- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Revenge is sweet
[Author] alwayz luscious
[Type] Father/daughter

Part 1

David Miele could not believe his luck. After all these years he finally had his shot at revenge. It was over ten years ago that his daughter Gina had died during an abortion and although it was the doctor that screwed up the operation, David felt that the real killer was Miles Lundrum.

It was over two weeks ago that David first saw the charts of the two new patients that he was going to be giving therapy to: Miles Lundrum and his 16-year-old daughter Lois. He put the one on top of the other and smiled. Interesting name, he thought to himself. There couldn't be too many men around the whole state with that name, and this one just happened to live in the town next door, the same town where his daughter fell in love with a married man and ended up giving up her life for him because he insisted that she have the abortion, when she really wanted to have his child.

Reading the papers, David discovered that Miles' wife died in a fire at their house over a year ago and father and daughter had been seeing various psychologists to help with their coping problems. Which is why they were coming to him. Hypnosis was being considered as a new method of treatment and David was the recommended therapist.

The first thing that he did was to verify that this was the very same Miles Lundrum who had caused Gina's death. From that time forward he first devised a scheme and then rehearsed it in his head day after day. He wished that it could be so simple as to put the bastard under hypnosis and then suggest to him that he commit suicide. However, in reality a patient wouldn't do anything under hypnosis that they wouldn't do while awake.

For four days after seeing the name, he tried to come up with a plan, with little success. Knowing that the man's daughter was also coming for therapy, if he could have instead come up with some way to do her harm he would have even been satisfied with that, as that would have been payback in David's mind. However, he was striking out there too.

Then a little over a week ago, two days before he was going to see Miles and Lois for an exploratory exam, David received and treated a male patient who was involved in an incestuous affair with his daughter.

Slowly, an idea began to form in his head. Could he hypnotize Miles to do his daughter Lois? Possibly even impregnate her the same way that he impregnated Gina. As his brain began to put his idea into a plan of action the therapist began to get excited.

His first thought was to suggest to the young girl of the pleasures of incestuous sex and maybe the suggestion could work on her and eventually cause her to try to lead her father on. But David knew that would be a stretch unless Miles already had that desire. That would be terrible because then the therapist would be aiding the father in accomplishing something that he actually wanted to do. That would be the last thing David would have wanted to do.

He had to be sure of himself. Two days prior, during their exploratory, he laid the groundwork and made his final plan of action. However, knowing that Miles seemed to like young girls and once David laid eyes on Lois the therapist wanted to be convinced that Miles didn't already harbor a desire for his daughter. She was an absolute stunner with medium length brown hair, hazel eyes and a very pretty face, fit to be a model. Her face was breathtaking with a gorgeous smile and sensuous lips. She had smooth skin, with a dark complexion. Most outstanding was her figure, which Dr. Miele would soon find out was an awesome 36C-24-36.

Probing carefully and gently, he was finally convinced that neither the father nor the daughter had ever had any incestuous thoughts in their life.

If he could pull it off that was about to change today. His wicked scheme called for him to suggest to them while they were under hypnosis that starting that night they were to dream about each other. His further suggestion was to be purposely vague but insistent. They were to always dream of having sex with the other, yet David would not give them any instructions of how the sex was to evolve.

By limiting his suggestions to simply directing the father and daughter to dream he felt that that should bypass the normal problem of their inhibitions toward doing something that they wouldn't do in real life. He was only telling each of them to dream about the other, every night, and to never stop dreaming of having sex with each other until the deed was actually done.

He would further suggest that when they dreamt of sex they should concentrate on the father getting the daughter pregnant. David would further instruct them that if they were to ever have sex in real life with each other that they make every attempt at pregnancy.

David was sure that if he did this right it would not be long before the couple was involved in incestuous sex.

His first patient was Miles. Neither of them showed any recognition toward the other even though they had seen each other on a couple of occasions. Once under hypnosis, David went into his suggestions of how Miles should dream of his daughter every night. Indeed because Miles had been away from sex for so long, dreaming of having it with Lois was harmless and yet would be so relieving to his inner self. He should in fact, dream of her every night. "Have sex with her however you want, whenever you want," he was advised. "You'll only be dreaming and it will be so good for you."

After David was sure that this suggestion was firmly implanted in Miles' subconscious he then worked on him on how to act around his daughter in the house.

"You realize how beautiful Lois is, Miles, but you haven't really appreciated it enough," he instructed his patient. "You should pay more attention to how she looks. She appreciates it if she senses that you're admiring her body. You should help her out by paying much more attention to her breasts and her buttocks. She's proud of how she's filled out. Just don't look at her directly because it will embarrass her. Look at her when she's not looking at you."

A half-hour later he had Mile's ushered into the awakening room, where the patient comes into full consciousness again.

Then it was the daughter's turn. As he did with Miles, David instructed her to dream of having sex with her father, but never advising how it begins or whether it is actually desired. Only that she needed to dream of it happening to her, night after night, never to end unless they actually had sex in real life.

Once he felt that the suggestion was well planted he also instructed Lois how to act around her father in the house, "Your father is missing your mother so much and now he isn't seeing any women so it's tough on him, Lois. Maybe you should wear some clothes around the house, the same kind that you know would get the attention of the boys in school. Your father would realize that he has a woman in the house and that would ease him back to health."

Part 2

They sat in the back seat of the cab on the way home.

"How do you feel?" he asked his daughter.

"I still feel strange. A little groggy."

"Yeah, me too - - but mine's just about gone now."

"That whole thing felt weird," she said, her voice almost a slur.

Lois laid her head back on the back of the seat and closed her eyes. The nurse had said that she should be completely alert in less than an hour and that was about a half-hour ago. She wanted to go to sleep but her head was too active. So she simply tried to rest her eyes.

Miles was almost 100% back to normal at that point. He looked at his daughter as she rested. She was so beautiful. His eyes studied her pretty face. She was much prettier than her mother had been and Martha had been a beauty in her own right. But Lois' lips were much more full and shaped in such a way that one's eyes couldn't help but to be drawn to them. He smiled. He was proud of her. He allowed his eyes to move down over her body and stopped at her full breasts. It was hard to believe that this was the body of a 16-year-old girl, he thought. His eyes stayed focused on her chest, and were drawn to the nipples that were protruding through the thin blouse. Her tits looked so luscious...!!!

Miles suddenly jolted up and shook himself out of his trance-like state. 'What am I doing? This is your daughter for crissakes!' he admonished himself.

That had never happened to him before. For sixteen years he had watched her grow up and had seen her in all sorts of dress and even undress and until this moment he had never looked at her in such a way as he just had. Sure, she was beautiful but that was no excuse to look at her in any way other than his daughter, and he realized for that moment in the trance that he was thinking more of the body than the person. He better never let that happen again, he told himself, and he pulled himself away and sat back.

As the cab continued its journey his eyes darted fleeting over to her breasts and back. Finally, he made a conscious decision to look at her. Turning his head toward her, he again looked up into her face and saw that her eyes were closed. His heart started beating a little faster as he slowly but purposely allowed his eyes to once more move to her chest, purposely searching for the nipples that were pushing against her thin blouse. He didn't want to stop looking anymore. The child was built like no other 16-year-old that he had ever seen.

With his eyes on her breasts he sensed that there was an abundance of skin being displayed below. He knew his looking was wrong but he didn't care. He lowered his eyes on his daughter's body, down over her slender waist to the brown flesh that flowed out from beneath the skirt, which was so short that her panties were just barely covered. He gazed intently between her slightly parted thighs. She looked so 'hot' that he had all he could do to stop himself from reaching out and putting his hand down there. He leaned forward hoping to sneak a peak up to her panties but was unsuccessful. His eyes ran down the length of her long shapely legs and back up slowly, almost as if he was savoring every inch of her skin.

Just at that point Lois opened her eyes slowly and at first stared to get her bearings and then glanced to the side. Her father was looking down on her slightly parted legs, his eyes seeming to be in a burning gaze. She smiled to herself. That was nice, she thought, he needed to see a female and appreciate her. She continued watching him when suddenly she actually came into full consciousness and a fright jolted her.

Seeing his daughter's sudden movement, Miles immediately looked up into her face and their eyes met. He immediately realized that she had caught him ogling her. He lowered his eyes in embarrassment and then nervously sat back and turned his head the other way and looked out at the cars they were passing.

Neither said a thing about what had occurred.

Even though he had been caught, David still couldn't totally keep from looking at her, the rest of the way home. Try as he may, his eyes kept glancing sideways at the youngster's legs. Lois realized this but still made no attempt to pull her skirt down further.

As they pulled up on their street he asked, "How you feeling now, hon?"

"I think I'm over the worse. But I want to take a shower to wake up."

He nodded as the cab pulled into his driveway.

Lois moved out of the back seat and went to the house and unlocked the door, and went inside, heading straight to her bedroom to prepare for her shower.

David paid the cabbie and got out of the car. He stood a moment watching as the cab pulled out of the driveway. It was while he was standing there that he realized that his shorts were very wet from the great amount of pre-cum that had been released while he had been ogling his daughter. He also felt that his whole body was clammy. Apparently he had been sweating pretty bad watching her.

He walked into the house and went straight to the liquor cabinet and mixed himself a drink. He needed something to calm his nerves. He couldn't believe how he had actually looked at Lois' body with desire, and that's what it was, he realized. The first drink he swallowed in one gulp, and then he mixed himself another.

Up in the shower his daughter was feeling good as the water cascaded over her. She thought of the ride home and how her father had been looking at her. She smiled to herself. It was harmless and it probably did him good, she told herself. She started to wonder if she showed herself off more to her father, then maybe it would give him thoughts of the opposite sex and get him out again. It wasn't good that he had no outside life.

When she was finished in the shower she dried herself off, threw the robe over her naked body and went into her bedroom, closing the door behind her. She grabbed the blow dryer and sat at the chair in front of the bureau mirror. For the next fifteen minutes she worked on drying it and letting it fluff. Her movements caused the robe to open but instead of closing it she moved about slightly so that it opened further and while still doing her hair her eyes ran over her now exposed breasts. She smiled, knowing how perfect they were. None of her classmates in her sophomore class were as big or nearly as shapely as her. She studied the quarter-sized aureoles and the protruding nipples and remembered how turned on her ex-boyfriend Chris had gotten at their sight that night when he forced himself on her.

Finished with her hair she stood and removed the robe altogether, tossing it onto the chair. She looked over the length of her full naked body in the mirror and silently thanked the heavens for her shape. Almost 5'6" and only 125 pounds she was a bundle of sexual dynamite and she knew it, with her slender waist, high well-rounded hips and long legs.

She walked away and went to get dressed. Even though she wasn't going out that night she felt like she wanted to dress sexy, as if she were going to be around a lot of the boys in school. She always liked to turn them on.

Part 3

That night was both tortuous and tremendously exciting to David. When Lois first came down the stairs he had to catch his breath. Nervously, he couldn't stop his eyes from running up and down her body, dressed in the skin tight jeans with her blouse not buttoned up enough, giving him a glimpse of the exciting mounds of flesh beneath.

"You got a date or something you forgot to tell me about, sweetheart?" he finally managed to ask, his mouth dry.

She smiled at him, seeing his nervous eyes, "No dad, why?" she teased.

"Nothing. You just look, er, - - nothing. You just look dressed for a date," he said in a barely audible voice.

They both settled down in the living room to watch TV for the night. This started his night of agony and wonder. He didn't understand why he was reacting like he was. He was amazed at how hot she looked to him. True, he had seen her going out with her friends dressed like this in the past, but with this strange new awareness of his daughter's sexuality he found himself checking out the child's body whenever he thought she wasn't paying attention, which she actually was, and he was no longer feeling guilty about it.

What captured his attention the most was Lois' beautifully shaped ass, ensconced in those tight jeans that were molded to her body. She was also wearing a blouse, which was not buttoned all the way, as she had left one too many opened, and David could see that his daughter was not wearing a bra.

For her part Lois knew that her father's eyes were running over her body and she was enjoying giving him this pleasure. It was harmless and maybe it would trigger something in him to go out seeking companionship. She purposely bent in front of him a few times allowing him a view of a goodly portion of her breasts. She heard his intake of breath a couple of times that night.

It was a tortuous, yet enjoyable night for Miles; one in which he often found himself hard and semi-hard and damp and wet. By the end of the night he was a near basket case. By 11 PM they shut off the TV and headed upstairs to their own rooms. Once he was in his bedroom with the door closed behind him, he was ready to rip his cock out of his body. Knowing that if he jerked off that he would be fantasizing about Lois, David fought with all of his inner being not to do so, he just couldn't do that; it would be wrong.

He lay down to sleep, and dream.

It was the middle of the night when he got up; his cock was hard as a rock. It had been a long time since he'd been that hard but he realized the reason for it. He had never been so hot for a body in his life. The fact that it was his daughter's mattered not at all.

He left his room to go to the bathroom when a thought came to him. 'Look in on her. Get one more look at her,' he thought. He walked softly to her door, quietly opened it and walked inside.

There, sound asleep on her bed, was his beautiful baby. She was lying halfway on her back and half on her side, facing his direction. She had the pink silk sheet draped loosely over her body, just up to her chest, covering her breasts. He walked over, right up to the bed and looked down. Her brown hair partially covered her beautiful face and David stared at her full lips, partially open in her sleep, which made her look even more exciting. He cock automatically hardened again.

His breathing was becoming heavier now as he realized what he was going to try to do. He badly wanted to see her body, and what with the way she was so loosely covered he thought he might be able to take the sheet from her body without her waking. Not thinking rationally, he had no thoughts about what he would do if she awoke. It was almost as if he didn't care. His hard cock was driving his senses.

Miles bent and hesitated only momentarily. Then he reached down and grasped the edge of the silk sheet. Looking up into the child's face to see if she reacted he gently lifted the sheet, first exposing her wonderful brown, exciting looking tits, then her hips and finally, as he pushed it over her and dropped it at the other side of her, she was now fully exposed to his eyes and his sudden frantic desires.

Never in his life had he ever seen such an awesome looking sight. Lois had her bottom leg bent under her body with her upper one stretched out and slightly parted and he got his first look at her totally bare pussy, with its inviting slit. His cock was twitching wildly at the sight of his daughter's body, a body that he now knew he had to possess.

The thought occurred to him that of all the girls that he had seen over the years in Penthouse and Playboy, none looked any hotter than Lois did at that moment. His eyes were jumping wildly about her body. Up and down the length of her brown flesh, stopping at times to temporarily adore some part or another; first, the total of one breast and then the other; then the exciting slenderness of her waist, which flowed out into her full hip; down the long shapely legs; and finally right to the mound of his desire.

David dropped the robe from his shoulders and was then standing alongside of the bed, totally naked. One of his hands moved under his balls while his other grasped around his throbbing prick and began a slow stroking while his lustful eyes devoured the child.

He leaned his body down and removing his hand from his balls while his other still held onto his shaft, he reached out with this free hand. Trying not to disturb her, with trembling hand he touched her upper leg. When Lois didn't stir he pushed gently, almost guiding it to part and in her sleep her leg obeyed. Now her thighs were parted enough to get a good look at her bald pussy.

David fell to his knees on the floor, alongside the bed. With his one hand still squeezing his shaft and his other one resting on her leg he moved his face inward to get a better look at his daughter's gash. The sight was mind-boggling. How could he have not realized what a hot looking girl he was living with? His eyes were hungrily devouring her pussy. With his face about six inches away, he breathed in deeply. The aroma of pussy reached his nostrils and a groan involuntarily escaped his lips.

"It's okay, dad." His daughter's whispering voice broke the deadened silence.

All thoughts of what was right or wrong went AWOL. He should have asked her if she realized what was about to occur but he didn't really care whether she did or not at this point. He was no longer thinking rationally.

"Oh god baby. Ohhhhh mmmmm," his agonized voice spoke, and then he pushed his face forcefully into the nether of the child's pussy.

This sudden plunge caused both father and daughter to react. Lois instinctively opened her legs to her father and her hands reached down to the back of his head. At the same time his hand slid up the back of her thigh up to the mound of her ass and grasped the soft hot flesh while his other hand left his cock and moved up to capture her breast.

Now they were both groaning as the lustful pleasures were churning within them.

David's tongue ran up and around the outer part of the child's naked pussy and then his lips gave out little pecks. He felt her fingers tighten and pull him tighter into her and he knew that he was giving her pleasure. Finally he flicked his tongue into her moistened slit and his daughter groaned wildly, pushing her pussy up to his mouth as an offering. She held him tight.

The total smell of her whole being had him out of his mind with lust. He pushed his nose into her and she moaned. Then he withdrew and moved his mouth eagerly to her clitoris, where he now purposely concentrated all of his efforts because of the way that she was reacting to his ruminations. Her body was writhing wildly and her moans were almost surreal. At the same time she was clutching fiercely to the back of his head while she fucked up into his mouth.

"Ohummmnnnnngggghhhh, oh daddeeeee, nnnnnggghhhhh," she managed through clenched teeth.

She too was now out of her head with lust, fucking her father's face wildly while he slobbered desperately at her pussy. His cock was bursting. He felt himself churning and knew that if he didn't do something quickly his cum would be wasted.

Fighting her grip he tore his mouth from her and she cried out in desperation as if he had taken her last joy in life from her. Then he was scurrying to bring his body up between her legs, and Lois, wanting relief as much as he did, hurriedly opened her legs in invitation and as he moved within, her hands were reaching out to take her father in her arms. Her hands flew around his back and her fingernails were already starting to dig in, even before he penetrated her.

As he looked down into her lust-filled face he thought that he was seeing the ultimate look of wanton desire. Lois' lips were quivering uncontrollably as she was muttering, "Hurry dad hurry...please now hurry...oh daddy do it pleeeese!"

Finally his prick was feeling the greatest of the world's pleasures as it pushed within his daughter's pulsating cunt, down to its depths. At the same time their faces searched each other lustfully and they were suddenly the world's last desperate lovers. Her mouth opened as it awaited his and David groaned loudly at the sight and plunged his mouth down on hers.

Father and daughter were then in the wild throes of the greatest passion of their lives as they fucked each other and sucked each other's face. Her hips were moving about wantonly beneath his piston-like thrusts into her.

Neither were going to last much longer and they both seemed to sense that their partner was as far gone as they themselves were. Lois wrapped her legs tightly around her father's body and her fingers dug into him and he pounded into her with all of his force.

"Oh baby, I'm cumming...nnnnggg, OH OH OH."

"UGNNG yeah daddy yeah, now, ooooo, yeah NOWWWWWWW!!!"

David was shooting his incestuous sperm into his daughter and she wanted that to be. She actually concentrated her thoughts on her pussy so that she could cause it to contract and release again and again on her father's spurting cock. She also held him in a death grip as their mouths continued to suck upon one another.

Spasms were gripping her body, which were exploding in pleasures unimagined. Then his body began to slow down as all of his juices had already been released in her and he was only moving now to ensure that she had been completely fulfilled.

David awoke with a start. He was in a full sweat. He had been dreaming.

Part 4

The following night was much of a replay of the previous night only now there was a profound difference.

The night before something had told the young girl that her father needed to be encouraged to get him interested in women again. An inner feeling made her want to show her feminine side to him, hoping that it might rekindle his interest in the opposite sex. It seemed to work. Maybe even too well, because she sensed that her father's interest from looking at her was stronger than simply looking at a female. In fact, Lois felt a little uncomfortable, if somewhat excited, feeling the intensity of his stares at her body.

Both father and daughter had experienced a night of a strange sexual attraction, one which neither of them understood, yet both of them secretly loved. Miles' eyes couldn't get enough of his daughter's hot looking body, her breasts, her long legs and her awesome looking ass. Most of the night he was either fully hard or semi hard from looking at the child's body and his pants were perpetually wet.

At the same time Lois was purposely displaying as much flesh as she dared and her body felt waves of heat throughout, whenever she realized that her father was ogling her.

Afterward, both had gone to bed hoping that when they woke in the morning that they would be back to normal. However, that simply couldn't be because both of them dreamt of the other, and their dreams were of a sexual nature.

The difference this next night was that the post suggestions of Dr. Miele, coupled with the prior night's dream had made each of them much more acutely aware of their real feelings toward the other.

If anything Lois dressed in a way that was even more revealing and more enticing than the night before, with only a passing concern that her father might object. She couldn't fully explain to herself why she was doing it but she was purposely bending in front of her father, allowing his hot probing eyes to move under her blouse upon the flesh of her tits, and when she felt his hot gaze the nipples of her breasts tightened so badly that they began to hurt.

She wore a short skirt and much of the night she sat on the chair opposite of the couch where he was sitting and she saw his eyes search over her legs to her knees, which she parted slightly to allow him to see her inner thighs. A few times she became so bold that she parted them further still. She saw the look of total lust in his eyes and watched him rush out of the room.

She too found herself wet from the excitement. She hated what was happening yet she couldn't bring herself to stop it. She told herself that she had to call the doctor to set up a special appointment. Her feelings and actions were neither normal nor right.

Finally, to the relief of them both the 11 PM news came on, signaling the end of the night.

After climbing up to her room Lois quickly stripped off her clothes and ambled into the bathroom. After taking a relaxing shower she put on a t-shirt and panties and climbed into bed. She quickly went fast asleep.

It happened so soon after she had closed her eyes that she couldn't even be sure that she had fallen asleep. Something in her room, a noise, a foreign presence, she couldn't be sure but something roused her. Not knowing exactly what was wrong, she felt a shortening of her breath.

Then she realized that someone was there, on the bed with her. She was lying on her stomach and she felt as if someone was choking her. For some strange reason she blacked out for what seemed like a few minutes, and when she next was aware of consciousness she could finally breathe.

However she now realized that she was blindfolded with her hands tied to her headboard and her feet tied to the end of the bedposts. She further realized that someone was in her room with her because she heard a rustling of clothes. Her heart began pounding heavily and her breathing quickly became gasps.

Her intruder must have realized she was now awake. Afraid of her screaming he quickly covered her mouth with his hand, holding it there for a good thirty seconds, allowing her to feel his strength and for it to register in her brain that if she shouted she would be completely at his mercy. She felt a sense of panic when he pulled his hand away and quickly replaced it with his mouth. He gave her a deep kiss, his mouth working eagerly and his tongue slipping between her lips into her mouth. Lois suddenly began to smell a scent that was familiar, yet in her highly frightened state she couldn't exactly remember who she had smelled it on. She would find out soon enough.

The intruder finally pulled his mouth off hers and once more his hand moved over her lips as if in a warning. Then her mouth was being covered with tape so she couldn't scream or make any noise even if she was able to summon the courage. Now she was completely vulnerable to this man's every whim. Her hands and legs were bound to the bed, her mouth was taped shut and her eyes were blindfolded so that she could only see blackness and hear his movements.

She felt his pulling at her shirt, the only thing covering her upper body, and then she heard the tearing and she suddenly realized that her intruder was cutting her shirt with a pair of scissors from her end table. Her fear was immense.

Soon enough she felt a pair of cold hands on her stomach and a pair of lips on her nipples. In addition to being cold, his hands were also trembling as they slowly started to move down the flesh of her quivering stomach and he began to suck on her nipples harder. In spite of her fear her body was reacting strangely.

As he continued to lap and suck at her breast, she felt cold steel on her leg and realized he was about to cut off her panties. She was at the height of her panic now. Then with one quick cut her panties were gone and suddenly the intruder got off the bed. She was blindfolded and yet she could see his eyes as they admired her shaved twat.

Soon she felt him moving up on the bed and then she felt a finger sliding between her cunt lips. To her chagrin her body began to betray her mind. She couldn't help that she liked the feeling. He moved his mouth off her aching nipples and moved it downward over her belly, which continued to quiver in excitement. She sensed that the intruder was moaning but she couldn't tell for sure because her own groans were drowning out all other sounds to her brain.

He licked and kissed his way downward to her twat, where he began to lap and suck like there was no tomorrow. Lois couldn't help herself. Her body was beginning to react to his oral manipulations and she was automatically pushing her pussy forward to extract even greater feelings from his working mouth. She loved his actions and her rapist, quickly realizing this, pulled the tape away, uncovering her mouth. She was too excited and could no longer scream or cry out and she knew that he was well aware by now that she was safe.

Her excitement was such that Lois couldn't wait until her rapist would began to fuck her. He moved a few fingers into her twat and began to finger-fuck her while licking her clit. She moaned loudly and her body bucked up to meet him. He was pushing into her with an almost desperation, eagerly lapping up her juices.

After what seemed like a lifetime of pleasure, her rapist finally seemed to become tired of this foreplay. Slowly, teasingly, he moved his fingers out of her twat and she felt him shifting about. Although she couldn't see him her mind's eye told her that his eyes were devouring her naked body and she felt his nakedness move within her spread legs. She couldn't see that he took hold of his long thick dick but as he placed it at the entrance of her pussy, she knew.

Her pussy was moist and very wet and he whispered, "Naughty little slut. Daddy's gonna fuck your cunt till you scream for him to stop."

In her wildly excited state Lois didn't realize that her rapist was talking to her. He swiftly moved his thick dick into her hot moist twat and she heard him moan loudly. She realized that the man was past any semblance of rationality. She guessed that he was looking up at her and knew that it was time for him to fuck her. She would also find out that he was going to fuck her over and over again until she would beg him to keep raping her.

She gasped as the flesh slowly filled her insides. Nothing in her life to date had prepared her for this pleasure. He pushed slowly, deeper and deeper and she actually felt her thighs quivering of their own volition. When his full length was in her he alternately slowly started to pull back from inside her clutching pussy. He was sliding easily within her self-lubricated channel. Then he suddenly thrust down into the child again.

Lost in her own sexually excited world now, Lois began to get used to the big dick that was moving and twitching inside of her. As her excitement built she began to smell that familiar scent again. Lois had heard his voice but she wasn't paying attention then. Suddenly it was all coming to her now. The smell - - It was her father's cologne that he used to wear for her mother before she died. She had partly heard him say daddy is going to fuck his little girl and all of a sudden reality was upon her. She was sure that the rapist was her father.

She hesitantly whispered, "Daddy is that you?"

The pleasurable prick continued pounding in and out of her and she could hear his heavy breathing.

She figured that he didn't hear he so she said it a little louder, "Daddy is that you?"

His fucking action started to speed up and Lois realized that he was about to cum inside of her. She sucked in air as she willed her pussy muscles to squeeze and release on the hot man-flesh that was moving frantically inside her.

Right before the breaking part where he was ready to explode within her, he slowed down his actions and moved up to her ears and whispered, "Yes baby this is daddy," and right at that second he shot his baby making sperm deep into her twat and started grinding into he. He pounded and pounded until every drop of incestuous seed flowed into her. He didn't remove himself right after because he didn't want his sperm to drip out of her. He wanted to make sure that his daughter would get pregnant...

Suddenly the baby making juices pouring into her were too much for her mind to accept and she jolted awake. Her body was sweating and her mind was asunder.

God, she thought, what was wrong with her? This dream was even more intense than the one from the night before.

Part 5

The rolling stone was quickly rolling downhill now. By the end of a week both father and daughter were frantic with inner confusions and passions, feelings and desires that they were blaming on themselves, yet couldn't be sure that they were being caused because of the other's interest. Neither of them knew what was happening.

Lois continued her nightly ritual of showing off more of her body to her father than was acceptable, yet she was telling herself that it was for his good. Deep in her mind she wasn't sure if that was really the reason. She was truly enjoying his increased attention to her body by now. She seemed to feel that she also had a hidden desire to do something awful with her father. Part of this belief was being fueled by the nightly hot dreams of sex that she was having about her dad.

Miles too was on a roller coaster ride between righteous indignation and hungry sexual desire. Morality against incest. Between those wonderfully awful dreams and the sight of every curve of his 16-year-old's luscious looking body he was becoming a basket case. He always had a 'thing' for young flesh and the fact that it was his own daughter that he now desired made it all the more exciting.

Yet though they both were having incestuous feelings neither could be sure that the other was too. On this night Lois decided to experiment. Earlier at dinner she announced to her dad that she was feeling funny, sick.

Then about 10 O'Clock, which was an hour earlier than her normal time, she stood up from the couch and announced, "I'm really not feeling well, dad. I'm gonna go to bed now."

Miles looked at her with concern showing on his face. "Yeah okay baby. I hope you're feeling better. I'll look in on you before I go to bed."

She simply nodded and left the room, heading to her bedroom. She was hoping that he would do just what he said. She had a plan to find out once and for all if her father really desired her and if she could keep her nerve and do what she wanted, she'd find out.

At 11 PM he shut off the TV and the lights and headed upstairs. Lois had been lying there in wait and hearing him coming up her excitement started to build. She was somewhat disappointed as she realized that he had stopped in his room.

Once inside he began to undress. Lois was on his mind as was becoming a normal thing by now. He was going to look in on her. He began to fantasize that maybe she'd be asleep and his cock began to stir. He admonished himself but couldn't stop his mind from wandering back to her.

Then he threw a robe over his naked body and walked slowly out of his room. From her bed she heard him close his door and she hoped that he would be coming over by her.

Lois was lying in bed, wearing only a t-shirt and no panties, and she knew the shirt was too short to cover her ass. She had decided to pretend she was sleeping to see what her father would do if and when he came in by her.

He came to the doorway and stood inside. The lamp was on, on her night table and could be controlled by the wall light. Miles turned off the light but he didn't go away.

She knew from where he stood that he could only see her ass but her plan had called for her to test him out completely. Nervously she gathered her courage, and finally she rolled over real slow onto her back, as if stretching in her sleep, letting her arms go up over her head and her legs fall open.

This was it she knew. If her father actually had lustful desires for her she would find out for sure now. She lay there trying hard to keep her breathing slow and sleeplike. She knew he could pretty much see everything below her navel, not just her tiny pubic bush but her little girl cunt lips and maybe even a little of the soft pink flesh inside.

She heard him step closer to her and she knew her father was right there yet she kept herself in a completely open position. At her age nothing could wake her up, and her father knew that, and she hoped he'd take a chance.

He did.

She suddenly felt his sweaty trembling hand touching her belly and the child's heart began to pound inside her chest. He paused almost as if he were waiting to assure himself that she was asleep and then his hand began to move gently down her body, his light touch causing tingles upon her highly aroused flesh. His hand was upon her mound and she felt as if her heart would pound out through her chest.

Finally, she felt his finger on her. It was sliding up between her tight little cunt lips and spreading them gently apart. It was all she could do to keep her hips still.

Lois could feel the slight gentle sinking of the mattress by her hip and she knew that he was sitting alongside of her. She felt her cunt lips opening and then her father's finger was sliding inside her and she could feel the slick moisture that her cunt was seeping onto his finger. She could hear his heavy breathing as he was obviously overcome with nervous excitement. Then he started stroking the finger in and out of her tight hole.

She'd never had anyone else's finger inside her before, and even though her daddy wasn't probing deep into her cunt it felt like she would melt. It felt so good! She wanted more. But how could she do it with her father?

After a few minutes his finger pulled slowly out of her cunt and didn't go back in. She heard him stand up and walk to the door and she figured he was through. A sudden rush of disappointment caused her to weaken and it was at that point that she fully realized the truth. She wanted her father.

However, to her surprise he didn't leave. Instead, he then locked the door and turned her lamp back on. Then she heard a light shuffling that sounded like he might be walking silently back toward the bed. After that there was silence from the spot where she assumed he was standing. She was so excited that her little heart was pounding in her chest.

She had to find out what he was doing, so she peeked through her squinted eyelids, still pretending to be asleep.

Her father was standing less than two feet away, with his long thick cock pointed directly at her cunt, and he was starting to jerk off as he stared at his daughter's naked body. Lois, young as she was, knew he was jerking off to pleasure himself, and she was intrigued because that meant he was doing it because seeing her naked and touching her cunt had made him excited. She didn't really know much about guys and sex, though, and she wondered what would happen if he kept it up. She soon found out.

After a few minutes daddy's jerking hand flew faster and faster, up and down his big hard cock and suddenly Lois saw it kind of jump in his hands, and out of the hole at the end came a stream of white liquid squirting right at her like detergent out of a squeeze bottle. She felt it land on her leg, high up inside her thigh, close to the little cunt that he was aiming at.

She was surprised, even though he had once taught her a little about guy cum. It was warm and felt sticky and thick. She was just wondering what to do when she saw another squirt and then another, shooting off to the left and right of her and landing on her bed.

Finally nothing more was coming out of it and his stroking just about stopped. She assumed he was finished. What would he do now? She wondered. Probably just unlock the door and leave, she guessed.

Instead, he took hold of his softening cock and moved over to her face, he rubbed his cock over her lips and smeared the rest of the dripping cum from his cock onto her lips. She could hear him inhale deeply and then his heavy breathing resumed as rubbed his cock onto his daughter's cheeks.

She fought the urge to lick his cum off her lips; she wanted to taste her daddy so badly. She wondered what it would be like if he'd try to force his cock into her mouth, hoping in her heart that he would.

He knelt down next to her and leaned over. She figured he was going to wipe his cum off her leg. Instead, she then felt warm soft flesh touching her open crotch. Lips! It was his mouth! He was kissing her on her cunt!

She fought the urge to press her cunt against his lips when suddenly his tongue parted her cunt lips and he started licking her inside. She'd never heard of a guy putting his tongue inside a girl's cunt, and it shocked her to think her own father wanted to do that to her. But what shocked her even more was the delirious pleasure radiating up from inside her cunt as his tongue moved there. Her hips started moving almost against her will as her cunt rocked with his tongue.

Now he must know she was awake, but she kept her eyelids over her peeking eyes and saw him looking up at her as if he wondered what she was going to do. Perhaps he came to his senses. Perhaps he was afraid that he woke her and that maybe she was about to yell. Whatever the reason was he suddenly stopped with his mouth and withdrew his face back away from the almost imperceptible, writhing child.

Then he got up and left the room. Lois didn't know whether to be disappointed or relieved. She'd been shocked when his tongue fucked into her but she also loved the way it felt. Part of her wished he hadn't stopped. She knew she wanted more.

She reached down and felt between her open legs. Her cunt lips were swollen and wet and it felt good to touch them and the next thing she knew she was sliding her own finger inside and sinking it even deeper than his tongue had been.

She remembered the cum on her leg and she reached down with her other hand and rubbed it off her thigh. She was gonna rub it into her hot pussy but a curious idea came into her head she licked her lips slowly and she lifted her hand to her mouth and wrapped her lips around her fingers and licked the cum off them and sucked it down her throat. It was thick and sticky and a little bitter but it excited her to taste it in her mouth and she kept fingering herself faster, as deep inside her pussy as her finger could reach and she wondered if girls ever put a guy's cock in their mouths and if they did if the guy's released that stuff inside their throats.

Then, as she pictured her father's hard cock jumping in her mouth and squirting cum into her throat, she suddenly felt her cunt clutching her fingers and her hips bucking and sharp pangs of pleasure shooting around inside her.

Was this cumming? It was good! Maybe it would be even better if she'd cum with her father. Would he try something again? Would he try to put his cock in her mouth? What would she do if he tried? It was wrong to have sex with her father, but what if she could make him cum in her mouth and keep all his cum and taste it in her throat?

Lois fell asleep with a finger in her cunt and her father's luscious prick in her mind....

Part 6

It was less than an hour later when Miles reopened the door to his daughter's room. After the episode that had just happened he rushed out of her room ashamed with himself. He had gone downstairs to pour himself a drink and to calm his nerves and it was while trying to come to his senses and straighten himself out, he began to think of the week that had happened. The dreams, the sights of his daughter's hot looking body as she showed it off, and mostly his wanton desires that he was having so hard a time in controlling. Then it all culminated in the earlier incident that he couldn't shake from his mind. Her hot body was so delicious and he was pretty sure that she had been awake and had made no effort to stop him. He was more and more convinced that his daughter wanted him as much as he wanted her.

All of these thoughts coupled with the two swift drinks that he had downed now had the opposite effect from what he had been hoping. He now realized that she had been so worked up that if ever he would get a chance to fuck his own daughter tonight would be the night, and, god forgive him but him but he truly did want to fuck the child. As he talked to himself his hand went beneath the robe to grasp and squeeze his cock, which was still sticky and a little sloppy from his earlier masturbation. As he squeezed and thought of his daughter's nakedness, almost lying in wait for him he quickly hardened again.

In this frame of mind he stood up and walked to the stairs. All the way up he kept a hold of his throbbing cock. When he reached outside her door he allowed common sense to run through his head one last time. He then turned the handle and with a determined mind he entered the incest chamber. Then when his eyes anxiously moved to where Lois lay on the bed he had already crossed through the mental protection and into the forbidden zone.

The luscious brown long naked body of his daughter was lying there almost as if in wait for her father's sexual assault, even though she was sound asleep. His eyes were once more agog at seeing this luscious looking child in a 36-24-36 body. What drove him past the complete point of no return was her wanton position as she slept. His daughter was lying there in all of her brown-skinned beauty in such a manner that if he didn't know better he would have thought that she was awake.

With the heels of her feet planted on the bed, Lois' knees were raised and her lovely legs spread in such a wanton pose that she looked as if she was waiting to get fucked. To make the scene even more erotic his daughter had her hand cupping her pussy and a finger was pushed down as if it might be right into her cunt. He was about to fuck his little girl.

As he approached the bed he pushed the robe from off his shoulders and then with his throbbing cock leading the way he slowly walked toward the bottom of the girl's bed. As he reached the bed and was walking around to the bottom his foot stubbed the leg of the bed and although it wasn't enough to hurt him, it was enough to awaken his daughter. Just as he stood at the bottom with his eyes gaping hungrily between her hot thighs to her exciting looking pussy her eyes popped open. For a fleeting second a flash of fear passed through her and then suddenly she relaxed as the truth of the moment hit her. She allowed that perfect smile that had won him over all these years to flash to her father. As their eyes met and held she slowly, yet deliberately nodded her head to him as if she were granting him full permission to use and excite her body.

"I love you daddy," she whispered down to him.

He got up upon the bed from the end first on one knee and then the other and his eyes continued to devour the most exciting body he had ever known. He inched inward between her parted thighs and could see the look of lustful fright in her face. Her lips were quivering from anticipation of going through with this most darkest and yet most necessary of deeds. As wrong as it was her insides were craving to be filled by this man and this man only, her father! To fill her with his flesh and to fill her with his juices. In short to fill her with his very being. Her breath was coming in short gasps as she struggled to catch some air in her lungs.

Miles moved his lower body within her spread, feeling the heat from the flesh of her inner thigh radiating on the outsides of his legs. Bending down he put a hand on either side of her waist and began moving upon the child. He felt as if her 16 years on earth were lived for one reason and that was to come to this point with him on this night. This was not just female pleasure he was seeking, he was craving for the most lustful intense experience that either of them would ever have. He was going to fill her...again and again and again. In one night he was going to fill her with child after child after child. Total depraved incest that would be their ultimate satisfaction.

His eyes consumed the full hips, slim waist, and the bountiful twin mounds of tit-flesh on the ultra baby-smooth body of his young daughter.

Then he was into her as far as he could go and his cock was at the portal of incestuous fulfillment. His body was just above hers and their hungry faces desperately searched each other's.

It was a two-way road to amazement. Miles would never have believed that he would ever see such a lust-filled look on any girl's face and to see it on his daughter, and for it to be meant for him, was simply mind-boggling. At the same time Lois was looking up into a face so animalistically wild, that she would never have expected to see in anyone short of a rapist, and to see it in her father's face was consuming her with uncontrolled desire.

"F-fuck me..." she whispered, her voice almost pleading. "F-fuck me d-daddy!"

He could never have imagined wanting to kiss his daughter with true love in his heart and pure lust on his mind, but looking at her full trembling, cherry lips he had to taste her. As he brought his mouth down to place his lips on hers, Lois could not take any more waiting. Frantically her hands reached up around the back of her father's head and grasped at him and pulled his face down fiercely plunging his mouth on hers and they both sucked and licked and tongued within one another in a frenzy.

As their mouths worked on each other Miles' hands moved up and cupped the awesome tit-flesh of his baby and squeezed with all the love that he possessed. They were moaning into each other's mouths and the father's brain had been erased. His cock was suddenly pushing into her highly moistened slit, uncaring about anything but receiving the ultimate pleasure; the man needed total satisfaction!

As she felt the flesh begin to fill her she instinctively parted her legs as much as she possibly could and then wrapped them around his legs. Her hands hurriedly moved from the back of his head to the muscles of his upper back and her nails began to dig into him.

She ripped her mouth away from his momentarily. "Aaaaahhhhhhh...nnnnngggggghhhh OOOHHHH Daaaaaaaaaad!" she whimpered and babbled as the wanton pleasures began to explode within her insides.

The animal was unleashed. He pushed his total flesh to the depths of his daughter's pussy and then pulled it out almost all the way. Again he thrust with all of his force and again she released an ecstatic as her father's flesh seemed to fill every spot within her.

Miles no longer knew that this was his daughter. This was simply the greatest sucking pussy in the world that needed to be fucked with wild and abandoned passion, to be totally filled with flesh and cum. He plunged his mouth down on hers again and she squeezed her eyes shut to concentrate her very being on the lust of the moment within her mouth and her pussy.

Their tongues intertwined and their mouths sucked and licked hotly. Suddenly the passions of the world were hers and her mind lost all sense. She began biting at his lips, his tongue and his mouth. She was becoming a true wild animal in lustful heat. Her body began responding to her father's thrusts into her with thrusts back up to him and she rolled and writhed beneath him as her body was manufacturing a great explosion.

"Fuckmmmmmeeemmmmmmmm, ohmmmmmmm"

Miles was pounding into the child with every ounce of energy that he had as he felt the pressure beginning to build within his crotch.

Sweat was pouring off both of them as father and daughter fucked with reckless abandon. His cheeks, chin and lips were bloodied as she continued to take passionate bites out of him.

"Gnnggg, gnnggg, gnnggg, oh oh oh gnnggg, doitdaddy ooooo inmeinmeinme OHHHH, yeah, yeah."

Lois was bucking up now so hard that Miles had to wrap his hand under her and hold on to her shoulders from under her back, so that she couldn't buck him off her. Meanwhile, his thrusts back down were as forceful as any that he had ever before administered.

He felt the juice begin to move up from within his tightened balls. This was what he had been made to do. Fill his baby with baby cum. In and out he was moving with piston-like precision.

"Ohhhhhbbbbaaaby...I'm...daddy's gonna...Oh, I'm cummmmmmmmmingggg, nnngggghhh, oh oh oh OOOOHHHHHH yeahhhhhhhhhh."

"Cum daddy me cum oooo ooo cum...oh metoometoomeeeetoooooooo!!!"

He fired his juices within his daughter and she eagerly accepted. She clutched him tightly as he continued his thrusts, but with less and less authority. Finally, his thrusting came to a halt and he collapsed upon her, within her enfolding arms.

They lay for long minutes, their soaked naked bodies clinging to each other as they both caught their breath and allowed their minds to come back to reality. As they continued to recuperate they both realized what they tried to do and strangely they both knew if the impregnation wasn't successful that there would be more nights, indeed a lifetime of nights awaited them.


It was a couple of months later that Dr. Miele had Miles in for treatment and it came out about Lois pregnancy. Under hypnosis it was easy to lead Miles around to the belief that it was better if his daughter got an abortion. A doctor was also suggested who could perform the surgery.

Dr. Miele smiled after Miles left. His next patient that afternoon was a doctor who specialized in abortions. Ah the power of suggestion.