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[Story Name] Daddy's pregnant little girl
[Author] Stevie D.
[Type] Father/daughter

Amy Sanders was 12 years old the first time her father came into her
bedroom. It was a hot July night and the tiny preteen was wearing just
cotton panties and a T-shirt. Joe Sanders stood in the doorway of his
daughter's room for a long time before he made his bold move. She was so
cute with her tiny body and her long blonde hair.
But there were signs that she was starting to become a woman, too. Soon her
legs would get longer and her breasts would start to bud - and she'd look
exactly like the woman who had abandoned him a half dozen years ago. Just
thinking about that made Joe's cock grow hard.
What he needed was a good fuck. But it was a dangerous dating world. One
wrong move and he could be dead and Amy an orphan. The only answer that made
sense to Joe was one he'd been trying to fight - to take his 12-year-old
daughter as his lover.
Amy was sleeping soundly when her father crawled into bed with her but
instinctively she cuddled her tiny preteen body against him. "Daddy," Amy
asked sleepily as Joe slid his arm under her and around her tiny waist.
"It's me, sweetheart," he answered. "I love you daddy," Amy whispered as Joe
moved a hand under her T-shirt and began rubbing her tummy.
"Mmmmmmm," the 12-year-old whimpered. Joe moved his hand higher to his
daughter's tiny breasts and began fondling them. Soon her little nipples
were hard and she was breathing rapidly. "Daddy," Amy said, sounding more
awake. "Does it feel good," Joe asked, his cock growing even harder.
Amy loved her dad more than anything but he'd never held her like this or
made her feel this way. Her heart was pounding and she felt something
happening inside her she'd never felt before. Joe moved his hand to the
crotch of Amy's panties and the preteen moaned with pleasure. Joe started to
move his hand away but Amy closed her legs around his hand. "Don't stop,
daddy. I like it," she told him. OH, GOD, IT FEELS SO GOOD, Amy thought as
her father rubbed her smooth pussy through her cotton panties.
"Daddy.....something's happening..." Amy panted as she felt her insides
explode with pleasure. Joe knew the moment the 12-year-old came, he could
feel her juices through her panties. "OH DADDY, OH DADDY," she moaned.
Joe's thick cock was so hard he knew he needed relief fast. Taking his
daughter's hand, he moved it to his stiff rod. "Daddy, what's wrong with
it," Amy asked worriedly. "You have to wrap your hand around it and move it
back and forth, sweetheart. Then I'll feel better," her father told her.
Timidly the preteen began tugging on her daddy's cock but to her it didn't
sound like it was getting better. Her father was moaning and calling her
name. Then she noticed her hand was getting wet. "Oh honey, you're so
good...you're going to make your daddy cum," Joe said then he felt his cock
erupt as gobs of white sticky cum coated his preteen daughter's hand.
Joe felt bad about leaving his daughter alone so much while he was on the
road on business. But the house in the country was away from crime, he
always made sure Amy had enough of everything, and she knew where to get in
touch with him if something went wrong.
Get in touch. Oh God how he wanted to touch his 12-year-old daughter - and
she wanted her to touch him. Alone in his hotel room, Joe Sanders pulled out
his hard cock and began jerking off.
Twelve-year-old Amy got off the school bus and hurried up the lane to the
house. Once she was inside, the bus driver pulled away. She didn't like
being alone most of the time but she knew her father was doing the best he
could. So Amy did what she always did - she turned on the TV to keep her
company, made herself dinner, did her homework, then watched a few TV shows
before changing into her nightgown.
But instead of going to her own bedroom, Amy stretched out across her
father's bed. She could still smell him there and it made her feel warm
inside. Over a month had passed since her father had gotten into bed with
her , but Amy hadn't forgotten how he'd touched her.
Unbuttoning her nightgown, Amy touched her tiny breasts and began fondling
them until she was breathing rapidly. Her pink nipples were hard and she
could sense the beginning of the wonderful feeling between her legs. Slowly
she moved a tiny hand lower over her flat stomach until her fingers covered
her smooth preteen pussy. Amy began rubbing herself and it felt SO GOOD! She
rubbed harder and faster until her fingers were wet and screamed as the
12-year-old made herself cum.
The house was dark and quiet when Joe Sanders got back from his business
trip. Standing in the doorway of his daughter's bedroom, she looked like an
angel - he needed a woman.
Hours later he was sound asleep and having a terribly erotic dream. But when
he opened his eyes it wasn't a dream, Amy was in his bed with his cock in
her tiny hand. "I love you daddy. I want you to make me feel wonderful
again," she told him.
The next Saturday night a waitress smiled at Joe as she led him and Amy to
their table at the fancy restaurant. They looked like any father-daughter
outing but in her new dress and her long hair pinned up, Amy looked so much
like her mother that he was already getting hard thinking about what would
happen next.
A few hours later they were back home and while Joe drank a glass of fruit
juice he was getting his preteen daughter drunk on juice laced with wine.
After a few drinks Amy's hair was down and she was giggly drunk and her
father was so hard he could hardly stand it. "Are you going to play with me
now, daddy," she asked. "Yes honey, we're going to play," he answered.
Joe Sander's hands were shaking as he undid the buttons of his daughter's
dress and slipped it off her shoulders. When Amy was in just her training
bra and panties, Joe slipped off his clothes and lay down beside the
Amy's heart was pounding as her father moved his hands to her tiny breasts
and began fondling them. "Oh daddy, that feels SO GOOD," the 12-year-old
crooned. Soon her nipples were hard, she was breathing rapidly and she was
arching her back towards her father's hands. Then his fingers slod lower to
her smooth crotch, as he began rubbing, she moaned with pleasure. Soon she
was SO WET and had her legs wrapped around his hand.
Loosening his hand from his daughter's grip, Joe smeared petroleum jelly
over Amy's preteen crotch then did the same to his hard cock. "This is going
to hurt some, sweetheart. But it will get better, I promise," he said
stroking her long blonde hair. "Okay daddy, I'm ready," the 12-year-old
Joe moved his daughter's knees apart and crawled between them, moving his
thick cock to Amy's slippery pussy. Gently he put the head a little way into
her as she moaned and gripped the sheet underneath her tightly. Moving a
fraction of an inch at a time, Joe slid his cock into his daughter's virgin
pussy until it met the thin barrier of skin. Quickly he pushed through it as
Amy yelped in pain. "It's over now, sweetie. You're a woman now," he said
kissing her cheek. "I am," she asked. "You are, and it will never hurt like
this again," Joe told her.
God it felt SO GOOD, Joe thought as he moved his cock back and forth inside
his 12-year-old daughter. Her little pussy was SO TIGHT and it was gripping
his cock as Amy made soft sounds and moved her hips with his rocking motion.
"Daddy....I feel funny...something's happening," Amy panted as Joe felt
himself starting to cum. He couldn't hold back as he sent wave after wave of
cum into Amy as she screamed with her first orgasm.
In the weeks and months after that, the 12-year-old became more comfortable
having sex with her father. In fact, she liked the way she felt all fluttery
inside then the way everything just exploded inside her. She loved the way
her father cuddled with her afterward and told her she was the most special
little girl in the world.
A few weeks after her thirteenth birthday, Amy wasn't feeling well at
school. She was having terrible cramps in her stomach. When she went to the
restroom and saw the spot of blood on the crotch of her panties she hurried
to the school nurse, sure that she was going to die.
Carefully the school nurse told the 13-year-old about periods and how to
deal with them and what the event really meant. "You mean I can have a
baby," Amy asked in amazement. Reluctantly, the school nurse told the little
girl what would have to happen in order for her to get pregnant. She had no
way of knowing that Amy was already doing them.
Her dad was still away on another business trip a few days later when the
bleeding stopped and Amy felt more like her old self. But she knew she'd
never be the same. "I can have a baby," the 13-year-old smiled. "I can have
my own baby and I won't be alone all the time. I'll have somebody of my own
to love and to love me!"
Lights on the Christmas tree were blinking in the background as Joe sat in
his easy chair watching a basketball game on TV. Wearing only a flimsy pink
nightgown and her bra and panties, Amy slid across her father's lap and
began moving in a way that had her father's hard cock pressing against her
in no time.
"You still haven't told me what you want for Christmas," Joe said as he
tried to delay the inevidable.He had no idea that his 13-year-old daughter
would like to have sex so much and she was getting so good at it. "That's a
week away, daddy. Guess what I want right now," Amy smiled. God, Joe
thought, if she moves one inch I'm going to cream my pants. Gathering up his
daughter in his arms, he carried her to his bedroom.
Amy's heart was pounding as she lay on her father's bed and watched him
undress. OH PLEASE, DADDY, she thought to herself, WHAT I REALLY WANT FOR
The 13-year-old moaned with pleasure as her father moved his hands under her
thin nightgown and took off her training bra. "Oh daddy, that feels SO
GOOD," Amy exclamed as he began rubbing her tiny breasts until her nipples
were hard and she was breathing quickly. "Oh daddy....I'm SO WET! Please do
me now," she pleaded.
Joe moved a hand to his daughter's crotch and smiled at what he found. Amy
was soaked, he could feel it all the way through her panties. As if she
could read his mind, she lifted her rear off the mattress so he could pull
them off her. He couldn't resist her as she lay there with her knees wide
apart, revealing her smooth pussy as she looked so innocent.
Amy bit her lower lip as her father moved between her knees and put the head
of his stiff cock against her pussy lips then she moaned with pleasure as he
pushed into her 13-year-old body. She felt so full of her daddy's cock! She
began moving in rhythm with his thrusts as she felt it happening again. "Oh
daddy! I'm gonna cum," she exclamed as her orgasm hit and her father sent
wave after wave of baby-making sperm into her unprotected fertile womb.
Amy hadn't been having her period for long but it had always come like
clockwork - until it didn't come at all in January. Amy was so excited when
she thought about the baby she might have inside her. But she had to know
for sure and she didn't even know what symptoms to look for. That Saturday
when they went into town for groceries, Amy went next door to the drug
store. Her heart was pounding as she found a paperback book about pregnancy
and childbirth and slipped it into her pocketbook when nobody was looking.
Hurrying towards the door, the 13-year-old spotted a row of home pregnancy
to herself. The box would hardly squeeze in her pocketbook and she was sure
the cashier was going to catch her but she made it out safely.
Amy read the instructions on the box so many times she almost had them
memorized. Her dad left on a business trip on Monday afternoon but she knew
she had to wait until morning to use the pregnancy test. Amy didn't go to
the bathroom all night. She could hardly keep still as she tried to open the
box in the bathroom. Pulling down her panties, the 13-year-old sat down on
the toilet and held the plastic stick near her smooth pussy as the warm piss
streamed out.
Her heart was pounding as she waited for the test to work. When five minutes
passed, Amy picked it up. The stick was blue. OH GOD! I'M REALLY GOING TO
HAVE A BABY, she thought in amazement as she put her hands on her flat
Heavy snow was falling in early February and Amy was glad school was
cancelled. She didn't feel too good. As soon as she started to get out of
bed her head started spinning. Clasping her hand over her mouth, the skinny
13-year-old dashed to the bathroom where she huddled over the toilet and
threw up. The next day there was no school again and as soon as Amy took a
bite of oatmeal, she threw up all over the table.
Taking her pregnancy book out of her dresser, the pregnant 13-year-old read
the chapter on early pregnancy and morning sickness. When her father got
back from his business trip, Amy was keeping a few crackers on her night
stand to keep him from seeing her throw up. At school she only lost control
of her morning sickness once, when they had hot dogs and saurkraut. In the
tiny restroom stall, Amy held back her long blonde hair and leaned over the
toilet wreching.
Spring started to arrive as Amy moved through the third month of her teenage
pregnancy. Like a little bit more green to the leaves and grass, the
13-year-old noticed little changes too. She used to be able to go from home
room until lunch without going to the bathroom - now if she didn't go in the
middle of the morning and again before catching the bus, she risked peeing
her panties. She was also so tired all the time, but her pregnancy book told
her that was normal so Amy didn't worry.
Her gym class was playing volleyball but Amy didn't do anything that would
hurt her still invisible unborn baby. She was taking a shower with the other
13-year-olds when she noticed how tender her budding breasts were. After a
couple days the soreness left but her breasts seemed a little bit bigger. OH
Joe was still a hundred miles from home and his cock was already hard. Now
he didn't have the urge to find a hooker when he was away on business, he
just wanted to get back home to fuck his 13-year-old daughter. Two hours
later it was dark when he drove back the long lane to his country house
where Amy had the porch light on for him.
"Daddy! You're home," Amy shouted with glee and ran barefooted toward him,
her long blonde hair flying. God, she was getting even more beautiful, Joe
thought as the 13-year-old threw herself in his open arms. She was wearing a
flimsy pink nightgown, panties - and as Joe quickly realized - no bra. She
smelled like strawberries and her mouth tasted like honey. Joe was so hard
that if he didn't take his daughter right away he would explode.
Picking up Amy, Joe headed for his bedroom. "Oh daddy! I'm SO HORNY," Amy
whispered. Joe undressed quickly then took her into his arms. He had to have
her - to be inside her tight little pussy. Reaching under Amy's nightgown,
Joe moved as hand to her bare breasts and she winced. "Honey, are you okay,"
he asked. "I'm fine, my bras are just a little tight...I think I'm becoming
a woman," she told him.
"OH DADDY...OH DADDY," was all she could sayas her father fondled her little
titties. It felt so very good and her nipples were SO HARD! When her father
squeezed her pussy, Amy moaned with pleasure and tightened her legs around
his hand. "Oh daddy, my panties are so wet! Please do it to me now," she
exclamed then groaned with joy as he pushed his thick cock deep into her
pussy. She was so full of her daddy's cock and she moved her hips to his
fucking motion. "Oh baby! Daddy's gonna cum," he panted. "I can feel it too!
Oh daddy...OH...OOOOHH," the 13-year-old screamed as an orgasm overpowered
A few days later Amy was taking a shower when she noticed how hard her lower
stomach was. A week later, she pulled on a pair of jeans to wear to school
but they wouldn't button around her waist and she had to wear a dress. That
afternoon when she got home, Amy stripped out of her clothes and stood naked
in front of the full length bathroom mirror. Then she saw it - her belly was
pouching out a little. OH BABY...I'M GOING TO HAVE TO TELL DADDY ABOUT YOU,"
the 13-year-old told her unborn baby.
Amy had to pin her pants shut and some of her blouses and dresses wouldn't
button over the little bulge of her belly as the 13-year-old began her
fourth month of pregnancy in May. When her dad came home from a three-day
trip, Amy was waiting for hi,. "Honey...is there something wrong," he asked
putting down his bag. "No daddy - everything is WONDERFUL! I'm going to have
a baby," she told him.
"A baby...you're sure," Joe asked his daughter as his heart skipped a beat.
Amy took his hand and moved it under her sweatshirt to her stomach which was
no longer flat - it was bulging slightly. "Honey, why didn't you tell me? We
could have gotten..." he started. "NO, daddy. I REALLY want my baby. You're
gone so much and I don't want to be alone any more," Amy told him.
It wasn't easy but Joe found a doctor who would examine his pregnant
13-year-old daughter without asking any questions. Amy looked nervous as Dr.
Andrews moved his hands and then a stethoscope over her little bulge.
"You're definately pregnant, young lady - about four and a half months," he
told her. "When is my baby due," she questioned. "Right around the middle of
October. I'm going to give you vitamins and I want you to take care of
yourself when you start getting bigger," Dr. Andrews told her.
"Is she really going to be okay," Joe asked the obstetrician while Amy went
to the bathroom. "She's young but she's healthy. You should be able to keep
having sex with her up to the delivery. Most of the girls get even hornier
when they're pregnant," Dr. Andrews smiled. "What about the delivery..." Joe
started. "For an added fee I can deliver the baby at your home...no
questions will be asked that way," the doctor said, giving Joe a business
card. "A friend of mine has a clothing store that has things Amy can wear
during her pregnancy."
Amy had never gotten so many new clothes in all her life but she couldn't
wear the ones from the maternity shop to school. If someone saw her they
would know that she was 13 and pregnant and if they figured out who the dad
was, he could go to jail.
But as she neared the end of her fourth month that was very hard. With the
baby getting bigger inside her, Amy had to go to the restroom often but she
couldn't let anybody see her rounded belly that was hidden under baggy
clothes. At lunchtime she ate every morsel of food, drank her milk and
wanted more - but her belly couldn't get much bigger or EVERYBODY would know
her secret.
One afternoon Amy was right in the middle of taking a quiz in World Cultures
class when she felt a fluttering from deep inside her nearly five months
pregnant belly. MY BABY MOVED, the 13-year-old thought in amazement as she
moved a hand under her baggy sweatshirt. HELLO PRECIOUS, YOUR MOMMY LOVES
That afternoon when Amy got home from school she kicked off her sneakers,
stripped off her babby clothes and laid on her bed in just her bra and
panties. Closing her eyes, the 13-year-old moved her hands to her rounded
nearly five months pregnant tummy. "Come on precious baby, move for your
mommy," she whispered then concentrated until finally she felt the little
flutters again.
With her eyes still closed, Amy reached higher and pushed her bra away from
her breasts then cupped them with her hands. They weren't sore anymore but
they were a little bigger than before. Her pregnancy book told her she'd
soon start making milk to feed the baby.
Slowly Amy began fondling her breasts, soon she was whimpering and her
nipples were hard. "Oh God....I'm SO horny," the 13-year-old whispered.
Rubbing her hands down over her swollen stomach, she moved one to the crotch
of her panties and began squeezing as she moaned with pleasure. Lifting her
bottom off the sheet, Amy pulled her panties down around her ankles then
began rubbing her bare pussy again. "So wet....I'm SO WET," she moaned as
she stuck two fingers into her teenage twat and began moving them in and out
as she moaned and panted then screamed as she orgasmed.
Stepping out of the shower, Amy dried off her changing five months pregnant
body. She'd never get used to there being so much of her. Standing sideways,
the 13-year-old looked at her shape in the mirror - her belly was really
Joe had thought that his teenage daughter's pregnancy would curb his desire
to have sex with her. But coming into the kitchen after a rare day at the
office, he knew he was wrong. School ended a week earlier and the
13-year-oldwas dressed for summer in shorts that left her beautiful legs
bare and a T-shirt smock which he could see her growing rounded five and a
half months pregnant belly through.
Amy was stirring spaghetti sauce when her unborn baby turned inside her
teenage tummy then kicked sharply. Dropping the spoon, Amy moved her hands
to her bulging belly. "Are you all right, honey," her father asked
worriedly. "I'm great...the baby kicked me," Amy answered in amazement.
Taking her father's hands, she moved them to her belly so he could feel it
His 13-year-old daughter's stomach was hard and rounded and oh-so-smooth,
then Joe felt the baby kick. MY BABY INSIDE MY BABY, he thought as his cock
got hard. "Daddy will you make love to me...I'm so horny I can't stand it,"
Amy said. Taking his daughter's hand, Joe led her to his bedroom.
Amy's heart was pounding as her father took ahold of the bottom of her
maternity smock and pulled it up over her head. Her shape had changed so
much - her once tiny breasts were filling with milk and her tummy was so big
it was stretching the waistband of her shorts. Then he was feeling the baby
move again and she smiled. "You are so beautiful Amy. You look like your mom
did when she was carrying you," Joe told her.
Amy touched her rounded five and a half months pregnant belly as the baby
turned inside her and she watched her dad undress. She couldn't help staring
at his cock, it was so big and hard. She started rubbing her smooth pussy
through her maternity panties until she was wet and slipped them off.
Joe stood beside the bed looking at his pregnant 13-year-old daughter laying
there with her bent knees wide apart. His cock was throbbing as he moved
between her legs and pushed the tip of his cock against her wet pregnant
pussy. Being careful not to put his weight on her swollen tummy, Joe pushed
his cock deep into Amy as she moaned with pleasure. She was so tight, her
pussy gripping his cock as they fucked in rhythm. "Oh daddy! You're going to
make me cum," Amy exclamed as her orgasm hit and Joe filled her to
overflowing with his hot cum.
Bright July sunshine was streaming through her bedroom window when Amy
stirred awake. She started to roll over onto her back but the weight of her
pregnant belly held her back. The 13-year-old smiled as she stroked her six
months pregnant stomach as the baby kicked. "Good morning sweet baby. Boy
does your mommy have to pee," Amy said as she struggled out of bed and
hurried to the bathroom.
For the first time in her life, Amy needed a second towel to dry off.
Standing naked in front of the bathroom mirror, the young teenager examined
her six months pregnant body. Her normally tiny breasts were now so swollen
that they filled her hands and the rings around her nipples were darker.
Even though she had only gained about 12 pounds, her tummy was firm and
well-rounded with a dark line down the middle. "I can't wait until I can
hold you, my sweet baby," Amy said, rubbing her swollen tummy.
Later that morning, Amy was extra careful as she made her way up the steps
to the attic. The 13-year-old's six months pregnant tummy was pushing out
the panel on her maternity shorts and the roundness was clearly visible
through her T-shirt smock. Searching around, Amy spotted the dusty crib and
other baby furniture. "Look precious," Amy said rubbing her bulging belly as
the baby kicked. "Mom and dad used this stuff for me - now I'm going to use
it for you."
"Daddy! You're home," Amy shouted a few nights later, struggling to get to
her feet and rushing to hug him. One look at his daughter's swollen stomach
and knowing that it was his baby she was carrying made his cock instantly
hard. When Amy touched his erection and smiled, Joe couldn't help moaning.
"I've been horny too, daddy. ALL THE TIME," Amy said taking his hand as she
led him to his bedroom.
Joe slowly pulled the maternity smock up over his pregnant daughter's head.
God she was beautiful! Her once tiny breasts were now plump with milk and
her swollen stomach....Then he noticed she was biting her lip nervously.
"What's the matter, Angel," he asked. "My belly is getting bigger, I can
tell. Are we still going to be able to keep doing this," Amy asked. "For
awhile, sweetheart, until your tummy gets REALLY big," Joe answered as Amy
wondered how much bigger she would get.
Amy couldn't help moaning with pleasure as her father fondled her sensitive
breasts. "Oh daddy! You're making my nipples SO hard," she exclamed as Joe
ran his rough tongue over them. Then she felt him touching her swollen six
months pregnant stomach as the baby kicked and he was kissing her tummy.
Joe moved his hand to the crotch of his daughter's panties and found them
soaked clear through with her juices. When his pregnant daughter moved her
knees apart and pleaded "please daddy! Please do it to me," he just couldn't
Placing the head of his hard cock at the lips of his daughter's pussy, Joe
pushed it slowly into the teenager as she whimpered with pleasure. Oh God it
felt good. How could she be pregnant and still be so very tight, he
wondered. Being careful not to put his weight on Amy's bulging belly, he
began moving his cock in gentle thrusts then picked up speed. "Oh daddy! I
love you daddy. OH DADDY....I'M GONNA CUM," she exclamed as Joe sent streams
of cum into his daughter's pregnant pussy.
A few weeks later, Amy stood barefooted in the middle of the garage looking
at the half painted cradle. Pressing her fingers against her aching back,
the 13-year-old pushed out her big, bulging nearly seven months pregnant
belly even further.
As Amy got closer and closer to finishing painting the baby furniture, she
felt her tiny bladder getting fuller and fuller. "Oh baby...your mommy
really has to pee," she said squeezing the crotch of her maternity shorts
with her free hand. At that moment, Amy's unborn baby gave her a powerful
kick. "Oh precious...you shouldn't have done that," Amy exclamed as warm
piss darkened her maternity shorts and streaked down her slender bare legs
to her feet.
The late August air was already hot and sticky when Amy stirred awake,
moving her hands to her well-rounded nearly eight months pregnant belly as
the baby kicked strongly. Wearing just maternity panties, Amy panted as she
worked herself across the bed with her feet wide apart on the floor.
Pressing her hands against the mattress, she groaned as she pushed out her
big belly, struggled to stand, then waddled hurriedly to the bathroom to pee
It took the 13-year-old two giant bath towels to dry off her nearly eight
months pregnant body. When she was finished she stood in front of the
bathroom mirror and examined her changing shape. Before getting pregnant she
was almost flat chested, now her breasts were plump and filled with milk,
the rings around them dark and her nipples pink and longer.
Right below her breasts, Amy's tremendous teenage tummy began rounding
outward. The 13-year-old couldn't believe she had gotten SO big and that her
stomach was so smooth and hard. Her belly button was starting to smooth
over. "I wonder what daddy is going to think when he sees what you've done
to me," Amy asked her passenger as she cradled her bulging belly.
Amy was in the kitchen making supper when a tired Joe returned home from his
latest business trip. Candles were lit on the table and she was wearing her
best maternity dress for him. With her long blonde hair, she reminded Joe so
much of her mother. Then she turned around. OH GOD, SHE IS SO BIG AND FULL
OF MY BABY, he thought as his cock started getting hard.
Amy bit her lip wondering how long it would take for her father to see that
she'd gained almost 20 pounds and was huge. "Come here, beautiful," her dad
smiled and the 13-year-old rushed into his arms, pressing her bulging belly
against him as the baby kicked and he moved his hands to touch her smooth
stomach. "The baby kicks all the time, and they're getting stronger," Amy
told him proudly.
Later that night, Joe was unpacking his bags when his 13-year-old daughter
came padding into his bedroom, her tremendous pregnant tummy clearly visible
through her thin nightgown. "Daddy, I don't think I'm too big yet. I want
you to make love to me," Amy said.
Writhing on the sheet, the nearly eight months pregnant teenager bit her lip
to keep from moaning with pleasure as her father fondled her milk-filled
breasts. But when he began licking her hard nipples she couldn't hold it
in. "OOHHHH DADDY...that feels so good," Amy exclamed. She felt herself
getting wetter and wetter as her father moved his hands over her tremendous
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"We're going to have to do this differently, honey. I don't want to crush
the baby," Joe told his very pregnant daughter. "How," she asked, breathing
quickly. You're going to have to be on top - to ride me," he told her. "You
mean like a horse," Amy giggled.
The very pregnant 13-year-old guided her father's hard cock to her dripping
pussy as he supported her. Slowly she lowered herself and groaned with
pleasure as her pussy was suddenly filled. She started moving up and down
slowly as her father rubbed her hands over her mammoth mound. "Oh daddy....I
like this," she exclamed. Then she began riding faster until she was moaning
and so was her father. "OH DADDY....I'M GONNA CUM," she shouted as she
orgasmed and he shot his load deep into her pregnant pussy.
Joe smiled at the long list of things to do that his 13-year-old daughter
had given him. She looked so serious and grown up as she said, "We don't
have much time. We have to get everything ready for the baby." Amy's stomach
was huge now and Joe worried that the baby was geting too large for such a
little girl to deliver. But first things first, he had to take her out of
school until after the baby was born.
Summer began to turn to fall as Amy moved through her eighth month. The baby
was so active and taking up so much space inside her 13-year-old body that
she had trouble sleeping. It was usually after ten in the morning before she
decided to get up - not an easy job when her normally slender 75-pound body
was carrying 25 extra pounds of unborn baby.
Moving sideways on the bed, Amy planted her bare feet wide apart on the
floor then groaned with the effort as she pressed her hands against the
mattress, pushing her tremendous tummy outward as she struggled out of bed.
Cupping a hand over her the crotch of her maternity panties, the pregnant
13-year-old waddled hurriedly to the bathroom to pee.
The normally slender teenager needed all of two towels to dry off her very
pregnant body then stood transfixed looking at herself in the mirror. Amy's
normally tiny breasts were now overflowing her hands and filled with milk.
Her tremendous eight months pregnant tummy was well-rounded with a line
running down the middle to her flattened belly button. Even her normally
slender hips were wider to support the weight of the baby inside her.
Since she tired easily in her advanced pregnancy, Amy stayed in the air
conditioning. She spent most of the day laying on the sofa with pillows
tucked under her curved back watching TV. Usually she wore only a bra and
maternity panties, her tremendous tummy big and bare. The only time she
struggled to her feet was to waddle upstairs to the bathroom or to the
kitchen for something to eat. More and more, the 13-year-old found herself
reading the childbirth book to find out what would soon be happening to her.
One of the things Amy learned was that she had to keep her legs strong to
help deliver her baby. Dressed in just a pair of maternity shorts with the
elastic panel stretched to the limit by the 13-year-old's tremendous eight
and a half months pregnant tummy and a swim suit top, Amy waddled slowly
down to the end of the lane to get the mail. They lived too farout in the
country for anybody to see her condition. At least she thought so.
Amy was reading an advertisement about halfway back the lane to the house
when she heard a car coming. Her heart was pounding as she moved her very
pregnant teenage body behind some bushes to hide. Without warning a sharp
pain doubled her over her mammoth mound and uncontrolably she peed her
panties and maternity shorts. "Please baby...don't be born yet. It's not
time," Amy whispered as she waited for the driver to realize they made a
wrong turn. Another pain didn't come but the 13-year-old worried what labor
would really feel like.
"Amy honey, are you here," Joe called as he looked through the house for his
daughter - his EXTREMELY PREGNANT daughter. She wasn't due for a few weeks
yet but babies did come early, and she was only 13. Looking out the window,
he spotted Amy laying in a lawn chair. Her bare bulging belly was a big as a
beachball. Her swim suit top was off and she was fondling her bare breasts.
Instantly Joe's cock got rock hard.
"Daddy! You're back," Amy smiled as she continued carressing her breasts,
not showing the least embarrassment. "Look daddy, if I squeeze my nipples I
can make milk come out. I think that means the baby's going to come soon,"
she said as a little stream shot out and trickled down over Amy's tremendous
Joe's cock was so hard he was almost in pain. "Daddy...." Amy started and he
realized she was looking at the bulge in his pants. "We can't...the baby is
too close to being born," Joe said as his daughter pulled down his zipper,
reached into his shorts and freed his cock. He closed his eyes as his
pregnant teenage daughter tugged on his erection then took it into her
mouth. "Oh God, Amy! You're making me cum," he groaned as he shot so much
sperm into Amy's mouth that it was dripping down her chin.
"Daddy, I wish you didn't have to go," Amy said two weeks later as she
watched her father pack for yet another business trip. "I have to
sweetheart. So I can take time off when the baby is born," Joe told her. Amy
looked down at her mammoth mound and sighed. She was over nine months
pregnant now. "I'm scared," she said lowly. "I'll be back in three days,
sweetheart. If something starts happening, call Dr. Andrews," her father
told her.
Fall sunshine was streaming through her bedroom window when Amy's unborn
baby kicked her awake. "Morning, precious baby," the thirteen-year-old said,
rubbing her hands over her smooth stretched stomach. "Boy does your mommy
have to pee."
Amy's nine months pregnant tummy was so gigantic that there was only one way
the normally slender teenager could get out of bed. Moving herself to the
edge of the mattress, she carefully lowered a knee to the floor and then
rolled herself to the floor then struggled to stand. Cupping a hand over her
crotch, Amy waddled hurriedly to the bathroom.
Standing under the shower, Amy smiled as she realized her mammoth mound was
blocking water from hitting the fronts of her legs. Just then the baby gave
her a solid kick that made her wince. "I know sweet baby. You're going to be
born real soon. But please stay in there until our daddy gets home," she
told her passenger.
The 13-year-old needed three towels to dry herself off, then she examined
her very pregnant body in the mirror. Amy's once tiny titties were now so
full of milk that they wouldn't fit in her hands anymore and dark rings
surrounded her hard nipples.
Right below her breasts, Amy's mammoth mound began only it wasn't rounded
anymore - it was oblong since the baby had slid into position to be born -
in the process pushing out her belly button like the cork in a bottle. Her
hips were wide and flat to support the almost 30 pounds Amy had gained
during her teenage pregnancy.
After eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast, the very pregnant 13-year-old
had a sudden burst of energy. Amy spent the rest of the day straightening up
the house as best she could without her tremendous tummy getting in the way.
By the time she decided to get clothes ready for the baby, she was
experiencing a nagging ache in her lower back. That night as she tried to
watch TV, she couldn't get comfortable and finally decided to go to bed.
It was pitch black and two in the morning when Amy woke up with a cramp deep
inside her tremendous oblong tummy. Her heart was pounding as she lay for 11
minutes before the next mild contraction came. "Oh God...oh God...I'm in
labor," the 13-year-old whispered as she turned on the light and struggle
out of bed.
Slipping on her thin tent-like nightgown, the very pregnant teenager waddled
slowly downstairs to the telephone with one hand on the bannister and the
other on her mammoth oblong mound. Amy was halfway to the phone when another
cramp came and she winced.
Dialing the number, the laboring teen waited anxiously for someone to
answer. "Dr. Andrews...this is Amy Sanders...I think I'm having my
baby...I'm having pains," she said before realizing she was talking to an
answering machine. "I'll leave the lights on downstairs...and the door
unlocked....OH...OUCH. Please hurry."
Amy had just gotten back into bed and was laying on her side with her big
bulging belly resting on the mattress. When the contraction came she brought
her legs up under her and rubbed her hand over her unborn baby. Closing her
eyes, she waited for the doctor to come and drifted back to sleep.
Hours later it was just starting to get light outside when Amy woke up
again, doubled over her tremendous hard tummy in the middle of a
contraction. "Dr Andrews......daddy......UUUNNNGGHHH...the baby's coming,"
she groaned, then fell back across the mattress. A few minutes later another
contraction came. "Oh God....they're so close together...I have to call Dr.
Andrews," the 13-year-old said to herself.
She was just struggling out of bed when she felt pressure building in her
lower abdomen and deep in her hips. When the contraction hit, Amy wrapped
her arms around her stretched oblong stomach and groaned. She could only go
halfway down the hall before another contraction came and she was afraid she
was going to fall when she had to double over halfway down the stairs.
Amy was almost to the phone when something inside her felt different. There
was so much pressure then she felt a pop and warm water was coming out of
her and running down her bare legs to the floor. Picking up the phone she
pressed the automatic redial but got the answering machine again. "Please
hurry.....my baby is coming...my water just broke...please hurry.....IT
HURTS," the 13-year-old said frantically.
Her contractions only a few minutes apart, Amy made it to the sofa and laid
down waiting for the doctor to come help her deliver her unborn baby. Amy
didn't know how much time passed, only that the contractions were getting
closer and were so strong that she doubled over her hard mammoth mound with
each one. She was covered with sweat, the thin nightgown clinging to her
laboring 13-year-old body.
About 10 o'clock the contractions changed. So much pressure in Amy's lower
abdomen and deep in her hips. "Oh God.....I can't wait....I want to push,"
Amy panted as she managed to pull her drenched nighhgown up under her
milk-filled breasts. Pressing her bare feet against the arm of the sofa, Amy
laced her fingers around the base of her tremendous oblong tummy. When
contractions came, she groaned and grunted as she pulled her hard belly
towards her until she felt her unborn baby's head slide into the birth
With her elbows bend outward, Amy placed her hands under her breasts where
her tremendous hard oblong tummy began. When contractions hit, the laboring
13-year-old braced her bare feet and pushed her baby closer to being born as
she grunted and groaned. "OH God....I can feel it moving... my baby is
coming," she whispered as sweat dripped off her very pregnant body.
Pressure was building again....now Amy couldn't help pushing when the
contractions came.Wrapping her hands under her thighs with her knees wide
apart, she doubled over grunting loudly as she beared down. Suddenly her
crotch felt like it was on fire. reaching her hand there, Amy felt the top
of her baby's head crowning her opening. Two contractions later, the
13-year-old screamed in a mixture of pain and relief as the baby's head
pushed out of her.
Struggling to sit up, Amy supported her baby's tiny head. When the next
contraction came, she turned the shoulders, then with the next push, all of
her daughter was born. Amy's heart was pounding as she tapped her baby's
bottom and it turned bright red and began crying lustfully. "Oh thank God,"
she said, falling back across the couch with the baby in her arms, feeling
so happy and totally exhausted.
When Joe got back from his business trip the next day, he found Amy in bed
with the baby to her breast as it suckled away. "Oh sweetheart, are you
alright," he asked rushing to her side. "Your daughter and I are both
fine....well, I'm a little sore," Amy answered. "God Amy, I'm so sorry I
wasn't here. I don't know how to make this up to you," Joe told his daughter
as he checked the baby over. "I do. Maybe we can have a baby boy next time,"
Amy smiled.