- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] My daughter
[Author] from X family letters
[Type] Father/daughter

The other day I was in my living room, naked, watching an X-rated video. I was masturbating and getting close to coming when my daughter came in and caught me. I didn't know what to say or do.
She took it all in at a glance and laughed. "Good movie?" she asked, looking at the man and woman on the screen. He was fucking her and she was screaming about how much she loved it. I stammered, not knowing how to answer.
She let me off the hook. "Don't be ashamed, Dad. Everyone does it. It's just a waste to beat your meat when you have a perfectly willing daughter to do it for you."
She took her clothes off and my cock got hard again. She came over to the sofa and took my cock in her hand. My daughter pumped her fist up and down my shaft and laughed while she did it. It was like it was the most natural thing in the world for her to be doing that.
"Your mother...," I started.
"We'll be finished by the time she gets back. She'll be gone at least a couple of more hours. Surely we won't be able to do it longer than that, will we?" Kay looked at me and smiled that smile I have always loved so much. She looked at my cock in her hand and said, "Well, this bad boy's ready. What would you like to do first, Dad?"
I pulled my daughter into my arms and kissed her. I gave her my tongue. She sucked it and gave me hers. My cock was pressed against her belly. Next, I went after those tits that I had been admiring. They were so firm and full in my hands and Kay laughed as I sucked her nipples. I could not believe this was happening. My own daughter!
Then, Kay got on her back and pushed her legs apart. I looked at her pink pussy. She had shaved all of the hair off down there and I could everything. I went down on her. Kay spread her thighs and watched me eat her pussy. She put a hand on my head and made a purring noise as I licked her pussy and sucked her clitty. I didn't stop until I made her come. Then, I put my mouth on her pussy and sucked her while she came.
"Wow, Dad! That was great. Want me to suck yours now?" she said.
I did. I took my place on my back on the sofa and Kay got between my legs. She took my cock in her mouth. I leaned up and looked; it was a heart-stopping sight - my beautiful daughter's face with my cock sticking in it. She sucked me a lot better than her mother had, even when we first got married.
My daughter has blonde hair and blue eyes. She was looking at me with my cock spreading her mouth. She looked so sexy, I winked at her and she winked back at me. Then, she started bobbing her head up and down, fucking my cock with her mouth. I lay back and enjoyed what she was doing for me. The video was completely forgotten. I had the real thing.
It didn't take her long to get me off. After the first couple of squirts in her mouth, she pulled off and jacked me and laughed while my cum spurted up in the air.
"Way to go, Dad," she cheered. Her fist was flying as she pumped my cock. When I finished coming, we lay on the sofa and talked soft talk, like lovers do. Her tongue was sweet in my mouth. When I had another erection, Kay lay on her back on the sofa and I got on top. She guided my cock into pussy. I pushed it in slowly, looking at my daughter's face as we coupled. She was wet, but she was tight. It felt great going in.
When my cock was buried in my daughter's cunt, I held my weight on my elbows and took a breast in each hand. I squeezed them and looked into her eyes. This was the first time I had ever mounted my daughter. It was a special moment. She smiled at me and I grinned at her. She brought her legs around and hooked her ankles behind my thighs. I started pushing and pulling with my hips, doing the horizontal dance with my daughter for the very first time.
Her eyelids slowly closed. My daughter lay there and let me fuck her. I squeezed her breasts and screwed her. After a while, it got too hard to do it that way and I lay on her and screwed her. I have a big cock and I put it to her hard. She grunted every time I thrust it up her - a nice, sexy sound. I liked hearing it and knowing I was making her give those pleasure grunts.
She reached down and played with her own clit while I rode her. It didn't take long to get her to come. Her pussy was a snapping turtle. It squeezed my cock again and again as she had her orgasm. I kept poking it to her while she came. When she finished coming, I let her rest a little while and catch her breath.
"That was great, Dad!" she told me. My cock was still buried in her hot pussy.
"There's more," I said. That brought a big smile.
I resumed fucking my daughter. Her pussy was well lubricated by then and I socked it to her good. My face was a few inches from hers and I looked right into her eyes as I screwed her. I was surprised to learn that my daughter was a quick comer. I hadn't been fucking her more than five minutes when she came again. This time, when her pussy did its snapping trick, she made me come.

I lay on her and stared into her eyes as I pumped cum into her fertile womb. She stared right back at me and took all I had to give her.
When I got off her, she said, "Darren and I have been trying to have a baby. Maybe now our luck will change."
It did. She tested pregnant on her next test. When the baby was born, everyone talked about how much it looked like its grandfather. She even named it after me.

Mr. J.C., Texas