- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Mommy towel
[Author] Wouldbebad
[Type] Father/daughter

³A girlıs first love is her father,² the counselor says softly.

³She looks up to him, and when her body begins to ripen from a girl into a
woman, he is usually the first man she desires,² he continues. ³You are
special fathers and daughters because you have come here to consummate
this desire.²

We are gathered in the suite of an elegant downtown hotel in the city
where we live. My Daddy is here. So are other girls and their daddies. Iıd
say there are nearly a dozen of us. Some are a little younger than me;
others are a little older.

Iıve looked at them and studied their daddies. A couple of the other
fathers are good looking, but none of them is as handsome as my Daddy. I
think heıs a hunk, and I really love him.

Waiters have cleared the tables after an elegant dinner in a private
dining room. We sit at tables for two with candles and crystal. A
harpsichord -- at least thatıs what I think itıs called -- played in the
corner, but now everyone is gone except for us girls, our daddies and the

Daddy let me drink wine, even though Iım not nearly old enough. On one
level, I feel warm and relaxed. But I can also hear my heart pounding like
a big bass drum.

You see, this will be my first time. Iım a virgin. Sure, I know about sex.
Iıve even kissed and petted on my dates. It is so exciting when the boys
touch my breasts; my nipples get hard and tingly. But I wonıt let them go
any farther.

Iıve even had an orgasm! Kerry, my best friend, and I fooled around some
during a sleepover. She showed me how she fingers herself, and she came!
It looked fun, so I tried it, too. Wow! Iıve done that a lot since then.

The counselor is still talking to us. ³Fathers, tonight when you take your
daughter back to your room, remember how important this night and this
relationship are to her. Make love to her in the truest sense of the word.
Help her realize how spiritual and rewarding it is for two people to join
their bodies and express themselves sexually.

³Show her the pleasure that a woman can enjoy while giving herself to a
man. Teach her about the miracles her body contains and how to bring them
forth. Show her the mix of strength and tenderness that women desire in a

The counselorıs name is Andy. Heıs from a secret society that organizes
nights like tonight for families that would rather have their daughtersı
first time occur in a loving environment instead of with a clumsy kid in
the backseat of a car. They have mother-son dinners, too; I think my
brother did one of those with Mom.

Andy greeted us when we arrived today. We spent the afternoon hanging out
by the pool and getting ready for dinner. I enjoyed prancing around in my
bikini while Daddy watched. Other girls were there in their bikinis, too.
Lots of the daddies had hard-ons pushing at the front of their swimsuits.
I had fun!

Mom went shopping with me last weekend for my dinner outfit tonight. Iım
wearing a short, straight skirt and a silk blouse. Instead of pantyhose,
Iım wearing thigh-high stockings. We got new earrings; my ears have been
pierced for a long time.

We chose white silk panties, and Mom persuaded me not to wear a bra. I
donıt need one much. Iım barely a B-cup, but usually I wear one in public.
Not tonight.

Just like Mom suggested, I left my blouse unbuttoned a little lower than
Iıd wear to school. The tops of my breasts are exposed. But itıs for
Daddy. Iıve seen him staring at my breasts during dinner.

Right before we came down to dinner, Daddy gave me a beautiful gold
necklace with a small diamond. He put it around my neck, and the diamond
rests right at the top of my breasts. I noticed some of the other daddies
looking at my diamond during the social hour before dinner. Or do you
suppose they were looking at something else?

³Girls, tonight is supposed to be one of the most memorable events of your
life. Your daddy is going to love you in the most special way possible.

³If you havenıt done this before ... ² (gulp; thatıs me) ³ ... you might
experience some discomfort at the beginning, but this is part of becoming
a woman. Your father will take good care of you. Trust him, and let him
show how much he loves you.

³And, finally, remember to use your Mommy Towel because it plays an
important part in your experience.

³Now itıs time. Weıve had a nice afternoon and a lovely dinner. When we
rise in a moment, I want each of you to kiss your daddy or your little
girl. And then go upstairs and show each other the special love that a
father and daughter have for each other.²

We rise from the table, and Daddy steps around to kiss me. He puts his
arms around me, and I just melt. Our lips find each other, and I open my
mouth for him. Daddyıs never kissed me like this. As he pulls me against
his body, I feel something hard in the front of his pants. I know what
that is.

I nearly faint from the thrill of Daddyıs kiss, and it seems like hours
before he releases me. Along with the other fathers and daughters, we
slowly move toward the elevator. Daddy keeps his arm around my waist. I
feel my nipples pushing against the fabric of my blouse.

His hand gently rubs my bottom on the elevator. Everybody else is staring
at the dopey numbers above the door, so they donıt notice. I can really
feel the tension, though. Three other daddies and their daughters are on
here with us. We all know whatıs about to happen.

Daddy and I step off at the 14th floor. Our room overlooks the city and
the bay. I stand at the window and look out at the lights. Daddy stands
behind me and puts his arms over my shoulders. I lean back against him and
feel that hardness again, this time pressing into my back. He caresses my
shoulders and arms, and I think about how wonderful he is.

His hands slide lower and cup my breasts. Oh, God! Itıs like electricity
shooting through my body -- or at least from my breasts to my pussy.

My knees are weak. ³Daddy, I really donıt think I can stand up right now.²

³Thatıs fine, angel. Would you like to lie down?²


He leads me to the bed. All the lamps in the room are off, but the lights
from the city let us see each other. I notice a soft smile, and it warms
my heart. I lie back without a pillow. He removes my shoes.

Daddy reaches out and begins to unbutton my blouse. He pulls it open, and
my breasts push up. The nipples are so hard they ache. I can see them
sticking out as he puts his big hand on one and strokes it. A finger
brushes over the tip, and I shudder. He softly massages my breast as he
leans forward to kiss me again.

My mouth opens, and Daddyıs warm, wet lips touch mine. His tongue teases
me, and the tip enters my mouth. Iıve done this with my boyfriend. But
Daddy does it better, and I push my tongue out to touch his. His hand
continues to massage my breast. I would do anything for him right now.

Our mouths part, and he kisses slowly across my cheek to my ear. When he
grasps the lobe with his lips, another surge shoots through my body. Iıve
never felt like this before. He licks behind my ear, and then his tongue
trails slowly down my neck. While heıs been stroking one breast, the other
has been ignored. I crave a touch there, and he kisses toward it.

His mouth opens as he lowers his head to my aching tit. My breast
disappears into his mouth, and I feel his tongue on my nipple. I lift my
chest as if to push my breast into his mouth. Pleasure ripples through my
body as Daddy fondles and sucks me. I subconsciously part my legs, though
my skirt limits me. If I were alone and feeling this way, Iıd be touching
myself by now. Instead, Iım letting Daddy have his way with me.

He lifts his head and looks softly into my eyes. ³Roll over, angel.²

I obey and roll onto my stomach. He pulls my blouse from my arms and rubs
my back before sliding his hands toward my waist. His fingers find the
zipper of my skirt and ease it open. I feel his hands on the sides of my
waist as he pulls the skirt down, and I move to help him. I push my bottom
into the air as Daddy slides the skirt off. Lying on my stomach, I canıt
see his face. I imagine him lusting for my body.

He pulls the skirt over my feet. His hands touch my ankles, pushing my
legs apart slightly and then slowly massaging up my calves and thighs.
Daddy puts his big, firm hands on my bottom and strokes the cheeks through
my silk panties. I realize Iım drenched between my legs. His thumbs are in
the vee of my legs, pulling my bottom open gently.

³Letıs take these off now,² he says, and again I lift my mid-section in
the air to help him undress me. He slides the panties down my legs, and my
bottom is raised and exposed to him. He caresses and strokes it while
moving my legs farther apart.

I feel his kisses on the back of my knee, and he moves slowly up my thigh.
He licks the crease between my bottom cheek and my thigh and then his
tongue moves toward the center. I am nothing but a puddle now. My body
trembles with pleasure and anticipation. It feels like juice must be
dripping from between my legs.

And then Daddyıs tongue reaches deep between my legs, touching my sex lips
before tracing a trail over my pussy and into my bottom. He touches
everything, even my little asshole. I moan aloud. ³Oh, Daddy. Yes,

His tongue continues to lick me all over. It feels like itıs everywhere at
once, and I canıt keep myself from moaning some more. I lift my hips to
open myself and let him have me better.

His tongue presses between my lips to tickle my clit, it pushes against my
sex and it licks all the way back to the top of my cheeks. I groan.

Daddy rolls me over again, and for the first time since I was a very
little girl he sees me between my legs. I am proud for him to see that Iım
becoming a woman. I have a little tuft of pubic hair, but itıs lightly
colored and doesnıt hide my lips, which are swollen. I open my legs to
show him my private place.

He lowers his head and kisses my mound. He gently tugs my pubic hair with
his lips, and I giggle. Then I feel his tongue licking my slit, and I melt
for the 100th time tonight.

Each time he licks me, his tongue presses in a little farther and goes a
little deeper. I feel it on my opening and then, for the first time, it
touches my clit. ³Oh, yes,² I moan. ³That feels so good. Do it, Daddy. Do

Daddy licks and sucks between my legs as my mind zooms and zips and races
and soars and then I begin to get the same feeling as when I stroke myself
with my fingers. I am going to cum while Daddy licks me. Oh, yes. ³Lick
me, Daddy. Keep doing it.²

Pressure builds between my legs. My mind spins out of control. And then,
like when a fuse has burned to its end and reached the bundle of dynamite,
an explosion rips through my body. ³Iım cumming, Daddy. Oh my
goddddddddddddd ......²

My hips jerk, pushing hard against his mouth. Spasms wrack my body. I
twist on the bed, but his mouth remains fastened to my sex as his tongue
flicks my clit and prolongs my orgasm. I push my pussy against his mouth.
As the last burst ripples through me, he slows down and gently lifts his
head. We smile at each other. ³I love you, Daddy.²

³And I love you, too, angel.²

I lie on the bed with my legs splayed while Daddy stands. Heıs still
wearing the clothes he wore at dinner, and I watch him undress. He removes
his pants, and his dick makes a tent in his underwear. I giggle at him,
and he gives me a wink.

Wearing nothing but his boxer shorts, he stands before me and then lowers
them while I stare at the biggest, hardest, reddest penis Iıve ever seen
in my life.

Well, actually, Iıve never seen one hard before. Iıve seen soft ones on
boys -- and even Daddy a long time ago -- and Kerry told me how they get
when a guy is excited. But this seems huge!

It bobs as Daddy walks around the foot of the bed and lies on the other
side. He leans back on a couple of pillows. ³Come over here, angel,² he
says softly. ³Would you like to touch it?²

³Yes; may I?² My voice is so soft Iım not sure he can hear me.

³Put your hand around it. Thatıs it. Now stroke it slowly. Yes, like that.
Oh, that feels good.²

My hand didnıt even half cover it, but I did what he said and stroked the
skin up and down.

³Thatıs right, angel. Pump it. This is kind of like what guys do for
themselves to have an orgasm. Sometimes itıs called milking.²

³I like to touch it. It feels hot.²

³Would you like to kiss it?²


³Well, I would like for you to.²

I lean forward and pucker my  lips, placing a big kiss right on the tip of
Daddyıs penis. A drop of liquid is on the tip, and I lick it from my lips.

³A lot of people call this a cock. Would you like to use that word?²

³Yes, Daddy. May I kiss your cock again?²

He smiles. ³Yes, go ahead.²

I kiss it even longer this time.

³Would you like to put it in your mouth? Thatıs what women do for their lovers.²

³Iıll do anything for you.²

I open my mouth widely and lower my head. The tip of his cock bumps my
tongue as I take Daddy inside.

³Mmmmmm, that feels good, angel. Have you ever done this before?²

I raise my head briefly. ³No, Iıve never even touched one before. But itıs

³Iım glad you think so.²

Again I take Daddyıs cock into my mouth.

³Suck on it like itıs a Popsicle.²

I do as he tells me and move my head up and down. I like the feeling of
his soft skin sliding over my lips, even though I canıt even get half of
his length into my mouth. I grasp the base of his cock with my hand.

Daddy puts his hand on my head and touches me gently as I continue to
suck. ³That feels good, angel. You are very skillful.²

I feel proud, even though I canıt say anything because my mouth is full.

³Some day youıll do this until an orgasm occurs,² he says. ³And then
youıll get to swallow what comes out. But tonight we have something very
special to do, so I think youıd better stop²

Reluctantly, I release his knob from my mouth. It twitches as I stare at
it, coated with my saliva.

³Are you ready?² he asks.

³I think so,² I reply, sounding more confident than I feel.

³Lie back, then.²

He guides me onto my back, and I open my legs for him.

³Donıt forget the Mommy Towel,² I remind him. He reaches for the small
white towel on the bedside table. I lift my bottom from the bed, and he
spreads it under me. Daddy kneels between my legs, his cock jutting

³Lift your knees,² he says.

I obey. He moves forward and uses his hand to aim his cock. I feel the tip
touch the wetness between my legs. I shudder.

With his cock poised at my entrance, he looks into my eyes. ³This might
hurt a little bit.²

³OK; Iım ready.² I grit my teeth.

³I love you, angel.²

He lies over me, and I feel his cock pushing in. The first touch is
electrifying, but then I feel him encountering resistance. A twinge of
pain and he pauses. I relax and then he pushes again; the pain returns.

Daddy shifts for a better position, always pressing his cock against my
opening. Now I feel him pushing into me harder. I feel like my body is
being ripped in two. He grunts and thrusts, penetrating me deeper.

³Oh, Daddy, it hurts,² I cry.

He doesnıt say anything. I feel his cock moving in farther, and the agony
spreads through my groin as Daddy tears my hymen with his manhood. My sex
is spread and stretched. He withdraws slightly and pushes in harder.

I scream. Loudly. I canıt help it. The hurt is overwhelming as Daddy
continues to push inside me.

³Just one more minute sweetheart. Itıs almost over,² he assures me.

He pulls his hips back and then lunges forward again. I feel like Iım
being split open as the entire swollen length of Daddy enters my virgin
channel. Pain races through my body, and a teardrop forms in my eye before
I feel him relax on top of me.

³Itıs all the way in, angel,² he says in a soothing tone.

He lies still until the pain begins to ease. ³Itıs better now,² I whisper.

³Thatıs good,² he says as he kisses me on the lips.

He slowly slides nearly all the way out and then pushes in again. It
doesnıt hurt as much this time. I relax a little.

Another slow thrust in and out feels even better. He moves a little
faster. Iım still too tender to truly enjoy it, but I do like the feeling
of Daddy on top of me. Itıs not hurting as badly, and I can tell he feels
good. I lift my hips slightly to give him a better angle.

His breathing becomes more rapid, and he moves in and out of me faster.
³Yes, Daddy,² I gasp.

The seconds and minutes blur together as Daddy does it to me. Realizing
the worst of the pain is over, I relish the feeling of him thrusting in
me. I squeeze my pussy on his cock, and he moans softly before quickening
his pace. I feel so lucky to have Daddy on top of me, being my first.

³Iım going to cum now,² he says with a labored voice. I look up to see him
gaze into my eyes.

³Do it, Daddy,² I urge, not even realizing what itıs going to be like. But
I can tell that he wants it badly.

He throws his head back and makes one last lunge, burying his cock deeply.
Then he groans, and I feel his cock twitching and pulsing inside me. For
nearly a minute, Daddy moans and pushes against me. I feel liquid flowing
into my pussy.

And then he looks down at me with a smile. ³Congratulations, angel. Youıre
a woman,² he says softly.

I smile back at him. ³Thank you, Daddy.²

He pulls back, and I feel his cock slide out of me. Then he reaches down
and uses the Mommy Towel to wipe my pussy. Dabbing me gently, he cleans
between my legs, removing the residue of our event. He carefully folds the
towel and puts it on the bedside table.

Iıve never felt as much love for my Daddy as I feel right now. He made me
a woman, and I will remember this night for the rest of my life.

Before we go to sleep, Daddy puts his fingers between my legs and rubs my
clit until I cum again while I hold onto his shoulder. Then he closes the
curtains, and we fall asleep. I wake up several times during the night and
think in amazement about what we did.

Sunlight slips into the room around the edges of the curtains, and I know
it is morning. Daddyıs still asleep, and I reach my hands under the covers
to fondle his soft cock. It stirs in my hand and becomes firmer. I stroke
it the way he taught me last night and then peel the covers back. I admire
his erection and lean down to kiss it.

³Would you like to do it again?² he asks with a grin on his face.

³Yes,² I smile.

This time it doesnıt hurt at all. He even lies on his back and lets me get
on top so I can control the movement. His eyes light up when I finger my
clit while Iım riding his cock.

He cums again, and I cum several more times, too. Then we order breakfast
from room service, and by late morning, itıs time to pack and go home. We
drag ourselves out of bed and put everything in the overnight bag we
brought. I carefully put the folded Mommy Towel on top.

I feel like a new person as we drive home. The world seems different ...
brighter, clearer. My senses are at their peak.

We pull into the driveway, and Mom meets us at the front door. Our smiles
tell her that everything went well. She gives me a big hug and Daddy gets
a kiss on the lips. ³I smell another woman,² she teases.

³Yes, I guess so,² he laughs.

We go to the living room, and I unzip the overnight bag. I remove the
Mommy Towel and slowly unfold it. Dried blood, pussy juice and semen
mingle to commemorate the night before.

³Here, Mommy. I brought you the towel.²

I see tears in her eyes, and she accepts the towel with one hand while
hugging me with the other. She kisses my cheek and says, ³Iım so proud of
you, angel. Iıll save this forever.²