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[Story Name] Family Fuck Fest
[Author] Tonia Hall
[Type] More/other family

My story sounds suspiciously like those letters they publish in menís magazines. You know, the ones that start - "I never thought Iíd be writing a letter to your magazine, but . . . " Well, thatís the way it is with my story. I never thought Iíd be telling anyone about the wild things that happened to me and my family, but I had to tell someone. The tale is just too juicy to keep secret any longer.

My name is Lynn and my family consists of my younger brother, Billy and my two parents. To me, Billy had always been the typical "kid brother." He could be annoying, pesky, rude - all the things younger brothers seem to excel at when it came to bugging their older sisters. What I didnít realize at the time, was that Billy was no longer a kid. Hell, I had been growing up and out myself, turning from an awkward teenager to a woman. I failed to appreciate what my developing body was doing to the rampaging hormones that were now surging through my little brotherís body.

I was so oblivious to what was going on that when Billy made his first pass at me I was caught totally off guard. Mom and Dad were gone for the day leaving Billy and me to watch the house. We were watching TV when Billy, completely out of the blue, said to me. "Iím bored, why donít we do something else, like fool around?"

"What did you say?" I said, not quite believing what I had heard.

"Lets go fool around." he answered with a grin. "I think you are so beautiful and I would like to spend some time with you. Just me and you alone."

"But Billy," I protested. "You and I are together constantly. I donít understand what youíre talking about."

"Right, we do spend a lot of time together," he replied. "Thatís the trouble. I want to be with you alone."

When Billy said the word "alone," it suddenly occurred to me what he was trying to say. He wasnít interested in driving to the mall or going to see a movie or something, he wanted to make out with me, or maybe even fuck me.

Billy must have read the emotions on my face because he suddenly spoke up, worried that he had made a terrible mistake.

"Hey, I was just kidding," he joked. "Thereís no need to get upset. It was just a little sick humor."

I could tell though that he wasnít joking, he was serious, he wanted to screw me.

"Do you really want to do that?" I asked Billy shakily.

"Do what?" He asked innocently.

"Do me. Thatís what," I shot back.

A huge smile spread over his face. "Why thank you maíam, donít mind if I do," he said.

With that, Billy launched himself off his chair and threw himself on the floor in front of me.

"Please," he begged. "We wonít do anything you donít want to do, just let me touch you for awhile."

"But Iím your sister," I countered. "Thatís not right. You shouldnít be touching me or even thinking about touching me in that way."

"I canít help myself," he said. "You are so gorgeous. I just love your long red hair and delicate, white skin, and your breasts are the greatest. Not too small, not too big. They are just right. Your legs make me crazy, and when you bend over in your jeans itís all I can do not to attack you. The guys at your college must be all over you."

"No way," I countered. "This is just too weird. Nothing is going to happen between us Billy, so just get your mind out of the gutter and forget it."

With that, I got up off the couch left the room. As I walked away, I turned and looked back at Billy. He hadnít moved from the floor in front of the couch, but now a mixed expression of sadness and profound hurt had replaced his impish grin. Even from across the room I could see the look in his eyes. A look that silently spoke to me and touched my heart. I knew right then what he had told me was true. He was in love with me. Not just a crush or puppy love, but a deep, heartfelt and genuine love.

That night as I lay in bed, my mind kept returning to the events of the day. I had never, ever considered Billy in any other way then as my kid brother. Nevertheless, he wasnít a kid any longer. He was out of high school and ready to take on the world, and me for that matter.

As I thought about Billy and me, a strange feeling began to slowly creep through my body. I hadnít had a boyfriend since I went off to school and the thought of someone, even Billy, touching me was now making my pussy tingle in a way I had never before felt.

I knew what I was feeling was wrong. Brothers and sisters werenít supposed to be fucking around with each other. Yet, it was the very thought of screwing my little brother that seemed to fuel the forbidden excitement within me. I could see in my imagination Billy touching me all over my shivering body. I could see my lips wrapped around his penis and his tongue thrusting deep into my pussy as we rolled around locked together in brother-sister love.

It was almost like my body went on automatic, because before I even realized what was happening, I had left my room and was heading for Billyís room. Billyís bedroom door was open just enough for me to peek in without him seeing me. What I saw was almost too much for my tormented cunt to bear.

Billy was lying on his bed, totally naked, with his legs spread wide revealing a cock so big and hard that it took every ounce of strength for me not to gasp out loud. Billy was rubbing the shaft of his penis in a slow up and down motion that had me completely captivated from my hidden vantage point.

My own hand by now had found my dripping vagina and I started to rub my inflamed clit in the same slow way that Billy was handling his manhood.

Billyís head was thrown back and his eyes were closed. He didnít see me as I slowly opened his bedroom door and silently entered the room.

"Would you like me to help you with that?" I finally said out loud.

Startled by the unexpected sound of my voice, Billy jumped off his bed and tried to hide his raging cock with a pillow.

"Donít hide it," I kidded. "It needs a womenís touch and Iím just the gal to do it."

I reached over and removed the pillow that was hiding my little brothers wonderful prick. It now stood uncovered to me at complete attention, slightly throbbing with pent-up need. I reached out and lightly touched the head that was already starting to ooze a few drops of pre cum.

"Did I do this to you?" I asked my brother, marveling at his hard-on in my hands. "Do you really want to fuck me?"

"Oh yes. Yes I do." Billy answered with a slight tremor in his voice. "That feels so good when you touch me like that."

"Do you like this?" I teased. "Does it feel good?"

"It feels like this," Billy said as he reached out and thrust his hand deep into my panties. I gasped audibly as his fingers found the lips of my pussy wet and ready for action.

"Wow," he exclaimed. "Youíre hot and all set to go. You want this as much as I do."

"I guess I do," I said. "Take my panties off and lets see what we find inside."

Billy removed my panties and quickly ran his fingers through the slit of my cunt. He stopped at my clit where he rubbed it with a light, circling motion that made me tremble with a fiery lust that almost completely overwhelmed me.

"Ohhhh," I moaned as Billyís fingers danced across the outside of my pussy.

Billy drew me closer so he could kiss and nibble my neck and ears, something that always drove me wild. How my little brother knew this about me, Iíll never know. It was if he could read my mind. He seemed to know every little trick, every special place to touch or kiss to inflame my passion even further.

I had reached to point of no return. I was so overcome with lust that it no longer mattered that my little brother was seducing me. Now, all I was interested in was getting his throbbing dick deep into my cunt as soon as possible. Little brother or not, I was a woman in need of a good fucking and brother Billy was going to be the one to do it.

Slowly we both dropped to the bed. Billy still kissing my neck, paused briefly to softly lick my breasts and nipples that were now stiff with excitement. Both of my hands were now wrapped around his hard penis. As Billy kissed and stroked me, I slowly jacked him off, paying close attention to rubbing the underside of the head. This was something that Billy seemed to really appreciate.

I longed to take his youthful cock deep into my mouth and suck him dry. However, what I really wanted to do right now was fuck. Fuck hard and fast with Billy on top and his prick buried deep in his big sisters pussy.

"Fuck me Billy," I gasped to him. "Fuck me now before I lose my nerve."

Billy, needing no further invitation, rolled the two of us over so that now I was on the bottom and he was on top. Our lips locked and our tongues danced as our sweaty, naked bodies rubbed against each other. So hot and wet were our sex organs that each time they touched, sparks seemed to shoot through my body leaving me gasping in ecstasy.

My pussy was so ready for my baby brotherís dick that the next time it came near, my cunt seemed to suck it in with a force that surprised the both of us.

"Iím fucking you," Billy panted. "I canít believe Iím really, finally fucking you."

"Thatís right little brother," I whispered in his ear. "Youíre fucking your big sister. You have your hard cock in my little pussy and Iím going to make you come and come."

"Wow," Billy exclaimed. "I love it when you talk that way. Talk dirty to me some more."

"Thatís enough talk," I purred to him. "All I want to do now is screw your dick till weíre both screaming. So shut up and get down to some serious fucking"

Billy began to stroke his cock in and out of my pussy. It felt better with each stroke. I felt the beginning of something deep inside my guts. I didnít know what it was, but I knew I wanted more. My hips took on a life of their own as they began wildly thrusting up to meet Billyís thrust dick. His hands and lips were everywhere, kissing me, caressing me, sucking my breasts. Everything he did felt good, but not as good as his cock did, ramming deeper and deeper into my pussy. My own hands became preoccupied with clutching my little brotherís ass, pulling him into me with each downward push. Then I released my grip and locked my ankles behind his butt.

The inside of my cunt felt like an electric socket as the sparks produced by our wild fucking pulsed throughout my body. Just when I thought it could not get any better, Billy changed his pace. His thrusts rocked like a pile driver. It was like he was trying to stuff all of him at once into my pussy.

Billy was now entirely concentrated on fucking his big sister and he was good at it. He moved his hips in circles while he fucked me, striking places deep in my pussy that had never before been reached.

Suddenly Billy cried out. "Lynn, I'm going to come inside you. If you don't want me to, youíd better move now."

"No. Come inside me, Billy!" I screamed with happiness at the thought as I slammed my body up against his and locked my pussy firmly around his cock.

I felt his prick actually grow bigger. I was surprised for a second, then I felt him shudder and pour his sperm in me. It came out in hot streams that splattered against my clutching pussy walls.

Then, suddenly, my own body convulsed in sweet orgasm. My pussy grabbed and pulled at my baby brothers spurting penis and my legs bucked wildly in the air in an attempt to push my cunt even deeper around his organ.

Billy collapsed on top of me panting in my ear how much he loved me and how great our love session had been. I barely heard his words as my ears were filled with the roar of my own climax that still coursed through my quivering nerve ends.

Despite Billyís heavy breathing in my ear, a small sound from the doorway of the room suddenly caught my attention.

Raising my head, I peered over my little brothers naked back trying to see the source of the unexpected noise. From the half light in the hallway I could see a figure watching intently through the crack of the partially open bedroom door. Ever so briefly, a head peeked around the door long enough for me to see that the mysterious voyeur was our mother.

Our eyes met from across the room as mom suddenly realized that I was aware of her presence. With a gasp loud enough to stir Billy from his post fuck stupor, mom quickly spun away from the door and disappeared into her and dadís bedroom.

"What was that?" Billy asked sleepily.

"It was mom," I managed to whisper. "I think she saw us."

"Oh no!" Billy groaned. "Do you think she saw anything?"

"I donít know," I replied. "It was strange. Iím not sure, but I think she had been watching us for a long time."

Billy got off me, his dick flopping out of my pussy with a juicy smack. " Why would mom want to watch us fuck?" He asked. "That doesnít make sense."

"Keep quiet," I said. "You would think by now she would have told dad and both would be in here yelling. But I donít hear a thing."

Billy quickly pushed me out of his room while saying: "Maybe we lucked out and she didnít hear anything. Go back to your room and weíll forget this ever happened."

As the days slowly passed, it seemed that Billy had been right. Maybe mom hadnít seen anything. The room had been dark and things were hard to see. However, from the doorway, I had been able to clearly see Billy as he jacked off, so why hadnít mom seen her children fucking on the bed right in front of her eyes.

The fact that my parents were acting as if nothing had happened bewildered me. Until this time both mom and dad had been the stereotypical parents, so their behavior was extremely odd.

Still, nothing was ever said, so Billy and I stopped worrying. It was not like we ever screwed around afterwards, we both were too afraid they would catch us. However, we both could tell that if the time and place were right, we would be all over each other in a second.

A couple of months later, dad and mom decided to take a trip to the mountains. It was probably our last family vacation together since I was already in school and Billy was soon to follow. Dad reasoned that we should share this trip as a family because we would soon have lives and families of our own and wouldnít have time for outings with mom and dad.

When we arrived at our secluded little cabin in the woods, it surprised us to discover how small and rustic it was. The cabin had a beautiful fireplace with a fake bearskin rug on the floor in front, a couple of chairs and one little bedroom with two double beds.

"So much for privacy," I sniffed as I looked at the room we would all have to share.

"Eh, itís not so bad," quipped dad. "This week will do us all good you know. Itíll bring us closer together as a family."

As dad left the room, I noticed that mom was looking at me in a strange way. When I looked back at her, something seemed to pass through us, a silent agreement that at the time didnít register on my consciousness. Yet instead, buried itself in my subconscious, ready to spring forth when I least expected it.

That night, as we all were in our beds, mom with dad, and me with Billy. The utter strangeness of the whole situation occupied my mind.

I whispered to my brother as he lay beside me. "Donít you think this is really weird?" I asked him. "You would think that dad would have checked up better on our sleeping arrangements. One bedroom with two beds for the four of us. It just doesnít make sense."

"I could think of worse arrangements then this," he replied. "After all, this is the chance Iíve been waiting for. You and I are in a bed again, why we could screw all night if we wanted too."

"Are you nuts?" I exclaimed. "With mom and dad right in the same room, theyíd hear us right away."

"No, they wonít," Billy countered. "Weíll be really quiet and theyíll never know the difference."

To prove his point, Billy silently reached under the covers and began massaging one of my breasts.

"Stop that," I hissed at him. "Theyíll hear us. I know it."

Billy didnít answer, but instead reached out with his other hand and started to stroke my pussy through my underpants. I should have stopped him, but the feeling was just too good as his fingers again applied themselves to my already wet pussy.

Looking over at my parents, it appeared that they were sleeping soundly, unaware of the raw passions that were now overtaking their kids in the bed next to them.

I told Billy he would have to bite his lips when he started to come and that we would have to fuck slowly and not make the bed squeak.

I removed my underwear and Billy quickly did the same. After rolling over on my side, Billy slid over and spooned me so that his dick slid between the cheeks of my ass, settling comfortably in my eager cunt. Again we were screwing as only a brother and sister could fuck. A wicked, forbidden coupling made all the hotter because of our nearby sleeping parents.

Billy had only had his cock in my pussy for a few minutes when I heard the other bed rustle. It was dark in one corner, but lighter on the other bed, which was closer to the window. The covers were pulled up, but I could see dadís ass moving up and down. He was fucking mom and I was fucking her son in front of each other.

When I turned Billyís head so he could see them, he threw caution to the wind and started fucking me harder than ever. I donít know how I ended up on top, but there I was, moaning and groaning, pumping my ass as hard as I could, riding my little brothers cock so that mom and dad could see and hear me clearly. I didnít care anymore. All I wanted to do was fuck. The sight of our mother and father fucking right along beside us made me even hotter. It was great to fuck and watch someone else fucking as well.

The covers on mom and dadís bed were now on the floor and mom was on top of dad, a mirror image of Billy and me on the bed next to them. Mom had her head thrown back; her hair was almost touching dadís thighs and her tits, which I had never seen before, were bouncing in rhythm with dadís humping ass. The sight of daddyís huge prick fascinated me as it disappeared in and out of momís beautiful pussy.

Now aware that we were watching them, mom looked over at me and said: "Ever since I told your father about seeing you two screwing, he has been waiting for this moment when we could join in on the fun. I wasnít too sure about it myself. After all, a mother and father fucking their children didnít seem right. But the more I thought about it the hotter it made me. We hope you two feel the same."

Momís words rang in my ears. They wanted us to join them in their lovemaking. It was more than I could believe. However, Billy was too overcome with lust to refuse as he pushed me off and joined our parents in their bed. What could I do? How could I resist the hot offer from my folks? Soon, we were all in one bed, naked, ready to become a family of lovers. Just think about it, a family orgy! Maybe some people would find it disgusting, but not me. My pussy was running like a creek at spring time. I wanted to get fucked by everyone in my family.

Mom and Billy wasted no time as they locked lips in wild, passionate kissing when they touched each other. I looked at dad shyly and he did the same. I bent over to him and started to plant kisses all over his face as I reached for his big cock. I could hardly contain myself when I touched it, it was so huge, and I trembled when I thought of having it inside me.

"Daddy, I love you so much. Make love to me. Screw your daughter," I said, as I blanketed his face with kisses while I stroked his cock in my hand.

"With pleasure, sweetie," he said. He kissed me back and showed me how to kiss with an open mouth as he pushed his tongue inside mine. It was really sexy and hot as our tongues went back and forth in each other's mouth while I felt daddy's hand start to play with my pussy like Billy had done only minutes before.

My baby brother was sure turned-on as he already had his cock pressed up against mom's pussy. They had the covers tossed to the side and mom's legs were spread wide to receive her son's hard prick. Billy looked over at me as he perched, ready to sink his manhood into his mothers waiting cunt. I grinned weakly at him, too overcome by daddyís fingers that were now fucking my pussy. This drove me wild and made me so hot that I had to beg him to stop playing and make love to me.

"Please, daddy! Billy and mommy are almost doing it. I want you to screw me." I demanded as I heard mom and Billyís moans of pleasure. I could also hear the squishing sound of Billyís cock finally going in and out of mommyís sopping wet pussy. Oh, how I wanted daddy to stop playing and do me.

Daddy stopped the finger-fucking and rolled me over so I was on top of him.

"Maybe it would be better if you were in control. Sometimes it hurts with a dick as big as mine and I don't want to push into you too hard," he said as he kissed me again.

I took his thick cock with one of my hands and pulled my pussy open with the other so that my cunt

was as wide as it could get. I pushed dadís penis into me, trying desperately to get it inside. I was soaking wet, as my pussy-juice came out like a geyser. Even daddy had a little pre cum on his tip as I continued to jam his cock into me.

Mom and Billy were too caught up in their own fucking to pay attention to us. Billy had mom on her back as his cock flew in and out of her clasping vagina. Mom was moaning words of sex into Billyís ear as she hung onto her only sonís fucking body.

"Oh son that feels so good," she gasped. "Fuck your Mother. Fuck her good and hard baby." Daddy, turned on by the sight of his wife fucking her son, grabbed me by my ass and thrust his hips slicing his cock deep into my pussy.

"Easy, Honey. Daddy's got you," he said, and indeed he did, as he pushed his cock into me inch by inch until I had the whole thing inside me! It was awful tight and round inside me. Nevertheless, it felt so good as he started to move it in my pussy, faster and faster, sliding in and out, grinding against my pulsing clit.

"Ooh, Daddy! I never imagined it would feel so good. Do it harder and faster." I pleaded with him as the initial pain vanished, leaving me awash with pleasure. I felt a weird sensation grow throughout my lower body only to discover that my father was already making me come.

"Daddy," I shouted. "Your cock is making me come so gooood." I smothered his face in a shower of kisses again as he held me by the hips and raised himself into me, while lowering my body onto his cock in counter-motion to it.

Mom and Billy were now right next to us on the bed as our arms and legs started to intertwine in spasms of family love.

"Oh Billy fuck mommy," she whimpered. "I love you son, fuck me, fuck me. Shove that cock all the way up my hole. Iím coming Billy. Iím coming! Let me feel you shoot inside me. Fuck me, fuck me."

That really turned me on, and I started to moan too.

"Daddy, fuck me. I love your cock. Stick it up my little cunt hole. Fuck my pussy. Fuck, fuck," I kept saying.

Daddy went wild the way I was talking. I think he liked to hear that kind of talk when he was screwing. It made him fuck faster as he kept jamming his hot cock in and out of me. I could see Billy flying in and out of mommyís honey hole, the two of them were writhing around on the bed next to us. I could tell it wouldnít be long before the orgasms would hit us all.

My whole body got really hot and then icy and I trembled though I wasn't cold. My arms and legs felt like Jelly, and if daddy wasn't holding me I would have fallen right on him. It was so exciting and fantastically sinful to be doing it with my own daddy. I truly loved it. I wanted to make love to him now and forever, every day and night, for as often as my daddy would have me.

Mom was coming, too. Her hands had found Billyís asshole and she had plunged one finger in trying to make her sonís climax even better. I watched her body go through the same things through which mine was going. She started to moan fiercely, then she started howling as Billy really gave it to her, slamming his pelvis into hers.

Billy came almost simultaneously as daddy and they filled both our pussyís with load after load of hot sperm.

I thought that this was the end of the family orgy, but mom and dad had other ideas. Mom whispered something in Billyís ear and he grinned and looked at dad strangely.

They now treated me to a show that usually could only be seen in a porno movie. Mom got on her hands and knees and straddled daddyís hips. Billy then came up behind her, grabbed his dadís penis and placed it square in her pussy. When done, Billy then positioned himself over momís butt and thrust his dick into her asshole.

What a sight that was, I called it "the family sandwich." Mom was in the middle, sandwiched between her loving son and husband. I could see both dad and Billyís pricks as they pounded on mommyís cunt and ass. It was almost like they were battling for superiority as first one cock would sink deep into mothers heaving body and then the other.

My own hand was now playing with my pussy as I watched the incredible family fuck festival taking place right in front of me. Mom struggled between the two hardened dicks as they wracked her body with intense waves of fucking pleasure. The same waves were now flowing through my cunt as I jammed my fingers deeper and deeper into my steaming cunt as I watched the thrashing bodies of my family.

When I collapsed next to their squirming bodies, I just couldn't keep my mouth shut. I started telling them how much fun it was to fuck and to watch them fuck. The sight of mommyís ass up in the air with those two huge purple cocks filling both her holes was too much for me to resist.

Quickly, I started grabbing asses, balls and cocks as they plopped in and out of mommyís vagina. I started sucking and licking their beautiful fuck organs, tasting the sweet, musky juice that was now covering everyone.

First, I would suck on Billyís cock as it pounded in and out of momís ass. Then, I would switch to dadís penis as it would briefly surface, then disappear again into her steaming pussy. Not wanting to leave mom out, I took advantage of her gaping cunt, now filled with her husbands thick rod. As daddy and Billy furiously drove into her, I would passionately lick around her cunt and ass, trying to make her come even harder with my lips and tongue. By the way mommy was moaning, I could tell she quite enjoyed having her pussy licked by her daughter.

Oh what a sight we must have made. Four furiously fucking people on one bed. Four bodies, intertwined as one, moving as one, fucking as one. The fact that mom and dad were fucking their son and daughter made the orgy even more intense.

When we could finally suck and screw no more, the four of us collapsed on the bed in one huge, overpowering orgasm that shook everyone involved down to our very souls. The family orgy was, for now, over.

The rest of the week in the cabin flew by as we continued almost nonstop with our wild fuck festival. We must have tried every position imaginable. Mommy and I even gave a wild 69 lesbian show for the two men. The sight of mother and daughter rolling around on the bear rug in front of the fireplace was too much for their pricks to bear. That night ended again with their two extremely hot cocks shoved far up our love-holes fucking us until we screamed for mercy.

Finally it was time to leave and go back home. I returned to college, and Billy soon left for his school. Mom and dad became seemingly normal parents again, but we all shared a secret smile as we parted ways.

I often think about that week when our family decided to throw convention out the window and engage in something that others may view as wrong. Nevertheless, we saw our lovemaking as something that brought us all closer together.

Soon the holidays will be bringing Billy and me back home. Maybe, if weíre really good, mom and dad will again treat us with a family orgy. I canít wait.