- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] My daughter, my love
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Father/daughter

My daughter Rachel started to develop at the tender age of 10. By the time she had reached 11, she already had the body most women would be envious of, and by 17 she was sporting a 40DD chest. Rachel is tall and a little on the chubby side, but a extremely beautiful young lady. She turns the heads of men young and old.

Rachel and I have always been very close. Her mother had died when she was just 1 year old. Ever since she was a baby she would always like to snuggle up to Daddy on the couch, resting her head on my butt. It made us both feel loved. As a father and daughter we couldn't have been closer.

Sexually, I'm ashamed to admit, I have been attracted to her since her breasts started to grow. I love tits, the bigger the better. I also love women that are a little on the heavy side. Not that Rachel is fat, she is pleasantly plump (with huge tits).

Recently, as we were walking through the Mall together holding hands (we've always done that), a older couple came up to us and commented on what a lovely couple we are. I look much younger than my 35 years, and Rachel looks to be in her early 20's. The couple said that they bet we would make very beautiful children. They wished us luck in our relationship, and continued along. They were such a sweet couple that neither Rachel or myself felt obligated to tell them we were actually father and daughter.

On the way home Rachel asked me why that couple had assumed we were a couple. I told Rachel that it was probably because we were holding hands and because anyone can tell that we are very close. Rachel said OK, and then asked me if I thought we would make beautiful children. I told her that I'm sure we would, but that's not something fathers and daughters do. "I know that Daddy", she responded, "but I bet we would too."

Several days later, I was walking down the hall from my room when I passed by the hall bath. The door was standing open about half way. Rachel was standing in front of the mirror stark naked. Damn she looked good. She had her eyes closed and she was rubbing her slit with one hand while pinching her big nipple with the other. She was moaning, apparently close to an orgasm, when she said "Ohhhh Daddy.....yes yess!". I was stunned and extremely turned on. My cock was already standing at full attention, pushed out through the hole in my boxer shorts. By the way Rachel isn't the only one in the family that's well endowed, I am just shy of 11" when erect (and thick). Then I accidentally knocked over a broom standing in the hall, Rachel jumped and looked. We both just stood there checking out each others privates. "Daddy, I didn't know you were there!" she yelled trying to cover her tits with her hands (which is like trying to cover a mountain with a postage stamp). "I'm sorry honey", I said as I tried to cover my huge boner. "Daddy", Rachel said while dropping her hands to her side, "looks like I turned you on a little.. Huh Daddy!". "A little!" I replied, "I wouldn't quite say that Honey!". "I didn't mean your cock's little, Daddy, I only ever saw one penis before and it was half that size, you're huge Daddy!". "You're not so small yourself honey!" I replied slyly. "Do you like my tits Daddy?" she asked. "They are beautiful honey", I replied as I took them into my hands and pinched her big nipples. "That feels good Daddy, can I touch your cock Daddy...please?". I wasn't in the resistance mood at that point, all I wanted to do was get her in my room and fuck her brains out. "OK", I said, "you can touch it, but let's go in my room".

We walked hand and hand down to my room, I gently laid my lovely Rachel onto my bed and stood there beside her and placed my cock in her hand. Rachel was as hot as me, she immediately started to suck me. "Have you ever done this before Honey?" I asked. "No Daddy, I touched my boyfriend's cock but didn't do anything with it". "Are you still a virgin?" I asked. "Yes Daddy", she replied, "but I hope not for long". It wouldn't be if I had anything to say about it!. I got up on top of her and straddled her chest, sliding my cock between her tits and into her awaiting mouth.

She sucked me like she had been doing it all her life. I pushed her huge mounds tight against my cock, squeezing and twisting her erect nipples as I rhode her chest. When I felt myself getting close to an orgasm, I slid out of her mouth, I wanted to fuck her before I came. She looked up at me and said "will you take me Daddy", she begged, "please Daddy, FUCK ME. pleaseeeeee!". I laid down beside my sweet little girl and slowly started to stoke her very moist pussy while sucking on her enormous mounds. Damn she was hot, and I wasn't in the mood for long foreplay, I wanted my cock in her. "Fuck me Daddy!!" she moaned, "let's make a beautiful baby". "Honey!!" I said, "I don't know about that!". Oh Daddy...just fuck me Daddy!, fill me with your beautiful pole!". I parted her silky smooth thighs and guided my cock to her awaiting virgin cunt, slowly I pushed into her. With my size and her virginity, it was tight, but Rachel was extremely wet. Slowly I slid deeper and deeper into my daughter. I was about half way in when Rachel thrust herself against me as hard as she could forcing me completely into her. She didn't even flinch as her hymen broke. I started to slowly move in and out, and after only a few strokes, Rachel was already nearing an orgasm. I knew I wouldn't last too long this time either. The excitement of fucking my own daughter, who I have fantasized about for years, was bringing me to my own orgasm. "Fuck me harder Daddy!!, Rachel yelled, "fill me with your cum!!". "Cum in me Daddy!, I want to feel you cum....please Daddy.... fuck me Daddy!". My paced quickened, matched perfectly with hers. I couldn't hold back any longer, I had to cum!, violently my balls started dumping their precious cargo with extreme force deep into my lovely daughters womb. Spurt after spurt, gob after gob of sperm laced cum filled my beautiful Rachel's hot cunt. "Ohhhhhh Daddddyy!" Rachel cried, as she felt my cum erupting into her. She burst into a huge violent orgasm and then collapsed with a look of extreme satisfaction. I rolled off her to the side, but kept my cock in her to hold my cum in, we just laid together for what seemed like hours. I never felt so close to her as I did now. I love her so very much, and she me.

We made love all night long that first day. The very next day I put my home up for sale. We decided to move out west, where no one knows us, and live as man and wife. We are so good together, we never fight, we always get along, and we both love each other completely, we belong as a couple. Rachel is now pregnant (I think the first time did it), we can't wait to see the beautiful child our love has made.