- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Cuckolded mom
[Author] Orni
[Type] More/other family

She lay in bed next to her husband Jim. Tonight was different than the past
few months because she hadn't drunk the coffee that Jim made for her every
night. Usually about ten minutes after the coffee she was asleep, but not
tonight. She had became suspicious as she never slept that soundly before
and she originally thought it was because she was getting older and needed
more sleep so really didn't take much notice.

She was forty four years old and had a fifteen year old son and a fourteen
year old daughter. She loved them both equally and they loved her back. She
was also still madly in love with Jim and had never been unfaithful to him
in all the time they had been together, in other words she considered her
marriage as a happy and stable one.

Now tonight she was awake. She pretended to be asleep and Jim, lying beside
her, read for a while. About half hour passed and she was just about to
actually give up and settle down to sleep when she heard the bedroom door
open and bare feet pat across the floor.

The bed moved and Jim moved more to her side. She heard Jim whisper
something and then felt the bed move in a slow rocking movement.

John had waited for the usual half hour after his parents had gone to bed,
enough time for his mom to fall asleep. He looked forward to his nightly
visits to his mom and dad's bedroom. His cock was already hard as he
slipped from his bed and silently crossed the floor of his room, opened the
door and made his way to their closed door. Opening it he slipped inside
and made his way to his fathers side of the bed. Climbing in he felt
straight away his dad's hard erection as he settled down beside him.

His dad wrapped his hand round John's throbbing cock and began to
masturbate him. John pushed his butt harder against his fathers throbbing
cock and felt the pre cum as it rubbed off on his tight arse. He opened his
legs and his father used his free hand to guide his cock into his son's
puckered arse.

June lay there in a state of unbelievable shock as her husband fucked her
son thinking she was asleep. She moaned and turned aver in her simulated
sleep but it was to dark for her to see anything. When she moved they
stopped but soon began the slow methodical rhythm that they had perfected.
She heard her husband groan and she knew that he was cumming. She wondered
if her son had cum too and was soon to find out the answer.

Jim gently sat up in the bed and carefully pulled the bedclothes down. June
felt her nightdress being lifted and a hand placed on her cunt. She tried
not to jump as she felt a finger slide up and down her slit and then slip
in. At this point she felt hot, sticky cum land on her legs and cunt hairs
and instinctively knew that her son had cum on her. Her husband cleaned her
up with a tissue and John left the room.

She lay there awake for a long time. She had been cuckolded but with her
own son, this was unbelievable, that her husband would fuck her son, and in
her own bed. She wondered how far he had gone. Had he fucked their daughter
and if so had he let her touch her mothers cunt? All these questions
clouded her mind as she eventually fell asleep.

The following night she avoided the coffee again and went to bed. Sure
enough, half an hour passed and she heard the door open and the pat of bare
feet as they crossed the floor. The bed moved and her husband turned
towards the movement. Again she felt the bed move rhythmically and the
groan from her husband as he came. The bed clothes were again pulled back
and her nightdress lifted. This time she felt hot breath on her pubes and
automatically opened her legs. The hot breath changed to a hot tongue and
she could not help pushing her hips towards the searching tongue. She
noticed that unlike the rough scratching she usually got on her inner
thighs, it was soft skin that she could feel. Her instincts told her that
this was her daughter, her fourteen year old daughter who had presumably
just been fucked by her father was now between her legs and licking her now
streaming cunt. She felt her orgasm rise. She couldn't help it. She knew it
was wrong and every thought in her brain told her she should stop this at
once but she was so close, she wanted the orgasm. As these thoughts ran
through her mind her orgasm came upon her and she came, not only came but
she felt a little squirt of cum shoot from her. She had never had an orgasm
like it. Her daughter kept licking and she kept cumming. It was a full moon
that night and when she peeped under her eyelids she saw her daughters head
between her legs. Looking further she saw Jim standing at the bottom of the
bed stroking his cock back to hardness. What was he going to do? Her
question was soon answered when her daughter turned from her spasming cunt
and faced her father, opening her mouth and swallowing as much of his cock
as she could. She watched through slitted eyelids as her husband fucked
their daughters mouth.

Her hand seemed to have a mind of it's own as it slid down her body towards
her already saturated slit. Her finger slid into the gaping hole followed
by another then another until four fingers were inside her.

She came again with a jerk and looked up at her husband. He hadn't seen
her, he was in the throws of filling his fourteen year old daughters hot
mouth with his second load of sticky cum.

June settled down after her fourth cum of the night and secretly watched as
Jim pulled his dripping cock from his daughters mouth. Jim kissed his
daughter fully on her cum covered mouth, tasting his own jism and enjoying
it. He licked his daughters face until it was clean of all evidence and
gave her a pat on the butt as she left the room. He climbed back into bed
and was soon snoring.

June couldn't sleep. She lay there thinking of the events that had taken
place over the last two nights. She wondered how long this had been going
on, if she should say something about it or really what should she do. She
had considered yesterday, confronting Jim and telling him to leave but
after tonight she knew she was as bad as him. She had enjoyed it and wanted
more. The only thing was how could she get involved without making a fuss.
She knew or at least thought that if she approached him he would probably
have a heart attack, not literally but be greatly shocked and would
probably end their relationship and more than likely end in divorce. This
was something she didn't want, she loved Jim with a passion and if he had
asked her to join in she would have even if she was dead against it. She
was not now. She wanted it!.

The next day things changed. Jim's mother died and he had to go to Ireland
to settle her property and arrange the funeral. Jim's older sister was also
going with him so June stayed behind with the kids.

Later that night as she decided to go to bed earlier than usual and
switched all the lights off and ascended the stairs. On the landing she
heard muffled giggles coming from her daughters room so she stealthily
crept towards it. The door was closed but she could catch the odd word.

"Mom's such .... idiot" said Jane

"Well it was dad's idea to ........ so she would....... whenever we ....
in." This was her son's voice.

"Yeah but you ...... thought she would have realized that ...... strange
was going as she was always instantly ........ hit the sack, she ....
lovely cunt though, I really .... sticking my fingers..... licking her

"Her cunt seems to grip my cock when I fuck her, all sort of tight like a
hand, it makes me cum everytime."

Outside the bedroom door, June was straining to hear. She got the gist of
it but much was lost because of the thickness of the door. She tiptoed
downstairs to the kitchen and got a long stemmed glass and almost ran back
upstairs. Placing the open end against the door and her ear to the bottom,
she could now hear clearly what was being said in the room.

"It's a pity mom doesn't know" said John "then perhaps we could have a lot
more fun but I really get turned on when I play with her when she is
asleep. Tell you what, tomorrow night, let's slip something in her coffee
and then we can both have some fun with her."

"Oh yes what a brill idea, anyway stop talking and lick my cunt"

June's own cunt was dripping, her panties where sodden just listening to
her offspring talking about her and she was certainly looking forward to
the following night. She decided to leave them to their own devices and
crept along to her own bedroom, ripping her clothes off and by the time she
opened her door, all she had on was her bra and panties and it wasn't many
seconds before these were on the floor.

Laying on the bed, her legs wide open, fingers squelching in her overheated
pussy, she fell asleep dreaming of the following evening.

The following day passed slowly, the minutes seemed like hours and June was
in heat from the time she woke up. She found it hard not to stair at her
kids and each time she did she felt the moisture seep from her pussy lips
onto her panties, in fact during the afternoon she removed them completely
as she had changed four pairs in the morning.

At last the time came for bed and John brought her a cup of coffee.

"You to pop up to bed and I will drink my coffee and turn in myself, I feel
a little tired myself so I will have an early night"

Ten minutes passed and June climbed the stairs making enough noise for the
kids to hear her retire to her room. Once inside she was in her room she
removed her clothes, slipped her sexiest nightie on and slid between the

She heard the door open and footsteps on the floor approaching the bed. Her
eyes were tight shut and she soon felt the bedclothes pulled back.

"See, I told you she would be asleep already" she heard John whisper

Her nightie was being lifted and a sigh escaped from her daughters lips.

"I think I might turn lesbian, the site and smell of a woman's cunt really
turns me on" and she placed her hand on her mothers cunt.

"She's wet, perhaps she is dreaming of nice things, Christ I have four
fingers in her already, she's so wet!"

Through slitted eyes, June watched her two children. John was naked with
his manhood jutting out in front of him while Jane just had a small tee
shirt on. She looked as best as she could at her daughters cunt and was
amazed at the amount of hair that covered it. It was thick, black and she
had a hair line that reached her navel. She involuntary gave a sigh and her
daughter flicked her clit with her thumb.

"Come on John, get her tit's out, take her nightie right off, we've never
seen her completely naked"

suiting the word to the action and she was soon naked. Jane removed her
hand and replaced it with her mouth, sucking her clit into her mouth
causing Jane to push against the invading orifice.

She was going to have a hard time pretending she was asleep, she was so
turned on.

The mouth was removed and after a little shuffling about, was replaced by
her sons long, hard cock.

Her breasts were being sucked by her daughter now and she couldn't help
wrapping her legs round her son's back.

"Fuck me John, fuck your mother good."

John and Jane stopped what they were doing. They were taken aback from this
outburst from their mother.

"Don't stop, fill me up with that young cock, fuck me good baby, really
fuck your mom hard"

John hesitantly began to fuck her again and Jane returned to sucking her


"Fucking hell John, she's hot, stick it to her, shoot your spunk into her
incestuous hole. Oh how I love this incestuous fucking, I wish dad was
here, I could have his hard cock in my hole at the same time."

All John could utter was mumbled words as his cock expanded, his balls
tightened and his hot cum began to traverse the length of his cock.

HOT SPUNK" shouted June as her cunt began to overflow from her son's
massive load.

As she came down from her orgasm, the door opened and Jim came in.

He didn't say a word, Just removed his clothes and, walking behind his
daughter, slid his nine inch cock into her streaming snatch.

June smiled and as she watched her husband openly fuck their daughter, she
felt John begin to poke in and out of her slippery, cum filled cunt. Again
she smiled as she thought about the recuperative powers of the young,
kissed her son gently and thought about all the things that a loving family
could do together.

She was glad that it was her own children that her husband had cuckolded
her with.

The End