- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] She wanted her daddy's dick
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Father/daughter


The last thing I expected when I got home from work was my 16-year-old
daughter lying on the
couch naked, with her fingers up her pussy!  My wife was out of town
for the week visiting her
sister, and I knew from the moment she left that our daughter was up
to something.  She started
to wear sheer see-through nighties, so short that they didn't even
cover her snatch.  She never
wore panties, and her big firm breasts were always on display.  I'd
seen her naked before,
because we're pretty casual about nudity in our house.  But nude is
one thing, and wearing
obvious FUCK-ME lingerie was another.  If she was trying to get me to
fuck her, she was going
about it the right way.  It got so that anytime I was around her I got
a raging hard-on.

She noticed, of course, and would take pains to bend over when her
back was to me, to let me
see her pink pussy.  My daughter's teenage cunt looked like candy, her
pussy-lips swollen and
red and shiney with cunt juice.  I never saw her any other way.  She
was always hot and wet;
sometimes her entire crotch appeared as if it was drenched in pussy
juice.  But this day was
different.  She had been at it a long time, and the room had the
pungent aroma of bitch in heat.
When she became aware of my presence, she didn't even try to pull her
fingers out of her tight
snatch, she just licked her lips and looked up at me.

"Not tonight," I said half-heartedly, "I'm too tired Jennie..."
"What do you mean daddy?  Too tired to fuck me, or too tired to resist
"Both!" I said, not certain that I wouldn't fuck her if she pushed me
hard enough just then.
"I can fix that!" Jennie grinned.

I fell into an easy chair and dozed off.  When I woke up, my daughter
was kneeling between my
legs with her head in my lap.  She had my cock out of my pants, and
was sucking the head.  Her
tender lips were stretched wide around the thick head of my dick, and
I could feel her tongue
probing at the slit.  I knew I should push her away, but by the time I
worked up the resolve to do
so, she went me one better by sliding her mouth halfway down my cock.
I felt her talented
mouth apply soft cocksucking pressure on my manhood, and a moment
later I felt my prick
pressing the back of Jennie's throat, before it went deeper into her
mouth.  A moment later her
lips were tightening around the base of my root, as she gave me one of
the best blowjobs I had
ever had!  When I fully realized what was happening, I was being
deep-throated by my own 16-
year-old daughter, and I couldn't even remember how she got my penis
out of my pants!

"Jennie, you should stop that," I moaned, trying to sound like l meant
it.  To my surprise, she
quickly backed off my rigid pecker, and sat back on her knees.
Moments later I fell asleep again.
When I woke up the second time, I was being fucked.  Jennie was
sitting in my lap, my hard cock
just inside the mouth of her teenage cunt.  Her pussy lips were slick
and hot and oozing cunt
juice down my dick, into the hairs of my crotch.

"Damn it Jennie, you just won't take no for an answer..."
"That's right dad... and what I want right now is your entire cock up
inside my pussy..."
She snapped her hips downward, taking my whole cock all the way up her
cunt in one stroke.
She hadn't been kidding, the fact that I was her father had no
deterrent effect whatsoever.  Her
tight cunt felt like a velvet vise grip on my rigid dick.  She raised
her hips again, and then
pumped them down once more, drawing my manhood into the forbidden twat
of my own little girl.
The cunt I had protected all those years from roving horny teenage
boys, I was now fucking
myself!  As Jennie lowered her cunt onto my hardened spear, I met her
stroke with one of my
own, as I bucked my hips, screwing the teenage pussy that was riding

"Happy now Jennie?" I grunted.
"Oh yes dad...  I just wish you could have lasted longer."  The moment
those words came out of
my daughter's cocksucking mouth, I felt the first wave of a powerful
orgasm, as my balls churned
with cum.  I guess my daughter had been fucking me so well while I was
asleep, that I'd been on
the verge of a climax.  She started jerking her ass around, dancing on
my dick as I began to
shoot sperm inside her clutching pussy.  My jizz inside her made my
little daughter cum.  After
that we started fucking every day, and the best thing of all is that I
made my daughter pregnant.