- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Sandi
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Father/daughter

      I was happy and sad when my daughter Sandi was born. Happy because she was
a precious little bundle. Sad because her mother died in childbirth. It too me a
long while to get over that, but Sandi was always a joy to behold.
      I have to admit that when she was between 6 and 12 months old I sometimes
licked her baby pussy after changing her diaper and cleaning her completely. Her
fat pussy lips felt so soft and smooth, and licking my tongue int
o her pink vagina always made her squirm and giggle, and made my cock grow hard.
Many times I rubbed my cock head against her cunny, getting me so hard I had to
have relief. Before she got teeth I'd put my cock in her mou
th, her lips and tongue hungrily sucking on it like it was a tit. She was always
surprised when my cum exploded into her tiny mouth. She'd never manage to swallow
all of it, but her throat worked hard getting a lot of it
down. After she got teeth I would jack off in front of my baby girl, my cum
soaking her infant body. She always squealed with delight when my semen spurted
onto her and I'd rub it into her skin.
      I stopped doing that when she got to be a year old though. I was afraid
she'd remember, or accidently tell someone what I did with her. But we always
bathed together, Sandi sitting between my outstretched legs, my cock p
ressed to her back or buried between her buttocks. I'd run my soapy hands over
her growing body, spending a great deal of time cleaning between her cunny lips
and her fat round ass cheeks. I told her we had to be sure she
 was real clean, poking my finger deep into her warm rectum. Her little pink
nipples would get rock hard every time my fingers ran over them. I'd jack off
every night after putting her to bed, remembering her smooth skin.

      By the time she was 3 she'd lost a lot of her baby fat, turning into a
beautiful slender child. I still bathed with her using just my soapy hands,
gliding over her body. She always chuckled when I washed her pussy, massa
ged her ass. She especially liked it when I'd wash her firm little thighs with
both hands. Then it was my turn. Her tiny hands would wash my chest, my stomach.
Then she'd wash my manhood, gently soaping my balls, then str
oking my cock clean. One evening she stroked a long time and I couldn't control
myself, my hot cum erupting onto her chest and tummy, making her laugh real loud.
      After our bath I'd dry her off, help her into her panties. Then we'd sit,
her in my lap, her butt on my cock, easily felt through my jockeys. We only wore
underpants when alone together in the evening, watching TV or a v
ideo or playing games. I loved it when she'd put her head down on my chest,
sucking her thumb, her tiny fingers playing with my nipple as my hands caressed
her back or her slim smooth thighs. At bedtime I'd remove her pan
ties before tucking her in. She liked to sleep naked, like I did.
      At 7 she's still a small child, the smallest in her class. Only 43 inches
tall and all of 45 pounds. She likes to keep her red hair at shoulder length,
bangs over one bright green eye. She has the softest pink cupid bow
lips, long neck, nice flat chest with astoundingly large nipples for her age. She
likes it a lot when I massage them for her. And I like it when she rubs mine. For
a young child she already has nice graceful curves, her s
lim waist widening to fine hips, down to long smooth thighs. When we sit together
at night in our underpants I lovingly stroke her inner thighs, stare at her panty
covered pussy. We cuddle together, my arms around her, ta
lking about school and lots of other things. Sometimes she playfully licks my
nipples, making me want to cum in my jockeys, but she never notices that.
      Sometimes she gets leg cramps at night, wakes crying and yelling. I go to
her, pull her sheets back, rub her legs for her, looking at her cute cunny all
the time. She always falls back asleep as I massage her calves and
thighs, never noticing my cock getting hard.
      At 8, although small, she's too big now for the two of us to get in the
tub together, but I still bathe her every night, leaning over the tub to wash her
silky flesh. My hand between her legs I still make certain her lit
tle pussy is good and clean. One evening as I'm washing her sweet sex she tells
me it feels good.
      "Want me to make it feel real good?" I ask her.
      "Yeah daddy," she smiles as she answers.
      I slip my finger between her puffy lips, stroke up and down, find her
little girl clit. As I caress it she moans. I lean over, wrap my other arm around
my sweet child, pull her head to my chest as I stimulate her. In no
time at all she screams "OHHHH DADDDDDDY!" tensing up, her body shivering as her
first climax rushes through her. As she relaxes, panting, I lift her limp naked
body out of the tub, sit her on my lap as I dry her.
      "What... what happened dad... daddy?" she whimpers.
      I hug her to me, lovingly caressing her back and legs. "You had what's
called an orgasm, sweetie."
      "Unh, it was... was nice..." she stammers. "Can you do that again?"
      "Sure baby, every night if you want me to."
      "Yeah... daddy... it felt good..."
      I pick her up, carry her to her bed and tuck her in. I kiss her gently.
When I jack off that night my own climax is the best it's been in years.
      The next evening Sandi's on my lap in her panties as usual. As I'm rubbing
her soft thigh she looks up at me.
      "What honey?"
      She lifts her rear off my legs, slips her panties off, spreads her legs
over mine, her sweet cunny open.
      "Do that again, what you did last night. Make me have an... an..."
      "An orgasm?" I fill in.
      "Yeah daddy, an orgasm."
      I hug her close as my hand slips between her legs, stroking her pussy
lips. "I can make it feel even better Sandi," I tell her.
      "How daddy?"
      I  pick her up and carry her to her bed. I lie her down, spread her legs
open. I bend between them, kiss her labia. As my tongue penetrates them, licking
between them on their soft velvety inner sides she moans "Oh.... d
      I lick in her 8 year old slit, spread her open with my fingers. Her cherry
looks so pretty, smooth and glistening. My tongue enters her vagina, licks her
cherry as she groans. I relish her clean juvenile smell and taste
as My tongue thoroughly explores her cunny, finally stopping at her tiny clit, my
hands under her firm young buttocks. I lick it, suck it into my mouth.
"OOOOOO.... MMMMMMM...." she whispers as I tongue her clit, my cock
bulging. Her slim hips start grinding under me, pressing her ass into my hands. I
press into her clit, flick it, suck it as she gasps in pleasure, finally
screaming at me as she cums hard, her body convulsing.
      I continue to lick her sugary cunny even after her climax subsides,
enjoying her young juices. I could eat her cunny forever but finally stop, sit
next to her, pull her up to me to hug her.
      "Ohhhh... daddy... that was so nice...."
      "I'm glad you liked it honey. I liked doing that for you."
      I pick her up, take her to the bathroom, place her in the tub and run the
water. As I wash her smooth skin my cock throbs. I get her out, dry her off,
return her to her bed.
      "Thanks, daddy," she says as I kiss her good-night.
      I return to my bed, rip my shorts off, grabbing my stiff cock and pumping
it furiously. I don't notice Sandi until I feel her crawl onto the bed.
      "What are you doing daddy?" she asks, staring at my hand pumping my cock.
      "Uh, Sandi, uh..." I stutter, my hand leaving my erection.
      "Let me daddy," she says, wrapping her tiny hand around my 8 inch prick.
She strokes me slowly, unevenly, as I gaze at her beautiful face.
      "Is that OK, daddy?" she asks.
      "Mmmmm, squeeze harder and move you hand faster..." I moan.
      "OK daddy," she says, her hand gliding up and down my cock harder and
faster. I look down to watch my sweet child jack me off, my cock bulging and
squirting cum in moments. "OHHHHH... BABY.... YESSSSS!" I yell, my jism c
oating her hand and my balls. She looks in awe at my cum exploding, stroking my
shaft until the last drop spurts out.
      "Is THAT your SPERM, daddy?"
      "Umph,... yeah baby..."
      "Did I make you have an orgasm?"
      She smiles, rubbing my cock and sack lovingly. "Oh daddy, I'm glad I could
make you feel like you make me feel!" She lies down on me, her hand still
caressing my cock as it softens. I embrace her lithe body, feeling her
warmth against me, fondling her buttocks. We fall into a restful sleep, holding
each other.
      We sleep together every night from then on, making love together. I love
the taste of her cunt, the feel of her hand masturbating me. A few weeks later I
teach her to suck my cock like I lick her pussy. She likes my cum
in her mouth.
      Just before Sandi turns 9 my brother and sister-in-law are killed in a
tragic auto accident. Their little boy, Bobby, 6, comes to live with us. We move
Sandi's stuff to my room and he takes hers. He doesn't even question
 why my daughter and I sleep together.
      But he does wonder why I help her take a bath and not him. I tell him I
hadn't thought of it. He asks me to help him. That evening I wash him, too. He
giggles like Sandi always did when my soapy hand washes his smooth sa
ck, strokes his erect 4 inches, my thumbs gently washing his dick head. His ass
cheeks are so much firmer than my girl's. But his thin thighs are just as smooth.
After I bathe Bobby I bathe Sandi too, bringing her to a qu
ick climax as I wash her pussy.
      Bobby doesn't mind the three of us sitting in just our underpants, either.
I hold them both on my lap as we watch some cartoon videos, my hands on their
young thighs. Sandi glances down, notices a bulge in Bobby's pants.
 She titters, pointing. Bobby gets embarrassed, but Sandi puts her hand over his
boyhood, squeezes gently.
      "HEY!" he yells, looking up at me.
      "Does it feel nice, Bobby?" I ask.
      "Um, yeah... but..."
      Sandi grasps his shorts, pulls them down, his stiff prick bobbing up. She
takes it between her fingers, strokes it. My cock stiffens as I watch her jack
her cousin. Bobby watches too, mouth and eyes wide, panting. His le
gs part, my hand finds his tiny sack, cups his boy balls. Sandi moves off my lap,
kneels down, sucks his small cock into her mouth. I hug Bobby to me as Sandi
blows him until his little body shudders in my arms. "UnHHHHHH
HHH...." he groans, thrusting his prick into my daughter's mouth. He collapses to
      "Nothing came out, daddy," Sandi says.
      "Bobby's too young to have sperm yet, Sandi. But I think you made him feel
good," I tell her. "Did that feel good, Bobby?"
      "Yea... yeah..." he whispers.
      "Let me suck you, too, daddy," Sandi says.
      She helps me get out of my jockeys, Bobby still on my lap. He stares at my
hard cock, hesitantly touches it. "Wow!" he says, "it's big!"
      "And I LOVE it," Sandi says, lowering her head to lick my cock before
sucking it into her sweet mouth, her hand pumping my shaft. Bobby watches
astounded as Sandi blows me, jumping in surprise as I jerk, my cum flowing i
nto my girl. Some leaks out of her mouth, dripping on my balls.
      "What's that?" Bobby asks. I explain semen to him as Sandi's tongue laps
up my spilled cum.
      "Lick me now, daddy," Sandi asks, standing and stepping out of her
panties. Bobby gazes at her smooth hairless cunt. I explain to him the difference
between boys and girls. "Touch her pussy, Bobby," I tell him.
      His hand reaches out curiously. "Soft..." he mumbles as his hand touches
girl sex for the first time. "That tickles!" Sandi screeches, moving away. She
lies down, spreads her legs. "Lick me daddy."
      I get Bobby into the chair as I lie down between her legs. As my tongue
slips up her cunny lips she moans, pushes her hips up to me. I lick and suckle
her pussy to two rousing orgasms before rolling to the side, fondling
 her nipples. Bobby stares between her legs.
      "Want to lick her too, Bobby?"
      "Uh, can I?"
      Sandi lifts up on her elbows. "Yeah, Bobby, come on," she tells him. He
crawls off  the chair, gazes at her wet pussy on his hands and knees. I spread
her cunny lips wider, show him her clit and hole, tell him where to l
ick. His little tongue pokes out, gently nuzzles her clit. "Mmmmmm..." Sandi
moans as Bobby licks her harder. He drops to his stomach, burying his tongue in
her sex. I watch him eat my daughter's pussy, reaching over to c
aress his small buttocks. "OHHHHH BOBBY!" Sandi ultimately shouts, her body
wracked with pleasure as she cums again.
      The three of us sleep together that night. In the morning I watch Sandi
suck his small cock again, then mine. I lick her pussy for her, then Bobby gets
her off again. A couple days later I lick Bobby's sack and balls, su
ck his cock into my mouth for the first time for both of us. I like the feel of
his stiff 6 year old prick in my mouth, his body trembling as he cums.
      I have the bathroom remodeled, a large walk-in shower stall replacing the
tub. The three of us shower together, too, Bobby always laughing when my cock
gets hard, Sandi stroking my shaft as he washes my balls. He learns
to suck my cock like Sandi did.
      Just after Sandi passes her 10th birthday, and Bobby hits 7, her breasts
start to develop. Bobby's fascinated by her little mounds, so firm yet so soft.
She likes it when he licks and sucks one nipple and I do the other,
 sometimes cumming just from that, but always exploding when we lick her cunt.
She gives both of us great orgasms as she sucks our cocks.
      One evening after sucking on my girl's cunny, I rub my cock against it.
"Stick it in, daddy," she says. I've told her all about sex. I lead my cock head
to her opening, push it up against her cherry. I smile at her as I
plunge through it. "OWWWW! IT HURTS DADDY!" she cries. Bobby moves to the side,
frightened. I hold her to me until the pain goes away, then fuck my cock in and
out of her slowly. "Ummmmm daddy, that's nice," she moans, he
r blood coating my rod. "Oh baby... baby..." I whisper in her ear as her vagina
squeezes me deliciously. She cums first, her muscles grabbing at my intruding
cock. Then I, yelling her name as my cum fills her cunny to ove
rflowing. As my prick softens and falls out of her precious sex I hug her, kiss
her, thank her for loving me so much.
      She looks over at her cousin. "You can do it too, Bobby," she tells him.
He glares at her cum dripping hole, slowly moves over to her. I help him push his
young prick into her cunt. He falls out several times before fina
lly learning how to fuck. I watch his rump pump up and down on Sandi as he fucks
her, both of them cumming together. We hold each other lovingly as we fall
      Another month or two and I talk Bobby into letting me fuck his tight rear
end. Then I enter my daughter's rectum too, as does Bobby. I thrill as his tiny
prick penetrates me.
      I get Sandi pregnant when she's 12, and she delivers a beautiful little
girl. I tell her what I did when she was a baby. She watches as my
daughter/grand-daughter sucks my cock, then Bobby's. We all lick her baby slit as
 she squeals with joy. The four of us sleep together, bathe together, love
together. I plan to fuck my grand-daughter when she's 3 or 4, not making her wait
as I did Sandi.