we will all
meet you in the morning around 12 or so, because I think Kristy
wants to do a little shopping and the malls don't open till 10,
so we will catch you all later."

 Kim then said, "OK Mike!! I love you and I hope you two enjoy
your time together and just remember, I get dibs on her next,

 Mike said, "OK!! It's a deal!! I love you Kim!! Night Night!!"

 Mike then hung up the phone and looked over at Kristy and she
was just about to faint, right there on the spot.

 Mike then got up off the bed and walked over to her and then
put his arms around her and kissed his little sister once again
and said, "So, Where were we?" he pause for a second and then
said, "OH YEA!! We were both going to share a shower together!"

 Kristy had a shocked and surprised look on her face as she
witnessed Mike tell his own wife that they (Mike and his sister)
were going to stay over night in a hotel room on the disguise of
her being up set, over her up coming divorce.

 Mike then guided Kristy in the bathroom and they both got in
the shower and proceeded to enjoy the hot water rush over their
naked and exposed skin.

 Kristy was not about to bring up the subject of Mike lying to
his own wife about what was really happening between them. She
decided that Mike knew what he was doing and beside, like Mike
had said before, what's the difference, they did this when Mike
was first married to Kim anyway, so what is really the
difference now.

 They both took turns washing and scrubbing each others backs
and then they both turned around and faced each other and began
to wash each others fronts.

 Mike then said, "WOW!! It has been a really long time since we
have enjoyed a shower like this, hasn't it?"

 Kristy laughed and then said, "Yea!! It has. Do you remember
the first time we ever shared a shower together?"

 Mike looked into Kristy's eyes and smiled, "Yes MY LOVE!! I
could never forget that day!"

 Kristy laughed and said, "Well!! I will never forget that day
ether, because if you remember, that was the very first time I
went down on you and you shot off into my mouth without warning
me and I almost choked to death on your come!"

 Mike laughed and said, "Yea!! I'll never forget the surprised
look on your face, as I started to shoot off!!! I mean that was
totally priceless!!"

 Kristy laughed too and then jab her old brother playfully in
the ribs and stomach and said, "Listen Buster!!! You were dam
lucky, I didn't thrown up on you right then and there!!"

 Mike was now laughing so hard he almost slipped on the shower
tub and he leaned up against his lovable sister for support and
hugged her and said, "Kristy!! I told you then, that I was
really sorry and I'm saying it again, I'm sorry, but I tried to
warn you what was about to happen, but all I could do at the
moment was just groan and moan and enjoy what you were doing to
me and then all at once I was past the point of no return and
well, by then it was just to late. Besides Kristy I still want
to thank you for not biting my little cock off then too!"

 Kristy was laughing too, at memory of the first time she had
ever when down on him and he shoot off into mouth. She then
said, "Just remember big brother, I still have a full set of
teeth and like you always say, Paybacks are a bitch and you
never know when someone is going to come calling, to collect!!"

 Kristy made her point by baring her teeth and snapping them
open and closed right in front of him.

 They were now both laughing and having a fun time in reliving
their fond memories of the times they did each other and how
they both learned about sex together as only a loving brother
and sister could.

 After they had both soaped each other up and then rinsed off
they began to feel and touch each other in a more loving and
tender way, as to excite each other sexually and they both knew
that they would mate with one another in the shower to
completion like they had done before, when they were younger.

 Kristy turned around and faced the shower wall and bent over,
once she had got her own brother hard once again. She
automatically spread her legs apart as far as the shower tub
would let her and presented her small, lovely, little, ass to
her brother in a open invitation to take her from behind in the
shower, just like old times.

 Mike was not about to pass up this little present or ass, so to
speak. He moved into position behind her and started to guide
his erection towards her and he bent his cock downward slightly
as he got closer to the target of his desire. He came in contact
with her small delicate hand, which she had between her legs and
he then handed his cock off to his little sister and let her
guide him the rest of the way into her pussy from behind.

 He then reached up with both hands and grabbed a hold of her
small breasts, which were now hanging down towards the
tub/shower floor and he once again enjoyed the feel of her
small, firm, breasts in the palms of his hands.

 Once Kristy got his cock lined up and seated at the very
entrance to her pussy, Mike slowly entered her from behind. He
gave out a moan, as he felt his cock penetrate his adorable
little sister's sweet juicy cunt once again.

 Kristy then moved her hand that guided his cock into her pussy
and she place her hand on top of her pussy mound, so that she
could touch and feel and play with her clit and pussy lips, as
her brother began to stroke his long, thin, hard, cock in and
out of pussy in a slow rhythm. He slowly and surely began to
pick up the speed and depth of his thrusts into her pussy.

 Mike changed his rhythm and depths ever so often and he also
moved his hips in a circle both up and down and from side to
side, so that his cock was going in and out of her pussy from
all different angels and speeds.

 He enjoyed doing this because when he broke up the rhythm like
that, he seemed to last longer and it also caused Kristy to loss
her rhythm and her chance to build up to a orgasm. In a way,
they both enjoy it, because they were able to delay their
orgasms for as long as possible and they could just relax and
enjoy the sensations of just plain fucking longer this way.

 Kristy began to moan and say, "OH YEA!!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME BIG

 Mike got into the act of taking dirty to his little sister once
again. In fact, they both learned from each other about taking
dirty and how it made things better for both of them when they
fuck each other and other partners also.

 He remembered showing Kristy a book that had stories in it and
a lot of the stories had a dialog of girls and guys talking
dirty to each other. They began to read to each other lines from
different stories as they were playing and masturbating each

 In fact, they both learned at a very early age, how exciting it
was to let each other read out loud a story from beginning to
end as the other one listened and then play with the one reading
the story and before long they began to talk to each other in
the same way using the dialog they had read and heard before, as
they were fucking each other and they found it was a lot of fun
using dirty words to excite each other and they found that they
had longer and stronger orgasms when they did this to each other.

 Mike was now building up his speed and depths of his thrusts
into his bent over sister and he began to talk back to her by
saying, "OH FUCK KRISTY!!! Your pussy feels so good, wrapped
around my cock!! OH YEA!!! Squeeze me Kristy! Oh yea, you feel
so good!!"

 Kristy replied, "Fuck me big brother!! Let me feel you ram your
long, stiff, cock all the way in my pussy!! OH YEA!! Keep going
baby!! Make me come!!! Ooohhh!!!  OooooooHhhhhh!!!!"

 Mike was now ramming and thrusting his long, thin, hard, cock
into his little sister's pussy in long deep thrusts and each
time he rammed it into her, her small, firm, little, ass cheeks
bounded and giggled as his hips meet her ass.

 They were both reaching the point of no return and then Mike
gave one last deep thrust and held his cock in as deeply as
possible, inside her clasping pussy. He then began to shoot off
into her pussy. He fired about five solid ropes of brotherly
come deeply and directly up inside her hot, juicy, cunt.

 Kristy could feel his cock swell up inside of her and then she
felt each burst of hot, thick, rich, potent, sperm shooting off
inside her and this caused Kristy to begin her orgasm, as she
felt her brother once again depositing his precious gift of come
into her pussy.

 Kristy was still leaning up against the shower stall wall with
one hand and her other hand was strumming her clit as she rode
her orgasm to completion.

 Mike on the other hand was bent over his sister and her was
holding onto her breasts in the palm of his hands, as he was
firing off his load of hot come into his sister's quivering

 They were both panting like dogs in heat, because they were
once again enjoying the sinful fruits of their forbidden lust of
mating with their own brother and sister. Both of them seemed to
really enjoy and get off on the very act of incestuous mating.

 After a short breather, they both began to come down off of
their fuck induced high. They slowly and almost regrettably
pulled apart from each other. They turned around and faced each
other. They both shared that same, just fucked look on their
faces. To them, it was if they had never stopped fucking each
other, even with their 10 year separation, they moved together
as a couple of lovers who had been together for many years.

 They both hugged and kissed, touched and felt each other up
after their most recent incestuous mating session. Mike felt
Kristy between her legs and noticed right off the bat, that she
was really wet and sticky from their last encounter. Her pussy
was still gapping open and with her standing up, most of the
come he had shot off inside her, was now running down her bare

 Mike then said as he was feeling her pussy up, "God Kristy!!
You are a mess down here!"

 Kristy laughed and hugged her older brother up close to her and
she then replied, "Well, It's not my fault!! You shoot off so
much come into me, that it is leaking all back out!!"

 She paused for a second and then said, "If you would of fucked
your little sister properly and had me laying down with my pussy
elevated up, I wouldn't be loosing all of your precious and
tasty come!"

 Kristy made her point by reaching down between her legs and she
coated her hand with their combined wetness and then brought her
hand up to her mouth and began to lick their combined juices off
her fingers. She then offered her hand to Mike, so that he could
taste their juices also.

 They both shared in the mixed flavors of their combined come
and this was something special between them that they liked to
do. They were more than just brother and sister or even
incestuous lovers, in a way they were solemates, who just
happened to be related to each other.

 They let go of themselves together and washed and soaped each
other up and then rinsed off. Then they both got out of the
shower together were they each had a big fluffy towel and they
began to dry each other off, in a loving and slow manner.

 They both took turns as they went down on each other and licked
and sucked each other and then finished drying each other off
before they made their way back to the bedroom. Were they both
laid down and cuddled for a while and just enjoyed being next to
each other after they had a wonderful time mating with each
other just a short time ago.

 This was the first time in over ten (10) years that they had
been completely alone together without having to worry about
distractions or possible interruptions.

 Kristy was laying next her brother and she had one arm draped
over his chest and lower abdomen. Every once in a while, she
would move her hand down and cup his cock and balls in the palm
of her hand.

 They both laid next to each other and Mike was now laying on
his side looking over at his completely nude and beautiful,
little, sister.

 It was then that they truly began to talk to one another and
Mike was beginning to find out why Kristy was getting a divorce.

 It all boiled down to the fact that both of them had let the
flame go out and Tim (Kristy's Husband) was just not interested
in doing Kristy any more. He was beginning to have more fun
running out and around with the guys all the time.

 After a while they just kind of went to sleep together and they
did not wake up till almost 8 p.m. It was then that they both
got up and got dressed and went down to the hotels restaurant
were they enjoyed a nice evening meal together.

 Afterwards they both went down the hall to the lounge on the
top floor and had a few drinks and watched the planes take off
and land, since the airport Hilton was right next to the
airport. The lounge had windows looking out over the runways and
the airport, they even had headphones you could put on and
listen to the control tower talk to the pilots as they were
taking off and landing.

 They were sitting in a dark corner booth and they began to talk
about old times together and some of the wild times they had
shared together and apart. There was not anyone sitting really
close to them, so they were able to freely talk to each other in
this public setting.

 Mike asked Kristy what her most memorable time was as far as
them together, as lovers.

 Kristy looked deep into Mikes eyes and said, "This afternoon!!!
I had never felt like that before, I have never, ever, passed
out when I was having an orgasm!"

 Mike laughed and said, "Yea!! Well, I never had anyone do that
to me ether! In fact, you about scared the living shit out of
me, you know!"

 Kristy was laughing and said, "Well, I wish I could have seen
your face, but as you know, I was pretty well out of it, if you
know what I mean."

 Mike then said, "OK! So how about another time with the
exception of today then?"

 Kristy was still looking at Mike and then she looked down at
her drink for a second or two and then looked back up into her
older brother's loving eyes and then said, "I would have to say,
the time mom and dad went on vacation for a week and left us
home alone, that first time."

 She paused for a second and then said, "Remember?! I just
turned 16 and you were what? 19?"

 Mike smiled and replied, "Yea!!! I still remember that week
just like it happened yesterday!! In fact!!! I still have those
pictures and I still get them out and look at us and what all we
did to each other that week."

 Mike had a dreamy look come over his face as though he was
thinking back to the week they shared together with great
pleasure and fondness.

 It was now Kristy's turn to have a look of true concern on her
face and then she replied, "OH MY GOD!!! You still have them!!??"

 She paused for a second and then said, "My God!!! What if
someone should find them, like Kim or your kids ....... Nick or

 Mike smiled and said, "Don't worry!! They are in a very safe

 Kristy then said, "You mean you have all of those pictures and
slides still?"

 Mike smiled and said, "Yea, I have every picture and slide, I
ever took of you and us together. Even the ones you took."

 Kristy shook her head in total disbelief and then replied, "GOD
MIKE!! If anyone should ever find them!!! I mean ........."

 Mike then reached over and took hold of one of her hands on the
table and then said in a reassuring tone, "Kristy, Don't worry
OK? They are completely safe. Besides, I could never find the
strength or courage to destroy them .......... I mean ........
they mean too much to me! They are kind of like living proof of
the times and love we shared together, in which only you and I
could ever understand or appreciate."

 Mike looked at Kristy and smiled and then said, "Hey!! If you
want, I could show them to you some time and then maybe you
won't feel so bad about them or the things we have shared

 Kristy's eyes kind of got wide and she was silent for a few
seconds like she was thinking back at all of those times that
Mike had taken photographs of her and them together. From the
time she was only 13 years old, all the way up till she was 19
years old.

 She then replied, "I'm not ashamed at what we did or anything
like that, it's just that, It is really dangerous to have
evidence like that around. If Kim ever found those pictures
........... You would probably be in divorce court quicker than

 Mike smiled and said, "Oh I don't know. Kim is pretty open
minded about sex and things like that. Hell!! She would probably
be pissed off at first, but I don't think she would divorce me,
I mean, I know her pretty well and I just don't think she would
come unglued over something like that."

 Kristy shook her head and then said, "Well, I don't know!!"

 Mike then changed the subject and then said, "So Kristy? If you
had the chance, what is your wildest fantasy? Who else in the
family, such as cousins, aunts, uncles etc. would you like to
have done?"

 Kristy was kind of shocked at having such a question concerning
incest with another relative.

 Kristy's eyes got big and wide and then she kind of settled
down and was silent for a few seconds and then said, "WOW!! I
don't know right off hand."

 Mike smiled and said, "Come on Kristy!! You can't fool me with
an answer like that, I know you better that !"

 Kristy had a smile on her face and said, "OH? What do you mean
by that?"

 Mike replied, "I know of a couple of times you mentioned our
cousin Bill and how great he looked and I know you were thinking
to yourself what it might be like to do him too!"

 Kristy laughed and said, "Well, If I remember right too, Nosy
Big Brother!! Your tongue was practically hanging out looking at
Cousin Helen, so there!!"

 Mike laughed and said, "Yea, At least I will admit that I would
have liked to have tried out Helen a few times back then too. In
fact, I wouldn't mind trying her out now."

 Kristy laughed and they both knew about each other secrete
incest desires of doing their own cousins back then.

 Mike then looked into Kristy's eyes and then said, "Kristy?
Have you ever thought about doing it with dad?"

 Kristy's eyes got big and she was totally silent and she looked
down at her drink for a few seconds and then she raised her head
and looked at Mike and then she said, "Well, I have thought
about that, but ..........."

 Mike was silent for a few seconds and then said, "But what?
Does the idea of you and dad together bother you and up set you?"

 Kristy was silent for a few seconds and then said, "Well, maybe
I should ask you if you ever thought about doing mom?"

 Mike smiled and said, "Yea, I often wondered what it would have
been like to do mom, I mean, you and I did each other and I have
read stories where the entire family does each other and .......
I don't know, I mean ........... Well, I have often wondered
what it might have been like that to have been raised in a
family where something like that takes place. I mean that is
pretty wild, don't you think?"

 Mike paused and then said, "So does that idea turn you off or

 Kristy was again silent for a few seconds and then said, "So,
You wouldn't have be jealous if I would have done dad then?"

 Mike paused for a few seconds and then said, "No!! Why?"

 Mike paused and then said, "So, Would have been jealous if I
would have done mom?"

 Kristy paused and then said, "Well, In a way, I think I might
have felt something other than jealousy. I mean, back then I was
a little girl and mom has always had bigger tits than me and a
better figure too."

 Mike smiled at Kristy and said, "Kristy!!! If you haven't
noticed, I married Kim for the simple fact, that she had small
tits and in a way she reminds me of you in a way. I mean, I love
her and that, but ....... I'm sorry Kristy, but I love small
tits and you are the direct cause of that OK?"

 Kristy smiled and then said, "Really!?"

 Mike then replied and said, "Yes, In fact, every girl I dated,
I compared her to you, If you know what I mean and they always
came up short. Kim was the one who really came close."

 He paused for a few seconds and then he leaned forward, so that
he was closer to his little sister and then said in a soft lower
tone, "Kristy, If you weren't my sister, I would have married
you! In fact, if there was some place on this earth were incest
was legal, then I would take you there and marry you on the spot

 Kristy had a shocked and pleasured look in her eyes when her
older brother told her that and she replied by saying, "MIKE!!
Your kidding!"

 Mike replied, "NO Kristy, I'm not kidding! In fact, I thinks
it's time we go back to our room." Mike then smiled.

 Kristy smiled and she followed her older brother's lead and
they went down the hall on the top floor to their room.

 Once inside, they both embraced each other and they began to
strip each others clothes off.

 They were both completely nude and they both got up on the bed
together. They laid down side by side facing each other and then
leaned forward and shared in another brotherly and sisterly
incestuous french kiss.

 Mike began to run his hand up and down the side of Kristy's
body which was up, since they were laying on their sides. He
traveled all the way down as far as his hand could go and then
back up to her shoulder.

 He then said, "So Kristy?, you never really answered my

 Kristy then said, "What question?"

 Mike smiled and then said, "Have you ever thought about doing

 Kristy's eyes got wide once again and she was silent.

 Mike then said, "Well, You said just a little while ago that
you had thought about dad, but you didn't finish."

 Mike noticed that Kristy had a different look on her face and
he couldn't quit put his finger on it just yet.

 Kristy then replied, "Well, I had thought about dad and I also
taught that maybe you would have got jealous about it, so I just
left it at that."

 Kristy then changed the subject and she asked Mike, "So, Who
else would you have liked to have done or do today in our family
tree, so to speak?" Kristy laughed at that last comment she made.

 Mike also laughed at her comment about fucking other relatives
by referring to their family tree and incest.

 Mike then got a serious look on his face and looked into
Kristy's eyes and said, "Well, I don't know. I mean .........
Well, You already know that I would have liked to try out cousin
Helen both then and now and you also know that I wouldn't have
minded if I could have had a shot at mom too. I mean, back then
and hell if you really want to know, I think, I might even like
to see what she is like now, today."

 Kristy looked at her older brother and smiled and she began to
play with his hairy chest with her free hand.

 Kristy then said, "Really? You'd do mom today?"

 Mike looked at his little sister and said, "Yea!! I hope that
doesn't make you mad or jealous or anything like that."

 Kristy then said, "No. It doesn't bother me, it's just that I
find it kind of wild that you would still want to do her today,
that's all."

 Mike replied to Kristy and said, "Why not!? She is still pretty
good both in looks and in shape. Hell, I know some people who
aren't that well put together at our age, let alone at mom and
dad's age. Besides, mom is only what 55 now? Hell!! you should
have seen the playboy pictorial on women over 50!!! Hell most of
them I would trying out if you now what I mean!!!"

 Kristy laughed and said, "You guys are all the same!!! You see
a naked girl or woman and the next you know, you guys want to
fuck them silly!!!"

 Mike laughed at Kristy's comment and said, "Well, I can't help
that. I mean, I'm only human and besides, I don't go around
fucking every girl or woman I see. Hell, I never once cheated on
Kim other than you and as far as I'm concerned that doesn't
count, because you are different."

 Kristy looked at her brother and then cocked her head slightly
and then said, "What do you mean by that?"

 Mike then said, "Well, I guess I mean that you are my sister
and as far as I'm concurred that doesn't count, because you are
family and also, because you mean too much to me."

 He paused for a few seconds and then continued and said.

 "Kristy the reason you mean so much to me, is because you
helped me through some pretty rough times and I knew that I
could always count on you and trust you with my very life and I
in return would have and will today do anything possible for you
in any way. Kristy!! I would give my life for you to protect you
from any harm what so ever."

 Kristy moaned out and said, "Oooohhhh Mike!!" She then leaned
into him and hugged him with her free arm.

 Mike then said, "Really Kristy!! I mean that! You are so very
special to me because you were the very first girl I ever kissed
both the regular way and also french. You were the first girl I
ever got to see naked and you were the first girl I ever felt up
in a sexual way. Hell Kristy!!! Your pussy was the first pussy I
ever tasted and you took my virginity and that is something I
would never ever change for all the money or riches in the

 Kristy was almost in tears as she heard from her own brother
how special he really thought of her and the love he felt for

 She began to plant small little kisses all over his face and
neck and chest.

 She then looked back up at him and said, "Well, If you are
going to make a confession like that then I will too, OK?"

 Kristy didn't even let Mike answer her question and then she
said, "Mike!! My dear, lovable, sweet, older, brother. I don't
know of anyone else I would rather have had to show me and teach
me the way of love and sex. I feel the same way, if not more
about us together. I for one, thank you for teaching me and
showing me all there was to know and enjoy about sex. I took
your virginity and you also took my virginity. I mean, You were
also my first in many ways too. The only sad part is that the
love we shared and share today is considered wrong and sinful by
most people around the world. Sometimes, I just wish we weren't
brother and sister in that regards, because we have to hide
everything from everyone and we have to sneak around like two
people having an affair with someone."

 Mike comforted his little sister and said, "Yea!! I know what
you mean by that."

 Mike then said, "Kristy? You know that I have always been
truthful and I say what ever is on my mind and things like that,
but what I'm about to say will probably shock you and I don't
know, but you might even hate me for saying this, but it is
something you should know."

 Kristy pulled back from her brother and said, "Why? What is it?"

 Mike paused for a few seconds to collect his thoughts and then
said, "Well, It has to do with incest. About wanting do someone
in our family tree, so to speak."

 Kristy smiled and said, "OH THAT!!! I won't get mad at you over
that. Why, who else do you want to do in the family?"

 Mike paused and then said, "Kristy, I would like to do you
......... and .........."

 Kristy smiled and laughed and said, "OHhhhh!!! You want to do a
threesome with me and Helen is that it?"

 Mike smiled and then said, "Well, Would something like that
bother you? I mean, you and another girl, Well you know!"

 Kristy laughed and said, "No, it doesn't bother me at all. It's
just that I have not really had that much experience with girls,
you know?"

 Mike smiled and then said, "Well, I mean, .......... Well I
would like to have you at the same time with someone, but it is
not Helen."

 Kristy smiled and then said, "Well? Who then?"

 Mike looked directly into Kristy's eyes and he paused then he
said, "Kristy I would like to do you and ........... Kristy I

 Kristy then placed her hand on his chest and said, "Mike don't
worry!! I won't get mad at you. So who do you want to do at the
same time with me?"

 Mike continued to look into Kristy's eyes and then he said,
"Beth!! I want to do Beth and you together."

 Kristy's eyes got really wide and she was indeed shocked at
what Mike had said. She had been going through her mind of all
the female relatives and who he might choose to do it with her
present and she even toyed with the idea that he would have said
mom's name, but she never once thought about her own young 10
year old daughter as even being included in on the list of
possible relatives.

 Mike then looked down at the bed and then said in a low
sorrowful tone, "I'm sorry Kristy if I have up set you. I just

 Kristy then said, "Mike that is OK! I understand. Really I do."

 Mike then looked up at Kristy and she had a smile on her face
and he knew that she was forcing the smile on her face in a way
to make him feel better after what he just confessed to.

 Kristy then said, "I understand completely. You have had me,
your sister and you would like to have my own daughter, your
niece. There is nothing to be ashamed at admitting that."

 Kristy then went and continued by saying.

 "Well, maybe someday we can get together and you can have both
of us at the same time."

 Kristy was also thinking in her mind during this conversation
and it was running a thousand miles an hour and she was
wondering if she could ever get enough strength and courage to
tell Mike and confess to him her deep dark secrete.

 Mike looked up at Kristy and leaned forward and kissed her on
the lips and said, "Kristy thank you for not being mad, but I
mean ......"

 Kristy's heart was still beating wildly in her chest and said,
"But what?"

 Mike then said, "Kristy, I would like to be the first with
Beth. You know?"

 Kristy thought about what Mike had just said, He wanted to take
Beth's virginity.

 Kristy then said, "Ooohhhh! OK, I know what you mean."

 She paused and thought about what Mike had just said and then
once her thoughts were collected she then asked Mike the most
important question of all.

 Kristy asked, "So, I guess I should ask, How old is that? I
mean, When were you wanting to do her? I mean ......"

 Mike looked directly into her eyes and then said, "Kristy?
Forgive me! I would like to do her now! At the age of 10!"

 Kristy could not control her response and mind was running over
time and she let out a whoosh of air from her lungs at the same
time saying, "MY GOD MIKE!!! AT 10!!??"

 Mike had a very hurt and pained look on his face after he made
that last comment and confession to his own sister and then he
said in a sorrowful and low tone, "OH GOD!!! I'm Sorry Kristy!!!"

 Mike immediately turned over on his other side facing away from
her and he began to think that maybe he had gone too far and too
fast by admitting he wanted to fuck Kristy's daughter at the
tender age of 10. He also began to wonder if maybe, this was the
straw that broke the camels back, so to speak and that Kristy
might call off their incestuous relationship, because he wanted
to fuck a 10 year old girl, who just so happens to be his own
sister's daughter.

 Kristy was silent with that shocking revelation and confession
from her own brother. She was also thinking of something else
that was now imbedded in her mind, it was the deepest darkest
secrete she had ever had. It pained her to know that her own
brother had always been truthful and honest with her and he had
never kept any secretes from her. Now this secrete was now
slowly tearing her apart, because Mike had a right to know this
secrete more than anyone else, because he had always been there
for her.

 She then moved her nude warm body up against his back side and
draped her free arm up and over his side and placed her hand
loving and gently on his chest and then gave him a sisterly hug.
At the same time she raised up on her elbow and she leaned down
and kissed the side of his face and whispered into his ear and
said, "OH MY LOVE!!! I'm not mad at you or upset. It `s just
that you surprised me by saying you wanted her now at the age of

 Kristy then slowly began to rub his chest in a loving manner
and she once again leaned down and kissed him, this time on the
ear and the said in a soothing tone and voice, "Mike, Really!!
It is OK! Honestly, I understand! Really I do! There is nothing
to be sorry for or ashamed of."

 Kristy collected her thoughts some more and decide that since
Mike had confessed his deepest and darkest fantasy to her that
she should also come forward and make a confession that might
change both of their lives forever more.

 She then said, "Mike Honey? Please turn over here and look at
me please!?"

 Mike was still for a second or two and then he turned over and
was once again facing his sweet adorable sexy little sister.

 Kristy was taken back when she noticed that he had tears in the
corner of his eyes and he was indeed feeling very bad for what
he had said and admitted to her.

 She leaned over and slowly and softly kissed each of his eyes
and she could, in fact, taste the salty flavor of his tears.

 Mike had closed his eyes as he saw his sister move her lips
closer to his eyes and he immediately began to feel better, just
from the simple act of Kristy kissing his tears away. He
silently thanked god for allowing him to have such a wonderful
and caring sister, that she could allow him to admit that he
wanted her daughter and yet she was not really angry or upset
with him about admitting that he also wanted her daughter, now
at the tender age of 10.

 Once Kristy had kissed her brother's tears away she backed off
and laid her head down and waited for him to open his eyes.

 Mike slowly opened his eyes and when Kristy saw his eyes open
she smiled at him and then reached over and rubbed his chest in
a show of affection.

 Kristy then said, "Mike, I'm not mad or upset with you by what
you have just confessed to me in any way, shape or form."

 She paused for a few seconds and then continued by saying.

 "I have never refused you in any way or any request you have
made concerning us together as both brother and sister and as

 She once again paused to collect her thoughts and continued.

 "I'm not even upset with you about admitting you want to fuck
my daughter Beth!"

 Once again there was a pause of silent and Mike eyes shot open
when Kristy said the word fuck and also included her daughter's
name in on the end.

 Kristy smiled at Mike and then she slid her hand down and found
Mike's cock which was now limp and soft and she lovingly and
gently held him in her hand and said.

 "Oh my lovable sweet brother! I knew from the very moment that
I had Beth and they announced to me that it was a healthy baby
girl and they held her up, so that I could look at her for the
very first time, I was also thinking that you would probably
think about doing her when she got old enough, for the simple
face that you had me sexually, her mom!"

 Kristy once again paused to collect her thoughts and she was
also still holding her brother's cock in the palm of her hand
and it was being to grow.

 She then said, "Mike, I have thought an awful about the day
that Beth would be taught and shown what the true meaning of
love and sex is and wondered who she would surrender her
virginity to. I have often thought that it was a toss up between
you and her father."

 Mike's eyes got even bigger and wider and he almost bolted up
off the bed and he was now propped up on his elbow and Kristy
also followed suite and lifted herself also up on her elbow.

 Mike was almost speechless at what Kristy had just said about
who should take Beth's virginity, him or Beth's own father. That
really shocked the living shit right out of him and he then
collected his thoughts for a second and then said, "But, ......
But, ........ Kristy? Why are you divorcing Tim then? You just
said, "Beth should loose her virginity to her own father or me?"

 Kristy then decided it was time to drop the bomb and make her
own confession to her own lovable brother and incestuous lover.

 Kristy put on a half smile and said, "Because, Tim is not
Beth's real father!"

 Mike was totally shocked to say the least at what Kristy had
just confessed to him and then he almost blurted out, "Holly
Shit!! Kristy!!!"

 He paused for a moment before Kristy could even reply and said,
"Jesus!!! So who is the father? or do you not want to tell me?"

 Kristy now had a pained look in her eyes and then said,
"Mike!!! OH GOD MIKE!!! I've wanted to tell you this for so
long, but I could never find the strength or courage to tell you
and since you have always been open and honest with me. I have
felt so bad for so long about this whole thing. I think that is
the main reason behind Tim and I getting a divorce."

 Mike truly felt sorry for his little sister and she immediately
began to openly cry out in pain and sorrow. He immediately laid
down on his back and lifted his little crying sister so that she
was resting her head on his chest and he was able to use both of
his hands to hug her and comfort her in her time of need.

 He was also thinking that this must have really put a lot of
undo pressure and stress on her having someone else's baby.

 Mike allowed her to cry for a short time, all the while he was
rubbing her back and running one of his hands up to the back of
her head as her face was buried in his chest. He could feel the
warm, wet, tears from his little sister drop down onto his chest
and his heart really went out to her. He tried the best he could
to comfort her in her time of need.

 Mike then began to gently and softly speak to her and tell her
it was all right and everything would work out and she didn't
need to worry about a thing because her brother was here and he
would stand beside her through thick and thin no matter what.

 That caused Kristy to cry even louder and harder and Mike was
feeling bad and decided to stay quite till she cried herself out.

 All during that time Mike was wondering who the real father was.

 Kristy slowly cried herself out and then she slowly lifted her
head up and her eyes were red from all of the crying and Mike
saw that she was collecting herself and so he said, "Kristy?
Does Tim know that he is not the father?"

 Kristy looked down at Mike and she shook her head no and then
said, "No. If he did, we would have been divorced a long time

 Mike then said, "You said, You thought that Beth should loose
her virginity to either me or her real father, Right?"

 Mike then said, "So, does that mean he also knows about incest?
I mean, does he know that you would like for him to do his own

 Kristy once again shook her head but this time she shook her
head yes and then said, "Yes, he knows!"

 Mike was shocked at Kristy's answer and then said, "Does he
know about you and me? I mean, ......"

 Kristy was shaking her head yes and once again she said, "Yes,
He knows."

 Mike was having a hard time believing this totally out of the
blue confession from his own sister and how she had come in
contact with another person who was also into incest and in a
way, it kind of intrigued him and even turned him on.

 Mike then said, "So, has he also committed incest also?"

 Kristy was still shaking her head yes and then also answered by
saying, "Yes!! He is also involved in incest."

 Mike could not contain himself and then said, "Holly Shit!!!"

 Then Mike was silent for a few seconds and then he said, "Does
he know that he is the father of Beth?"

 Kristy was trying to dry her eyes with the back and palm of her
hands and she said, "Yes he knows."

 Mike really felt bad about asking Kristy all of these question
like he was interrogating her or something, but he had to find
out as much as possible about this person, who had knocked up
his lovely sister.

 Mike then asked Kristy, "Kristy, Does he know that you would
like for him to take Beth's virginity?"

 Kristy then shook her head and said, "No, not yet."

 Mike then asked her, "Do you think he would if you asked him?"

 Kristy looked at Mike and said, "I don't know."

 Mike then asked, "How old do you think Beth should be when she
is taken by her real father or me?"

 Kristy paused for a while and then said, "I don't know. I
thought she should be around the same age as I was. Like maybe
13, but since you  said you wanted to do her now at 10, Well, I
just don't know now."

 Mike then said, "Kristy? Do you want to tell me who the real
father is then?"

 Kristy then broke down once again laid her head back down and
started to cry all over again and then she said through her
crying sobs, "OH GOD MIKE!!!! I'm so sorry!!! I should have
never of kept Beth!! I should have had an abortion, when I first
found out that I was pregnant!!!" Kristy really started to cry
uncontrollably now.

 Mike could do nothing else but hold his poor, sweet, little,
crying, sister in his arms and let her continue to cry on his
bare chest.

 Mike then said, "OH KRISTY!!! You don't mean that! About having
an abortion!!! Beth is a wonderful child. She is so beautiful
and she looks just like you. I'm really glad you didn't get an
abortion. Look Kristy!!! Just because someone else other than
your husband got you pregnant does not mean the world is coming
to and end. OK? Hell!!! You and I both know that there is a lot
of kids born everyday and it is not from both parents or husband
and Wife. OK?"

 Kristy was still crying and she said between sobs and then
raised her tear filled red eyes and looked at him and said, "But
Mike!!! You don't know everything about this!!! It is so bad!!!"
She then put her head back down on his chest and cried even hard
and louder.

 Mike then said, "Well Kristy!!! What can be so bad? Holly

 Kristy then raised her head back up once again to look at her
brother and then said, "OH MIKE!!! But it is!!!"

 Mike then said, "Kristy what can be so bad?"

 Kristy then took a deep breath and then said, "Because the
father of Beth is ........."

 Mike shook his head slightly and repeated her answer as a
question and said, "Kristy!! The father of Beth is?"

 Kristy then took another deep breath and looked at Mike and
then said, "The father of Beth is ......DADDY!!!!!"

 Just then Kristy collapsed in a heap on Mike's chest.

 She had just made the biggest confession in her entire life to
her own brother. She once and for all let out her deepest and
darkest secrete for own brother to see for himself. She dearly
loved Mike her own brother more than life itself and confessed
to him that Beth's real father was in fact their own father!!

 Mike was shocked beyond belief and he could never in a million
years believe or even comprehend what she had just confessed to
him. When his ears and brain finally took it in and heard from
her own lips that their own father was, in fact, the father of
Beth, it still did not register with him and then it hit him
like a ton of bricks.

 His own dad had fucked his sister!!! Her own dad had fucked
her!! Their own dad had fucked her!!! She fucked her own dad!!!!
His own father had fucked his own daughter!!!

 Mike was totally dead silent as all sorts of things went
through his mind at a break neck speed. He even felt his heart
stop and miss a few beats, because the shock was so great at
hearing this from his own sister, that she had actual fucked
their own dad!!!!

 That revelation was bizarre enough, to try to comprehend the
fact that Kristy and their dad had sex together, but then to be
hit with the fact, that his little sister got pregnant by their
own dad was even a bigger shock to his system.

 Mike was staring up at the ceiling and yet he didn't even see
it. In his minds eye's he was conjuring up images of Kristy
spread out on a bed and saw with his eyes his own dad guiding
his cock towards and then into Kristy's pussy. He saw them do
everything. He even saw his own dad come inside Kristy's pussy
during the time she was most fertile and also witnessed his
dad's sperm join with Kristy's egg in her womb and saw Beth
being created at that very moment.

 But still, it was as if this whole night was nothing more that
a dream and combination nightmare and that in just a few minutes
he would actually wake up and none of this happened. However,
that was not to be. This was clearly the present and he was not
dreaming in any way, shape or form.

 Mike then felt his body and came back to the real present and
he once again comforted his crying sister in his arms and he
then began to speak softly and began whispering comforting words
into her ear.

 Kristy had just finished crying and now she was just sobbing
and she started to try to clear her running nose.

 Mike gently lifted her head up and he scooted out from under
her and lovingly laid her head back down on the bed by herself.
He got up off the bed and he went over to were he had dropped
his pants and withdrew his handkerchief. He then walked over to
the bathroom and got a wash cloth and wetted it down in warm
water. He also got a spare dry washcloth, but before he left the
bathroom, he got a cold glass of water. He then walked back over
to the bed beside her and he placed all of that stuff on the
night stand beside the bed. Mike then reached down and gently
lifted his little sister up, so that she was sitting up right on
the bed and made her scoot over into the middle of the bed.

 Mike got on the bed and it was then that he looked down and
noticed that Kristy was sitting cross legged, Indian style, and
he had a clear view of her pussy. The very same pussy he had
grown up loving and admiring and to think. That very same pussy
had been used not only by him, but his own father had experience
the joys, thrills and pleasures of that very same pussy.

 It was also the very same pussy that had accepted their
father's come and it had, in fact, created a brand new little
life. An incestuous little life, that had the name of Beth.
Beth!!! The one and same little girl named Beth, that Mike was
wanting fuck himself.

 Mike came back to the present and then turned slightly and
reached over and picked up the handkerchief and gave it to

 Kristy accepted his handkerchief and without looking up at her
brother, she blow her nose and couple of times and then wiped
her nose completely, she then tried drying her red, wet, eyes.

 Mike already had the warm, wet, washcloth in his own hand and
with his other hand he gently lifted his little sister's head
up, so that she was looking at him.

 Mike said, "Here" and began to wipe her tears away with the
washcloth and Kristy surrendered to her brother's loving care
and allowed him to wipe her eyes and then the rest of her face.

 Kristy closed her eyes and let her brother clean her up. She
began to feel better. She felt the warm, wet, washcloth on her
face and she began to relax. She felt as if a ton of bricks had
been lifted off her chest.

 Kristy was deep in her own thoughts, as her brother took care
of her and she felt so warm and loved. She was scared that Mike
would had picked up his clothes and walked out the door, never
to return. It was also the loving care and thoughtfulness of
getting her a handkerchief, so that she could blow her nose that
she felt that Mike didn't feel too bad or upset with her and her
confession as to who Beth's real father was.

 Kristy knew that she was indeed in love with her own brother
more than with anyone else and that he must have felt something
for her, because he was more than thoughtful when he brought
back a warm, wet, washcloth so that he could clean her up
himself. That was more than anyone had ever done for her. Even
her soon to be ex-husband was not that thoughtful, only her
dear, sweet, loving and caring, older, brother would have
thought to do something like this, to her and for her.

 Mike had completely cleaned her faced and gently washed her
face with the warm washcloth and then he switched and now used
the dry one to wipe her face dry.

 Kristy was completely taken back at how he had used such loving
care in washing her face and now, he was using even lighter and
more delicate strokes to dry her face.

 Mike was now done and he leaned over and kissed her on the
forehead first and then on each of her closed eye lids. Mike
then kissed her pert, little, nose and then said, "OK Kristy!!
My cute, little, sister and my lover!!! You can open your eyes
now, if you promise me you won't cry any more, OK!!??"

 Just the act of kissing her lightly on the forehead, eyes and
then the nose caused Kristy to smile slightly and when he said
she could open her eyes, only if she promised she wouldn't cry
any more, was a sure sign that Mike was OK with her confession
and that he was not about to walk out on her. She smiled a
little bit bigger and then she opened her eyes.

 Kristy was greeted by the smiling face of her older brother and
his eyes held and showed that he did indeed care for her in only
a way a brother and lover could. His eyes showed acceptance and
that caused her smile even bigger.

 She then leaned forward and clasped her arms around Mike neck
and she hugged him as hard as possible and she felt as if her
heart might burst, because of the love she felt for her loving
and understanding brother.

 Kristy then began to start crying and Mike pushed her away and
looked directly into her eyes and smiled and said, "Hey!! You
promised me you wouldn't start crying!! Remember?"

 Mike had a mock look of anger on his face as though he was mad
at Kristy and she knew that look and she immediately laughed and
she shook her head clear of the tears, before they showed in her
eyes and then she laughed.

 When Kristy began to laugh out loud Mike made his move and
pushed Kristy over and crawled up on top of her.

 Kristy was kind of shocked at Mike's actions and she
automatically spread her legs out, so that he could lay
comfortably between her spread open legs and on top of her
stomach and chest.

 Mike then leaned down and kissed her on her lips and began to
probe her lips and mouth with his tongue. Kristy relented and
allowed her brother to have access to her mouth and tongue.

 They broke the kiss and then Mike said, "OH KRISTY!!!! I love
you more now, than ever before!!"

 Kristy was kind of surprised at Mike's actions, but allowed
things to just flow, so to speak.

 She then said, "Even after everything I just told you?" She had
a puzzled look on her face.

 Mike just smiled down at her and said, "Yes MY LOVE!!! Even
after everything you just said!!"

 Kristy almost screamed with joy, that her loving and caring
brother accepted everything she had just told him and his was
not going to yell at her or tell her to get lost or anything
that severe.

 Her arms automatically were thrown out, up and around her dear,
sweet, brother's neck and back. She then hugged him with every
once of her strength.

 Mike moaned out and said in a groan, "OH GOD KRISTY!!! You're
going to squeeze me to death, if your not careful."

 She then let up the pressure of her hug and lifted her head up
to kiss him once more with a loving, wet and warm french kiss
which expressed, love, joy, sexual excitement.

 Kristy could also feel her brother's cock stiffing up, down, on
top of her pussy mound. This pleased her, to know that Mike was
still sexually attracted to her, even after her confession about
Beth and who her real father was.

 Mike and Kristy enjoyed their sexually awaking french kiss
together and they both began to heat up.

 Mike lifted his head up and looked down at his sweet,
delectable, nude, little, sister under him and he once again
smiled down at her. He then said, "Kristy? I'm just dying to
hear about you and dad doing it and please don't leave out a
single detail!!!"

 Kristy looked up at her big brother and said, "Are you really
sure you want to hear about it? I mean ........."

 Mike lifted up a bit more and used one hand and arm to hold
himself up over Kristy's spread out body and reached over and
took her hand and guided it down to his now rock, hard, cock and
she immediately grasped it in her right hand and felt for
herself that he was indeed rock hard.

 Kristy was pleased and thrilled beyond her wildest imagination
that Mike would not only want to hear all of the details, but he
was rock hard and he was ready for action, so to speak.

 Kristy smiled up at her big brother and then said, "OK, but
under one condition!"

 Mike answered quickly and said, "DEAL!!! Name it!"

 Kristy then said, "I want you to sit up cross legged Indian
style and let me sit in your lap, while I tell you everything."

 Mike said, "Deal!!" He got up off of his little sister's nude
body  and began to get into position.

 Kristy cut him off and said, "Hey!!! I wasn't done yet, naming
the conditions."

 Mike looked at her and said, "OK!!! What else!!"

 Kristy smiled and said, "We can play with each other, but we
are not allowed to come under any circumstances, what so ever,
until I have completely finished my story. OK?"

 Mike was already sitting cross legged and said, "OK!!! It's
still a deal!"

 Mike was about in the middle of the bed and slightly lower than
half way down the bed and Kristy smiled and got herself into
position in his lap and then draped her legs up over his legs
and then brought them around his back. They were both sitting up
straight facing each other and Mike was the first one to reach
downward and cup her spread open pussy in the palm of his right
hand, he then used the left hand to cup one of her small breasts
in his hand.

 Kristy also favored her right hand to reach down and hold her
brother's long, hard, thin, cock in her hand.

 Mike then said, "SO!!??, How did this all come about? I mean
how did you and dad start out?"

 Kristy laughed and said, "Hold on and slow down, OK?"

 Kristy then began her story and it went like this.

 Well, Mike!! It all started went I moved out west with Tim and
he got a new job there. See?

 Mike just said, "Yea!?" and then was quite and let her continue.

 Any way, Tim and I were already having problems. I had secretly
wished that you would have been closer. I mean, I would have
started back up with you then, if only you lived closer.

 So, Anyway, Tim had to fly back to New York because of business
and he was going to be gone for almost three weeks or more!! I
mean, We had just got married and I liked having sex with him
and all , but he didn't seem to want to have sex that often!

 Anyway, He just left on the airplane and when I got back home.
There was a message on the answering machine from mom and dad.
So, I called them back and found out that dad was going to be in
town on business for at least three days, maybe longer."

 I then said, He could stay with me and stay at our house and I
could take him to his meetings and then pick him up after they
got through. He could also just sleep at our house and save the
money he would have spent on a motel room and meals."

 Mike then smiled and said, "Yea!! Right!!!"

 Kristy smiled back at him and said, "NO!! Really!!! I mean,
making love with my own dad was the last thing on my mind!! In
fact, I never even thought about at all, Really!!"

 Mike said, "OK" and let her continue with her story.

 So, Dad flew in on Tuesday night and I went and picked him up
and then he took me out to dinner and nothing happened."

 Anyway, I took him to his meetings in the mornings and then
picked him up at night or late afternoon when they were through
for the day and brought him home again."

 He mostly insisted that I let him take me out to dinner and we
also went window shopping in the mall on Thursday night.

 It was kind of strange, but I really didn't think to much about
it that night. When he stopped in front of the Victoria's
Secrete window display and looked at the scantily dressed
mannequins and said, "WOW!! What do you think of that?" He was
pointing to a outfit that was just a shear light peach colored
teddy that left nothing to the imagination. Even the panties
underneath wear almost transparent."

 I just kind of laughed and said off handily, "Yea! Daddy that
looks fine, but Tim won't even notice it, even if I was wearing
it and standing in front of the TV set."

 Daddy then said, "Well Honey!! If you were wearing that. I
would definitely notice you and a whole lot more." I poked daddy
in the side and laughed and said, "Daddy!!"

 Dad then replied, "Sorry Baby, but I still think you are the
loveliest and sexiest looking daughter any father could possibly
have. I'm just sorry that Tim doesn't see you with the same eyes
as I do!"

 Anyway, We started back up walking and I really didn't think to
much more about the whole thing. We then went back home. Friday
morning, I took him back to were he had his meeting and then I
waited at home for him to call me that afternoon. He called and
said, "Sorry Baby for making you wait so long, but we stayed
late, so that we could finish up the meeting and then I'm out of

 He then went on to say that he need to do a little bit of
shopping and that he would catch a taxi and be home (my place)
in about a hour or so. He also said that I should get dressed up
really nice, because he was going to take me out to a fancy
restaurant as a gift for putting up with him for the last couple
of days.

 So, I went ahead and accepted his offer for dinner at a fancy
restaurant and I began to get ready and before long he rang the
door bell and I went to let him in.

 Was caring a package and I automatically thought that he had
bought something for mom and I didn't think anything of it.

 He then said, he was going to take a quick shower and change
clothes and he would be ready in less than 15 minutes. Well, he
took me to a really expensive restaurant and we really had a
good time together, then we drove back home.

 He and I both went into different bedrooms and changed for the
evening. He came out wearing just his boxer shorts and his old
ratting looking, favorite, robe.

 Mike laughed and said, "Yea, I know the robe and it is a wonder
mom hadn't thrown it out years ago."

 Kristy laughed and said, "Well, Mom had thrown it out three
times and somehow dad had always found it, before the trash guys
hauled it off."

 They both laughed about that one.

 I was wearing a night shirt and a full length robe and we both
set down on the couch together and turned on the TV to see what
all was on. We then began to talk about this and that and then
for some odd reason he asked me how things really were with Tim
and I.

 Mike began to feel his sister up and slowly parted her pussy
lips with his middle finger of his right hand and he slowly
began to insert it into her pussy.

 Kristy moaned and she automatically squeezed his cock in her
right hand and she slowly began to stroke his cock up and down

 Kristy came back around and started back up with her story and
continued by saying.

 Well Daddy!! I just don't know. I mean it seems to me that he
has already began to lose interest in me. If you know what I

 Daddy replied that he did know and he reached out and touched
me and took my hand in his and said, "Honey! You are a very
beautiful and attractive young lady and maybe he is just going
through a phase or something.

 Daddy then got up and asked if he could fix us both a night cap
and I agreed. So, he went into the kitchen and fixed us both a
drink and he returned and sat a bit closer to me and hugged me
and said, "I'm really glad you were able to bear with me and put
with your old man for the last couple of days."

 I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and told him, he was
no trouble at all, in fact, he was doing me a favor by staying
with me while Tim was out of town."

 The drink was really strong and I said something off the cuff
like, "WOW!! Daddy, this is a really strong drink, it's a good
thing you are my dad or I would guess you were trying to get me
smashed and then take advantage of me."

 Mike laughed out loud and kissed Kristy on the lips and said,
"Well, I guess dad had other things on his mind and you were one
of them!"

 Kristy laughed too and then said, "It is the god's honest
truth! I never really even dreamed that something like that was
about to happen."

 She then continued her story.

 Anyway, We sat and talked about me and Tim and other things. I
had just finished off my strong night cap and Dad got back up
and said he needed another one. This time I told him that I was
already catching a buzz and that he should fix my next drink a
whole lot lighter on the alcohol.

 Well he came back and we were sitting next to each other and
then he brought you in the conversation. He asked me if I missed
you very much. Well, I didn't know any better and said, "I did
indeed miss you a lot." Then we were talking about how you and I
were always together and we were hardly ever apart. I never
dreamed that he knew about us and what we did to each other when
ever the opportunity arose.

 Anyway, Daddy got up and said, he needed to borrow the
restroom. He came back with that sack and at first I thought it
was kind of strange, but it really didn't register with me. I
asked him what he bought for mom and he said, "Well Honey, I
didn't buy it for mom, I bought it for you, Honey!"

 I perked up and hugged him and he hugged me back and I said, he
really didn't need to by me anything, because he had taken me
out to supper ever night he was here. But still you know, how I
am when someone gives me a present or gift.

 Mike laughed and the last comment and knew for a fact that
Kristy loves to be given presents and she can't stand still till
it was unwrapped and unveiled before her eyes.

 Kristy continued her story and both Mike and Kristy were still
playing with each other, as she was telling him about the first
time and all.

 Well anyway, Dad started to hand me the sack with the gift
wrapped box inside it and I started to reach for it and then he
kind of pulled it just out of my reach and said, "Kristy Honey!?
I'll give this gift to you, but only under one condition!" Well,
I was too far gone and I said, "OK!" Daddy then said, "I bought
this for you, because I think you would look absolutely striking
and stunning wearing this and my only condition is that you have
to model it for me. You can't unwrap it till you are in the
bathroom with the door closed and you can only wear with is
inside the box and then come out wearing this and let me see for
myself, if you look as beautiful as I know you will, OK?"

 I didn't know any better and so, I said it was a deal and I
kind of skipped off to the bathroom to put on the outfit dad had
bought just for me."

 BOY OH BOY!!! Was I ever shocked. When I was in the bathroom
and opened up the box to find that same little, shear, light
peach, colored, teddy with matching panties that we had look at
in the mall on Thursday night. I think my heart just about
stopped. I mean, my own dad had bought me a sexy teddy and he
wanted to see me in it, no less! I think, I turned 10 shades of
red as I was looking down into the open box.

 Mike busted out laughing again and Kristy also laughed and then
she continued with her story and at the same time continued
playing with Mike's hard, long, thin, cock. She also noticed
that his cock head was already wet with his leaking precome.
Kristy was also turned on and she was dripping her own pussy
juices all over Mike's fingers and hand, as he continued to
slowly play with her pussy, all the while he was listening to
his little sister's story about her and her dad.

 So, anyway I was thinking to myself that I couldn't wear this
thing and then proceed to show it off in front of my own dad and
let him see all of me. I mean, He's my dad! But then I
remembered that I had promised him that I would model what ever
was in the box and nothing else. Besides, the drink, I think
help me get up enough courage to go ahead and put the shear
peach teddy on.

 Well, I must have spent about 10 or 15 minutes in the bathroom.
Any way, I finally opened up the door and slowly walked down the
hall into the living room. Dad was there on the couch waiting
silently and patiently for me to come out and either be wearing
it or not.

 Also, I figured that he had seen me nude on a few occasions, so
that it really shouldn't matter to have him see me dressed like
this. The strong drink also helped to calm my nerves too."

 I pulled back my shoulders and walked out in front, so that he
could see me and in a way, I was kind of sexually excited
knowing that daddy could see everything I had. I mean, My
nipples and aureoles were clearly visible through the shear
material and the panties clearly showed my bikini trimmed bush!

 Mike groaned out loud and leaned forward and frenched his
sister and at the same time he then inserted another finger into
Kristy's warm, wet and willing pussy.

 Kristy moaned out in sexual pleasure, as she felt another one
of Mike's finger slip up into her pussy and join his middle
finger. Mike now had his two middle fingers all the way up
inside his little sister's wet, juicy, cunt once again.

 His cock swelled up, as he imagined his sister showing their
own father the outfit he had bought for her and he could clearly
see everything his lovely, little, young and sexy, daughter had
to offer any male or female.

 Mike moaned out and said, "WOW!! I would like to see the outfit
he bought you, that is, if you still have it?"

 Kristy smiled at her brother and she leaned forward and they
once again shared a wet and pleasing, incestuous, french kiss
together, before she started back up with her story.

 They broke their kiss and then Kristy said, "Well, It might
please you to know, that I have that very same outfit in the
suite case right here in this very room and afterwards, I would
be more than happy to put it on."

 Mike just groaned and another drop of pre-come was expelled
from his hard cock and the pre-come began to slowly slide down
the length of his long, hard, thin, cock and it came in contact
with his sister's gripping hand. His cock began to get slicker
and the pleasure was building, as her hand slowly stroked his

 Kristy then continued her story by saying.

 Well, anyway, I stood right there in front of him and I think I
was still turning shades of red in the face, as he slowly looked
up and down. He had a slight smile on his face. He then asked
for me to turn around, so I did."

 He then made the comment, "Honey!! I can't begin to tell you
how lovely you look dressed in that outfit and it fits you to a
tee." He then went on to say, "Baby!! If Tim doesn't find that
to be sexy and it doesn't turn him on, then he has some major
mental problems, because you are indeed a very, sexy looking,
young, lady and if you weren't my daughter. Well, Let's just
say, I would be doing some else, other than just sitting here,
admiring your sexy, little, body."

 Daddy then motioned for me to come back and sit down next to
him. I walked over and sit down and almost automatically reached
for my drink and drank about half of what was left.

 I put the drink down and then leaned over and hug daddy and
kissed him on the cheek and thanked him for the lovely gift.

 He then kind of shocked me by saying, "Well, I just wish Mike
could see you dressed like this.

 I was silent for a few seconds and then said, "Why Daddy? What
do you mean by that?"

 He then said, "Well, I think Mike would want to do more, than
just look at you, dressed like this."

 My heart was going a mile a minute in my chest.

 I was silent and I was looking daddy directly in the eyes and
he was just staring back at me. I couldn't stand it any more, so
I looked down and said, "What do you mean by that daddy?"

 There was complete silence for a short amount of time and then
he said, "Honey???? I want you to know, that I know about you
and Mike."

 I just about fainted and I think my face must have got really
red, because I could feel the heat on my cheeks and my ears felt
like they were on fire. I was totally speechless and I really
couldn't get my mind to think of anything to say at all.

 It kind of took a while for me to collect my thoughts and all I
could say was, "What do you mean daddy?"

 It was then that daddy reached over to me and lifted my head up
by placing his hand under my chin. I was once again looking into
his, deep, brown, eyes and then he calmly said, "I'm sorry
Honey, but a while back, I came home early one day and the house
seemed to be empty. I just went up to my room to change clothes
and I kind of heard some noise coming from your room and Well, I
naturally went to your door and it was not quite shut. I peeked
inside to make sure you weren't sick or something and that was
when I saw you and your brother Mike making love to each other
on your bed.

 Kristy looked at Mike and she continued with her story and said.

 I immediately lost it and hugged daddy and buried my face into
his side and chest and he turned to face me a little bit more
and held me in his arms, as I started to cry.

 He comforted me and told me I had nothing to be ashamed of.
Then he started to make all sorts of apologies, for looking in
on us. He told me it was wrong for him to look, but he said that
he stayed and watch us do our thing, until we both came. He then
slowly and quietly left us alone and went back down stairs. He
then came back in, this time he made sure to make a lot of
noise, so that we would hear him.

 Mike groaned out in sexual pleasure, as he listened intently to
his little, sister's tale of how their own dad had by shear
accident, came across them fucking each other and he not only
watched his own son and daughter fucking each other. He didn't
say or mention a single thing to them about the whole ordeal.

 Mike then said, "HOLLY SHIT!!!! I would have figured both mom
and dad would have hit the roof and shot me on sight, if they
would have ever found out about us doing each other. And now I
finally find out that dad knew all along, about us and didn't
say anything to either one of us is totally unreal."

 Kristy kind of laughed and said, "Well, That is easy for you to
say, but dad brought it up to me and I just lost it right then
and there. He was apologizing to me, for looking in and finding
us together. I mean, I was there and you weren't, so it really
hit me hard. I didn't know what to do or say and I really didn't
know what to expect to happen next. I mean, one minute I was
feeling great and I was showing off my nearly nude body to my
own dad and then the next, he begins telling me about how he had
watched you and me make love, not for committing incest or
something that horrible, but for making love to each other. That
is what really blew my away.

 Mike agreed with Kristy and then said, "So? What happened next?"

 Kristy took a breather and said, "Well before I continue, I
really need to take a pee and while I'm doing that. I think I
will also change into that infamous peach teddy for you and you
can fix us both a mixed drink, from the honor bar over there."

 Kristy was already getting up off of Mike's lap and then she
scooted backwards toward the end of the bed, but before she got
off the bed. She leaned down and took the tip of Mike's leaking
cock head into her mouth and sucked the pre-come off of the tip
and twirled her tongue around the head a few times and then she
was off the bed and walking towards the bathroom.

 Mike moaned out loud, as she sucked his tip clean of the
collecting pre-come and he watched as she walked over to her
suite case. She bent down and pulled her peach colored teddy
that his own dad had given her. From her bent over position Mike
had a perfectly clear view of Kristy's pussy from behind. Her
ass was a picture perfect ass and it framed her parted pussy
lips just right. She the stood back up straight and walked off
into the bathroom and shut the door behind her, without looking

 Mike was completely turned on and was also kind of shocked by
what had happened. In just the short span of one day, he found
out that his own sister was indeed something else. Not only had
she been his incestuous lover, but she had also taken her own
dad to also be another incestuous lover. She even went as far as
to bare her own father's child!!!!

 He knew, right then and there, that he was indeed falling in
love with his own sister, in a way that should never be allowed
to happen. Maybe, that is why incest is outlawed in most
counties and why it is still a social taboo.

 Mike then cleared his head and got up off the bed and walked
over to the honor bar. He opened it up to fix both of them a
strong  whiskey and coke, over the rocks.

 He had just sit the drinks down on the night stand, beside the
king size bed. It was then, that he heard the toilet flush in
the bathroom and in a few minutes, Kristy came out of the
bathroom. She was now wearing the light peach colored teddy that
her dad had bought her, all those years ago.

 Mike was pleased and impressed that it still fit her and it was
in almost perfect condition, If he would not have known that it
was over ten years old, he would have thought she had just
bought it.

 Mike could do nothing, but stare at his sexy sister dressed in
her peach colored, teddy that her dad gave her. Mike groaned
out, "Jesus Christ Kristy!!! Now, I know why dad bought it for
you to wear!! WOW!!"

 Kristy said nothing, but smiled at her brother sitting on the
bed waiting for her to join him, so that she could continue her

 Kristy was absolutely right about the shear peach teddy and
that it showed off everything she had and didn't have.

 Kristy walked slowly toward Mike and he could clearly see her
small, full, breasts capped by her darker colored aureoles and
the rock hard, nipples were also plainly visible. Mike looked
lower and was pleased to see, that he could also clearly make
out, not only the color and shape of her bush, but it was also
like she was nude too, at the same time, if that could be

 Mike was sitting on the bed and Kristy walked over to him and
she sat down beside him.

 Mike was also thinking what his own dad must have been
thinking, when she came out of her bathroom at home and showed
dad this very same outfit, for the first time.

 Mike leaned over and got both mixed drinks off of the night
stand and handed one to Kristy. He began to drink his drink and
Kristy followed suit and began to drink hers.

 Mike was the first one to say anything and he started off by
saying, "So Kristy!!?? What happened next?"

 Kristy handed Mike her drink and she sat closer to Mike and
then start back up where she left off on her story. Mike turned
and put both drinks down on the night stand and turned back
toward Kristy.

 "Well, We were sitting about like this on the couch in our
living room and I had my head buried in his chest and was crying
because he told me about how he had seen us making love on my
bed at home years ago."

 Kristy leaned over and placed her head on Mike Chest and then
said, "I was like this and crying and Dad reached over with his
left hand and lifted my head up, so that we were looking eye to
eye. He then said to me, "Honey, Please don't cry. OK? I'm sorry
I found out about you and Mike that way, but you and Mike should
not feel bad or guilty about what you two have done. OK?" He
then placed his right hand on the side of my ribs, almost next
to my breast and went on to say, "Honey?? I was wondering. If
you and Tim are having problems and .............. Well,
.......Mike is not here for you. Well, I was wondering if maybe
.......... Well, .........maybe we could ........" That was when
I noticed and felt that Daddy was cupping my breast in his right

 "That was the most unbelievable moment in my life!!! I mean,
here I was dressed up in this very same peach teddy and Daddy
was feeling my breast in his hand and he was actually asking me,
if I wanted to make love to him!!!"

 "Mike? I don't know if you could even begin to understand all
the feelings and emotions and sensations that were running
through my mind and body at that very moment!!! I mean, Daddy
was asking me, if I want to fuck him!!!"

 Kristy reached down and took a hold of Mike's now stiff, long,
hard, thin, cock in her hand and said, "Do you remember the
first time I touched your cock?"

 Mike laughed and said, "SHIT!!! How could I ever forget!!"

 Kristy then said, "Well, That was just what I was feeling and
then some. Doing you, my own brother, is one thing, but for a
father and daughter to do it. I mean, that is something totally

 Kristy then said, "Please, Mike don't get me wrong. I mean, you
and I together is wonderful. I mean, I'm sure there are more
brother and sisters doing it, than father and daughters doing

 Kristy paused for a second to collect her thoughts.

 Mike then said, "Yea!! I can understand were you are coming

 Kristy then said, "OK!! Let's do this. Mike!!! How do you think
you would feel if you fucked Nancy!! Your own daughter?"

 Mike froze and then said, "Yea, I can understand you now."

 Kristy then said, "OK!! Let go a step farther. You just said
you wanted to fuck my daughter, Beth. Right?"

 Mike just replied, "Yea."

 Kristy then said, "Have you ever though about really trying to
fuck your own daughter, instead?"

 Mike just sit there and then replied, "Yea!! I thought about it
for years. Hell, I was thinking what it might be like, when she
was only about 7 or 8. But, I also thought that she should be
about 11 to 13 before I even try anything."

 Kristy smiled and then said, "Well, I was having those same
feeling with Daddy at the moment, when he was feeling my breast."

 Kristy shook her head and continued with her story. She was
trying to get Mike to experience some of the same wild feeling
she had when her dad was feeling her breast and asked her, in
not so many words, if she wanted to fuck him.

 I guess I was kind of in shock when he asked me that, because I
was silent for a while and then dad said, "Honey? I will
understand completely if you don't want to. I mean, I'm not in
the best of shape and everything and I'm sure you would much
rather have had Mike instead, so I will understand completely."

 Daddy then let go of my breast and he stood up. I guess he was
taking my silence as a no to his question. Once he was standing
up,  he began to turn and started to walk away.

 I stood up also and said, "No Daddy!! Please don't go!" I had
just committed myself and I knew right then and there, that no
matter what, I was going to have to follow through and make love
to daddy.

 Dad turned back around to face me and I went into his arms and
hugged him. He put his arms around me and hugged me back. I
could feel his hard cock through his boxer shorts and robe."

 Kristy looked at her brother and then said, "GOD MIKE!!! I wish
there was some way I could transfer those feeling and sensations
that were running through my mind and body and let you
experience them first hand. I mean, I was hugging Daddy and I
also  knew that in a short amount of time he was going to slide
his cock that I felt against me, up inside of me!!! Mike!!! Can
you even begin to understand that? I mean, He and mom made me!!!
His cock and his sperm made me and now I was committed to allow
that very same cock and sperm to enter me!!! His own daughter!!!"

 All Mike could do was groan out loud and his cock head swelled
up once again, and began to expel a fresh glob of pre-come from
its' slit at the top.

 His sister looked at him and smiled and then said, "Mike!! You
are really going to have to try and do Nancy, your own daughter
and maybe then you might understand what I felt like that night."

 She then continued her story.

 I don't know what came over me, but I think I have you to blame
for it, because I acted like a real slut and whore, just like
the way you taught me to act, when we were older and talked
dirty to each other. Remember?"

 Mike shook his head in agreement and didn't say anything at
all. He was silently waiting for his sister to continue with the

 I ended up breaking away from daddy's hug and we were both
looking at each other and then I said to him, "Daddy!! I want
you to fuck me, daddy!! I want to feel you inside of me daddy!!
I want you to experience the thrill and joy of fucking your own

 Kristy laughed and then said to Mike, "MAN!! You should have
seen daddy's face, when I said that to him!! It is a wonder he
didn't have a stroke on the spot!"

 Mike laughed too, along with Kristy and said, "Yea!!! I just
about die every time you start talking like that to me. I can
only guess what dad must have felt like, the first time his own
daughter starts talking like a real slut, asking and begging her
own daddy to fuck her!"

 She continued to tell her story.

 Well, He almost attacked me. We both fell on the couch and we
began to kiss each other, like long lost lovers would and then
we started to touch and feel each other up.

 After a while, he had me stand up and he removed my panties and
just kind of stared at my pussy for a while before he did
anything. He then slowly and carefully reached out and touched
my bared pussy for the very first time, while I was standing up
and he was still sitting on the couch.

 At first he was just playing and touch my bush and then he
slowly began to touch my slit. Before long, he slid his middle
finger up against my pussy slit and started to run up and down
the full length of my slit, from top to bottom.

 I kind of teased and played with him, because he was just
moaning and saying my name over and over again, while he was
feeling me up, so I started to talk dirty once again and said,
"Do you like my pussy Daddy? Do you like touching and feeling
your own little girl's pussy, daddy? Yea Daddy!! play with your
daughter's pussy and get her all hot, wet and excited. Then I
will be all wet and ready for you to slide your long, hard,
thick, cock up inside your daughter's pussy!!"

 Mike moaned out loud again from the way his slutty sister was
talking. His cock was dripping more precome out of the tip and
it began to slide down the length of his cock.

 Then he said, "FUCK KRISTY!!! I bet you were driving dad nuts
saying that to him!"

 Kristy laughed and said, "Yea, It was a wonder he didn't come
in his shorts, but I wasn't done yet either. I had a whole lot
more to say to him."

 Her brother was looking at his sister and then asked her to
stand up and take her panties off and do what she did that night
to their own dad and act as thought I'm daddy OK?

 Kristy leaned over and kissed her brother and then stood up and
took her panties off and began to do the same things she did
that very night, that her own dad and her made love and fucked
each other for the very first time.

 I then said to him, "Daddy!!?? I want you to fuck me tonight
and you are not going to wear a rubber or anything. Because
daddy, When a daddy fucks his own daughter for the very first
time, he should always do her bare, the first time. This way,
she can feel her own daddy's come, shooting off into her pussy.
A father should also be able to enjoy those same feelings and
sensations, as his come shoots off inside his own daughter's
bare unprotected pussy. That's right Daddy!! There is not going
to be anything between us. Just your bare cock and my bare,
unprotected, pussy. We are going to fuck each other, as god
intended us, a man and a woman, to fuck, totally bare and
unprotected." I then stopped and just looked at daddy a second
or two and then said, "Do you think you can do that to me
daddy?" I  just stood there and waited for him to respond.

 "Daddy responded and said, "Yes, Honey I think I can."

 I then replied and said, "So what are you going to do to me

 Dad the replied, "I want to fuck you, Honey!"

 I interrupted him and said, "Who am I daddy?"

 Dad had a puzzled look on his face and then said, "Oh Kristy!!
I want to fuck you!!"

 I once again interrupted him and said, "NO! Daddy, Who am I?"

 It was then that daddy caught the drift of what I wanted him to
say and then he said, "I want to fuck my own daughter!!!"

 I smiled at daddy and said, "Yea daddy use that word from now
on OK?"

 Then daddy started all over again and said, "OK Honey!! I want
to fuck you baby, my own daughter!!! I want to fuck my daughter
without a rubber and shoot off inside my own daughter's bare,
unprotected pussy!! I what her to feel and enjoy her own daddy's
come, as it is shot up inside her!! I want to fuck my own
daughter, just like god intended for a father and daughter to
fuck, completely unprotected, so that they can both enjoy the
fruits of pure incest as only a father and daughter could share
together, for their very first time as incestuous lovers."

 Mike was really getting off on listening to his kid sister's
story as to how her dad and her, fucked for the very first time.

 Kristy continued her story.

 Daddy then stood up and removed his old ratty robe and then he
pulled down his boxer shorts. It was then, I finally got to see
for myself, his fully erect cock. I could not really believe
what I was seeing, but it was true and it was staring me right
in the face. I mean, Daddy was standing not more than four feet
away from me, totally nude and his cock was fully erect. I could
see it throbbing and bouncing slightly from his heart beat and
sexual arousment."

 Kristy looked at Mike straight in the eyes as she was standing
in front of him and said, "Mike, his cock is just a little bit
bigger than yours. It was, I mean, it is about 7 inches to 7 1/2
inches long and just a little bit bigger in diameter than yours
is now."

 She then continued with her story.

 Anyway, Daddy took his cock in his right hand and slowly
stroked his shaft, right there in front of me, about five or six
times, while he said to me, "Kristy!! Honey!!! I have thought
about this day for over 15 years. I first saw you and Mike
together on your bed when you were only 16 and I thought about
many different things since then. At first, I was totally
shocked and then in just a few seconds, I was turned on and I
even thought about jerking off, while watching you two fuck each
other. I also thought about coming into your bedroom and joining
you two and maybe see if I could have fucked you then, when you
were only 16, but I was too scared to do that, because I
wondered if maybe you would refuse me and the last thing I
wanted to do is have you mad and upset at me, so I just watched."

 I was really shocked to hear that daddy had caught us, way back
then and didn't do anything to stop us or even let us know that
he knew what we were doing together and to each other all of
those years later. I still wonder today, what you and I would
have done if daddy would have come into the room that day. I
also wonder what would of happened if he would have talked to me
privately afterwards and told me he had seen me and you doing it
and what I would have done, if he would have asked me then, when
I was only 16, if he could fuck me then. I mean, I wonder if I
would have let him do me back then and wondered if we would of
let him join in, when you and I were together, after that first
day he saw us joined together in a incestuous lovers embrace."

 Kristy then asked Mike, "Would you have let him join in, if he
would have come into my bedroom, back then, when I was only 16
and you were 19? Would you have let him fuck me and would you
have stayed and watched him do me, back then?"

 Mike was still looking intently at his half nude, little,
sister standing before him in her peach colored teddy that her
dad bought her the same night he fucked her for the very first
time, almost over 10 years ago, minus her panties.

 He then collected his thoughts and then said, "Well!! I really
don't know! I mean, I would have been shocked and scared if he
would have just walked into your bedroom, while we were stilling
fucking. I mean, he is our dad and I would have thought he would
have personally killed me, for fucking you, my little sister and
his only daughter. As far as letting him fuck you. Well, that
would have been your decision alone. I mean, I would have
probably stayed, if you two would have let me and watched.
Kristy!! I think I would have kind of enjoyed watching you and
dad fuck each other for the very first time when you were only
16, back then. I don't know, maybe I would have had a shot at
mom back then too, if dad would have done you then, but none of
us will ever really know, what would have happened back then.
Why? Would you have let dad fuck you then, if he would have come
into your bedroom, back then, while you and I were still fucking
each other? Would you have let him fuck you if he would have
talked to you privately later that day or later on?"

 She looked at Mike and kind of smiled and then said, "Well, If
he would have come into the room while we were still fucking and
asked me if he could join in and fuck me. Well, I probably would
have let him. Just for the simple fact, that he could've gone
and told mom, about us. If I wouldn't let him have his way with
me. Besides, back then, I really liked to have sex and the very
idea of getting into trouble and not being able to do it with
you, ever again. Well, I would have done it, just to keep him
quite, so that we could've continued to fuck each other.
Besides, I would hate to see you get into trouble, because I
know that you would have gotten it worse than me, because you
were and still are older and should have know better."

 Kristy then leaned forward and downward and frenched her
brother. Mike was still sitting on the bed and then she took his
arm and pulled him up off the bed. She walked him over to the
couch in the corner of the bedroom, across from the TV, in their
motel room, on the top floor of the airport Hilton. She then
made her brother sit down on it and she stood in front of him
and began to play with her pussy some more and then said, "OH
GOD MIKE!!!!! I'm so hot and dripping wet. I don't think I can
wait long enough to tell you the rest of the story!!! How about
me sitting on your lap, just like I did for dad the first time
and let you slide into me. We can then kind of slowly fuck each
other, while I continue the story. If we get carried away and
come before I get to the end, Well, I'll just have to finish the
story later. Because, right now, I really need your long, hard,
thin, brotherly, cock in my pussy!!! Please Mike?!!! I promise I
will make it good for you, if you just let me feel your cock
inside me for a while OK?"

 Mike smile up and his beautiful little 33 year old sister
dressed in the very same peach colored teddy their own dad had
bought her for the first time they would make love to each
other. He then said, "OK!!! But tell me how it happened, up to
the point where he did you for the first time. I mean, did he do
you on the couch or what?"

 Kristy smile and then continue with her story.

 Well, after daddy confessed to me about seeing us fuck each
other, when I was only 16 and how he thought about asking me to
fuck him back then. He was standing up stoking his cock, there
in front of me and then he sat down on the couch and then said,
"Kristy Baby!! My daughter, I want you to come over here and sit
on your daddy's lap facing me. I will hold my cock up and I want
you to sit on it and let me feel your pussy, slowly slide down
my cock. I want to fuck you this way, for the very first time.
Like this."

 "He sit down on the couch like you are now and I slowly and
carefully walked over to were he was sitting and he was already
hold his cock up ward. Just waiting for me to straddle his legs
and slowly lower myself onto his cock."

 I mean it was really wild, because he was not forcing me to do
anything. I was now standing next to him, like this and then I
put one leg up and over his two legs. I was looking down at his
cock sticking straight up and I got myself into position. I then
started to slowly lower myself down ........ down lower ........
lower yet ...... all the while, I was staring intently at his
cock, as my pussy got closer and closer to his cock."

 Mike interrupted her and said, "Kristy!! I want you to do the
same thing and keep telling me the story, as you do the same
thing to me, just as you did to dad, the first time!!!"

 Kristy was already getting into position. She was standing over
Mike's lap with her legs spread apart ,on either side of his
legs. Mike was hold his stiff, rock, hard, long, thin,
brotherly, cock up straight, so that his little, sexy, half
nude, sister could lower herself onto his cock, just like she
did to their dad, over 10 years ago, for the very first time.

 Kristy then started back up with her story and said.

 As I was going lower and lower. I saw my pussy, coming closer
and closer to my own dad's cock. It really hit me!!! I mean, I
was actually going to fuck my own dad!!!! I mean, that was
something else!! My mind was going a million miles an hour and I
still could hardly believe that this was really happening. I
mean, we were going to commit the ultimate act of incest!!! A
father fucking his own daughter!!! A daughter fucking her own
dad!!!! I mean, you and I committed incest and that was quite
the thrill, no less, but still!!! A father fucking his own
daughter!!! The really wild part was, I was actually allowing
daddy to do this to me!!! I mean, I was the one, who was slowly
lowering my pussy down onto his cock!!! I was the one, totally
responsible for allowing this to happen in the first place!!"

 Kristy then looked at Mike and stopped lowering herself, so
that she was about three inches from touching his cock head and
then said, "Mike!!! I mean, committing incest with you, was and
still is great and wonderful and all, but still. There are a lot
more brother and sisters that do this, than father and
daughters, so it was just that accept that was really wild and
so unbelievable for me to come to terms with."

 She then started back up with her story and then began to lower
herself downward, toward his leaking hot cock.

 I got down to where he cock head had just barely touched my
spread open pussy lips, just like this. He then stopped me and
kind of held my ass cheeks in the palm of his hands. He held me
up a bit and then allowed me to seat his cock head into the
opening to my pussy and then he said, "Kristy Honey!! This is
your last chance to back out now, before we pass over the line.
I will truly understand if you want to stop now, before it is
too late!!"

 He paused for a second and I then said, "NO DADDY!!! I want you
more now, than ever before!!! Please Daddy!!! I want you inside
of me now!!! Fuck Me Daddy!!! Fuck Me Now!!"

 He looked up at me and then said, "OK BABY!!! I'm going to
remove my hands and you can just let your pretty, little, pussy
slide over and down onto my cock!!!"

 I then seated his cock head at the entrance to my wet, juicy,
cunt and then I began to engulf daddy's cock!!! I felt his cock
head breach my inner pussy lips and then I felt his swollen tip,
slip fully up inside of me!!!"

 "Just like this, Mike!!", Kristy said to her brother, as she
did the same thing to him.

 Daddy then said, "OH GOD!!!!! KRISTY!!!! I `m inside you!!!! My
cock is really inside my own daughter's pussy!!!! I can feel
your pussy surrounding my cock!!!! OH GOD BABY!!! You feel so
wet and warm and wonderful!!!! OH GOD!!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!!

 I continued to slowly, lower myself down and down and all the
while, daddy was moaning and groaning, as to how good it felt to
finally feel his own daughter's pussy, slowly gliding down on to
his cock. I finally reached bottom and his cock filled me so
full and I could also feel his cock throbbing and jerking all by
itself, deep inside me."

 I could hardly believe that this was all really happening!!!
But it was true and he really was completely inside of me!!! I
actually had daddy's cock fully imbedded, deep within my own
dripping, wet and clasping pussy!!! We had really done it!!!"

 I looked down at daddy and he was almost out of it. I then
leaned down and kissed him feverishly on his lips. When we broke
our kiss, I leaned back and pulled the teddy up and over me. I
then throw it off to the side and there we were!!! Daddy and his
only daughter, both completely nude and he was fully and
completely imbedded in his own daughter's pussy for the very
first time!!!

 I then said, "Well Daddy!!!?? How does it feel, to be inside
your own daughter's pussy for the very first time!!???" I then
squeezed his cock with my inner pussy muscles. Daddy just about
went nuts!!! Daddy then said through his moans and groans, "OH
GOD KRISTY!!!!! I think I'm going to come!!!"

 He had a pained look on his face and I smiled down at him and
said, "That's OK Daddy!!! Go ahead and come inside me, daddy!!!
Come inside your daughter's pussy!!"

 I then began to ride his cock and he come in about ten or
fifteen strokes of me going up and down on him. We then just
kind of collapsed. I fell forward, onto daddy's heaving chest
and enjoyed the after glow of what we had just done together as
a loving father and daughter. Who had taken the final steps and
joined together as incestuous lovers.

 When daddy began to come inside me, it was really wild, because
it felt just like when you and I always fucked. I mean, I can
feel your cock head swell up and then I can feel the warmth of
your come, as you shot off inside of me!! In a way, I can never
really get you to understand or feel what I felt, as daddy was
shooting his fatherly come, way up inside of me, for the very
first time!!! He was shaking and moaning and he was grabbing my
tits in his hands like he was holding on for dear life. I could
feel each and every spurt of come that came shooting out the end
of his cock, into my pussy!!! I came right after him with one of
the biggest orgasms ever, except for the one this afternoon.

 My pussy was going crazy gripping his cock and milking him all
by itself. It seemed like, I was just along for the ride. He
must have shot off at least five really big spurts of hot,
thick, stick and creamy come inside of me. My belly was all warm
and I had a funny feeling deep inside of me.

 To tell you the truth, I think, that is when I got pregnant
with Beth!!!

 I mean, Tim and I had been trying to get me pregnant and I
quite taking the pill. After about three months, Tim just, kind
of, gave up and didn't want to fuck me that much. In fact, I had
my last period and Tim and I hadn't fucked since then and daddy
was the only one who fucked me. Then when Tim got home, he said
he wanted to lay off, for a while, in trying to make me
pregnant, so he began to wear a rubber each time we fucked. I
ended up missing my next period and it was then I found out I
was pregnant and I was scared to death that daddy was the one
who got me pregnant and later on I found out, I was right. Daddy
did me and he did me good the first time. So, now you know,
about me and daddy and how Beth is really daddy's own daughter,
from his own daughter!!"

 Mike was fully into the story and Kristy had already lowered
her pussy down onto his long, thick, hard, cock and they were
just sitting, not moving except for Kristy's pussy on the
inside, as she milked his cock to a roaring climax. Just from
using her inner pussy muscles. Mike relaxed and allowed the
shear pleasure of their incestuous mating to complete itself and
he gave his loving sister another big healthy load of brotherly
come, directly into her pussy and womb. He shot off at least
seven or eight big, long, creamy, streamers of hot, sticky,
white, bubbling, come into his little sister's pussy. All the
while, he was thinking to himself, what his dad must have
thought, at fucking his own daughter for the very first time.
Mike smiled, because he could understand his dad's feeling, as
he himself had already experienced the joy and pleasure of
fucking his own daughter, Nancy, already at the tender, young,
sexy, and innocent, age of 12!!

 Kristy was coming, as she felt Mike begin to shoot off, inside
her once again. She was enjoying this come, as her brother was
once again giving her the best gift she could ask for, her
brother's hot, juicy, come, directly into her pussy, where it

 She fell forward, after she had rode out her explosive climax
and rested her small, breasted, chest against her brother's firm
chest. They rested and just enjoyed the after glow, of hot,
steamy, incestuous, sex, as only a brother and sister could

 It was about ten minutes later, when they started to move
around a bit. They both reluctantly pulled apart and allowed
their joined sex organs to part from one another. They both got
up, off the couch and stretched, as cats stretch after a nice
enjoyable little nap.

 They both kissed each other and they both walked together, hand
in hand and an arm around each others waist, as they walked to
the bathroom together, to once again share another shower
together as only loving brothers and sister could and should.

 Mike and Kristy acted more like husband and wife together, when
they were alone with each other, than they did brother and
sister. In a way, that was from being lovers to one another for
so long during their childhood years. Now, they were once again
reunited and they were acting as newly weds do, most of the
time, during their honeymoon.

 They both playfully and lovingly washed each other. They washed
each others hair and body. Mike and Kristy were loving, laughing
and talking together, in the shower. Kristy felt so much better,
since she had finial broke down and confessed to her own
brother, about their own dad and her. Also confessing that Beth
was a product of pure incestuous love and lust, between a father
and his only adult daughter.

 Kristy was really surprised that Mike was not at all upset or
mad about her having sex with their own dad. It didn't seem to
upset him about Beth being Daddy's daughter from his own
daughter. In fact, Kristy was surprised to see that Mike was
actually more turned on, by the fact, that she got pregnant by
their own dad.

 Kristy went on to tell Mike that their dad ended up staying
over the weekend and then called home to say that he wanted to
spend more time with Kristy, since Tim was out of town. Joan
(Ben's Wife, Kristy's and Mike's Mom) was not upset at all. In
fact, she said that Ben should stay at least till next weekend,
then fly out Monday morning.

 Kristy went on to say, that Dad and her spent most of the time
naked and fucking each other for that entire time, 8 days and
nights, he was staying out there with her.

 She told Mike that Dad was asking her all sorts of question,
about how it all started between us (Kristy and Mike) and what
all we did and when we did it, before he had come across us
fucking each other when I was 16 and you were 19.

 Kristy also told Mike, that their own dad helped us have more
free time together, because he was always asking Joan to come
with him to do this and that and that is why they went on more
trips without us.

 Daddy knew that we would be fucking each other and he was
allowing it to happen more often than not. He figured that if he
couldn't have me, then you should be the one, who would keep me
happy. Daddy said that he trusted you more about fucking me and
making sure I wouldn't get pregnant or get into trouble.

 Kristy laughed and said, "Here Daddy was, worried that I would
end up getting pregnant by some kid, before I got married. Then
when it came right down to it. He was the one who got me
pregnant, my own daddy did me, but good!!"

 Mike and Kristy laughed about that one. Mike then said,
"Kristy!? Have you thought any more about Beth and who should be
the one to show her the way? And at what age she should be?"

 Kristy was silent for a few moments and then said, "Well, I
really don't know!!! I mean, I wish there was a way, that she
could have both of you!! I mean, I don't want to denie either
one of you, but only one of you can be the first and in a way, I
really think Daddy should be the one, to do her the first time.
I mean, her daddy should have that right, don't you think?
Besides, you have Nancy and maybe you start thinking about her.
I mean, You were able to talk me into doing it with you. I'm
almost sure Nancy will go along with it, if you take it slow and
slowly build things up with her. You know, start giving her more
hugs and kisses. Start touching her more and slowly work your
way up to touching her on her breasts and around her pussy area.
You can also start going into the bathroom, while she is in the
shower or bathtub and start catching her while she is part way
undressed or even fully nude. You also need to let her see you
full nude, from time to time. I'm pretty sure, that in just a
short amount of time, you will have her. She is your daughter
and I can almost tell you, that when the time is right, she
won't refuse you. In fact, she will be more than willing to
spread herself open for you, to show her and teach her the ways
of becoming a young sexually active young lady. She loves you
Mike and she will almost do anything you ask her to do. If you
first go slowly and show her you won't hurt her in any way. I'm
sure that she is really curious right now, about her body and
she will soon start experimenting herself, if she doesn't have
anyone to show her the way, and that is where you come in Mike.
You are her loving and caring father and she would love to learn
the ways of love and sex from you, her own daddy. So, go ahead
and start on her and I bet you will have her spread open,
begging for more in less than 6 months, if you just go slow and
don't push things. I ought to know, because I was once a little
girl too."

 Mike was silent and then said, "Yea!! I think you are right, I
think her real dad should be given first choice." Mike then
said, "So Kristy!!! What does Beth look like fully nude?"

 Kristy smiled and she leaned into him, while they were under
the warm relaxing spray of the shower and she replied, "OH!!!
She is just a living doll!!! You would be really impressed, she
is still young and all, but still. Her body is so fine and
smooth and soft and she is just beginning to blossom into a
beautiful young girl. She just has nipple buds that are just
beginning to stick out from her small flat chest and she is
still bare and baby smooth on her young little pussy. She tastes
so sweet!! I'm sure that when the time is right and sooner or
later, you will get to experience her for yourself."

 Mike gave an involuntary jerk when he heard her say that she
tasted sweet. Mike pulled back from his sister and looked right
at her and said, "Jesus Kristy!!! Are you saying you have
already gone down on her and licked her pussy!!!" Mike's cock
began to grow once again, at the very thought of his own kid
sister and her 10 year old daughter, together in a sexual

 Kristy smiled and said, "Well, Yea ..... Uuhhhh, I guess you
should know this. Beth and I have been kind of playing and
touching and feeling each other for about three months now and
we just started the oral part, just a couple weeks ago."

 Mike was totally dumb founded at what Kristy had just told him
and he was now growing longer and harder just thinking about
Beth and Kristy doing each other at Beth's age, no less.

 Mike started to pump his little sister with more question and
trying to find out more about what all they had been doing

 He then said, "Shit!!!! I forgot to ask you the most important
question of all!!!! Does Mom know about any of this?"

 Kristy had a look of shock and fear in her eyes and all she
could do was say, "OH GOD NO!!!! She better never find out!!!"

 Mike was kind of relieved at that and then asked her, "So, Have
you and dad talked about doing her, I mean Beth?"

 She looked at Mike and said, "Well, not so much as that, but I
have kind of hinted and beat around the bush and said, in not so
many words, that he should be the one to do her the first time."

 Mike then said, "Well!!! What did he say about that!!!"

 She replied, "Well, most of the time it turned him on and all
he wanted to do was fuck me again!!! So he did!!!!"

 Mike laughed and said, "Well, At least, I know now where I get
my constant hard on from!!!" He made his point by pressing his
hard cock up against Kristy's belly and then he said, "Kristy???
Can I talk you into giving me one of your famous blow jobs?"

 Kristy just smiled at her older brother then leaned forward and
gave him a quick kiss on the lips, before she slowly began to
sink to her knees. As she was slowly sinking downward she
kissed, licked and nipped at Mike's exposed skin, all along the
length of his chest and downward, to his abdomen and then all
around his crotch area. She even leaned around and kiss, licked
and even bite his exposed ass cheeks, just to make him jump and
squirm a bit, before she got down to the task at hand.

 She really enjoyed giving head to her sexual partners and she
had only Mike, her very, own, older, brother to thank for that.
He taught her the joys and thrills of sucking a guy's cock off
to completion. She trained and practiced on her own brother for
years before she sucked a another guy's cock and she was really
surprised that the first person other than her brother had not
had his cock sucked too much and he was completely impressed at
how Kristy performed her oral magic on him. He was even more
impressed, when she swallowed his hot, thick, sticky, load of
come without any hesitation, what so ever.

 Kristy prided herself on being able to sexual please any of her
sexual partners to their hearts content. She also knew that she
owed everything she knew about sex to her older brother and
first lover. Mike had taken the time and showed a lot of
patience in teaching her everything he knew and had read about,
concerning sex and the different positions and techniques used
by other people and couples and even unusual sex acts performed.

 She began to lick and suck his cock while they were still in
the shower and she remembered the very first time she had sucked
his cock. He had got so excited that he shot his load of hot,
sticky, white, creamy, come into her mouth and throat without
warning her.

 A lot of things had happened since then and she was happy and
pleased that her older brother, not only knew about her and
their dad and Beth, but that he was accepting it, as though it
was no big deal.

 In fact, she knew that Mike was completely turned on by the
very idea that she gave birth to her own father's daughter.
Incest really turned Mike on and finding out that his own sister
got knocked up by their own dad turned him on even more.

 Kristy loved her brother more now, than ever before. For the
simple fact, that his unconditional love for her was real and he
would never turn away from her or think bad things about her.
Even after what she had just told him. She also thought that
most people around the world would consider all of them sick,
twisted and demented for acting as they have and are doing now.

 She smiled inwardly to herself and thought that all of those
people and how it was their own loss and her gain along with her
loving and caring brother not to mention her father and Beth her
incestuous daughter.

 Kristy began to suck on Mike long, hard, thin, cock with more
love and affection than she had ever thought possible. She
started out slowly going all the way down to the very base of
his cock and slowly lifted her sucking lips all the way back up
to the very head of his cock. She then kissed his cock head.
Then she slowly descended all the way back down, all the while
her tongue was curling around his cock head and shaft on each
upward and downward stroke of her lips and mouth.

 She could care less, what other people thought of their loving
family relation and as long as they did not interfere with her
family and what they did privately to each other, then she would
not worry about the other people, who didn't like the very idea
of what she and her family did to each other.

 Mike was enjoying the feel and sensations of what his loving,
little, sexy, nude, 33 year old, sister was doing to him. He was
also looking down to watch as she slowly did him with her mouth.
He also remembered back, to the very first time she had ever
gone down on him and sucked his cock till he couldn't take the
pleasure any more and shoot off into her mouth. To him, it was
as though it was only a few weeks ago, that she had done that to
him, for the very first time. When, in fact, it was almost 20
years ago, that she had in deed sucked his cock off to
completion, into her warm, wet and willing, sucking mouth. She,
Kristy was in fact, only 13 years old at the time she sucked her
own brother off for the very first time and it had happened in
the shower. Just like now, only 20 years ago.

 Every once in a while Kristy would look up at Mike and stare
into his eyes, as she was slowly sucking him off in the shower.
As she was doing this, she was lost, in deep thought and also
pleasure as she sucked her 36 year old brother off. She wished
that there was some way, where they could live together and not
have to worry and hide their loving relationship from just about
everybody. Kristy would have been more than happy to have Mike
and her dad as her only sex partners from now on. She began to
think what it might be like if she could ever work it out, so
that both her dad and brother could do her at the same time.

 She was getting more and more sexually excited at the very
thought of having her dad and brother at the same time and
wondered if Mike and their dad would go for something this wild.
Kristy reached down between her spread legs and began to play
with her own pussy as, she continued to suck her brother off in
the shower. Her right hand slid down across her abdomen and
pushed through her small patch of pubic hair.

 At first, she just cupped her own pussy mound in the palm of
her right hand and then she used her middle finger to play along
her spread open pussy lips. She ran her middle finger up and
down her open gash from top to bottom and back up again. Every
once in a while, she would use her whole hand to rub her pussy
mound in firm tight circle on the top of her slit, to excite her
clit. She would then allow her middle finger to glide down her
slit once again, to her opening were she began to tease herself.
At first only allowing just her middle finger to enter her pussy
entrance, to just the first knuckle

 Every once in a while, when she had Mike's long, hard, thin,
cock all the way in her warm, wet, sucking, mouth she would use
her free left hand to play with her breasts and pull on her
excited nipples. She would also pinch and twist them, as this
got her more excited, as time went on.

 Kristy then began to think about something that had been in the
back of her mind for almost 20 years. It was, in a way, her very
first sexual fantasy.

 She thought about this fantasy as she was sucking her loving,
older, brother off. The more she thought about it, the more
turned on she got. Kristy began to think to herself and wondered
if she would ever be able to live out her first sexual fantasy
in real life.

 The more she thought about it. The more she thought that it was
in deed possible for it to really happen.

 She also thought, that if she was ever going to live it out, in
real life, she needed to do it real soon, because her clock was
ticking faster and faster each day and before long, it would
soon be to late, for it to really happen to her.

 Kristy also began to think to herself, what Mike's reaction
would be, if she told him her sexual fantasy, that she wanted to
live out in real life. She also wondered if Mike would be
willing to help her make this long ago, almost forgotten dream
possible, because he was also part of this fantasy.

 Mike was looking down and he could catch a glimpse of his kid
sister playing with her pussy and breasts, while she continued
to suck him off and this also increased Mike's excitement
watching his sister do herself, as she was sucking his cock off.

 Mike was also thinking in the back of his mind while all of
this was taking place and he too thought about maybe finding a
way to have his dad join him and together they would fuck Kristy

 He also began to think about 10 year old Beth and how she was a
product of incestuous mating between a father and his daughter
and that in itself, was so sexually exciting to him, that this
thought was bringing him to the point of no return. He was
getting himself ready to release a hot, thick, sticky, load of
bubbling, white, hot, brotherly, come into his little sister's
sucking mouth.

 Mike began to thrust his hips forward and then backward as he
began his final movements, just before he exploded into his
sister's sucking mouth. He also reached down and took a hold of
Kristy's head. Each one of his hands almost on her ears and he
began to hold her head tighter in his grip as he started to fuck
her face with his thrusting cock.

 Kristy knew that Mike was just about ready to come and she was
also nearing the point of no return. She shoved two of her
middle fingers of her right hand up into her cunt as far as
possible. She then used the heel of her right hand to mash
against her clit. As she began to rub her pussy harder and
harder, all the while she was moving her fingers inside her
pussy. She began to open and close or spread apart her two
middle fingers, while they were still deep in her cunt and this
too brought about more excitement for her. She continued to
allowed her older brother to face fuck her, till he couldn't
stand it any more and shoot off his load of come, directly into
her mouth and throat.

 Mike's finial vision he had in his mind's eye as he started to
shoot off into his sister's warm, wet, sucking mouth, was that
of his own father fucking Kristy a few strokes and then pulling
his cock out of her pussy and then moving over to slide his cock
into their incestuous daughter's (Beth) pussy and then switching
back and forth until his shoot off into each of their cunts.

 Mike thrust forward one last time and buried his cock in his
sister's mouth and throat, as far as he could possibly go and
then held himself deep inside her. His hips and butt began to
shake, as the feel of his orgasm washed and crashed over,
through and around him. His cock head swelled up and then fire
off four or five big, long, thick, hot, spurts, of rich, creamy,
brotherly, come into his sister's mouth and throat. He could
feel Kristy's throat muscles work as she swallowed his thick
spurts of hot, thick, come. Her throat muscles milked his cock
as she swallowed what he had to offer her. This was, by far, one
of the best blow jobs she had ever given him.

 Kristy was just beginning to come herself as she felt Mike's
cock head swell up and she wanted to shout and scream in joy, as
he began to shoot, thick, creamy, strands, of hot, creamy,
sticky, strands of brotherly, come directly down her throat.

 It was a good thing that she was kneeling down as she came
herself or she would have collapsed from the shear pleasure of
it all. She was moaning and groaning as her own orgasm raced
through her body and she tasted her brother's seed as it shot
out of the head of his cock and went almost directly down her
throat without her having to even swallow it.

 Kristy quite thinking about anything and everything, as her
climax reached the very peak and held her there. It felt to her
that her body didn't even exist at all. She was nothing, but a
conscious mind, feeling the total release of sexual pleasure. In
a way, it felt like she was just floating on a cloud and there
was nothing, but pure raw sexual pleasure totally surrounding
her. Then she began to slowly come down off her peak and enjoyed
the slowly receding pleasure that was racing freely throughout
her entire body.

 Mike almost fell down in the shower from the shear pleasure of
the blow job his sister Kristy had just given him and he
withdrew his still hard cock from the throat and mouth and he
kneeled down in front of her. They both leaned forward and
hugged each other in the after glow of their combined and shared

 Mike was the first to pull back from their hug and he leaned
forward and planted his lips and mouth on his sister and began
to french kiss her, in a show of love and affection, at what she
had just done to him and for him.

 As they frenched each other Kristy had a glob of Mike's come
still in her mouth and she passed it over into his mouth with
her tongue. Mike immediately realized what it was and passed it
back into Kristy's mouth. Kristy then returned the blob of come
back into his mouth and he once again passed it back.

 They both began to laugh and giggle as they continued to pass
back and forth Mike's blob of come until Mike finally accepted
it and then he swallowed his own come.

 Kristy was pleased that Mike was able and man enough to do such
a thing. As most males would never ever dream of tasting their
own come, let alone swallow their own come, especially with
someone they knew was present and watching.

 Mike was not shy or bashful about tasting and drinking his own
come down, because he had done this for as long as he knew. He
had almost always gone down on a girl right after he had fucked
them and shot off inside their pussies, because he wanted to
make sure that they came also and almost all the girls he had
ever done this to, really got off on it and they never really
said anything about. They both knew that while he was eating out
their pussy, he was also licking and sucking his own come out of
their freshly fucked pussies. In most case, the girls begged for
more and they never went away unsatisfied.

 Kristy and Mike leaned against each other and hugged one
another as they enjoyed the fine warm spray of the shower
raining down onto their fully satisfied bodies.

 They both got up and began to lovingly soap and wash each
others bodies clean of any come and sexual residue from each
other and they both rinsed off then got out.

 Once again they both took large fluffy towels and lovingly and
carefully dried each other off. They kissed each others bodies
as they toweled each leg, arm chest, back and face dry. Once
they were dry they both walked back into the living room of the
hotel room arm in arm.

 As if reading each others minds they both dropped their towels
and together crawled up onto the king size bed both totally nude
and they laid down together.

 They both were completely relaxed and still enjoying the after
glow of the sexual acts they shared together in the shower. They
then laid against each other and they held each other hands.

 They were both silent for a few minutes and then Mike asked
Kristy if she would like a drink or something. Kristy asked for
a fresh cock over ice, no alcohol.

 Mike got up off the bed and fixed them both a fresh coke. He
returned to the bed and they both sipped their ice cold drinks.

 Then they began to talk about this and that and before long the
subject came back around to Beth, their dad and what they would
both like to see happen.

 After their long talk they both gently drifted off to sleep.

 Mike and Kristy both woke up at about 2:30am in the morning.
They both took turns going to the bathroom.

 Once that was done, they once again got cold drinks and laid
down next to each other, on the large king size bed.

 Before long they began to talk and it was then that Kristy
decided to ask Mike a very personal question.

 Kristy said, "Mike? What would you have done, if you would have
gotten me pregnant instead of dad? I mean, back when we were
first doing each other at home and even like now?"

 Mike was silent for a moment or two as he thought about that
question and then replied by saying, "I don't really know. I
mean, ............ Well, maybe the question really ought to be.
What would you have done, if I got you pregnant? Would you have
got an abortion or would you have kept the baby, like you did
with Beth?"

 Kristy was silent for a moment or two and then she looked at
her brother and said, "Well, If you really want me to tell you
the truth. I guess, I should say, that when I was only 14 years
old, I was having fantasies of you and I living together as
husband and wife and that you gave me a child and we lived
happily ever after!"

 Mike was silent and then said, "WOW!!! Really!!?? Man O Man!!!!
I bet mom and dad would have really killed both of us, if I
would have knocked you up when we were both living at home at
the time!!!!"

 Kristy was still looking at her brother and then replied,
"Well, I think both mom and dad would have been really pissed
off at first, but I could almost say for a fact, that they would
have not agreed to an abortion, no matter what. Even if it was
incest!! They would have never ever asked or told me to get an
abortion, even under those circumstances. In fact, I bet you,
they would have made sure I kept the baby, no matter what!! Even
after they knew for sure that you were the father of the baby!!"

 Mike was also looking at his lovable, dear, sweet, nude,
little, sexy, sister laying on her side next to him and then
said, "Are you saying, what I think you are so delicately trying
to say to me, Kristy!!??"

 Kristy continued to stare deeply into her older brother's deep,
dark, hypnotic, eyes and said, "Oh Mike!!!! You were my very
first lover and I have always treasured that fact, in my heart
and sole!!! I have also wondered, dreamed, fantasized and
thought what it would and could have been like, if you would
have given me the ultimate gift of a child!!!"

 She paused for a moment or two and then continued by saying,
"Mike! You are my brother and yet you are also my lover and
........... Well!! I would feel proud, honored and over joyed,
if you would give me a child!!! I want to have your baby,
Mike!!! I love you that much!!! I mean, I'm 33 years old now and
my clock is ticking and if I'm going to have any more kids, I
need to do it soon before my clock quits ticking."

 Mike was dead silent for a while and Kristy remained silent
also, to allow her brother time to think.

 Mike then cleared his throat while at the same time looking his
little sister straight in the eyes and then said, "Kristy!?
Honey!? Darling!? I don't know how to tell you this, but

 Mike then slowly lowered his head down to look at the bed and
the clear space that was between them, as he paused briefly to
collect his thoughts.

 There was a long pause as Mike tried once again to try to
collect his thoughts and then started back up by saying.

 During this long pause Kristy's heart was going a hundred miles
an hour waiting and hoping to hear her older brother's response.
She was hoping beyond hope that he would grant her this very
special request, but when he paused and said, "I don't know how
to tell you this." and then paused once again to collect his
thoughts, while at the same time, he lowered his head down and
refused to look her in the face. She knew then that her hopes
and dreams were just that, dreams.

 She knew already what his reply was going to be and her heart
felt like it would break, because even though he loved her as an
incestuous lover, he really couldn't go through with it, like
his dad had done to her. Besides, Beth was an accident and
wasn't planned by either her or her dad.

 Kristy's eyes already began to tear up, because she knew that
Mike was trying to find a gentle way to let her down. He was
trying to think of the right words and phrases that would
hopefully help her cope with her now breaking heart.

 Mike slowly looked back up into Kristy's eyes and she noticed
that his eyes were also starting to tear up. He cleared his
throat once again and then said, "Kristy!!?? I love you so much
and ........... I would do almost anything for you and you know

 Once again there was a long pause and then Mike continued by
saying, "Kristy!!!! I'm over joyed and totally out of words to
say to you. The only thing I can tell you is, ............... I
will give you as many children as you want!!!!"

 Kristy's heart stopped first and then her bottom jaw hit the
bed. Her brain and ears heard what her brother had just said to
her. She was in total shock for a few seconds and then all at
once, she exploded in a scream of joy and relief, as her own
loving and caring older brother and incestuous lover agreed to
mate with her and together they would create an incestuous child.

 Kristy immediately moved over and pushed her brother over flat
onto his back and she crawled up and over on top of him. She
then began to openly cry with joy as she planted kisses all over
his face, cheeks, neck, chest and every where else, she could
reach with her crying face and head.

 Mike allowed himself to be pushed over onto his back. At the
same time his cock which was limp, just a few moments ago, was
now almost fully erect and throbbing hard.

 Kristy was now laying fully and completely on top of his nude
body. She moved her hips, so that her pussy mound and slit were
placed directly over her loving brother's fully erect and
excited cock.

 They both knew right then and there that they would once again
join together as incestuous lovers. However, both of them now
knew what they were really trying to do, as they began to
sexually excite each other.

 Mike and Kristy were both planning to mate and create a brand
new life up inside Kristy's unprotected and fertile womb.

 Kristy and Mike even though brother and sister were now trying
to conceive an incestuous child together.

 In a way, it was extremely erotic and yet at the same time they
both knew that 99% of the people around the world would never,
ever, dream of actually doing this, in real life.

 Sure there are a lot of people who dream and fantasize about
doing wild and crazy things like this, but to actually carry
them out, in real life, that is another thing, all together.

 Mike and Kristy both had feelings about each other, ever since
the first time they did anything sexually together, when Kristy
was only 13 and Mike was just 16.

 In a way, they both felt like this was their destiny, to join
together in the ultimate act of love and lust between a brother
and sister and create a child together, from their incestuous
mating to each other.

 They both began to french kiss each other, along with feeling
and touching each other.

 Mike wrapped his arms around Kristy's waist and shoulders and
he rolled over first on his side and then continued to roll
over, until his sister, Kristy was now on the bottom and he was
now on top of her.

 Kristy knew by heart what was expected of her and she was more
than willing to spread open her legs as far apart as possible,
so that her loving and caring brother would have a warm, soft
saddle between her spread open legs, to mount her properly.

 Kristy now had a smile on her face bigger than any one she had
ever had, because her own loving brother was going to fuck her
and try to get her pregnant with his own brotherly come.

 She was completely relaxed and allowed her brother complete and
total access to her body. Kristy was openly giving herself to
her own older brother, in a way she had never ever given herself
to him in the past, for the simple fact, that this time her
brother was going to try to make her pregnant, in just a matter
of minutes.

 Kristy was in a state of pure ecstasy as she was now going to
receive what she had been hoping and dreaming for, for almost 20
years and that was to have a child from her own brother and
first lover.

 Mike had all sorts of feelings and emotions running through his
mind, during all of this and yet, in a way, it all felt so right
and natural, to actually try to knock his own sister up, so that
she would have his own child.

 The emotions of love he felt for his own, little, sister was
something that scared him, yet at the same time he felt so moved
by the very thought, that after all of these years, he was
really going to do his own, little, sister in a way he had
never, ever, done her before. He was truly going to try to get
his own sister pregnant.

 He kind of smiled to himself as he thought about how his own
dad had given Kristy his own child, by giving his own child, a
child. Now it was Mike's turn, to give his own, little, sister a

 Mike's fully erect cock was rock hard and felt like a hot bar
of steel, it was that hard.

 Mike moved into position, over and above his completely nude
and fully spread, wide, open, little, sexy, sister and prepared
to mount her.

 Kristy helped out by once again pulling her knees up and
placing her feet clear up by her own, little, firm ass. Her feet
were spread a little more than shoulder width apart, while at
the same time, her now bent knees, were spread out as far as

 In this position, Kristy's pussy was spread open like a
blooming flower waiting for a honey bee to enter her warm, wet,
velvety soft petals and pollinate her flowering bloom.

 Kristy's pussy was in deed spread open and her extended outer
pussy lips, did look like velvety soft, warm, wet, petals
willing and waiting to help guide her own brother's long, hard,
thin, cock up inside of her pussy.

 Mike reached down and without looking down at his cock, he
guided himself towards her spread open pussy. His eyes were
staring directly into his little, sister's eyes.

 Neither one said anything to each other, until his swollen cock
head touched her pussy lips.

 Mike moved his cock, just slightly, to one side and he was now
directly in line with Kristy's pussy.

 Kristy felt her brother's cock first touch her pussy lips
slightly, at that moment her eyes opened up a little bit wider
and her nostrils flared slightly, as she inhaled through her

 Mike on the other hand, took in a short, sharp, breath through
his open mouth and moaned slightly, as he too felt his cock head
come in contact with his sister's pussy lips.

 He seated his cock head at her spread open pussy entrance and
just paused for a brief second or two. Then said in a soft,
sexy, voice filled with pure love towards his little sister, "OH
Kristy!! You have always been My Love and My Life!! I give
myself unto you. Please accept my love and my seed. May it take
hold and give us a child."

 He paused just a little bit longer before he started to slowly,
lovingly and carefully enter and slide into his little sister's

 He was entering her like a person would slowly and reverently
enter a church to pray before there own god. Mike was, in fact,
entering a holy place this time, as he was going to show his
lovely little sister what actual love making was all about. In
the past, they had enjoyed having sex with each other and they
also felt a lot of love towards each other. This time, it was
different, because they were going to share each others love in
the ultimate act of incestuous mating, to bare a child together.

 All of the feeling and the emotions Mike was feeling at this
very moment could never be put into words, as he felt himself
enter his sister, his lover, his solemate.

 Kristy was almost feeling the same emotion, in a way, but since
she was a female and Mike was a male, they had a different set
and type of feelings and emotions.

 She felt her loving brother's cock head enter her pussy and it
felt to her, like she was a virgin all over again, but yet, at
the same time, she felt something even more powerful and
stronger than the feelings and emotions she felt when she gave
her virginity to her own brother 20 years ago. She felt more
differently than when she was married to Tim on their wedding
night and felt him enter her for the very first time as husband
and wife. It felt even more powerful than when her own dad
entered her for the very first time almost 11 years ago. In a
way, she felt like she was reborn all over again. She was
feeling what love making was actually suppose to feel like, for
the very first time.

 Kristy felt so many emotions and feelings that were running all
over her body, going through her mind and brain and this time
she felt her own loving brother enter her very sole for the
first time. She was totally amazed at what she was experiencing
for the very first time.

 As Mike's cock head slipped past her outer pussy lips and
entered into her pussy, her mind exploded in a shower of bright
colors. She felt him and at the same time, she felt his body
merge with his as they became one.

 All Kristy could do or say at this point, was to moan out in
pure love and total pleasure, in a soft, yet very sexy voice,
"Oooohhhhhh!!!! My beloved Mike."

 She paused as she felt him glide slowly along her pussy
channel, until she felt him fully and completely seated deep
within her pussy.

 Then she said in almost a whisper as Mike lowered his head next
to hers and said, "I'm finally complete!!!"

 Nether one said anything, because they were to busy enjoying
the feelings, sensations and emotions that were running through
both of them.

 Mike and Kristy both laid motionless for quit some time, as
they felt sensations that neither one of them had ever felt
before with anyone they had ever had sex with. They were in deed
joined together and they were now one.

 Mike could feel Kristy's pussy, as it gently grasped his long,
hard, thin, cock, in such a way, he had never felt anything like
it in the world.

 Kristy could feel Mike's cock, as it was fully and completely
sheathed deep inside her pussy. She could feel every inch of his
cock from the very tip of his cock head to the very base of his
cock shaft and she also felt his warm, soft ball sack, next to
her ass. She was also feeling things about his cock and about
her own body she had never, ever, felt before, in all of her

 In a way, they both felt like they had both died and gone to
heaven together as one, instead of separately.

 It seemed like an eternity, that they just laid together,
joined together, in the most intimate way possible, before they
both began to move together, as a single unit.

 They just weren't making love or having sex with each other.
They were joined together, in a dance of pure love for each

 Mike lifted up slightly and now had his head raised right above
Kristy's head. They both looked into each other eyes and they
both knew that talking to each other was not necessary, as they
were now connected on a much higher plain.

 He then moved both of his hands up to cup his loving sister
head in the palm of his hands, softly and gently. Kristy did the
same thing, at almost the same time to Mike.

 Mike was leaning and resting his upper body on his bent elbows.
He looked into his sister's eyes and it was then that he slowly
began to pull his long, hard, thin, cock back out of her pussy,
in preparation of the fucking motions that were soon going to

 His cock glided out to the very entrance to Kristy's pussy and
then he slowly began to reinsert himself back into her warm, wet
and velvety, soft, pussy.

 Mike began a very, very, slow rhythm of going all the way in
into his sister's pussy and then held himself as deeply as
possible inside her pussy for a few seconds, before he slowly
began to withdraw himself from her warm, wet, embrace.

 This was by far going to be the slowest, sweetest and most
loving fuck, they had ever experience alone or even together.

 After about the tenth or fifteenth stroke into his loving
sister, he leaned down and their lips meet. Softly at first and
then together their tongues meet each other.

 Everything was moving so slowly, yet neither one of them were
in any rush to make this special moment of their union end.

 They both felt like they had all the time in the world to enjoy
this special joining and they just slowly savored the entire
experience together as one.

 Both of them moved together, in such a smooth and graceful way,
that if it was filmed, not a single person in the world would
call it a porn movie or even say it was sick and disgusting, as
they watched a real brother and sister make love to each other.

 In fact, everyone around the world would agree, that they were
in deed, seeing two people join together, not for sex, but for
pure love.

 Together, both Mike and Kristy slowly and surely began to
slowly increase the speed of their love making to each other and
together as one.

 It was not a fast fuck or a deep, hard, fuck that they were
experiencing. They were slowly moving against each other, but at
the same time, they were moving together, just like a long slow

 Kristy felt her pussy open up a little bit, all by itself and
Mike also felt this same sensation. He also felt his cock go
just a bit farther up into Kristy's pussy.

 It was then that Mike felt the soft velvety tips and opening to
Kristy's womb gently but firmly clasping on to the very tip of
his cockhead. It slowly began to stroke and milk just the tip of
his super, sensitive, cock head.

 Kristy could also feel what her insides were doing to Mike's
cock head and she also felt a great warmth spread out from her
lower abdomen and slowly expand and totally engulf her whole
body. In a way, it felt like a warm soft blanket was laid all
around her.

 Both of them began to come together, but it was a shared orgasm
like neither one had ever experienced before. Neither one of
them were wanting to move faster or scream out that they were
coming. It just happened like a slow moving stream, that just
lazily goes by.

 Mike knew that he was about to come and shoot off into his
little sister's pussy, so he just slowly and surly moved his
cock up against her body as firmly as possible.

 His cock was completely and fully embedded into his sister's
pussy, as far as possible.

 It was then, that he felt the velvety, soft, three finger,
opening to Kristy's womb and then it happened.

 Kristy's opening to her womb expanded and reached out and
clasped Mike's cock head firmly and securely, right behind the
crown of his cock head.

 Kristy felt her body move on the inside and also felt her womb,
as it firmly clasped her brother's cock head and held onto the

 Mike could do nothing, but moan out in almost a reverent
whisper, "Oooohhhh!!!! God!!!!"

 Kristy inhaled slightly and she too moan out in the same
reverent tone and said almost the same thing, "Oooooohhhhhhh Yes

 Mike then felt the rush of come as it moved up the underside of
his cock shaft, from his balls. It was slowly moving up his cock
shaft at less than 1/4 of the normal speed and yet, at the same
time, it felt to him, as it was more forceful and more powerful,
than it would have been at high speed.

 The pressure built up and then the first powerful bolt of hot,
thick, rich and potent come exited from his slit and was
directly shot into Kristy's womb, because the three, velvety,
soft, tips were still clasped to the back of his cock head,
right behind the crown.

 There was a slight pause and then the second jet of come exited
his body and went directly into Kristy's warm, fertile, womb.

 Mike was completely surprised that he shot out 7 long powerful
streamers of come into Kristy's pussy and womb. Even after all
of the fucking they had done, in just the last 8 hours.

 Kristy could feel her own brother's come, as each shot was
poured directly into her womb. She also felt her insides move
all by themselves, as her womb moved within itself, to carry the
fertile life giving come upwards, towards where her unprotected
egg laid, waiting to be fertilized, by her loving and caring
brother's sperm.

 They both laid motionless after Mike quit coming inside his
sister's pussy for a few minutes and then Kristy felt her body
jerk all by itself and then she felt something she had never,
ever, felt before, yet at the same time, she knew without a
doubt, that she was, in fact, pregnant now.

 Some how, she just knew that she was and she felt even more
sensations, that were nothing like she had ever experienced

 Kristy's face blushed bright red and she felt a warm glow
instead of a hot glow, like when she was embarrassed or
something like that.

 Mike was looking down at his lovely sister and saw her face
blush too.

 Kristy smiled up and her loving brother and said in the most
reverent, yet sex voice Mike had ever heard her say, "Oooohhhh
Mike!!!! It's done!!!! I'm pregnant now, with your, I mean, our

 Mike didn't say anything. He just continued to look down at his
lovely sister below him and he smiled at her.

 Kristy then had a puzzled look come over her face and then she
once again smiled and said, "Ooooohhhhhhh God!!! MIKE!!! We are
going to have twin girls!!!"

 Mike leaned down and gently kissed her on the lips and then
slowly frenched her.

 Kristy responded and gave back as good as she got.

 After they broke their kiss Mike moved his upper body slightly
and laid down fully and completely, on top of his freshly,
fucked and flushed, little, sister.

 Kristy gently, but firmly wrapped her arms around her brother
and hugged him to her body, in a loving embrace and then
whispered into his ear and said, "Thank You Mike, My dear, sweet
lovable brother!!! You have made me a complete woman now!!"

 Mike stayed on top of his little sister, with his still hard
cock firmly embedded inside her pussy and womb and it seemed
that they both slowly and silently drifted back off to sleep

 Mike woke up as a jet plane flew right over the hotel and woke
him up from his sexual related dream he was having.

 As he began to come around in the real world, it was then, that
he noticed, that there was in deed a person sitting on his waist
and his rock, hard, cock was really inside a warm wet pussy.

 However, that pussy belonged to his dear, sweet, little, nude,
sister and not the person in his dream.

 Kristy was riding his cock slowly and enjoying the ride, as she
lifted herself up, almost all the way so that his cock head was
at her entrance. She would then, slowly slide back down and
fully engulf his cock, all the way down to the very bottom and
then do it all over again.

 She was smiling down at him and she then said, "Well, Sorry I'm
not Nancy, but I will have to do, until you build up enough
courage to seduce your, own, little, daughter."

 Mike had a shocked look on his face, as he realized that his
dream of fucking Nancy was not real and his own sister Kristy
must have heard him talk in his dream as he was fucking Nancy.

 Kristy smiled down at him all the while she was slowly raising
up and then falling back down on his long, hard, thin, cock. She
then said, "Don't worry Mike!!! I was kind of getting off on the
idea of you and Nancy fucking. In fact, I was thinking to myself
what it might be like, to actually see you fuck her and come
inside her."

 Mike was almost speechless, at what his own sister had just
said, but then again, this is also the very same sister, that
had let her own dad fuck her and to top every thing else, she
ended up getting pregnant by her own dad and she was also
thinking about having their own dad fuck Beth and take her

 As they both enjoyed their morning fuck together, Mike asked
his sister how many times did she and dad do it.

 Kristy laughed and said, "Well, He fucked me every time he flew
out to California on business. I would have to say he came out
almost once every three or four months."

 Mike was kind of shocked, but then again. Hell, their dad had
got her pregnant and well, after something like that, well
nothing would seem too weird or bizarre, about fucking each
other after something like that.

 Mike then said, "So, Did you ever fuck him at home? When ever
you flew out to visit mom and dad? Like on the holidays and

 Kristy smiled and then said, "Yea, We did it a few times and we
almost got caught a couple of times by mom and one time when you
came in with Kim and the kids."

 Mike shook his head in disbelief as his own sister told him of
the time they, her and their dad, fucked on her old bed, in her
old bedroom and how mom came home early from shopping one time
and if she won't have made enough noise down stairs, they would
have surely been caught, in the act of doing each other.

 They were both heated up and roaring to come, as they talked
about the different times they had almost got caught by their
own parents and how their own dad had spied on them, way back
when Kristy was only 16 and Mike was 19.

 They even got to the point of talking and dreaming out loud,
what it could have been like if everyone in the family knew
about it and they could swap partners. Daddy would fuck Kristy
and Mike would have been able to fuck his own mom.

 This made them both lose control and they both were coming on
and inside of each other, at the very thought of their entire
family sharing each others bodies for pure sexual pleasure and
enjoy incest as it was meant to be, a family sport, were
everyone was free to do who ever they felt like doing at the
time, in full and complete sight of everyone else in the family.

 After they had both orgasmed at the very thought of their
family doing each other freely and openly, they both got up, out
of bed and once again shared a shower together.

 As they were in the shower together Kristy moved up and hugged
Mike close to her body and said in a soft light tone, "Mike!?
About last night!? ..........." She paused as she looked deep
into her brother's eyes.

 Mike looked back at his little sister and said, "Yea!?"

 Kristy then softly said, "It really is true Mike!!! I'm
pregnant with your, I mean, our children!!! I don't know if you
can really believe this, but some how I know, I'm pregnant and
we are going to have twin girls!!"

 Mike continued to look at his little sister and in a way, he
just wanted to shake it off, as just being to emotional about
them doing it together and wanting to get her pregnant, but yet,
at the same time, he also felt something he had never felt
before and in a way, he also knew that it was probable true.

 However Mike was a little more skeptical about the whole deal
and just said, "Well, My Love!!! I guess we will soon see!!!
Won't we!!??"

 Kristy laughed and said, "Well, My Love!!! It is true and Yes,
You will soon see for yourself, that I do know, what I'm talking

 They both hugged each other and finished their shower together.

 They both got cleaned up and then they packed her bags and they
went down to eat a very early morning breakfast.

 Once they finished breakfast, they went back up into the room
and got her bags and they both thought about once again
stripping down and fucking one last time, but each of them had
already had enough sex for the time being and they went back
down to check out.

 Before they drove back to Mike's home in a smaller town, an
hour away, they both went to the mall to do a little shopping
and to waste some time, before heading home together.

 The mall didn't open up till 10 am and they had about an hour
to waste, so Mike drove over to an adult sex store. They both
went inside and Mike purchased a few new items and they both
browsed through the video tapes and made comments to each other.
The girl behind the counter looked like she was only about 20 to
25, if even that. She was watching them and then walked over to
stand by both of them and asked them if there was anything she
could show them or help find something they didn't see right,
off the bat.

 Mike was feeling kind of cocky and said, "Yea!! Uhhh do you
have any new movies in, about incest?"

 The girl didn't bat an eye and said, "Well, I just got one new
tape in, just yesterday and it is pretty good. It has a good
story plot and the actors in the movie are half way decent, this

 Kristy was totally shocked when Mike mentioned incest and then
she was again shocked when the young girl replied and wasn't
even embarrassed by his inquiry about a tape on incest.

 The girl noticed Kristy's reacted and smiled towards her, in a
way, to show Kristy that she was not at all upset or embarrassed
by Mike's request.

 Mike just nodded and said, "Really!! That good huh?"

 The girl smiled at both of them and said, "Yea, I personally
think, it gets as close as it can, without really being incest."
She paused for a second and then said, "Well, you know, in most
movies, the girls look almost the same age as their mom or even
dad, but this one, has a really good cast and the girls look
young and fresh and their mom is really older, but still sexy
looking and the older guy who plays their dad is really older,
but still pretty sexy, so it really looks real from that stand

 Mike smiled at Kristy and then back to the sales girl and said,
"Well, I think I'll buy a copy of that tape in VHS. That is,
since you gave it such high marks!"

 The girl laughed and said, "OK!! Will there be anything else?"
She paused for a second and then said, "Hey! if you guys like
reading material on the subject of incest, we also just got in a
new thick magazine called "Family Fun Digest" it is a very thick
magazine and it has hundreds of stories on incest and we also
just got in a CD ROM disk call "everything you ever wanted to
know about incest, but were afraid to ask". She laughed and then
said, "It is a really neat CD ROM and it has just about
everything you ever wanted to know about incest in it. It also,
has a lot of great stories and good photographs and a lot of
line artwork drawings, that is really wild to say the least."

 Mike then said, "Great!! You are a really good sales person and
you really know your products you have for sale here." He paused
and then said, "Uhhhh, I hope you don't mind me asking but are
you into it? I mean family fun?"

 The girl laughed and smiled and said, "Well, If you are asking
me, if I like the idea of incest? Well, let's just say, it
doesn't bother me."

 Kristy was still shocked at what was all being said between her
own brother and this little sales girl they didn't even know.

 The girl walked over behind one of the counters and got Mike's
order all packaged up in a sack and Mike paid cash for the items
he bought.

 She counted the change back and then said, "If you two really
like the idea and topic of incest. I might suggest that you two,
should fly over to the Netherlands sometime. You will really
enjoy that place, if you know what I mean."

 Mike had a puzzled look on his face replied, "The Netherlands?
Why there?"

 The girl smiled and then leaned forward, almost over the
counter, her breasts were resting on the counter top and then
she smiled and said, "Because, over there, incest is completely
legal!! That is, as long as everyone is above 18 and everyone
consents to it!"

 Kristy opened her mouth and said, "OH MY GOD!!"

 Mike was also totally shocked and smiled at the sales girl and
he was also looking down at her large 36 to 38 breasts resting
on the counter and replied, "NO SHIT!! WOW!!!" he paused for a
brief second and then said, "Have you ever been there?"

 The girl was kind of swaying slightly back and forth sideways
and her breasts were riding along the counter top and she just
smiled and said, "Yea!!! I've been there."

 Mike was now rock hard in his pants and then said, "Really!!!
Who did you go over there with?"

 The sales girls leaned back and brought her breasts up off the
counter and she was almost sticking her breast right out at Mike
and Kristy and she was still smiling and then she said, "Who
else, but Daddy and ME!!"

 She had a twinkle in her eyes showing a mischievous glint and
also a smile, that also spelled pure mischief.

 Mike was shocked by her candid reply to a complete stranger.
All Mike could do was just smile, as he tried to collect his

 Kristy was shocked at the girl's willingness to be so open
about such a taboo and totally illegal sex act here in the US.
Kristy could only reply to the young girl's statement, once
again by saying, "OH MY GOD!!"

 The girl looked over to Kristy and smiled and Kristy could
almost tell that the girl was really telling the truth and she
was not pulling their leg about what she had just said to them.

 Mike was feeling hot about his face and neck and knew he must
be blushing and turning red in the face, after the statements
the girl had just said to him. He collected his thoughts and
then said, "So you and your dad did it, over there, in the

 The sales girl once again leaned over the counter and rested
her nice firm breasts on the counter and smiled and then said,
"Well, Let's just say. Daddy and I didn't break any laws, over
there. OK!"

 All Mike could do was moan and say in a low sexy tone, "JESUS

 Kristy only said, "WOW!!! I bet that was something!"

 The sales girl then looked at Kristy and then said, "Well,
since you guys have been asking me questions, about me and my
sexual life style. How about telling me, How long you and your
brother here have been doing each other?" She was smiling all
the time looking at Kristy first and then switching to look
Mike's in the eyes.

 Kristy almost fainted from the question and then she couldn't
do anything, but open her mouth and then close it, over and over
again, like a fish out of water.

 Mike was shocked and then said, "Well, Let's just say, that
maybe, we need to visit the Netherlands real soon too, so that
we won't be breaking any laws, over there."

 The sales girl laughed and then said, "Hey, if you two ever
decide to go over to the Netherlands, maybe you can come in and
let me know and maybe Daddy and I will go over there with you
and we can all not break any laws together, if you know what I

 Mike just about exploded in his own pants, when the cute sale
girls said that to them. Mike then said, "WOW!!! We just might
do that!!" he paused for a second and then said, "I'm sorry, but
I don't even know your name?" He then stuck out his hand and
said, "I'm Mike and this is Kristy."

 She sales girl took Mike's hand and said, "Hi Mike!! My name is
Jennifer." She then withdrew her hand and reached her hand out
towards Kristy. Kristy stuck her own hand out and said, "It is
nice to meet you Jennifer." Kristy was still in a daze at to
what all was taking place in a x-rate adult store.

 Mike then said, "Well, I would like to ask for your last name,
because what would happen if you don't work here any more and we
decide to go to the Netherlands and then we can't find you to
tell you?"

 Jennifer laughed and smiled and said, "Well, you don't need to
worry about that, because daddy own this store and three others
like this, in town."

 Mike said, "WOW!!! NO SHIT!!!"

 Just then a person walked into the store and they all kind of
broke away from each other and Jennifer handed Mike his sack of
items he had just bought and then she said, "Well, It was really
nice meeting you two and I hope you two have a lot of fun
together in the mean time and I will save back some more items
as they come in concerning the topic you two like OK?"

 Mike smiled and said, "Thanks, that would be great!! We'll talk
with you later."

 Mike and Kristy both walked out of the door and they got back
into Mike's truck and started to drive off to the mall.

 Kristy and Mike talked non-stop about what had just happened in
the store and if they both thought that the girl was really
telling the truth about all she had said, about the Netherlands
and about her and her dad going over there and doing it to each
other, in a country were incest was perfectly legal.

 Mike and Kristy were both talking about the Netherlands and how
great it would be to live there, were incest was perfectly legal
among consenting adults. They were both hot and horny by the
time they got to the mall and the mall was just opening up.

 Kristy wanted to pick out a new swimming suite, so they went
window shopping and she looked and looked for just the right
kind of swimming suite and she decided to wait on buying one,
just yet.

 As they were walking through the mall they walked right in
front of a Victoria's Secrete Store and they both stopped dead
in their tracks and they both looked at each other and smiled
and started to laugh at and with one another.

 Mike grabbed Kristy's arm and almost dragged her into the store
and then they started to look at all of the displays and the
different outfits on display and on the racks.

 Mike picked out a pure white silk mid thigh short roman toga
style teddy, it had a scooped front or maybe a plunging front,
so that the woman's breasts were almost visible. The fine silk
was so fine and transparent that it was almost totally
transparent and you would be able to see every thing the woman
had and didn't have, when she had it on. The bottom of the toga
reached about mid thigh and Mike knew that a woman's pussy would
be clearly shown if she wore it, with out panties on. He then
held it up in front of Kristy and said, "Here!! Let's see how
you look in this, Honey!"

 Kristy smiled and said, "Wow!!! Not much there is there?"

 A beautiful looking red head was working the store and she
casually walked over to Mike and Kristy and said, "The dressing
room is just down the hall and to your right. If you would like
to try it on and see for yourself."

 Mike smiled and said, "Go for it!!!"

 Kristy smiled and started to walk back to the back of the store
were the sales lady said the changing rooms were at and Mike
stayed up front.

 Mike then turned and asked the sales lady, "Uhhh, Do they come
with panties or what?"

 The big breasted red head smiled and said, "Well, that outfit
was meant to be worn without panties, but if you are wanting
panties to match, I'm sure we can find some that will go with
the outfit."

 Mike smiled and said, "NO!! That will be fine without panties!"
He paused for a few seconds and then said, "Uhh, The outfit she
is trying on is a small and I was wondering if maybe you had
that same outfit in even a smaller size?"

 The big breasted red head looked at Mike and then said, "Well,
How small do you need? What is the woman's size?"

 Mike didn't know woman's sizes from Adam and so he replied,
"Well, She is a really small woman, I mean, she is oriental and
she is 21 and all, but she so small, that she is almost the size
for a small teenager and very slim." Mike made his point clearer
by holding his hand up to about five feet tall. Mike then said,
"Well, She is lucky to break 90 to 100 pounds, dripping wet."

 The sales lady smiled and walked over the rack and pulled out a
exact duplicate of the outfit Kristy took down the hall to the
changing room and she held it up to Mike, so that he could see
it and then she said, "This is the smallest one of that outfit,
it is an extra small."

 Mike looked it over and compared it to one outfit marked small
and he then decided that this cute little toga teddy would be
just about the right size for the persons he had in mind.

 He smiled and then said, "I'll take two of the extra small and
if the one she is trying on works I would like to have three of

 The big breasted sales lady smiled at him and said, "OK!! I
think we have enough in stock. So will there be anything else?"

 Mike then said, "Would it be OK, if maybe, I can go back there
and see her in the out fit, to make sure it is what I want?"

 She smiled and said, "Well, Normally we don't like guys going
back there, because other women are trying on things, but since
no one else is in the store, I guess it would be OK."

 Mike gave her a big smile and started to walk back towards the
back. As he was turning to walk back to the back. The beautiful,
big, breasted red head said, "Uhhh, I would appreciate it, if
you two don't get too carried away back there, if you know what
I mean?"

 Mike smiled and said, "OK!! I get the point!! besides, I think,
I might be able to control myself till I get home to play with
my new presents."

 The sales lady laughed and then said, "Should I wrap these all
up together or separately?"

 Mike turned and replied, "If it is not too much trouble, I
would like them to be wrapped up separately."

 The sales girl laughed and said, "So, do you have a harem or

 Mike laughed and turned around and said, "Well, I guess you
might say that. However, there are times I think I belong more
to them than they belong to me."

 The red head laughed again and then said, "Yea, and that is the
way it ought to be."

 Mike turned and laughed as he walked down the hall till he came
to a close door and he knocked on it and Kristy replied, Sorry!!

 Mike laughed and said, "Kristy!?, It me!! Open up and let me

 There was a slight pause and then she said, "OK, just a few
more seconds."

 Mike waited patiently and then the door opened and Mike stepped
in and saw that Kristy had stripped down to the buff and she was
now only wearing the outfit. No panties, no nothing.

 Mike was completely impressed at how his beautiful, little,
sister looked, decked out in this new toga style teddy. The
plunging neckline clearly showed her smooth skin from her neck
almost all the way down to her belly button. The front was made
in such a way that he could easily slide both his hands in to
cup her braless, little, breasts. The bottom of the out fit
clearly showed off her light dusty, brown, bush, on her pussy
mound and Mike was trying to imagine what she would look like in
this outfit with a bare, clean, shaven and smooth, pussy.

 Mike was rock hard and he moved forward and took Kristy into
his arms and gave her a big french kiss and she was at first
taken back by Mike's bold approach in a public place. Even if it
was a private changing room. She still knew that they were
brother and sister and to do something like this in public would
only be asking for trouble sooner or later.

 Mike then broke the kiss and said, "GOD Kristy!! You really
look fabulous in that outfit, and it fits just right!!" He
paused for a few seconds all the while staring at his nearly
nude 33 year old sister dressed in this new sexy outfit and he
wished he could take her right then and there, but he figured
that would not be a very good idea. He then said, "I better go,
before something takes over me and we do it right here!! I'll go
ahead and pay for it and I'll wait up front for you OK?"

 Kristy leaned forward to her older brother and she openly and
excitedly frenched him and then broke away with a smile on her
face and she said, "OH!!! Thank Mike!!!! I'll try to find some
way, I can pay you back for this beautiful, sexy, outfit."

 Mike opened up the door and said as he was closing the door,
"I'm sure you can baby!! I'm sure you can!"

 She took off the outfit and she openly played with her bared
pussy, before she put on her panties and the rest of her clothes.

 Kristy also placed her hand over her lower abdomen and she once
again thought to herself that she was in deed pregnant with her
loving and caring brother's child. She then corrected herself
and thought of the twin little girls, which she knew she was
carrying in her womb.

 It really pleased her to know that the twin girls were just as
much Mike's girls, as they were her girls. She was feeling flush
once again and she began to think to herself about some other
deep dark private thoughts, she was now harboring deep within
her own mind.

 The thoughts alone caused Kristy to smile to herself and she
then finished up changing clothes.

 Mike was up front and he said to the sales lady, "It fits her
to a tee, so wrap them all up if you would please."

 She was already wrapping up the two smaller ones and then she
got gift boxes for the other three and began to wrap the two up
and was waiting for Kristy to bring the other one up for her to
wrap that one too.

 She then said, "So, will there be anything else?"

 Mike replied, "No, I think that will do for now, but I'm sure,
I will be coming back sooner or later, to pick out some other

 She then said, "Great, Just ask for me, OH!! by the way my name
is Nicole."

 Mike smiled back at her and then said, "Thank you, I will

 Nicole then said, "Well, If you mention my name, I get a part
of the commission if they make a sale and I'm not here, but you
mention my name. You know, every bit helps."

 Mike laughed and said, "I will most definitely ask for you by
name, Nicole."

 Kristy came back up to the front check out deck a few minutes
later and she was surprised at the big bag of wrapped packages.
She smiled and said, "Holly Cow Mike!!! What did you buy?"

 Mike just replied with a smile and said, "OH!! A little of this
and a little of that."

 Nicole said her byes and smiled and said she hoped to she would
see them again real soon.

 Mike and Kristy both walked out of the story and began to walk
towards the exit, where they had parked the pickup.

 They talked about everything and nothing on the hour long drive
to the smaller town where Mike, Kim, Eric and Nancy lived.

 The pulled into the driveway at almost 12 noon and Mike brought
her bags in and everybody was there to greet Kristy.

 Kim first stepped forward and gave her a kiss on the cheek and
a big hug, followed by Nancy and then Eric was kind of playing
shy and he finally went over and gave his Aunt a kiss on the
cheek along with a big hug.

 Kristy was really surprised at how big the kids had grown up
and she said that to each of the kids, Nick and Nancy.

 Mike took Kristy's bags and took them into the downstairs guest
bedroom and then came back out.

 Kim and Nancy were setting the table for dinner and Kristy
wanted to help, but they would have none of that. So Kristy sat
down in a chair and they all began to talk about all sorts of

 Kim was very careful not to mention Tim or anything like that.
Nancy was asking Kristy about Beth and why she didn't come out
here with her.

 Everyone was called into the kitchen and they all sat down and
enjoyed a light dinner.

 Nick finished his dinner and jumped up from the table and
reminded his mom and dad that he still had to finish packing for
the fishing and camping overnighter and he should be home some
time Sunday afternoon.

 Nancy also said that she better get packed too, because she was
going to spend the night with Cami on the houseboat at the lake
and she too should be home some time Sunday afternoon or at
least by sundown.

 Kristy smiled and laughed and said, "Well, What's wrong? did I
not shower this week or what? Why is everybody leaving for the

 Nick and Nancy both stopped dead in their tracks and turned to
smile and laugh with their aunt and they both said that they had
already made plans and besides, it will be kind of boring,
because we knew you older guys will want to sit and talk about
the old days and stuff like that and talk about people we have
no idea who you are talking about, so it is better, if we both
leave you three alone and hopefully you all will have talked
yourself out, by the time we get back sometime tomorrow

 Mike, Kristy, and Kim all looked at the young kids and began to
laugh, because they had hit the nail on the head and so they all
said their good byes and hugs and kisses were all shared and
passed around. Then the young kids left the grown ups to do what
ever they pleased.

 Nick and Nancy both went up stairs to finish packing and Nancy
went into Nick's room and stood around watching Nick pack his
backpack for his camping and fishing trip.

 Nancy then kind of whispered to Nick and he stopped what he was
doing and came closer to hear what she wanted to say or ask him.

 Nancy leaned forward and whispered in a low quite voice, "Do
you think they will do it, together, tonight? While we are gone?"

 Nick smiled and said in a equally low whisper, "Yea!!! I hope
so, because I would like to try Aunt Kristy out tomorrow
afternoon or night myself!!"

 Nancy playfully poked Nick in the ribs and laughingly said,
"Nick!!! You are always wanting to try someone else new, every
time you turn around!"

 Nick smiled and said, "Hey!! I can't help it!! Besides you are
chomping at the bit yourself to try out Mr. Richardson ever
since you found out Tami and Cami are doing their own dad too,
you know?"

 Nancy smiled and said, "Well, You yourself want to get Mrs.
Richardson and both Tami and Cami yourself!! So there!!"

 Nick smiled and said, "Yea!! But mom and dad said, we can't do
that, until they go first with Mr. Richardson and Catrina." He
paused for a few seconds and then said, "You know, I wish mom
and dad would hurry up and get things going or summer is going
to be here and gone and then, Shit!! School will start back up
again and we both know that we won't be able to do anything with
anybody except on weekends then!!"

 Nancy nodded her head in agreement with what Nick was saying.

 Nick then said, "Hey Nancy? Do you think we have enough time to
....... well, you know? Do it? Now?"

 Nancy's eyes got real wide and then she smiled and said, "Well,
I really would like to, but we better not, to be on the safe

 Nick moaned and said, "Oooohhh Come on Nancy!! We can just do a
quickie and you can suck me off and then I can eat your pussy
real fast too!!!"

 Nancy was silent for a few seconds thinking about her older
brother's offer. Her pussy was beginning to heat up at the very
thought of doing her brother, while their own Aunt was just down
stairs with mom and dad. Then she kind of shook her head and
said, "Nick?! I don't think we better. I mean, Aunt Kristy might
want to look over the house again and if she came up here and
saw us!!!"

 Nick was a regular horny teenager and he moaned and whined
because his sex partner and loving little sister was saying no
to his idea of getting some sexual relief, before they spent the
afternoon and night alone. He was always ready to fuck and suck
at a moments notice. In fact, his small cock was rock hard in
his pants already and the last thing he wanted to do was jerk
off or worse yet, painfully wait for his hard on to go away.

 Nick whined out in a sorrowful tone, "Ohhh Please Nancy!!!? I'm
already hard and ........... Please Nancy??!!! Suck my cock

 He didn't even wait for Nancy to answer him and he was already
undoing his cut off shorts and before they hit the floor he was
already pulling down his underwear to expose his young, 15 year
old, thin, hard, cock in front of his little sister.

 Nancy was going to say No to her big brother, but he had
already started to drop his shorts and when his young, hard,
thin, cock came into view, she began to waver a bit and she just
stared down looking at his thin, hard, cock almost sticking
straight up against his young, tan, firm, abdomen.

 Nick took a step forward and placed both of his hands on her
shoulders and was using a slight amount of pressure to force her
down onto her knees, so that she would be in the proper position
to suck his cock off, while he was standing up.

 Nancy felt the force on her shoulders as Nick was trying to get
her to go down on him and suck his thin, hard, cock until he
would shoot off a nice, creamy, hot, load of brotherly come into
her willing and warm, wet, sucking, mouth and throat.

 Her breasts swelled up and she could feel her small, young,
nipples go hard and become automatically more sensitive. Her
cute, little, 12 year old, bare, smooth, shaved, pussy also
began to heat up and she could feel her inner pussy muscles
twitch inside her and she knew that her will power was at the
end of its rope.

 Nancy allowed her knees to buckle and she dropped to her knees
and she automatically reached out with her right hand and
grasped his thin, hard, cock and pulled it away from his abdomen
a couple of inches and then without any other foreplay or
anything, she opened her mouth and leaned forward and took her
15 year old brother's cock into her warm, wet, sucking, mouth.
She swallowed him whole, as that is how Nick really liked to be
taken, when ever his mom or Nancy ever went down on him.

 Nick gave out a loud sigh of relief and ecstasy all at once, as
his little sister took him whole and to the very root of his
cock all at once.

 Nancy didn't waste any time and she immediately began to bob
her head up and down the full length of his thin, hard, cock.
All the while, her tongue inside her mouth was playing all
around his sensitive cock head and up and down the length of his
cock shaft.

 She also used her left hand to reach around and hold onto one
cheek of his ass to steady him and also to steady herself as she
sucked her own brother off, in the middle of his bedroom, in
broad daylight, on a Saturday afternoon. To top it all off,
their own Aunt Kristy, was down stairs, on the main floor.

 Nick was excited and pleased that Nancy had willingly decide to
go ahead and suck him off. Nick was looking down at his little,
kneeling, sister with her small, cute, little, mouth packed full
of his young, hard, cock meat. Even while he was looking down at
Nancy sucking his cock and bobbing up and down the full length
of his cock. He watched as his cock slid in and then out and
watched her lips pucker and her cheeks suck inward, when she
applied more sucking pressure, to his now hyper sensitive,
little, cock head.

 He was thinking to himself and imagining that it was Aunt
Kristy, who was kneeling before him and she was sucking his
young, hard, cock, for the very first time.

 This caused Nick to get more excited and he knew that he would
not last very much longer, because he was really hot and excited
at the prospects of actually getting to fuck his own dad's
sister. WOW!! Dad said he use to fuck her all the time, when
they were about the same age, as Nancy and him and hopefully
pretty soon, Nick would be able to fuck her too!!! That was just
too much for him and he began to move his hip forward and
backward, as if he was fucking his little sister's face and in a
way, he was.

 Nick moaned out and said, "OH FUCK, NACY! I'm almost there!"

 He then reached down with both hands and gently placed them on
each side of her face by her ears and he began to gently but
firmly  pull her head into his crotch. Then pull her head back,
so that his cock would slide almost out of her mouth. He would
then pull her head back into his crotch. He was guiding her and
he was also picking up the speed and pace of her bobbing head on
his thin, hard, cock.

 Nancy allowed her brother to lead and she gracefully and calmly
followed her brother's lead and actions. She was becoming more
and more adept at suck not only her brother's thin, hard, cock,
but she was able to handle her dad's cock more easily now. She
smiled inward to herself and she was even patting herself on her
back at being a pretty, good, little, 12 year old, cock sucker,
in such a short amount of time.

 Even her own dad and mom was impressed at how well she was able
to handle her dad's bigger, longer, cock.

 Nancy leaned forward and tried to brush her young, sensitive,
budding, breasts and nipples against Nicks thighs, every time he
would pull her forward. Her nipples were rock hard, under her
shirt and she wished that she would have taken her shirt off,
before she started. That way, her bare breasts and nipples would
have been able to rub up against her big, 15 year old, brother's

 She was also wanting to play with her own pussy now, but her
other hand was to busy holding on to Nick's butt cheek. Her
right hand was gently and firmly holding Nick's balls in her
small, soft, warm palm of her hand, so she was left in a
quandary as she really wanted to come herself, at the same time
Nick would shoot off his young, hot, load of creamy come into
her warm, wet and willing mouth and throat, but she didn't have
enough hands to do everything. She ended up relenting and held
off from playing with herself, knowing that Nick would go down
on her and lick and suck her young, bare, smooth, clean shaven,
pussy after he had finished shooting off into her mouth.

 Nick began to moan and he really began to speed up his thrusts
and withdrawals from her sucking lips, mouth and throat. Nancy
knew that Nick could explode in her mouth and throat at any
moment now.

 Nancy was also just beginning to understand, just how different
Nick and her dad was, when it came to sex and blow jobs. Her dad
would get to the point of shooting off and he would slide his
cock in as far as she would let him. He would then become
perfectly still and she would feel his cock head swell up, then
all at once, he would shoot off in the very back of her mouth
and very, close to her throat, so that his come would jet almost
directly down her throat. He would hold himself complete still,
all the while his cock would be shooting out streamer after
thick, streamer of hot, thick, rich, come directly down her
small, swallowing, throat.

 Nick on the other hand would speed up, then begin pushing in
and then pulling almost all the way out. She never really knew,
when he would start to come, then all at once when he would
start to shoot off his spurts of come into her mouth. He would
just keep moving his cock back and forth in her mouth, so that
one time, his cock would be back in her mouth near her throat
and he would fire off a stream of come. Where it would almost
shoot down her throat, but before the spurt ended, he would
already be withdrawing his cock while that streamer was still
coming out of the end of his cock. At other times his cock would
fire off a streamer of thick, rich, 15 year old brotherly come,
when it was at the very front of her mouth. Where it would spray
all over the inside of her mouth. Sometimes it would hit the
roof of her mouth and other times, he would shoot off and it
would hit the sides of her mouth and then again, at times his
streamer of come would shoot out and spay along the full length
of her tongue from front to back. All the while, he would be
pushing his cock in or pulling it out, all the while it was
spraying her mouth.

 In a way, it reminded her of a fire hose, turned on and no one
around to hang on to it, because it just shot water every which
way, until someone turned the hose off.

 She began to wonder and think which way Dr. Tom Richardson did
it or maybe he would be entirely different from both Nick and
her own dad. Nancy was really antsy to find out and she was
wondering what Cami, her very best friend, looked like when she
sucked her own dad off and how she looked when her dad fucked

 She wished that mom and dad would hurry up and do it with Tom
and Catrina, so that both families could start doing each other
and then Nancy would finally find out for herself, how Dr. Tom
Richardson fucked and how he would come. That also brought up
the possibility of also doing Eric and finding out how he did

 Nancy had a mild crush on Eric for a long time and since she
had found out that their family was doing everybody, she also
wondered how Cami liked fucking her older brother and what he
might look like totally nude. She was also wondering to herself
what their cock sizes were and everything else, about the
Richardson family.

 Just thinking about all of the possibilities and all of the
different people she would soon be able to fuck and have sex
with was getting her more and more turned on.

 Nancy was brought back to the present and what she was doing,
when all of a sudden Nick exploded in her mouth and he began to
fire off spurt after spurt of thick, creamy, come into her mouth
and she began to swallow his come, as soon as it left his cock

 Nick almost collapsed, as his orgasm took over him and he was
beyond caring at this point, if anyone came up the stairs or not.

 He shot off at least six, big, long, healthy, spurts of come
into his little, 12 year old, sister's sucking warm, wet, mouth
and he was hanging on to the side of her head for balance. He
was also using it at a way to move her head back and forth,
along the full length of his young, hard, thin, cock as it
spurted and spurted even more come, into Nancy's young, warm,
wet, willing, 12 year old, cock sucking, mouth.

 Nancy did her part well and kept her older brother's young,
hard, thin, cock completely in her mouth, until he finished
coming. She then licked, sucked, and swallowed all of his, hot,
sticky, young, 15 year old, come.

 Only then, did she allow his completely cleaned off cock to
escape her young, talented, mouth.

 Nick was still slowly coming back to his senses when he noticed
that his young, 12 year old, sexy, little, sister was no longer
attached to his young, hard, thin, cock.

 Nick then noticed than Nancy was already standing up and she
had already pulled her T-shirt up and over her head and she was
just beginning to undo her shorts.

 Nancy was smiling at Nick, as she pulled her shorts down and
then kind of kicked them off, as they fell down her long, firm,
thin, young, legs. She didn't even pause as she then immediately
began to peel her baby blue panties down, over her young,
swelling, hips and bared her clean, shaven, pussy slit to her
older 15 year old, brother and lover, Nick.

 Nancy wasn't shy or concerned about stripping in front of her
older brother any more, because in the last couple of weeks,
they had been fucking and sucking each other and also joining
and switching off with both mom and dad. To Nancy, this was just
a natural prelude, to the fun she was once again, going to
experience with her older loving brother.

 Nancy viewed sex and sex play, as nothing more, than a sports
activity and it was a whole lot more fun than baseball,
basketball or even swimming.

 She was well on her way to being a first class fuck and she was
taking after her mom in many ways, as she was indeed a little
powerhouse and acted like a real slut and whore, just like her
mom acted when ever she got sexually excited.

 Nancy walked over to the side of the bed and just laid back, so
that her hips was at the edge of the bed and her legs were
hanging off the side of the bed. She then spread her young,
firm, long, thin, legs in anticipation of the sexual thrills and
joys that her older brother, Nick was going to give her, by
kneeling down between her widely spread open legs. He was going
to eat, lick, suck and chew on her bare, smooth, clean, shaven,
pussy until she exploded, in her own sexual release.

 Needless to say Nick was kneeling down between his little, 12
year old, sister's spread open thighs and quickly brought his
head up to her steaming, bare, smooth shaven, cute, little 12
year old, pussy and automatically began to eat, lick, suck and
chew on her young pussy lips and clit. His tongue was dipping in
and out of her wet, juicy cunt hole, almost like an anteater
goes after an anthill.

 Nancy was already turned on by suck her older brother off,
knowing that their Aunt Kristy was sitting down stairs talking
to their mom and dad, while they enjoyed a quick little
afternoon delight, so to speak.

 Nancy was almost coming in her loving brothers mouth in less
than five minutes.

 Nick continued to eat his little sister out and he was also
getting another hard on and he was thinking about going ahead
and fucking her right then an there, on his bed, but then he
thought that he had better not press his, their, luck. Besides,
he still needed to finish packing.

 After Nancy came three times in his mouth he decided that was
enough, for now.

 Nick also hoped like crazy that Aunt Kristy would accept mom
and dads invitation, to become a loving member of their family,
as Nick was really turned on, at just the very thought and
possibility of getting to fuck his own Aunt!!!! He had done his
own mom and little sister and now he was more than ready to try
someone new.

 He was also thinking about Tami & Cami Richardson and also
their mom Catrina and was also hoping that his mom an dad would
hurry up and get the ball rolling with Dr. Tom & Catrina
Richardson, so that both of their families could all join in and
hopefully have one really big and wild orgy!!!

 Nancy continue to lay back on Nick's bed with her legs still
spread open, as she slowly came down from her three quick and
powerful oral induced orgasms. It took her about another five
minutes, before she got up and got dressed again.

 By that time Nick was completely packed and ready to go.

 Nancy was already packed herself and they both took off
together down the stairs and yelled out to mom and dad and also
Aunt Kristy that they we leaving.

 Both Nick and Nancy waited outside there house about five or
ten minutes until Catrina Richardson drove up in the mini van to
pick both of them up to take them out to the lake so that Nick
could go camping with his friends and Nancy was going to spend
the night on the Richardson house with Cami.

 End of Chapter #12-A

 Chapter #12 Part B Kristy and Kim learn more about each other.

 After they had sat at the kitchen table and talked for about a
half hour or so, Kim asked Kristy if she would like to go
shopping with her for a while, as Kim was wanting to get a new
swim suite for the summer.

 Kristy jumped at the chance and said that she was also looking
for a new swim suite also.

 Mike then said, “OH SHIT!!! I KNEW IT!!! The shopping bug has
struck again!!! Leave me out of it. OK!!??”

 Kim and Kristy both looked at each other and started laughing
together at Mike, as they both knew how guys hated to go
shopping with their wives.

 Needless to say Kim and Kristy took off and went shopping.

 After they left, Mike decided to go down to the gun club for a
while and left a note saying he would be gone for a while.

 He was hoping that maybe Kim would take the opportunity of
everyone being gone and try to seduce his little sister, Kristy
and get her ready for the rest of the family.

 Mike packed up a few of his guns and ammo and left.

 Kim and Kristy went into a fairly large store and went straight
for the ladies swim wear department to see what they had in

 They were both laughing and talking while going through the
selections of swimsuits on the racks.

 Kim picked one, two piece, bikini out that had diagonal bright
yellow and black stripes and handed it to Kristy and said,
“Hey!! Here is one that will turn heads for you!!”

 Kristy laughed and said, “Maybe if I was 20 years younger!!”

 Kim replied, “Kristy you look sexy just the way you are now!!
In fact, this will improve your chances of finding that special
someone for you.”

 Kristy had a pained look on her face as Kim made her last
remark and then replied, “Yea Right!! The way things are going
now!!! It could only get worse!!”

 Kim smiled and said, “OH KRISTY!!! Things will turn around for
you in no time!!! Hell!! I bet that you will soon find someone
that is so special to you that you will think and wonder why it
didn’t happen sooner and you will be back in the saddle again!!!
If you know what I mean!!”

 Kristy gave Kim a weird look and said, “Yea!!! Right!!!! and
where is this so-called Prince Charming been hiding all my life

 Kim smiled and said, “OH!!! Kristy!!! Lighten up will you!!! He
will come along when you least expect him too and you will be
amazed and shocked, all at the same time. Then you will come to
realize that it will all fall into place and it will feel so
right and wonderful!!! Trust me Kristy!!! I know what I’m
talking about, OK?”

 Kim reached down and picked out a daring red two piece bikini
that was a thong design and held it up in front of Kristy and
said, “Well!! What do you think of this one!? Think Mike will
enjoy having me dressed or maybe I should say undressed in this
one at the lake?”

 Kristy’s eyes bugged out in shock at the small amount of
material the suite had and how transparent it was. She then
said, “You got to be kidding right!!!”

 Kim then said, “NO!! Why!?, Am I too old and fat for this or

 Kristy shook her head and said in an apologizing tone, “NO
KIM!!! I mean, you would wear this out in public and Mike
wouldn’t mind you showing off so much of your body to GOD and
everyone else!?”

 Kim laughed and said, “I don’t mind and besides Mike kind of
likes to show me off to everyone. He like me to dress up and
show myself off in front of other people.”

 Kim then took both suites and grabbed Kristy’s hand and said,
“Come on!!! Let’s go try these on!!! If we both like them we can
surprise and shock Mike with a little fashion show when we get
back home!”

 Kristy’s mouth just about hit the floor in shock and she
allowed herself to be dragged into one of the changing rooms
with Kim.

 Kim wasted little time in disrobing in front of Kristy.

 Kristy was kind of embarrassed being in the same room with Kim,
her own brother’s wife and she was going to actually see what
Mike comes home to every night and sees for herself the nude
body her brother makes love to on a regular basis. In a way,
Kristy wished she was in Kim spot!! That is, with her husband,
her own brother!

 Kim was topless and she pulled her shorts down and kicked them
off. She then proceeded to pull her thong style underwear off
and as she stood back up straight.

 That was when Kristy noticed that Kim’s pussy was completely
shaved bare.

 At first Kristy was shocked to see Kim’s pussy total void of
any pubic hair. Yet, at the same time it kind of turned her on
by the sight of an adult pussy that was totally bare. To Kristy,
it almost looked like a little kid’s pussy, since there was no
hair there at all.

 Kristy automatically said without thinking, “Jesus Christ!!!
Kim!!! Your bare!!!”

 Kim looked Kristy straight in the eyes and smiled and said,
“Yea!!! Smooth as a baby’s butt!!! What do you think of it!!??”

 Kim made her point more clear by lightly running her right hand
down over and cupping her own bare, shaved, smooth pussy right
in front of her sister-in-law. All the while she was smiling at

 Kristy was shaking her head in disbelief and then said, “What
does Mike think of it!! I mean, was it your idea or what!!?”

 Kim laughed and said, “NO WAY!! It was your brother’s idea all
the way!!!”

 Kristy laughed and said, “Your kidding!!??”

 Kim still laughed with Kristy and said, “NO!! Your brother was
the one who came up with this wild idea and at first I was
totally against it. But I’m sure you know Mike and how
persistent he can be at times. Well, He just wore me down and
before I knew it, I agreed to do it.”

 Kim paused for a second or two and then continued by saying,
“I’ll tell you what!!! I think that was the best thing I ever
did!!!! I mean my sex life, I mean, our sex life is better now
than ever before!!! Hell Kristy!!! You should try it too!!! I
mean, if you liked sex then, then you will love sex even more,
because you feel things that you never, ever, felt before. I
don’t think I will ever let my pussy hair ever grow back again,
it feels that wonderful!!!”

 Kristy was staring at Kim’s bare shaved pussy as Kim was openly
and slowly cupping and feeling herself.

 Kim then tried on the swimsuit and turned this way at that way
in front of the dressing room mirror and also for Kristy to see
all sides of her.

 All the while they were carrying on small talk about this and

 Kim then handed Kristy the black and yellow bikini and told her
to strip down and try it on.

 Kristy was kind of shy at first about disrobing in front of the
woman her own brother was making love to on a regular basis and
was married to, but she then decided that her and Mike had been
together longer in some ways and decided to show her body off to
Kim, since she had already shown her body to her.

 Kristy began to strip down and she was soon topless and she
then proceeded to take her shorts off.

 As she was beginning to take her shorts off Kim said, WOW
Kristy!! You have really nice breasts!!”

 Kristy looked up at Kim and said, “Well thanks, but as you can
see yours are bigger than mine!!”

 Kim laughed and said, “Well not by much, in fact, someone would
have to measure us both to tell the difference. Besides Mike
always told me, “What you can’t fit in your mouth just goes to

 They both laughed at that last remark and Kristy slid her
shorts down and then bent over slightly and pulled her panties
down and off.

 Kristy stood up straight and Kim handed her the bikini top

 Kristy was kind of shocked that Kim handed her the top first to
put on as she was totally exposed below to her wanton and open

 Kim then said, “Well my tits might be a little bit bigger than
yours, but your nipples are bigger around and stick out farther
than mine.” She paused for a second and then said, “I guess we
are kind of even then Huh!!??”

 Kim was also slowly and openly looking Kristy over from top to
bottom and her stare locked on Kristy’s fur covered pussy.

 Kristy had the top on and was making the finial adjustments and
she also noticed that Kim was still looking down and openly
staring at her pussy.

 Kristy decided two can play this game and she said, “Well,
Kim!!?? Do you miss what I still have here?” She made her point
by slowly running her right hand down through her trimmed pubic
bush and she also cupped her pussy just like Kim had done in
front of her. In a way, she was giving back as good as she got
from Kim.

 Kim broke her stare and looked back up at Kristy and said,
“No!!! I was just trying to imagine what you would look like
totally bare too!!!”

 Kristy was kind of shocked by Kim’s answer, but then again she
started to laugh and said, “Yea Right!!! I shave myself because
you say sex is better, but maybe you forgot that I’m getting a
divorce and I don’t have a steady supply of sex, so what’s the
point? Get all dressed up and no where to go, besides I have no
one to take me!! If you know what I mean!!??”

 They switched back to small talk while Kristy put her bikini
bottoms on and Kim knelt down and looked closely at Kristy
crotch and then looked back up at her and smiled and said,
“Well, your trimmed OK, so no hair sticks out, but I still think
you should really think about shaving yourself bare. You’ll look
better and sexier in the suite that way!!”

 They both talked and laughed about all sorts of things during
the time they were in the dressing room beside sex. They also
both agreed to buy the suites and they went on shopping.

 They ended up getting home about two hours later. That is when
Kim found Mike’s note and she knew that Mike would be gone for
the rest of the afternoon. In fact, she would bet that he would
call home about supper time and check in first before walking in
the front door.

 Kim told Kristy about the note and she made the off-handed
remark by saying, Well Kristy!!! It looks like we are just going
to have to entertain ourselves until Mike comes home and I bet
he won’t show up till supper time!”

 Kristy laughed and said, “Yea!!! That’s Mike for you!! He also
did that when we were growing up. He never came home until he
could smell the food on the table.”

 The both laughed and Kim then asked Kristy to come up-stairs
for a second because she had something to show her.

 Kristy followed Kim up the stairs and they walked into the
master bed room together.

 Kim then dug into her sack and pulled her swimsuit out and told
Kristy to take her suite out also, because they might as well be
ready to show Mike what they bought as soon as he shows up.

 They both proceeded to strip down and Kim was completely nude
and was waiting for Kristy to get completely undressed before
she said or did anything else.

 Kristy was completely nude and was just about to put her bikini
bottoms on when Kim said, “Kristy!! How you thought about it any

 Kristy looked over at Kim with a puzzled look on her face and
replied, “Thought about what?”

 Kim made her point by once again running her hand down to
stroke and cup her bare, smooth, shaved pussy and then said, “I
mean, about you shaving yourself bare!! Like me!!”

 Kristy laughed and then said, “I don’t think so, I think I’ll
just keep it this way.”

 Kim then got a serious look on her face and then said,
“Kristy!! The kids are going to be gone tonight and
............... Well!! This may really shock you and it might
even make you mad or upset, but ......... Well!!! I was
wondering it maybe ........ Well!! I mean, since you and Tim
haven’t been getting along and all. Well!!! You know what I
mean, ............ you know about sex and all. I was wondering
if maybe you would like to join Mike and I tonight!!!! I mean,
.......Well!!! You know!!! In bed!!!! Kristy!!! What I’m trying
to say is that I would really like it, if you would join Mike
and I in our bed tonight.”

 Krist was once again getting ready to put her bikini bottoms on
and she froze like a statue and stared at Kim like she was a
crazy person. She then replied, “Jesus Christ!!!! Kim!!!! Are
you saying what I think you mean!!!”

 Kim smiled and said, “Yea!! I’m asking you if you would like to
have a sexual threesome with Mike and I!”

 Kristy’s jaw just about hit the floor and she replied in a
halting and quivering voice, “KIM!!!! Mike is my brother!!! That
would be INCEST!!!”

 Kim continued to smile at Kristy while Kristy still had this
blank look on her face. Kristy’s heart was beating a million
miles per second and she also felt it skip a few beats in

 Kim then said, “I know that it would be INCEST, but I also know
that you and Mike were lovers ever since he first did you when
you were 13 and he was 16.”

 Kim paused for a few seconds and during that time Kristy was
totally speechless and she had a blank look of complete shock on
her face.

 Kim then continued by saying, “I also know that you two
continued that incestuous affair all the way up till you got
married and moved out west.”

 Kristy couldn’t move or say anything and then she broke down
and sat on the bed with her bikini bottoms still in her hand.
She then looked back over at Kim and then said, “You know and
yet you don’t mind that Mike and I had an incestuous affair even
while he was married to you and now you want me to start back up
again with him and you want to join in on this!!??”

 Kim soften her smile and walked over to Kristy and sit down
right next to her and then she hugged her and kissed her on her
cheek and said softly in her ear. “Kristy!!! I know it is quite
the shock to you that I know, but I found out about you and Mike
by accident about six years ago. At first, I wanted to kill Mike
for doing something so horrible and hideous like that to you,
his own, little, baby, sister, but then. Mike told me about how
it all started and by the time he finished his story about the
first time you two made love to each other and you each
surrendered your virginity to each other. Well, I was just about
in tears because I saw for the very first time that incest is
not as bad as what I was first lead to believe. It also turned
me on so much that I had Mike fuck me fast and furious right
after he finished the story, because I was that hot and turned
on by the very thought of incest.”

 Kim paused for a few seconds and then said, “I also want to
thank you personally for helping me open my eyes as to what
incest can really be and not what a lot of other people claim it
to be!!”

 This time, Kim reached up and used her right hand to cup
Kristy’s chin in the palm of her hand and turn her face, so that
she was able to lean forward and kiss Kristy square on the lips.
All the while, she kept her eyes open.

 The kiss lasted for a brief second or two and then they pulled
apart a few inches and they continued to look into each others
eye’s deeply looking for clues as to what was going to take
place next.

 Kim then once again leaned forward and kissed Krsity once again
on the lips, but this time she added her tongue and Kristy
slowly, but surely responded by opening her mouth and allowing
her sister-in-law access to her mouth and tongue.

 They broke their first french kiss and Kristy spoke softly and
said, “Kim are you really sure about this!!?? I mean, ........
about us and ........... you really want to see me and Mike
together ............. doing it!?

 Kim laughed and leaned forward and gave Kristy another wet
french kiss that lasted a little bit longer and then broke away
smiling and said, “Of course I want to see you and Mike make
love to each other and watch as a brother and sister, join
together in the ultimate act of loved and commit incest!!! If it
wouldn’t have been for you and Mike, I would have never
experienced the joy, thrill and pleasure of incest myself!!!”

 Kristy’s eyes got really big and wide and her mouth dropped
open and then she slowly came back around and said, “What!!! You
have done it also? I mean, ......... you committed incest also,
with one of your own family members!!!”

 Kim was smiling and she once again leaned forward and frenched
Kristy again and this time she reached up during their french
kiss and lovingly, gently cupped one of Kristy’s small breasts
in the palm of her hand and began to slowly and gently feel her
sister-in-law up.

 They broke their kiss and Krsity blurted out as soon as their
lips parted, “Who in your family did you do it with? When? How?
Are you still doing it?”

 Kim laughed and said, “Well, My first experience with incest
was with my younger sister and that was really wild, because
after we did it to each other. She confessed to me that she had
those kind of feelings for me ever since we were in high school
and she was just too scared to do anything about it. We are
still lovers today!! But that’s not all!!!” Kim was smiling and
was waiting for Kristy to ask her what?

 Kristy was kind of shocked that incest would take place between
two sisters at this late date in their lives. She was also
pleased and relieved that Kim was not upset and she was in fact
giving her permission for her and Mike to start back up their
incestuous relationship and she was more than happy to be part
of that incestuous relationship.

 Kristy then said, Why!!?? What else happened!!??”

 Kim smiled and then said, “I’m also doing my own dad now!!!”

 Kristy’s eyes just about popped out of her head at this
statement. She then replied in a almost breathless whisper, “OH
MY GOD!!!! You and your dad!!!”

 Kim just kept silent, but smiled and shock her head yes.

 Kristy then said, “Does Mike know about all of this!!??”

 Kim smiled and then said, “Yes!! I told him before I did it
with dad and he said he was pleased and happy that I wanted to
do something like that with my dad even after all of these years
have past us by.”

 Kristy then asked, “Jesus Kim!!! What did your dad say!!?? I
mean, how did you go about doing it??!!”

 Kim leaned forward and kissed Kristy once again and this time
she gently pushed Kristy backward, so that she was now laying
back on the bed with her legs hanging off the side of the bed.
She then started to feel and touch her nude sister-in-law all
over, while they shared a very wet and passionate french kiss.

 Kim lifted her face up from Kristy’s face and stared down into
her eyes while she was still touching and feeling her all over.

 Kim then said, “Dad and I were in his hot tub at home and I
started to talk about sex openly to him and then I dropped my
top so that he could see me topless and then I took off the
bottoms and asked him if he would like to make love to his
daughter!!!” She paused for a moment and then said, “Well, He
didn’t refuse me and so we have been doing it ever since!!!”

 Kristy was almost speechless and then said, “WOW!!!! I bet that
was really wild!!”

 Kim laughed and reached under Kristy’s back and made a slight
movement for her to move up more fully on the bed. They both
scooted and crawled up completely on the king size bed and they
once again embraced each other in another passionate french
kiss. This time Kristy began to touch and feel Kim’s body as Kim
was laying off to the side and yet hanging part way over her.

 Kristy enjoyed feeling, touching and playing with Kim’s tits,
because they were almost like hers and in a way it kind of
reminded her of herself and she was almost touching herself in
some ways, as they both felt each others breasts up.

 Kim broke the kiss and smiled down at her and then said,
“Kristy!!! It went even further than that!!! The next day my
younger sister, Debbie came over to dad’s house and we all made
incestuous love to each other. All three of us together, doing
each other in every way possible!!! It was one of the most
unbelievable days in my life!!! I just wish we would have done
it 20 years ago. Instead of waiting until now to find out the
pleasure and joy we all felt as daddy made love to both of his
daughters at the same time!!!”

 Kristy was having a really hard time believing all of this and
yet she was totally naked with her brother’s wife and they were
making love to each other and yet in a way everything felt so

 Kristy was silent for a few seconds and then said, “Kim!!??
Would you really have done it with your own dad 20 years ago!!??
I mean, ........ that would make you only what 13? and your
sister would have only been 7!!??”

 Kim laughed and smiled down at the bewildered look on Kristy’s
face and said, “Yea!!! In a heart beat!!! If I would have known
then what I know now!!! Yea!!! I would have!!!”

 She paused for a second and then said, “Kristy!!! You are going
to faint when you see the monster size cock my dad has!!!! That
son of a bitch is almost 10 inches long, almost four fingers
thick and has a cock head larger than a plum and just a little
bit smaller than a lemon!!!! Let me tell you!!! He can fuck a
girl completely senseless!!!”

 Kristy had a dazed look on her face and then she said, “WHAT!!!
You want me to fuck your dad too!!”

 Kim laughed and smiled down at Kristy and said, “Well of course
baby!!! You are part of my family too!!! I don’t get jealous
besides since we are all into family fun we might as well
explore all of the possibilities and combinations!!?? Don’t you

 Kristy was still kind of shocked and then she said, “What does
Mike have to say about all of this!!”

 Kim smiled and said, “He is all for it!!!”

 Kim paused and then she said, “Kristy!!?? I hope you won’t get
mad or upset but Mike has already gone to bed with my sister
Debbie!!! He did her alone and she travels quite a bit and so
she hasn’t been in town long enough for her and I to get
together and share Mike at the same time.”

 Kristy was quite for a few seconds and while her mind was
taking all of this in she felt Kim’s hand slide down lower and
lower down to her abdomen and thighs.

 Kristy then said, “WOW!!! This is all a really big shock to me
to hear about all of this and yet, I don’t know. I mean,
........... none of it really seems to bother me!!! In a way, it
feels like a heavy weight has been lifted off of me and I don’t
know how to explain how I feel, but I don’t feel mad, upset or
jealous. In a way, I feel like I’m finally set free!!! I mean,
if you can understand what I’m saying or trying to say!!??”

 Kim smiled and leaned down once again and they shared and
enjoyed another passionate and wet french kiss. This time Kristy
began to lower her touch to match what was being done to her.

 Kristy’s fingers felt the smooth bare skin where pubic hair
should be and all of a sudden her finger tips came in direct
contact with her sister-in-laws wet, bare, pussy slit.

 Kristy’s mind went a blaze as her finger tips touched this
bare, baby smooth, pussy slit and all she could think about or
of was how much it felt like her 10 year old daughter’s, Beth’s

 Kristy openly moaned out in pure sexual pleasure and lust as
her finger tips glided down the dewy, wet, parted, pussy slit of
her sister-in-law’s and how much it turned her on as it felt
almost like Beth’s bare pussy she had just started to play with
in the last three months.

 Kim broke the kiss and pulled back just a bit, so that they
could look into each others pleasure filled faces. She then
said, “Kristy!!?? I have one last surprise for you!!”

 Kristy was pass the point of being shocked by what all was and
had been taking place lately and she calmly replied with a smile
on her face and said, “OH YEA!!! What would that be!!! I mean, I
think I’m pass the point of being shocked or surprised any more

 Kim smiled and then said, “I sure hope so, because Mike and I
are also doing our kids!!! Nick and Nancy are both involved with
us now!!”

 Kristy was wrong!!! She was indeed shocked by what she had just
heard from Kim’s own lips!!! She then replied, “What!!!??? You
mean Mike has already fucked Nancy!!!”

 Kim smiled down at Kristy and shock her head yes and replied,
“Yea!!! He took her for the first time about 2 months ago!!!”

 Kristy then said, “And you did Nick too!!?? I mean, all the

 Kim smiled and said, “Yea!!! I took his virginity a couple of
weeks later after Mike did Nancy for the first time and took her
virginity. But yes!!! I have done everything to Nick and almost
in every position up to now!!! In fact, Nick and Nancy are doing
each other and most of the time they sleep together when they
aren’t sharing our bed!!”

 Kim paused for a second and then said, “That is why I’m so
grateful for what you and Mike did and now our family is closer
now than it has ever been, because of what you and Mike started
so many years ago. To me, incest has been a blessing and not a
hideous crime as what most people think, because they have never
experienced it first hand.”

 Kristy was indeed shocked by what Kim had just said and then
she replied, “Well that son of a bitch!!!! Mike never told me
any of this last night and he asked me if he could do my own
daughter, Beth first!!!”

 Kim lifted up and her smile disappeared from her face and she
now had a very concerned look on her face as she looked down at
Krsity. She then replied, Whoa!!! Kristy!!!! Mike didn’t tell
you any of this, because I asked him to let me talk to you about
it and this way, you and I could have had a girl to girl talk,
so to speak, to see if you would bock at the idea of a full size
and full scale family swing with all of us!!! PLEASE KRISTY!!!!
Don’t be mad at Mike, if any thing, it is all my fault!!!! I’m
truly sorry, if I hurt you and upset you, but I wanted to be the
one to bring up the topic of incest to you myself and to
personally thank you, because if it wouldn’t have been for you
and Mike doing each other. I would have never experienced the
thrill, joy and pleasure incest is and can be!!!! PLEASE
KRISTY!!!! PLEASE FOREGIVE ME!!!!!” Kim dropped her head down
onto Kristy’s chest and she began to openly cry and weep,
because she figured Kristy was now mad at this whole set up.

 Kristy was taken back by Kim’s confession about how it was her
idea and not Mike’s about informing her about the new
developments that had taken place within their family, since the
last time Mike and Krsity did each other over 10 years ago. At
first, she was mad and then she began to think about last night
and how Mike could have very easily walked out on her forever
when she confessed to him that Beth was their dad’s child and
not Tim’s. She also began to cool down, because this was nothing
compared to what kind of bomb she dropped on Mike last night and
yet he accepted her like nothing wrong had taken place and that
everything was just the way things should be.

 Kristy wrapped both of her arms lovingly and gently around
Kim’s neck and back and began to coddle her and whispered that
everything was OK and she was not mad or up set, now that she
knew that it was Kim’s idea and not Mike’s.

 Kristy was hugging Kim to her breasts and chest and then she
said, “Kim!!?? So you mean that tonight you want me to join you
and Mike together and you are also saying that you want me to
join in with your kids too? Nick & Nancy!!?? You mean all of
together all at the same time in the same room doing each other
and everybody!!??”

 Kim lifted her head up and smiled and said, “Yes!!! That’s what
I saying!!! I want to include you in on everything and with
everybody!!! That is, if you agree to it!? I mean, Mike and I
have told the kids that they can do anything with any of us as
long as they don’t force anything on any one and if they don’t
want to do something they don’t have to do it. We all respect
each other in that regards!”

 Kristy lifted her head up and quickly kissed Kim on the lips
and smiled and said, “Well Kim!!!?? I would feel honored and
privileged if you would accept me into your loving family and I
will try to fit in and give each and every one of you as much
pleasure as I can!!!”

 Kim jumped up from the bed and went into her walk in closet and
came out with a large box and set it down next to the bed. She
opened up the lid and started to pull some things out of the box
and tossed them up onto the bed next to Kristy.

 She first tossed a bottle of cherry flavored joy jelly up next
to Kristy followed by 4 different types of dildos and vibrators.
One of the vibrators was a new design that Kristy had never seen

 It was like a double headed dildo but this one had 2 really
curved vibrators that were attached in the middle by a very
large egg shaped base which both vibrators stuck out from and
the large egg shaped area was covered by hundreds of hard stiff
little nubbins which would massage and stimulate each of the
woman’s pussy lips and clit while the curved dildos would give
them the ultimate pleasure deep inside their pussies. There was
a control box and about six foot of cord so that one or the
other woman could adjust the controls to the vibrating dildos
without having to reach down between their legs to make the

 Kristy was fascinated by this new pleasure giving device and
she was more than ready to try it out either by herself, but she
was hoping that both her and Kim would use it, the way it was
designed for and that was for two women to fuck each other, at
the same time.

 Kim also placed 4 photo albums up on top of the bed and then
she got back up on the bed. She sit up cross legged at first and
got the bottle of cherry flavored joy jelly and at the same time
she picked up the bizarre double headed dildo and snapped open a
lid that was on the large egg shaped base and began to fill the
large egg with the joy jelly.

 Kristy sit up and sit cross legged just like Kim and watched
her fill the egg up. She then said, “What are you doing!!??”

 Kim laughed and then said, “This thing is designed to hold this
stuff and it also heats it up pretty hot and the joy jelly
becomes pretty thin but still very slick. When you press this
button on the side of the control box, it pumps out the heated
joy jelly into each of our pussies and it shoots it out with
more force and pressure than when a guy shoots off. So in a way,
it fills like a guy is coming inside your pussy and let me tell
you, it feels unbelievable. I mean, It is really wild, because
it hold so much of this stuff it will fill both of our pussies
up to the point of over flowing and it feels like you had a
hundred guys come inside all at once.!!!”

 Kristy was awe struck at this new device and she was more than
ready to try it out for the very first time. She then said,
“WOW!!!! Where in the world did you find this!!??”

 Kim laughed and said, “My little sister found it over in
Germany the last time she was there on business!!!”

 Kristy laughed and then said, “WOW!!! Remember to tell your
sister that she needs to pick up another one for me the next
time she is over there!!! In fact, I’ll buy three or four from

 Kim laughed and said, “No problem!!! She found this and she
went to visit the factory that made them and she signed an
exclusive deal that her company would be the sole importer of
this new toy along with a few other items they make!!! Hell
Kristy!!! I bet Debbie has 2 or 3 cases of these over at her
apartment, so I’m sure that before you have to take back off,
you can get as many as you want and they will be on the
house!!!! My treat!! OK!!??”

 Kim finished filling the large egg shaped reservoir with the
joy jelly and then snapped the cap back on. She then turned the
heating switch on and sit it aside. She then said, “It takes
about 10 to 15 minutes for it really heat up to the right
temperature, so in the mean time.” She picked up a smaller
vibrator and coated the shaft with joy jelly and handed it to
Kristy. She also picked up another one and coated it’s shaft
with joy jelly and then turned it on low and slipped it up her
bare, shaved, smooth pussy.

 Kristy followed suite and did the same thing.

 Kim and Kristy then laid back down on the bed and they both
laid on their sides with about 2 foot of clearance between them.

 Kim reached over and place one photo album between then and she
opened up the cover and the first photo Kristy saw was a 8X10
black and white glossy of her totally nude laid out spread eagle
on a bed.

 Kristy saw the photo and gasped out loud, “OH MY GOD!!!”

 The photo was taken when she was 13 maybe 14 and she was almost
flat chested and she only had a small light dusting of pussy

 Kristy was surprised to say the least. Kim had not only found
the entire photo collect of her and Mike, but Kim had put them
into a photo album and they were put in order by year.

 Kristy had always worried that someday someone would find the
photos of her and Mike and see for themselves what kind of
things they did alone and together and be shocked and disgusted,
but now!!! It was a nothing more that a great turn on, because
the people who found them also enjoyed in the erotic thrill and
joy of incest!!!

 Kim let Kristy page through the photo album at her own speed
and they began to talk about some of the pictures and how great
that one shot was and how wild that must have been to do that
and things like that.

 Kristy also began to tell a little story behind the photos that
Kim made a comment about. Where it took place. How old each of
them were. things like that.

 Kristy looked up from the photo album and noticed that Kim was
using one hand to slowly pull and push the vibrating dildo in
and out her bare shaved cunt while still looking at the photos
and listening to Kristy give her story behind the photos.

 Kristy was really turned on, because it felt like she was
mentally reliving those events which were frozen in time by the
photos and it was really wild, because it all came back to her
like those events just happened, instead some of those pictures
were almost 20 years old, yet the memory was so vivid and strong
like they just happened not more than a week ago. She too began
to use one of her free hands to stroke her own pussy with the
vibrating dildo too.

 They finished the first photo album and started on the second
one. The second photo album was pictures of just Mike and Kim
and Kristy noticed at first Kim still had a full bush and it was
not until they were over half way done with the photo album that
she came across a series of photos showing Kim shaving herself
in front of the camera. This turned Kristy on to no end and
while she was looking at the photos she experienced her first of
what would be many climaxes that afternoon and night.

 Kim also came about four or five minutes later too.

 Kim then place the third book between them and as Kristy opened
it up she saw for the first time a picture of her niece, her
brother’s daughter, Nancy in the same spread eagle pose as she
had done almost 20 years ago. This really turned Kristy on and a
jolt of pleasure cruised at high speed from her pussy directly
up to her tits and then onto her brain.

 Kristy let out a low deep sexy moan of pleasure and said, “OH
MY GOD!!!! Nancy almost looks like a younger version of me!!!”

 She paused for a second or two to catch her breath and she
looked over at Kim and said, “GOD!!! How old was she when this
picture was taken!!??”

 Kim smiled and she continued to slowly stroke her super heated
and turned on bare, shaved pussy and then replied, “Nancy was 11
years old when Mike took this photo. In fact, Kristy!!! This
photo was taken just before Mike took her virginity!! This
picture of Nancy is one of the few pictures taken of her fully
and completely nude as a virgin!!!.”

 Kristy then replied, “GOD!!! Will you look at her!!!! She just
has the beginnings of breasts, but yet look at those nipples!!!!
They are the biggest, longest nipples I have ever seen on a girl
that young in all my life!!!”

 Kim laughed and said, “Yea!!! I know!!! I fell in love with
them, then and still am today!!!”

 Kristy then said, “Jesus Kim!!! Look at her bush!!!! I mean it
is nothing more than just the faint beginnings of a bush!!! I
can’t believe she looks that young and innocent and yet she is
openly displaying herself to her own dad!!! My big brother!!!
Your loving husband!!!”

 Kim once again laughed and said, “Yea!! I know!!! I was the
first one to get her started and let me tell you, she is really
something else to behold and enjoy!!! Nancy was just at that
stage in her life that she was half child and half young girl,
on the very verge of blossoming out. I was the lucky and
privileged one to help show her they way into family love, lust
and sex!!”

 Kristy then said, “WOW!!! I bet that was really something for
both of you. I mean you are her mom and you started to show her
what all her body was capable of doing and experiencing!!”

 Kim shock her head and she closed her eyes for a few seconds as
she was once again reliving that very first time with her 11
year old daughter. She slowly came back out of it and then said,
“Yea!!! That is something both of us will never forget!!! I
mean, I first started out by showing and explain her newly
developing body and was giving her the correct names and slang
terms used. I first stated to touch my nude body in front of her
and she copied my action and before long I was touching her for
the very first time. I then started to have her touch me and
before long were we were touching each other. But I guess the
best thing that I will ever remember was the look on her cute
little angelic face as I went down on her for the very first
time and she felt my tongue on her pussy lips and clit for the
very first time!!! That was indeed a very magical and special
moment for both of us!!”

 Kristy moaned out and then said, “YEA!!!! I know what you
mean!!! I bet Beth had the same look on her face too, the first
time I went down on her as Nancy did!!”

 Kim’s eyes flew open wide and her mouth opened up and yet
nothing came out for a second or two. She too moaned out and her
body shivered once again as she experience another small orgasm
as she heard Kristy admit to her that she too had started to
show Beth what pleasures her young innocent body could feel.

 Kim then moaned out, “OH GOD KRISTY!!!! You are doing Beth
too!!! At her age!!!”

 Kristy nodded and said, “Yea!!! I guess I turned to her,
because Tim and I practically gave up have sex with each other
and before I knew it, I was teaching Beth the pleasures of
woman/girl/child sex.”

 Kim then said, “GOD!!! How long ago was this!! I mean how old
was she when you started to do things to her!!??”

 Kristy replied, “I just started about three months ago and we
just started doing oral sex to each other.”

 Kim moaned out in sexual pleasure and then said, “GOD Kristy!!!
Beth is 10!! Right!!??”

 Kristy nodded and said, “Yea, She is 10 but let me tell you she
can lick, suck and eat pussy better than Tim could or can any
day of the week!!”

 Kim moaned out and then said, OH GOD KRISTY!!!! We need to get
both Beth and Nancy together!!!! I would really love to see the
two of them do each other and we can both join in on the fun and
you can try Nancy out and if you don’t mind I would love to go
down on sweet little Beth too!!!”

 Kristy turned the page and saw that this new picture showed
Nancy laying on her back and her own brother Mike was posed
above his young daughter and his cock was half way inside her
young little pussy!!

 Kristy moaned and came again as she saw with her own eyes a
picture of Mike fucking his own daughter. All Kristy could do
was moan out in sexual pleasure.

 She continued to slowly turn the pages and saw different
pictures from different angles of Mike having sex with his

 She turned another page and saw Kim the picture and she was
mounted by her own son, Kristy’s nephew, Nick!!!

 This also took Kristy’s breath away as she witnessed another
form and act of incest!!! This time a mother and her 15 year old

 Kristy moaned out and said, “OH GOD KIM!!!! What’s it really
like to fuck your own teenage son!!??

 Kim moaned out as she too began to relive that sex and photo
session with Nick and then replied in a very dreamy voice, “Oh
God Kristy!!! You can’t imagine what it feels like to have your
own son inside you again, but this time a very sexual way!!! I
mean, It is just totally beyond words or expression!!!
Kristy!!!! OH GOD!!! The first time I felt Nick come inside me
was totally out of this world!!! I mean, my own son came inside
of me!!! His own mom!!! GOD!!!! All I can say is incest is one
of the most powerful emotions on the face of this earth and no
one can begin to feel and understand the actions or the emotions
involved unless they do it and experience it for themselves!!!”

 Kim moaned again and then continued and said, “FUCK!!! For all
I care now, I will never ever have sex with anyone outside the
family or with anyone else who is not into incest!!! I mean, I
have Mike and my son Nick, my daughter, Nancy, my sister Debbie
and my big dicked Daddy now!!! and I now have you!!! my own
sister-in-law!!!! Besides I have two older brothers who know
nothing about this, but maybe some day soon that too will
change!!! So you see Kristy!!! I have more than enough people
who I truly love which is within my own family circle that I
really have no need to seek sex outside the family!!!”

 Kristy was almost moaning non-stop and she began to pick up
speed in stroking her pussy with the dildo that was still
vibrating on low inside her sopping wet and juicy pussy.

 Kim then said, “GOD KRISTY!!!!! I can’t wait to see you and
Nick together for the very first time fucking each other and I
know that you will definitely fall in love with him!!! Hell
Kristy!!! I bet in a year or less Nick will be just as good if
not better than Mike when it comes to fucking and giving a
woman/girl non-stop pleasure while he fucks the living dog shit
out of you!!!”

 She continued to turn the pages of the photo album and was
pleased and amazed at the different shots and positions that
Nick and his mom were posing in.

 Kristy turned another page and this time it was a large picture
of Nick and Nancy joined together, as lovers on the bed and Nick
was fully and completely embedded in his little sister’s young

 The last page of the photo album showed a picture of all four
of the Bridges family, Mike, Kim, Nick and Nancy all naked and
they were all smiling towards the camera. Kristy also noticed
that both Kim’s and Nancy’s thighs and lips and mouths were
glistening and she knew that was come. The photo was taken right
after they had all enjoyed a family free for all, fuck together
and everyone was smiling and happy that they had just had sex
with each other and together as a loving family!!! This was
indeed a happy family which truly enjoyed the pleasure of
practicing incest among each other as only a incestuous family

 Kim closed the photo album and moved it out of the way and then
she moved over closer to Kristy and leaned over to french her
loving sister-in-law. They enjoyed a long drawn out french kiss.
Kristy felt the vibrating dildo being slowly removed from her
super heated pussy and she moaned out in despair as it slowly
left her clasping pussy.

 Kim broke the kiss and smiled down at Kristy and said, Well!!
My Love!!! Are you ready to try out this new play toy!!!” Kim
had reached over and while they were kissing each other she now
had it in her hand and was showing it off to Kristy.

 Kristy’s body shivered and quivered as she began to think what
kind of wild and untold pleasures this new sex toy would bring
her and her new lover, which just so happened to be, her
sister-in-law Kim Bridges, a mother of 33 who was into incest
with her whole family and was completely sold on the idea that
incest was indeed best!!!

 Kristy could only moan and say, “OH GOD YES!!! I’m more than
ready!!! Do me!!! I can’t wait another minute!!!”

 Kim crawled over Kristy and she reached down between her own
legs and slide the top dildo up into her own pussy and got it
seated properly and she then reached down and grabbed hold of
the other dildo and bent it down slightly, like it was her own
cock and she slowly and gently guided it up into Kristy’s spread
open and dripping wet cunt.

 Kim then laid down and top of Kristy and their breasts were
pressed against each others and Kim’s bare pussy was being
tickled by Kristy’s fur covered pussy along with the egg shaped
base which was fully and completely seated between each of their
spread open pussy lips and now touching both of their clits.

 Kim lowered her head and once again frenched Kristy and they
shared a very warm, wet and passionate loving kiss. She then
slowly pulled away from Kristy’s face and smiled down at Kristy
and she brought her left hand up and showed Kristy the control
box and then said, “Well Honey!!! Are you ready to see sparks

 All Kristy could do was say only two words, “DO IT!!!”

 Kim hit the switch and both dildos began to slowly and gently
hum and purr inside each of their own pussies. The egg shaped
base also had a separate vibrating unit in it and it felt really
wild because it was kind of hot and yet felt so right. The
semi-rigid dildos had a curve to them and it was to reach up
inside their pussies and massage their g-spot or at least touch
the top part of their pussies.

 Kristy could feel the vibrations within her own pussy and yet,
at the same time she could also feel the vibration from Kim’s
dildo inside her pussy, as their bodies where pressed firmly
again each other.

 Both Kim and Kristy began to moan together as they began to
feel the pleasure and sensations this new sex toy was giving

 Kim smiled down at Kristy and said, “Check this out!!! She
turned off Kristy’s dildo and the egg base and turned hers on
all the way up. The vibrations were so strong and powerful
Kristy could feel the vibrations penetrating her from deep
within Kim’s own pussy.

 Kim was moaning really loud as her dildo was turned up to full
power and was indeed having a strong effect on her.

 Kim then turned hers off and everything was completely still
and quite. She then slowly turned on just the egg shaped base
vibrator and she began to turn up the power and all at once she
turned it on full bast and both Kim and Kristy groaned out in
sexual pleasure as the hundreds of semi-hard plastic nubbins
began to tingle and tickle them all over their pussy lips and

 Kim let this go one for a few seconds and then she slowly
turned it down and then off. She then looked Kristy directly
into her eyes and then said, “Ready!!”

 Kristy shock her head and then said, “Yea!! I’m ready!!”

 Kim then turned Kristy’s dildo vibrator on to full blast and
Kristy was completely taken by surprise as to how powerful and
strong this vibrator really was. Kristy automatically bucked her
hips up hard into Kim’s hips and at the same time yelled out in
totally shock and surprise by saying, “OH MY GOD!!!! OH!!! OH!!!
OH!!!” Kristy was almost panting as the strong thundering
vibrations bounced all over and around within her pussy. Kristy
could almost swear that she could fell her own breasts vibrate
from the shear intensity of the most powerful vibrating dildo
she had ever had the honor and privilege to have deep within her

 Kim laughed and turned it back off and yet Kristy could still
feel her insides vibrate even though the whole thing was turned

 Kim then said, “Now check this out!!!” She then turned on
another switch and Kristy could feel movement within the egg
shaped base and it kind of felt like something was moving around
in the base in a circle and it was moving all around her pussy

 Kristy’s eyes once again lit up with surprise and joy as this
new little sex toy had all sorts of surprises for her.

 Kim then turned on the egg shaped base vibrator about 1/3 up
and Kristy could feel the strong vibrations as it moved all
around the out edge of her pussy lips and each time it went
around it played over her clit strongly for just a brief second
or two before it went back around and gave her all sorts of
pleasure. In a way, it felt like a guy was shifting positions
and the base of his cock would rub and massage a different part
of her pussy depending on how and at what angle the guy was
fucking her in.

 Kim decided that is was time to get down to really enjoying the
pleasure this wild, new, little, powerful, sex toy was designed
for and that was to give two girls/women pleasure beyond their
wildest dreams and hopes. She set up the speed and intensity to
about 1/3 and both dildo began to vibrate in time with the egg
shaped base and that was also moving all around each of their
pussy openings giving each of them more pleasure as the minutes
slowly past by.

 Kristy also noticed that her dildo felt kind of warm and hot
just like a real cock does and she was completely sold on this
new toy. She began to think what Beth would say and do, when she
felt this beautiful, wonderful and amazing little toy for the
very first time in her young little 10 year old pussy. Kristy
smiled to herself and knew that Beth would scream out in
pleasure and shock just as her own mom did the first time she
felt it go wild inside her on full power and full speed.

 Kristy began to relax and enjoy the sensations of this new toy
and she smiled up at Kim and said in almost a laughing voice,
“GOD KIM!!!! I think I want to but stock in your sister’s
company for sure!!!! Shit!!! This thing here might turn most
women and girls into lesbians or at least BI!!!! Hell!!! This
little beauty will give most guys a run for their money in
bed!!! That’s for damn sure!!!!”

 Kim laughed at Kristy’s remarks and Kim also had the same
thoughts also the first time Debbie tried it out on her.

 Kristy then said, “FUCK!!!! I also better buy a lot of stock in
battery companies too!!”

 They both started to laugh and moan as their pleasure was
building up higher and higher as the minutes slowly past by.

 Kim and Kristy began to move their bodies together as if they
were fucking each other or at least getting fuck by the other.
In a way, they were not only fucking themselves, they were also
fucking each other.

 Kristy had a wild thought and then said, “FUCK KIM!!! With a
toy like this who needs men now!!!”

 They both laughed at this last comment and in a way they both
knew that in a way that was true and they both knew that the
gay/lesbian market would eat this toy up alive. It would be a
smash hit as soon as it hit the streets.

 Kristy began to see visions of woman fighting over the limited
supply of this great new little but almost deadly devices and
thought it would have a more powerful effect than last years
“tickle me elmo” doll everyone was fighting to get!!”

 Kim was also seeing visions of both Beth and Nancy joined
together by this neat little invention and she could almost hear
their young screams of sexual pleasure as the toy worked it’s
magic on their young pre-teens pussies and clits. Just the
thought of seeing those two young girls together with this stuck
up each of their young inexperienced pussies and how they would
both be moving and squirming as this new little sex toy pleased
and shocked their young, naked, little bodies from one orgasms
to another non-stop was definitely going to be a sight that she
wanted to capture on video tape!!!

 Both Kristy and Kim reached their peaks together and was both
coming like race horses. As soon as their shared orgasms began
to subside Kim switched off the all three of the vibrating
unites and waited a few seconds and then she pressed the button
on the side of the control box.

 Kristy moaned out in pure sexual lust as she felt a hot
powerful spray of hot, thick, joy jelly as it shot out of the
tip of the dildo which was completely embedded deep within her
clasping and spasming pussy. Kristy felt this new sensation and
it actually did feel like a guy was actually shooting off and
shooting a super big load of hot come deep within her pussy and

 Kim felt it also but she pressed the button again and again and

 Spurt after spurt of hot, thick joy jelly was expelled into
each of their own pussies.

 Kim pressed the button 9 nine times waiting just a second or
two before pressing the button again and again. over and over
the hot, thick, joy jelly was sent up into each of their pussies
and wombs. The powerful jet squirted it out almost 10 more
powerful than when a guy ejaculates inside of a woman/girl.

 Each spurt contained more joy jelly than the total combined
come a normal man would be able to ejaculate during his entire
come. In a way, it was like having at least 10 guys or more
coming into their pussies one right after the other non-stop.

 Kristy’s pussy was beyond the point of over flowing and so was
Kim’s pussy. The hot, thick, joy jelly began to gush out of each
of their pussy and since Kristy was on the bottom she felt Kim’s
load of joy jelly still hot and thick run out and down onto her
pussy and then run all over her lower abdomen.

 Kristy knew just from the feel and sensation that she was going
to be a mess after every thing was said and done with, but at
this point she really didn’t care, because she was coming like
she had never come before. It was by far, one of the wildest and
neatest sensations she had ever felt in her entire life.

 Kim turned the vibration units back on after they experienced
the 10 big powerful spurts and she turned the units up to a
little over 1/2 power and speed.

 It took less than 2 minutes before both of them were coming
again in an almost shared orgasms that was just a little better
and bigger than the last one.

 Kim pushed the ejaculation button only 4 times and then she
turned the units up to full power and they both rode out the
storm, as they both experience at least two more unbelievable
orgasms and each time Kim pushed the ejaculation button four or
five times, until their last orgasms which almost knocked them
both out. This time Kim kept pushing on the ejaculation button
until the toy was completely drained and then she shut the
machine off and they both hugged and clinged to each other as
their bodies tried to recover from the overload of pleasure they
had just felt.

 Kristy’s pussy felt almost totally numb and if kind of felt
like the vibrator was still turned on yet, everything was turned

 Kim and Kristy hugged and hanged onto each other for at least
five minutes before they could catch their breath and make any
sense as to what all was going on.

 They were both laughing and crying because of the pleasure they
had just shared together.

 Kim was the first to move and she slowly backed away and gently
removed the toy from Kristy’s pussy first. Once cleared of
Kristy’s pussy she then rolled over and almost fell on her back
on the bed. She then reached down and pulled the dildo out of
her pussy and she could feel the excess amount of joy jelly as
it began to freely run out of her tired, but very pleased pussy.

 Kim then kind of rolled over on her side and lifted herself up
on her elbow and looked down at Kristy.

 Kristy’s lower abdomen was definitely a mess as her trimmed
bush of pubic hair was completely soaked and matted with their
combined amount of joy jelly. In a strange way it looked really
erotic and yet nasty and dirty at the same time. It looked like
Kristy had just got done from being gang banged by at least 10
guys if not more.

 Kim was smiling down at Kristy and said, “WELL!!! What did you
think of that!!??”

 Kristy laughed and said, “FUCK!!!! I think we better put a
warning label on it and say something like, “Women and girls who
have a weak heart are strongly advised to seek a doctors advice
before trying this out. This should never be used alone!!!”

 Kim and Kristy both cracked up at that, but in a way it was so
true. It really wore both of them out and they were and are in
really good health. This was something that should not be used
on a daily basis!!!

 It took about another 10 minutes before Kim suggested they both
take a shower and get cleaned up before Mike come homes and see
this mess on the bed and find his two new lover totally worn out
and useless to him.

 They both got up off the bed and Kim preceded to strip the bed
cover off and saw that only the bed cover was soaked and the
cover and sheets below were OK. She then rolled up the bed cover
and tossed in the corner of the room.

 Kim then walked over and hugged Kristy once again and they
shared a brief french kiss. She then took Kristy’s hand and led
her into the master bathroom.

 They both got into the shower together and got completely wet
first. Then they both laid down and closed their eyes as they
enjoyed the shower spray beating down on them as they continued
to rest and relax from their unbelievable sexual experience they
shared together.

 Both Kim and Kristy were still laying down next to each other
when they both opened their eyes as they felt a cool draft float
over their wet, nude, glistening bodies.

 It was then that they saw Mike stick his head in the now open
shower door and quietly say, “Hi!!!! May I join you or do you
all want to be alone together?”

 Kim and Kristy both turned their heads to look at each other
and they both asked each other at almost the same time,
“Well!!?? Is it OK with you!?” They then both said, “Fine with
me” to each other and then turned their attention back to Mike
as he was still looking through the shower door at them.

 Kim and Kristy both said, “Come join us.”

 Kim then smiled and said, “Well, it was bound to happen sooner
or later so it might as well be sooner!!”

 Mike was already stripped down totally buck ass naked and as he
stepped into the shower both Kim and Kristy saw that he was
fully and completely erect.

 Mike got an instant hard on as soon as he got home and called
out Kim and Kristy’s name and there was no answer at first and
he knew they were home, because the mini van was in the garage
and the back garage door to the house was locked. He then went
slowly and quietly up the stairs and into his bedroom and that
was then he saw the bedspread laid in a heap in the corner of
the room. He also saw the large assortment of dildos and
vibrators and their family photo albums on the bed. He also
heard the shower running in the master bathroom as the door was
not full closed.

 Mike knew without a doubt that Kim and Kristy must have had a
little talk with each other and then they must have had a little
sexual fun with each other. He also knew that his little sister,
Kristy now knew the whole story as to what all had taken place
to and within his family. The best part was that everything must
be OK.

 Kim and Kristy both moved around and was now starting to stand
up as Mike entered the shower.

 Mike got under one of the powerful sprays and began to wet his
whole body down from head to toe. He got his hair completely wet
and soaked when he felt two pair of hands on him at the same
time he felt two wet and warm bodies move up against him.

 Once Mike was completely wetted down he reached up and pushed
the shower head button so that it was almost completely turned
off except for a small fine mist which shot out of the shower

 Kristy was now standing in front of him and he smiled at her.
She in turn had a blank look on her face, but at the same time
he felt his totally hard and fully erect cock being grasped by
his little sister in her right hand.

 She had a very firm grip on his cock and she looked straight up
into his face and at the same time she began to slowly increase
the pressure of her gripping hand and said in a almost angry low
tone, “You Fucking Prick!!!!! I should twist your little fucking
dick off and break it in two!!!!!”

 Kristy paused for a half second before continuing by saying,
“How dare you, fuck around behind my back without telling me
what you were doing to your family and not telling me about Kim,
her sister Debbie and their own father!!!! And to top it all off
 how come you never once mentioned anything to me about your
kids, Nick and Nancy!!!!”

 At first Mike and Kim were completely caught off guard by
Kristy’s actions towards her own brother and they really thought
that she was indeed very pissed off to say the least about what
all was going.

 Then all at once, Kristy broke into a big smile and Mike knew
that Kristy was once again going through her own motions of play
acting like she was really and truly pissed off.

 Mike should have know better, because Kristy had a flair for
doing things like this just to cause everyone to stop and take
full and complete notice of her.

 Kristy then released his cock and brought both of her hands and
arms up over Mike’s shoulders and wrapped them around the back
of his neck while at the same time she leaned in towards him to
plant a more than sisterly french kiss on him.

 Kim also wrapped her arms around both Mike’s and Kristy’s waist
and hugged them this way while at the same time she leaned
forward and kissed both of them on each of their cheeks.

 All three of them blended together almost like a single unit
and yet it was very surprising that none of them felt awkward or
out of place as all three of them shared each other in the

 Kim and Kristy worked together as a team as they went about
soaping up Mike’s hair first and then they soaped his entire
body and used their own body to wash and scrub his soapy body.
They were sandwiching him between their own bodies and all three
of them were getting more and more turned on by the minute.

 Before long, they all rinsed off and they got out of the shower
and all took turns drying each other off.

 Once that was done Kim lead both Kristy and Mike out into the
master bed room and got them to get up on the firm king size bed.

 It was then, that a smiling Kim asked Mike to make love to his
own little sister so that she could finally witness the two
people responsible for changing her life and her families life
to accept and appreciate incest for what it really was. The
ultimate act of love shown by relatives to each other. The
ultimate taboo!!! Incest at its best!!! Performed live and in
person in front of her to watch, see, feel, smell and taste.

 Mike and Kristy moved into the middle of the bed. Kristy took
the lead and laid down first. She fully and completely spread
herself out in the classic spread eagle position.

 Mike moved around and was now kneeling between his little
sister’s wide spread legs. He knew that they would join together
for the very first time in front of another person, which so
happened to be his own lovable and caring wife and fuck each
other in the missionary position to full and complete completion.

 Kim was kneeling beside the side of the bed as she watched for
the very first time her loving husband make love to his little
sister. It was hard for Kim to believe that this was really
happening and she was very excited to finally see an adult
brother make love to his adult sister and she was going to be
present during the entire mating process and show.

 She had seen her kids, Nick and Nancy make love to each other
many, many times and she had seen her own dad make love to her
little sister, but this was a very special treat, because if it
would not have been for these two people who were about to make
love to each other, she, her sister, Debbie, her Dad, John and
her own kids, Nick and Nancy would have never experienced incest
and she would still have to this day a very sick and disgusted
attitude towards incest, if it would not have been for these two
people who were about to make love to each other. Everything her
life changed the day and that night that followed when she first
found those dirty, sick and completely disgusting books,
magazines and photos which dealt on the topic and subject of

 Mike wasted very little time as he was more than turned on and
he was more than ready to just fuck his little sister from the
word get go. However, he dived head and face first into the very
first pussy he had ever smelled or tasted and began to eat that
very same pussy once again.

 He would never tire over eating his little sister out, because
this was the one and same little pussy he had grown up to love
and cherish. His little sister, Kristy held a very special place
in his heart and he would someday take that to the grave with
him, but until that time came, he was going to enjoy her in
every way possible.

 Kim was still kneeling beside the side of the king size bed
watching silently as her own loving and caring husband made
sweet and passionate love to his little sister Kristy, her
little sister in-law. She also began to touch and play with
herself as she watched the incestuous lovers do things to each
other before they joined together in the ultimate embrace of
incestuous intercourse.

 Kim also reach up onto the bed and took her favorite small
little 4 inch vibrator and turned in on and then began to slowly
run the vibrating shaft all over her full and completely nude
and exposed body. It wasn’t until she had run the vibrating
dildo over every square inch of her body did she then place it
between her kneeling spread thighs and place it at the entrance
to her own shaved, bare, smooth pussy.

 Kim moaned out in pure sexual pleasure and lust as she felt the
vibrations of that small shaft as it slowly began to glide
upward into her pussy channel. She used her left hand to play
with each of her small firm breasts and played and pulled on her
rock hard and completely turned on and erect nipples as her
vibrating dildo went deeper and deeper into her pussy.

 Mike was still enjoying and eating his little sister’s,
Kristy’s pussy out when she reached down with both of her hands
and began to pull his face out from between her now wet and
juicy thighs and pussy. She was silently motioning him to move
up and to mount her full, completely and properly as only a
loving brother can do to his little sister, which lay beneath
him completely nude and full and completely spread open for him
to have his way with her.

 Mike crawled up over his 33 year old sister’s spread out form
and got into position above her. He then felt a pair of hands
reach out and take a hold of his fully erect hard, long, thin,
cock and guide him towards and then into his little sister’s
spread open and fully exposed pussy.

 His cock slowly glided up into his sister’s pussy in one long
slow motion until he was fully seated, balls deep, within his
own sister’s pussy once again.

 Mike looked down in the loving and smiling face of Kristy and
they both moved their heads together as they each joined and
frenched kissed each other, as a toast to each other as they
were joined together once again in a incestuous loving embrace.

 They both broke their kiss at about the same time and then
together they both turned their heads to look at Kim. Who was
kneeling beside the side of the bed. Together Mike and Kristy
smiled at Kim and they were each rewarded not only with a smile
from Kim, but also a low sexy groan and moan from Kim, as she
used her own vibrating dildo on her own pussy as she watched in
complete awe of a fully grown brother and sister making
incestuous love to each other in front of her for the very first

 Kim started to shake and she then exploded in her own orgasm.
She was so turned on that she came this quickly and she also
knew that she would be coming again and again while she watched
this incestuous pair of brother and sister fuck each other like
it was the most common and natural thing in the world to do to
each other and in front of other people as they silently sit and

 Mike was completely turned on by this whole deal and how
everything seemed to all be falling into place better and wilder
now than any dream he could of ever had toward incest and what
all he would love to see take place. He was living life, real
life that was 100 even 1000 times better than any fantasy he
ever had in the past before his own loving and caring wife had
first found his secrete stash of incest material.

 Kristy was really in no better shape herself as this was the
first time in all her life that she was fully and completely
aware that someone else was watching her and her own brother
make love to each other. She was more turned on now than ever
before. It seemed that she was now fully and completely free to
expose and express herself like she always dreamed of doing and
it felt like a ton of bricks was now lifted off her chest. She
was able to actually show someone else how she truly felt about
her own brother and it also lighted her heart about what had
happened and taken place between her and her dad and that caused
her to feel even better about her own 10 year old daughter Beth.
She knew in heart that she was now finally free to do anything
and everything without having to fear what others close to her
would say and do.

 Kristy felt a love towards Kim her own sister in-law, which in
way was more powerful and stronger than she had ever felt
towards another female before in her entire life. She knew that
her and Kim would become more than friends and lovers they were
going to become closer to one another than even sisters if
Kristy had a sister. Kristy and Kim were indeed sisters to each
others hearts and soles.

 Kim was also thinking about Kristy in the same way and at the
same time and when both of them looked into each others eyes
while Mike was sliding his hard, long, thin cock in and out of
his sister’s Kristy’s pussy, they gazed into each others eyes
and there was no need for any words to be spoken as it was all
totally and crystal clear to each of them that they were now
closer to each other in more ways than anyone would ever know.

 Kim and Kristy smiled at each other as they sealed their own
bonds to one another without saying a single word or touching
each other in any way shape or form.

 It was at that moment that Mike moaned out and thrust his long,
hard, thin cock into his little sister’s cunt as far as humanly
possible and held himself completely still as his cock began to
shoot off long, thick, powerful, spurts of hot, thick, creamy
and potent come into Kristy’s pussy once again.

 Mike fired off at least 5 times into Kristy’s pussy and then he
slowly and gently lowered his body fully and completely down on
top of his sisters hot panting body.

 Kim then crawled up and laid out next to Kristy and they both
shared a sisterly french kiss, which showed each other of their
love to one another and the complete acceptance of sharing Mike
and each other among their ever increasing family members who
have been slowly and surely drawn into the wonderful world of
incest love, lust and sex.

 The End Chapter 12-B.

Chapter #12 Part C
Kristy and Mike's whole family swings together.

Nick and Nancy both came home at the same time on Sunday afternoon and
together with their mom and dad, Kim and Mike they had a late lunch
with Mike's sister, Kristy, Nick and Nancy's Aunt.

Nick and Nancy both knew almost instantly, just from the look on Aunt
Kristy's face and also on both their mom and dad's face that
everything must have went well. That is, that the three older adults
had a sexual threesome and that Aunt Kristy knew about their new
family life style and sexual practices.

While everyone was sitting around the dinner table Mike was the first
one to speak up and announce to both Nick and Nancy that Aunt Kristy
knew about the new developments and changes, which had just recently
taken place within their close family unit, concerning the practice of

Nick and Nancy first looked at each other and openly smiled their
approval and then they both turned their heads to look at Aunt Kristy
and smiled openly at her.

Kristy returned the smile at both Nick and Nancy.

Nick was the first one to speak up and said, "Way Cool!!!! So!!!! When
are we all going to do it, together in front of each other!!!"

Kim then replied and said, "Whoa!!!! Hold your young horses Nick!!!"

Nancy placed one hand over her mouth as she was giggling at Nick's
fast response and approach, to always wanting sex on demand. She knew
Nick, almost better than Nick knew himself. She knew that Nick was
always horny and this was just another case to prove her point, that
her older brother was hooked on fucking, especially since there was
now a new family player involved, who just happened to be a female. He
was always ready to do a new and different female.

Everyone continued to eat their light lunch while talking about
everything except for sex and incest.

Nick went about telling Aunt Kristy about how he was now a full fledge
lifeguard at the young age of only 15.

Nancy then piped up and said that Nick already had a good size harem
of girls following and chasing him around the pool.

Aunt Kristy laughed out loud and then looked over to the head of the
table where her brother Mike was sitting and then said, "Well!!! I see
that Nick is already picking up all of your old bad habits when you
were just his age also!!"

Kim laughed and then said, "Yea!!! It looks that way already!!! I
should know because, I was one of those little girls that followed
Mike around!!!! I might add, I stuck around long enough and netted him
as a husband!!"

Mike, Kim and Kristy all laughed about that one last statement.

Then Aunt Kristy looked over at Nick and then said, "So, Mr.
Lifeguard!!! How many girls do you have in your harem?"

Nick got shy all of a sudden and blushed. He was silent and then Nancy
once again piped up and said, "Come on Big Brother!!!! Tell Aunt
Kristy how many girls are running after your nearly naked body down at
the swimming pool!!"

Nancy paused for a second and then said, "If you don't tell. I will!!"
Nancy was laughing at seeing her older 15 year old brother get
embarrassed and blushing along with turning completely shy in front of
his Aunt Kristy.

Nick then said, "Well, I don't know really. I guess maybe a couple or

Nancy once again piped up and said in a taunting voice, "Lire, Lire,
Pants on fire!!" She then started to laugh again.

Mike and Kim both began to laugh also just from the look on Nick's
face as he was blushing even more and was shyer than they had ever
seen him before.

Aunt Kristy still had a straight face on her, other than a big smile
on her face and she continued to look deeply into Nick's eyes from
across the table.

Nick blushed some more and he looked down at his plate as he just
couldn't stand to look into his Aunt Kristy's deep penetrating stare
directly completely at him.

Nancy then said, "Aunt Kristy!!! You won't believe this, but he has at
least 4 girls who are really hot for him and then there is maybe 5 or
6 more who run around with the other girls."

Aunt Kristy went from looking over at Nick to look at Nancy as she was
explaining how the girls were following Nick around the pool like he
was some kind of Stud or Local Hero.

After Nancy got done with that last statement Kristy once again turned
her head back to look at Nick and she caught Nick looking over at his
little, 12 year old, sister and she could tell that he was a bit
pissed off at her for telling Aunt Krsity about the girls at the pool.

Kristy then looked at Nick and then said, "So, Is that true Nick!!??"

Nick opened up a bit and looked over at his Aunt and then said, "Yea!!
I guess so. But they are not always around and that. I mean ........
Well you know!!"

Aunt Kristy nodded at Nick as if to understand what he was saying and
then asked, "So, Nick what are the ages of the 4 girls who are so hot
for you?"

Nick blushed once again and Nancy was beginning to giggle once again
as her older brother was being put on the hot seat once again.

Nancy also liked to see Nick act so shy and blushing, when most of the
time Nick acted like he was so cool and always in control of things.
She figured that he was shy and bashful, because his Aunt was grilling
him and he was not quit sure how to take her and react to her
questions and attitude.

Nick looked down at his empty plate on the table and then slowly
looked back up to look across the table at his Aunt Kristy, who was
still in almost the same pose and wearing the same half smile as
before. He then answered slowly and said, "One is 16, another is 15,
then there is a 13 year old and I guess one is only 9 or 10." He
paused for a brief second or two and then said, "But I think the
youngest one just thinks she has a crush on me and I don't think she
really knows anything about girls and boys and dating and stuff like

Aunt Kristy smiled a little bigger and then said, "Well Nick, That
little girl might know more than what you think she does." Kristy
paused for a second or two while still looking Nick directly in the
eyes and then said, "You never know Nick!! That little girl may
already be doing things with her own dad or brothers maybe even her
sisters or other girl friends that you and Nancy have just started
doing. In fact, she may know more than both you and Nancy!!!"

Nick's eyes got really wide and his mouth opened up, but yet nothing
came out, as his young 15 year old mind was taking in and thinking
about what Aunt Kristy just said about what that little girl may or
may not know concerning sex and incest.

Mike then got up from the table and said, "OK Nick and Nancy!!! You
guys clean up the table and put everything away. Then when you guys
are done, come down into the basement."

Nick and Nancy both looked at each other with smiles on their faces as
they knew something was going to happen right after lunch, because
Mike and Kim had fixed up the basement into a family play room and on
special occasions they all went down there to have a fun filled night
or afternoon of sex.

Mike went around first and made sure the front and back doors were all
locked up tight and the answering machine was switched on.

Then Kim showed Kristy the way down into the basement. Mike followed
them down, after he made sure the house was locked up.

Nick and Nancy hardly said a single word to each other as they hurried
up with their chores of cleaning and washing the kitchen table down,
after it was cleaned off. They put things back up in the refrigerator
and cabinets. They also put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher as
quickly as possible.

Kim lead the way down into the basement of their house and Mike's
sister, Kristy followed.

Kim turned on the adjustable lights on low and walked over to the
stereo and turned it on low so that some low and light mood music was

The basement looked like any other basement in any other house.

There was workroom for Mike with his reloading stuff, there was also a
small darkroom for Mike and film developing. Kim showed Kristy those
rooms along with the washroom, which had the washer and dryer also
with a very large 200 gallon hot water heater and the furnace and
air-conditioning unit. There was also a small, full, bathroom with a
small shower stall, lavatory/sink and a toilet off in a smaller room
attached to the wash room.

She then lead Kristy back out of that room and they were once again
standing in the main room which had a stereo and TV unit in a large
cabinet there was also a VCR in the entertainment center.

Over in the far corner of the room was an area which had three large
futons laid out next to each other and made up a padded area of over
10 feet X 10 feet square. Then across from there was a small bedroom
which looked like any other basement bedroom in any other house
around. It had a large king size bed in it along with a night stand on
each side along with table lights on each stand.

Kristy noticed right off the bat was that the only thing out of the
ordinary was that there was a large mirror right above the king size
bed and she knew why that was there.

Kim lead Kristy back out of the bedroom and they both walked over to
the padded area made by the 3 large futons laid out together. Both Kim
and Kristy both sat down on the edge of the futons just as Mike came
down the stairs and into the main room from making sure the house was
all secure.

Mike then walked over and sat on the other side of Kristy as his wife
Kim was sitting on the other side.

It took less than 10 minutes before they all heard Nick and Nancy
running up stairs toward the basement door and they all watched as
both Nick and Nancy just about flew down the stairs as if they were in
a race against each other as to who would be last to get into the main
downstairs basement playroom as they both like to call it. Play room
as in sex play.

Once everyone was there, everyone was completely silent as if waiting
for someone to make the first move. It was totally quite except for
the panting breaths of both Nick and Nancy as they were still trying
to calm themselves down after having their foot race against each
other from up in the kitchen to down in the playroom and the soft,
light mood music which was coming from the stereo speakers around the

Mike's sister was first to speak up and then said, "Well, I don't know
about you all, but I'm just dying to get things going with each and
everyone of you. However, I think, I would love to see my own big
brother here start things off first by putting on one of his famous
slow strip teases he always did for me to really get me totally hot to

Kim and Nancy both broke out and laughed and then they too agreed by
voicing they too wanted to see Mike strip down and put on a sexy show
to boot.

At first Mike protested, but everyone laughed and applauded and told
him in no uncertain terms that he was indeed going to put on a show
for everyone.

Nick and Nancy both walked over to the futon and they too took off
their shoes and shocks and walked up onto the futons and sat down, so
that they too could get a clear view of their own dad putting on a
strip tease show.

Mike almost reluctantly got up and walked back about 7 to 10 feet from
his audience and he slowly began to put on a strip tease show for
everyone watching.

Kim and Kristy were getting into the show and began to yell and shout
out wolf calls and wolf whistles as Mike began to remove more and more
of his clothes. Nancy also began to follow the older woman's lead and
before long she was making as much noise as her own mom and Aunt was.

Nick on the other hand was mostly silent, but he was also enjoying the

Mike finally got striped down to just his underwear and he began to
flash his small audience with his bare buns for a brief second before
pulling his underwear back up and then turned around to face them and
he slowly and carefully pulled his underwear down so that they women
could see his dark pubic hairs and just part of his cock shaft as the
rest was still hidden from everyone's view. He was also still soft and

Mike teased his small audience for a couple of minutes before he
finally turned around with his back to them and completely dropped his
underwear to the floor and stepped out of them.

He then jumped up and spun around to face them as his feet landed on
the floor.

Everyone was screaming shouting and whistling as he did this.

Mike had both of his hands down between his legs covering his still
limp cock and balls.

Kristy was the first one to start the chant of "SHOW ME!!! SHOW ME!!!"
Then Kim and also Nancy joined in on the chant.

Mike played the small crowd by only removing one hand and still
keeping the other hand in place to tease them as much as possible. He
then turned around to show them his bare ass and that was when he
raised both hands up over his head and he turned his head, so that he
could look over his shoulder with a smile as he was taking the tease
to the very limit.

He then brought both hands down and as he turned back around he was
once again covering his groin with both hands as before, but then he
made a big bow before his audience and then raised both hands up above
his head and he was now totally exposing himself to his own little
sister, his wife and 12 year old daughter along with his 15 year old
son. As they could see for themselves that he was indeed totally and
completely nude. Mike was also still completely soft and limp.

Kristy was the first one to speak up and said in a fairly loud voice,
"Come on Brother Dear!!!! Now lets see you make it big and hard for

Mike almost blushed at the way Kristy said her last statement to him,
but he was already into the game too far to stop, so he went about
putting on a sexy show of him openly playing with himself.

It really didn't take too long for him to become completely and fully
erect and once that was done he began to slowly stroke himself openly
in front of everyone.

Once he was fully erect and he had stroked his cock for a few minutes.
He then decided it was now time to stop and he made a big bow and
every clapped their approval as to his excellent show.

Kristy stood up and hugged her dear sweet brother and openly kissed
him in front of everyone.

Once they finished the kiss, Kristy turned around and said, "OK
KIM!!!! Your up next!!!"

At first Kim shook her head no, but everyone was laughing and
screaming her name. She reluctantly got up and she went about doing
almost the same thing as her husband had done before her.

It took another five to ten minutes for Kim to put her strip tease
show on and once she was finished Kristy once again got up and hugged
and Kim before she turned around and looked directly at Nancy and
said, "OK NANCY HONEY!!! Your turn to show us what you got!!"

At first Nancy was completely taken by surprise by what her Aunt
Kristy was asking for her to do. She blushed from head to toe.

Kristy walked over and held out her hand and Nancy reluctantly took it
and she was guided out into the middle of the room. Kristy leaned down
and silently whispered something into her, Nancy's ear.

Nancy smiled and then she began to do her own style of strip tease in
front of everyone in the basement.

Kristy sat back down on the futon between her own brother and her
sister in-law Kim. Nick was sitting over to Kim's side and he was
completely silent, because his heart was going a hundred miles an
hour, because he knew without a doubt that when Nancy was done with
her strip tease, he was going to be next and he was scared to death
that he was going to have to get up and perform in front of everyone,
especially his own Aunt!

Nancy put on a show that would knock the socks off of most strip tease
performers and audiences alike, as she just let herself go and she was
really putting on a show that was completely out of this world.

She dance and performed like a seasoned professional striper she even
went as far as walking up close to her mom and dad and Aunt Kristy and
yes even Nick her own brother and finger fucked herself right in front
of their faces while they were all sitting down on the futon at floor

Nancy's little show lasted by far the longest of any of them so far.

She finished her strip tease and dance routine by making herself come
while standing up in front of her entire family and Aunt Kristy. Nancy
was not embarrassed at all by what she did. In fact, she got off doing
it in front of Aunt Kristy and her regular family members of mom, dad
and Nick.

Nick was rock hard in his pants and his cock was throbbing and leaking
precome when Aunt Kristy jumped up and stepped forward to hug her 12
year old completely nude and blushing niece.

Aunt Kristy walked Nancy back over to the futons and then held out her
hand towards Nick and said in a playful, sexy voice, "OK My little
Stud Muffin!!! Show Us what you got baby!!!"

She paused for a seconds or two while Nick slowly got up. His heart
was going a mile a minute thinking that he was going to have to
perform in front of his own family. That really didn't bother him as
much as having to perform in front of his own Aunt Kristy.

Aunt Kristy then helped Nick out in front of the rest of the family
and she then bent down slightly and whispered in his ear, "If you
really put on a really hot and sexy show. I will let you be the first
one to fuck me!!!! How about that Nick!!! Would you like to sink your
rock hard, juicy, young, long, cock into your own Aunt's pussy and
shoot off inside me!!??"

Nick just about come in his own pants as he was being talked dirty to
by his own Aunt Kristy, which was about the same age as his own mom.

Even though Nick was slightly embarrassed about doing a strip tease
show in front of everyone he soon got over it.

He figured that since his own dad and mom had done it and even his
little sister had done that, he might as well do it and enjoy this new
form of sexual excitement.

Nick wasted little time in stripping down and tried to do almost the
same routine as his own dad did.

He then started to really let himself go completely wild as both his
own mom and little sister, Nancy and most of all Aunt Kristy were
howling, whistling and making cat calls and telling him to jack off
and do other wild things while he put on his own show of sexual

He really worked himself up and walked over in front of his own mom
and started to jack off and stroke himself right there in front of her

At first Nick was surprised that his own mom reached out for him and
took a hold of his young, thin, hard cock and stroked it a couple of
times. He was even more surprised when his mom leaned forward slightly
and sucked just the crown of his cock head into her mouth for a brief
second or two before letting go and leaned back.

Nick then walked over in front of his little sister, Nancy and Nancy
was not about to be out done by her own mom and so she copied what her
mom did to Nick.

Nancy first reached out and stroked his hard, thin, wet cock with her
right hand a few times and then she also leaned forward and took
almost half of his cock in her mouth. However, Nancy sucked and used
her tongue to tease and excite Nick even more than Nick's mom did.

Nick had to actually pull away from his own completely nude, little,
12 year old, sister as she just about made him come and shoot off into
her mouth.

He bought some time by dancing and moving around before he walked over
to his own fully dressed Aunt Krsity and started to once again jack
off and stroke his cock right there in front of her face.

Aunt Kristy first was looking up into Nick's face before she lowered
her stare and was now looking directly as her nephew's, 15 year old
hard, swollen, thin, hard, cock just inches from her smiling face.

She also reached up with one hand and grasped his wet, warm, thin,
excited, cock in her right hand and slowly began to stroke his cock.
As she was doing this, she slowly lifted her head up and was once
again looking into Nick's young face as she stroked him.

Aunt Kristy gave him a sexy smile and while she was still looking up
into Nick's face. She parted her sexy, full, ruby red, lips and licked
them slowly and sexily with just the tip of her red, warm, wet tongue,
before she slowly opened her mouth and while still looking up at him,
she leaned forward, while at the same time she used her right hand,
which was clasped around his young, hard, thin, cock and guided it
into her open mouth in a very slow and sexy way.

She took him into her mouth fully and completely, before she slowly
closed her lips over his young, hard, excited, cock shaft at the very
base. Her nose was in his light growth of pubic hair. Her lips
tightened around Nick's cock shaft and she used her tongue on him like
he had never experienced a blow job like this before.

In less than thirty seconds and before Nick could understand what all
was happening to him, he felt himself explode in her mouth.

Nick let out a loud and sexy moan as he began to erupt and shoot off
his large supply of 15 year old come into his own Aunt Kristy's
sucking, warm, wet, mouth.
He began to go weak in the knees and he reached out and took hold of
Aunt Kristy's shoulders for added support as he began to ride out the
pleasures of coming in her sucking, talented, mouth.

They stayed together until Nick finished shooting his large load of
young, hot, wet, bubbling, potent, white, 15 year old, come into her

Aunt Kristy moaned out her pleasure as she felt and tasted her own
nephew's come for the very first time, as it was deposited in her
sucking mouth and then she slowly swallowed his entire load in one
long slow gulp.

As she began to slowly pull his spent cock from her mouth, her tongue
was busy cleaning what come was let on and around his cock shaft and
cock head, before she let his totally cleaned off cock from her
sucking grip.

Nick backed up a couple of feet from Aunt Nancy as he was almost in
shock as to what had just happened to him. It was only then that he
looked around and saw both his mom and dad and even Nancy clapping
their hands together in a big round of applause, as to the great
performance both he and Aunt Kristy had just done on the spur of the

Nick had a ear to ear smile and was shortly greeted by Aunt Kristy as
she jumped up and hug Nick and began to give him a come flavored
french kiss.

They both slowly parted from one another and Nick walked almost in a
trance as he sat down on the futon to recover from what had just
happened to him.

Aunt Kristy continued to stand up in front of her own brother,
sister-in-law, niece and nephew and she then proceeded to put on her
own show for all of them.

Kristy took her time in stripping in front of them and she teased each
and every one of her audiences. She finished up by standing in front
of Nancy and as she finished her little show she leaned down and said
in a soft and sexy voice so that everyone could hear her said, "OHhhhh
Nancy, baby!!!!  I can't wait any longer. You are the last of the
family for me to have. Lay back honey and spread your legs, because I
want to eat that beautiful, sexy, little shaved, bare, pussy right now
in front of everyone!!!"

Nancy was at first totally shocked and taken by surprise by what her
Aunt Kristy just said to her and everyone else in the basement play

She recovered pretty quickly as she laid back and spread her young,
smooth, 12 year old, legs and thighs apart as far as possible. Nancy
waited as she watched Aunt Kristy kneel before her spread open legs
and leaned her head and face down into the warm, wet, moist, crotch.

All at once she felt her Aunt's snake like warm, wet, tongue touch her
right between her spread open pussy lips. Nancy cooed out in surprise
and pleasure as she felt her Aunt's tongue enter her pussy and go in
as far as possible, before it slowly retreated and began to play with
her 12 year old, excited, clit at the top of her young, bare, baby
smooth, pussy.

Nancy was really surprised that her Aunt was able to bring her off in
a wild and wonderful orgasm in less than 60 seconds. She withered and
squirmed around on the futon as Aunt Kristy continued to lick, suck,
eat and even nip at her pussy during her first climax of the day.

Mike and Kim actually was holding hands as they together watched Aunt
Kristy perform oral sex on their own, little, 12 year old, daughter
right there in front of them on the same futon.

Once Aunt Kristy removed her head and face from young Nancy's pussy
and then slowly slid up across her young, nude, laid out, body and
french kissed her with a pussy flavored french kiss.

They all as a group, took a short breather before continuing on with
their incestuous love fest.

Once everyone had a chance to rest for about 10 minutes Aunt Kristy
walked over to the futons and crawled up on them, so that she was now
in the middle of the padded play area. She then laid down on her back
and spread herself out in the classic spread eagle position and then
called out Nick's name.

Everyone all walked over to stand at the edge of the padded futon
area. Nick looked down at his 33 year old Aunt Kristy spread out fully
and completely nude. He was also totally nude and his young cock
automatically began to grow, lengthen and harden up as he looked at
the beautiful sight below him laid out upon the futons.

Nick was really hard when his eyes focused on the light colored patch
of pubic hair that seemed to highlight his Aunt Kristy's pussy. In a
way, her fully spread out nude body reminded him a lot like his own
mom's nude body, but yet in a way this fully nude and spread out body
was his own dad's sister and he had personally seen every single
picture and slide of her since she was only 13 years old till the time
she about 18 or 19 years old.

He had lost track of the number of times he had privately jacked off
his young, hard, thin, cock thinking about his dad's sister and how
she looked in all of those pictures and slides.

Nick also lost track of the times he had fucked his own mom and even
his little sister, Nancy while thinking that they were Aunt Kristy. He
even remembered the times he had tried to think what she would look
like now at the age of 33 fully and completely nude spread out before

Nick was still in a complete daze until he heard his name being called
again and again. He really didn't come around until the third time his
name was called.

Everyone began to laugh at Nick as he was totally absorbed by the
awesome sight that lay before him. His own Aunt Kristy was now fully
and completely spread out totally nude and was actually waiting for
him to join with her in the act of incest. Incest between an Aunt and
her own Nephew, her own brother's son.

Both Aunt Kristy and Nick were turned on beyond belief as they were
both going to experience for the very first time another form of

Nancy, her mom and dad were also going to experience another form of
incest and they were going to watch it as it unfolded before them. Up
close and personally.

At first Mike, Kim and Nancy all sat down along the outside edge of
the padded futon and silently watched the couple in the middle do each
other in a very sexual way. Before long, all three of the spectators
were playing with themselves and each other as the action in the
middle got hotter and hotter.

Then Mike got up and positioned his wife, Kim and his 12 year old
daughter, Nancy up on the futons side by side to each other on their
hands and knees so that both Kim and Nancy wouldn't miss any of the
action taking place between Aunt Kristy and Nick. He then got around
behind his girls, wife Kim and daughter Nancy and slowly went about
turning them on before he finally got into position behind his wife,
Kim first and started to slowly fuck her from behind doggie style.

Mike fucked into Kim's totally dripping wet pussy about 5 times to
make sure his cock was fully and completely soaked with her slick,
warm, wet, pussy juice before he slowly and regrettably removed his
long, hard, throbbing, thin, cock and lined it up with his 12 year old
daughter, Nancy's pussy. He slowly and surely slid completely into her
still young and extra tight pussy in one long, slow, drawn out push,
till he was full seated balls deep inside his own, little, 12 year
old, daughter's pussy.

Mike moaned out in pure sexual pleasure as he felt his daughter's
pussy grip him firmly with her young talented pussy muscles. He knew
he would never ever tire of sliding his own fatherly cock up into his
own daughter's pussy. No matter how old she got or how old he got. The
pleasure and thrill of fucking his own daughter was something that
could never be put into words for anyone who had never experienced the
thrill and joy of incestuous sex with their own children, whether it
be a mother and her son, father and his daughter, a mother and her own
daughter and yes even a father with his own son. That is what makes
incest the best, when it come to sex.

Mike also had a perfect view of his own little sister Kristy as she
mated with his own son for the very first time and that in itself was
a sight to behold.

Nick first started out by going down on his own Aunt and eating his
first adult fur covered pussy. Sure he had first eaten and licked his
little sister Nancy's pussy before she got shaved totally bare and
completely baby smooth, but she only had a light dusting of pussy hair
and she was only 12 years old, but this was something totally and
completely different to him.

At first it was kind of strange and weird to feel her pussy hair
tickling his nose as he began to eat her pussy out in earnest, but yet
at the same time it was really wild as this was something totally new
to him.

Nick ate his Aunt Kristy's pussy like a real pro and Kristy had a real
hard time believing that Nick was only 15 years old and doing such a
wild and wonderful job on her adult pussy.

Kristy smiled up at the ceiling and then slowly turned her head over
towards where her own brother was slowly and surely fucking his own
wife and his little, 12 year old, daughter doggie style.

She had this dreamy look on her face as she smiled at all three of
them, Mike, Kim and Nancy. Then she said in a rich, sexy, low, almost
dreamy voice, "GOD KIM!!! Nick is almost as good as Mike is, at eating

Kim and Nancy both began to shake their head in total agreement and
Kim said to Kristy, "Yea!!!! I know what you mean!!!! But then you
have to understand, he had a really good teacher that taught him more
than just the basics!!!"

Kristy then laughed as she caught the meaning that Kim was taking
almost full credit as to her own 15 year old son's ability to eat
pussy the right way.

While Nick had his face fully buried in his Aunt Kristy's adult fur
covered pussy he had both of his hands up on top of her breasts and
was rubbing, pulling and lovingly pinching her rock hard and
completely sexually exited nipples.

Aunt Kristy came in little less than four or five minutes and while
she was slowly coming down from her pussy licking induced orgasm she
was lovingly pulling Nick up from her body so that he could finish her
off properly by fucking the living dog shit out of her while Nick's
mom and dad and little sister watched while at the same time, they
were enjoying their own little brand of family fun, doggie style.

As Nick slowly and surely crawled and climbed up over his Aunt
Kristy's spread out nude body under him he soon felt his cock head, as
it came in contact with her spread open, wet and warm, fur lined,
pussy entrance.

Nick learned this trick from his own mom, on how to slide up a
woman's/girl's laid out nude body and guide his cock head and cock
shaft into her body without the help or guidance from either him or
his female partner.

Nick's cock found the entrance to his Aunt Kristy's pussy and slowly
continued to slide up her now withering body as she felt her pussy
being penetrated by her 15 year old nephew's young, hard and thin cock
for the very first time.

Kristy's eyes opened up fully in surprise as she felt for the very
first time another relatives cock was now and once again invading her
totally turned on pussy. She immediately moaned out in pure sexual
pleasure as she felt his young, hard, thin, cock slide deeper and
deeper into her, while at the same time Nick was still sliding up
along her spread out form. She immediately bent her knees and brought
her feet up next to her own ass at about shoulder width apart and this
formed a warm, soft saddle for Nick as he started to complete his
mission of mating with his own Aunt, which by the way was his own
dad's little sister that his dad had fucked over and over from the
time she was only 13 till she was almost 19 and was now once again
enjoying his little sister once again at the age of 33.

Nick began to wonder to himself if he would be able to enjoy his own
little sister, Nancy none stop to the age of 33 and beyond or if
something might come about to make them stop enjoying each other.

This thought quickly left his mind as he didn't want to even think
about stopping or giving up fucking his little sister or even his own
mom and definitely not Aunt Kristy now!!! In fact, Nick began to think
about his other Aunt, Aunt Debbie, his own mom's little sister and he
began to think how long it would be before he got the chance to do
her, like he was doing his dad's little sister.

Even though Nick was enjoying the sexual pleasure of fucking Aunt
Kristy, his young, horny, little, 15 year old, mind was constantly
thinking about his next conquest for strange, new pussy.

Nick was getting hotter and hotter by the second and even though he
had just shot off his first load of come maybe 15 minutes ago, he was
fast reaching the point of no return, as he still had a hard time in
slowing down and enjoying a slow drawn out fuck, especially since this
fuck was brand new to him, as Aunt Krsity moved in almost a liquid
way, down underneath him.

He also felt his Aunt Kristy's inner pussy muscles almost from the
very start as he slid into her fur lined pussy for the very first
time, just a few minutes ago and it seemed to him that she was using
her pussy muscles on him non-stop and this was no way to have a slow,
long, drawn out, leisurely fuck.

Nick began to pick up speed and began to pant between shared french
kisses with his Aunt Kristy which moved and bucked underneath him as
he began to really slam his young, hard, thin, cock into her pussy as
far and as fast as humanly possible.

All at once, his string broke and he lifted his head up and moaned out
as his cock began to shoot out its second load of young, hot, thick,
rich, potent and fertile, 15 year old, come into his 33 year old Aunt
Kristy's fur lined, pussy for the very first time.

At all most the same time Kristy lifted her legs and wrapped them
around her young, firm and lean nephew's waist as she began to come
herself as she felt his cock shoot his teenage load of come directly
into her already fertile pussy.

Kristy smiled to herself as she thought about her twin incestuous baby
girls growing in her womb and had to laugh to herself. They were once
again being showered with a warm spray of come all over their young
little growing bodies. She also thought about how when they get older
and begin to have sex themselves at the age of around 10 or 11 she
would have to tell them that they had once been showered with a good
big douse of father and son incestuous come at the young and tender
age of only 1 day old within her womb. She figured that maybe one day
they would find that to be quite the laugh and joke at being exposed
to incest at such an early age.

Mike was in no better shape and the same went with both Kim and Nancy.
Mike was inside his little, 12 year old, daughter's pussy when he
reached his own limit and began to shoot off his adult size load of
hot, thick, rich and yes, fertile come into Nancy's up turned pussy.
He stayed in his daughter's pussy until no more come would exit his
cock head.

Nancy felt her father's cock swell up and then expel his hot, thick,
rich, fatherly come into her talented, clasping, grasping, young, 12
year old, bare, shaved, baby smooth, pussy once again. She continued
to use her young, talented, inner pussy muscles to milk every last
drop of her loving dad's come from his cock.

She also felt her dad's hands are they reached underneath her body to
softly and gently cup her small lemon sized breasts as they hung
downward towards the futons as she was still on her hands and knees in
the doggie down position, while her dad was still rutting and ramming
his adult sized cock into her still young and tender, 12 year old,
pussy from behind.

Kristy heard Mike's moan and looked over just in time to see her own
brother as he began to orgasm into his little, fully nude, 12 year
old, daughter, her own niece, in the doggie position. Kristy knew what
she wanted as soon as Nick and Mike removed their own come covered
cock from their dripping wet pussies. Kristy wanted to suck and lick
her own brother's come directly out of his daughter's pussy. Kristy
had already sucked her brother's come out of his wife's, Kim pussy and
Kim had already sucked her husband's, Mike come out her sister in laws
pussy, so it was only right and fair that Kristy do the same thing to
her niece and hopefully Nancy would want to suck her own brother's
come out of her pussy as it was her dad's sister's pussy.

Everyone within the down stairs basement play room knew that nothing
would ever be the same from now on, as they had broke almost all of
the barriers and taboos of incestuous love and that they would openly
and lovingly mate with each other and the other family members which
were soon to join in on this incestuous orgy of the Bridges' family.

Kristy and Nancy did, in fact, get together in a classic 69 position
with Kristy on the bottom on her back and Nancy was face down on top
of her Aunt Krsity as they went about eating each others pussy and
sucking Mike's and Nick's come out of each other until they both
exploded with three orgasms in a row.

Nancy also had her first experience with eating an adult, fur lined,
pussy for the very first time, as she went about licking, kissing,
sucking and eating her own brother's come from Aunt Kristy's pussy,
which just happened to be her own dad's sister's pussy.

She knew already at the young and tender age of only 12 that she was
completely sold on the idea and concept of incest and intra family
sexual relationships. Nancy also began to wonder to herself, how many
other girls her age, or even younger, were also doing this with their
own parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles.

Nancy also felt lucky and proud to be in a small select group of
pre-teens, to experience sex this way, for the very first time, with
her own parents, showing and teaching her the right way to have a
loving and caring sexual relationship with them and when she got older
she would then be able to sexually please any partner she chose,
whether it be a male or female and yes, even young and old alike. She
would be able to do them, like they had never been done before. She
also felt good about herself, as she was almost certain that she had
at least a good 5 to 10 year head start on sex with girls and even
boys her own age, in most cases, except for the ones, which were also
introduced into incest by a loving and caring family member.

By the time Kristy and Nancy pulled apart from each other, they looked
around and found Kim still in the doggie position and Nick was now
behind his own mom and fucking her to beat the band, while at the same
time Mike was kneeling in front of his own wife, as she was sucking on
his second hard on.

Kristy and Nancy relaxed and enjoyed the show.

Nick, once again won the race, as far as coming first, but the best
part of the show was when Mike pulled his cock out of his loving
wife's sucking mouth and began to shoot his second load of come
directly into her face and wide open mouth.

Kim was laughing, as all of this was taking place and she had her eyes
closed, as she didn't like to have come, run and get into her eyes.

Nick was about worn out as he slumped over onto the back of his mom
while he was still fully and completely embedded inside her come
drenched, warm, wet and still clasping pussy.

After a few minutes, everyone kind of separated and they all laid out
and rested for at least 30 minutes, before they decided to get
showered and cleaned up.

Nick and Nancy took the down stairs basement shower and took turns
cleaning each other off while Kim, Kristy and Mike climbed up the
basement stairs and then the upper stairs to take a shower in the
master bedroom's master bathroom.

It was there in the shower, once they had each taken turns washing and
scrubbing each other clean of all the come and sex juices that Kristy
made the announcement that she wanted both Mike and Kim to shave her
pussy completely and totally bare.

At first, Kim and Mike tried to talk Kristy out of it, but she stood
her ground and said, "LOOK!!! If you guys aren't going to shave me,
then I guess, I will just have to do it myself. And if I do and I cut
myself then, you guys are just going to have to get use to seeing
toilet paper stuck to all of my nicks and cuts around my pussy while
you are fucking and sucking it!!!"

Mike and Kim both began to laugh at Kristy and they both envisioned
Kristy with small nicks and cuts all over her pussy like some guy who
was half asleep when he tried to shave his face and goes to work and
forgets to remove all of the little torn pieces of toilet paper from
his face, just like in some commercial they once saw on TV.

Kim and Mike agreed to shave Kristy's pussy totally bare and baby
smooth. When they were finally finished Kristy was completely and
totally impressed that she didn't have a single nick or cut during the
entire process.

Once that was done they all went down stairs to the main floor and
found both Nick and Nancy sitting at the kitchen table, enjoy an ice
cold coke. They were both freshly showered and they were still fully
and completely nude.

Nick and Nancy both did a double take, when they both noticed almost
immediately, that Aunt Kristy was now sporting a bare, shaved, baby
smooth, pussy just like Kim and Nancy.

Everyone had a good laugh at both Nick and Nancy as to their complete
shock and surprise in seeing Aunt Kristy's bare, clean, shaven, pussy.

Kim went over to the cabinet and got glasses for the three of them and
she too fixed ice cold cokes for Mike, Kristy and herself.

They all together sat around the kitchen table and began to talk about
what all had taken place just recently, concerning incest amongst
themselves and talked about maybe having a family orgy, someday soon
while Kristy was still here and introduce her and both Nick and Nancy
to Aunt Debbie and Grandpa John and his monster cock.

Mike and Kristy didn't even think about bringing up the subject of
Kristy being pregnant with her brother's twin girls or that Beth was
in fact a product of incestuous mating with her own dad, but they both
knew that someday soon, all of that would need to come to light
amongst them, but now was not the right time or place.

However, both Mike and Kim brought up the fact that their own family
doctor and his own family was also into family fun. Mike also
mentioned about seeing another father and daughter doing each other in
plain sight of him and how he had fucked this 17 year old girl, while
her own dad watched and jacked off during the whole deal. Mike made
sure not to mention their names. Not yet anyway.

Nick and Nancy was completely shocked by hearing about this mystery
father and daughter team and tried every which way to find out their
names, but both Mike and Kim held fast and said that it was for
everyone's safety not to mention anyone's names until he had a chance
to talk to them once again and maybe one day down the road they might
invite them to come over and they could have a multi family incest
orgy in front everyone.

Nick was sporting another hard on and his cock already began to leak
precome as his young teenage body was rip roaring to go once again in
such a short time span. His cock was hard and he definitely wanted to
put it to good use on one of the three available females, which by the
way, were all related to him and best of all they were all totally and
completely nude sitting at the same table he was. He was already
setting his sights on Aunt Kristy once again and he was thinking what
her pussy would feel like now, since she was completely shaved totally
bare just like his own mom and little sister.

Nick felt like the luckiest 15 year old teenage guy in the world,
because he had already scored with three different girls and best of
all, two of them were older women fully and completely mature. He then
began to let his mind wonder as his thoughts also included that all
three women/girls he had fucked were all related to him and he knew
that not very many guys his age could say that happened to them, so he
felt like he belonged to some form of elite group of young guys, who
were lucky enough to be brought up in such an open and loving family
were incest was something to hold, honor and cherish.

He would forever have a completely different attitude when someone
called him a motherfucker!!! He had to smile at that slang term and
now it took on a completely different meaning to him and only the
other lucky guys who had the honor and privilege to fuck their own
mothers would share in this private little secret.

Nick was also thinking about Tami Richardson and her mom, Catrina
Richardson more and more and then he said, "MOM!! DAD!!!! When are you
guys going to go over to the Richardson's and do it and get things
going, so that Nancy and I can join in with you all and their family!!
Hey!!!,  maybe you can call them up instead and get them to come over
here while Aunt Kristy is here!!! The more the merrier!!!"

Kim, Mike and even Kristy broke up laughing at Nick as he was trying
his best to find some new pussy, any way his young teenage mind could

Kim then said, "Nick Honey!!! Don't you think you have enough variety
right now with the three of us!!!"

She paused for a brief second or two before going on and saying, "You
also need to think about slowing down and enjoying what you already
have. But most of all Nick, You better start thinking about not
wearing out your tool before you even reach 16!!!"

Everyone began to laugh at Nick's own expense, because he was just a
young horny teenage.

Nick let them laugh and then after they began to settle down he said,
"Mom!!!! My tool is just fine!! It just wants to play more than you

Once again everyone started to laugh and Nick joined in and then Nancy
spoke up and said once she looked down at Nick's young, hard and
totally stiff cock. "Yea you can say that again!!! Hell Nick!!! You
keep pulling on your cock like your doing now and it might just come
right off in your hand and then what will you do for the rest of your

Mike, Kim and Kristy knew then that Nick was jacking off under the
table, while they were all talking about the Richardson family and the
other father and daughter team that Mike had seen and also, about the
talk Dr. Richardson had about a father getting his own daughter
pregnant or the one about a son getting his own mom pregnant and the
one about a brother and sister doing each other, only to find out that
the brother knocked his own sister up and they were all going to keep
and have their incestuous babies.

Kristy was kind of shocked to hear about some of Dr. Richardson's
patience's and how they were going to have an incestuous child. She
first looked over at her brother Mike and then looked over at Kim and
then said, "Kim!!! What would you do, if Nick got you pregnant?? or
maybe your own dad got you pregnant!!??"

There was almost total silence in the kitchen and around the table as
Kristy asked Kim that very personal and important question and
everyone's heart rate doubled, as everyone was totally and completely
silent. Nick and Nancy were completely shocked and yet they were both
extremely excited by the question posed to their mom.

Nick was shocked a little more than Nancy was, because he vividly
remembered the first time with his mom, on his mom and dad's bed, when
she shouted out for him to fuck her and make her pregnant! This was
one thing he had never mentioned to anyone. Not Nancy or his own dad
and his mom, Kim had never brought the subject up again, after that
first time.

Kim first looked over at her loving and caring husband and tried to
look into his eyes to see if maybe, he had the answer and then looked
over at her sister in law, Kristy and then slowly looked over at both
of her children, before she looked back over at Kristy and replied, "I
guess, if you really look at it. I think that is what the ultimate
goal of incest really is, isn't it!!?? To not only make love to a
family member, but to also become pregnant with your incestuous lovers
child or make your incestuous lover pregnant with your own child??!!"

Kim paused for a moment and tried to collect her thoughts and then
continued by saying, "I guess, in a way, everyone that I have ever had
sex with, I knew that there might be the possibility that I might
become pregnant by them and that is something I will just have to live
with, if something like that happens. Besides, from what Dr.
Richardson said to me that one day in his Doctors office. It happens a
lot more often than most people would like to believe and think. So,
in a way, if something like that would happen to me, it's not like I
was the only person in the world that this has ever happened to and
I'm definitely sure, that I wouldn't be the last person, who would get
pregnant by my own son or father or even brothers, if they were to
become involved in our family's new sexual life style."

Everyone was totally silent for a short time after Kim made her last
comment about incest pregnancies. It was then that Kristy then said,
"So, you have been thinking about your brothers now, since you got
into this incest thing with your kids, sister and father!?"

Kim felt like she was on the hot seat and responded by saying, "Whoa
now!!! How about you Kristy??!! What would you do if you would have
gotten pregnant by your own brother, here, Mike or maybe if you would
have had sex with your own dad!!??"

Kristy was silent for a second or two as she tried to collect her
thoughts and then replied, "Well, I think I would have the baby, no
matter what and just hoped and prayed that it was normal and healthy.
I mean, what's done, is done and if at all possible, I'm sure that I
would do my best to make sure no one found out about it, because, if
the family was not into incest, they would never begin to understand
the actions or even begin to accept the baby, since it was a child of
incestuous lust or as a sinful act at least in their own eyes. I also
think, the child would have a harder time coming to terms with the
knowledge that he or she was a product of such a taboo act, as incest,
but on the other hand, if the child was brought up in a family that
accepted incest, then that would be another story all together."

Kristy was quite or a few seconds and then added, "What would you do
or think Kim, if Mike would get me pregnant? Would you be mad at just
me or also Mike or would you divorce Mike for doing something like
that to me, his own sister!!??"

Mike just about choked on his ice cold coke when his little sister,
Kristy posed that unbelievable question to his own wife, Kim in front
of his own kids, Nick and Nancy.

Kim was silent for a few moments as she thought about the question
posed to her and then replied, "Well, I don't think my comments would
be valid, because that is something between you two, but I personally
would not have a problem with it now. I mean, since I have come to
terms with incest. Besides in a way, I mean, personally, I think, it
really turns me on, in a way."

Kim paused once again and then said, "Hey!!! Enough talk about stuff
like that for right now, because everyone is on the pill and besides
we are having too much fun right now, that it would kind of put a
damper on things, if any one of us would end up getting knocked up.
Besides, if it happens, it happens and there really isn't much any of
us could do about it. So, let's just enjoy ourselves and each other
and let nature take it's own course!!!!"

Mike suggested that they all go back down into the basement playroom
and watch some of the early tapes they had made and this way Kristy
could see how things first started with the family and she could also
look at the tapes he had made from John's old service style movie
camera while he was overseas in Japan.

He had just finished up transferring all of the film reels onto vhs
tapes and had even dubbed in oriental music to go along with the
scenes of his father in law fucking an adult oriental woman and her
young 14 year old daughter in front of a movie camera.

Nick was up and out of his chair and was almost running for the
basement door, because both he and Nancy had not seen, but had heard
about the films that their grandpa John had taken when he was real
young and in the service. He was more than ready to see them for the
first time and he was also hoping that he would be able to fuck either
Aunt Kristy, his mom, Kim or even his own, little, 12 year old, sister
pretty soon, because his cock was up and ready for more sex action.

Everyone around the table laughed at how Nick was up and almost
running towards the basement door and they all saw his small, fully
erect, thin, hard, cock which was sticking almost straight up against
his young firm abdomen as it swung from side to side with his fast
walk that was really closer to a run.

Mike then stood up and he too was sporting a full hard on, but his was
sticking up at almost a 45 degree angle. Aunt Kristy who was sitting
next to him stayed seated and then took a large gulp of ice cold coke
along with a single ice cube into her mouth and without swallowing it
she turned slightly and bent over at the waist and she forced his
hard, long, thin, cock in between her closed lips and fully engulfed
his cock head and cock shaft to the very base. All the while, she kept
her mouth full of the ice cold coke and the single ice cube.

At First Mike didn't know what was going on and then all at once, he
let out loud howl, as his sensitive cock felt the ice cold coke and
ice cube in her mouth. At first, no one really knew what was going on
and Kim thought that Kristy had bit her own brother's cock off, from
all the commotion that Mike was making and he began to almost dance in
place, as he began to breath and pant at the same time.

It was then that Mike looked over at his loving wife, Kim and then
told her what his devilish little sister had done and was continuing
to do to him.

Kim broke in a big smile and began to laugh so hard, she thought she
might even piss all over herself, while she watched the antics of a
playful brother and sister pulling a sexual prank on the other.

Nancy was surprised by this too and she began to laugh and she thought
to herself that she would have to remember that and surprise her own
brother or even dad sometime, by doing the same thing, when they lest
expected it.

Nick was already at the basement door when all the commotion broke out
in the kitchen and he turned around to see what all was going on and
why his dad was making so much noise all of a sudden. He came back and
watched as his Aunt Kristy proceeded to torture her brother, his own
dad and then, when he found out what she had done. He also began to
think to himself, what that might feel like on his own young, hard,
stiff, cock.

Kristy kept her mouth on her brother's cock for only about 20 seconds
before she too began to laugh herself and she had to swallow the ice
cold coke along with the small ice cube or she might choke, if she was
not careful.

Once that was done, they all had a good laugh over her quick sexual
antics and everyone laughed even more as they all watched as Mike's
cock went limp right before their own eyes.

It took a few more minutes before everyone got fresh drinks and
together as a loving and caring family they all retreated down into
the basement, so that they could all spend more quality family time

Once down stairs, everyone settled down as Mike opened up the
entertainment center and put in the first tape he had ever made of him
fucking his own, little, adorable, 12 year old, daughter before Nancy
shaved her pubic hair off.

As the tape came up on the TV and the sound came through the stereo
speakers in total surround sound, his wife, Kim leaned over and first
kissed his neck and then his ear, while at the same time, she
whispered something to him and he turned to look at her and then
nodded his head slightly.

Kim then got up and she announced she had to go to the bathroom.

She went up stairs and everyone else continued to watch the video of
Mike fucking his 12 year old daughter, Nancy with just a light dusting
of pubic hair, just above her young, innocent looking, pussy slit.

Kim went all the way up stairs and she first went to the bathroom and
took a fast leak. She then went over to the bedroom closet and got the
box of sex toys out and carried them down stairs to the basement play

She also made two short and very brief phone calls.

She smiled to herself as she walked down to the basement playroom with
her large box of sex toys. Only her and Mike knew that in less than an
hour from now, Aunt Kristy, Nick and Nancy were going to be shocked
and surprised, when they would meet for the very first time Kim's own
Dad, John and her little sister, Debbie.

At this very moment John was running out of his house to get in his
car and Debbie was doing the same thing and they would both meet at
Mike and Kim's house and wait until both of them arrived. Together,
they would quietly and silently unlock the front door with their own
keys and then they would go upstairs into Mike and Kim's master
bedroom and together they would strip each other of their clothes.
They would then, together, sneak down the basement stairs and all at
once surprise everyone, except for Kim and Mike, as they would walk in
on everyone fully and completely nude. The family incest fireworks
would take off like never before.

The sexual limits would once again be stretched to the very limits, as
a group of seven (7) family members would join in on a family incest
orgy like none of them had ever experienced before.

Just the very thought of five (5) adults along with two (2) underage
kids, one a 15 year old, teenage, boy and a pre-teen, 12 year old,
girl all joining together in a multi-family, multi-generational,
incestuous free for all, was more than Mike or Kim could stand to
think about.

Both Mike and Kim could hardly believe that all of this was really
happening to them and their close family members.

To Mike it was just mire fantasy or day dreams or maybe stories he had
read about entire families doing each other openly. It was still hard
for Mike to believe that all of this was just a good fantasy a month
ago and yet, here they all were, downstairs together, completely naked
and they had already added his own, little, sister into the incest
group and yet, in just a few minutes, his sister in law and his father
in law would also join in on the new family activities of incest.

Mike's cock was rock hard and it was beginning to leak pre-come from
the tip as all of this went through his mind.

Kim on the other hand was in no better shape either, because she had
just started in on this incest thing, less than a couple of months ago
by getting her own, 12 year old, daughter, Nancy ready for her husband
to fuck for the very first time. Here she was now, just less than two
months later she had already had sex with her own daughter first, then
her own, little, sister, Debbie and then she had seduced her own son
and then she had even done her own dad and together with her little
sister, they had taken their own dad together in a sexual double team.

She had even had the pleasure and joy of doing her own husband's
little sister and now their whole family was on the road to doing more
incest than ever before.

Kim's pussy was dripping wet and she reached down into the box of sex
toys she had brought down from up stairs and inserted her favorite
vibrating dildo into her totally drenched pussy and turned it on low,
until her dad and little sister showed up, to surprise the rest of the

Mike then got up and walked over to his darkroom door and went inside.
Once inside he turned on the light and opened up a large cabinet on
one wall. Inside the cabinet was four (4) vhs VCRs.

The VCR's were wired up so that one VCR would simultaneously record 4
separate images in complete synchronization from the four (4) small
hidden camera in the corners of the main down stairs playroom area,
which also covered the futon area.

Another VCR was also set to do the same thing and there was also 4
cameras set up in the basement bedroom along with stereo microphones
placed on both the right and left side of the headboard of the bed.
The VCR in the basement bedroom was wired in such a way that it began
to record when the bedroom lights were turned on or when one of the
heat and motion detectors was triggered when someone came into the

The other two (2) VCRs were set up just a bit differently. One was set
up just a little off center from the futons in the ceiling looking
down in a Arial type view and it too was in scynocrinization with the
other VCR, so that latter on Mike could splice and mix the two tapes
together and still match it up, so that switching from one camera
angle to the other would not affect the motion or the sound in any
way. The last VCR was also hooked up in the downstairs bedroom and it
was placed almost directly over the headboard of the bed so that it
would capture anyone and everything that was on the large king size
bed. It too was set up and hooked up with the other VCR in the
bedroom, so that everything could be seamlessly edited and look like a
professional was in the room doing the filming while the people did
all sorts of things to each other.

Mike put this set up together because, he knew that pretty soon Nick
and even Nancy would start to want to make love to kids their own age.
That also meant that Nick and Nancy would not be able to tell their
friends what they did together as a family and Mike was more than
interested in seeing how other kids made love to each other compared
to his own kids.

He also liked the idea of being able to quietly and silently watch
some of the young girls Nick was sure to bring home and fuck and he
was definitely interested in seeing what all they looked like and how
they performed with his own son, Nick.

Mike also liked the idea that maybe Nancy would try to seduce some of
her girl friends as he really wanted to see young pre-teen and teenage
girls do each other in a young lesbian sex show.

He also had in his mind that just maybe, he would approach a couple of
the girls after they had sex with his own kids and maybe he might be
able to talk with them and they might allow him the honor and
privilege of making love to them also. Who knows, but he definitely
wanted to see the other kids who ran around with both of his kids,
Nick and Nancy do it in more ways than one and this was by far the
best way to capture everything in full living color and stereo
surround sound and at least 5 different camera angle to boot.

Mike also knew that his own family would act completely different if
they knew there was a camera a few feet away from them when making
love and fucking and sucking each other and this way he was able to
capture things when everyone felt at ease with each other and the film
looked a whole lot better that way too.

He made sure to put in fresh new tapes as he looked at the wall clock
and guessed that Kim's sister and her dad would be showing up in at
least 20 to 30 from now.

Once he loaded up 4 new tapes he closed the cabinet door and walked
out of the darkroom and walked back over to the futon and joined
everyone while they all sat and watched the video of him and Nancy
making love to each other.

Mike had a hard on just thinking what all would take place today as it
would be something totally new and completely different, because they
were going to have at least a three generation incest orgy. John and
his two adult daughters, Kim and Debbie, and his grandson Nick and
granddaughter Nancy were all going to be together for the very first
time. Just this thought alone was enough to make him reach down to
grip his fully and completely hard cock head and cock shaft and slowly
stroke it a few times before he left the darkroom to join the rest of
the family and wait till the fireworks broke out, when John and Debbie
surprised the rest of the nude family members in a few short minutes
from now and best of all he was going to capture it all on film, in
living color and complete stereo surround sound.

Both Kim and Kristy noticed Mike's hard on as it swung from side to
side as he walked towards them on the futon.

Everyone made room for Mike on the futons and Nick was already sitting
next to Aunt Kristy and was already feeling her up once again as she
watched the movie of her own brother make love to his only daughter,
Nancy at the tender and sweet age of only 12 years old.

Kristy already knew that she was going to let her own dad and Mike
make love to Beth sometime this summer for sure, at the tender young
age of only 10 years old. She also knew that both her dad and brother
would be very gentle and careful during Beth's first couple of times
before they really got wild with her.

Nancy was also sitting on the other side of Aunt Kristy and she too
was playing and touching Aunt Kristy all over at the same time her
older brother Nick was also playing with Aunt Kristy.

Kristy was really enjoying the sexy movie and also enjoyed all of the
special attention she was getting from young Nick and young Nancy. In
a way, she wished that Beth was here right now and then things would
almost be complete except for her own dad.

Kristy was still having a hard time believing that everything was real
and that it truly was happening as far as Mike's entire family was
into incest and yet no one seemed to be forced to do things they
didn't want to do and yet, it was all so lovely to see an entire
family join together in such an intimate and sexual way that it really
turned her on.

Nick was getting more and more turned on as he was playing with his
Aunt Kristy and he really wanted to mount her and fuck her. However,
Aunt Kristy asked Nick to fuck his little sister, Nancy, because she
really wanted to see him work his magic on his little sister. She also
said that the two of them reminded her a lot of herself and Mike when
they were at that age and she really wanted to see both of them fuck
each other in front of her.

Nick would have rather fucked Aunt Kristy, but the way she asked him
to make love to his own, 12 year old, sister as it reminded her of
herself and Mike at their age that he went ahead and moved Nancy
around so that she was in the middle of the futons on her back with
her legs spread wide open.

Nancy was more than ready for her own 15 year old brother. She also
knew that Nick would first go down on her and eat her pussy like he
always did, before fucking the living daylights out of her.

In just a few short moments Nick was laying down between Nancy's
spread open long, lean, sexy, 12 year old, legs with his 15 year old
face buried in Nancy's bare, smooth, shaven, pussy eating, licking and
sucking her like it would be the last time he would have the
opportunity to do this to his sexy, little, sister.

Nancy had a small padded pillow underneath the small of her back and
ass so that her pussy was elevated up about 4 to 6 inched higher than
the futons, so that gave Nick more room to eat her young, sweet
tasting, pussy.

Aunt Kristy was laying down beside Nancy and she was using one of her
hands to touch and feel Nancy's small, firm, little, breasts as she
watched Nancy's facial expressions, while she was being eaten out by
her older brother.

Mike and Kim were sitting on the other side of Nancy watching all of
this happen when they both noticed some movement out of the corner of
their eye's.

All at once, Kim's dad, John and Kim's younger sister Debbie stepped
into the basement playroom together hand in hand and they were both
totally nude. John was already sporting a full hard on and his giant,
massive, cock swung from side to side as they both walked up to the
group on the futons.

Kristy saw them and she sat up straight and gave out a short, but
sharp, half scream and half moan indicating her complete surprise as
two strangers walked into the room.

Nancy lifted up her head and she too gave out a short little scream of
shock as she saw for the very first time her Aunt Debbie and her own
grandpa both standing at the foot of the futons completely and totally

Nick lifted up his head and turned it slightly to see what all the
commotion was about and then he also saw for the very first time both
his Aunt Debbie and Grandpa John both completely naked from head to

Nick saw Aunt Debbie totally nude for the very first time but his
attention was momentarily distracted as he saw the biggest, longest,
thickest, cock he had ever seen in his entire life. It was a monster
cock that belonged on a horse or mule or something and his own Grandpa
John was the proud owner of that cock.

He had heard bits and pieces about how big Grandpa John was, but now
seeing it in real life it was bigger than he had ever imaged. All Nick
could do was say, "Jesus Christ Grandpa!!!!! That is a fucking

Mike, Kim, Debbie and John all smiled and began to laugh because
Nick's mouth was still hanging open in utter shock and total

Nancy was even more shocked than Nick, but she couldn't do or say
anything, but just sit up and stare and that giant cock as it still
swung slowly from side to side till John stopped walking at the foot
of the futons and yet his cock was so big, it still swung back and
forth a couple more times before it slowly stopped in front of him.

She could clearly see that his cock was rock hard and it's purple
colored plum sized cock head was wet and shiny. She also knew that was
from pre-come or maybe Aunt Debbie had already sucked the tip before
they came into the room.

Nancy's heart felt like it was going to jump out of her wide open,
hanging, mouth as she was almost in a state of shock to see for
herself a cock that big, long, hard and so wide and thick.

She had thought about fucking her Grandpa John when she found out that
he was doing her mom and Aunt, his daughters, but seeing the size and
the shape of his cock up close and personally. She knew that there was
no way that would ever begin to come close to fitting her small,
little, delicate, pussy. She still had a hard time fucking her father
and his cock was only half the size of her Grandpa John's cock. She
knew that her small, little, pussy would be ripped to shreds, if he
would try to force it into her small, little, pussy opening. Nancy
knew she would die, if he would even attempt to put that in her.

Nancy also knew that she would even have a hard time just putting the
plum size tip of his cock head into her mouth, to even suck on it. It
was that big and it actually scared her, that maybe her mom and dad
and grandpa would expect her to at least try to suck it and fuck it
and she knew that it would never fit in either place, her mouth or
pussy as they were just too small for something that size.

Kristy was almost thinking the same thing to herself as she saw this
giant cock. She had never seen a cock that big ever. Well, she had
once seen a porn star that had an 18 inch long cock, but it was
completely different, because that 18 inch cock was like a wet noodle,
even when he was trying to fuck a girl with it and it just hung down
between his legs and that cock was only about 2/3 the diameter of
John's cock.

She also saw that John's cock was indeed rock hard and stuck almost
straight out from his body and maybe even tilted up just a bit, so she
knew without a doubt that his cock was rock hard and it would do what
it was designed to do very well and that was to fuck a female like she
had never been fucked before or since with a weapon that big, long,
hard and thick.

She also wondered to herself, what Kim looked like the first time she
fucked her own dad's giant monster cock. Was Kim able to take it all
in and still enjoy her fuck with her own dad sporting such a massive
chuck of male meat between his legs.

The dark purple head fascinated her, because Mike's cock head and her
dad's cock head and even Tim's cock head came no where close in color
and definitely not in size either. John's cock head was indeed the
size of a large plum or maybe a small lemon and it's dark, deep purple
color showed that it was ready to do what it was designed to do and
that was to fuck the living dog shit out of any female who was wild
and crazy enough to let it in between her legs and into her pussy.

It reminded her of a small ball bat or even a black police Billie club
and yet, it looked even bigger than that and she was at least 5 feet
from it and it still looked huge.

Kim jumped up and almost danced over to her dad and younger sister.
She first hugged her dad and openly frenched him in front of everyone.
She then stepped side ways and hugged her little 27 year old sister
and frenched her also.

Kim then said, "Daddy!! I would like you to meet Kristy, Mike's

Kristy got up and walked off the futons to stand in front of John and
she reached out her hand and John replied by sticking out his hand and
they shook hands like they would have if they had met out on the
street in public.

It was kind of funny because Kristy replied and said, "Uhhhhhh It is
nice to meet you John. I have heard a lot about you." Then she lowered
her eyes from his smiling face and looked directly down at the large,
monster cock, which was now just a few inched from her and it looked
even bigger and harder now, not to mention it looked about two times
thicker in diameter at this short distance.

John kind of laughed because Kristy was still looking down at his cock
when he said, "Well, I have heard a lot about you and I guess I'm the
one who needs to thank you for showing my daughters and I the good
side of incest and sex among family members. If it wouldn't have been
for you and Mike I would have never experienced the thrills and joys
of my two lovely and adorable daughters, so if anything I'm the one
who should be thanking you and Mike."

Kristy looked back up briefly and then she said, "Well, I think Mike
had more to do about this whole thing than me."

Kristy looked back down at his cock once again. While she was looking
at it, John said at the same time he reached down and slowly gripped
his cock shaft in his right hand and slowly stroked it in plain sight
for just about everyone to see, "You are more than welcome to touch it
and feel it. I mean, ......... it is not going to bite you or attack
you." John then laughed and Kim, Mike and Debbie all started to laugh

Kristy got embarrassed and blushed bright red and Mike then said, "Go
ahead and go for it, Kristy!!!"

Kristy almost shyly reached out and took hold of John's giant,
monster, cock and she was thrilled and impressed by it's complete
hardness and it's weight was unreal too. While she lightly gripped him
in her small hand his cock shaft swelled up and she watched as the
giant, dark purple, cock head also swelled up and then expelled a
large blob of pre-come from the piss slit in the middle of the large,
dark purple, cock head.

Kristy's nipples both contracted and swelled up in pure sexual
excitement and her pussy muscles inside her started to move and
contract by themselves as her heart rate sped up. A deep, red, blush
consumed her upper chest, neck and cheeks. Her eyes dilated and she
knew that before the night was over she was going to feel what it
would be like to get fucked by the largest cock she had ever seen up
close and personal.

Kim then stepped over and stood next to her little sister and then
said, "Kristy, I would like for you to meet my sister, Debbie!!"

Debbie kind of stepped forward and instead of shaking hands, she made
the first move and hugged Kristy and kissed Kristy on both cheeks like
the Europeans do. Kristy did the same in return.

Debbie was more forward and aggressive. She openly reached out and
gently cupped the underside of one of Kristy's breasts and then slowly
and carefully covered to rest of her beast with the palm of her hand
and looked Kristy up and down. Debbie paused a moment when her eyes
locked onto Kristy's shaved pussy and without any notice at all, she
used her other free hand and cupped Kristy's pussy with her left hand.

When her left hand made full and complete contact with Kristy's baby,
smooth, bare, shaven, pussy she leaned forward and openly french
kissed Kristy in front of everyone.

After their light and brief french kiss Debbie then smiled at Kristy
and said, "Now, I know why Mike likes small breasts and shaved pussies
so much. Kristy!!! You are absolutely breath takingly beautiful and so

That last comment and the one before that just caused Kristy to blush
even more and the color on her chest, neck and cheeks made her look
that more tempting and desirable.

By now both Nick and Nancy where up off the futon and they took turns
hugging Grandpa John and Aunt Debbie.

Nick hugged Aunt Debbie first and his cock was still rock hard and
sticking straight up against his firm young abdomen and Aunt Debbie
first kissed Nick on both cheeks and Nick returned with a french kiss
square on her lips and he was reaching up with one hand to feel one of
her small, firm, breasts and he was using his other hand to reach down
and cup his Aunt Debbie's bare, smooth, shaved pussy.

Once the french kiss was over Debbie broke out in a laugh and then
reached down and carefully gripped Nick's hard, thin cock in her hand
and leaned down and said, "Wow Nick!!! Is this big, hard, 15 year old,
cock for me!!??"

She paused for a moment or two and then continued by saying, "Your mom
and sister better be careful, because I might just take you home and
keep you all for myself!!!! I'm going to fall in love with your cock
and I'm sure you will be able to fuck me until I beg you to stop!!!"

Debbie did this to help build up Nick's confidence and ego, because he
had the smallest cock in the group and she didn't want him to feel
left out or feel bad about having the smallest cock in the group, but
she also liked smaller cocks and she was going to teach Nick how to
properly fuck a girl/woman up the ass and his cock was indeed the
prefect size and shape for just that.

Nick then walked over and shook hands and then gave his grandpa a hug
and all the while his eyes never left that giant cock.

John saw that and he once again reached down and gripped his cock and
again slowly stroked it and said, "Nick!!?? You can touch and feel it
too if you want!!?"

Nick blushed beet red and immediately backed away while at the same
time he shook his head and said, "No!!! I mean, No thank you. That's

Nancy then hugged her grandpa and she actually let his giant cock head
and cock shaft touch her young, pre-teen, 12 year old, body and she
felt the warm, wet, juices of his pre-come as his cock head left a
small trail of pre-come as it's cock head touched and slid across her
small, delicate, 12 year old, nude body.

John leaned down and first kissed Nancy on the cheek and then he was
taken back when Nancy made the first move to french kiss her own
grandpa in front of everyone.

He cock head swelled up and began to expel another large blob of
pre-come as he was experiencing his first incestuous french kiss with
his own granddaughter that was fully and completely nude and to beat
it all, she was only 12 years old.

After they broke apart from their first incestuous french kiss she
stepped back and just reached her small little hand out and took a
hold of her grandpa's large, extremely long and very thick, cock in
her small hand and lifted it up slightly to feel its weight and

John moaned out in pure sexual lust like never before, as he looked
down with totally and completely disbelieving eyes as he watched his
own, 12 year old, granddaughter bend at the waist slightly and in less
than a couple of seconds, she was licking the huge, dark purple, tip
of his cock.

This feeling alone, caused John to moan out again and his cock head
swelled up and this time his cock head exploded and long, thick,
strands of hot come shot out of his cock head and hit Nancy square in
the face, mostly on her lips.

At first, Nancy was shocked that Grandpa John's cock exploded so
quickly, but she had already had a lot of practice in the last month
as to what to do, so she simply opened her mouth and planted her lips
on the tip of his angry, deep purple, cock head and allowed the rest
of his come to be shot directly into her open mouth.

She started to swallow almost immediately and she continued to suck
and keep her lips sealed against the large cock head as it jerked and
swelled up with each shot of hot, creamy, come that was expelled from
the tip. Nancy also began to slowly stroke the full length of his very
large, extra long and really thick cock shaft during her grandpa's
come, as she had learned to do this to her own dad and brother in the
last five weeks she had been having sex with them.

John could only look down in total amassment and disbelief as he
watched through almost tear filled eyes as his own granddaughter was
sucking him off to completion, almost as good as any one of his sexual
partners had ever done and with it being his own granddaughter, it was
even more of a rush for him that this was actually happening.

Everyone else was completely silent and was watching this totally
unreal act happen right before their very own eyes for the very first

Some people would be totally and completely shocked and sickened by
such a sight, but to them as a family, who had learned and accepted
the joys of family love (incest), this was a breath taking moment in
history, as they watched a grandfather and his granddaughter enjoy the
fruits of oral sex together for the very first time. This was indeed,
what incest was all about. Sex among family members, in front of
everyone, with no secretes or distrust. Out in the open, for everyone
to see, enjoy and reflect on what all had happened and what all would
take place in the very near future, as their loving and caring family
was now expanded to seven (7) members now and still growing.

It took a few minutes for everyone to catch their breath and during
that time Nancy made sure to lick his cock head completely clean.

John kind of swayed back and forth and looked like he was about to
fall over from the surprise, shock and pleasure he had just received
from his little, sexy, nude, pre-teen, 12 year old, granddaughter,
Nancy. All he could do was moan her name over and over, again and
again, as he was shooting off into her open and willing mouth.

Once she was done cleaning all the come off of large, dark purple,
cock head he leaned down and picked Nancy up into his arms and hugged
her up close to his large firm nude body and at the same time he began
to french kiss her again. He could taste himself on her tongue as they
french each other for a long time.

His long, hard, thick, cock was now pressed between his own abdomen
and Nancy's abdomen and young, bare, smooth, 12 year old, pussy.

He then walked over to the futons and while he still had her in a hug,
he turned around and then sat down and then fell backwards and pulled
Nancy down with him, so that she was now laying out on top of her own
nude grandfather's abdomen and chest. They were still locked in a deep
french kiss during all of this.

Once John was laid out flat on his back Nancy moved around a bit, so
that her dripping wet, bare, smooth, 12 year old, pussy slit was in
direct contact with her own grandfather's long, hard, thick cock.

Everyone watched as the two continued to french each other and now
Nancy was rubbing her bare, smooth, wet, pussy slit up and down along
the length of her own grandfather's monster cock.

Mike, Kim and Kristy were completely silent during this whole ordeal
not from shock or disgust, but from seeing something that hardly
anyone ever gets to personally witness in person and that is a
grandfather and a granddaughter engage in open incest in front of
other family members, for the very first time.

That was indeed a very special sight to behold.

Mike didn't know it then, but when he went back to review and edit the
video tapes that had captured their seven (7) member family engaging
in open incest in front of each other, this one shot was to become one
of the best shots ever captured on film from all five (5) camera

Nick was silent watching the whole ordeal too and then when Grandpa
John and Nancy laid down on the futons. He then made his move and
moved in on Aunt Debbie, as he had yet to do anything with her, other
than a quick touch and feel of her small, but very firm and proud
breasts, capped by extra long, hard, nipples and her wet, juicy,
pussy. It also surprised him as being as bare and smooth as both his
mom and Nancy's and now Aunt Kristy's pussy, since she just shaved it
less than a couple hours ago.

Aunt Debbie was hot to trot to say the least and when she felt Nick
take her hand and pull her towards the futons. She knew that she was
going to experience a fucking that she never dreamed possible and that
was to make love to and fuck a 15 year old, teenage, boy and the best
part of the whole deal was that he was her nephew, her older sister's

Her mind was going a million miles a minute as she walked over and
Nick guided her down onto the futons and she followed his lead and in
just a couple of seconds she was flat on her back with her long, firm,
dancer's type, legs spread fully and completely wide open and she
watched, as her young, 15 year old, nephew dove down and planted his
face in her crotch and began to lick, suck, nibble and eat her pussy

Debbie was shocked and surprised by the suddenness of the whole deal
and she felt right off the bat that this young 15 year old boy
definitely knew how to eat pussy. Her pussy was creaming and dripping
in a matter of seconds. It was also caused by the simple fact, that
this boy had learned how to do such things to girls/women from his own
mom and that his mom was also her older sister. This was almost too
much for her, because she began to come in a series of short, sharp,
comes in less than thirty seconds and after each come she then built
herself up for a bigger one and then a bigger one.

During this entire time she was moaning out Nick's name and saying all
sorts of things.

Nick was pleased and impressed and his ego was built up bigger and
bigger, as he continued to eat, lick, suck and bite his Aunt Debbie's
pussy for the very first time. He also liked the idea that she was
already coming and he wasn't yet done performing oral sex on her and
even after that, he was still going to fuck her and this built up his
ego, like never before.

Mike, Kim and Krsity all sat down on the edge of the futon. Mike was
sitting between his own sister and his own wife, as they all watched
Nick and Debbie perform their own style of incestuous dancing for the
very first time. They also watched as John and Nancy continued to
please each other after their first incestuous mating session at least

There was just enough room for Mike to lay down on his back between
John and Nancy as they were joined together in a sexual embrace and
between Nick and Debbie in their incestuous mating dance.

Mike laid back on his back and Kim told Kristy to sit down and fuck
her own brother and face him as Kim placed her dripping wet pussy over
Mike's, her own husbands mouth.

In this position Kim and Kristy leaned forward and shared a very long
and deep french kiss, as a brother fucked his own, little, sister.
While at the same time, he ate out his own wife's pussy and she in
turned frenched kissed and felt up her husband's little sister, which
was riding his long, hard, thin, cock at the same time. It was a
beautiful sight to see this threesome of incestuous lovers, as a
husband and wife and brother and sister enjoyed one another in a
sexual three way, in front of four (4) other family members.

Even though the other four family member were too busy to watch and
appreciate this threesome mating and rutting with one another. They
would soon, all see it again in living color and full surround sound,
when Mike put the video together, so that everyone could watch and see
how their first time together had happened and taken place.

That tape would inspire them to all mate together once again and this
time in a different combination and in different positions as everyone
switched off and took on someone new in front of the cameras once

That night John shared Nancy's bed. Where they enjoyed each other
throughout the night, orally. Nick had Aunt Debbie share his bed with
him and they too did more throughout the night to each other and Mike,
Kim and Kristy shared their bed together.

It was then, that Mike and Kristy told Kim about Beth and who her real
father was. Kristy also told Kim that she was pretty sure that she was
pregnant with Mike's children. Kristy also went on to tell Kim that
she almost knew without a doubt that she was going to have twin baby
girls and that Mike was indeed the father.

Kim had a hard time believing all of this and she was almost shocked
beyond belief when she found out that Beth was actually Mike's dad's
baby. She was having a harder time believing that Kristy was pregnant
and that Mike had shirred twin baby girls with his own sister, but
only time would tell.

It was then that Kim made the announcement that she wanted to have
another child and she wanted Nick to be the father, but she didn't
want Nick to know that he was the father.

Together all three of them made up a plan, so that Kim could get
pregnant by her own son, Nick without him knowing it.

They all made love to each other almost till dawn and Mike was lucky
that he had made plans to take off for at least one week, while his
sister was staying with them, as he was going to need it, to say the
least. Debbie had also phoned in and said that she too was going to
take a couple of days off, since she was not expected to go overseas
again for at least two weeks.

Nancy couldn't get her grandpa's cock head into her pussy, but John
was more than happy to just hold its large, dark purple, head up
against her spread open pussy slit and come in her that way. She was
able to, at least, just take the large swollen crown of his cock head
into her mouth, but that was just for short periods of times, as her
mouth and jaw was stretched to the very limited, but they both enjoyed
this kind of oral sex with each other.

John also knew that he would be able to fuck her fully and completely
in less than a year, if not sooner. He was more than willing to wait
and be patient, because the last thing he ever wanted to do was hurt
or injure his sweet, little, 12 year old,  granddaughter.

John and Kristy also got together and she felt for the very first
time, what it felt like, to get royally fucked by a 9 1/2 long cock,
that was almost as thick as her wrist and his cock filled her
completely and yet, he still had a least 2 inches left to spare, but
she didn't want to take a chance in hurting herself or the twin baby
girls, she knew for a fact, was living and growing deep within her

Kristy decided to stay another week. It was on the second week she
stayed there on a Monday that Mike went over and talked to Dr. Tom
Richardson as he was washing down his bass boat in the driveway after

Mike helped out Tom and they washed the boat and then waxed it.
Nothing was said, at first, about what had happened out on the house
boat between Tom's older daughter Tami and him.

However, as luck would have it. Tami drove up in her car and got out
and walked over and hugged Mike and kissed him on the cheek. She
smiled and said, "So Mike!!!?? When are we going out boating again!!!
I really missed my first mate and I think it about time we joined
together in more ways than one, don't you think!!?"

This was all said openly and right in front of Tom. Tami waited for an
answer, as Mike turned beet red from complete and total embarrassment.
Tami laughed and then said, "Well, I'll let you two guys alone, so
that you can all talk about guy stuff, but when ever you are ready to
do it again Mike, just give me a call. I'll meet you out at the dock
on the LOVE BOAT!!!" She laughed and almost danced and skipped into
her house. Mike was just about to die from shear embarrassment.

Tom openly laughed and told Mike to relax because everything was fine
and he wasn't mad or upset about Mike doing his oldest daughter. Tom
then said, "Besides Mike!!!! I was the one who called Tami up in the
first place and set you two up together on the house boat. I already
know what all took place out there, so it doesn't bother me or
Catrina, Eric or Cami one bit, OK!!?"

Mike just kind of shock his head and muttered OK.

Tom then said, "So, What is it you wanted to talk to me about?"

Mike kind of got embarrassed and then kind of hemmed hawed around. Tom
then cut him off and said, "Mike!!! Look!!! It's me, Tom!!!! Just come
out and say what is on your mind, OK!!?"

Mike then took a deep breath and then said, "Well, I was wondering if
maybe you can set up a special doctor's appointment, maybe tomorrow
night right after closing or something, because my sister is in town
and she seems to think that she might be pregnant!!"

Tom was silent for a couple of seconds and said, "Hey!! That would be
no problem. Why don't you and her show up at 5:00p.m and I can run a
quick and simple test that would take about 15 minutes or less but to
be safe side you all better plan on at least and hour or so."

Mike figured that Tom would then ask if maybe he had anything to do
about it, that is, involved with his sister thinking she was pregnant,
but Tom didn't ask. In fact, Tom changed the subject and Mike was
relieved that Tom wasn't going to pry into the subject.

However Mike changed the subject back and then off handily said to
Tom, "Tom!!?? Uhhhhhh Well, I might as well tell you that Nick and
Nancy are completely involved with Kim and I now!!"

Tom was still rubbing the wax off the boat and stopped for a moment
and smiled up at Mike and said, "Great!!! So, Is everything working
out between all four of you!!?? That is, if you don't mind me asking

Mike replied, "No!!! I mean, Yes!!! I mean, Yes, everything seems to
be OK between us all and that."

Tom continued to smile at Mike and then said, "It feels pretty good
doesn't it, to be able to tell and talk with someone else about what
all happens and takes place between family members like that, to
another person who also enjoys the pleasures of sexual relationships
among family members."

Mike relaxed some and opened up some more and then went on to tell him
that his own sister Kristy was also involved with their family. Mike
didn't want to tell Tom just yet about Kim's sister Debbie or Kim's
dad John, so he left that part out for the time being.

Mike then said, "Tom!!?? My sister, Kristy!!?? Well, She kind of
thinks that I might be the father!! If you know what I mean!!!"

Tom completely stopped waxing his boat. He stood up and then motioned
Mike to follow him into the house where they went down stairs into
Tom's basement. Mike followed and he was completely shocked and amazed
at what he saw in the basement, after they went into another room off
to one side.

At first the basement looked to be only a small 1/4 basement, but
after they went through the next locked door it was something that
completely made Mike freeze at the door frame.

The room was just a bit bigger than the other first room and in this
room was a king size bed and hanging down in the middle of the bed
from the ceiling was a sex swing.

Mike had never seen one in person, only drawings in the back of sex
magazines. Yet, here was the real thing and it was hanging from a
large eye bolt from the ceiling. He also noticed that their was other
eye hooks and eye bolts around and mounted on the bed posts. It didn't
take a rocket scientist to figure out, that could only mean one thing
and that was someone in their family was into bondage. He also saw a
large wooden beam that was about 4 foot long and it was also hanging
from the ceiling by a cable and pulley system and he then saw the
large hand crank winch mounted on the wall and he also knew what that
was used for.

The carpet was a dark brown and the walls and ceiling was done in a
very dark and rich looking wood paneling. The lights on the side of
the walls gave the illusion of a dungeon.

Tom had the lights turned up high and Mike knew that they were hooked
up to a dimmer switch, so that it would take on the looked of a 200
year old torture chamber, within the deep bowls of a primeval castle.

Tom then turned around and said, "So, Does this shock you Mike!!"

Mike shook his head in disbelief and then had a half smile on his face
and said, "NO!!!! I just thought, I would never ever see something
like this in my lifetime."

Tom then said, "First off, I want to tell you up front that all of
this, is just for looks!!! I mean, I won't allow anyone to get hurt or
whipped or things like that, it is just used for very mild restraints,
nothing else."

He paused for a moment and then went on to say, "It is really just an
elaborate prop, to set the mood for a person to feel restraint and
gives everyone the illusion that someone is able to take complete
control of someone else, like in a rape fantasy or bondage fantasy, in
which a person is taken without their consent and they can't do
anything about it, but endure the make believe horror of having
someone do them and they have no way to stop what is happening to

Tom then walked over and opened up a hidden door and Tom walked
through it first and turned on a light and Mike followed.

This room was even wilder, because Mike was staring at something that
Tami had told him about, out on the house boat. It was the famous
alter for girls and women to be placed on, that resembled a doctor's
examination table, complete with padded stirrups for the woman when
they were placed on the table and he also noticed that there was a
series of wooden risers that could be pulled out, that the man or boy
standing at the foot of the table could adjust the height, so that he
would be able to enter the woman's or girl's pussy at the correct
height, while standing up or even bending over her as she was fully
and completely spread out.

Mike also noticed that this room was fully and completely mirrored on
the walls and ceiling. He started to get hard, in his pants, just
thinking how often this room had been used on both Tami and Cami and
yes, even Catrina by both Tom and his oldest son Eric who was 18.

Tom then walked over to one wall of the mirrored room and pushed
against one mirrored panel. It went in slightly and then the panel
opened up to reveal another hidden door passage.

Mike followed Tom into this room and this room took up about 1/3 to
1/2 of the basement totally and this was like a regular room with
chairs, a couch, an entertainment center with stereo, VCR and TV. Mike
also noticed that Tom also had a corner set up with four or five
futons laid out together to form a very large padded play area just
like he had in his basement, however it was almost double the size of

He also noticed that there was a very large shower area, at the other
end of the room. The shower stall looked like it belonged in a locker
room, at the golf course or even a high school, because the shower
stall was at least 16 feet long by at least 8 feet deep and inside
there was at least three shower heads and the really wild thing was,
that there was three shower heads all in a row one right above the
other, so that one shower head was at chest level, one at knee level
and one just above head height and there was the same thing directly
across from that set of shower heads so that a person would be
showered and sprayed from both the front and back at the same time.
There was three stalls lined up next to each other without any walls
as they were all next to each other in this giant shower stall.

Mike also noticed at one end of the shower area there was a bench type
set up that looked more like a padded recliner, so that someone could
sit back and even lay back and this too had a set of doctor's office
stirrups at one end and Mike could only begin to imagine what all
would and could happen there. He also noticed a detachable hand held
shower head that looked like a shower massage unit and it was placed
right in the middle of the padded chair at the foot of the chair and
he knew that with that shower head turned on it would spray directly
on the persons genitals, while they were sitting or laying back.

Mike was rock hard in his pants just thinking what all kinds of wild
sex could, would and has taken place in Dr. Tom Richardson's basement
of pleasure. He knew that this entire basement was set up for only one
purpose and that was for the full and complete exploration of sexual
pleasure. Either by yourself with a partner, young or old, male or
female, family member or non-family member, singularly, as a couple,
threesome, foursome, moresome all the way up to a fairly large group
of people, could use this all at the same time. Mike would have
guessed that at least 15 to 20 people could easily be accommodated in
their basement, all at the same time with no trouble at all.

Mike looked over at Tom and smiled and said, "WOW!!! This is some wild
set up you all have here. A person could go nuts here!!!"

Tom laughed and then motioned for Mike to sit down in one of the
chairs in the area around the entertainment center. Tom took another
seat next to a coffee table with a end table and lamp one it.

Tom then said, "So, You think you might be the father of your sister's

Mike then got serious and then kind of nodded his head and said, "Yea,
I might be. I just don't know and Well!! You are our Doctor and most
of all, you seem to understand our type of situation, if you know what
I mean."

Tom nodded his head as to silently agree with Mike's last statement
and then said, "Well, Does your sister what to keep the baby, if she
is indeed pregnant with your child or what? What are your feeling
towards this situation, if she is pregnant with your baby?"

Mike looked at Tom and then said, "My sister wants to keep the baby or
babies. She seems to think she is going to have twin baby girls, but
who knows. As for me. Well, I would also like to have her keep the
baby or babies just as long as it is or they are all normal and
healthy both physically and mentally that is."

Tom nodded and was just silent for a few moments.

It was then Mike noticed a large wooden glass enclosed bookcase with
what looked to hundreds if not thousand of magazines and books. He
spotted a couple of books he had right off the bat and his cock got
even harder in his pants as he realized that this book case was one of
the largest collection of erotica he had ever seen and some of the
books which he noticed dealt with the topic of incest.

He got up and started to walk over to the book case and then looked
over at Tom and said in a almost soft reverent tone, "Are all of these
books and magazines on what I think they might be on!!??"

Tom got up out of his chair and walked over to the book case which was
at least 8 to 10 long and maybe 6 1/2 foot to 7 foot tall. The book
self part of the cabinet started at about 3 feet off the floor and
below that point, the cabinets had 5 drawers about 3 feet wide and
about 6 to 8 inches deep. Then there was 2 sets of double doors in the
center of cabinet, one above the over and then the other end had the
same 5 draws above each other in a row.

The bookcase had three sets of double glass doors. Tom opened up one
of the double set doors and then pulled out a book binder. Inside the
book binder was a complete set of old 1960's and 1970's child porn
magazines which were printed overseas in Holland, Germany, France,
Sweden, and other European countries. They were mostly printed in
three languages, Dutch or German, French and English.
This collection alone, in this one book binder had at least 12 to 24
magazines. The most incredible part of it all was that it was a
complete series.

Tom then handed it over so that Mike could hold it and look at the
magazines inside. Mike noticed right off that the cover of the first
magazine was printed in English. The cover had a photo of a grown man
a grown woman and a teenage girl that looked to be maybe 13 or 14
completely nude. The cover caption said, "Incest, Exploring the
pleasures of family sex together with your children."

Mike gave out a low moan as his hard cock in his pants gave a
involuntary jerk and expelled a blob of pre-come from his totally
swollen cock head. He then slowly and carefully opened the magazine to
the first page and it showed a picture of a family that had a husband,
wife, two girls which looked to be one at 13 or 14 and the other girl
looked to be 16 or 17. It also had a picture of a young boy who looked
to be about 14 or 15 years old too. This one photo of all five of them
together looked like a normal photo as they were all dressed and the
picture was taken in a living room. The photo took up about 2/3 of the
page and the rest had three different type of language printed. The
first one was English, the second looked to be Dutch or German and the
third one looked like french.

It gave a description of the family and their names and the ages of
the five members.

The next page Mike turned to showed the parents taking off their
clothes. The kids still had their clothes on. Mike skipped a couple of
pages as he began to scan the magazine and it showed different photos
and gave descriptions as to what all was happening to the family. This
one magazine told the story of how the parents striped and made love
to each other in front of the kids to show them what sex was all

The next magazine was the next one in the series and started where the
first one left off at. Mike could hardly believe his own eyes that
someone back in the 60's and 70's actually had the nerve and the guts
to make a magazine like this and it was even wilder to know that
people were willing to do this in front of a camera knowing that they
would printed and sold.

Mike wanted to drop his pants and jerk off as he looked at the
magazines in the book binder, because the images of the photos were so
good and perfectly clear. It show that this was done right the first
time and it was not some low budget type publication. The pages were
all high grade glossy paper stock of good weight. This set of
magazines all had black and white glossy photos which had a color
front cover.

As Mike scanned the pages of photos he saw everything under the sun.
Father/Daughter sex, Mother/Son sex, Brother/Sister sex, Sister/Sister
sex, Mother/Daughter sex, Father/Son sex and a complete family orgy of
everyone doing all at one to each other. He got to the end of the book
binder and slowly closed it and then looked over at Tom with a smile
on his face and then said, "Jesus Christ Tom!!! This is totally
unreal!!! I mean, .........WOW!!!" Mike looked back at the book case
as he handed the closed book binder back to Tom and then began to look
at the hundreds of different book binders which held more magazines
and he could only dream what all they held behind their closed
protective covers. He only wished he could have at least month to page
through each and every book binder and magazine within in.

Mike also noticed that some of the book binders had names, numbers and
titles listed on the outside and he began to scan the titles.

He saw all sorts of titles such as, "Teen Incest", "Pre-Teen Incest",
"Daughter's First Time", "Beginners Sex", Beginners Teen Sex",
Advanced Teen Sex", Mom Teaches Sons", "Teen Orgy", Family Sex
Revealed", "Brother/Sister Sex", "Brothers/Sisters Beginners Sex",
"Brothers/Sisters Advanced Sex", "Family Sex Beginners", "Family Sex
Advanced", "Incest Pregnancies".

Mike stopped right there when he saw that title and the next three in
a row with these titles, "Incest Pregnancies", Incest Pregnancies,
Father/Daughter", "Incest Pregnancies, Mother/Son", Incest
Pregnancies, Brother/Sister".

Mike reached up and pulled the first one down and then carefully
opened up the binder. The cover photo showed a girl to be around 17 to
21 and she had a large full belly, which looked to be at least 8
months pregnant. She had large swollen breasts full of new mother's
milk. Standing beside her was a nude man that was indeed old enough to
be her own father.

Just the cover photo was enough to blow Mike away and all he could do
was moan out load and then said, "FUCK!!!!! This is totally unreal!!!
I can't believe that these are real incest pregnancy pictures!!! Are
they!!!??" Mike then looked up at Tom.

Tom then smiled and he just nodded his head and then said, "Those are
real pictures of Incest Pregnancies!!!"

Mike shock his head in total disbelief and then said, "NO WAY!!! These
can't be real!!! Shit!!!! I mean, ............... They could all get
arrested for showing stuff like this with their faces in the

Tom continued to smile at Mike and said, "Really Mike!!! Those are all
true incest pregnancy pictures. I know it for a clear proven fact!!!
I'm not lying!!!"

Tom then said, "Why don't you take that over to the chair and sit down
and look through it!!! The photos in that blinder will prove that I'm
telling you the truth."

Mike continued to look down at the cover photo and walked almost
blindly over to the chair next to a end table with a reading light on
it and then sat down. He then got comfortable and then slowly began to
look and then read the paragraph that went with each picture before
turning the page and doing it all over again.

Mike's cock was totally and completely rock hard and throbbing as he
began to look and read the first magazine from front to back. It took
him about 10 minutes or a little longer to go through the first
magazine and then he was ready for the second one in the same series.

He still had a hard time believing that this girl who was pregnant was
really the guy's daughters but there was photo proof of her when she
was only 10 or 11 and it looked like a family photo with everyone in
clothes and then it showed pictures her having sex with that same guy
and even younger guys who looked to be her older and younger brothers.
at about the age of 12. It showed pictures of her at different times
in her life and told how old she was and then there was photo proof
that she was 18 when she got pregnant by her own dad.

Mike just about came in his pants as the second magazine show her
having sex while still pregnant with her dad, brothers, sisters and
mom. It was totally unreal as to what all the photos showed that
entire family doing to each other and she was pregnant no less.

Mike got ready and started on magazine #3 of the same series and just
as he was starting to look at that Tom said, "Hey Mike!!! Why don't
you take that home with you along with the other three incest
pregnancy book binders and that way you can read and look at them at
your own leisure and maybe you wife and sister would like to see them
too!!!! Kind of get you all ready for it, if what you said, about you
and your sister, is true. OK!!??"

Mike closed the book binder and had a hard time getting up out of his
chair. By that time Tom had already got the other book binders on
incest pregnancies down and then handed them to Mike.

Tom then said, "Hey!!! I think I might warn you now to keep Friday or
Saturday night open because all our kids are going to be gone this
weekend and Catrina and I was wondering if maybe you and Kim might
like to come over and have supper with us and then we can all come
down here to relax and talk about what all we do with our own kids and
maybe see about get them all together with us and see what happens.
That is if you and Kim are ready to take family love (incest) up
another step or two. But at least Catrina and I and you and Kim can at
least have some fun together and then well see after that OK?"

Mike was just about to come in his pants and then said, "WOW!!! I
would love that myself but I think it might be a good idea if maybe
Catrina calls up Kim and asks her to come over Friday or Saturday
night for at least supper. This way it doesn't look like I'm trying to
get her to do something she doesn't want to do. Besides, I think she
will get really turned on if Catrina invites her and me over
personally and this way I won't say anything before hand and it will
also get her think of all of the different possibilities of what might
and could happen."

Tom laugh and then replied, "Yea!! I'll have Catrina give her a call
tonight or maybe tomorrow and this way we will both be quite and just
see what happens."

Mike looked at his watch and then got up and said, "Shit!!! I need to
get home so, I'll get these books back to you pretty quick maybe I'll
bring them back over when we both come over to dinner Friday or
Saturday night."

Tom then said, "No problem!!! Take your time."

Mike then got all 4 book binders and then they both walked through the
rooms and then went back up stairs and out into the garage and out
into the drive way. Before they left the garage Tom gave Mike a
packing box to put the 4 book binders into so that was just a little
more disguise. Just to be on the safe side.

Mike then drove home to see what all was happening at his house.

Mike went in the house and noticed after he drove the truck into the
garage that the back garage door was locked so he had a pretty good
idea what all was going on in the house.

He walked through the whole downstairs of the house and nobody was to
be found. He then checked up stairs and it was the same thing.
Everyone was gone. Mike smiled to himself as he thought that more than
likely they were all down stairs in the basement play room having some
fun so he stripped off is work clothes and took a cool quick
refreshing shower and then dried off and just walked down the stairs
and then opened up the basement door and walked down it also.

Mike was totally nude and his cock was beginning to grow, lengthen and
harden up as he wondered to himself what he would find going on down

He open up the door to the main play room and saw right off the bat a
really wild sight to be hold.

There on the futons Mike saw his wife Kim being sandwiched by her own
dad John with his big, giant, massive, thick cock up her bare, smooth
cunt and their son Nick with his cock up her ass and both of them were
both pumping wildly in the same rhythm into ass and pussy at the same
time and for the moans and groans they were going to be coming
together in just a little bit.

Mike was instantly rock hard and throbbing as he stood still at the
door sill and watch Kim getting double fucked by her own dad and son
at the same time. Mike smiled to himself because this was something he
had not done to Kim yet and it made him feel good that both Kim and
Nick were willing to try something new and different out and from all
the noise they were making he knew that all of them were enjoying this
new form of threesome type sex.

He reached down and automatically took a hold of his throbbing cock in
his right hand and slowly began to stroke it as he watched them rut
and ram against his wife who was caught in the middle of 2 horny guys.

Mike then noticed that his sister, Kristy and Kim's sister Debbie and
his own 12 year old daughter Nancy were not there in the room.

He then walked over to the basement bedroom door and slowly opened it
and the sight that greeted his eyes was another sight to behold.

There on the king size bed was Kim's sister, Debbie and his 12 year
old daughter, Nancy completely nude. Debbie was on the bottom and
Nancy was laying on top of her and they were both joined together with
that wild looking double dildo that Debbie had bought over in Germany.
They were both going crazy as that powerful machine was working it's
own kind of magic on both of them at the same time. Yet the sight was
even more bizarre because his own sister was kneeling on the bed
beside them and she had her bare ass pointed towards the door and Mike
could see a dildo or vibrator stuck up her pussy along with a anal
butt plug that was also a vibrator. Kristy was also playing with
Nancy's little ass and it was then that he noticed that Nancy had her
small little ass packed full with a three foot long string of oriental
anal beads and his own sister was slowly pulling the strand of beads
out of his own 12 year old daughter's ass one at a time.

Mike was so surprised at that sight he just about came right then and
there on the spot.

The three sexually active women on the bed together were also about to
come or they were coming again for the unknown time as Mike just
leaned up against the door sill and smiled and watched while at the
same time he slowly stroked his cock.

He was in a position to turn his head slightly and watch his own wife
getting double fucked by the guys so he split the time watching one
group and then the other. He had to smile to himself as he realized
that all of this was being film by all the video equipment in the
darkroom and he was going to be able to see what all took place before
he got there and see how this all started and also to see how long
this had all been going on.

Both groups finished up within about 10 minutes of each other and it
took everybody a few minutes to realize that Mike was watching them
all as they began to pull apart from each other.

Nancy was the first one to run over to him and jumped into his arms.
She gave him a sexy wet french kiss and then said, "OH DADDY!!!! I'm
glad your home!!! How long have you been watching us!!!"

Mike replied that he had just got there but it was enough to make him
rock hard.

Nancy then said, "I'd let you fuck me, but my pussy is still buzzing
and humming from that new toy Aunt Debbie bought. How about letting me
suck you off."

Mike just moaned and then let Nancy back down on the ground where she
took his hand and pulled him into the bedroom and had her own dad get
up on the bed on one side because the middle was soaked with all of
that joy jelly that the double dildo uses.

Mike laid down on the bed on side and Nancy walked over to the side of
the bed and leaned over and began to slowly stroke his cock while at
the same time she brought her head up towards Mike's face where she
proceeded to french him and then kiss his face, neck and ears while at
the same time she began to talk dirty to her own dad.

Debbie and Kristy were still on the bed. Debbie laid on the wet spot
in the middle and Kristy laid down on the other side of the bed. The
both propped their heads up on their elbows and Kristy was looking
over Debbie's shoulder to watch their niece give Mike a run for his

Debbie and Kristy were both surprised by what all Nancy was saying to
her own father. Nancy was using her dirty talk to turn on her own dad
and at the same time she was talking loud enough so that both Debbie
and Kristy could hear her as plain as day.

Kristy reached over Debbie's middle with her free left hand and cupped
Debbie's left small breast in the palm of her hand. Debbie moaned as
felt Kristy's hand cup her breast.

Even though both Debbie and Kristy had both come a number of times in
just the last few minutes they both enjoyed the touch and feel of
female flesh as they watched a young 12 year old girl flirt, feel,
stroke, kiss and totally turn on her own father.

Kristy was most definitely impressed because Nancy was a year young
than her the first time she had sex and Nancy was more experienced in
sex now than when Kristy was 14!!!!

Debbie was impressed also because she didn't become sexually active
until she was 15 and even then she was no where near the class and
sexual experience that Nancy was. In fact Debbie didn't really go wild
with sex until she was in college at the age of 19 before she really
got into sex like she is now and to see a young pre-teen girl of only
12 years do things she didn't do until she was almost 20 was a sight
to behold and that alone turned Debbie on more and more as she watched
her young niece do her own dad on the same bed she was on was just
about out of this world.

In the mean time, John, Kim and Nick pulled apart and they too came
into the basement bed room to stand in total silence as they all
watched young Nancy perform her own brand of oral magic combined with
her dirty talk on her own dad.

Nancy knew and actually saw everyone looking at her and this made her
even perform more like a porn star instead of making her shy and
reserved in fact this little audience caused her to really go wild and
she was indeed a porn star performing before her own relatives.

She played the part of a experience 12 year old slut to the hilt and
everyone in the room knew that someday Nancy was going to be a movie
star or a porn star because she loved to have an audience when ever
she performed with or without her clothes on.

Mike was also aware that everyone was now watching him and his
daughter and he also got into the act and he began to talk dirty back
to his own 12 year old nude daughter as she gave him a blow job and
stroke job that was completely out of this world.

He didn't last to long and before long he shot off his big load of
come into his 12 year old daughter's mouth. Mike bucked, moaned and
groaned as he shot off wad after wad of hot, thick, creamy come into
his pre-teen daughter's sucking mouth.

As soon as he was done shooting his load of come into her mouth Nancy
raised her head and smiled at Mike, her own dad and then to everyone
else in the room.

Nancy then crawled up to lay down on top of her nude father and she
then gave him another french kiss.

Mike was shocked because as soon as he slid his tongue into his
daughter's mouth his entire load of come he had just shot into her
mouth rolled out of her mouth and down into his mouth.

Nancy had save his entire load of come in her mouth and she was now
giving it and forcing it back into her own dad's mouth.

Mike accepted his own come into his mouth and without a second thought
he swallowed his own come.

Mike thought about it for just a second and it turned him on a lot to
know that his come had just shot out of his own cock and now he was
swallowing his own come. It just left his own body just a few seconds
ago and now it was once again being returned to his own body this time
through his mouth by way of his own daughter's mouth.

Nancy and Mike continued to french each other until all of the come
was gone and then they separated from each other just as quickly as it
had begun.

The rest of the crowd family gave out a loud round of applause as they
kind of knew what all took place between that father daughter team.

Mike rest for a few minutes and then Kim said, "Well, I think
everybody need to go get cleaned up and I will start dinner."

There was a short pause and then Kim said, "OH!!!! Tonight dinner will
be served in the buff so nobody get dressed. From now on this house
hold will be clothing optional."

There was a big roar of laughter and some hooping and hollering as
everyone enjoyed and got off on the idea that from now on at the
Bridges house everyone was going to be running around in the nude.

That night, after Nancy and Nick went to bed. The grown ups all
retired to the basement playroom once again. This time Mike broke out
the books on incest pregnancies that he had just got from Dr. Tom
Richardson. He then let John, Debbie, Kim and Kristy look at them and
read them. Then they all had a family talk in private away from Nick
and Nancy.

Just about everyone, John, Kim, Debbie and Kristy were all completely
shocked and totally amazed that these magazines were real, actual
incest pictures that featured and showcased actual incest pregnancies
which included father/daughter, mother/son and brother/sister.

Once they had all scanned through the magazines they all began to
openly talk about incest pregnancies.

They voiced their own pros and cons about incest pregnancies, some of
their fears and concerns about such a taboo subject that was even more
taboo than incest in itself. This was taking incest to its ultimate
goal or conclusion. That was inter family and intergenerational
inbreeding!!! To actually and actively try to get a family member or
relative pregnant through incestuous inbreeding!!!!

They all talked and they even laughed quite a bit about things they
were all discussing.

Kristy then made her move and told everyone in the room that she
pretty well knew that she was indeed pregnant and that Mike was indeed
the father of her children.

Everyone listened to her story about how her and Mike fucking each
other at the airport Hilton and how she knew that she was in fact
pregnant with not only one child but pregnant with twins.

It was hard for everyone to really believe a 100% of her story and how
she told it but she said, "Well, I guess we will all have to wait and
see it I'm right or wrong and then we can go from there."

Kim then made the comment that she had been having quite a few
fantasies about getting pregnant herself by her own son Nick but she
didn't want Nick to know that he was the father until he was much
older and be able to handle it mentally.

Kim then asked each person down there in the family play room if they
all thought that she was sick and twisted for wanting something like
that to happen to her.

Everyone gave out their own pros and cons and it was discussed and
even laughed about when others brought up some other point. However it
was pretty well left up to Kim herself to make the finial decision as
to if she really wanted that to happen to her.

Debbie then spoke up and confessed that she too wanted to think about
starting a family but she wanted Mike to be the father of her first
child and even though that wasn't true incest but yet in a round about
way since he was her brother in law that was close enough for her and
then she also told everyone that she wished she could find a mate that
was loving and caring as Mike was and since she had been actively
looking since she was 18 she had yet to find someone who measured up
to her standards.

Kim then looked over at Debbie and then said, "Well, I guess I could
rent Mike out here for stud services and maybe Mike could once again
start up a new harem like he had when he was a life guard, but I guess
this new harem will be just a bit different that when he was younger.

Debbie then looked over at her dad and then said, "Daddy!!!! I would
like for you to give me my second child!!!! Will you promise me

John was kind of taken back at all of this talk about incest
pregnancies and inter family inbreeding but his monster, giant long,
thick cock was rock hard and dripping pre-come from the slit as he too
was thinking about how hot and wild the very thought of inbreeding
was. This new generation was something else.

John then said, "Well, I don't knew but if that is what you want then
I will do my best to deliver the goods, so to speak."

Everyone laughed at that last one and then Debbie who was sitting
cross legged on the carpeted floor unfolded her legs and then she just
laid back, spread her legs and then said, "Mike!!!! Would you do the
honor and fuck me right now in front of everyone."

Debbie then reached down between her legs and inserted her fingers up
into her pussy and she pulled out her diaphragm and then tossed it
over to her older sister and said, "Well!!!! I guess I won't be
needing to use this any more now!!!"

Mike first looked over at Kim and then over to Kristy and then lastly
looked over at John as to ask if he should do it or not.

Kim was the first one to speak up and then said, "It's fine with me!!!
What about you Kristy!!! Any objections!!!! Daddy!!!!! Any

Kristy smiled and said, "None from me!!! I've already got what I want
from him for the moment!!!" She then smiled and slowly rubbed her own
nude belly to make the point that she already had one, well, make that
two in the oven from her own brother.

Everyone broke up laughing really hard over that state statement
Kristy made about her condition that her own brother had a hand in

All four of them then looked over at John to see if he had any

John smiled and then said, "Hell!!! I ant got no objections!!!!
Hell!!!! I just kind of wished that all of this would have happened
about 20 years earlier for me!!!! This is totally unreal and almost
totally unbelievable!!!! If only your mom could of been here for this
special occasion. I'm sure she would have understood and I think she
even now she sends her own type of approval as to what has and will
take place within our family."

Kim and Debbie were almost in tears when their dad brought up the
subject of their dearly departed mom and his loving and caring wife.
Yet they were also happy and they also knew that indeed their own mom
was at this moment looking down upon them all and giving her own
blessings as to what all was happening in their family now.

Kim jumped up out of the chair and then reached down and took a hold
of Debbie's hand and pulled her up on her feet while at the same time
she said, "This calls for a special celebration between both you and

Debbie didn't know what to think what the hell was going on or what to

Kim then said, "Daddy!!! I want you to stand on Debbie's left side.
Mike I want you to stand on Debbie's right side. Kristy I need you to
stand on Mike right side and I will stand in front of all of you."

Debbie then said, "What is this all about!!! What's going on!"

Kim just smile and then as everyone took their positions Kim then
said, "Our Dearly Beloved's, We are all gathered together this night
to unite this man and this woman in holy matrimony!!!"

Debbie almost squealed out loud in both shock and laughter at what her
older sister was doing.

Kim was doing a mock wedding for both her little sister, Debbie and
Mike. Since Debbie wanted Mike to be the father of her first child. It
was only fitting that they become man and wife before they did the
deed for real.

John, Mike and Kristy were both trying like hell to hold back their
shock and laughter as Kim was playing the part of a nude, female,

Kim started back up and then went on where she left off by saying.

"Who gives this beautiful, sexy, sweet, blushing, nude, bride away!?"

John then spoke up and said, "Her extremely hard and turned on father

Everyone broke up and tried not to laugh to hard, long or loud over
what John had just said.

Kim pulled herself back together and then said, "And who gives the
groom away!?"

Kristy got into the act and said, "I do your honor! His pregnant
sister does!!! He just finished knocking me up with twins, so it's
time, he does someone else for a change!!"

Once again everyone broke up over Kristy's comments.

Kim once again started things back up once everyone quite laughing and

Kim then said, "Mike!!! Do you take my little sister to be your
unlawfully wedded wife!? To love, honor and cherish. Through sickness
and health. For richer or poorer. For the rest of your days. Until
death, do you part!?"

Mike stood there and looked directly at Kim for a moment or two and
then turned his head and looked into Debbie's eyes.

Both Debbie and Mike looked into each others eyes and they each knew
that in a sick, twisted way they were indeed going to join together as
a husband and wife and start a family together and they also felt a
special kind of love for each other that went beyond just plain sex.

Mike continued to look Debbie in the eyes and then said, "Yes, your
honor I do!"

Mike and Debbie continued to look into each others eyes and both of
their heart beats sped up as they both felt something special
happening here tonight.

Kim then continued and said, "Debbie!? My sweet, sexy, nude, little
sister. Do you take Mike. My lawfully wedded husband for your
un-lawfully wedded husband!? To love, honor and cherish. Through
sickness and health. For richer or poorer. For the rest of your days.
Until death do you part!?"

Debbie briefly looked over at her older sister and smiled and then
turned her head back to once again look into Mike's eyes and then
said, "Yes, your honor I do!"

Kim then said, "Mike, Please place your right hand on my little
sister's pussy and repeat after me."

Mike stilled looked Debbie square in the eyes and reached down with
his right hand and loving and gently cupped Debbie's bare, smooth,
clean shaven pussy. His middle finger laid right along her pussy slit
groove and the other fingers on each side laid on top of her wet, warm
pussy lips.

Kim then said, "I Mike, offer my body unto you, Debbie for your sexual
pleasure. I will love, kiss, lick, suck and fuck you when ever you
ask. I will give gladly offer you my come, so that I may get you with
child. I will gladly except you, as you are, and for who you are and
allow you to have other lovers, young and old, male and female. I
accept you as my 2nd un-lawful wife."

Mike repeated his vows to Debbie without once breaking eye contact
with her own bright rich and bright eyes.

Kim then said, "Debbie!? Please place your right hand on and lovingly
grip Mike's cock and repeat after me."

Kim then said, "I Debbie, offer my body unto you, Mike for your sexual
pleasure. I will love, kiss, lick, suck and fuck you when ever you
ask. I will give gladly offer you my pussy and womb, so that I may
give you a child. I will gladly except you, as you are, and for who
you are and allow you to have other lovers, young and old, male and
female. I accept you as my un-lawful husband."

Debbie also repeated her vows without breaking eye contact with Mike.

Kim then said, "By the power invested in me I now pronounce you
husband and wife!!!! Congratulations!!! You may now kiss and fuck your
new blushing bride in front of us all!!!!"

Kim hugged Debbie first after Mike and Debbie frenched kissed each
other and during this whole ordeal, not once did they ever let go of
each others cock or pussy.

Debbie turned to her dad and then said, "Daddy!!?? Would you like to
eat my pussy one last time before Mike fucks me as his new bride!!"

John hugged Debbie and whispered in her ear, "Honey!!! I will always
love you and I want to wish you all the best!!!! I would also be
honored if you would allow me to eat your pussy one last time."

Debbie then replied, "Daddy!!! You still get to fuck me anytime you
want from now on. I will just use my diaphragm that's all!!!! Then
after I have my first baby then you will have the chance to plant your
fatherly seed in me and I will bare your child, Daddy!!!!"

John's heart was in his mouth when he heard Debbie's last statement
about wanting his seed in her warm, fertile womb after her first
child. He knew without a doubt that Debbie really meant it. One day
soon he would be fucking Debbie and coming in her pussy once again,
but it will be totally different, because he would be planting his own
seed into his youngest daughter and she would bare his child.

Kim then said to Kristy after Mike and Kristy broke apart from their
french kiss, "Kristy would you like to do the honor and suck your own
brother's cock and get him all wet and ready to fuck his new blushing
bride, my little sister, Debbie!!??"

Kristy kneeled down and immediately took her own brother's cock into
his mouth and slowly began to suck him and wet his cock down. She
didn't want to get him to excited because she wanted Mike's fuck with
Debbie his new un-lawful wife to last and she was also hoping that
Mike would knock her up as good and as quickly as he had done her that
night in the airport Hilton.

Debbie was already on the floor with her legs spread wide open and her
own dad, John was lick, kissing, biting and sucking her pussy for the
very last time as his daughter. After tonight, as far as he was
concern Debbie was now really married to Mike and she was now his
wife. It didn't have to be legal or religious for it to happen and to
honor two peoples private and personal vows. John was now eating a
married woman's pussy and in just a few seconds he was actually going
to witness their consummation of their wedding vows as Mike entered
and fucked his new blushing bride which just so happened to be his
youngest daughter.

John felt jealous for just a bit because Mike was now married to both
of his daughters at least in his own eyes and in a way John wished he
was in Mike's shoes right now and he also thought and wished that he
was at least 20 years younger.

Then the flash back hit him and he immediately began to think about
Akihita and her daughter Anika and wondered what had really happened
to them and where they were now and what they were doing. Who they
were married to and how many kids each of them had. He also wondered
if they still remembered him or ever thought about him again since he
left them back in Japan all those years ago.

He came back to the present when he felt someone's hand on his
shoulder and he knew then that it was time to let Mike take his place
between his youngest daughter's spread open legs so that a bride groom
could finish the task and consummate their wedding vows by fucking his
blushing bride, Debbie.

He moved out of the way and Mike was already rock hard and dripping
wet from his own little sister sucking his cock head and cock shaft
getting him ready for Debbie.

Mike got into position between Debbie's spread legs and then he
noticed that his own wife Kim was going to guide his cock into her
little sister's pussy for both of them. John and Kristy both on either
side of Debbie and John and witnessed their first joining as man and

Kim backed off and all three of them, Kim, Kristy and John all watched
in total silence as they witnessed Mike and Debbie fucking one another
for the very first time as husband and wife.

Mike and Debbie's joining lasted about 10 to 15 minutes as the rest of
them slowly kneeled down and sat on the soft carpeted floor and watch
everything happening.

John, Kristy and Kim saw and knew that Mike and Debbie were not just
fucking each other they were actually making love to each other and
together as a joined couple on spiritual level also. They were joined
together for love and for the purpose of getting Debbie with child. In
a way it looked all together differently even if someone didn't get to
see or hear their wedding vows exchanged. It was the way they moved
together and kissed and held and touched each other during the time
they were joined together that everyone could tell that this mating
dance was really for love and not just lust and the love for fucking.

Everyone was moved in their own special way, as they watched the new
bridal couple make love to each other for the very first time as
husband and wife.

When Mike finally came inside Debbie's fertile and completely
unprotected pussy for the very first time, it felt like he shoot off
at least 10 solid streamers of hot, thick, rich, creamy, fertile,
potent come into his new wife, which just so happened to be, his first
wife's little sister.

The emotions Mike himself were feeling was completely different to him
and yet at the same time. He really accepted Debbie as his wife and he
was actually going to try and get her pregnant as soon as possible.

To him, it felt like the most natural thing in the world to do and in
a way he wondered if maybe he was a reincarnated person from days gone
by who had more than one wife. He truly felt like he now really had a
harem and his number one wife was Kim and his second wife was his own
sister Kristy and now he was coming inside his third wife. Debbie was
his wife's little sister. He was also looking ahead someday and
wondered if maybe his own daughter, Nancy would openly and freely give
herself to him. Would she become his wife also. Just that thought
alone caused Mike to expel another spurt of come into his newest
wife's pussy.

Everyone was just about wasted as they all took a breather and then
Kim made the announcement that John should go and get Nancy and sleep
with her in his bed. Mike would sleep with Debbie his new bride and
Kim and Kristy would sleep with Nick and wear him out, because he
didn't need to get to the pool until 10am.

Everyone broke up and Mike and Debbie took the basement bedroom to
finish their honeymoon union for the next couple of days.

No one knew, except for Kim, that she quite taking her birth control
pills and she was going to get Nick to fuck her as many times as
possible until she missed her period. She had already made up her mind
that Nick was going to father his first child through his own mom, no
matter what. After a few years or so Kim would tell him the truth, but
for now she didn't want that to cloud his young mind about things like
that, at least not for now.

It was the next day that Catrina called and talked with Kim and asked
both her and Mike over for supper Friday night.

Kim pretty well knew what was going to happen, but yet, it still made
her heart beat a whole lot faster and stronger, because she was
finally going to meet another family in person that also was involved
in family incest, just like they were and what made it all more
exciting was that they already knew each other and all of the other
family members.

Kim would have never guessed that they would be doing something like
that three months ago and she would have probably called them all a
bunch of sick bastards for doing something like that to their own kids
and she would have sent them all to jail or mental hospitals because
that was just down right sick and disgusting and also it was against
the law.

However, things had changed and now the shoe is on the other foot, so
to speak. She was now glad, happy and pleased that the Richardson
family was doing their own kids, just like the Bridges family was
doing it and now there was the possibility that both of their families
would join together and watch each other make love and fuck their own
kids in front of another family. They too would be able to watch
another family fuck each other and then the best part would be when
both families would swap amongst the other family members and have one
big giant orgy in front of everyone for the very first time.

In a way it all seemed like some weird and wild wet dream Kim was
having because she knew that it was really going to happen live and in
person it was just a matter of time.

The conversation that Kim and Catrina had was pretty hot in a way
because Kim knew that Catrina knew and they were playing a game of cat
and mouse over the phone to each other.

Catrina first talked to Kim about this and that and then she said,
"Kim!? Tom and I was wondering if maybe you and Mike would be free
Friday night to come over and have a steak dinner with us?"

Kim was silent for a few seconds as her heart raced in her chest
because she knew that this little get together with Tom and Catrina
was just the opening shots that would lead both of their families to
get together for a full blown incest orgy. Kim's nipples automatically
swelled up and got rock hard while at the same time her pussy began to
flutter and get damp as her sexual juices began to flow.

Kim then replied, "Mike and I would love to come over for supper
Friday night!!!"

Catrina then said, "Great!!! The kids will be gone all weekend so
maybe you and Mike can maybe make arrangements to have someone look
after Nick and Nancy for the entire weekend!!?? I mean that way all
four of us came have plenty of time to talk and discuss about
......... Well!!! I think you two know what I mean!"

There was a slight pause and then she continued by saying, "You and
Mike can spend the night over here and early Saturday morning we can
all go out to the lake on the house boat and we can spend Saturday
night together on the open water!!??"

There was another slight pause and then Catrina once again said, "I
mean, If you all would like to do something like that?!"

Kim dropped the phone to the floor by accident as she was trying to
pull her t-shirt up over her head and pull her running shorts and
panties down over her hips and off her legs at the same time.

She sat down on her bed next to the phone and pulled her shorts and
panties the rest of the way off her legs and then throw her t-shirt on
top of her shorts and panties which lay in a crumpled mess on the
floor before she bent down and picked up the phone.

Kim then said in a flushed and rushed voice, "OH GOD!!! Catrina!!??
Are you still there?!!" she waited for a reply and then was relieved
as Catrina said, "Yea!? I'm still here. What happened? Did you drop
the phone or what?"

Kim relaxed as she laughed and said, "Yea!!! You guessed it!!! I was
changing out of my running shorts and top while trying to carry on a
conversation with you!!! I'm sorry about that."

Catrina laughed and said, "I understand."

Kim then said, "Mike and I would love to spend the weekend with both
you and Tom!!!" she paused for a second and then said, "So what all
should Mike and I bring over then?"

Catrina replied by saying, "Well, All you two really need to bring is
a couple changes of clothes and maybe a swimsuit if you want.!! Tom
and I skinny dip so we don't really wear swimsuits unless we are at
the dock or just coming back to the dock. Most of the time we are just

Kim laid back on their large king size bed and began to openly touch
herself while she carried on the conversation with Catrina. She let
out a low moan as she heard Catrina tell her how they (Tom and her)
were nude most of the time on their houseboat at the lake, except when
they were at the dock. Kim also figured that also meant their kids
were also nude most of the time on the house boat.

Catrina then responded by saying, "Kim!? Is something wrong?" What's
with the moan or groan?"

Kim replied with half closed eyes as she continued to touch herself
slowly while talking with Catrina. She then replied and said, "OH!! I
was just thinking about you and Tom both nude on the houseboat and
then I thought that also meant your children as well!!! Wow!!! I mean
that must really be something!!"

Catrina laughed a little and then said, "Yea!!! Once we are in open
waters away from the dock we all strip down to our birthday suits and
enjoy the sun." She paused a second and then said, "Kim?!?!? Can I be
open with you and ask you a personal question?"

Kim's eyes opened up and she paused for a second or two and then
replied by saying, "Sure!!! I guess so!!"

Catrina then said, "Where are you right now in the house?"

Kim said, "I'm upstairs in our bedroom?"

Catrina then asked Kim, "Are you finished changing out of you running

Kim replied, "Yes!?"

Catrina then asked in a almost laughing tone, "I take it you are nude

Kim laughed a little bit and then said, "Yea!!! I was going to take a
shower in just a few minutes then you called."

Catrina then laughed a little more and then said, "WOW!!! That is
about what happened to me. I'm now laying on our bed completely nude
too!!! Are you on your bed now!?!?"

Kim laughed and said, "WOW!! That is really strange!!! I just laid
down after I picked up the phone after I dropped it by accident."

Catrina then said, "Are you touching yourself and thinking about Tom
and I and what might happen this weekend with us!?!?!?"

Kim was silent for a few seconds and decided to just be completely
open and honest with Catrina and tell her the truth so Kim said, "Yes"
in a soft low sexy voice as she began to play with herself more as she
talked to Catrina.

Kim then said, "Why?!?!? Are you!?!?!?"

Catrina replied in a sexy and low voice to match Kim's sexually
excited voice and said, "Yes!!! My breasts are all swollen up and my
nipples are completely rock hard and weeping and my pussy is almost as
wet as my breasts are!!"

Kim then said, "Yea!!! I'm getting turned on just thinking about us
getting together and talking more about some other things too!"

Catrina moaned into the phone and then said, "Did Mike show you any
magazines that he got from Tom the other night?"

Kim took in a sharp quick inhale and moan at the same time as if
caught by surprise and said, "OH GOD!!!!" She paused briefly and then
said, "Are those magazines for real!!! I mean are they really showing
what they said in the text?"

Catrina then replied and said, "Yes!! They are for real pictures and
the text is really true!!!" She paused for a second or two and then
said, "Kim!?!?!? Did you get excited by looking at those pictures
knowing what those people did to each other!?!?!?"

Kim replied and said, "GOD YES!!!!  Those magazines are totally
unreal!!! I mean, I have heard of things like that happening before
but to actually see pictures proving that things like that really
exists is something else!!!" Kim paused for a moment and then
continued by saying, "I mean to actually see them do it to each other
in front of a camera and then to show them over a period of time to
show the changes in their bodies over that complete period of time is
totally out of this world!!!"

Catrina then moan and said, "So Kim!?!!?? Have you thought about doing
something like that in real life?"

Kim was now fingering her bare clean shaven pussy with two middle
fingers of her right hand and at the same time she was pulling on her
right nipple with her left thumb and index finger and trying to cradle
the phone while she did herself and talk on the phone with Catrina.

Kim moaned out and said, "Well!!! I would have never of dreamed of
something like that happening to me a couple months ago but

Catrina then said, "SO!!!???!!! You have thought about something like
that happening to you then!!??!!"

Kim simply moan out and said, "YES!!"

Catrina moaned out in pure sexual lust and pleasure as she was also
finger fucking herself while talking to Kim over the phone.

Catrina then paused for a second or two as she squeezed her rock hard
nipples with both of her finger tips and she let out a moan and said,
"OH!! GOD!!! SHIT!!!"

Kim thought something was wrong and then said, "What happened!!??
Catrina!!??!!?? Are you OK!!??!!?? What happened??!!??"

Catrina laughed and then said, "I'm fine!!! I just sprayed myself in
the face and got some in my eyes!!"

Kim had a puzzled look on her face and then said, "Sprayed yourself in
face and eyes with what??!??"

Catrina then laughed some more and said, "Well!!! My breasts are so
full of milk that when I play with myself and pull on my rock hard
nipples my milk squirts out and flies all over everywhere and

Kim moaned out as her pussy began to flutter all by itself and her
brain took in what Catrina had just told her and then gasped out, "OH
MY GOD!!! Your lactating!!??!!??"

Catrina laughed and said, "Yea!!! Sometimes it is a lot of fun and
other times it can be a real pain in the ass."

Kim almost sat up straight in her bed as she pictured Catrina with
milk filled breasts that had to be at least a 38D or maybe 38DD or
could even be 42D breasts. She then let out another moan of pure
sexual lust and said, "How can that be Catrina!!!! Your not nursing
and you haven't given birth!!! Have you!!??!!??"

Catrina laughed and said in a low sexy tone to Kim and said, "No!!!
I'm not pregnant yet but who knows I might be sooner than anyone

Kim then said, "How then??!!??!!!"

Catrina moaned again and then said, "OH GOD!!! KIM!!!! You should see
me right now!!! I'm  almost totally drenched from the chest up!!!" she
paused and Kim could hear the sounds of what could only be licking and
sucking through the phone line and Kim began to picture Catrina laying
on her bed by herself playing with herself and allowing her breast
milk to spray all over her body while she finger fucked herself and
talked on the phone to her, Kim.

Kim began to experience her first orgasm while talking on the phone to
Catrina and at the same time she was pulling on her own hard nipples
yet no milk would spray forth like what must be happening to Catrina.
In a way Kim was kind of jealous of Catrina as she was able to lactate
and she wasn't. Kim could almost picture Catrina laying down as she
was licking and sucking up small warm puddles of her own mother's milk
from her body. Kim also thought that Catrina could even lift up her
breasts to her own mouth and suck her own milk directly from her large
38D to 42DD breasts. Kim also wondered what that must be like to suck
your own rock hard nipples with your own mouth, lips and tongue and
then to top it all off you could actually suck and drink your own
mother's milk directly from your own rock hard nipples.

It was then that Kim regretted at she had small breasts because she
would have done that to herself a long, long time again when she first
had Nick. She would have never of dreamed to admit it to anyone
because back then she still had sexual hang ups and doing that to
herself was something she would have only done in the privacy when no
one else would have been around. She had actually tasted her own milk
a few times but drinking it after it had cooled down a bit and from a
bottle or cup was something completely different that sucking it from
her own rock hard nipples directly into her warm sucking mouth.

Other than that she felt fairly secure about her own body and looks
and also about her small breasts.

Catrina then replied and said, "Well, I guess you will find out sooner
or later but Tom has a fetish for lactating women and since he is a
doctor he is able to make women lactate even if they aren't pregnant
or if they haven't just bared a child. Tom and I do this about ever 2
to 3 years since Cami got weaned off of breast milk and I allow Tom
his special pleasure for about 6 to 9 months and then we stop for a
couple of years and do it all over again." She paused for a moment or
two and then said, "Does that turn you off Kim!!??"

Kim moaned out over and over and her body was racked by her powerful
orgasm while at the same time she was trying to picture Catrina in her
mind and then in that picture Kim joined Catrina and she began to
suckle Catrina's large firm full milk filled breasts. Kim
automatically stuck her own thumb in her mouth and began to feverishly
suck on her thumb as if it was a nipple squirting out warm, rich,
mother's milk into her sucking mouth. All at the same time she was
moaning out loud and into the phone while her orgasm continued to race
throughout her body.

Kim had enough of her senses to almost yell out over the phone that
she wasn't turned off in fact Kim blurted out and said, "OH FUCK
CATRINA!!!!! I wish I was with you right now, because I would suck on
your big beautiful breasts until you were completely dry!!!!!" Kim
then continued to moan as her orgasm was just now beginning to

As soon as Kim said that over the phone to Catrina she immediately
stuck her own thumb back into her mouth and began to suck her thumb
some more while she twisted her body to get as much pleasure out of
her subsiding orgasm as possible.

Catrina was totally turned on by Kim's moaning and groaning and then
she heard Kim's reply she immediately said, "Really Kim!!??!!?? You
would do that for me and to me right now!!??!!?? You really would suck
my milk filled breasts completely dry, so that I wouldn't have to use
a breast pump on them, because Tom won't be home for another 3

Kim pulled her thumb out of her mouth for a split second and said, "I
would do you in a heart beat Catrina!!!!" She then shoved her thumb
back into her mouth and began to feverishly suck with all her might.

Catrina then gasped out and said, "OK!!!! Get dressed fast and I'll
meet you at the front door of my house!!!! Hurry up Sweety, my tits
are about to explode not to mention my pussy!!!!"

Kim was getting ready to reply and maybe back out of the deal, but
Catrina had already hung up the phone, so Kim could not have second
thoughts about doing this.

Kim jumped up off the bed and hung up the phone and she ran into the
bathroom and did a quick three minute shower and then grabbed a towel
and began to hap hasardly dry off while she ran over to the dresser
drawer and pulled out another t-shirt and another pair of jogging
shorts. She forgot about putting panties on as she knew that both her
and Catrina would be naked once again as soon as Catrina closed the
front door behind Kim.

Kim then ran down the stairs and out the side door to the garage and
jumped into their mini van and almost took out in reverse before the
garage door had time to fully open up.

Kim slowed down then and began to laugh at herself as she could
picture tearing off part of the garage door and ruining the van and
then trying to explain to Mike why and how it happened.

She could almost picture Mike's face as she would tell him that the
reason why the van was smashed and the garage door was torn off it's
track was because she was in such a hurry to get over to Catrina
Richardson's house was so that she could suck Catrina's milk filled
tits dry and also enjoy some lesbian sex with another mother that also
practices incest with her own kids.

Kim pulled herself together long enough for her to drive over to Tom
and Catrina's house and parked in their drive way.

She got out of the van and then tried to slowly and casually walk up
the walk way to the front door. Just as she got up on the porch area
the front door open and yet no one was there at the door. Then Catrina
poked only her head out around the large wooden door and smiled and
told Kim to come on in.

Kim walked through the front door and just as she got through the door
the door closed and Kim turned around just in time to see Catrina turn
the lock on the front door and turn around to face Kim and smile.

Kim stood completely still as her eyes gazed over Catrina Richardson's
fully and completely nude body. Kim's eyes were open wide as her mouth
was as she saw for the first time Catrina Richardson in all her naked

Kim's heart was beating madly in her chest as she stood there and
drink in Catrina's beauty with her own eyes.

Catrina smiled and then she stepped forward and just said Hi as she
continued to move closer to Kim and in just a matter of a few brief
seconds they both hugged one another and shared a deep and very
passionate french kiss as if they had been lovers for a long time.

They both frenched each other with a passion that could only be
described as motherly, sisterly and as long lost lovers would embrace
and kiss each other.

Kim was kind of surprised at how she felt about doing this to almost a
complete stranger, but yet at the same time it felt so right and so
natural that she felt completely comfortable.

She figured that it must have something to do about each of them
knowing about each others incestuous affairs and now they were
together as friends, lovers and mothers, because they were both making
love to their own sons and that in itself was something kin to
sisterhood as they have both crossed over into accepting, enjoying and
exploring incest without any kind of gilt or remorse and just
accepting it at face value and allowing themselves to explore all the
different possibilities of incestuous love with their own offspring.

Her and Catrina were and are a very special breed of women to allow
themselves to do this and not feel guilty about what they are doing
and also to allow their lovers and husbands to do the same thing with
their own children.

Catrina hugged Kim and Kim felt the warm moisture of warm, wet,
mother's milk as Catrina's large breasts were purposely smashed into
her smaller chest and wet her own t-shirt.

Kim enjoyed the feeling and then she broke the kiss and the hug and
pulled away from Catrina for a brief second or two to once again look
at Catrina from head to foot before she leaned forward and lowered her
head down to suck one of Catrina's tits and enjoy for the very first
time the pleasure of feeling and tasting fresh warm rich mother's milk
as it was shoot out of her hard nipple into her sucking mouth.

Catrina saw what Kim was going to do and reacted fast enough to take
Kim's head and face gently into the palms of her milky wet hands and
stop her before Kim reached the target of her desires.

Catrina laughed and said laughingly, "Whoa!!!! To so fast my little
lover!!!  I want this to be very special for the both of us."

With that said Catrina leaned forward and offered Kim her lips, mouth
and tongue once again.

Kim was kind of disappointed, but went ahead and accept the french
kiss as she too had a little time to think that Catrina was right
about it and decided not to rush things. She also smiled and had to
laugh at herself, because she was in a way acting just like most males
do when they want to suck and fuck. They just want to rush right in
and do it, without slowly building the fire of love and passion.

Once they broke the kiss. Catrina turned and began to lead Kim through
the house until they were at the basement door and they both walked
down the stairs together with each others arms around the others

Catrina open the first door down in the basement and it look like a
small ordinary base room then she walked over and open the side
basement door and showed Kim what Mike had told her was behind the
first door. That was the room that almost looked like a medieval
dungeon with a bed that had a sex swing hanging over it and over on
one wall was a set of chains and cuffs so that you chain your sex
prisoner up against the wall by their hands and feet and do what ever
you wanted to them and they would be powerless to stop the sexual

Kim was totally and completely turned on by this room as she had
always had nightmares, dreams and daydreams of just a place where she
could live out her wildest, darkest and most bazaar sexual fantasies
knowing that is was all for fun and pleasure and no one involved would
be hurt or have something done to them without their consent. This
room was merely a sexual playroom nothing else. It was never designed
to hurt or cause anyone any pain or discomfort unless that person
agreed to it, even then, it was merely a backdrop it increase
everyone's sexual pleasure and add excitement and fear in a very
controlled atmosphere.

Kim turned and saw a medieval rack up against the other wall and saw
the rope hoist which is used to lift the intended victim up onto their
very tip toes and noticed the chains and cuffs on the floor where they
would be used to spread the victims legs as far apart as possible.
From that position Kim could see someone being sexually used from both
the front and back at the same time and the victim would be powerless
it stop who ever was doing wild and wonderful sexual things to the sex
slave victim.

Catrina gave a small running commentary as Kim looked at and viewed
the different apparatuses within this playful dungeon of pleasure. Kim
also began to wonder what all had taken place in this room and who all
had been able to enjoy the sexual pleasures this room must have given
everyone who entered it. She also wondered what a sight it would be to
see little Cami and yes even Nancy chained up and being taken in this
manner. She could also see herself in this room and the main player
for her would be her own 15 year old son who would condemn her to the
dungeon until she willingly submitted to become her own son's lover
and mate or until he had planted his male seed into her womanly cunt
to bare her own son's child willingly or unwillingly until it was too
late and both of them noticed her growing belly and knew that he had
accomplished his task of getting his own mother with his child.

Kim began to get light headed at the very thought of something like
happen back in the old days where a young prince took his own mother
to be the first of his many lovers and have her bear another child
that might someday rule the kingdom as her own son was now ruling the
kingdom in the absence of the King as he was out of the country on a
crusade. She also thought that the young horny prince would also lay
waste to his own older sister the princess and his two young sisters
the other princess of the Kingdom, not to mention the other young
ladies in waiting and their handmaids. They would all be subject to
his every whim no matter how wild and bizarre it would be because he
would have absolute power over any and all of his subjects while his
father the King was away.

She snapped back into reality as Catrina opened up the hidden door
which opened up into what looked like a doctors office complete with
an examination table complete with stirrups. Kim also noticed the
mirrored walls and ceiling as this must be the so-called special alter
in which both Tami and Cami were placed on and it was here that they
gave up their virginity to their own father as the other family
members watched as they were sexually taken for the very first time.

Catrina began to tell about how her girls, Tami and Cami were each
placed on the alter and Tom prepared them for their first sexual union
with their own father in front of the whole family. Tami and Cami's
grandfather, grandmother, two uncles an three aunts and their family
all stood back away from the alter and silently watch as Tami and Cami
were both entered and fucked for the very first time by their own
father. Tami was fucked when she was 12 and Cami was fucked for the
very first time on her 11th birthday.

Catrina also told Kim how she was first taken on an alter just like
this one, but out at the family farm which is also the family nudist
camp at Tom's mom and dad's house.

Kim could hardly take any more of this and she immediately pulled her
wet t-shirt over her head and then pulled her jogging pants down over
her slim hips and let them fall to the ground. She then stepped out of
them and she almost immediately began to openly touch and feel herself
all over as Catrina continued to tell her about her first time on the
alter out at the farm.

Kim also got off not only on the story Catrina was telling, but she
was also looking at her own reflection in the mirrored walls and
ceiling and she was completely impressed by the effect it was having
on her. She was more turned on than she had ever been in her entire
life, except for the time she first seduced and fucked her own son and
then father, not to mention the first time she felt up and finger fuck
and then ate her own daughter getting her ready for her own husband to
take their daughter's virginity. Her pussy was a wet mess as she felt
her sexual juices dripping and running down the insides of her thighs.

She also noticed that Catrina was also beginning to openly play with
herself as she was watching Kim play with herself. Kim noticed how
Catrina's nipples were indeed weeping milk in large drops which tried
to hang on long erect tips of her nipples, before the weight of the
milk drop was too much and they feel free to drop to the floor as her
large firm round breasts hung quit a ways away from the rest of her

Kim also noticed for the very first time that Catrina had a bright,
rich, copper red, colored bush and it was moderately trim. It wasn't
long or thick and it wasn't short or cropped to close. It formed a
perfect triangle and the hair went down on each side of her pussy
lips. Her pussy lips were exposed and yet they were kind of cover.
Catrina's pussy lips were big and almost plump. They had a almost
fiery rosy, red, color to them. However the wildest part of her pubic
bush was, that it was trimmed with bare diagonal stripes going through
her other wise perfect triangle bush. Kim counted four (4) distinct
bare stripes running through her pubic bush at a 45 degree angle. This
was by far, the neatest looking pussy hair cut she had ever seen and
if Kim ever decided to let her pussy hair grow back she would probably
decide to try out that design on her own sandy blond pussy hair, as
that was a design she had never seen before.

Kim was also impressed by Catrina's plump, rosy, red, pussy lips,
because in a way, it reminded her of a juicy, ripe, plum or maybe the
forbidden apple of sexual desire. She also absent mindidly licked her
own lips and her mouth actually began to water at the very thought of
going down on Catrina and splitting those deliciously ripe, rosy red,
pussy lips with her warm wet tongue and tasting Catrina's forbidden
nectar. She could almost taste Catrina in her mouth already. This
alone made Kim weak in the knees and she was beginning to get light
headed again. It was then, that Kim noticed a certain smell in the
room, but she couldn't quit put her finger on the smell, but it was
almost intoxicating to her and she felt like she was nothing more than
a pure sexual animal on the prowl or hunt for her next sexual
encounter and conquest. She felt like she had never felt before. In a
way, it excited her and in another way it kind of scared her, because
all her carnal desires were completely out in the open and she felt
free to the point that it really didn't matter if half the town walked
in on her now. She was only interested in doing what she came over
here to do in the first place. Yet she wanted to do even more to the
point she felt like she could fuck and have sex all day and all night.
She was drunk on the scent of sex and sexual pleasure and lust and
nothing was going to stop her until she had her fill of what ever she
could get or take.

An even wilder thought pasted her mind briefly and that was of having
sex not only like and animal, but she was daydreaming of actually
having sex with a wild wolf.

Kim was pulled back into the present as Catrina pushed against one
section of mirrored wall and it open to reveal the inter sanction of
the Richardson's basement of sexual pleasure.

In a way, it almost looked like Mike and her's own basement with
carpeted floor and entertainment center and large bookcase which
proudly displayed an unbelievable collection of porn magazines from
all over the world, some dating back into the 30's and 40's not to
mention the wild and wonderful years of the 60's and their free love
attitude towards sex and into the 70's all the way up to present day

Kim also saw the large futon area over in one corner of the room and
saw that it was indeed almost twice to three times as large as their
own little play area in their own basement. Kim then noticed the large
shower area and Catrina walked over to it and explained why they like
showers and how everything works. She also saw the large air mattress
and the wild looking table type recliner over against the other shower
wall and Catrina explained how that neat little wet sex chair as she
called it worked and how all the woman and young girls loved to sit on
it and come non-stop until their pussies would get so sore and
sensitive that it actually began to cause them pain instead of

Catrina then motioned Kim over to the air mattress and had Kim lay
down face up on it and Catrina then placed one foot on either side of
Kim and then sat down so that her pussy was almost touching Kim's
bare, smooth, shaved pussy.

Catrina then leaned down and they both began to french each other and
this time Kim used her hand to reach up and cup Catrina's large,
round, warm, milk filled breasts in the palm of each of her hands.

Kim was really surprised at the weight of each of Catrina's breasts as
they were indeed completely filled with warm mother's milk almost to
the point of over flowing as small drops of mother's milk continued to
drip almost continually from her rock hard long bright pink colored

Kim felt a very warm and fine spray of fresh breast milk as she gently
but firmly pulled and squeezed Catrina's rock hard nipples as they
continued to french kiss each other. Catrina's warm fresh breast milk
sprayed all over Kim's chest and this caused Kim to heat up more and
more as she was actually milking Catrina Richardson's breasts onto her
own body.

Kim's pussy was dripping wet and her own breasts and nipples were also
rock hard with sexual excitement as this was the very first time she
had ever done something like this.

Catrina was first to break the french kiss and she sit up straight
over Kim's waist and looked down at Kim Bridges as she just laid
beneath her and moan and squirmed on the soft warm air mattress. She
then reached up with both of her own hands and began to pull and twist
her own milk swollen breasts and nipples. Very fine misty sprays of
warm thin mother's milk began to gently rain down on Kim Bridges upper
torso and face.

Kim was totally beside herself and willing opened her mouth as if to
try to catch the fine misty spray of breast milk as it was squeezed
from Catrina's extra large round firm and full breasts and nipples.

Catrina continued to pull on her nipples and spray her new lover and
friend she had pinned down. She was also looking down at Kim's smaller
nude body and smiled as she could actually watch as more and more
mother's milk rained down on her helpless friend and watched as the
fine spray landed on her now wet and glistening nude body and watched
how the fine mist began to collect into milky white pools of warm
breast milk and then began to run off her heaving and squirming nude
wet and completely turned on body.

To Kim this was by far one of the wildest things she had ever done not
only with another woman, but for the simple fact that this woman was
actually lactating all over her warm, nude and willing body was just
about too much for her.

Kim had let her own husband and lover Mike suck and drink her breast
milk when she was nursing her kids and had even allowed Mike to
squeeze her breasts and nipples and watch the fine spray of her milk
shoot out of the tips of her rock hard nipples a couple of times, but
to have this done to her was completely differently and totally wild.

It was then that Kim experienced her first orgasm of the day without
ever touching herself or having someone else touch her. She was
completely and totally turned on like never before. Then as she was
riding her crest of her first orgasm she wondered what Mike would do
when Catrina would do the same thing to him.

Catrina allowed Kim to ride out her first orgasm before she leaned
down and offered one of her large, firm, ripe and full milky breasts
to Kim to suckle on.

Kim immediately lifted up her head slightly from the air cushioned
pillow of the air mattress and quickly parted her lips and then just
as suddenly she clamped down on Catrina's long, hard, rubbery, nipple
and began to nurse automatically. She did it by just per instinct and
was rewarded with a sweet, warm, spray directly from Catrina's nipple
into her sucking mouth. Kim savored the sweet flavor as the milk began
to flow more and more freely into her sucking mouth. She then began to
swallow and allow the thin mother's milk to almost guild and slide
down her throat, as she slowly lowered her head back down onto the air

At first Kim had her eyes closed and was just enjoying herself as the
sensation of the milk flowed from Catrina's ripe, hard, nipple and the
flavor of her milk, but then she slowly opened her eyes and was
greeted by another erotic sight which shook her to the very core of
her being.

Catrina was leaning down and supporting her upper body herself with
only one arm as her right hand was holding and cupping the underside
of her large, firm and round breast upward. In that position, Catrina
was able to bend her head downward enough to capture and suck on her
own nipple of her right breast.

Kim was shocked and yet very turned on to actually see with her own
eyes a lactating woman sucking and drinking her own breast milk. It
was even wilder, because Kim was sucking the other breast at the same
time. She wished her own breast were that size, so that she could have
sucked her own mother's milk from her own nipple when she was nursing
her own kids.

Kim began to moan out in pure sexual excitement and lust as she
watched Catrina nurse her own breast at the same time she was sucking
the other one.

Catrina and Kim continued to stare each other in the eyes as they
continued to nurse, suck and swallow Catrina's warm, sweet, thin, milk
directly from her long, hard and rubbery nipples.

After a few minutes Catrina lifted up enough so that Kim lost contact
with the long hard nipple she was drawing on. Kim moaned out in
despair, however she saw Catrina smile down at her and then Catrina
said, "OH MY LOVE!!!!! KIM!!!! You can not begin to imagine how good
that feels to have to suck my hard, swollen nipple like that and feel
my milk being drawn out of my tits like this!!!!"

She paused for a moment or two and then said, "FUCK!!!! I've almost
been coming no stop as soon as you began to nurse me!!!!"

Kim laughed and then replied, "GOD CATRINA!!!!! I'm in no better
shape!!!! GOD!!! I came and at first it was almost to much for me and
then I just seemed to hover at my peak for so long, I thought I was
never going to quite coming!!!"

Kim also paused a few seconds to collect her own thoughts and then
said, "WOW!!! In a way it felt like I was drawing in your very essence
and then it was running straight through my body and directly out of
my pussy in the form of girl come. I just can't describe that feeling
other than it was flowing into my mouth one second and then flowing
right out my pussy the next!!!"

Kim and Catrina both laughed at each other and along with each other
as they each shared how it felt for each of them to do this together.

Catrina then leaned back down and they both shared a milk flavored
french kiss.

After their french kiss Catrina then offered Kim her right breast as
before Kim was nursing on Catrina's left breast. Kim didn't utter a
single word other than opening her mouth in a silent agreement that
she was indeed ready to suckle and nurse on Catrina's other breast.

Kim was surprised at first, because she found out that Catrina's right
breast shot out more milk into her mouth than the left one did. She
was to busy sucking and swallowing Catrina warm thin, sweet, breast
milk to complain or comment on.

However, as Kim Nursed on Catrina's right breast Catrina lowered
herself down lower and began to slowly her pull on her other nipple
and breast. She was wetting Kim's hair and face down completely with
her breast milk as Kim just closed her eyes and concentrated on
sucking the long, hard, firm nipple that was already in her own mouth
and she also began to enjoy the warm fine misty spray as she felt the
spray soak her face and hair.

Kim knew that she was going to be a wet mess and they would both need
to shower off together after breast feeding time was over, but she
could care less how she looked all that really mattered was what all
she was feeling and experiencing.

It was maybe five or six minutes or it could have been as long as one
hour to Kim, because she completely lost track of time and she was
barely aware as to where she was when Catrina reluctantly and
regrettably lifted up and pulled her nipple and breast away from Kim's
still sucking and nursing mouth.

Catrina then moved and slowly raised herself up and then leaned down
to help Kim up so that they were now both standing up in the large
shower area together. They both hugged each other and french and felt
each other up as they both began to almost slowly sway and dance as if
there was music somewhere in the background playing. They were both
enjoying their lesbian dance of love that only they could hear
together as one.

They parted and both broke the hugging clench when Catrina smiled at
Kim and then laughingly said, "GOD KIM!!!! You should see yourself.
You look like a little wet sex kitten cover in her own mother

Kim laughed and then turned to look into a mirror that was mounted
inside the shower and then she smiled at herself and her reflection as
she did indeed look like a drowned little, wet, sex kitten cover from
head to toe with warm, wet, sweet, mother milk.

Catrina then turned on the double sided shower and they both enjoyed a
warm shower together as they both took turns gently and lovingly
washing each others body clean.

Once that was done they both stepped out of the shower and dried each
other off with big, soft, warm, fluffy, towels as only two lovers
could and should do to each other.

Catrina then lead Kim over to an area near the large entailment center
and told Kim to sit on the floor while she got something from one of
the large drawers below the large book case containing all of the sex
magazines from the30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and even the

Kim saw that Catrina pulled out a video cassette and then placed it in
the VCR and then walked back over to Kim and instead of stopping to
sit down next to her she walked over to the other side of the room and
then opened up a closet door and then reached down and picked up a
large object.

At first Kim didn't know what it was and then when Catrina turned
around to face her. She saw that it was a double, tandem, sibian
vibrator unit. The unit was built like a five gallon bucket cut in
half from top to bottom so that the flat part sat on the floor and the
curved part was up. It was longer than a five gallon bucket and placed
1/3 from each end was a vibrating dildo, so that two women could sit
comfortably either facing each other or back to back or one behind the
other like they were riding a horse or motorcycle together.

There was also a long cord so that it could be plugged into the wall
and then there was also two sets of controls, one for each vibrating

Kim had seen adds for this machine in the back of sex magazines. She
had always wondered to herself, what it would be like to try one out.
However, every ad she had ever seen only showed the machine with only
one vibrating dildo, yet this one was built for two women to enjoy at
the same time. She thought to herself and wondered if maybe, they made
this model and only placed ads in lesbian magazines where as most
magazines she had seen catered to men or singles and not lesbians.

Kim's pussy began to get moist once again as she was just beginning to
think what this neat toy would do for her and her pussy. She also
thought about bring over that double dildo that Debbie had got over in
Germany and showing Catrina what that powerful little toy could do her
and her girls, Tami and Cami.

Just that thought alone, of seeing Catrina, Tami and Cami all twisting
and turning and moaning and groaning as that powerful double dildo
worked it's own magic on the Richardson females until they would be
screaming for relief.

Catrina went about setting up the double sibian unit in front of the
big screen TV and entertainment center. Once she had everything set up
she then opened up a drawer on the coffee table and pulled out a large
bottle of joy jelly and lubed up both dildos.

Kim knew how the machine worked, but she had never had the opportunity
to try one out for herself. However, she pretty well knew that she
would fall in love with it and before long. She would try to talk Mike
into buying this double seater model, so that her and Nancy could both
enjoy a slow wild ride together when ever the guys were not around or
when they were too tired to give her and Nancy another go. Maybe, her
and Nancy could just enjoy some fun private times together, as only
girls knew how to.

Catrina and Kim both shared small talk and Catrina also explained how
this new double seater version worked. The improvements were that the
dildo was redesigned, so that there was a smaller protrusion near the
base that was about three inches long and maybe as big a thumb which
was the anal dildo part and then there was another one that was a bit
smaller but up higher on the dildo that was designed to rub and excite
the clitoris. The dildo also moved up and down to the point of almost
disappearing inside the curved top so that it actual felt like the
girl/woman was really being fucked by a real live cock. It was also
heated and there was speed and depth control for the movement up and
down of the dildo and the speed or intensity of the vibrator. It also
moved forward a bit and also to side to side so that it was as close
as to actually being fucked by a guy, except this thing would go for
hours, even days non-stop, where as most guys would collapse after
only five to ten minutes of fast and furious fucking.

Kim also had visions of both Cami and Nancy riding this together
facing each other while Tom, Mike, Eric and Nick watched two, little,
12 year old, girls enjoy this mechanical fucking machine as it drove
the two little girls out of their young minds, as they both would hold
touch and feel each other, as the pumping and fucking vibrators did
their own magic on their 12 year old pussy's.

Kim reached down between her own legs to cup her own pussy at the very
thought of seeing their young bodies thrash and sway back and forth,
as the long probing dildos reached up into young almost virginal

In a way Kim felt cheated that her own daughter was being able to
experience a lot of pleasures that Kim didn't get to experience at
that age and in a way, she wished that there was some way or some how
she could go back into time and do all of these thing at Nancy's age.
However, she know that right now there was no way to do that, so she
decided that she was at least going to give Nancy every opportunity to
enjoy and experience the things she didn't get to do at that age and
hopefully Nancy would also allow he own daughter to do the same thing
she was brought up to enjoy and experience. That in itself was good
enough for Kim and she was then brought back to reality when Catrina
told Kim to jump up on the front one and Catrina then sat behind her
so that they were both facing towards the TV screen.

At first, they both got the dildo placed properly in their own pussy's
and the anal part up their rectum and the clit tickler was in the
proper place also.

They each controlled their own dildo and the motion depth and speed
along with the intensity of the vibrator. However, it could also be
used, so that the other person could control the other dildo and its
movements and speed in the other persons pussy and they would then be
able to tease and actual torture each other, until they both fell off
the double sibain machine in a worn heap of used woman flesh.

They both started out slow and Catrina was leaning forward to play and
caress Kim's body and Kim also reached behind her and did her best to
touch feel and please Catrina's body.

About five minutes later Catrina used the remote control to turn on
the TV and VCR.

At first the screen was black, but then a picture came on and in short
order a mature woman who looked to be in her thirties came before the
camera. It was a black and white film so Kim knew right off that it
was made back in the mid to late fifties because the woman's hairdo
also gave her away as to it styling. The movie was silent, but someone
had dubbed music into the background when they switched it over to
video tape, just as Mike had done to John's old movies he had done
while he was in the service overseas in Japan.

The woman had dark almost black hair. She looked to be in her mid
thirties. She was maybe about 5'6" tall. around 140 pounds or so she
was not fat by any means just full figured and her breast size was at
least 38-C's or maybe as big as 40-D breasts. She also had a full big
black bush between her legs.

In a way, she looked really sexy, because you could tell she had given
birth and she was indeed a full figured woman and mother and yet she
was still sexy and beautiful looking. It reminded Kim of a Earth
Mother from the early 60's to mid 60's. She was fully and completely
nude and there was a bed in the back ground.

In just a couple of seconds, a young boy who looked to be maybe 14
years old, but definitely not over sixteen came into the picture and
he was also nude. He had a completely bare chest and just a small
amount of pubic hair nestled around his cock and balls, however most
of the hair was up around the top of his cock.

Kim estimated that his cock was maybe 6" long maybe a little less and
was about as big around as Mike's or Nick's cock. It was sticking
straight up and was as hard as a rock.

Kim then looked up at the boy's face and she immediately inhaled as
she saw the same facial features in the boy's face as in the woman's
face. There was no doubt about it at all that this 14 to 16 year old
boy with a hard cock was indeed this woman's son. Nobody could denie
that fact just from looking at the two of them.

The film went pretty fast or maybe saying the plot and action was what
was moving fast, because they both moved towards one another and began
to kiss and feel each other up. It less than thirty seconds they had
moved over to the bed and the mother/woman got up on the bed first and
laid down on her back in the middle of the bed and then spread her
arms and legs in the classic spread eagle position. She was just
barely in position when the young boy jumped up on the bed to join her
and without any further foreplay he got between his own mom's spread
legs and laid down on top of her, almost immediately.

It was almost hard to tell at first, but the mother had reached down
between them and quickly guided her son's hard, little, 6 inch, cock
into her pussy.

The boy laid down fully and completely on top of his mom and almost
immediately began to fuck her by pumping his hips and cock in and out
of her big, furry, black, bush.

The camera angle was at first from behind and looking directly up
between their legs and then it changed over to a side shot and from
there you could see his cock go in and out of his mother's pussy.

They kissed a few times but mostly they just held onto each other and
the mother allowed her own son to fuck her at his own speed.

The camera angle once again moved back between their leg and it
happened pretty fast, but Kim and Catrina could actually see a frothy
mixture of pussy and young come, come into focus around his cock and
the come showed off quit well, because of the mother's black pussy
hair. There was not doubt what so ever that the boy actual came inside
his own mom's pussy. The evidence was really clear when the boy pulled
out of his mother's pussy and then got off the bed while his mom
continued to lay on the bed with her legs still spread wide open and
everyone could tell and actually see the young boy's come flow out
from between her spread open pussy lips.

The film went black for a couple of seconds and then it started back
up and this time the woman was standing almost in the same position as
before when the movie first started however she looked different.

She first stood facing the camera fully and completely nude and then
she slowly turned and stood still so that she was showing a profile
shot and then she turned to show everyone her back side.

The woman bent over the bed and pick up something and then slowly
turned around to face the camera in a full frontal shot. She was
smiling and holding up what looked to be a 18" x 18" card just under
her breasts and the card came down and partly cover her pubic bush.
There was writing on the card and as Kim read the card she gave out a
deep guttural moan as the card read, "6 Weeks Pregnant by my own

The film went dark once again and then again the woman was standing
fully and completely nude in front of the camera and this time she was
holding a card of the same size in front of her from the very
beginning and this card read, "3 Months Pregnant by my own son!!" She
was still smiling and this time she throw the card off to the side and
then she turned side ways to the camera and you could till that she
was indeed showing a bulge in her tummy. Then as she was standing
sideways to the camera her son came into the picture and he was once
again nude and he was facing her and he was also sideways to the

His cock looked to be the same in size and shape and he was just as
hard as he was in the fast part of the movie.

The mother looked at the camera and then she turned to look at her son
and she immediately reached out and took a hold of his cock and began
to stroke him off..

He reached up and over and began to play with his mom's big, large,
soft, pillowy, breasts and he also reached down and gently began to
rub her tummy like he knew what was living and growing inside of her
mature tummy. He turned and smiled at the camera and he said, even
thou there was no sound you could read his lips and he said, "My
Baby!!!" He was smiling all the while and then the mother kneeled down
and took her own son into her mouth and began to suck him off in full
view of everybody.

This part of the movie ended when she pulled his cock out of her mouth
just in time for him to shoot his come all over her face and big,
soft, breasts.

The film was black for a few seconds and then the next picture showed
the mother and this time she was holding the sign in front of her and
it read, "6 Months Pregnant with my Son's Child."

Kim was moaning and groaning as she was watching all of this and she
also felt Catrina as she leaned into the backside of Kim and pressed
her large, warm, breasts into Kim's back, while at the same time
Catrina reached around with both hands and cupped Kim's smaller 34-B
breasts in her hands and began to feel the firmness, weight and

Kim reached around and tried as best as she could to touch and feel
Catrina in return while at the same time her eyes never once blinked
or left the TV screen.

The woman on the TV tossed the card pronouncing that she was now 6
months pregnant by her own son off to one side and as she stood fully
and completely nude facing the camera you could tell that this woman
was definitely pregnant and it was more pronounced when she turned
sideways to the camera and her lower belly was swollen and sticking
out to the point that her lower tummy bulge with a living and grown
child inside was sticking out almost as far as her large, motherly,
breasts stuck out from her body.

The mother on the TV screen began to slowly touch and feel her swollen
belly first and then she began to play with her breasts and pussy all
the while she was still in profile to the camera.

It was then that the boy once again entered the shot on TV and he was
again fully and completely nude and his young hard cock was clearly
and visibly sticking up at an angle that was almost against his firm,
young, trim, abdomen.

The mother and son were facing each other and they once again joined
together in a loving embrace. They both hugged and showered each other
with kisses. They both began to feel each other up. The young son
stepped back a half a step so there was a clear space separating them.
They were in this position when they reached out and once again began
to feel each other up.

The mother reached down and began to slowly stroke her own son off,
while the son first began to rub both of his young adolescent hands
all around and over his mom's swollen belly. From there he began to
feel her large, motherly, breasts while at the same time he was using
his other hand to cup her pussy mound. It was pretty well evident that
he was finger fucking his own mom just from the look on her face as
soon as his hand cupped her pussy mound.

They continued to feel each other up and then they broke apart. The
son then walked around to stand behind his mom as they continued to
stand in profile to the camera.

The mother then kneeled down and automatically took up the position,
so that she was now on her hands and knees, while still sideways and
in profile to the camera.

The sight of this woman that was 6 months pregnant on her hands and
knees profile to the camera was an unbelievable sight. Her large,
soft, pillowy, breasts now hung down towards the floor and her large
round swollen belly clearly showed that she was definitely with child
from this view point.

The young son then kneeled down behind his mom and was clearing
getting into the position which would lead them into a sexual embrace
in what is commonly called the doggy position.

Kim and Catrina both watched the movie unfold before their
non-blinking eyes as the mother on the TV screen used one of her hands
to reach between her legs and guide her own son into her pussy from

It clearly showed when the mother and son were fully and completely
connected as their faces showed a look of lust and pleasure that both
Kim and Catrina knew from experience to only mean that the mother and
son were once again joined together in a sexual embrace.

Almost immediately the son began to pump his young hips forward into
his mother ass and you could tell from the way her ass moved and
giggled that he was pumping her with power and force, as her body
began to rock with each slam into her from behind.

The son then almost laid down on top of her back and reached around
and under his mom while still continuing his fucking motions into her
motherly cunt from behind. He used both hand to first feel and touch
and lift her heavy, motherly, breasts in his smaller hands. He
continued to play with her breast for a few minutes as he continued to
slide his hard, young, cock in and out of his pregnant mother, as she
was still down on all fours.

The side profile shot of the young boy and his mother fucking and with
her looks as she was down on all fours, 6 months pregnant with her own
son's child growing in her full rounded and swelling belly and her
heavy motherly breasts swinging forward and backward as her son plowed
her pussy from behind was really quit the incredible scene.

Kim was still wide eyed as she continued to stare at the mother son
couple fucking on the TV screen and her pussy was being fucking in a
almost mechanical manner as the sibian machine fucked her dripping wet
pussy and vibrated her pussy, clit and anus all at the same time.
Catrina was really in no better shape as she was experiencing all of
this too at the same time. However, Catrina had seen this tape on more
than one occasion and it still effected her deeply as she openly
watched this pregnant mother and son duo fuck to completion.

Kim and Catrina both could tell without a doubt that both the mother
and her son were almost coming together at the same time, just from
their movements and facial expressions.

This in turned cause Catrina and Kim to come as they watched with
bated breath as the young son emptied himself into his already
pregnant mother's pussy and womb. In a way, he was shooting his come
all over his unborn baby girl or boy.

As Kim was experiencing her orgasm she also became aware that
Catrina's breasts were leaking, warm, wet, sweet, mother's milk down
her back. This added to Kim's gut wrenching orgasm, not to mention
that Catrina was reaching around Kim with both of her hands and
holding, squeezing and pulling on Kim's smaller breasts and long, rock
hard, excited, nipples during all of this.

The TV screen went blank once again for a few seconds and this time
when the picture came back on the same woman was standing and facing
the camera. This time she was holding up a sign that read, "9 months
pregnant and over due with my son's baby!!!"

The young 14 to 16 year old boy once again came out to stand beside
his very pregnant mother. He was rock hard in the cock department as
he had always been.

They both then turned sideways to the camera as before so that they
were once again facing each other.

The mother's belly was so big and round you would think she was going
to pop at any second.

They both began to feel and touch each other in a very sexual way and
the boy was spending a lot of time running both of his hands all over
and around his mom's swollen belly which was carrying his still yet
unborn child.

He also spent a fair amount of time playing with her now swollen
breasts. Her tits were so big and heavy that they almost hung down to
touch her large swollen belly. The boy was now squeezing her full
breasts and pulling on her nipples. When the camera zoomed in on her
breasts, you could then see that she was already beginning to lactate
and spray her warm, wet, sweet, mother's milk onto her own son's bare

The young son did this for a little while to both of his mom's breasts
and then he stopped just long enough to bend his head down and
actually began to suck on his own mom's milk filled breasts.

You could tell from the facial expression that the young boy was
really enjoying himself as he first manually milked his mom's breasts
with his young hands and then as he lowered his head down to her heavy
breasts and began to suckle her milk directly from her breasts.

While he was doing this to his mom he was using one spare hand to play
with her pussy. She was also busy as she used one of her hands to
stroke his young, hard, thin, cock while her other hand was placed
behind his head as if to cradle his head while he once again nursed
his mom just like the day he was born.

They continued to play with each other and then the mother slowly and
carefully kneeled down in front of her own son. Her son help support
her as she kneeled down and before long she was leaning forward and
captured his young cock in her mouth.

The mother bobbed her head up and down the full length of her son's
cock and continued doing this until she finally pulled his cock free
of her mouth and it was then that he began to come. She aimed his cock
at her open mouth face and then aimed his cock at her large milk
swollen breasts and then he finished coming on her large swollen

The screen went blank again and this time when the picture came back
on this woman/mother was once again fully and completely nude only
this time she was holding and cradling a very young and nude baby girl
in her arms.

The baby was nursing on one of her breast and then the young boy
walked into the picture and he was wearing an ear to ear smile as he
was proud and happy that his own mom had delivered his baby for him.

The young son then kissed the darling little nude baby girl on the
head and then kissed his mom on the lips. He then slowly lowered his
head down so that he could nurse right along with his darling, baby,

The film and tape ended and by that time Kim and Catrina were both
about worn out from riding their sex machine from one orgasm to the
next while silently watching this completely wild and bazaar tape of a
mother fucking and then barring her own son's child.

Kim and Catrina both turned off each of their machines and slowly
lifted their tired wet and used pussy's up and off the long firm
vibrating dildos.

Catrina then guided Kim back to the shower where they both laid down
together side by side on the large air mattress and turned on a fine
missy gentle warm spray from the six head shower. They almost went to
sleep as they both rested and relaxed.

Hardly a word was spoken between them for almost 20 minutes and then
they began to have a heart to heart girl talk with each other.

As they talked to each other about how exciting the film was and what
all the boy and his mother had done to each other. It was then that
Catrina then asked Kim a very important and personal question.

Catrina asked, "Kim!? Have you ever thought about doing something like
that with your own son? I mean, ........ you know! ......... Would you
ever let your own son knock you up!?!?!?"

Kim was laying on her side facing Catrina and she smiled and then
said, "First off!!!! I still can't believe that movie you just showed
me!!!! I mean!!!! Shit!!!! I would have never guessed or believed that
someone would actually film something like that!!!! That was totally

Kim paused for a second or two and then she began to laugh to herself
and then she said, "GOD Catrina!!!! Mike will shit little green apples
when he sees this tape for himself!!!"

Catrina then said, "Well Kim!?!?!? Have you ever thought about letting
your own son knock you up!?!?!?"

Kim lifted her head up looked at Catrina and then said, "Well, I have
had thoughts about things like that but still!!??!!! I mean, It is one
thing to think and daydream about something like that, but to actually
do it in real life!!!! That is completely different."

Kim then said, "Why!?!?! Have you thought about doing that with your
own son Eric?!?!!??"

Catrina smiled as she too was facing towards Kim and then said,
"Yea!!! I've thought about it a lot! In fact, We have and we did!!"

Kim's mouth dropped open in utter and complete shock as Catrina
finished her statement.

Kim then stared at Catrina and then said, "WHAT!!! YOUR KIDDING

Catrina then said with a proud smile, "No it's true!!! In fact I just
found out a couple days ago that I'm 6 weeks pregnant with Eric's
child." She made her point even clearer as she moved one of her hands
down to gently feel and stroke her still firm and trim belly.

Kim was almost in complete and total shock as she herd this from
Catrina's own mouth that she was actually pregnant by her own son. She
tried to calm down, but she also felt a very strong convulsion in her
abdomen as she was thinking to herself that Catrina Richardson was
pregnant by her own son and that Kim had already stopped taking her
birth control pills and she was in a way heading down the same road
with Catrina.

Kim then replied and said, "OH!!??!! Are you really sure it's Eric

Catrina laughed and said, "I know for a fact that it is Eric's child,
because he is the only one I have been fucking for the last three
months. In fact, Eric and I have spent the last 2 months sleeping with
each other every night in the main bed room and Tom has been sharing
his time between sleeping with Tami or Cami during this whole deal!!!!
So yes!!! It is Eric's child, because he has been the only one coming
in my pussy for the last three months, so it can't be anyone else's,
because no one has fucked me not even Tom!!"

Kim was still stocked to hear Catrina explain to her that her own son
had been the only person fucking her for the last three months and for
the last two months Catrina and her 17 year old son had been living
and sleeping together exclusively like husband and wife and it was
even wilder that the rest of the Richardson family apparently knew
that this was taking place.

Kim's heart was beating madly in her chest as she just wanted to
scream and yell out to Catrina and confess her own desires at wanting
to mate and conceive a child from her own male child Nick.

It was then that Kim decided to bare her inner sole to Catrina and
tell her every thing, because this was what Kim had always dreamed of
since she got turned on to the idea of incest and that was to meet
with and talk to other women who have had the same ideas and desires
towards incest. She remembered early on how she wished there was a
mother's club in which other women and mothers could belong to and
help each other with helpful advice and moral support for the younger
women about the idea of have a child through incest, whether it be
mother/son incest, father/daughter incest or brother/sister incest.
Kim felt that a dedicated group of other women could help foster a
better, clearer outlook towards incest pregnancies than a group of
guys hanging around talking about how they fucked their own mom,
sisters or daughters. Where as the women would have a better form to
help the younger girls/women deal with accepting the idea and even
helping through support during the entire process of baring an
incestuous child by the girl's/woman's own father, uncle, cousin,
brother or even son.

Catrina and Kim both got up off the air mattress and they own again
soaped each other down in the shower and once again dried each other
off. They then went into the main living room where they both sat on
the couch next to each other and it was there that they both broke
down and exposed each other soles, desires and dreams to one another.

They laughed and cried with each other for almost an hour and a half
discussing incest and all that went with it. Their own fears about
being caught and exposed and wondering about incest pregnancies and
birth defects.

As they talked more and more. Kim found out that there was more people
in and around their small home town that was into incest. Catrina
didn't want to mention names, but as they talked more and more. Kim
began to tell Catrina her dreams and desires to start a mother's club
for the women involved in incest as a support group more than anything
and then if they women wanted to they could bring their incestuous
lovers to the meetings and maybe they would put on a live sex show for
the other women and maybe things could go as far as having a incest
swap with other mates, so that they could all share and experience
other members.

Catrina really like the idea of a incest support group and she told
Kim that she would start to ask some of the other women she knew and
maybe they could start up a monthly meeting with only the women first
and see how things went that way, before sex and bringing in other
family members for sex in front of everyone.

Kim then said, "Catrina!?!?!? Did you know that my husband Mike has
already had sex with your daughter Tami?"

Catrina laughed and said she knew all about that and she was not mad
or concerned about that. Catrina then looked at Kim and then said,
"Why!?!? Are you mad or upset at Mike, because he has already begun to
taste other families forbidden fruit and you have yet to get a taste
of something like that!?!?"

Kim really didn't know what to say, but she did come out and say that
in a way she felt that she was kind of left behind and she felt like
she was going to have to play catch up with Mike, her own husband.

Catrina laughed and said, "Well Kim!!!! Today is your lucky day
then!!!!! May I offer you my son, Eric and maybe then, you will feel a
little better about the whole thing!!!!"

Kim was again taken by surprise by what Catrina had just said and
offered her. She looked at Catrina and then said in a almost surprised
soft and ah filled tone, "Really!!!! You would let me experience your
own son, even after what you told me that you are now carrying his own
child inside of you??!!??!!"

Catrina laughed and then went on to explain to Kim that just because
she was carrying Eric, her own son's child in her womb doesn't mean
that ether one of them would be completely faithful to each other like
the old and outdated laws that most people grow up believing and
living by. She tried to get Kim to understand her own concept about
love, lust, sex and incest to Kim.

Kim was surprised at how close Catrina's view point was to her own as
far as having sex with who ever she wanted and her mated wanted and
just because they had sex outside the marriage or commitment to each
other didn't make it wrong or right or good or bad or godly or sinful.

Catrina looked up at the wall clock and then she walked over and
picked up the phone and then punched a button and then said, "Eric are
you home!?!?!?" Kim could hear Catrina's voice over a speaker
somewhere in the room and that was when she figured out that the
Richardson house was wired with a intercom all throughout the house.

There was a pause and then Catrina said into the phone, "Eric!?!?
Someone would like to meet you!!! So, If you are free why don't you
come down into the family room." Catrina then hung up the phone and
then turned and smiled a big smile towards Kim and then said,
"Well!!!! It looks like you will find out for yourself what it is like
to get fucked by a 17 year old, horny, teenager which just happens to
be the father of my new little child!!" She once again made her point
to Kim by touching and rubbing her tummy.

Kim was again shocked and then her pussy kind of went wild all by
itself for a couple of seconds, because she knew that she would be
having sex with an underage boy in just a few minutes and the wild
part of this whole deal was that the kid's mom was going to be present
during their love making session and to top it all off the kid's
mother was actual pregnant by the very son that was soon going to show
up and fuck her!!!!

This was almost too much for Kim to grasp, yet at the same time she
was very turned on and she was more than ready to have a sexual go
with young 17 year old, Eric Richardson.

Kristy's Examination conducted by Dr. Tom Richardson

Mike took Kristy to Dr. Tom's office at 4:45p.m. Thursday.

The receptionist took Kristy's name and then asked both of them to go
through the door and a nurse will be waiting for them, on the other
side, to take them to the examination room. A young nurse, which
looked to be in her mid twenties smiled and greeted them and then told
them to follow her down the hall to an examination room. On the way
down the hall, they stopped in front of the scales and Kristy got on
the scales to be weighed.

Kristy playfully told Mike to turn his head and not look while the
young nurse made the adjustments on the scale to check her weight. She
then measured Kristy's height on the scale at the same time.

The nurse wrote down the numbers and Kristy got off the scales. They
prepared to follow her on down the hall to the examination room, but
the nurse flipped the page and asked Mike to step up on the scale, so
he could be weighed and measured too.

Mike was completely shocked and said, "Uhhhhhh!!!! I'm not here to be
examined she is!!!" Mike was referring to Kristy.

The nurse then said, "Well, I'm sorry, but those are the doctor's
orders and you are to be examined also. So Please, step up on the
scale and let's get this over with."

The young, good looking, nurse was smiling at herself, because she was
obviously enjoying the reactions Mike was going through.

Kristy even broke out and began to giggle and then she couldn't hold
it back any longer and she broke out in a good hardy laugh as Mike got
embarrassed and then slowly stepped up on the scale.

Mike mumbled that he was definitely going to get even with Tom after
this was all over, come hell or high water.

The young, strawberry blond, nurse openly laughed and Mike was feeling
really embarrassed as he too stepped up on the scale to be weighed and

Mike took the time while the young nurse was doing this, to really
look her over.

The nurse looked to be in her early twenties with shoulder length,
strawberry blond, hair that was styled very fashionably. She also had
emerald green eyes that were very bright and lively.

She stood about 5' 7" about maybe 120 to 130 pounds or at least that
is what Mike was mentally guessing around. Her breast size had to be
at least 36-C or maybe even 36-D. Her waist size was maybe 24 to 26
inches and her wide flaring hips had to be around 36 to 38 inches.

What really struck Mike was that she was wearing a white nurse's hat
on top of her head and it seemed to be pinned in place, on top of her
fluffy styled hair. Her outfit was a standard nurse's outfit, you
would see in some kind of movie for TV or what ever. A button front
white blouse which was tucked into her white waist and hip hugging
skirt which reached to about mid-thigh, if maybe a little bit longer.
She also had on pure white hose or stockings and her feet, also
sported white paten leather, closed, pointed shoes, that only had
maybe 1 to 1 1/2 inch high heels.

The nurse looked very beautiful and in a strange way, she kind of
looked sexy dressed up all in white. Mike figured that most males
would find her to be extremely sexy and desirable, for guys who like
large breasted women. She was even tempting to Mike, because even
though he liked small breasted women the best, he still appreciated
all shapes and sizes of women, no matter what.

Once she finished weighing Mike and recording his height and weight
she then almost off handily said, "Oh!! By the way my name is Cindy

Mike and Kristy already knew that, because her name tag had her name
and a title of L.P.N. after her name, on the name badge. She also had
a nurse's pin and even a sorority pin placed on her right collar of
her blouse.

The nurse also already knew both Mike and Kristy's name, but she only
used their first name and didn't say anything about their last names.

Mike wondered, if Cindy would know the true nature of this office
examination or weather, if Dr. Tom had wrote something else down
instead. He also began to wonder, if the nurse knew that both he and
Kristy were brother and sister. This alone, caused Mike to worry a
little bit, but that was passed off, because he trusted Dr. Tom
Richardson more now than ever before, so he just put that part of it
out of his mind, for now.

However, he was wondering why Tom would also want to examine him and
not just his little, full grown, 33 year old, adult sister.

Cindy then took off and turned her head to look over her shoulder
slightly and smiled at the same time she said, "Would you both follow
me, please."

They went down the hall and they stopped at almost the last door down
the hall. Cindy opened up the door and they all three went inside.

The room was a larger than normal examination room with more equipment
and instead of just one examination table there was two instead and
there was also a privacy curtain on runners, hanging from the ceiling,
that could be pulled out to separate both examination tables, if need

There was also a full wall length of counter top with cabinets above
it and doors and drawers below the counter top. At one end of the room
was a sink and even a open stool was there also. There was all types
and sizes and shapes of strange equipment that both Mike and Kristy
had no idea what they were or what they were used for.

Once inside the nurse asked each of them to fully and completely

Before that, the nurse took each of their temperatures and blood
pressures, heart rates, respiration rates and then to top things off,
she had each of them sit down in a special chair and she drew at least
three big samples of blood from each of their arms. She also took a
small skin sample from each of their ear lobes from the back side with
a special tool that almost felt and stung like they had their ears

Cindy explained that the blood work and the skin sample was going to
be used for DNA purposes, to check and see if they had any abnormal or
bad genes that might cause health and or mental problems, if they were
going to conceive a child together.

Once that was done, she once again asked them to strip down and hang
and or place their clothes over on the hangers and small dresser in
the corner of the room.

Mike and Kristy both thought that the nurse would leave and allow them
to disrobe in private and that maybe they would be given examination
smocks or some to cover themselves up with, in the mean time, instead
of being completely naked from head to toe.

Mike then spoke up, when it became apparent that the nurse was not
going to leave and he asked her, were the examination smocks were.

Cindy turned around and smiled at both of them and she said, "Well,
There really isn't any need for you two to wear examination smocks,
because you two are being examined for fertility and reproduction
compatibility and so, we are going to be examining your reproductive
organs, so there really isn't a need to cover up anything."

The nurse continued to smile at both of them and Mike and Kristy both
got the feeling just from her look that she was enjoying this, in more
ways than one.

Cindy then replied and said, "Oh!! Don't worry!!! I'm a highly trained
professional and I've seen my share of naked people both boys and

Mike and Kim looked at each other and then slowly began to get
undressed together in the corner.

Mike was first to get totally disrobed and Cindy turned round and
noticed that Mike was nude and she had him come over and sit on one of
the examination tables, while Kristy continued to disrobe over in the

Mike got up on the table with his feet on one side and Cindy then
said, "I need you to lay back on the table, on your back."

Mike did as he was told and then Cindy walked over to one of counter
tops and pulled on a pair of rubber gloves and she also picked up her
clip board and also a pair of measuring calipers, along with her pen.

She then asked Mike to spread his legs a bit more, farther apart and
once again Mike complied.

He really didn't know what to expect or what was going to happen next,
but without any further talk Cindy stood up to the table next to his
waist and placed the clip board on his abdomen and as she was opening
up the dial calipers she said, "First off Mike, what I'm going to do
is measure your penis length, diameter and your testicles size first
in a relaxed, non-erection, state and then. I will have to measure you
again, when you are fully sexually excited. I'm also going to need a
fully and complete semen sample to measure quantity and quality of
your semen and ejaculation fluids."

Mike groaned out in total despair and embarrassment about what all was
going to take place, during his examination. He had heard from other
people and on TV shows, how embarrassing and humiliating this was, for
a guy to be tested and studied, like some stud horse, to see if the
horse could get the job done, so to speak. It also sounded like they
wanted to find out, if he was actually shooting live bullets or just
firing blanks, if you all know what I mean by that.

The worst part of this whole thing, was that a young, sexy, good
looking, full breasted, female was doing this to him and not Dr. Tom.
Mike would have felt a 100 times better, if only another guy was doing
this to him and not some good looking young woman. This was
embarrassment beyond anything Mike had ever had to endure. Mike was
also wishing, hoping and praying that Dr. Tom Richardson would come
through the door any second and save him by taking over and sending
the young, good looking, nurse away to do something else and just
leave him alone.

That was not to be, because Cindy first measured Mike's soft, limp,
shrunken up, cock, first for length. She took 2 measurements, one from
the top side, from the tip of his soft cock head to the very base of
his pubic bone area and then another measurement from the underside
again from the tip to the base of his cock, where is ball sack joined

Cindy recorded her measurements on the clipboard and then took 2
measurements of his soft cock head front to back and from side to
side. Once again she recorded her measurements and then did the same
thing along his soft, limp and totally shrunken up, cock shaft, in
three other places. One right bellow the crown of his cock head, one
in the middle of his cock shaft and the last measurement at the very
base of his cock shaft.

She then proceeded to measure the width and depth and length of his
ball sack in its relaxed state. She also recorded those measurements
on her clipboard. Nurse Cindy, then she gently and carefully measured
each one of his balls in length, width and depth and also recorded
those facts and measurements, onto her clipboard, which was still
sitting on top of his abdomen.

At first Mike was completely embarrassed and just wanted to lay back
and close his eyes and pray that she would just hurry up and finish
her task, but then he decided he better watch the whole deal, just in
case she was going to do something else and not tell him.

In a way, Mike was impressed that this young nurse did her job like a
true professional and didn't seem to be embarrassed or have any facial
expression other than pure concentration, while doing her required
tasks of measuring and documenting her findings and measurements for
Dr. Tom or who ever was going to be looking over this information.

Once she got done with taking her measurements. She walked over to the
counter and then picked something up and then walked back over to Mike
at his waist. She had a small plastic cone, that was tapered to almost
a point at one end and it tapered out bigger in diameter down the
entire length of this small thing.

Cindy then looked up at Mike and said, "OK Mike!! This small little
device is used to measure the inside of you opening here." As she was
looking at him she placed her gloved covered hand onto his still
completely soft, limp and shrunken up cock. She felt around just a
bit, until her index finger was resting on his piss slit, dead center
in the middle of his cock head. She then continued by saying, "What
I'm going to do, is slowly and very carefully insert this, into your
opening here and I will be able to measure the inside diameter of your
opening and this will give us an indication as to how open you are and
how your semen and ejaculation fluids will be able to leave your body,
as it is injected into the girl's/woman's vagina during sexual

Mike once again groaned out in total and complete embarrassment,
towards this whole ordeal, which was happening to him.

Cindy then looked back down and took a hold of his soft, limp,
shrunken up cock and pointed his cock head up towards the ceiling,
while she used her other hand to carefully guide this small, but
deadly looking measuring device into his piss slit.

Mike was already gritting his teeth, expecting the worst, in complete
pain and discomfort, but he was surprised that Cindy guided this small
device fully and completely in his piss slit up to the point that it
would not go any further. There was only a little bit of discomfort,
as she made sure that it was in as far as possible without causing
Mike any great pain. She then leaned down closer to his cock head and
she read the small number printed on the inside of the clear plastic
measuring device and then she slowly and gently removed the tube from
his piss slit and then wrote her measurement down on the clipboard.

She walked back over and dropped the plastic measuring device into the
trash can, as her right foot operated the lid to open up and once done
she removed her foot and the trash can lid closed.

Mike looked over to his side and noticed that his little sister,
Kristy was now standing fully and completely naked near the head of
the examination table. She also had a silent smile/smirk on her face.
Mike had seen that kind of face hundreds of times, as she was holding
back her enjoyment in seeing Mike embarrassed or when she watched him
get into trouble with his parents.

Mike looked up at Krsity and then said, "Go Ahead and laugh it up!!!
Your next and then it will be my turn to make those funny faces at
you, while you are spread out on the table like a naked lab rat."

Kristy smiled and laughed and then said, "Why!!! What did I do!!!! I'm
just watching what is happening to you, nothing else!!!"

Mike knew better, just from her facial expression and the way she
laughed. He also noticed his sisters small, firm, proud, breasts as
she stood up over him at the head of the bed/table and then he turned
his head slightly and saw Kristy's new, bare, smooth, shaved, pussy
not more than 2 feet away from him. His cock gave an involuntary jerk.
He could feel the blood start to run into his cock, as a prelude to
getting a full blown erection.

He then remembered the nurse and he began to think of other things as
quickly as possible. He also turned his head, so that he was once
again looking up at the ceiling and trying like hell to head off his
hard on before the nurse would notice that he was indeed getting a
hard on.

As if by some miracle or something, there was a double knock at the
door and a slight pause before the door opened just enough for Dr. Tom
Richardson to come in and then he automatically closed the door behind

Tom then said hi to everyone and then Cindy turned towards him and
said, "Everything is finished with Mike up to the point of measuring
his full erection and getting a full semen sample from him."

Mike then broke into the conversation and said, "Is this all really
necessary to do all of this!! I mean, ..........?"

Tom laughed a good hearted laugh and said, "Yes, I'm a afraid so,
besides all the painful stuff is over and all we need to do now is get
you a hard on and get you to shoot off and then that is it."

Tom then said, "Kristy!!! Would like to do the honors and get your
brother hard by either jacking him off or performing oral sex on

Both Mike and Kristy were totally shocked and embarrassed beyond
words, when Tom mentioned that they were both brother and sister in
front of Nurse Cindy Downs. They both went beet red in the face and
they both felt their hearts leap out of their mouths, as their mouths
were indeed open, in total and complete surprise by what Dr. Tom
Richardson had just said to them in front of his nurse.

Mike just groaned out in embarrassment and then said, "Jesus Christ

Tom knew that Mike was not only embarrassed, but he was now mad,
because he had mentioned in front of the nurse, that they, Mike and
Krsity were brother and sister and all of this testing was on
fertility and pregnancy and now this young, good looking, nurse knew
that this now involved incest and inbreeding.

Tom smiled and said, "Both of you have nothing to worry about!!! Cindy
is a professional and this is not the first case, she has been
involved with, that deals with intra-family sexual relationships and
incestuous pregnancies."

Mike then said, "But still ......... Tom!!!! I was hoping to keep this
under wraps, so to speak and that you would of handled it

Tom smiled his reassuring smile at both Mike and Kristy as he was
standing just behind and to one side of nurse Cindy and said, "Cindy
Downs is a professional and she knows better than to say anything,
about what happens behind closed doors and also, what all takes place
here within the doctors office. If it will make you two feel any
better, I would like to introduce you to Cindy Downs, which by the way
is also my niece!!! So, She personally knows about incest at a very
personal and professional level. So, I think both of you can trust her
with your lives and secretes at any level."

At that point Tom reached up and placed one hand on Cindy's shoulders
and then he slowly stepped behind Cindy. Once completely behind her he
reached around in front of his niece with both hands and cupped her
large breasts with the palms of both of his hands and gently lifted
her breasts upward just a bit.

Once again both Mike and Kristy were shocked by this recent
revelation. Dr. Tom Richardson's nurse was his niece and she knew and
was also involved within the Richardson family, as incest goes.

Nurse Cindy allowed her large firm breasts to be cupped and lifted
slightly in front of her patients, which also happened to be brother
and sister. She also moaned out, just a bit, in sexual pleasure and
excitement and tilted her head back, so that it was resting on Dr.
Toms shoulder.

It was then that Cindy said, "Tom!!?? I think you better tell them the
rest of it!!??"

Tom then continued to smile at both Mike and Kristy and then said,
"Well, Cindy is not really my niece, but in all actuality she is
really my half niece and half daughter. You see, her mom, is also my
sister, so in a way, she is both my niece and also my daughter,
because I got my own older sister pregnant, when I was just a young

Mike and Krsity were once again shocked totally at what Dr. Tom had
just told them.

Tom then went on to say, "Cindy is actually my daughter, but in the
outside world, she is just my niece. And yes, I have had her sexually,
since she was 11 years old!! It's that right Cindy!!??"

Cindy almost purred and said, "That's right Daddy!!! You did me for
the very first time on my 11th birthday and the whole family watched
as you took my cherry and fucked me for the very first time!!!"

Cindy closed her eyes slightly as she leaned back into her dad/uncle
and began to rub her backside up against his front side, in a very
sexual way.

Tom bent his head down towards Cindy, his own, incestuous, daughter
and niece and kissed her on the side of her neck. She tilted her head,
so that Tom would have clear access to her neck, while at the same
time she reached back with both hands behind her back. Mike and Kristy
knew without a doubt, what she was doing to Tom, her Dad and Uncle.

Tom also used his two hands, which were gently cupping her large,
firm, breasts and he began to slowly and carefully unbutton the front
of her blouse, in front of Mike and Kristy in almost a sexy slow strip

Mike's cock began to once again jerk by itself and he could feel his
hot blood rush into his cock shaft, as his cock began to grow and
expand into a full erection as he watched his friend and family
doctor, sexually play and strip his, incestuous, daughter in front of
him and his sister.

Mike and Kristy both moaned and groaned as they were treated to a
sight that they had never seen before and that was a father making
sexual foreplay with his own incestuous daughter.

In just a few short minutes, nurse Cindy's blouse was unbuttoned down
to her waist and Dr. Tom reached down and pulled the rest of her
blouse out from her waist band of her skirt and finished unbuttoning

Mike and Kristy could clearly see full cleavage and bare skin on
Cindy, from her neck all the way down to where her skirt was just
under her navel. They could also see her bra material, as it went from
one cup to the other cup and both of them knew that this was a front
clasp/closing bra.

Tom then reached up and stepped back just a bit. Using his hands, he
pulled her blouse back and off her shoulders slowly as more and more
of her large, creamy, snow white, breasts were exposed to the two nude
people, standing and reclining on the examination table, which also
happened to be brother and sister.

Then all at once Mike and Kristy noticed that Cindy's bra was a
underwire half bra and her large, firm, breasts were proudly uplifted
and separated. Her breasts were now fully and completely exposed. The
underwire bra stopped just on the underside of her breasts, so that
her nipples and aeroles were completely exposed, while she still had
the bra on.

Cindy's aeroles and nipples were a light pink to peach color and her
nipples were almost as large a small boy's thumb and almost an inch
long, as they now stuck out from her breasts, rock hard and full, of
sexual excitement.

By now, Mike was still laying back on the examination table, but he
was propped up on his elbows, in a half reclining position, as he
watched this totally unbelievable sight before him. His cock was fully
erect and he could feel it throbbing as more blood tried to pump
itself into his cock.

Tom helped Cindy remove her blouse off her arms and then he reached
back and placed her white blouse on the counter top behind him. He
almost automatically, reached back around in front of his half
daughter/half niece, then moved both of his hands over to one side of
her waist. Where he found the skirt clasp and zipper. Without looking
and in less than 15 seconds her white nurse's skirt dropped to the
examination room's white, spotless, clean, tile floor.

It was then, that both Mike and Kristy both noticed that Cindy was
wearing a white guarder belt and white hose, instead of the modern
pantyhose most women wear today. They also noticed that her white
french cut, lace, panties were worn and place on the outside of her
guarder belt straps.

Dr. Tom kneeled down behind his incestuous, conceived, daughter and
reached around and slowly pulled her panties down off her hips. In
just a couple of seconds, they too joined her skirt at the base of her
feet. He stayed kneeled down behind his daughter, as she lifted each
foot up off the floor, so that he could collected her dropped skirt
and panties. He then stood up and also placed her stripped articles of
white clothing behind him, on the counter, along with her blouse,
which was already there.

Mike and Kristy saw Cindy fully and completely nude for the very first
time and the sight was breath taking, to say the least. They also saw
her pubic bush and it was almost a golden color of blond hair. At
first, they couldn't see her pussy slit, because her legs were still
together, but as soon as Dr. Tom took her skirt and panties, which
were down around her ankles. She immediately spread her legs in a
shoulder width stance. It was then that both Mike and Kristy saw that
her pussy lips were completely bare of any hair and it was just a
small 1 1/2 thick bush which formed an upside down triangle, that
ended at the very top of her pussy slit.

Cindy's neck, breasts, chest, abdomen, waist, pussy plain and mound
and upper thighs were almost snow white in color. She was that pale
looking. She was still wearing her guarder belt and full length
stockings and slightly high heel shoes and in a way, it all seemed to
match her body color and yet, at the same time, it was indeed a very,
highly, erotic sight to behold.

A beautiful, almost completely nude, young, woman. She was in her
early 20's and it made things even hotter and more exciting, because
this girl/woman was a product of pure incest. She was a product of the
love and lust between a brother and sister and she was their
offspring. She was indeed an erotic sight to behold. She was still
even wearing her nurse's cap, which was still pinned to her hair on
top of her head and that, combined with her half cup, underwire,
support and separation bra and her guarder belt and stocking was
something right out of a playboy pictorial, that any young man or even
old man would jerk off too and come from, just looking at this
beautiful, sexy, woman.

Dr. Tom was standing up behind his daughter/niece and then he once
again kneeled down her and then looked around the side of Cindy's
waist. He then used his right hand to slip up the inside of her legs,
till he was cupping her pussy mound from behind and then he slowly
played with her pussy for a little bit. Tom then stuck his two middle
fingers of his right hand up inside his own, incestuous, daughter's
pussy and the said, "Just think Mike!!! If you get your own sister,
Kristy here pregnant and she has a baby girl, you can be doing the
same thing I'm doing to Cindy, in just 11 short years and then you can
continue with her, until yours or hers finial days on earth."

Mike and Kristy both groaned out as that thought passed through their
own minds at the speed of light.

Tom then continued by saying, "Kristy!!! Mike!!!! This is what true
incest is all about!!!! Being able to enjoy the fruits of your own
labors!!! This is called double incest. First incest, is sex with a
family member and then having sex with your child born from and
incestuous relationship is then double incest and that by far, is
something, no one can fully understand, comprehend and appreciate,
unless they have done it themselves. All I can say is, fucking your
sister is one thing, but fucking your own, incestuous, daughter is
something very few people ever get to do and I can personally tell you
it is totally out of this world."

Cindy allowed her own incestuous dad to finger fuck her for little bit
and then she said, "I think, Mike is hard enough to measure him now
and we can also collect his sample now too, don't you think!!"

Dr. Tom reluctantly withdrew his wet juicy fingers from his incestuous
daughter's wet, dripping, juicy, warm and snug pussy so that he could
once again stand up and to also allow Cindy to finish her job of
measuring Mike's now hard, fully erect cock and then collect a full
and complete semen sample from him also.

Cindy then walk over the sort distance to Mike on the table and she
reached down and pulled out the stirrups and set them up and then
asked Mike to scoot down and place his ass at the edge of the
examination table and place his feet in the spread out stirrups.

Tom turned around and got a small sample bottle and then got a tube of
K Y Jelly and walked over next to Mike Cindy and Kristy.

Cindy then looked up at Kristy after Mike placed his ass on the edge
of the examination table and placed his feet in the spread out
stirrups and said, "Would you mind if I sucked your brother off to the
point of making him come in the sample bottle?"

Mike could only moan out loud at the very thought of a double
incestuous daughter of his best friend was going to suck him off right
there in front of his own little sister who just might be pregnant
with their twin baby girls and his best friend who happened to be the
father of this double incestuous nude, beautiful, sexy, completely
nude nurse.

Kristy smiled at Cindy and then said, "Please be my guest!!! I'm just
as hot to see you do him as I know he his hot to have you do him, so
by all means suck him off!!"

Kristy paused a moment or two and then said, "So Mike, my big, baby
making, brother!!! How does it feel to be put up in that position
completely and totally spread out like some stud to be tested!!!! Now
you know how us girls feel when we have to spread ourselves open for
you male doctors and then they touch, feel and poke us while we have
to lay back and take it!!!"

Cindy was now standing in between Mike's spread open legs and she
reached down and lifted up his rock hard, long, thin, cock in her
rubber covered hands and tilted his cock head and cock shaft upward
towards the ceiling while at the same time she slowly began to bend
over at the waist, so that her head was coming down closer and closer
to his cock head.

Cindy was also looking Mike directly in to his eyes and then she said,
"Just think Mike!!! If your sister really is pregnant with your child
and it is a girl. She might just be doing the same thing I'm about to
do to you in about 10 or 11 years."

She paused to let that sink into Mike's sexually turned on mind and
then continued by saying, "I've been sucking and fucking daddy here,
for over half my life now and I'm only 23 years old!!!! I've had over
12 years of training and Daddy says, I'm the best cock sucker he has
ever had and let me tell you. He has had over 25 female relatives and
at least that many females outside the family, if not more and that is
not counting the guys, that has sucked his cock either. So hold on,
because I'm going to suck the come right out of your cock and

Kristy was still standing near the head of the examination table as
she watched the young, sexy, big titted nurse with her little white
nurse's hat still pinned to her strawberry blond hair, lean down
closer and closer to her big brother's throbbing, rock hard, long,
thin cock.

She was also wet between the legs as her sexual excitement began to
grow and grow with all of this and exciting developments and
discoveries of who the doctor and nurse really was.

Kristy reached down and began to openly play with her own smooth,
bare, shaved, pussy and she really didn't care if Dr. Tom or Nurse
Cindy saw her. Besides they were also into incest in a bigger way than
what Mike and her were. However, Kristy began to think that is how Dr.
Tom and his sister first started out and now Cindy, the nurse who was
about to suck her own brother off was a direct result of Dr. Tom and
his sister's own incestuous inbreeding with each other and she turned
out to be normal and healthy and sexy to boot.

Kristy just hoped and prayed that their own twin baby girls would turn
out to be at least half as good as Cindy was and is now.

Cindy lowered her face near the base of Mike's long, hard, thin,
throbbing, cock and then she stuck out her tongue. She used the wide,
wet, flat, portion of her entire tongue to lick his cock shaft from
his underside, starting at the base of his cock near his ball sack and
then slowly, ludely, dragged her tongue up the underside of his entire
cock shaft then all the way up on the underside of his crown to the
very tip of his cock head.

Once she got to the tip of his cock she flipped her tongue upward off
his cock and then slowly drew her tongue back into her mouth all the
while she never once broke eye contact with Mike.

Cindy smiled at Mike.

Mike moaned as he felt her warm wet tongue slowly glide up his cock
shaft and then onto the underside of his cock head.

Cindy then said, "Just imagine Mike!!!! If you indeed have twin
incestuous daughters by your sweet, adorable and sexy sister here. In
about 10 to 11 years from now, both of your incestuous daughters can
be doing this to you together for the very first time."

While Cindy was saying that to Mike, she still kept his cock pointed
up towards the ceiling. She still had on her latex gloves and that in
itself was a completely different feeling for Mike and his cock.

Dr. Tom then stepped over next to his incestuous daughter Cindy and he
squirted out a large blob of KY jelly on Cindy's left latex gloved
middle finger.

At first Mike thought that she was going to coat his cock shaft with
it and then stroke him off into the sample vial that Tom was still
holding in his right hand. Tom then moved back over to the other side
directly opposite of Mike's sister, Kristy.

Cindy then began to lower her head once again down towards Mike's
rampit, throbbing cock. This time she completely engulfed him to the
very base of his cock shaft, in one, warm, wet, fluid, motion.

Mike moaned out again as he felt Cindy's lips first and then her warm,
wet, interior of her mouth and tongue, as she swallowed him whole and
completely in one slow never ending descent.

Mike was enjoying the warm comfort of nurse Cindy's mouth when all at
once his eyes opened wide in complete and utter shock as he felt nurse
Cindy's left latex covered middle finger touch his ass hole and then
without warning she slowly, carefully and deliberately slide her
finger all the way up his asshole.

At first Mike shouted out his surprise by saying, "FUCK!!!!"

Mike also tried to clamp his asshole shut from this latex covered and
greased up middle finger. Even though he tried to keep his asshole
shut Cindy's greased up finger still continued to slide up his rear
passage. At first, he didn't like the idea of her finger up his ass
and it also caused him some discomfort and mostly it was more
embarrassing to him than it was painful.

She continued to slide up his rear passage until her finger found his
prostrate. Once she was fully sheathed and seated up his asshole she
just left her finger in him and didn't move it or anything. She was
allowing Mike some time to get use to her middle finger up his ass,
while at the same time, his asshole was clamping and then relaxing and
then clamping down on her finger, as if he was trying to void her
finger the only way he knew how to void an object up his ass.

Mike also felt the sensation of his cock in her warm, wet, mouth and
at the same time his mind was also registering that a foreign object
was up his asshole and also part way out his ass. He could feel the
size and diminution of her finger with the feelings of his nerve
endings in and around his asshole. He could also feel his muscles
trying vainly to close his asshole, but there was a foreign object
still there and so his involuntary muscles still continued to relax
and then try to clamp close over and over again.

Cindy bobbed her head up and down the full length of Mike's long,
hard, thin, cock a few times slowly, while at the same time she still
continued to hold her middle finger firmly, but completely still up
his asshole.

Her middle finger laid along the complete length of his prostrate

Cindy slowly slid up and down the full length of his cock maybe five
times before she removed his cock shaft from her warm, wet, embrace.

Cindy lifted her head up a ways from his cock head and once again
looked into his eyes. Her eyes were bright and lively as they almost
told both Mike and his sister Kristy that she was enjoying this, just
as much, if not more than Mike was.

Cindy then said, "What I'm going to do now, is to slowly and gently
massage your prostrate gland and by doing that, I will make you come
without touching or jacking you off and I think you will find this
orgasm to be completely different than what you have ever experienced
before, in your entire life.

She then lowered his cock back down to lay against his abdomen.

Dr. Tom then reached over the examination table and lifted Mike's cock
up slightly by placing his left hand, palm up between Mike's abdomen
and his cock shaft. He then moved the plastic sample collecting vial
in his right hand and placed the mouth of the vial over the tip of
Mike's cock head.

Then he stood completely motionless. Tom then looked up at Mike and
then said, "Just relax and let yourself go. Don't try to hold back.

Mike could only moan, while he once again looked down at his still
throbbing hard cock. This was the first time in Mike's life, as an
adult, he had felt another male's hand on his cock. He continued to
stare at Tom's hands, as one hand was warmly and gently cradling his
cock shaft and the other hand of Tom's was holding the mouth of the
vial over the tip of his cock head, so that when he shot off, he would
be able to collect the entire sample.

Cindy then slowly and carefully moved her middle finger which was up
inside Mike's asshole and resting up against his prostate gland.

Mike once again moaned in sexual shock and also pleasure at the same
time as he felt her move deep within him. At first, it felt more
uncomfortable, but then in a matter of seconds, when she slowly,
lovingly, carefully, began to massage his prostrate gland the feeling
changed and then in just a short amount of time it felt very exciting
and new to him. It was like Mike was discovering sex for the first
time or something like that, as he began to enjoy and anticipate her
movements against his gland.

Mike turned his head side ways and looked up at his darling, little,
sexy and completely nude, sister standing next to the examination

He looked up from below and enjoyed the view of his sister's breasts
as they hung from her chest and the tips looked rock hard from were he
was. Mike then turned his head and looked down across her small, firm,
proud breasts and onto her trim, firm, abdomen and then he saw her
bare, smooth, shaved, pussy. He was never going to get tired of
looking at his little sister. He still had a hard time believing that
both he and Kim shaved her together in their upstairs shower that one
night and now looking at her shaved pussy, he also noticed that she
had at least two of her fingers up inside her and she was slowly
fucking herself in plain sight of everyone while at the same time, she
was intently watching what all was happening to her older, dear,
sweet, lovable brother, who was also the father of the twin baby girls
she felt growing deep within her womb.

She was pleased in a way she had never ever felt before. To her, she
felt as if she was glowing, because she was pregnant and it was also
because, her own brother had got her with child. Her own brother's
seed had joined with her own fertile sisterly egg and together they
had created two new little children.

Kristy felt better now being pregnant with her own brother, than when
she was pregnant with her dad's child. She figured that was because
she kind of felt bad and guilty about becoming pregnant with an
incestuous child by her father, but since she had found out Mike was
also into incest, she felt totally and completely different about
incest now than ever before.

She felt that now she was going to except incest and her own brother
and she really didn't care what anyone else thought about the whole
deal, because now she was truly happy and was willing to give
everything else up to live and love with her own brother for the rest
of her life.

Kristy felt as if she was really meant to be her own brother's wife,
lover and mother of his children, her children, their children. She
had now truly found her soul mate and she didn't give a damn what
other people might think about her and her brother together, as
husband and wife. She was happy, Mike was happy, Kim was happy, just
about everybody was happy and so the rest of the world opinions really
didn't matter.

Mike began to experience a strange and different feeling in and near
the base of his cock that he had really never felt before and then his
asshole began to uncontrollably open and close around nurse Cindy's
middle finger.

Mike moaned out and then he looked down at his cock just in time to
see his milky white come exit his cock head and began to flow and run
into the clear plastic sample collecting vile Tom was holding up
against the tip of his cock.

Mike was kind of surprised that his come was just slowly running out
of cock head instead of shooting out in forceful spurts like he always
does when he shoots off. He was also impressed by how much come was
running and flowing out from the tip of his cock head. It almost
looked to be about double if not triple the amount he would normally

The sexual pleasure he felt during all of this was completely
different from anything he had ever experienced before and in a way,
it was wild and exciting to him.

Once he quit coming, Tom removed the vial from his cock head and
walked over to the counter and began to hold it up to the light and
then read off the amount in cc's he then wrote it down and then he did
some other things with the sample Mike and Kristy had no idea what.

Cindy then reached up with her free hand and lifted Mike's cock up and
then she leaned over his abdomen once more and without warning she
took him into her mouth once again. This time she began to bob her
head up and down while at the same time she also used her free hand to
jerk his cock shaft in front of her mouth as she went up and down his

Inside her mouth her tongue was going crazy, as it washed his cock
head and cock shaft clean.

Mike also felt that Cindy was now sliding her middle finger in and out
of his asshole in time with her head bobbing up and down his cock.
That was a really wild feeling, as he felt himself being entered and
pumped in almost the same way he would fuck a girl up the ass or

Mike then began to wonder what it would feel like if there was a way
he could feel for himself what it is like to be a girl/woman and feel
a cock fuck into him. He began to have all sorts of wild things go
through his head as if wondering what it would truly be like to
actually be a woman for a day and feel what it is like for a guy to
fuck him as a woman.

Cindy then slowed down and then allowed Mike's softening cock to slip
from her mouth. She then raised up and said, "Well, Mike!!!?? That's
wasn't so bad now was it!!??"

She paused for a moment or two and then said, "Why don't you just lay
back and relax a while and I will get your sweet, little, sister ready
for her examination.

Cindy then walked over to the counter and then came back with a small
cup and then handed it to Kristy and said, "Why don't you go over
there to the john and give me a good urine sample for one of our
pregnancy tests.

Kristy didn't say a word, because it was now, her turn to feel her own
heart rate raise as she was soon going to find out if her own brother
had indeed impregnated her with incestuous twin baby girls, as she
almost knew for certain. However, everyone was going to knew pretty
soon what the out come was to be.

Kristy silently turned and walked over to the open and exposed john
and sat down.
She placed the small cup between her spread open thighs and positioned
it up to her pussy and without any second thought, she began to piss a
long, heavy stream of warm pee into the sample cup.

She almost filled the cup and then removed it from her pissing stream
as she continued to pee some more. Once finished, she placed the cup
on the small little counter next to the john and then wiped her pussy
clean with some toilet paper.

Kristy stood back up and then flushed the toilet and then took her
sample over to nurse Cindy.

Cindy took the sample from Kristy and then said, "OK, stand right
there and I'll be right back so that I can measure you." Cindy then
walked the urine sample over to Dr. Tom and then walked back over to
Kristy with a cloth tape measure and a warm damp wash rag.

She first measured Kristy's chest and it read, 34, next she measured
her waist and it read 26, then her hips which measured 36.

While nurse Cindy was kneeling in front of Kristy she told Kristy to
spread her legs and she proceeded to wash Kristy's pussy clean with a
warm wet wash cloth. and then dried her pussy with the other end of
the wash cloth which was still dry.

Kristy was looking down at nurse Cindy and she then took in a shallow
short gasping breath as she watch nurse Cindy lean forward and planted
her ruby red lips on her freshly washed, bare, smooth, shaved, pussy.

She felt Cindy's tongue as it glided up the full length of her pussy

It was a quick lick followed by a quick kiss on her pussy lips before
nurse Cindy once again stood back up.

Cindy smiled at Kristy and said, "You almost sound like my mom when
ever I go down her. She says that seeing me eat her pussy is the
wildest turn on, because I'm her own incestuous daughter and that her
and her brother made me. She almost always comes in less than 30
seconds the first time around."

Kristy was surprised and kind of shocked to hear some of the things
nurse Cindy had said. Since they found out that she was a product of
pure incest between a brother and sister. This thought alone turned
Kristy on, because she was already thinking what it would be like to
eat, lick, kiss and suck her own incestuous twin girls for the very
first time and wondered how old they would be before she couldn't hold
herself back any long and began to teach them the joys of oral sex
long before they were going to be old enough to fuck their incestuous
dad, her own brother for the very first time.

Cindy then walked over to the other examination table and began to
pull out its set of stirrups and pulled them apart. She also reached
down on the side of the table and opened up a cabinet door and swung
out a tray that had the standard set of gynecological equipment all
ready and waiting to be used on Kristy.

Cindy then turned to Kristy and asked her to take her place and move
into position for her internal examination.

Kristy already knew the procedure almost by heart at her age. She
walked over to the table and got on it and then proceeded to get
herself into the proper position with her feet in the stirrups, thighs
spread as wide as possible and her ass right to the very edge of the

She then laid back down and waited for Dr. Tom to finish up with what
ever he was doing. Kristy also reached back and lifted her head up and
then folded the small pillow over in two, so that her head was
slightly elevated, so that she had a clear view down to her bare,
smooth, shaved, pussy. She still liked the sight that greeted her as
she saw her own small, firm, proud, breasts stick up towards the
ceiling crowned by her long, thick and now rock hard nipples. She
still had a flat and firm abdomen even after having Beth almost 11
years ago. She definitely felt good to have a good looking body that
pleased not only herself, but it had first pleased her own brother,
when she was only 13 years old, then she only had two other guys
before marrying that jerk of a husband Tim. Then she also had her dad,
which by the way gave her Beth and she felt a whole lot better about
Beth being an incestuous child, since she found out Mike wanted her
back even after she broke down and told him the truth about who the
real father was.

Kristy wondered what her dad would say if he only knew that she was
once again pregnant, but this time it was by her first and only true
love. Her dear, sweet and lovable, big, brother.

She knew that as soon as she left Mike and Kim's and went over to her
mom and dad's house. She was going to take daddy a side and tell him
what has happened and then she was going to fuck his brains out
royally, that is, if they could find enough time alone together, to
fuck like they always did, when they were around each other.

Kristy still loved and lusted after for her own dad, but that was
different all together, as the love and lust she felt for her brother.
She kind of knew in the back of her mind that first time Mike slid
into her pussy and took her cherry and she also took his, that they
were somehow meant to be together as lovers, brother and sister and as
soul mates. Now it was all falling into place and it made her heart
sing out with love and joy that she had finally got what she had
secretly wished and dreamed for all of these years. Her own big
brother was now for all intents and purposes her husband and lover
too, even thought he was legally married to Kim, but she also accept
Debbie as Mike's number 3 wife.

While Kristy was laying back and waiting for Dr. Tom to come and
examine her, she thought back to the very first time she had to go to
the doctors office and have her first examination like she was now
going to have once again.

It was just maybe a month or so after she had lost her virginity to
her brother and he have given her his cherry in return.

She was still only 13 and her breasts were still very small in size,
but she did have a nice set of hard little nipples. She really didn't
have that much hair on or around her pussy either.

She remembered like it was just yesterday, how her mom had took her to
the doctor almost unexpectedly and only gave Kristy one day notice
that both her and mom were going to the doctor's office.

Kristy wondered why she was going to the doctor, because she wasn't
sick or anything like that and it was then that her mom, Joan
explained that since she was now a woman and not a little girl anymore
that she wanted her to get checked and make sure everything was OK.

She kind of knew what her mom was talking about because, she had
already started having her periods and they had their famous mother
daughter talk, but it was nothing in any great detail.

Kristy had heard stories from the older girls at school what happened
to them when they got their first pelvis examination and what all took

She remembered that some of the stories were pretty graphic in detail
and it almost bordered on being scary. Kristy kind of dismissed it as
being a little too over played for the younger girls who hadn't gone
to the doctor yet, to have their first overall examination.

Any way, her and her mom, Joan went to the family doctor and he was an
old guy that was maybe 50 years old, he almost reminded her of grandpa
he was that old. However Dr. Jones was really nice and gentle to
everyone, no matter what.

Kristy remembered going into the examination room and was told by Dr.
Jones to strip down completely and then crawl up onto the table when
she was finished undressing.

This was the very first time in her life she was fully and completely
naked in front of Dr. Jones and also in front of a stranger, other
than family members of mom and dad and of course her new and recent
lover, her own brother, Mike.

No one offered her a examination robe or anything that first time and
Dr. Jones was present while she took off all of her clothes in front
of him. She also remembered that he was almost staring at her openly
and he also had a half smile on his face, as if to comfort her from
embarrassment as she striped down.

Once she was fully and completely nude. Dr. Jones stepped forward
before Kristy could get to the table and he pulled up his small short
stool and sat down in front of her and looked her over, slowly from
head to toe at least several times. Kristy's mom, Joan sat in a chair
over to one side and slightly behind Kristy while Dr. Jones was in
front of her.

Joan spoke up and said, "Dr. Casey, Kristy is only 13, but she had
already started to menstruate and I thought it was time for her to
come see you, so that you can examine her and make sure everything is
OK. She is a woman now and I would feel a whole lot better if you
would check her out and see for yourself, that everything is fine and
normal like it should be, when a young girl turns into a woman."

Dr. Casey nodded his head in full agreement with Kristy's mom and then
reached out with his bare hands slowly and gently placed both of his
hands on Kristy's young blossoming fairing hips.

Kristy in the mean time just left her hands rest hanging down the
sides of her young, firm, nude, 13 year old body.

Dr. Casey then said, "Kristy, I'm going to have to feel your young
budding breasts for a moment or two, so don't be frightened when I
touch you OK!!??"

He slide his large warm hands up her firm, nude, young blossoming body
from her hips and slide them up her abdomen, then to the bottom of her
small budding breasts. He then continued upward until both of his
hands were firmly, yet gently cupping her small shy mounds of 13 year
old breast flesh.

Kristy remembered feeling her nipples tingling and going rock hard as
Dr. Casey felt her breasts up. It seemed like it took forever before
Dr. Casey stopped feeling her breasts up and playing with her nipples
and leaning in closer to look and examine each breast and nipple and
then both breasts and nipples. She figured that this was just normal,
because her mom, Joan was sitting right there and allowing the doctor
to have his way with her own daughter and yet, she didn't do or say
anything about it at all.

Kristy also noticed that Dr. Casey Jones kept moving in his chair
quite a bit and know years later she knew that he must have had a hard
on in his pants and he was really enjoying himself feeling up a young,
fully and completely nude 13 year old girl. She also thought that it
was kind of strange that her own mom allowed this to happen, because
years later. She went to another doctor to get put on birth control
pills at 16 and that male doctor and nurse never did the things to her
that Dr. Casey did and so she knew then, that Dr. Casey was going
beyond the limits of examining her and was almost out and out feeling
a young teenage girl up freely and openly in front of her own mom and
yet, she didn't do anything about it.

Kristy's mom, Joan had Dr. Casey Jones as her family doctor since she
was about 12 or 13 maybe sooner, so I guess she just trusted him and
maybe he had done the same thing to her and she just didn't know any
different. OH WELL!! :)  :)

Dr. Casey was now moving his hands slowly downward and at the same
time he looked into Kristy's eyes and said, "Kristy!!!, I'm now going
to have to touch you down between your legs for a little bit before we
get you up on the examination table, so what I need you to do is
spread your feet apart two to three feet, OK."

He still continued to feel Kristy's warm, nude, body while she spread
her legs a little past shoulder width apart and she was now looking
down between her small, shy, breasts, across her firm, trim, tummy and
saw her small, little, tuffit, of pussy hair at the top of her pussy
mound. She also saw Dr. Casey's big hands on her abdomen and one side
of her hip. His left hand stayed on her hip and his right hand slowly
slid lower and lower. She watched as his hand and finger tips came in
contact with her soft, fine, pussy hair at the top of her pussy mound.

At first his hand stopped going lower and kind of almost played with
her fine, silky, soft, pubic hair which was just really starting to
grown more and more above her pussy slit.

It was almost like he was playing with her pubic hairs or pet her like
a person pets a soft furry animal and as Kristy thought back about it
from time to time, she knew without a doubt that Dr. Casey was indeed
playing more than just doctor with her, but at the time she didn't
know any better and she also guessed that her own mom had been treated
the same way by him when she was her age that she just took it as
being normal.

Well a couple minutes passed and then he slowly slid his right hand
down some more and this time he fully and completely cupped her entire
pussy mound from top to bottom with the palm of his right hand. His
finger tips were pointing straight down with the heel of his hand up
on top of her pussy mound.

For some odd reason he then told her to turn side ways to him and then
to turn until she was fully and completely facing her own mom. All the
while he still had his hand on her pussy.

Once Kristy was facing her mom Dr. Casey once again asked Kristy to
spread her feet apart, because when she turned sideways and then
turned fully around to face her own mom she had placed her feet closer
together and Dr. Casey's large hand was almost trapped in between her
13 year old firm thighs.

Kristy did as she was told. She also looked into her mom's eyes as she
began to feel Dr. Casey move his hand slowly up and down the front of
her pussy mound, while adding just a slight bit of pressure against
her pussy mound.

Dr. Casey slide his hand up and down along the full length of young
pussy mound and pussy slit about four or five times, before she felt
his middle finger split her small, young, tender, 13 year old, pussy
lips apart.

Kristy took in a short, but sharp breath. Her eyes widened as she
looked into her mom's eyes, but Joan's eye's were looking down towards
Kristy's pussy for a second or two until she heard her daughter's
short, sharp inhale of surprise.

Joan then lifted her head slightly along with her deep brown, wide
open, eyes to look into her daughter's eyes. She smiled and then said
something for the first time since they were in the examination room
together with Dr. Casey.

Joan said to her young, nude, little, 13 year old, daughter with a
slight smile on her face and said, "It's OK Honey!!! He is going to
have to stick his finger up inside you for a little bit and feel you
from the inside." She said it in a loving, caring and comforting tone,
as if to say, just relax and everything will be fine.

Dr. Casey was just beginning to run his finger up and down young
Kristy's pussy slit in slow gentle strokes. Starting at the very
bottom of her pussy slit and then slowly pulling his middle finger up
between her small, young, spread, pussy lips till his finger came up
to the very top of her pussy slit. His finger first stayed up at the
top of her pussy slit and then he said, "Kristy Honey!!!! This here,
is called your colitis and I'm going to have to rub it for a little
while and you should feel some tingling down here and you might even
begin to get wet down here."

He paused for a moment and then said, "Have you begun to touch
yourself down here?!"

Kristy was completely shocked by what Dr. Casey was asking her and she
turned a hundred shades of red, while at the same time she looked at
her mom as if to ask her what she should do.

Joan saw her daughter blushing and then smiled slightly and then said,
"It's OK Honey!! You can tell him the truth. It's OK if you touch
yourself down there and make yourself feel good. It is nothing to be
ashamed of. Beside I do it all the time."

Kristy was shocked at what her mom had to say and at the same time she
was beginning to get excited by what Dr. Casey was doing to her and
she closed her eyes briefly and began to dream that it was her older
brother, Mike who was touching her at that moment instead of Dr. Casey
and as she felt his finger tip play with her clit and turn her on more
and more. She involuntarily moaned out in sexual pleasure.

The sound of her own moan freighted her back to the present and she
once again turned redder and redder as her mom knowingly smiled at her
daughter's own sexual excitement.

It was then that Dr. Casey left her small, excited, 13 year old, clit
alone for a moment or two and once again slid his middle finger down
between her young, tight and now wet pussy lips. Once he reached the
bottom of her pussy slit she was once again shocked to feel his middle
finger was now curving inward towards her pussy entrance and hole,
which had just been recently breached by her own loving and caring
brother for the first time almost a couple months or so ago.

Kristy held her breath as she felt Dr. Casey's large, long, thick,
middle finger slowly work its way up into her deeper and deeper. At
first, she didn't know when he was going to stop or if it was ever
going to stop going deeper and deeper up inside her body. When he
finally stopped it was because that was as far as his middle finger
would go. It felt almost like Mike's young, hard, thin, 16 year old,
cock was up inside her, because Dr. Casey's middle finger was almost
the same size and length, but she would have to guess that her own
brother had a slightly bigger cock than Dr. Casey's middle finger.

Dr. Casey kept his middle finger buried to the hilt in her young,
tender, 13 year old, pussy and then he said, from behind her back,
"What I'm going to do now, is slowly slide my finger in and out of
your vagina and then I will speed up just a bit. What I'm doing to you
now, you can do to yourself when you are home alone and you will find
that it will give you a lot of pleasure. You will also notice that you
will get wetter and wetter down here while you are doing this to

He paused for a moment and then said, "Kristy!? Have you ever done
this to yourself or stuck anything up inside you this far before?"

Kristy once again blushed and turned beat red in front of her mom and
she was definitely not going to tell him or her mom the truth about
what had really happened no matter what. The last thing she wanted was
anyone other than her and her brother to know what was going on
between them. She also knew what incest was and that would get both
her and Mike into big trouble, if anyone every found out the truth,
what they were doing to each other on almost a daily basis, once they
got home from school while both mom and dad were still at work.

Kristy and Mike had almost 2 whole hours to play sex games together
all by themselves until mom or dad showed up and they at first, for a
couple of weeks fucked at least once if not more, during that 2 hour
time frame. However, they both found out that it felt even better, if
they would do it every other day or maybe even wait three days and
just kind of tease each other during the two days they didn't suck or
fuck each other. It seemed to Kristy and Mike both, that when they did
get to fuck after a couple days of not doing anything to each other,
they were more passionate and it seemed that they both came longer and
harder as they tightly held onto each other as Mike shot off his hot,
wet, sticky, load of brotherly and incestuous come into her drenched,
dripping, wet, pussy. She could feel his young, hard, thin cock pulse
inside her pussy, as it expelled his supply of come into her pussy and
she could feel its heat as it began to flow into her body deeper and

Kristy enjoyed nothing better than to french kiss her own loving and
caring, 16 year old, brother deeply and passionately as he was
shooting off inside her young, wet and completely turned on, young,
tender, 13 year old, pussy. She could even count the number of times
he would spurt into her and it felt really great to french him at the
same time he was coming in her pussy.

She also vividly remembered the times when she would begin to come at
the same time he started to shoot off into her body and they would be
sharing a deep, passionate, incestuous french kiss and that was by far
the best way she liked to come. She wished that it could always be
like that, because she would come longer and harder if everything was
just timed right. But she also knew that she would have probably grown
tired of that, if it happened every time, so in a way, it was always a
welcome surprise to her when they would join together in a shared
orgasm and a french kiss, filled with pure love for her older brother
was just like a cherry on top of a Sunday. It was what made sex for
her so fulfilling and worth while.

Kristy felt Dr. Casey's finger as it slowly worked it's way in and out
of her pussy and then Joan, her mom brought her out of it by saying,
"Kristy!!?? Dr. Casey asked you a question. Are you going to answer

She once again blushed and just kind of stammered ,but really didn't
give an answer.

She also felt Dr. Casey's left hand which was resting on her hip
slowly slide upward until he was palming one of her small, shy,

Kristy could hardly believe what all was happening to her, because she
was actually being felt up and finger fucked right in front of her own
mother, by their own family doctor and it didn't phase her mom, Joan a
bit. In fact, it looked like her mom was almost enjoying the show,
just as much as Kristy was enjoying being finger fucked and felt up by
their family doctor.

Dr. Casey then said, "Are you enjoying this Kristy!!?? Does it feel
good!!! Do you like what I'm doing to you!!??

Kristy was snapped back into the present when she felt and warm pair
of hands on her inner thighs. She opened her eyes from her
flashback/daydream and saw Dr. Tom Richardson standing between her
spread open thighs as she was in the stirrups waited to be examined by

Tom was smiling down at Kristy and then said, "I would like to be the
first one to congratulate both you and Mike!!! You were right!!!! Your

Kristy almost screamed out with pride and joy at the news she just got
from Dr. Richardson. She was all smiles and then she looked over at
her lover, brother and now soon to be father of the twin baby girls
growing deep within her motherly and sisterly womb. Mike was just
getting up off the other examination table and at first he was stocked
and felt scared that his own sister really was pregnant and she
claimed that she hadn't had sex with anyone except for him since her
last period and so it was pretty clear to him and his sister that
there was a 100% possibility that he was indeed the father of his
sister baby or babies.

Mike was standing up and Tom turned around and shook Mikes hand and
then slapped Mike on the shoulder and back as only guys can do to each
other in a caveman style and form to show pride, respect and pleasure
towards another male.

Nurse Cindy was more loving in her approach as she walked over and
first hugged Mike and then frenched him as a way of showing her
pleasure in finding out and sharing the news that Mike was a father to
be and to make it even better his pregnant mate was his own, little

Cindy felt something more, because she was the actual product and
offspring of another bother and sister mating which was Dr. Tom
Richardson and his older sister. She was happy to see another pair of
brother and sisters get together to create another new little precious
baby, by way of incestuous mating.

Cindy then rushed over to the side of Kristy on the examination table
and leaned down to first hug and then she also frenched Kristy with
just as much love and affection as she did when she kissed Mike.

Dr. Tom was now sitting on his low stool between Kristy's spread open
legs and the said, "OK!!! I still need to have a look inside you and
make sure everything looks OK and then you two can go out and
celebrate this joyous occasion.

Tom then proceeded to give Kristy her internal examination and then
once he was done he stood up and then said, "Well, I'm done here, So I
guess you two can get dressed and head on out."

Kristy smiled at Tom and then said, "Why what's the rush!?!?!?" Kristy
paused for a second and then said, "It seems to me everyone else is
almost totally naked except for you. Are you all work and no

Dr. Tom Richardson broke into a good laugh and then said, "Well, I
first better make sure that everyone else has left and then make sure
everything is locked up and then I guess we can all rest and relax for
a while then."

Kristy laughed this time and mockingly said, "YEA RIGHT!!!! Rest and

This time Nurse Cindy and Mike joined in on the laughing with everyone

Tom turned around and then went out the door and it was about five
minutes when he returned.

Once Tom was back in the examination room it was Nurse Cindy his own
incestuous daughter who began to playfully stripe him of his clothes.

Kristy then said, "You know Doctor!?!!?? I've always wondered!!??!!!
Have you ever fucked anyone on a examination table like this

Tom laughed and then said, "YES!!!! On a couple of occasions I have
had the honor and pleasure of doing just that."

Kristy laughed and then said, "Well!!??!! I would love for you to show
both Mike and I how it is done!! That is if it is all right with you
and your daughter Cindy!!??!!??"

Cindy was the first one to speak up and she laughing said, "I don't
mind at all!!! In fact I think I will get up on the other table and
that way Mike can try it for himself!?!?! That is if it is all right
with you and Mike!?!?!"

Everyone was agreeable as to what all was going to take place.

Dr. Tom Richardson was going to fuck Mike's now pregnant sister on one
examination table and Dr. Tom's incestuous daughter was going to let
Kristy's older brother fuck her on the other table.

In just a matter of moments Cindy was up on the other table and then
both guys, Mike and Tom were standing at the foot of the tables and it
was pretty clear as to what to do and how to do it so both guys
entered both women at almost the same time.

It was now the women's turn to both moan out in pure sexual pleasure
as they both felt their pussy's being penetrated by long, hard, hot,
sexually excited, full grown, adult cocks.

Mike was really turned on because as he looked down to actually watch
his own long, hard, thin, cock enter a new and different pussy for the
very first time he also realized that this pussy was actually a pussy
created from another brother and sister fucking each other. He was
also thinking to himself if Kristy did indeed have twin baby girls and
they were his, then they would be 11 years old when he would be 47
years old and his loving sister, incestuous mate, lover and incestuous
wife would be 44 years old. It also occurred to him that Kristy's
daughter Beth would then be 21 years old. His own daughter Nancy would
be 23 years old.

As Mike began to slowly slide his super hard cock in Tom's incestuous
daughter Cindy. He was just beginning to understand the magnitude of
what he was in for as time went by. He was going to be enjoying his
loving and caring wife Kim for many years to come and also enjoy his
own daughter, Nancy as she began to age and mature into a young
teenager all the way through adulthood. The same was going to be true
of his beautiful and sexy sister and her own incestuous daughter
created by their own dad. Beth was going to be a real treat also. Mike
then could only close his eyes briefly as he saw his own incestuous
twin daughters which his own little sister had bore, for not only him
but also for her and the rest of the extended family they were surely
going to have in the future, if everything could only go as smoothly
as what had happened and taken place among the Richardson family.

Mike was picturing in his own mind what his twin incestuous daughter
would look like and wondered to himself at what age they should be
before they were brought into incestuous sex, which his family was now
enjoying more and more as the days slowly and pleasurably went by from
morning into evening and then once again into the dawns early light.

He had heard of stories where some fathers and even families started
their children out at a very early age, some as young as five or six
years old with touching and feeling and maybe oral sex. Some even
began to have full and complete intercourse with girls as young as
maybe six or seven.

Mike however, thought that the girls should be at least 10 years old,
if not a little bit older, but it mostly depended on the attitude and
the mental make up of each person. Some girls could accept and thrive
on incestuous sex at a very early age and some girls might not accept
it until they were around 13 or 14 and some might even refuse to do
anything like that ever. It all rested and depended on each individual
person, whether it was a girl or boy man or woman they each had their
own choices to make.

Mike also know that he would never ever force himself or allow anyone
else to force themselves on any of his family members, no matter what
the age. That was one thing he would never do or allow it to happen to
family members. It was a line he would never cross and never anyone
else cross that line if he was ever present during such a deal.

Mike also knew that children would accept incest just as easily as if
they would refuse it. It all depended on how the other family members
approached their younger children, kids and teenagers.

Mike snapped back into reality as his cock was squeezed by Nurse Cindy
as she was laying back on the examination table with her spread open
thighs and legs resting in the stirrups. He was standing between her
spread open and willing legs on a small little platform which was
conveniently pulled out from the bottom of the examination table at
the foot of the table.

Mike was at the perfect height to bend his cock down just a little bit
and have a perfect shot at Cindy's pretty pussy. He then began to look
Cindy over from top to bottom and enjoy the utterly beautiful sight
spread out before him.

Cindy was still wearing her white nurse's cap pinned to the top of her
hair and head. Her Strawberry blond hair was framing her face like a
model straight out of playboy magazine. Her delicate milky white skin
showed no tan lines whatever.

Mike was really impressed by the way Cindy's large round full and firm
breast stayed up on her chest and didn't slide off to the side of her
chest or that they went flat because she was laying back on her back.
In fact, they almost defied the laws of gravity as they stood up
proudly on her chest. Her nipples sticking up rock hard and really
long. The large silver dollar size of her areola's were the lightest
shade of pink he had ever seen and they contrasted magnificently with
her snow white skin.

He continued to slowly slide his cock in and out of her warm wet and
snug pussy all the while he was drinking in her beauty. In a way, he
was almost getting drunk and high just from looking at her nude body
spread out before him and also the sensations his cock was feeling as
he slowly stroked her full length with his diamond hard cock.

His eyes travel slowly down from her proud firm breasts across her
milky white, smooth, trim and firm abdomen all the way down to her
pubic bush which actually highlighted her pussy mound and visible
pussy lips.

Mike got caught up in watching his own cock slide in and out of
Cindy's adorable pussy. He then began to picture in his own mind what
his wife Kim, his little sister Kristy, Kim's sister, Debbie, his own
daughter Nancy, Kristy's incestuous daughter, his little niece Beth,
Tom's Wife, Catrina, Tom and Catrina's daughters Tami and Cami would
all look like if each of them were on this table willing and gladly
spreading themselves open for him to experience in the most sexual way

He snapped back into reality as his own moans of pure sexual lust and
pleasure brought him back to the present and once again looked down
and enjoyed the sight that was right there in front of him.

Mike watch his own rock hard and glistening cock as it slowly began to
pick up speed sliding in and out of Cindy's pussy from just the tip of
his cock at the every front of her warm moist wet and warm pussy
entrance, clear to the very depth of her pussy, as his cock was fully
and completely sheathed in her snug cunt.

Mike turned his head when he hear his little, pregnant, sister moan
out in her sexy tone, which alerted him that she was indeed enjoying
the sexual union with Dr. Tom Richardson.

Mike continued to slide in and out of Tom's incestuous daughter's
pussy while at the same time he was actually seeing Tom fully and
completely nude having sex and it was even wilder because Doctor Tom
Richardson's sex mate was Mike's very own little sister. Pregnant
little sister for that fact.

It also dawned on Mike that this was also the very first time that he
had seen his own sister having sex with someone outside their own
family unit. Sure he had seen his father in-law and his horse size
cock fuck Kristy, but that was more in the family. That was, in a way,
completely different, because this was his own close friend Dr. Tom
Richardson who was sliding a bigger, longer cock into his pregnant
little sisters pussy other than his father in-laws massive 9 1/2 inch
club of male meat.

Mike smiled over at Tom and Kristy, but both of them were to far into
their own sexual pleasure that they didn't know what was going on
around them except for their own fucking of each other.

Mike then turned to look back down at Cindy and he once again began to
enjoy the erotic sight laid out and bared before him.

Cindy was still wearing her white garder belts and her pure snow white
silk hose. She was even still wearing her shoes. This was kind of wild
and in a way it was a lot better than if she was fully and completely
nude. In a way, it was sexually stimulating for him to see that Cindy
still had on some clothing and it made it even better that the
clothing she had on was lingerie.

Mike was enjoying himself when Cindy spoke up between her moans of
sexual pleasure and lust and then said, "Oh Mike!!!! The way you sex
me is just heavenly!!! I could get use to a daily dose of this kind of
medicine every day!!"

Mike smiled and his cock swelled up larger inside her pussy channel
and he felt a large glob of pre-come exit his cock. She was stroking
his mind with her soft sexy voice and tone while at the same time her
talented pussy was taking care of his cock.

Mike wanted to scream and shout out in pure sexual pleasure, as this
was what fucking was all about. Pleasure of both mind, body and soul.

Mike returned the smile and said in a very low and sexy voice, "Oh
Cindy!!! You are absolutely wonder. I can't get over the fact that you
are Tom own daughter by way of his own sister!!! That is such a turn
on for me!!!!"

Cindy moaned out in pure sexual pleasure as she felt Mike cock swell
up once again inside her pleasure pit and knew that Mike's cock was
leaking and dripping pre-come all throughout her pussy from front to
back and from side to side to top to bottom. She also wiggled her hips
in a tight circle and used her internal pussy muscles to lovingly grip
is cock head and cock shaft as it continued to plumb her depths.

Cindy then said, "Oh Mike!!!!!   You can really never know what it is
like for me to fuck my own dad and have sex with mom knowing that they
are brother and sister and that I'm a product of pure incestuous

She closed her eyes briefly and all the while she continued to rotate
her hips in that tight little circle all the while her internal pussy
muscles were rhythmically gripping and then relaxing around Mike's
cock as it was beginning to pick up more speed and a sense of urgency.

Mike know that he was getting ready to round the last bend before he
would soon be heading down that long straight away to the finish line
of pure sexual release.

Cindy then opened her eyes and then said, "OH GOD MIKE!!!! Your
daughters are going to love this, I know!!!! Whenever daddy sexes me.
I completely loose it!!! No one have ever been able to please me in
the same way daddy does and that is because in my own mind I know that
I a child of incest and that turns me on like nothing else. I know for
a fact that your incestuous daughter or daughters are going to feel
the same way!!!!!"

She paused briefly to catch her breath and moan some more, then she
went on to say, "Once you fuck your daughters, you will have a willing
and loving sex partner for life!!!!  They will almost never refuse
you!!! In fact, you might be the one doing the refusing like daddy
does!!!! I have been begging and bugging him ever since I was 13 years
old to give me the ultimate gift!!!! I have been waiting patently
waiting for over 10 years for daddy to breed me!!!!!"

Mike and Cindy both moaned out in pure sexual lust and pleasure at the
very thought of Tom getting his own incestuous daughter pregnant and
stating on a second generation of incest. Double incest was something
Mike could only just now dream about but Dr. Tom Richardson was in a
position to actually make it happen.

Cindy reached out and grabbed both of Mike's hands and brought them
both up to her large, round firm breasts sitting proudly and
majestically upon her snow white chest. She placed her hands on top of
his hands and began to squeeze her hands in a way to let Mike know
that she wanted him to use his entire palm of both of his hand and
squeeze her firm breasts as he began the finial run to the finish line
which would cause both him and his sex partner the incestuous
daughter, of Dr. Tom Richardson, the young, beautiful, nude and
sexually turned on Nurse Cindy a wild and powerful climax that both of
them would enjoy to completion.

Mike began to now lunge into Cindy crouch as their sex organs began to
peak in pleasure from their ritual mating dance.

Cindy then pushed Mike over the edge to orgasm by saying, "OH MIKE!!!!
Your daughters are soon going to be asking you and begging you to
breed them!!!! They are going to beg and plead with you to mate with
them so that they can give you the ultimate gift!!!! Mike, your
daughters are going to want to have your children and the best part of
the whole deal is that you will not be able to refuse them for very
long!!!! Sooner or latter you are going to do them and then out of the
blue they are going to dance over to you sometime in the future and
whisper in your ear that they are now carrying your child deep within
their womb!!!! They are going to be on cloud nine and You will also
share in their joy as you will be experiencing the proudest day in
your life, a new generation will be following in your foot steps

Mike was moaning and roaring almost no-stop now, as this was going
into his head and his brain was trying to take it all in.

Cindy was also moaning as she was now almost jerking her hips up and
down in almost an erratic behavior as her own talking and speaking of
double incest was pushing herself over the edge to her finial and
fiery climax.

Cindy then said, "OH GOD MIKE!!!!! Don't wait too long to do this to
your own daughters!!!!! Please don't make them wait as long as daddy
has made me wait!!!!"

Cindy was moaning and groaning herself and she was almost to her peak
when she almost shouted out and it was loud enough for everyone in the
room to hear her say, "DO'EM YOUNG MIKE!!!!!! Get them at 13 or
14!!!!! Get them while they are still young Mike!!!! You can then get
your double daughters then too before it is too late!!!!! FUCK THEM

Cindy then began to yell and moan as she experienced her orgasm. Her
whole body began to shake and quiver as she was riding the crests of
her sexual release.

All the while Cindy was experiencing her climax she was in her own
world now. She could only feel and experience what was happen to and
within her own body.

It was here during her climax that she felt and understood herself in
such clarity. She was a product of pure incestuous love and lust and
it was here that she understood that she was meat to be her own
incestuous father's lover and mate for life. In a way, she felt that
she was built and designed for only one thing and that was sex, pure
and simple. She lived and thrived on sex ........ any kind of sex
......... she was meant to be a receptacle for her incestuous father's
sperm. Her womb was designed to collect and then cradle her father's
child, until it was time for the double incestuous child to emerge and
take its rightful place beside her and her incestuous father. Cindy
hoped and prayed that her first child would be a girl child, so that
she could teach and train her to be just like her, so that when her
own daughter's time came to be, she would willingly and gladly give
herself to her father as her own mother before her and Tom's own
sister before her. Cindy dreamed of the day that she would be present
when her own double incestuous daughter announced to the family that
she was with child and the proud father would be none other than Dr.
Tom Richardson!!!!

Cindy was also thinking to herself during her heated and crashing
orgasm that maybe there was something to the idea that incest could
actually be traced back and caused by genes within the very DNA. Maybe
the urge of incest was somehow caused by a set of genes to a certain
point and that other cases of incest was just brought about by the
environment in which the family lived and grew up together to
naturally cause incest to take place in a slow, gentle, loving,

Even though Cindy was just a nurse she had continued to take medical
classes and she was doing more and more study on genes and genetics,
because she was living proof that incest does not always cause birth
defects like a lot of other people and scientists said. She wanted to
prove to the world that incest and inner-family breeding caused no
greater risk in birth defects than if the people were completely

In fact, Cindy wanted to do a case history study on incest over in the
Netherlands were incest was legal among consenting adults. She had
already talked to a couple of Doctors and Scientists about doing this
type of research and a couple responded favorably. It was just a
matter of time before she would find out if she and a couple of
research scientists and doctors went over to the Netherlands and did
some actual case histories.

She also wondered if maybe these doctors and scientists who had agreed
and welcomed such a bazaar task that maybe they also were into incest
to and they wanted to actually met some people who actual bared
incestuous offspring.

Cindy also knew that her dad, Dr. Tom Richardson's family line could
be traced back to the Netherlands or at least somewhere in that
general area and she wondered if maybe some of their relatives back on
their family tree were also into incest. She was going to go over
there herself and look up her roots and she was hoping and praying
that she would find the answers she was searching for.

During all of this Mike was off in his own world as his mind took in
what nude Nurse Cindy was shouting out at him about fucking and
breeding his own daughters. This alone caused his mind to explode in a
sexual frenzy and pleasure of the likes he could only dream about. His
rampant cock began to spew and expel his hot, thick, rich, come in
powerful creamy sticky ropes as he slammed his cock shaft fully and
completely to the root. His crotch was almost welded to Cindy's crotch
and pussy mound.

Mike could feel every nerve ending in his cock head as he felt the
rushing white, hot, come rocket toward the end of his cock head, which
was firmly planted in as deep as possible in Cindy's warm, wet and
snug pussy. He always enjoyed the feeling of his come as it rushed to
the very tip of cock head only to come to a complete stand still as
his cock head flexed and swelled up for a brief second before
relaxing. The pressure built up would then propel his come with great
force into his willing partners pussy and womb. Spurt after long,
creamy, sticky, spurt his come would shoot off again and again until
his balls were completely drained of their supply of hot, fresh,
fertile, sperm.

As Mike was just finishing his come he opened his eyes and looked down
at his sexual partner, Tom's own incestuous daughter. He was greeted
with such a beautiful sight he wished he could have had a picture or
video of it, so he could show it to everyone else. He saw the most
beautiful crimson blush covering Cindy's breasts, neck and face. It
was a light rose` color that was not quit red or not quite pink, it
was kind of in between. The most incredible and memorable thing was
how it contrasted and highlighted Cindy's snow white skin. In a way,
it looked like Cindy was glowing from the inside out.

Mike also noticed that Cindy's nipples were completely rock hard and
her areolas were crinkled up and also a darker shade of pink than
before. He lowered his gaze and also noticed that Cindy's outer pussy
lips which were still spread apart gently holding and grasping his
still spasuming cock shaft was also a darker color than before.

He smiled to himself and thanked God for all the small wonders of a
woman's body. Mike could be totally fascinated by how each sexually
active woman/girl looked during their orgasm. Mike could watch a
hundred even a thousand different females have sex and he would still
be ah struck at the beauty of each different female as they each
crested over the top in their orgasmic release and watched as they
slowly descended down to their after glow. To Mike, this was the most
beautiful sight in the whole wide world to have the honor and
privilege to witness first hand and in person.

Mike wished that there was some way to capture on film what his own
eyes and mind saw when this almost religious and holy moment took
place with each female. He also wished that there was some way to
actual go inside the woman's girl's mind and experience her orgasmic
release as only she could. He wanted so desperately to at least once
experience an orgasm as only a woman/girl could. Also wanted to share
with each of his sexual partners the same gift. He would be more than
willing to allow any of his sexual partners full and complete access
to his mind as he was experiencing his own orgasm.

Mike figured that if that could somehow be done then both men and
women would have a better understanding as to what all takes place in
each others body, mind and soul. In a way, if something like this
could be done, then both the male and female would really unite
together and really be as one.

He was high on sex and it acted like no other drug could ever act on
him he also thought that if someone could capture and bottle this
essence then they would become billionaires over night.

Mike continued to feel his cock head and cock shaft swell up and
expand and then contract and suddenly relax as if he was still
shooting come into Cindy's pussy, but he knew from experience that
this was just a reflex action and he had already stopped coming, but
the pleasure he felt every time his cock jerked within Cindy's pussy
gave him another warm welcome smile on the inside of him.

Mike was brought back to reality as his ears began to pick up the
unmistaking sounds of his little, pregnant, sister as she was
beginning to peak herself on her own orgasmic journey to sweet,
blissful, release.

He also noticed that Cindy had already turned her head to watch the
finial moments of her own incestuous father's and Mike's own little,
sexy and beautiful sister, Kristy share their orgasm together.

Mike and Cindy both saw as Tom was beginning to peak he pulled out of
Kristy's spread open, bare, shaved, warm, wet, pussy and began to
slide his long, hard, fiery red, cock head and cock shaft up along her
outer pussy lips to the very top of her pussy slit where her clit was.

It was almost timed perfectly as his cock head reached the very top of
Kristy's pussy slit, his cock head swelled up and almost turn a deep
purple. Then everyone in the room, Mike, Cindy, Tom and even Kristy
saw with their own eyes as a powerful, pearly white, strand of white,
hot, searing, come shot out the end of Tom's cock head and arched up
over Kristy's firm trim abdomen. They all watched almost in slow
motion as this long, four inch, strand of come flew all by itself and
slowly began to descend until, it landed on Kristy's right breast
about midway between her chest and nipple. The first long stand of
come hit her soft yet firm breast with such force that on impact, it
continued to travel up Kristy's small gentle swell that his come left
a warm, wet, sticky, trail all the way up to her rock hard and
sexually excited nipple.

Mike was surprised, because all of this was happening and he was
seeing almost in super slow motion. He could actual see Tom's come as
it hit Kristy's hard nipple engulf its base and slowly cover her
nipple completely. He also saw a small drop of come continue on its
own journey as it separated from the larger mass of come and it once
again went air born only to land at the base of Kristy's breast on the
top side where her breast met her upper chest.

Mike then saw as Tom's second jet of come stayed in contact with
Kristy's pussy mound and was dragged by brute force and gravity until
almost half of it became air born after her pussy mound sloped down in
a gentle curve to her abdomen. The stand stayed fully and completely
connected and then it slowly lost its speed and force and it too
landed and created a long, milky, white, trail from the top of
Kristy's pussy mound to just an inch past her belly button.

Tom then reached down and gripped his cock shaft about midway between
the base and his cock head in his right hand and squeezed until his
cock head once again turn a deep purple, while at the same time
everyone heard Tom give out as almost animal like groan. He lifted his
cock shaft and was almost aiming his cock head up ward toward Kristy's
face and head.

Then all at once Tom groaned again it almost sound like a roar and
everyone watched as his third bolt of come exited his cock head and
flew upward in a gentle lazy arch, until it hit its peak and then
began to arch back down towards Kristy.

As if on reflex or by instinct Kristy opened her mouth and stuck out
her tongue about half way from her lower lip.

The room was almost dead silent as everyone watched this three inch
strand of flying come descended and watched as it got closer and
closer to Kristy's out stretched tongue. Everyone seemed be holding
their breath, waiting and maybe praying to themselves that Tom's come
would hit and land where everyone was hoping it would land.

This was one moment where Mike would have gladly paid a million
dollars cash to have a video camera, because this was a once in a
lifetime scene where Tom's bolt of come not only reached its intended
landing point, but the entire stand of come from front to the very
tail end arched in such a way that it went directly in Kristy's open
moth and never once touched her tongue or upper lip.

It was a sight that no one in the room could believe really happened.
The three inch stand of hot, creamy, potent, come landed on the very
back of Kristy's tongue and from there is slide without any effort at
all, down her throat.

Kristy's eyes seemed to get very big as she realized that she had
actually caught Tom's flying come in the back of her mouth. Tom was so
surprised that he moaned out and said, "Holy Fuck!!!"  He also let go
of his still spurting cock and the forth and fifth jet of come flew
off over to one side of Kristy's abdomen and the fifth shot impacted
directly on Kristy's clit and upper part of her pussy mound.

Tom's come was done, except for the slow little dribbles which slowly
came to the head of his cock and then slowly ran down until their
weight was to much and it would drop free to fall on Kristy's spread
open inner and outer pussy lips.

Mike was shocked at the sight he just witnessed that he too shouted
out, "Holy Shit!!!! I don't fucking believe what I just saw!!!! That
was fucking unreal!!!!"

Cindy got into the act by just saying, "Awesome!!!!"

Kristy was still kind of shocked herself and then she looked over at
her loving older brother and some to be incestuous father of their
twin baby girls and she first smiled and then said to Mike and the
other in the room, "I don't believe I did that!!!! I can't believe
that really happened!!!!"

Everyone was totally silent for a few seconds as they all relived that
moment in time over again in their own mind and then all at once
everyone began to laugh out loud and before anyone realized it.
Everyone was almost holding their own ribs because the laughter
continued and continued until everyone was laughing uncontrollably.

Mike was still had his half hard cock in Cindy's pussy and she was
laughing so hard she laid back down and grabbed her own ribs and then
she let out loud wails and tried to pull her upper body up into a
sitting position, however it was to late.

Mike then felt a burning, hot, sensation on his pubic mound and around
his cock and balls. He looked down it time to see Cindy's pussy area
and saw a wide thick stream leave the upper part of her pussy and it
splashed against his pubic mound and lower abdomen.

It took Mike a few seconds to figure out what the hell was going on
and then it finally dawned on him that Cindy had laughed so hard that
she was now uncontrollably peeing on him, while his half hard cock was
still in her pussy.

This was completely new to him and he just kind of froze in place like
a deer will do when you shine a bright light on them at night. They
just stop dead in their tracks and stare at the bright light.

Mike was almost in the same predicament, he saw the light yellow
stream of pee leaving Cindy's pussy, but yet at the same time he was
totally frozen in place and couldn't move a muscle. All he could do
was stand and stare at what Cindy was doing and were it was all going.

Cindy immediately stopped laughing and began to try to move, but all
she could do was chat over and over in almost a little girls voice of
total and complete embarrassment and say over and over, "OH GOD!!!
GOD!!  OH GOD!! OH NO GOD!!!! OH NO!!!!! NO!!!! OH GOD!!!! NO!!!!"

This time, it was Kristy and Dr. Tom who looked over in total
disbelief and they both began to laugh all over again as they watched
this pissing spectacle take place not less three or four feet away
from their table.

Tom then reached down and began to tickle Kristy all along her ribs.
She began to laugh harder and harder and also began to beg Tom to

It got to the pointed where Kristy stopped laughing for a brief second
and she had this very serious look on her face and she blurted out,
"Stop Tom or I'm going to pee too!!!" She then began to laugh all over
again and Tom continued his tickling attack on Kristy.

Tom then began to chat and say, "GO AHEAD!!!!! DO IT !!!!!! DO IT!!!!!

Kristy couldn't take this torment any longer and then she tensed up as
if she was trying to hold out and then all at once, her whole body
just relaxed, at the same time she quit laughing and then she felt
herself begin to urinate and the flow got more powerful as it went
along. In a way, Kristy felt like she was having another orgasm, only
this time it was caused by her peeing on herself and Dr. Tom

Kristy then realized what was happening for real and she turned a very
dark shade of red from her tits all the way to the top of her head.
Her ears felt like they were on fire and she knew she must be beat red
from shear embarrassment.

Tom on the other hand was enjoying the whole deal from start to

Mike and Cindy were looking over at Tom and Kristy and they too
watched in utter amazement as the other nude couple which just so
happened to be Cindy's incestuous father and Mike's little, nude,
pregnant, sister as they too enjoyed a warm wet golden shower.

The end of Chapter 12-C