- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Going down on the farm
[Author] from Family Joy
[Type] More/other family

      One day, when I was nineteen and my brother, Tim, and our first
cousin, Brad, were eighteen, I followed them down to the creek.
They had been acting very mysterious and I wanted to see what
they were up to.

      Boy, was I in for a surprise.  When they got to a particularly
secluded spot, they took off their clothes.  I could see them
from my hiding place, but they could not see me.

      Once they were buck naked, I saw that their peters were hard.
Tim and Brad usually kidded and rough-housed all the time.  This
time, they were very quite and serious.  Tim picked up his
overalls and took a container of something from a pocket.  He
got a gob on his finger and handed the container to Brad.  Brad
got himself some.  I later learned that it was petroleum jelly.

      My heart pounded as I watched them smear the stuff on their
hands and then start jacking off.  My brother was right-handed,
like me, and Brad was south-paw.  I squatted  there in the brush
and watched them pump themselves.  They had not said a word
since they took their clothes off.

      They were standing facing each other, each watching the other's
hand fly up and down his shaft.  All at once, Tim used his shoe
to draw a line on the ground.  It seemed funny that the only
thing they still had on was their work shoes.

      Tim and Brad lined up side-by-side, with their toes touching
the line and continued pumping their peters.  By then, I had
pulled my skirt up and had my hand inside my panties, rubbing my
clitty.  I was having sex with my brother and cousin, but they
did not know it.

      After a while, Tim arched his back and I saw something white
fly out of the end of his peter.  His fist, wrapped around his
peter, was a blur by then.  I looked at my brother's face and he
had a look of intense concentration.  I am sure my own face had
that same look as I approached my own orgasm.

      Then Brad was coming and so was I.  All three of us were having
an orgasm at the same time, though they did not know about my
participation.  It really felt good to see them playing with
their peters while I came.

      Suddenly, Tim broke out laughing.  "Beat you!" he bragged.
"Not only first, but farthest."  Brad could only grin and shake
his head in his defeat.  I knew it was time for me to get out of
there, so I snuck away while they were getting their clothes
back on.

      A few days later, I was surprised when my brother and cousin
asked me to go down to the creek with them.  Of course, the
first thing that popped into my mind was the sight of them
having their jack-off contest.

      I went along with them, excited but kind of scared at the same
time.  It looked like we were going right to the spot they had
used before; but Brad, who was leading, turned off to the place
where I had hidden to watch them.  Tim reached into his pocket
and pulled out the pink hair ribbon I had been looking for for
the past two days.

      "We found this over there," Tim said, pointing to where I had

      "Right where you dropped it," Brad added, grinning and rubbing
the bulge in the front of his overalls.

      "Come on," Tim said, taking my arm and leading me to the very
spot where they had been when I watched before.

      My brother and cousin took off their clothes in silence.  My
heart was pounding.  What were they going to do?  My question
was soon answered.  Tim took my hand and put it on his erect
peter.  Brad did the same thing with my other hand.

      "Wait.  Put some of this on," Tim said, getting the petroleum
jelly from the pocket of his overalls.

      Once again, my brother and cousin stood side-by-side.  This
time, I stood between them and I was the one pumping their
peters.  My brother reached over and felt my breast through my
clothes and my cousin did the same on the other side.  This
time, I was really having sex with them.  I wished someone would
rub my pussy.

      Their peters felt big, hard, hot, and slippery in my hands.  I
was about as excited as I had ever been.  I could not believe I
was really playing with their peters.  I knew I must be making
them feel good because they both had that really serious look on
their faces.

      It did not go on too long before my brother grunted and shoved
his peter forward.  I knew what that meant.  Soon, he was
squirting his white cum.  I kept pumping his cock as he came.
Brad was not far behind.

      By then, Tim had finished coming.  I got around where I could
see my cousin's peter better and really pumped it hard.  My face
was only inches from his peter and I saw the cum squirting out
of it.

      There was no bragging this time.  They both just panted and
looked at me from he corners of their eyes.

      "Now, you guys gotta do me," I said.  I wiped my hands on the
grass and pulled my dress up and my panties down.  They could
not believe I was showing them my pussy.  I had more in mind
than showing it to them.  I wanted them to play with it like I
had played with their peters.

      Brad was the first to actually touch me between the legs.
Soon, they were both going after it and I lay back.  I closed my
eyes and let them do what they wanted down there.  They did not
have any idea what a girl likes, but the fact that they were my
brother and cousin made up for their ignorance.

      They stuck their fingers in me and they rubbed me.  From time
to time, they would accidentally touch my clitty.  After a while
they made me come.  It felt better than it ever had when I
played with myself.  I lay there and enjoyed it while four eager
hands worked on my pussy.

      After that, our trips to the creek became regular things.  Brad
and his family lived on the next farm, so he was around me and
my brother a lot.  A lot of times, he would spend the night with

      Of course, anyone could have told us this harmless diversion
would not last.  One day, when we were all naked and both my
brother and cousin's peters were nice and hard, I got between
them both, took one in each hand, and started jacking them off
as usual.

      Tim was fondling one of my bare breasts and Brad had the other
one in hand.  Brad put his hand on mine and stopped my progress.
 "Would you do me a big favor?" he asked.

      "I guess so.  What?" I said, holding his peter, but not jacking

      "Would you lick the end of my peter?" he asked.

      The idea did not sound like a good one to me.  My upper lip
curled as I said, "No.  It's got grease all over it."  My cousin
eagerly promised he would wipe it off.  I looked at my brother
and he just shrugged.  I held my brother's peter while our
cousin wiped the stuff off his.

      I got on my knees in front of Brad and stuck my tongue far out.
 I touched it to the tip of my cousin's peter, ready to withdraw
at the slightest bad taste.

      There was none.  I licked the big red head of my cousin's peter
while he stood there and shook.  I looked up at him and grinned.
 This was even better than jacking him off.

      I kept licking Brad until he came.  At first, I was not sure
about his cum, but it tasted all right, so I licked it off his
peter while he came.

      Then, of course, my brother wanted me to do his peter the same
way.  I seemed strange, licking my own brother's peter, but I
got into it and it was OK.

      Brad got behind me and reached around to play with my breasts
while I licked Tim's dick.  This was a fun new variation to our
game.  Soon, I had my brother spurting just like Brad had.  This
time, I took my brother's peter in my mouth and sucked it while
he came.

      Brad complained that he had not got that kind of treatment, but
I ignored him and sucked Tim until his balls were dry.  "Now,
you two do the same thing for me," I said.  I lay back and they
both got after my pussy with their tongues.  It was a lot more
exciting than when they had just used their fingers.  I had
three really great orgasms before they stopped.  By then, their
peters were hard again, so I sucked them both off.

      I was happy to learn that I liked the taste of my brother and
my cousin's peters and cum.

      That went on for a few days, then we discovered how great it
was for me to suck one of their peters while the other one ate
my pussy.  I could get even more orgasms that way than I had
before.  Our game now took about an hour before we were all
satisfied.  When we finished, we would put our clothes back on
and go back to the house, laughing and talking about anything
that popped into our heads.

      The next major happening was when I found my mother and her
brother, Brad's daddy, fucking in the barn.  My brother, cousin,
and I had finished our game for the day.  They headed out to
work in the south field.  I cut through the barn on the way to
the house.  I liked to cut through the barn, it was nice and
cool in there on a hot summer day.

      I had not made any noise when I entered the barn.  To my
surprise, I heard voices.  One sounded like Mama's and the other
was a man's voice.

      "Hurry up," she said.  "We don't have much time.  The kids will
be back from the creek before long."

      "This won't take long," the man said.  That was when I
recognized the voice as Uncle Mike's.

      I wondered what Mama and Uncle Mike could be doing that they
didn't want us to find out about.  I crept closer.  There they
were, on some of the hay bales.  They had a blanket spread out
and they were both naked.

      When I had left the creek, I had thought I had had all the sex
I wanted for that day.  Seeing them made me change my mind real
fast.  Uncle Mike's peter was hard, jus like the boys' had been
down at the creek.  The only thing was, Mama was not going to
suck it like I had done for the boys.

      Uncle Mike was getting ready to stick it in her pussy.  I was
so shocked, I immediately put my hand inside my panties and
started rubbing myself.  They were brother and sister and they
were going to fuck!  That thought made me rub myself faster.

      By then, Uncle Mike was on Mama and, brother and sister or no
brother and sister, they were fucking.  I orgasmed and kept
right on rubbing my pussy.  They were making noises, but they
were not saying words.  I could tell they were really enjoying
what they were doing.

      I could hear their bellies slap together as he fucked her.  It
took longer for me to get my second orgasm, but I got there
before they did.  It was fun watching my mother and her brother
fuck, but I decided I had better get on to the house before they
caught me watching them.

      So, I was in the kitchen, scrubbing a dirty pot, when they came
walking in.  They were a little sweaty and their faces were
flushed from their exercise.  Mama looked embarrassed and asked
how long I had been in the kitchen.  I shrugged and said, "Oh, I
don't know.  Twenty or thirty minutes."  She was so relieved she
didn't even ask why I was still working on the first pot.

      The next day, when we went to the creek to play the game, I
told my brother and cousin I wanted to try something new.  They
were disappointed until I told them what I wanted to do, then
they were all for it.

      We decided that since Tim was my brother, he should fuck me
first.  We took our clothes off.  I got on my back.  With Brad
watching, Tim got on top of me.  I pushed him off.  "You have to
get me hot first," I told them.

      You never saw two guys start licking pussy and sucking titty
faster than they did.  When I felt like I was about to explode I
told them I was ready.  Tim got on top of me again.  This time I
let him stick his peter in me.

      I did not have a hymen for him to pop.  I had taken care of
that with a big old carrot.  My brother's peter slid right up my
pussy with nothing to hinder it.  Brad gave a cry of pleasure
and amazement.  "Your doing it!  You've got it in her," he said
in awe.

      This, of course did not come as nay news to my brother and me.
I could feel his big peter in me and he could feel my tight
pussy around his cock.  He leaned up, looked me in the eyes, and
kissed me on the mouth.

      While he was still kissing me, he started sliding his peter in
and out of my pussy.  It felt wonderful.  It was by far the best
thing we had done.

      I started coming right away and I came again and again as my
brother fucked me.  I assumed Brad was watching us do it, but I
did not bother to open my eyes to see.  Then, Tim pushed his
peter all the way in and started squirting his cum in me.

      When my brother got off, I did not even bother to put my legs
together.  Brad got on me immediately.  His peter was not quite
as big as my brother's peter was, but what Brad lacked in size,
he made up for with enthusiasm.

      Our bellies slapped together like my mama's and his daddy's had
the day before.  I had not told my brother or my cousin about
what I had seen, and I did not intend to ever tell them.

      I orgasmed several more times before Brad came.  He shoved his
cock up me and squirted his cum inside me just like my brother

      When Brad got off, Tim was ready to go again.  My brother and
my cousin each fucked me twice before we finished.  I was so
worn out that they had to help dress me.  There was no talking
this time as we walked to the house.  We were all too tired to
laugh and talk.

      One day, Uncle Mike decided he wanted to branch out, so to
speak.  When no one else was around, Uncle Mike put his arm
around me and gave me a hug.  He kissed me on the cheek.  I
smiled and turned to face him.  He put both arms around me and
kissed me on the mouth.  I pressed against him and felt his
peter getting hard.

      "Let's go out to the barn.  There's something I want to show
you," he said.

      I almost giggled, but I managed to look surprised and ask,

      Once there, Uncle Mike took me to the same blanket he had used
with Mama.  He had me get on the blanket, then he took his
clothes off and showed me his peter.

      "What do you think of that?" he asked proudly.  It was a big
one, bigger than Brad or Tim's.

      I played the innocent maiden game until my uncle was on me,
then I fucked him back just as hard as Mama had done.  Our
bellies slapped together real good.  As usual, I started coming
and came all the while he fucked me.

      After a while, he shoved his cock as deep as he could get the
big thing, and gave me his cum.  I figured with all the men I
had fucking me, I would probably be getting pregnant before long.

      Suddenly a voice spoke up.  It was not mine and it was not
Uncle Mike's.  "What the hell do you think you're doing to my
daughter, you asshole?"  It was Daddy.

      Uncle Mike jerked his peter out of me so fast he actually
squirted some cum on the hay covered floor of the barn.

      "Did he hurt you, darling?" he asked me.  "If he did, I'll tear
his balls off and make him eat them."

      "No, Daddy," I pleaded.  "I liked it."

      "You finished with Edie a little early today," Uncle Mike told

      "Yeah.  She wouldn't let me fuck her but once today," Daddy
said and grinned.  Edie was Uncle Mike's wife.

      I was shocked.  "Did you know Uncle Mike's fucking Mama?" I

      "Of course I know that, darling," Daddy told me.  "I go over to
their house and Mike comes over to our house three, four times a
week.  I'm surprised you didn't figure it out sooner."

      All the time we had been talking, Daddy was taking his clothes
off.  His was the biggest peter of them all.  Without so much as
a by-your-leave, he came over and got on me.

      "Daddy!" I yelled.

      "What?  You can fuck your Uncle Mike but not your own daddy?"
he asked, not slowing in his efforts to get his peter in my

      As soon as my daddy's peter started into my wet pussy, I
stopped fussing and pushed my hips up to help him get it in.

      Uncle Mike laughed.  "Feels good, don't it?" he asked Daddy.

      Daddy grunted with pleasure.  "Nothing like young pussy," he

      Daddy slid his big peter in and out of my pussy.  I came and
came.  Having my own daddy fuck me was the most exciting thing I
had ever done.  Uncle Mike watched us while we did it.

      When Daddy squirted his cum up my pussy, Uncle Mike got on me
again.  I could hardly move by then.  Four men had fucked me
that afternoon.  My body just kept responding to them.

      Of course, Daddy had to have seconds when Uncle Mike got off me.


      That was six years ago.  I still live at the farm with Mama,
Daddy, and Tim.  I have four kids have had my tubes tied or I
would have had more.  My daddy, uncle, brother, and cousin all
fuck me, Mama and Aunt Edie.

      I was shocked the first time I saw Brad fuck his own mama.  I
was even more shocked when I watched my brother fuck our mama.
It upset me so much I had to have all four of the men fuck me
before I could get calmed down.