- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Marcy's Rape
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Father/daughter

Marcy felt an apprehensive chill as she cautiously opened the front door. The whole house was in darkness. It was after 11 p.m. She was hoping that her father had passed out from his nightly round of drinking. Her mom didn’t get off work until midnight and wouldn’t be home for another hour and a half.

Closing the front door quietly behind her, the young girl quickly dashed quietly toward her room. As she opened her bedroom door, a rough, surly voice reverberated throughout the room.

“Where have you been all night?” The words were slurred.

Her father John was sitting on the side of her bed, inside her bedroom, with a glass of booze in his hand.

“At—at cheerleader’s practice, dad. Coach had to keep us extra late,” the 17-year-old stammered, glancing wildly about the room. She hoped that in his condition that he believed the lie but the look on his face indicated that he didn’t.

Marcy was afraid. Since he lost his job nearly two months ago John had been acting more and more meaner and miserable. And strange, too, as he began drinking on a daily basis.

Marcy had become especially concerned during this period because her father had actually begun to ogle her body when her mother wasn’t around, and a few times he even touched her body, supposedly by accident, which she didn’t believe. Marcy didn’t say anything to her mother because there was way too much tension around the house already. She just tried to avoid being alone around her father at all costs.

This week her mom had started working as a waitress and Marcy was becoming more fearful around her father. God help her, but she actually sensed that her father wanted to screw her.

Just tonight Marcy had told her boyfriend Philip of her concern. (Unfortunately, her telling him only seemed to get him aroused at the idea. Which was the reason why she ended up coming home so late. She had been struggling with Phil, warding off his advances).

“I don’t believe you,” her father said nastily. “Else why’s your bra not straight,” he asked, as he peered closely at her tight button-down.

Marcy held her breath as John stood up. She hugged her body fearfully as he slowly trudged toward her, a leer upon his lips.

“You think you’re so mature, don’t ya?” he said. “Ya wanna be grown-up, don’t ya?” he challenged.

Then he was swaying in front of his daughter, looking down into her frightened eyes. She wanted to speak but she was too afraid. In the past she saw how mean he could get when he was like this, and Marcy found that the best way to handle him was by saying as little as possible.

“Well, guess what?” he asked grabbing her arms, “If you wanna be mature then I’ll make you mature!”

With that he shocked her by grabbing her tighter and pushing and pulling her toward the bed. Then he pushed her down on top of the mattress and she landed in a half-sitting, half-lying position. Suddenly he reached down and put his large hands on her Cardigan and pulled fiercely, tearing it open as the buttons gave way to the force.

“Daddy! No! What are...don’t!” she screamed.

She reached to grab and clasp the Cardigan to close it but John swiftly swung his open palm, hitting her hard across the face.

S L A P !!!

“OWWWW,” she cried, feeling a burning sensation across her face.

Marcy’s mind and body couldn’t react fast enough to stop her father’s violent onslaught. In her initial fearful confusion he tore off her Cardigan and her bra, which had already been partially ripped off by Philip earlier. Now, in a thrice, John had bent down and eagerly pushed his face into his daughter’s full breasts, licking and biting, as Marcy’s gasps turned to cries of fear.

“Daddy, don’t, please...stop...”

She pushed at his face struggling to get him off, and for her to get up.

S L A P !!!

Another crack across her face and as she reached her hands up to protect herself she felt her father pulling at her tight pink jeans. As she hugged her body, crying, John stripped them down off of her body. She now only had her panties on.

“Don’t, please, stop...” She was pleading.

She watched in horror as he stood and unbuckled his belt. At first Marcy thought that he was going to take his belt off from his pants to beat her and her fears worsened. Instead, he dropped his pants.

Her eyes opened wide from fright. Unable to help herself her eyes riveted on her father’s immense 9-inch hardness. Now he was naked, from head to toe. He bent again.

“Oh please daddy no...don’t...”

Marcy was muttering and cringing in fear as he moved clumsily on top of her, grunting. She felt a surge of panic upon feeling his hairy chest against her breasts. Then his hand was tearing away her panties. The lustful scent of sex had his head reeling. He was totally animal now. He wouldn’t, couldn’t be deterred.

When John divested his daughter’s body from its last piece of clothing, he pushed his hand forcefully between her legs.

“NOOO!!!” she screamed again as she thrashed her young body about.

John slipped his finger into her pussy and it was surprisingly moist and sticky.

“Daddy, NO!”

As he pushed his finger in her wet sopping cunt he pressed roughly at her hymen and Marcy screamed in pain. He immediately withdrew his finger and pushed it directly at her clitoris. His daughter thrashed about under him.

“Ooohh! Ohh! Please dad, please... Leave me! D-d-don’t!” she gasped. She was absolutely terrified.

Unheeding, or rather unable to control his lustful needs, John used his knees to spread his daughter’s legs open. Her wet pussy dampened his knee. His hands had grabbed hers and held them up on the bed over her shoulders as his body pinned her beneath him. She was totally vulnerable to his incestuous desires.

She was making every effort possible to push her father’s body off of hers but this movement only served to heighten his excitement as he managed to position his penis head in front of her pink slit. Then he softly thrust his cock head inside, touching and gently testing the hymen as her moist pussy lips closed around it.

“OHHHHH! Oh...No! Please...dad, daddy please...please don’t! Think who, what you’re doing...don’t, daddy, please...Daddy, it’s not right. You’re my daddy... it’s...Oh, daddy don’t, please!”

“It’s incest!” he slurred, “Say it... go ahead... it’s incest... it’s taboo, right?”

Then he quickly answered his own question, “Bullshit! Who says? You? Honey, I’ll show you it is right. Daddy’s been wanting you for a long time. I’m gonna fuck you baby. I’m gonna fuck my daughter. You been teasin’ me for a long time...”

“No...I haven’t!” she whispered in shock at his charge.

Marcy began sobbing hysterically and her father’s cock again pushed against her virginity.

“Yes you have Marse. But I guarantee, no more, baby. I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk for a week. You’re gonna watch my cock stretch your tight red pussy to the limit.”

She felt the pressure of his prick on her hymen. There was a hurt inside her as he continued talking, “I’m gonna squirt all of my hot sperm deep inside you baby. Inside your womb! You’re gonna give me a baby!!!”

At these words Marcy screamed, “NOOO!!!” as her father grasped her shoulders and pushed her body deep into the bed.

His tool gyrated wildly just within the entrance to his daughter’s pussy. Unable to wait any longer, he pushed forward, shoving his red hot cock up her moist slot, fully parting the labia.

Marcy cried as her father’s prick forced its way through her hymen, “Aaah! NOooo! Ohhh!” 

She clenched her teeth as the burning sensations seared her insides. She wanted to close her legs to shut him out, to no avail, and without realizing it the girl had wrapped her legs around his.

“Daddy, daddy, stop... momma... she’ll...Oh please! Take it out...please...It’s...it hurts so much...”

Unheeding, John continued shoving within the entrance, widening it, despite his daughter’s further pleadings. With another thrust, he lodged his root all the way into her nest, bumping against her womb, and evidently causing Marcy extreme pain because her cry was a loud, mournful screech.


Then he began to stroke inside his daughter’s tight pussy with his inflamed cock, moving with piston-like smoothness in and out, relishing in the tightness as her velvet pussy squeezed the dear life out of his cock. He felt the wetness generated by his daughter’s sexual juices, which her body had involuntarily generated.

She was clutching at him now in an effort to hold him still as tears streamed down her face, “No, oh daddy no...this is wrong. Daddy’s...daughters...,” she sobbed. “It’s wrong... father’s aren’t sup-supposed...like you’re doing to me...OHH!”

John was pushing in and out of his daughter now, with eager determination.

“Please, s-s-stop it,” she whispered in a half-strangled voice.

But alas, she knew it was too late. Her father’s cock was doing its work, stretching her pussy to its limit, and even Marcy had become aware that her pussy was soaking. She desperately looked down between their bodies and realized that the glistening wetness that she saw on her father’s affair were her sexual juices.

“Oh, Daddy! P-Please, it’s...it’s not too late,” she lied. “Please s-stop now. I w-won’t tell M-mommy that you did it. She’ll n-never find out that it was you who, er, f-fucked me first. I promise. Please daddy... s-stop please! Don’t c-come in me,” she pleaded as she felt his thrusts becoming more purposeful.

“Stop...PLEEEEZE!... please don’t jerk off you s-sperm inside me. I d-don’t want t-to h-have y-your b-baby. O-ohhhhhhhhh!!!”

Unable to prevent what was happening, and unable to stop the sexual stimulation introduced in her pussy by this traumatizing experience, Marcy found her hips undulating wildly under her father’s powerful thrusts. She was digging her fingers into his back and much to her mortification she felt herself cumming, as her pussy clenched tightly over her daddy’s meat.

John felt her writhing body and her gush of juices onto his cock. He leered wildly at his daughter’s embarrassment.

“It’s okay Marse...fuck me, fuck your father, c’mon, cum, cum. Fuck me like you were born to... Tighten those pussy muscles around my cock like you did before,” he urged as he continued his piston-like movements in and out of his daughter’s bloodied and cum-smeared pussy.

As father and daughter began fucking in unison John moved a hand down between them and pushed his fingers in with his pounding pecker. She bucked wildly at the maneuver.

Shortly thereafter, he removed his hand and brought it over her body to her face. Then he slipped his fingers into his daughter’s whimpering half-opened mouth, giving her a taste of her own pussy, wet them in her saliva and pulled them out again.

Again they moved down to her pussy, and began to rub furiously against his daughter’s clitoris. No longer was there the slightest bit of resistance in the girl. She was hotter than at any time in her young life. The pain had subsided and was replaced by bubbling pleasurable sensations churning through her insides.

Her heels dug into the bed as she pushed frantically with her body up to meet his thrusting meat. She writhed wildly beneath him and she clutched tightly at him.

“Ohhhh!!! Oh, G-god, Daddy! Daddydaddydad, I’m cumming!! Ohhhh, please s-stop now, before its too late!!”

Suddenly, Marcy let loose a flood of her cum, inundating and milking her father’s pumping turgid cock, oiling the rapid-fire, piston-like movements of her father’s violation of her most sacred places.

Becoming short of breath, and close to his first climax inside of his daughter, John continued pumping. Marcy frantically looked between their bodies and witnessed with clarity the sluicing of their sexual organs.

Her father was crazed with wanton lust. He watched Marcy’s eyes travel to where her pussy lips were clinging to his cock like a baby’s clenched fist.

Suddenly he pulled his cock out of his daughter’s pulsating pussy. He knelt up and brought her up into a semi-sitting position. He grabbed her head and forced it closer to his tool.

“I want you to suck your Daddy’s cock now Marcy!!” he said hotly.

“No! Please stop, daddy. Please...You’ve done enough already, please... Stop... I...I hurt so much, you hurt me... You’re so big... I’m so sore... Please stop now, dad!” she pleaded.

John was desperate to cum. His prick was twitching in front of her face.

“Marcy,” he demanded, “If you don’t suck it right this instant, I’m going to stuff it right back into your warm box... I kinda thinks it belongs there anyway, you’re so warm and wet...And I’m going to come inside you. I swear, Marse, I’ll make you pregnant. Do you want that?”

Her face became wide-eyed with fear. She could see lust had him past the point of making any sense at all. She shook her head frantically.

“Well then, if not, start sucking!” he told her.

“N-no D-daddy, please... don’t make me... choose. I’ll do anything else. Just please don’t have sex with me anymore!”

“All right, Marse, if that’s what you want, if you think you’re too good for me, fine...If you don’t want to suck it then I’ll just...I got to cum, baby!...I’ll just make sure that starting tonight you have a baby inside you. Our child...born of incest between us. I’m gonna cum inside your pussy all night long just to make sure you get pregnant!”

He began to push her back down with one hand, while his other hand grabbed his cock and pushed it toward her cunt.

“Stop! O-okay, okay daddy. I’ll...I’ll do it... just don’t... I can’t get pregnant dad!” she whined. “”I’m too young to have a baby.”

She was back in a sitting position. “That’s better Marse...it won’t be that bad girl...just make daddy happy!”

John directed his immense cock toward his daughter’s face.

“Go easy baby...lick it from top to bottom!” he directed.

Marcy glanced fearfully at the huge thing and hesitated. She considered resisting again but then thought better of it. She realized what the consequences would be if she didn’t do what he wanted.

Slowly she lowered her head forward to her father’s crotch and her lips brushed against his coarse pubic hair.

“Go ahead, Marcy, start licking girl!”, he ordered.

Hesitantly, she extended the tip of her tongue, and ever so gently, flicked it across the length of her father’s penis.

“Mmmmmmmm...lick faster!” he demanded.

Marcy’s laps quickened. She started at his balls, then laved upward to the underside of her father’s cock head, in continuous strokes. John got wildly excited all over again from the sight of his daughter going down on him, giving him head.

He blustered, “Oooooo, goooood, Marse, gooood...Now swallow baby... swallow Daddy’s cock and start sucking it. And I mean really suck it!”

As Marcy opened her lips to plead, her dad, anticipating her rebelling, pushed the full length of his cock into her hot moist mouth.

“Nnnnnnnggggggg!!!!” a sound escaped from within his clenched teeth and he clutched at the back of his daughter’s head drawing her mouth fully upon him.

“Now...now put some real suction on that, baby!... Oh, god...yeah... ooooo yeah niiiiice... nice daughter...ohhhh what a daughter...mmmm, oooo baby I’ve wanted you for years... ooohhh yeahmm you’re goooood...”

Marcy took her father’s flesh into her mouth as deep as she could and sucked, conscious that in addition to the taste of her father’s cock, she was also tasting her own pussy juices, and her own virginal blood, from when her father had fucked her.

She continued sucking and giving light twirling of her tongue against the underside of father’s cock’s head. And as she sucked, she noticed that his breathings were becoming more erratic.

His cock had never before felt so massively swollen. Either Marcy was a quick natural learner or she had a lot of experience, he thought. Her mouth and tongue worked in conjunction together, driving him out of his mind. Even the slurping sounds that her mouth made around his cock made him wilder. He thrust his hips into her and pushed his cock deeper into the girl’s gargling-sounding throat, and then pulled his body back. His hands, wrapped around her head, clutched tighter at the back of his daughter’s mane.

He fucked into her mouth. “Oooo ohhh baby mmmm yeah oh oh honey suck it yeah ohh, I’m...da-dadddddy’s gonna ohh cum...swallow it suck it swallllll...”

He moved harder and swifter while at the same time he muttered incoherently.

Oh, no! Marcy realized what was about to happen. The thought that she would have to swallow her Daddy’s cum when he climaxed, horrified her. She froze. Immediately, she stopped and just as quickly her father grabbed fiercely at her hair, pulling it from her scalp.

“Keep on sucking!” he yelled.

Marcy whimpered, and even though he was hurting her badly, she refused to move her mouth.

John’s cock was throbbing. He’d be damned if he would jerk himself off to finish. He was too far gone. One way or another his daughter was going to get his cum, he determined.

He made up his mind.

“All right, since you don’t like sucking then we’ll fuck again!... I know you loved that... didn’t you? It made you cum hah?” he said as he pulled his cock from her mouth and pushed her roughly backwards onto the bed.

“I’m gonna cram my meat up your hot glove again. And I’ll squirt you with my semen, too. You’re gonna have a baby little girl,” he mocked her.

Pushing himself atop her, he prepared to rape his daughter again. “Ah, this time I fuck you good. I’m gonna fill you with my cum!”

“Please... daddy! S-stop it, now! Incest...this is incest for cristsakes!”


Her face was jolted 90 degrees. She started crying and whimpering. “No daddy don’t... F-father’s aren’t suppose to... fuck their daughters. You’ve got to stop. I don’t want you to c-cum in me. I’m afraid of getting pregnant dad, can’t you see? This is wrong!”

He then set upon her and thrust his hot throbbing pecker at her pussy-lips, unheeding his daughter’s pleadings. With a sense of urgent desperation, he began his consummation of the act in earnest. As she gasped in alarm, he lifted both of her legs and brought them to rest on his shoulders. Marcy was crying like a helpless child.

“This way you’ll like it more. It’ll be deeper penetration, Marse. A whole lot deeper than before love,” he promised his daughter.

Marcy’s eyes widened at the realization of their sexual position. He supported his body with his hands, with her legs against his shoulders, and his cock throbbed for the incestuous union of the sexes. John leaned forward and his cock brushed against his daughter’s pussy lips. He rubbed up and down, despite the cries and continuous protest from his daughter.

With a meaty thrust, he slid into his baby’s tight channel, reveling in how hot and wet his daughter’s pussy was.

“Ohhh!!! Thaaaat h-hurt’s,” moaned Marcy as she felt her Dad’s immense mass of flesh ride up into her wet nest, bumping harshly against her womb.

Realization came to her that this time, it was for real. Dad is going to cum inside me!, she panicked. Writhing her body, she pushed fiercely, trying to dislodge her legs from his shoulders. Unfortunately, her actions increased the lustful feelings within her father, and he began to pound harder into his daughter’s pussy.

Waves of unwanted pleasure pulsated through Marcy’s pussy. His cock was eliciting all of her pent-up suppressed lust. It was moving in and out and Marcy began groaning. John felt his daughter responding as she began to push back at him.

“Oh baby...ooo yeah fuck...fuck...,” he grunted and thrust harder inside her.

“Yes, daddy...yes,” she hissed as pleasure overtook her fears.

She moved harder under him.

“Oh...oh...daddy!” she cried, realizing that she was about to cum again!

“Oh daddy I...I...think ooohhh I’m I think...I’m going to cum...,” she yelled as her pelvis pushed with wild abandon and she clutched frantically at the sheets, screaming, as her head whipped rapidly from side to side.

John pounded fiercely into his daughter, realizing that she was about to cum again.

“Come on, love... we’ll cum together... cum... we’ll mix our juices together baby... OHH NNNgggg, here comes our baby honey...!”

Unable to drive away the sheer electric sensations, that she was experiencing from her father’s cock, crammed and pounding inside of her tight pussy, Marcy began blabbering incoherently, giving in to what she had held off all night.

“Oh, m-my daddy... fuck me... stretch me more... do your daughter’s pussy... yeah... yeah... fill me daaaaddy... ohhhhh, ohhhhh, YES! MAKE ME CUMMMM!!!!”

He frantically moved her legs from his shoulders and hurriedly laid down on his daughter as she wrapped her arms tightly around her father’s back. She lunged her hips forward in rhythm to his thrusts. She clenched her pussy muscles tightly each time her Daddy bumped against her womb.

“Oh, daddy! Daddy!...let... let it go... cum... cum in me... juice me... make... our baby... fuck, fuck me. OHHHHH, I”M CUMMINNNNNG!!! HOLLLLD MEEEEE!!!”

“Oh! Oh!” John gasped. “I’m cumming too baby, yeah, OHHHHH YEAH YEAH... milk it... milk it. I’M CUMMING IN YOU BAAABBEEEE OOOOHHHHH!!!”

Shot after shot of semen spewed forth from her father’s cock into her waiting pussy, entering her cunt even as she bedewed her daddy’s prick with her own effusions. Her cunt muscles clenched tightly about his meat, milking it of its final drops. Father and daughter’s sexes remained pressed together to the hilt.

After their final juices were released their bodies began a slow return to normalcy. Soon their lives as they had known them would be over.


The End

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