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[Story Name] Dip-sticking daughter
[Author] from Family Talk
[Type] Father/daughter

    I'm a pretty big guy, standing six foot six in height and weighing two hundred and seventy pounds.  Most guys my size end up with women who are on the large size, but I've always preferred smaller women.  My daughter, Fran, who's nineteen, is four foot three inches tall, and I guess my eyes were doomed to stray her way sooner or later.  However, it was Fran who initiated the relationship.
    Three years ago, the car broke down right after I picked Fran up from the campus where she was attending college.  Luckily, a friend of mine and his wife passed by and offered us a ride in his pickup truck.  It was a tight fit, so my daughter wound up sitting on my lap.
    Fran is small, but she has a nice round ass that jiggles no matter what she's wearing, and it jiggled on the ride back to to house.  It jiggled and my cock grew hard, and then, with each bump, Fran moved her ass around on my cock.  I knew she was doing it on purpose, because she could just have easily slid forward onto my thigh or knee, but she stayed where she was and kept snuggling down deeper and deeper.  And the, as we were getting out of the truck, she pressed her hand against my cock and squeezed it as she slid off my lap and out of the truck.
    I stood by the truck a few minutes, talking to my friend, Jake, and giving my cock an opportunity to get soft.  Even after it had, it got hard as I was walking toward the house and remembering the way Fran had felt.  As I walked up onto the porch, I saw my daughter let the curtain fall back into place.  Walking into the house, I found her standing there, wearing nothing but her cut-off jean shorts.  Her halter-top and tennis shoes were gone.  The shorts had been unzipped and folded down to the point where I couldn't help but see my daughter's pubes.
    "What are you doing, Fran?"  I closed the door.
    "I felt you and you felt me...so why can't we do it?" she asked, her hands on her thin hips and her small breasts rising and falling.
    Against my own will, my eyes danced down to where the hairs on my daughter's cunt were showing, and then back up to rest on her perky tits.
    "I don't know, Fran."
    "I know we love each other, and two people that love each other as much as we do should be able to show it," she said, and them moved over to me.
    Looking up at me she took my hand and guided it down into her cut-offs.  The hair on her cunt was silky and lush.  I, not Fran, moved my fingers against the lips of her cunt and moved them down and in between them until I could feel the wetness of her pussy oozing out of her.  My eyes still locked on hers, I probed her hot insides, watching as her mouth came open and she fought to catch her breath.
    When she grabbed my cock through my jeans, I could have died!  She squeezed it, sliding her hand up and down my length and then rubbing the rigid head with her fingertips.  Stepping back and pulling my finger free, I looked at my daughter and then picked her up beneath her armpits and carried her into my bedroom.  Sitting her down, I undressed and stretched out on the bed, my cock sticking straight up in the air.  I stroked it as I watched Fran tugging down her cut-offs.  The look on her face said she was impressed with the size of my cock, and that really made my day.
    Climbing up onto the bed, my daughter kissed her way up my thighs to my balls, and then up along my shaft until she reached the head.  Watching her trying to hold my shaft with her tiny hands as she sucked me, did things to me.  Gratefully, my daughter had fucking on her mind, too.
    Crawling across my body, she stood up, her knees bent, and then worked the head of my cock between her cunt lips.  I felt it when she pressed it against her fuck hole and she didn't take long getting it inside of her.  She squatted, letting the head and a couple of inches slip into her, then did it again and took even more.  Finally, on the third attempt, she rolled her cunt and took every inch of my cock into her.  Sitting flat with a knee on each side of my body and my cock buried to the hilt, Fran leaned over and kissed me and then leaned to offer me one of her tiny tits.
    I sucked it into my mouth, as I stroked her smooth ass and thighs.  She rode me slowly at first, and then speeded up, her juicy cunt making a splooshing sound with each downward thrust.
    When my daughter's eyes got big, I knew she was on the verge of coming and I pumped up into her, trying to come myself.  Fran's climax shook her to the bottom of her feet, and she screamed and moaned and begged me to fuck her harder.  I did what I could, humping up hard and almost throwing her off me, and then I was coming.  My load flushed out of me and into her and I couldn't stand it.  Grabbing my daughter's tiny body, I held her against me, rolled over, and got her beneath me just in time to shoot the last wads of my load into her belly.
    Fran's twenty-two right now and we're still lovers.  For the past two months, she's been trying to get me to agree to father my first grandchild.  It would be weird being both father and grandfather to her child, but I'm really thinking about it, but for the time being I'll just enjoy this special love for as long as I can.'
                                                        Mr. K.T., Denver, CO