- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Jana & I
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Father/daughter

Part 1

It was about 11:30 p.m. My daughter was settled in her bedroom and Michelle and I were in ours. I was half on my wife. Our tongues were working in each other's mouths. My hands had moved down from her breasts to the inside of her panties.

My cock was raging inside of my boxer shorts. It had been six months since she first had injured her back and we hadn't had any sex since. This was the night that I had been patiently waiting for.

One of Michelle's hands was playing with the nipples on my bare chest while the other was working inside of my shorts.

"Ma...?" a small voice whispered.

There was a shadow in the doorway of our room. It was Jana, our 12 year old daughter. Michelle and I both froze.

"What's the matter sweetheart?" Shell managed to ask as she pulled her hand from my swollen pecker and moved it out of my shorts.

Inwardly I groaned because I already guessed what was about to happen and I was right. Jana had had a "bad dream"... could she come sleep with us? Yeah... okay, blah, blah blah. And then my daughter was clambering up into our bed from the bottom, and she got under the covers between us.

Michelle whispered over to me, "Sorry...!" and then turned her back on us to go to sleep.

The only trouble with the whole scenario was that I still had a raging hard-on when Jana moved onto the bed. As she settled in I should have turned my back in the opposite direction from my daughter or, at minimal, I should have at least turned onto my back. I did neither. I remained on my side.

Jana laid on her back between her mother and I. Even though it was completely innocent on her part, her bare thigh was next to me and my aroused cock was actually pushing against her; although I'm sure that she didn't have any idea.

I should have turned away but, feeling the heat of her young body against me, I couldn't. As I lay in the semi-darkness my mind became totally conscious of my body pressing against the heat of my daughter. The awareness was forcing my cock to remain in its stiff state. I didn't want to pull away!

Tying not to alert Jana to what I was doing I inched my hips into her as much as possible. My cock was actually twitching against her hot leg, yet apparently she wasn't aware. As a matter of fact my daughter simply fell right back to sleep in a matter of minutes.

The silence from Michelle indicated that she too had quickly fallen to sleep.

Still my cock was hard.

I had never, even in my wildest dreams, ever given any thoughts of having sex with my daughter, but now I found that my aroused cock seemed to be without any conscience. I just wanted to cum. By this time I was so far gone that I had to get some relief.

My thoughts were scrambled and I couldn't get control over my sexual feelings. Pressing tightly against my daughter's thigh I suddenly relaxed and then, ever so gently, pulled back ever so slightly. My inflamed cock was throbbing. Throwing caution to the wind I again moved into her tightly. Then I again moved back slightly. Thus began a steady gentle rhythm away from and into Jana's thigh.

My cock was building up its juices within and I knew that this pushing, no matter how gentle, was going to culminate in my shooting my load in my boxer shorts, unless...

My mind was now a mumbo jumbo of hotness. I had stopped thinking logically.

I nervously moved my hand down and released my throbbing prick through the slit and out into the open. Then I pushed into her again. I had to suppress a moan and I held my breath from the excitement as my raw cock touched the flesh of my daughter's hot thigh just below her pajama panties.

Suddenly, I wanted to do more. God forgive me but I wanted to touch her budding breast while I quietly and gently fucked her leg.

I moved my hand in two stages; the second after my daughter didn't react to the first: First, my arm went over her little body and under her little breasts, while my hand rested down her other side. Jana didn't move and was obviously in a contented sleep. I gently pulled my hand back up over my baby's body and, while I fucked against her leg, my fingers nervously rested down over her pajamas, at the chest.

And then my open hand was actually resting on Jana's budding tit. My cock was twitching wildly as I pushed my flesh against hers. I felt the end nearing. I began squeezing so softly on my young daughter's little tit. My mind was exploding with invisible blasts of light.

And then my cock began shooting... squirt after squirt as I pressed my cock tightly against Jana's thigh. As I was erupting I suddenly felt her hand move on top of mine as I was squeezing her tit.

Her hand only rested on mine. She wasn't making any attempt to struggle away. She was probably still asleep, I thought. And then I finally finished releasing the last of my juices on her leg.

As I finally began to relax and rest, Jana's head turned to me and, in the dimness of the room, I saw her eyes search deeply into mine. My hand was still on her breast and hers was still on top of mine.

Her eyes held on mine for at least 2 minutes. I didn't say a word. I was too afraid. I was just waiting for her to react. I was already making up a story in my mind. 'I had a dream!' Jana would know otherwise but I was sure that Shell would believe me.

Still looking into my daughter's eyes I finally soundlessly mouthed the words, "I'm sorry!" and to my amazement Jana half turned, took her hand off of mine and reached out and placed one of her fingers on my lips. She then silently shushed me.

The next thing that I knew she was moving off of the bed and she quickly retreated out of the room. I heard the bathroom door close and realized that she had gone to clean my cum off of her body.

And then the most strangest thing of all occurred. Jana quietly returned with a towel in her hand. In the semi-darkness she handed it to me and then she bent over and kissed me on the cheek, whispered "Good night," and returned to her own bedroom.

I used the towel to wipe off the excess cum that had dripped onto the bed.

In the morning, when Jana joined Michelle and I for breakfast, I held my breath, not knowing what my daughter might say about the night before.

She said nothing. To my relief she didn't even give me any funny looks. She looked as innocent as on any other day. I thanked my lucky stars. I said a silent prayer of thanks and vowed to myself never to allow anything like that to ever happen again.

Jana seemed to be in the same frame of mind as I. After that there was no further mention of the incident from either of us and she didn't try to come into our bed anymore.

I don't know if it was just because I'm a man or because I have some sort of an evil perversion in me but, once the initial shame of what I had done began to wear off, I then found myself becoming more aware of my daughter's femininity. Although she was only 12 she was still a female. My curiosity couldn't get past that.

During the ensuing months I found myself probably much more interested in the way that Jana was physically maturing than how she was mentally maturing. I often found myself looking intently at her little ass which was shaping up into what could only be described as fantastic. I watched her young hips and young breasts filling out quite nicely. As much as I was taken in by the young femininity of my daughter, I was extra careful making sure that neither she nor my wife Michelle was aware of my growing interest.

I was coming to the realization that, like it or not, I had incestuous tendencies hidden within me that were coming to the surface.

Occasionally, Jana caught me running my eyes over her young exciting body...

When she did I would quickly avert looking into her eyes and turn away.

Once, a few months after the initial night, Jana happened to sit on my lap.

Within seconds my cock expanded to its full size inside my pants. As it shot up under her Jana immediately jumped off of my lap.

Part 2

It was more than a year later when the next incident occurred. Jana, who was by then almost 14 years old, was left in the living room with her boyfriend after Michelle and I went upstairs to bed.

I awoke shortly after falling asleep. I had to go to the bathroom. When I finished I started back to my bed but, thinking that Jana's boyfriend had left and that she was safely in bed, I decided to make sure that the front door was securely locked.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs I started to walk toward the front door.

My internal antennae were suddenly raised as I heard a sound from the living room. It sounded like a hum and it sounded like it was feminine. I immediately thought of Jana. It was at this point that I realized that her boyfriend may still be there. Assuming that they were watching television, I crossed the hall quietly. I figured that I'd just look in and verify their presence and, so as not to embarrass Jana, I figured that I'd back away without them seeing me. All that I wanted to do was to make sure that he was still there. Because, if I knew whether or not he was or wasn't there, it would determine if I'd have to recheck the lock on the front door later.

As I reached the living room I immediately became aware that something, other than what I considered to be normal for the house, was happening. The TV wasn't on and, now that I was in the room, the sounds emanating from inside the room were much more noticeable and obviously were coming from the couch. From my vantage point, about 10 feet behind the couch, I quickly determined that the feminine moans belonged to my daughter.

Slowly and soundlessly I moved inwardly until I was at the side of the couch looking down at the young couple. I was stunned. My body stiffened. Petting wasn't the word for this.

The boy was still fully clothed (although I didn't think that was going to last much longer) and lying on top of my daughter. Their mouths were working feverishly on each other, panting and gasping and sucking. Jana continued moaning and her body was moving from side to side under him.

In a few seconds I took in this whole mouth/lip scene and then I moved my eyes lower and was numbed.

Jana's blouse was completely unbuttoned and opened wide. What was even wilder was that the boy had managed to push her bra up and over her breasts and his hands were squeezing at the flesh while at the same time he was sucking wildly at her mouth. His hips were pushing down into hers and her hands were frantically pulling his head down harder so that their mouths could work harder with each other.

Jana kept moaning and twisting her body under him.

I was frozen in place and I kept looking down. My immediate reaction had been to scream at them to stop, but as the scene unfolded I found myself too fascinated by their actions to react. Involuntarily my cock had immediately expanded to its full size in my boxer shorts. I felt shaky. I was actually getting turned on watching the youngsters in their passion.

As I started to move to the front of the couch one of the boy's hands left my daughter's tit and moved down to her shorts. Almost as a non-person I watched with passionate fascination.

As his hands reached the side of her shorts my eyes were glued to the nipple that he had just temporarily deserted. One of my hands moved to adjust the tightness of my cock in my shorts and it was then that I realized how wet I was.

The boy had opened the button at the side of Jana's shorts and then pulled down the zipper. As I silently watched, his hand eagerly moved to the top of her panties and I saw it disappear within. I could actually make out when his fingers were at her young crotch and suddenly the muffled moans from my daughter became wilder.

Her whole body was reacting hotly.

I knew that I should be ashamed at myself but I must admit that, if they hadn't become aware of my presence, I probably never would have interfered and would have ended up watching my baby being fucked. I was as turned on as they were. My cock was raging at the sight of these two youngsters in the throes of complete abandoned passion.

It was probably when his finger pushed into her hole that caused my daughter's eyes to pop open.

Suddenly she gasped and pulled her mouth from him, "Dad!" she whispered.

Fear was written all over her face as she was obviously in a total panic.

The boy scrambled off of her and began stammering.

My eyes were drawn to my daughter's chest. I couldn't keep my prick from throbbing as I absorbed the beauty of the young twin mounds of flesh. Then her hands were pushing the bra down to cover her tits and I looked up at her face. She had obviously watched where my eyes had been lingering.

"Yeah, okay Billy, I'll... I'll see you tomorrow..."

I was in a complete fog. I hadn't heard a word that the boy had said. Jana apparently was responding to him. By then she had moved into a sitting position on the couch and her shaking fingers were quickly buttoning up her blouse. And then as she was starting to stand her fingers pulled up the zipper on her shorts.

Billy had reacted with a speed that I didn't know existed. As she came to a standing position in front of me, I heard the front door close behind him.

As Jana and I looked at each other I found my eyes stray momentarily to her chest. The sight of the top of her flesh mounds beneath the blouse and the thought of what I had seen caused another involuntary jump in my boxers. It had to be this that caught my daughter's eye.

As I watched her, she lowered her gaze to my crotch. Her attention caused yet another jump by my cock. Then she looked back into my eyes. I looked at her reddened, almost swollen lips. I don't know if I had ever before seen such a hot passionate look on a girl's face.

My anger was finally about to erupt when suddenly I recalled that night over a year ago. And I recalled her ensuing silence.

I'm sure that Jana was totally unprepared for my next move. I turned away from her and started walking out of the room. I looked back at her face for a second, saying, "Goodnight, hon," and I quickly left the room to check the lock on the front door and returned to my bedroom, leaving her to her inner feelings of relief.

When I got back to my bedroom Michelle was still sound asleep. I settled back down on the bed. I heard my daughter climbing the stairs and then enter her room. Then I heard her enter the bathroom and begin her shower. A few minutes later I heard the water being shut off and then I heard Jana's bedroom door shut behind her.

All of this time that she was showering my hand was squeezing at my still hardened prick. I imagined Jana's naked body under the shower and my excitement increased.

As soon as I heard her bedroom door close after she showered I moved off of the bed. I had contemplated waking my wife for sex but decided that was a bad move and she might ask questions as to why I was so horny. I decided to masturbate instead to settle me down. However, I didn't want to have Michelle wake up and find me jerking off. I moved to the bathroom to finish myself off. I also had one other important motive.

Like an anxious kid I rushed into the bathroom and locked the door. Then I hurriedly opened the hamper. Right there on the top of the rest of the wash was the object of my desire. I reached in and my hand grasped at the silk panties. I quickly pulled them out and held them. They were closer to being described as wet than as damp or moist. My cock was throbbing. Obviously Jana had been tremendously aroused earlier.

Unable to control my forbidden desires any longer I brought the crotch of her panties up to my mouth and my nostrils drew in their powerful reeking aroma deeply into my lungs.

My hand immediately began pulling on my cock.

I knew that I was moaning into her delicious panties but I couldn't help myself. The smell of her cunt was causing me to lose all sense of reality.. I opened my mouth upon the crotch and sucked on the wetness.

I was jerking frantically and fantasizing. 'Oh Jana... Jana... !' Within minutes my cum was shooting out into the bathtub that I was standing over.

I had never smelled anything as wild as my daughter's panties. In my erotic state I decided that I wanted to keep them. I determined that I would hide them in one of my bureau drawers that my wife never goes in.

I finished cleaning the bathtub and, with the panties in my hand, I opened the bathroom door to leave.

I had forgotten how loud that I had been moaning and didn't realize that my sounds would attract attention. As I came out of the bathroom I came face to face with my daughter.

Jana's eyes immediately fell to her panties that were clasped in my hand and, realizing what it was that I was holding, she looked up into my face and eyes, as if she were looking at me for an explanation.

I continued walking past her and whispered, "'Night baby," and left her there wondering.

Jana never saw those panties again and I'm sure that she knew that I kept them.

Part 3

For the rest of the week things at the house were almost as normal as they had been, except that where I had been only looking at my daughter as a female, and keeping my distance, I now was actually beginning to lust for her. I couldn't shake the memory of how her bare tits had looked that night when I had gawked upon her hot young body.

On Saturday she finally spoke of the incident.

Michelle was outside the house tending her garden and my daughter and I were alone at the kitchen table.

"Dad?" she said.

"Yeah hon?" I responded.

"I..." she started and then hesitated. Because of the way that she was acting I knew that she was about to speak of that night. "Er,... Billy and me, I just, er... I don't know... I, er, just want to thank you for not telling ma and not making a big deal out of it. I... er I, we were, er wrong.

I'm, er, sorry, and I just want to thank...it won't happen again, either."

She finished stumbling through the apology.

Then it was my turn. This was terribly awkward.

"Um... yeah, well... me too sweetheart. I never thanked you either... and I owed you... you, er, could have...Let me ask you sweetheart. How come, er, why didn't you ever tell mom?" Our eyes met and held. A soft gentle smile came on her lips and suddenly my 13 year old daughter seemed older in common sense than any grown up.

"For what?... You couldn't help what happened, could you?" I didn't answer and she continued, "And you never did anything else... except maybe look...but you didn't try to force me. There are some girls, you know, whose fathers have...well, you know - you didn't do that! And that night I, er, I'm not stupid, I didn't mean to but I was against your body...I know what that's supposed to do when, er... a man's... er, thing, er, touches a girl. I felt how yours was against my bare leg. You didn't force anything. I probably should have moved away from you as soon as we touched."

"Yeah, well thanks hon."

After a few moments her conversation returned to her night with Billy. She asked, "How come you didn't act like...you know...an aggrieved parent. I mean, any other parent would have gone ballistic. And you didn't even tell ma, which was really rad."

"Baby, er, can I say something?" I asked.

She nodded.

"Look, you, er, I don't know how but you, er, seem awful mature...awful wise." Jana smiled at this and I continued, "I couldn't get...go ballistic...That night there was only one person to really get mad at...me!"

"I don't understand, da."

"I, er, could have...should have stopped you and Billy, but...," here I hesitated, then said softly, "Baby you promise this will be our secret what I say?" She nodded. I looked at her and my chest was tight. I continued, "I didn't want to, er, stop you baby. I... I know that I should have but... I can't really explain this to you but, I... er... my, er, body..."

My daughter interrupted with a gentle smile on her lips, "I know, dad. I saw you, remember?"

"I, er, I saw you too, remember?" I said dumbly.

We both fell into a silence for at least a minute. I was about to return my concentration to the book that I had been reading, when Jana asked me softly, "What, er, what got you that way that night dad?"

"Which night hon?" I wasn't sure if she meant the original night or the night of this past week.

"The night with Billy and me. I mean was it, er, what we were doing? Or...." she paused here for a pregnant moment, "Or was it from seeing me?" I was frozen in this conversation now. What do I tell her? This was my daughter for cripesakes. Do I tell her it was those beautiful tits?...Do I go so far as to tell her how I lust for her? That would be crazy!

Jana waited for my response and I finally summoned up the courage to respond.

Looking her directly in the eyes I said, "Probably a combination of both... but it...revolved around you...I mean, looking at your, er, nakedness turned me on, but the fact that it was you that was going to be fu... making love, and seeing you so hot was what completely turned me on. I... I can't explain... but I, er, I think that I, er, wanted to see you f... making... getting fucked. I mean I can't explain but I, er, was as hard, er, excited as I had ever been."

The smile that had been playing at the corner of her lips suddenly widened and she said, "I know!" After another twenty seconds she then probed further, "Does that mean if we hadn't stopped that you never would have stopped us."

I lowered my head, ashamed. Then I nodded.

"And you would have watched?" A shocked Jana was speaking in a whisper now.

I nodded again.

"And liked... enjoyed, seeing us... er, fuck?" By this time in the conversation I realized that my cock had again reacted on its own. Hearing my daughter speak like that caused a twitching reaction.

My pants were pressing tightly on the hardness within.

"Yeah, honey, I think that I would have," I said honestly.

Another thirty seconds of silence and then the bombshell.

"Do, er, do I, er, turn you on Dad? I, er, you, er, you...I see you look at me a lot..." she continued in a whisper.

I felt trapped. How should I answer? "I, well yeah, I do look at you... I... You've grown up baby...You're becoming... you are a woman... and I'm sorry hon, but I can't help looking. I know it's wrong and all, but I just don't want to stop looking at you. I think of you a lot... especially this week since I saw you..."

And then a long moment, probably a minute of silence, and then: "My panties dad. Er, why did you take them?" I was beginning to lose my fear of talking openly with her.

"It, they bring you back to me... fully... every night. They bring you back to me vividly. And... well I, er... I mas... er..."

"You masturbate?" she whispered.

"Yeah baby. I'm sorry, but yeah, I do."

Another twenty seconds.

"But what about mom?"

"She's asleep when I do it," I said.

"No, I don't mean that," she said. "I mean why do you have to masturbate when you have mom?" By now we had gone way too far in the conversation to cut it off.

"I, er, that's a problem, hon, I...I don't have mom...we've tried but her, er, back just won't let her. She hurts too bad. It's been over two years since we were able to really...we tried a few times since but it just doesn't seem to work."

Jana then became quiet for at least two minutes as she seemed in deep thought. Finally she continued, "So masturbating is a replacement?"

"Yeah, I guess so," I responded.

"But why, er me, my er, panties? Do you er think of me when you do it?" Her eyes were intent on mine.

"Yeah... baby... I'm, er, I'm sorry hon, but yeah I... er, do."

Once more she nodded her head and became silent; pensive. Obviously the entire conversation sparked my daughter's thought process.

Shortly after, Michelle came back into the house and we resumed our normal chatting.

I don't know if Jana thought any further of our conversation but I continuously played it back in my head.

At about 7 p.m. that night Michelle went out on the porch by herself and my daughter Jana and I were again alone in the house.

"Dad?" she whispered softly.

"Yeah babe?" I responded.

She looked me dead in the eyes. I saw her nervousness and then I saw her draw a deep breath.

"Do you want me?" she barely managed to speak.

I was totally silent and frozen in time. I think that by now that we both already knew the answer to this. The question was what would my response be? Did I have the guts to say it? And what if she said okay, then what? Would I really go through with it? Our eyes were riveted on each others and I saw a mixed look of uncertainty and excitement in her face.

I had held my breath for a long moment and then finally exhaled. I then started giving her short nervous nods.

Jana then nodded back as if to respond that yes she knew that I wanted her.

But that was as far as her acknowledgment went.

Nothing more was said at that time.

At 10 p.m. that night Jana got up from the couch to go to her bedroom for the night. As she stood, she suddenly looked over at me in the easy chair..

Our eyes held.

Then she turned and said "Goodnight," to both Michelle and I. Jana bent and kissed her mother on the cheek and then came toward my chair; our eyes upon each other. Normally she gives me a kiss on the cheek but this time she also added a whispered two words in my ear, "Me too!" And then she ran upstairs.

I don't know just how she was expecting me to respond but if my daughter thought that I would take the next step then I'm sure that she was surprised. I had summoned up every bit of common sense that I possessed and I was determined to stop all of my nonsense.

After Michelle and I had gone to bed I waited until she had gone to sleep..

It was about an hour later that I moved off of the bed and silently left the room. I knocked lightly on my daughter's door and walked in.

Jan was lying there on her side. She had the blanket pulled up to her neck and her eyes looked nervously as I approached. I was sure that if I moved the blanket down off of her neck that I'd find her naked and waiting for me.

I stood a moment before speaking softly.

"Thanks, sweetheart...thank you...I, er, really love you hon. What you wanted to do for your daddy was, well...I'll never forget it. It was great of you to think only of me and not of yourself...But it's...it's not right, sweetheart...for a lot of reasons."

She kept her eyes on mine and I saw hers fill up with tears.

"Look," I continued, "I'll get along...I've had my day. You, you still have your virginity. You don't need to...you have no need to be a...you know...my needs don't matter. This would have been incest...You would have lost your...innocence and you would have been sorry. But, thanks baby...I love you very much."

Throughout my whole spiel Jana didn't utter one word. I saw a tear rolling down her cheek as I walked out. I attributed it to her being thankful that I didn't take advantage of her.

Part 4

Nothing further happened that week. The following Thursday my wife Michelle's back was 'acting up' and when I went into the living room she had taken over my easy chair.

I, in turn, sat in her usual spot at the end of the couch. Jana was at the other end. At some time during the night my daughter made mention that the air conditioner was too low and that she was freezing. A short while later she ran upstairs and came back down carrying a hand-made quilt. She sat back down on the couch, pulled her feet under her, and covered herself with the quilt up to her neck.

About a half hour later Jana made mention that she needed a good pillow and she then laid out straight on the couch, using my thigh for her head rest..

She covered herself completely, from her feet, up over her shoulders to her neck.

The easy chair was to the side, but in front of the couch, so that if Michelle wanted to look at us she would have to make an effort to turn back.

Not likely in her current condition.

While lying with her head on my thigh there were a few times that Jana shifted her head and I would sense that she was actually against my cock.

This thought alone began to start the arousal process. I'm sure that Jana felt the twitching at the back of her head.

Suddenly, she turned her back to the TV, and her body on the couch. At the same time her hand moved way up past my outer hip bringing the quilt along.

In this way my entire crotch area was totally covered. My daughter was feigning sleep with her face facing my crotch. If Michelle looked over it would seem that Jana had simply fallen asleep and turned over.

I quickly realized that my daughter wasn't asleep because I suddenly found her hand pushing against my hard cock from outside of my pants.

I held my breath and I had to concentrate on avoiding making any purring-like sounds. My cock was jumping and Jana kept on with the pushing pressure with her hand.

My whole inner being felt jumpy.

Then I felt her little fingers start to wrap around the shaft and I tensed.

She squeezed on it and then released the pleasurable pressure. She then repeated these movements. She slowly continued at this until my cock was soon raging. I was fighting to stop my hips from involuntarily moving. I felt the final pressure quickly building within my swollen prick.

Suddenly I felt Jana's mouth and chin push into my crotch area and, as she continued squeezing and releasing, I could feel the heat from her breath through my clothing; inflaming me further. I had my mouth shut tight and my teeth were clenched.

Then I was coming within my pants. Spurt after spurt began soaking inside my pants as her hand continued until I finally became soft again.

At this point Jana got up and said "Goodnight" to both Michelle and I and then she went up to bed.

I didn't get a chance to see Jana alone after that.

When Friday night came I was a wild man again. From the time that I came in my pants until this next night my mind had become consumed with incestuous thoughts of my daughter again. I wanted her!

We were back to the usual routine with Jana and Michelle on the couch and myself on the easy chair. During the night I had a hard time not looking over my daughter's body with my wife so near.

During a commercial break on the TV Jana asked, "Why don't we go to the lake tomorrow?"

"No, hon. I don't think so...your mother..." I began.

Michelle interrupted, "Go ahead...don't use me as an excuse. You two need to do some things other than hang around the house. You go...I'll be fine."

We talked about it for quite a while longer and finally it was decided that Jana and I would go. Michelle would stay home as she couldn't drive in the car for any long periods of time. My wife said that her sister Rose would come over to the house to keep her company.

Because the lake was a four hour drive Jana and I decided to leave the house at 5 a.m.

Part 5

By 5:10 a.m. as we pulled out of the driveway it was still dark outside. We drove in silence for about five minutes when finally I heard my daughter say, "I don't really want to go to the lake, dad."

Surprised, I turned my head, first to her and then back to the road. "Ah, hon, you made us get up at 4 o'clock...Why you changing your mind now?"

"I'm not changing my mind. This is what I wanted..."

Suddenly it dawned on me what was happening. I couldn't believe that I had been so nave. I felt an immediate heat within my crotch area. I kept stealing side glances at her and could see that she was just keeping a steady gaze on me; awaiting my response. I was on the highway now. I was in a befuddled state. My 13 year old daughter had apparently planned her own destruction at my hands. I just couldn't do it.

"Baby," I said, "I think that we better go back... er..."

Jana interrupted, "You never asked dad, you told me...but you were wrong... I'm not a virgin."

"Ah shit, baby, you didn't?"

"No, I didn't, like you mean, but...it still happened. A couple of nights before you caught me with Billy on the couch, he was grabbing and trying to...you know...He didn't but, er, his hand...his finger made me bleed. He hurt me."

"I'm sorry, hon, but I, er, still think that..."

"Dad, please let's stop. I... I want... I want what you want. Please???" My mind was awhirl. My daughter wasn't 13 anymore. She was a piece of ass... fucking-flesh... the answer to all of my sexual frustrations.

"Please dad..."

I saw the blinking lights of a motel up ahead and I quickly slowed the car and drove into the entrance area. Jana stayed in the car while I got us a room. (Actually, I rented two rooms, so in case anyone saw us together it wouldn't seem suspicious.) I then drove to the area where the rooms were and parked. I turned off the motor. My chest was pounding heavily.

I turned to my daughter. She was facing me. Our eyes met and held. Finally, as if to answer all of my questions she softly said, "Yes I do."

We both got out of the car and, with trembling fingers, I opened the door to the room. The door was still open when I saw the light switch and reached for it. Jana grabbed my hand to stop me.

"Leave it off, dad... I just want to feel you... okay?" With my free hand I closed the door.

Suddenly Jana and I were in complete darkness. She brought my hand that she had been holding right up to her chest. As my fingers encircled her little breast I heard her suck in her breath.

My fingers began squeezing gently on her little tit and I moved my body into hers. Her hands went around my waist and pulled me further into her. My cock had quickly reached its full size and I felt it push into the crotch area of her shorts.

I lowered my mouth, searching in the darkness for her hot neck, and she let out a quiet "Mmmmmmmmmm," as I sucked at her hot flesh.

When we had first come into the room I saw the location of the bed. Now, in the pitch darkness I started walking forward and pushing my little girl back. All the while my fingers were squeezing at her tit and my mouth and tongue were playing at her neck.

An then we finally reached the side of the bed and Jana fell back, bringing me down alongside her. She had quickly shifted to the middle of the bed.

Then I was pressing against my little girl.

I felt her shaky hands grabbing at my head and ears, pulling my face down to hers. I wasn't prepared for the wild reception that my eager mouth and tongue received from my daughter's hot and wild hungry mouth.

Her mouth opened and began working with a kind of desperation upon mine. My tongue eagerly pushed in between my daughter's sucking lips and she was pushing her whole body hard against mine.

Jana then began the same silent purring moan that I remembered hearing from her on that night with Billy. She was quickly becoming a passionate bundle of sex.

Fervently, my trembling fingers were opening the buttons on my daughter's blouse and, in a matter of seconds, I was pushing her bra up and over the little fleshy mounds of tits.

Soon I was clutching at that flesh and our mouths were frantic against each other. I had moved my body in between my daughter's legs and now she and I were in the exact position that I had found her with Billy.

She was twisting her body hotly from side to side under me as her hands held tightly to my head and her mouth sucked in, in an almost desperate manner, on my mouth.

I began playing with her nipple and this seemed to inflame my daughter further. Her moaning was a constant now and her young body couldn't stop its continuous movements under me; twisting from side to side.

Jana was talking and blabbering into my mouth, "Daddy, ooooo, dad, mmmmmmm..." and her mouth continued attacking mine. I couldn't believe that my 13 year old daughter could be reacting so violently; that she was apparently mentally in wild bliss-land.

I moved a hand from one of her breasts and I sought and found the button on her shorts. And then I was hungrily pulling the zipper down.

Like her boyfriend Billy I moved my hand to the top of her panties and then moved it inside. The feel of the hot tender flesh of her belly under the palm of my hand caused my prick to spurt out a blast of cum.

I'd never been this hot and wild for sex.

As my fingers gently passed over her clitoris, my daughter gasped and sucked in a huge mouthful of air from my mouth. At the same time, her hips lunged upward in an automatic reaction to the pleasure shooting through her body.

As I began working my fingers at her hairless pussy we were both completely beyond any real human thinking. Animal lust had overtaken both of us. We were both obsessed with only one thing now.

Jana's pussy was as bald and as soft as when she was born. As I moved my finger within her cunt I was amazed at the amount of juices within my daughter's box. It was then that I remembered and understood the wetness of her panties on that night that she and Billy got so worked up.

Her whole body was a tinderbox of passion. As I gently pushed one of my fingers into my daughter's hole she violently thrust her hips upward and her hands grasped tighter on my head. My finger moved in and out easily through her juices.

Unlike anything that I had ever experienced, it seemed that all of my fingers and palm were now wet and sticky. I moved my other hand down her body and began to push at her shorts and panties.

Jana was in a frenzy. I felt her hands quickly leave my head and in an instant they were rapidly and desperately pushing her shorts and panties off of her hips, down her legs and frantically off of her ankles.

She tore her mouth away from mine and she began speaking in a rapid pace, "Hurry, dad...hurry, hurry...". Then she was lifting her upper body to tear away her blouse and bra. The child was on fire. I had never seen such a wild passion.

I raised myself in a hurry and jumped up from the bed. With almost the same frantic frenzied heat, I quickly stripped myself and then, totally naked, I climbed back onto the bed, eager to touch, feel, eat, and fuck the young flesh of my flesh.

We were two wild animals in heat, desperate to give our souls in lustful abandonment.

My daughter's flesh was on fire as I touched her nakedness with mine. I moved my mouth over the flesh of her right tit, sucking eagerly on the protruding nipple. At the same time I again moved a hand into the hot wetness of her bald pussy.

"Oooooooooo!" she cooed.

As my fingers moved over and around my daughter's clit I heard her suck in a frantic gasp, and a wild short shriek was released from her throat.

I wanted to taste more than her little tit. I licked around the underside of her breast and kissed in little pecks on the flesh. Her frantic breathing was causing her chest to expand and deflate at a rapid pace. Her hands reached down on the back of my head and, as I began to kiss and tongue downward on her body, she was guiding me down. Her young body must have sensed that she would reach her full satisfaction only when my mouth moved into her crotch, because her hands seemed to instinctively guide my head.

My finger was now fucking her wet hole, and my tongue and mouth continued moving over the young hot flesh of her pulsating hot belly. Her hands were now pushing me, rather than guiding me. The child desperately needed fulfillment.

The taste and smell of her vibrant body was absolutely delicious. As I twirled my tongue around her belly button I felt her stomach quivering beneath my lips. My fingers continued rubbing the child's clitoris. Jana's body was writhing and her hands were desperately forcing my head lower. My body had turned 180 degrees and I was in the opposite direction from my daughter's.

Soon my eager mouth was at her mound, which was as bald as the day that she was born. I began kissing this wonderful flesh as I moved my fingers on her pussy, again pushing one of them into my daughter's soaking hole.

"Nnnnnnnnnnngggggggg....!" Jana's reaction was unexpected as her buttocks lifted violently and her hips thrust her pussy fiercely upward to meet my assault. Her hands were actually hurting my head as she clutched and forced me down all the way between her spread thighs. The aroma from the child's excited pussy was unbearable for me, something that I had never experienced before.

As I worked my mouth and nose into my little girl's cunt I placed my hands around her body and under her buttocks. Then I pulled her up as I laid back.

Out of her mind with lust Jana eagerly allowed me to move her and she hurriedly moved her exciting body over me, straddling my body.

I was then lying on my back with my daughter's thighs at my ears and her young moist twat pushing down at me in search of relief. I had my hands on the cheeks of her ass. I pulled her hips down and pushed my mouth into her waiting cunt.

Jana released a wild cry of pleasure and I felt her hands clutching fiercely on my legs.

My hungry mouth opened upon her clit and took it within my pursing lips as my tongue licked around it. I had to hold Jana tightly as her body was instinctively thrashing as tremendous spasms were obviously overtaking her and causing tremors of pleasure to course through her body.

All I heard were animal-like sounds coming from my daughter as my mouth worked frantically on her thoroughly moistened pussy. I was fascinated by the juices that her hot young body had automatically released. My chin and cheeks were wet from the child.

As I pushed my tongue into Jana's hole she suddenly emitted a wild moan then temporarily stiffened her whole body and finally pushed her cunt down with a vengeance. Soon I was holding tightly to the cheeks of her soft ass so that she wouldn't fall off, as she was fucking down on my mouth with wild abandon.

As my tongue moved furiously inside of the child I heard her voice babbling in the background, "Ooo aaahhh dad oh daddy da dad oh oh oh nnnggg nnnggg ahhhhh!" Unable to wait any longer I tore my mouth away and using all of my strength I pushed her off of me and onto her back. Quickly I shifted positions, moving rapidly upward upon my daughter's hot, trembling, naked body, coming to rest within her parted legs.

As I moved up I was confronted with a most unbelievable sight, one which I could have only dreamed until now. Jana was no longer a rational person. The look of sheer lust and utter abandon on my daughter's face was something I thought was only in the imagination of perverted fantasizers. Her lips were swollen and displayed the total lust that had overtaken her body. They were quivering wildly and her face was contorted and held a look of desperation.

As my cock touched at the entrance of her pussy I was almost frightened by the wild look in her eyes as she babbled frantically, "Hurry h-hurry hurry oh ooo, yeah do it, do it... hurry..."

I wanted to be part of the total feeling of abandonment. I lowered my head down and pushed my lips down on hers and was immediately attacked by her open mouth and frantic tongue. Jana was on fire. As our hands grasped desperately at the back of each other's head my throbbing prick pushed into her hungry tight wet pussy. I felt her move her body up to meet mine and I could swear that I heard a cry of pain in my mouth as I felt myself break through, all the way inside her. The sensation on my cock slithering into her was exquisite as I pushed all the way down into her.

We were now both moaning in each other's mouth.

Slowly I pulled my cock back and, as the tip was coming close to backing out through the entrance, Jana's clutch became more frantic. She was moaning pleadingly in my mouth as if she was begging me not to pull out. I plunged back down into her and, amidst the wild sounds coming from her, she wrapped her legs tightly around me as she bucked back up to meet my thrust.

I was soon in a rhythm, moving in and out of my daughter's tight pussy, which I swear was sucking on my throbbing prick. I was doing all that I could to stay on her as she thrashed about with wild uncontrolled movements.

Either Jana had somehow watched a thousand x-rated porno movies and had practiced, or she was what could only be described as a natural nymphomaniac. Never in my wildest dreams could I have envisioned such a wildness in any girl fucking.

Her hips were thrashing about under me, going from side to side, bucking up and down and, to my amazement and excitement, Jana actually began biting at my mouth while she continued to babble.

The pressure in my throbbing prick had reached its explosive point. I had one last flash of sanity.

"Jana, I gotta, oh honey, ooo, I'm gonna cum baby. Oooo, I gotta pull out..!" I murmured.

As I tried to pull back Jana became like a rabid animal. The way that she was furiously clutching and desperately fucking was totally amazing.

"Oh oh oh oh, yeah dad, oh oh oh..." she babbled on.

There was no way to stop myself anymore. I began pounding with warp speed into the child's cunt and she kept pace with my movements as I began to cum.

"OHHH honey, I'm cumming, OHHHHH!" I cried out.

Jana continued bucking and clutching. At the same time she was desperately urging me on, "Cum, cum, oh cum daddy, cum, cum!!!" We were both panting furiously, hungrily sucking in air.

"NNNNNNGGGGGG," My teeth were clenched tight as I was shooting mind-boggling pleasurable squirts into my daughter. Squirt after squirt shot into her hole as her pussy sucked the final drops from me.

I was finished. For minutes I remained resting lightly upon her. We were both panting. Finally I rolled off of her. We laid side by side and I reached down and took her hand in mine.

Soon our heavy breathing began to subside, "I love you sweetheart," I said, exhausted.

"I love you too dad," she responded.

Jana seemed wise beyond her years so I didn't think that it was necessary but I said it anyway, "Your...you know, mom can't ever find out about this right?"

"I know that silly. But I think... mom already knows!" she said.

I reacted in complete shock and sat up quickly to confront her. As she talked I realized that she was basing her statement on intuition. She seemed to imagine that Michelle had somehow secretly planned and encouraged this to happen.

She said that it was Michelle that had first suggested a trip and she reminded me that it was my wife who encouraged us to go without her. As I listened to Jana's theory I smiled. Of course the plot was just a figment of my daughter's imagination. Nevertheless, the thought did make me somewhat uneasy.

Jana and I didn't leave the room for two days. It was the most glorious time of fucking that could ever be imagined. When we returned home and walked in the house the only thing that my wife asked was, "Did you two have a good time?" to which my daughter and I both answered in the affirmative. I swear that I saw an amused look on Michelle's face.

Later that night I went up to the bedroom while Michelle and Jana were downstairs watching TV. I figured that it was a good time to replace Jana's original panties with the pair that I kept from our first night together.

It was then that I discovered that the originals were no longer in their hiding place.

It was the following morning that my wife gave us the news. It seemed that the prior Monday she got final confirmation that cancer had overtaken her body and that she probably had less than three months to live.

Now, a year later, I often think of Michelle and, although she never said anything, I believe that Jana's initial assumption was right. And, although we kept Jana's pregnancy from my wife, that probably didn't get past her either.