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[Story Name] Larry's incest experience
[Author] Larry
[Type] Father/daughter

this is a true story..

When it frist started I was worried that I would get caught or someone would find out about my incestous relationship I was having with my little girl. Dawn my daughter is only 8 years old so not only I’am I having sexual relations,but she’s very young but when your sweetest little girl comes up to you and ask’s you to basicaly have/teach her about fucking “like in your movies,or like the pics in those magazine of yours daddy”
It started harmlessly by me , normally i usally would wear shorts that wear ladies 2pc cami-set(lingerie) they where slit up the sides to the waist band and when sitting very revealing. my wife didn’t mind me wearing them nor did i . so i guess most of the time when i was watching tv on the coutch you could see me cock laying there
Dawn started to notice it and started to sit next to her daddy all the chances she could it was also normal to find me playing with it my cock a quick rub,jerk to just stiffen it a little ,which then would cause my dick to show even more.
My wife was cooking dinner one night and me and dawn where just watching tv forgeting she was so close and that my cock could be seen i storked it a few times and yep there it was sticking out of my shorts dawn begain”daddy why do you touch your thing all the time and its sticking out “. woops! sorry honey daddy didnt know it was showing so i tucked it up in my shorts. why do you touch it? Well it feels good and i love doing it. “can i see it some more please” i dont think we should oh come on daddy please ok. i pulled my shorts up higher so my dick was very visable to my daughter she just stared at it and then “asked play with it daddy i like it when you get it big and sticking out.lost in a fog i heard my wife say”honey i need to go to the store i ‘am missing some stuff i need for dinner. I;ll be back in a while,”ok love you “
no sooner then my wife had pulled out dawn’” asked daddy can you and i get naked and show me your penis and you can see my silt. your what? well what is it called just say pussy if know one is around ok do you want to see my pussy daddy
we need to listen for mommy to pull in the drive way as soon as we hear her we must get dressed and not tell her anything about what we where doing mommy dosent like or understand things like i do she’s got all those rules for you kids you know how daddy is easy going letting you guys get away with alot dont i . yea but mommy wouldn’t care. yes she would so if you cant not tell her or let it slip out we need to stop here.
i promise so as fast as we could we where naked looking at each other, god i almost came instantly the site of seeing that little pussy with no hair or anyone to touch it before her smooth skin and body my god shes the sexyest woman i’ve ever seen my cock sticking straight out as hard as ever.
daddy lets watch one of your naked movies i turned on the 24hr satalight porn channel and there was a guy fucking the shit out of some blonde haired bitch oh wow daddy lets do that like they are. well we cant honey your to young and it will hurt you plus we dont know when mommy will be back from shopping . Trust me mommy would freak out if she came home and found us in bed naked have sex. “why daddy” becuase honey’ some people think that people that are related to each other should do those things with each other. well aren’t you and mommy related? well yes and no,we are now becuase we got married but weren’t from the same family. and the other reason why some people say its not right is your too young to understand or want to do these things with someone who is older.
“daddy i do know” I know you do honey why do you think we have been touching and kissing cuddleing . Why dont you think its wrong “I figure as long as i dont force you to do something you dont want to do and your having fun and it feels good why not enjoy it.plus daddy gets so excited about being with you in such a special way that most girls dont get to do with there dads.

I leaned over to my girl looking so sexy ,completely nude and waiting for me to touch her in those special private parts. as our lips met the heat coming off of us could have lit a fire as we opened our mouths to let our tongues twist and explore each others mouths my hands where feeling every part of my daughters body squezzing her butt cheaks her back inside her thighs up to her blad smooth pussy i gently rubbed the outside of her lips dawn ‘s breathing was more intentes the before “oh daddy it feels good keep doing it” my cock was as hard as it has ever been i could feel the cum in my balls starting to raise .
I leaned dawn back on to the bed spread her legs apart and got in between them “honey i know i said we couldn’t have sex ,but daddy needs to feel you ,feel my cock inside your pussy making love to you like only daddy can “ is that ok with you if we do it? yes,yes daddy please make love to me like you and mommy do! it’s going to hurt for a few minutes when i put my cock in your pussy. “Why “ your a virgin honey there a little piece pf skin inside you that the frist time a girl has sex it has to tear the she becomes a women. “i be as gentle as i can i promise you honey!” do you still want to do it.

Oh yes more than anything daddy!. slowly i began to push my cock inside my daughters pussy she let out a groan. i pulled back a little then pushed some more in a little farther then out then at once i shoved it all the way inside her “My god I could feel the hymen tear dawn let out the loudest scream I’ve ever heard i started pumping in and out of her quickly dawns moans of pain gave away to sounds of plesure “yes daddy oh it feels so big daddy make love to me please dont ever stop” and as i heard her saying those things my cock started to throbe pulsateing getting ready to cum inside my own daughters pussy no protection on my dick or her not on any brith control .
my god what was i doing to her. then dawn screams “I HEAR MOMMY PULLING IN THE DRIVE WAY DADDY” holly shit my wife was home hear I am with my cock inside of our 8year old daughter how is this going to look me molseting her is all i can hear people saying in my head. But i was so close to cuming i couldn’t stop if i wanted to i kept pumping my cock into her than yes! fuck yes! take daddys cum honey daddy’s cumming in your pussy “daddy wants to get you pregnat you know you want my cum dont you baby.as i emptyied my cum into her belly i “said you get dressed and i’ll meet your mom by the door dont come out of the bedroom until you see us on the coutch ok honey. as i gave her i quick kiss “i love you honey that was the best sex daddy’s ever had! will talk about later i promise .i love you to daddy
i ran naked out to the kitchen as my wife came in. What the hell are you doing naked at the door i was waiting for you sweetheart. why wheres the kids there out playing dont worry they’ll be home later i need to fuck my sexy wife right now . i grapped her by the arm and tossed her on the couch and started to makeout with her taking her cloths off what if the kids come home who cares thats why we need to hurry up so we dont get caught and with that quick thinking logic she started to fuck her husband i looked up into or bedroom and dawn was standing there watching her dad fuck her mom just like what they had just finished doing i gave her a look to get out of our room before she would get caught dawn sheepishly went into her room and put some cloths on and went out the back door .

a supporter and proud incest lover and father.larry