- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] My girls
[Author] codehammer
[Type] Father/daughter

My name is Martin, I am 34 years old and retired due to some good investments. My wife, Donna, is also 34 and very shapely and considered beautiful with nice 36c tits and her weight is very average with no fat. We have two daughters, Deanna 10, who we call Dee, and Margo 8. We live in the suburbs of Little Rock, Arkansas is a fairly nice house.

In the summertime the temperature really gets hot and humid, therefore I just wear my cutoffs and no shirt in the house. The girls just wears their panties and Donna just wears a large Tee or just shorts with a halter top.

One night, Donna and I were playing around, mastrubating each other just for a little foreplay. She loved to suck my 6 inch dick and sometimes, to her, it was better than fucking! We were talking fantasisies and she told me that she would love to see me make it with another woman and I told her that I would love to "pop" a cherry. Donna wasn't a virgin when we were married and down deep, well, I felt a little cheated knowing some guy had fucked her before me. All this talk was getting us hot! Then she scooted down and started to suck my dick until I came in her mouth. Then we fooled around a little more and went to sleep.

A couple weeks passed and I forgot all about the fantasies we had that night as Donna and I sat on the sofa watching a little TV. She had her hand on my bare thigh and I had my arm around her every so often, squeezing a tit. The two girls were on the floor watching the tv too. A few times, Donna would squeeze my dick giving me a hard on, then she would let it go soft and squeeze it hard again and she knew that this just drove me fucking crazy and she was enjoying herself. Dee turned around and saw Donna rubbing my dick through my cutoffs and Donna removed her hand very quickly not wanting her daughter to see. Dee went back watching TV whispering to her sister Margo and they both snickered and giggled. On the screen two couples were in the throes of fucking and the woman on the screen showed her 38D tits. Deanna soke up:

"Wow! I hope mine gets big like those!" She said as Margo giggled. Then Dee sat on the sofa next to Donna. "Momma when will I have some of those?" She asked pointed to the partial nude woman on the screen.

"When you grow up Honey." Donna said with a smile.

"But I'm almost 11!" Dee protested.

"They will grow in a couple years." Donna said laughing a little.

"Will they get as big as yours?" Dee asked.

"They might, or they might even get bigger." Donna said as she cupped both of her tits. (I was enjoying this conversation, *smile*)

"Can I see yours?" Dee asked.

"No silly." Donna replied as Margo came up to the sofa and sat next to me. Dee examined herself.

"How can I get some?" Dee said as she played with the non existant tits.

"You just have to play with them every night I guess." Said Donna a little embarrassed.

"Will they hurt when they start to grow?" Asked Dee.

"Donna take off your top and show the girls your tits." I said as I helped her off with her top. Both girls gasped as Donnas tits sprang free.

"Wow, I like them!" Exclaimed Dee who reached out and squeezed both of them. Then, not to be outdone, Margo reached over me and squeezed her moms tits too.

"Well, when you two were babies, you both used to suck them." Donna said as she cupped them for all of us to see.

"Really? I don't remember THAT!" Said Dee a little shocked.

"This is where your milk came from to make you grow." Donna said jiggling her left tit. Dee thought about this for a minute.

"Both of us?" She asked.

"Yes both of you." Smiled Donna. Dee thought about this for a minute and bent over and licked Donna nipple.

"Like this?" Asked Dee.

"No silly. Take the nipple in your mouth and suck." Said Donna not realizing what she was saying. Dee bent over again and took the nipple in her mouth and sucked. Again, not to be outdone, Margo took the other one and started sucking. Donna just closed her eyes as her tits are very very sensitive. My hand rested on Margos butt and watching this, my hand started to move in circles feeling her little butt through her panties. She was halfway laying on my raging dick!! Damn, this was really turning me on as I watched both girls suck their moms tits. My hand went down the crack of Margos butt and back up again.

"Oh my babies." Donna moaned. My finger went to Margos pussy. She was very WET! I guess this was turning me on so much my finger was just rubbing Margos pussy. Then, I guess, out of impulse, I slipped a finger under the legband of her panties and was feeling the wetness of her pussy. Margo seemed to like this as she was squirming on my hard on while she continued to suck her moms tit. I inserted my finger just a little ways, then I bent over and kissed Donna on the lips and damn she was hot! I reached over and felt up Dee. I couldn't believe this was happening!!

"Oh, God." Donna said. "I need you." She exclaimed looking at me.

"Right now?" I asked.

"God, God, lets go in the bedroom." She whimpered. I unzipped my fly and pulled off my cutoffs.

"Oh God, not here!!" Donna said.

"The girls have to learn." I said stroking my dick. Margo turned and looked to see what was going on and her eyes were glued to my dick. Dee stopped sucking and looked as I was stroking. I took Donnas head and guided her to my lap. She didn't protest as she took my dick in her mouth. The two girls was eyeballing this with interest.

"Feel good Daddy?" Dee asked.

"Oh yeah." I commented as Dee got down.

"I wanna do it to Momma." Dee said and without saying anything, Donna removed my hard dick from her mouth and Dee took over and started sucking. Donna kissed me while Dee was enjoying herself, but then Margo pouted.

"I wanna do it too!" She said.

"Ok girls. Take off your panties." Donna said as she stood up stripping. Then while the girls lowered their panties off, Donna took the remainder of my clothes off. Soon the four of us were naked. Donna had all of us lie on the floor, then mounted me showing the girls how to do this. While Donna was fucking me, she had Dee straddle my face and told me to eat her. My tongue went right to her pussy. Gawd, my own daughter!! Margo stood next to her mom and Donna reached out and did something I never dreamed of. She spread Margos legs and licked HER pussy.

In a few minutes, Donna got off and looked at me. "Now you get your cherrys." She said as she moved Dee on top of me and guided my dick. I thought Dee was going to protest but she wanted this too and I know it hurt as my dick went in! Damn, sure enough I got a cherry!! Donna stood Margo next to Dee and Dee stuck out her tongue and was licking her sister! Then Donna put Margo straddled my face and I continued to lick her. Donna moved closer to Dee and Dee licked her, then Donna moved to Margo who, in turn, licked her too. In a few minutes, Donna made Dee get off and helped Margo on! Actually Margo had a bigger pussy and WHAM, I got her cherry too.

"I'm starting to cum." I said to Donna. She lifted off Margo and started to jack me off. It wasn't long and I started to spurt on my belly and both Dee and margo said "wow" at the same time. Finally my dick was drained.

"C'mon girls, lets lick him clean." Said Donna as she bent down followed by both girls. Then all 3 off them were licking off my cum and this was enough to give me another hard on! I took action and laid Margo down while the other two looked. I eased in and started to fuck, then it was Dees turn. After a few minutes, Donna laid down and i got on top of her and fucked her like a mad man while the two girls watched.

That night, while in bed, Donna and I talked. We both decided that I should continue to fuck each of them and the girls would make out a schedule and when they get bigger, I could have their ass too.

Dee was the first. (Monday). Then Margo. (Tuesday). Then Donna. (Wednesday). I would rest Thursday and Friday and Saturday we would have a family orgy. Sunday we rested. Never did I dream that this would ever happen!! All three girls became pregnant in a matter of a few months. Donna gave me a son and both girls gave me a daughter and all of us can't wait until the babies get bigger to enjoy sex. Margo and Dee are already sucking my sons dick everytime the diaper is changed and even now we have to schedule the two girls on whos turn it is to suck. Even Dee and Margo are having sex together when they can't have me and sometimes its right in the living room in front of Donna and I.

We had to move to the country because of the nieghbors but that was all right too. Our nearest nieghbor is named Brad and he and his family lives just a quarter mile down the road. The next time you see us going into Wal Mart, take time to say "hi". True Story.