- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Daddy's (not so) little girl
[Author] Jim Davis
[Type] Father/daughter

Part I
“It’s not my fault Mama.” Mandy was gently sobbing as her pretty young
mother tried to console her. “Why do they treat me this way? It’s not
just the girls in my class either – it’s the older ones too – even that
BITCH history teacher. She called me a little slut – and I didn’t DO
anything! I hate ‘em Mama. I just HATE them! It’s not like I can do
anything about it – but they’re so mean to me …they act like I did
somethin’ wrong…you know…like I can help it. I heard one of ‘em say I
was deformed. Nobody talks to me anymore.”
Mandy’s mom understood. She too had been the brunt of quite a few
jokes, and more than a little cruelty when she was growing up - the
abuse suffered by girls who are ‘different’. Cindy almost giggled when
she recalled how quickly her attitude had changed - when she realized
the other girls were just jealous. Being ‘different’ wasn’t that bad
after all – but her daughter didn’t know that yet. She wished that
Mandy could understand how special she was – and how beautiful.
Her 10th birthday was coming up in less than a week, and Cindy wanted
her daughter to be happy. She’d made special plans for all the kids at
school to be there – at a big surprise party. Now she discovered
those ‘friends’ were the cause of Mandy’s grief. They’d reduced her to
tears – and turned their backs on her - all because she was ‘different’
and she got more attention from the boys. Mandy got a LOT more
attention from the boys – and even from grown men - more men than Cindy
cared to think about.
Being pretty helped – Mandy had the face of an angel, framed in
shoulder length honey-blonde hair, and a peaches-and-cream complexion
that any supermodel would die for. Her bright blue eyes could melt an
ice burg, and the freckles on her pert little nose were simply
adorable. But there was something else Mandy had that caused such a
stir among the boys at school. There were a couple of things, actually.
It started well over a year ago, her mom remembered. She looked at her
little girl one morning and noticed a startling change. She realized
that things would be different for Mandy from then on – that her life
would hold some difficult times ahead. Just like her own life had been
difficult when she changed so dramatically.
Mandy’s problems began when her breasts started to grow. And grow. And
grow. They wouldn’t stop! It was not an event that an 8 year old could
deal with very well.
Girls were developing earlier these days – her mom knew this. It was in
the news a lot lately – in record numbers they were reaching puberty by
the age of 9  – some even younger. And they were blossoming into young
women -just not as quickly as her daughter was, Cindy reflected. Her
own breasts, abnormally large as they were, had waited until she was 12
to make an appearance -and it took years for Cindy to reach the
dimensions Mandy had achieved in a matter of 14 months. The kid had
blown through 4 cup-sizes in that brief but eventful period of time.
Sometimes Cindy was in awe of her daughter - like a few weeks ago, when
she discovered that Mandy needed a new bra – again. It became evident
to Cindy that her daughter’s bust expansion had accelerated – and the
grief she was getting for it at school was too much to bear. Until now,
she’d been able to conceal her generous endowment – at least partially –
 under loose school blouses and bulky sweaters. But it was springtime,
and it was getting too hot for sweaters.
Cindy had to shake her head in disbelief when Mandy hit her with the
latest news after school yesterday. “It’s like…way too small for me…
already Mama… my bra…lookit. I’m…coming OUTTA this thing. Mama… look at
my boobs… they’re …God they’re so HUGE.” The bra her daughter referred
to was less than a month old. Mandy unbuttoned her white school blouse
and pulled it open for her mother. Cindy gasped at the sight of her
little girl’s big chest. She wondered what Mandy’s father would think
when he got a look at those…those TITS. “He’ll just lose it”, she
“Mama, help me get out of it! It’s so tight I can’t get the hook
thingies undone.” Mandy pulled her blouse off and dropped it on the
floor. She stood in front of her mother in white socks and saddle
oxfords, still wearing the plaid school skirt that made up the rest of
her uniform. It disturbed Cindy to see that she’d hiked the skirt up a
good 6 inches above her knees. That meant she wanted attention, Cindy
thought. She was sure to get it with those creamy thighs – as if the
size of her bosom didn’t attract enough attention already. Mandy’s
breasts simply BURST out the top of that bra she was wearing - and out
the sides. A crescent moon of bulging tit-flesh oozed out beneath the
under-wire of the sturdy garment. The child was spilling out of her bra
cups in every direction.
Mandy walked toward her mother and turned around to offer her access to
the bra hooks. As she fumbled with the clasp, Cindy noticed the size
label – 30DD. It had been difficult to find one that size – as it was,
she’d had to alter the body band to fit snugly around her child’s back.
Now she wondered what on earth she would do to find a bra to fit Mandy.
She shuddered to think about what would happen in another year.
As she undid the hooks, every stage of her daughter’s development
flashed before Cindy’s eyes – it seemed like a lifetime had passed
since things had been ‘normal’ around their house. Since her little
girl had been able to run and play like other kids her age. Now, the
burden of her overgrown chest made running difficult.
She remembered how absurd it felt when she bought Mandy her first bra.
It was a B-cup and she was only 9 years old – most girls her age
weren’t even in training bras yet. The kid had filled it to capacity.
Her daughter was already as big as most of the grown women they knew -
women outside the family, anyway. That was last spring, she recalled,
and by the time school was out for the summer, Mandy had needed a
bigger bra. No one in the family was prepared for what happened in the
coming year – least of all the innocent young girl with the ever-
swelling breasts.
Month after month, to Cindy’s dismay, Mandy’s tits got bigger. You
could almost WATCH the damn things grow. Then her hips widened, her
butt plumped up and she sprouted a bush of pubic hair that rivaled her
mom’s. The kid would inspire a hard-on from any man in sight - and
Cindy was scared. It wouldn’t be long before some older boy found his
way into her pants. She had a sneaking suspicion they’d already made it
inside her blouse. Her growing young bosom was barely contained in a C-
cup by the end of summer, and on a girl her size, those bras looked
enormous. She knew there’d be boys dying to get a feel of her – to get
inside those big cups.
Protection was what her daughter needed – the birth control kind -so
she took her to old Doc Johnson.
After the testing and examination, the family doctor agreed – it would
be a good idea to put Mandy on birth control pills. After Mandy left
the room, the doctor had a heart to heart exchange with Cindy. Doc
Johnson had been the town’s General Practitioner since before she was
born. In fact, he’d delivered Cindy, and all her sisters. And he’d been
their doctor ever since. She knew he had their welfare in mind – she
trusted him.
“I don’t have an explanation for it my dear, but it seems Mandy is 2 to
3 years ahead of schedule in her level of hormone development. She’s
liable to have some very strong urges in the coming months and frankly,
with the way she’s built, she’ll be quite a temptation for the boys.
Mandy is further along in her development than your younger sister Tess
was at that age, and I thought SHE was an odd case. You need to have a
talk with her Cindy – and you better make sure she takes those pills.
Remember what happened to you and your sister?”
How could she forget, she thought to herself. She and Tess had gotten
pregnant before they even made it to high school. Cindy was barely 14
when Bill knocked her up with Mandy. Tessie had just turned 12 when
Jimmy got her pregnant with the twins - Lisa and Ellie. The sisters
were 4 years apart in age, but closer than any of the other siblings in
friendship and spirit. Every time Cindy looked at her daughter, she
thought of Tess. It was hard not to – Mandy was the spitting image of
her young aunt.
The last thing Cindy wanted was for history to repeat itself. She
remembered what a tough time Tessie had when she was Mandy’s age – boys
constantly pawing at her tits – groping her on the school bus – pinning
her to the wall in the hallways so they could cop a feel. The girls
wouldn’t speak to her little sister for years – the jealousy was
ridiculous. Finally, after years of fighting it off, Tessie gave up.
She surrendered to the urges that had been building in her ripe young
body – and she paid the price. What she really wanted was love – but
she got something else in the bargain - Tessie got knocked up the night
she lost her virginity.
Cindy remembered it like it was yesterday – at the tender age of 16,
she had 2 kids and a pregnant 7th grader to look after - a VERY
pregnant 7th grader. Her mom was overwhelmed with caring for the
younger ones – Cindy had 5 younger sisters – the 4 older sisters had
left home already. The longer she thought about her own life as a
teenager, putting Mandy on birth control seemed like the wisest thing
to do at the time. The doctor was right, she thought, and “I don’t want
another knocked up kid to look after.”
As the year progressed, Cindy began to question the wisdom of her
decision. The birth control pills wreaked havoc on her daughter’s
hormone balance – at least that was Doc Johnson’s theory – and it threw
her growth spurt into overdrive.
By Christmas time last year, Mandy’s breasts were stretching a D-cup
brassiere to its limits. There seemed to be no end in sight for her
daughter’s bust expansion - and so it continued until Mandy reached her
current dimensions. Now it seemed like the kid was trying to set a
record. This was a DOUBLE D-cup she was pouring out of.
Cindy came back to reality then – back to the task of helping her
daughter get those big tits of hers out of that tight bra. Cindy
mumbled to herself as she stared at the 30DD tag again. “This is
ridiculous - she’s not even 10 yet.”
Mandy heard the comment, and started to question her mother – but Cindy
had released the hooks on the clasp at just that moment. The body band
on Mandy’s bra snapped forward like a slingshot, and her heavy young
breasts came tumbling out. They bounced and wobbled and slapped
together on her chest with a life all their own. She turned around to
face her mother then – to confront her about the comment she had just
made. The motion caused her bosoms to shake like a mass of quivering
She cupped a big breast in each small hand to stop them from wobbling,
and she glared at her mother. “Is this what you think is so
ridiculous?” Mandy glanced down at her chest. “Is that it mother? You
think my tits are ridiculous? It’s because they’re too big isn’t it?
You’re just like all the rest of them – you think I’m some kinda’
freak. Well, I’ve got news for you mother – some people LIKE my big
tits, and maybe I should spend more time with THEM!”
Mandy was teary-eyed as she stormed out, hugging her naked breasts and
running down the hallway to her room. Her moods had become very
unpredictable, and she hadn’t even given Cindy a chance to explain.
Cindy began to notice a change in Mandy’s behavior the longer she was
on those birth control pills. She dismissed it as “just the hormones.”
But she knew something else was going on now.
One thing she’d noticed lately was that Mandy seemed to have no modesty
whatsoever around the house anymore - this, after all those months of
dressing down to conceal her bust size. Taking extra care that her
father, or the girls at school didn’t notice how much bigger she was
getting.  It didn’t add up. Maybe she was looking for approval, Cindy
thought - “And I sure as hell screwed up if that was the case.” It
could be she felt it was OK to walk around in a bra and panties – after
all, her dad wasn’t around, Cindy thought – it was just her and the
Mandy’s father had been on an out-of-town project for most of the past
year. Bill came in for long weekends a couple of times a month, but
they’d usually send the kids over to Cindy’s mom so they could have
some ‘quality time.’ To Cindy, that meant getting her brains fucked out
by her childhood sweetheart. And she took every minute of his time on
those weekends doing just that.
Bill barely had a chance to say hello to the kids, much less notice
what was going on in their lives. He left that to Cindy, knowing that
he’d be home soon, and things would be normal once again. Cindy got a
chill as she thought about their situation. Her husband had no idea how
busty their 10-year-old daughter had become. Most of her growth had
occurred since he took on that project, and Cindy had kept it from him -
 now she began to wonder why.
Was it jealousy, she wondered? Or was it concern for her daughter’s
innocence? She trusted her husband – he was a good man, and he’d been a
good husband and father. But he was a MAN after all, and she knew him –
she knew what he liked.
What Bill liked more than anything else in a girl was a great BIG pair
of ripe, bra-busting TITS. The kind Cindy had – with big fat nipples
and areola the size of her palm. It was her tits - she knew this – her
tits that got him all hot and bothered when they were teenagers. So hot
and bothered that he fucked her silly night after night in the back
seat of his old beat up car. So hot she got knocked up from all the
sperm he dumped in her fertile young womb – he’d simply explode inside
her as he licked and sucked and slobbered all over those big fat melons
of hers.
Bill was in heaven as she swelled with her pregnancy. She got tickled
when she remembered how he acted those first few months. He couldn’t
believe what was happening to her breasts. The parts of her anatomy
that attracted him in the first place were growing larger – much
larger, and it made him hornier than ever. She would whisper in his ear
just to drive him wild those days – “Billy, my bra’s getting tight
again – I think I’m getting bigger. Pregnant girls do that, you know.
You want me to don’t you? You want my tits to get bigger?”
That would send Bill into orbit every time. Of course he wanted her to
get bigger! He simply WORSHIPED her big tits. And the bigger they got,
the more Bill would want to fuck her. They went at it every chance they
got – 3 or 4 times some days. As the months passed, Cindy’s tits
weren’t the only things that got bigger. That’s when she discovered
another turn-on for Billy. He liked her bulging pregnant belly as much
as he liked those fat swollen tits. Maybe that’s why he’d kept her in
that condition every year since then.
What worried her now was that Mandy’s bust had grown as large as hers
had been when she was 14. The year Bill first knocked her up. The fact
that Mandy had reached those dimensions 4 years earlier in life just
added insult to injury. What would Bill do, she wondered, when he saw
his daughter’s big tits for the first time? What if she paraded around
in front of him - braless in a tank top and panties, as she’d taken to
doing lately? How would Bill handle THAT, she wondered?
She’d always noticed him looking at teenage girls when they were at the
mall – and it was no secret to anyone who knew him – Bill had a thing
for well-endowed young girls. He made no attempt to hide it, even
though he passed it off jokingly sometimes: “Look at the honkers on
THAT kid, will ya? Wonder what mama’s putting in HER cheerios?” Then
Bill would have a good laugh.
He couldn’t fool Cindy though – it was no joke – it turned him on. Each
time he’d make a comment like that – after seeing a girl with a healthy
rack – she’d get a good and proper fucking once they got home. It was
always more intense than usual – and his dick would get so BIG. For
years Cindy played along with him because of that – she would actually
point some of these girls out to him, and work him into a frenzy before
they got home. The girls she saw sporting big tits were getting younger
every day too - and the younger they were, the hornier they made her
She wondered how she’d deal with her husband’s little turn-ons NOW -
now that a prime specimen was so much closer to home. Mandy was just
the kind of girl she might point out to Bill – young…pretty… and
stacked out of her mind. She began to feel guilty for encouraging him –
she never dreamed it would come back to haunt her. Her playing along
was an open endorsement of his behavior. It was alright before, but now
there was a young girl in their very house that could give Billy a
massive hard-on. And she was his own daughter.
He’d see her day in and day out. Her tits would get bigger and bigger
right before his eyes – as if they weren’t big enough already. And it
was already hot – she wouldn’t be covered up in sweaters. Those big
boobs of Mandy’s would be wobbling around in t-shirts and tank tops -
and there wasn’t a damn thing she could do about it. But why was she so
worried? Bill could behave himself, she thought.
She was almost convinced – but not quite. She remembered how Billy
reacted whenever Tess was around. Her little sister drove him wild, and
though he didn’t dare mention it, Cindy had always known. Bill would
get nervous – he’d fidget in his chair and adjust his crotch. He’d
clear his throat often.  He’d make small talk and pretend not to look
at her breasts – but she’d catch him stealing glances. Tessie would
bend over in front of him just in case he missed anything – “the little
bitch” she muttered.
He was crazy about her from day one, she remembered. When she 12 – and
pregnant as a cow with the twins - he’d make up any excuse to ask her
to come along with them. “She looks like she could use some company”
he’d say, or “Honey, should we really leave her all by herself?” All he
really cared about was getting an eyeful of her knocked up little
sister and those big swollen tits of hers.
Cindy shuddered as she thought about how closely Mandy resembled her
young aunt. She was Tess reincarnated – every voluptuous, bra-busting
inch of her. She was sure Bill had noticed the resemblance before. Up
to now though, aside from her face and hair, there wasn’t much else to
But Mandy had changed in the past year – BOY had she changed – and Bill
had missed it all those months. “He won’t miss a fucking thing now” she
cursed under her breath. “The way she’s been acting, she’ll make sure
he sees plenty.” It seemed pretty clear what would happen when Bill got
an eyeful of Mandy – he would get just as horny around his daughter as
he had around her little sister - maybe hornier.
Mandy was 2 years younger than Tess had been when she got Billy all hot
and bothered – and if that wasn’t bad enough, her tits were even
bigger. Around the house anyway, Mandy seemed to delight in showing
everyone just HOW big she was. If she pulled that around her father, it
could be too much for him to bear.
All of a sudden, Cindy realized that might not be a BAD thing. Who
would he take out all that horniness on? It would be HER, she thought.
Mandy’s chest would make that big dick of his get hard – she knew it -
but it would be Cindy who’d get the thing shoved up inside her. It
would be Cindy who’d get her eyeballs fucked out - every time her top
heavy daughter went bouncing around the house - every time she bent
over to give him a peek at that fat rack of hers. Cindy was getting wet
just thinking about it – how big and hard Bill would get after seeing
Mandy swell out the front of her school blouse.
Bill had a thing for girls in school uniforms, and Mandy looked simply
obscene in hers. Her plump round butt pushed out the back of her plaid
skirt, and she wiggled it with every step she took. Her bare legs were
smooth and creamy, and she showed off a good 6 inches of thigh above
her knees. She strained the buttons on the front of her blouses now -
to the point a deep breath would pop them right off. The material was
stretched so tight across the fullest part of her bust, it left big
gaps - you could see right in to her bra.
Money was tight, and Cindy couldn’t afford to replace the damn things
as quickly as her daughter was swelling out of them. That was why she
was getting so much grief at school she supposed – Mandy looked like a
slut the way she bulged out of her tight clothes.
Cindy decided she would make the most of the situation – she’d watch
Bill’s tongue hang out as he ogled Mandy’s ripe body in that uniform –
then she’d enjoy the fucking of her life later that night as he shoved
that big dick of his in and out of her. He wouldn’t be able to get it
out of his mind, she thought – the sight of his daughter so big and
busty - and she would milk it for all it was worth. He’d have to jump
on her 3 times a day – just like when they were kids – like when she
was knocked up with Mandy.
Bill was due home the next day, and Cindy had some plans to make. “The
best defense is a good offense” she decided. So what if Mandy gave him
a hard-on? She was actually tickled about it at this point. Mandy had
always been “Daddy’s Little Girl”. Cindy knew she would want to grab
his attention, so she was prepared to manipulate the situation to her
advantage. “Oh, this could be so much fun” she giggled.
The next morning, Cindy woke up horny. Her two favorite fingers found
their way past the waistband of her panties – and inside her. She was
so wet, so hot just thinking about what was to come that night. Bill
had always been like a drug to her. Though she had strayed more than
once – just to see if she was missing something – she knew there was no
match for her husband. She ran her fingers in and out of her throbbing
pussy even harder as she thought of him – the SIZE of him. Cindy’s
husband was hung like a horse - and she knew what happened when he saw
a girl like Mandy.
“The damn thing will get big as my fucking forearm” she muttered to
herself. She was close to bringing herself off as she pictured it in
her mind. “So big…” she whispered… “Dear God he’ll get so HUGE… I won’t
be able to walk for a week.” She was moving furiously now – rubbing on
her clit with such intensity she almost burned herself from the
friction. Cindy began to convulse into orgasm - moaning and thrashing
on the bed like a whore.
Mandy walked into her mother’s bedroom and caught Cindy with her hand
in her panties – her face all red – her tits all swollen from the
excitement – her hair wringing wet. She was simply a mess. “What am I
supposed to do about a bra today mother? Do you think you could spare a
minute to help me out with one?” Her daughter had certainly become
hostile Cindy thought – but then, what could she expect – behaving the
way she did when it was time to get her kids off to school.
Cindy decided to use some reverse psychology on Mandy – it was sneaky,
but sure to get a rise out of Bill. She’d get the fucking she wanted
that night – and then some. She looked through her old bureau drawer,
hoping to find a bra from her younger days. Cindy was a pack rat – she
kept everything imaginable - and at times like these, she was glad. She
pulled one out and held it up to examine it.
The tag read 34EE and the cups looked like they would be enormous on
Mandy – it was a big bra, and that was a fact. Cindy was 16 and nursing
Mandy’s little sister Suzy when she wore that bra. Mandy made a snide
remark as she stared open mouthed at the big brassiere  “Jesus mama…I’m
still a girl – not a big ole moo cow like you.” The comment actually
tickled Cindy, but she pretended to be furious and she laid into her
“Now you listen to me young lady – you’ll wear this bra, and you’ll
like it. Here – we’ll pin it on the sides – it’s OK if it’s loose,
we’ll get you a new one tomorrow. Your father will be coming home
today, and we can’t have you running around indecent. Now I want you to
dress and ACT like a lady – do you hear me? Cover yourself when you’re
around daddy – he’s a grown man, and you know enough from sex-ed that a
girl can get a man excited – especially when she’s as fully developed
as you are. I don’t want you running around without a bra – and I don’t
want you poured into one of those tight tank tops you like. You’re too
big for those things now.”
Mandy had a defiant look on her face, but offered no argument to
Cindy’s orders. The bra was a bit loose, but it would work for today.
Cindy giggled to herself after her daughter left the room. She had
baited Mandy, and she took it hook line and sinker.
The last thing Mandy would do now was follow her mom’s orders – and
Cindy knew this. That’s what tickled her so. She had set her up. And
that bit about her being able to get a man excited – she’d see that as
a dare. Mandy would do everything in her power to show off those big
boobs to her daddy – just to see what it did to him. But mom would be
the winner, Cindy thought. That was the theory at least.
Her older kids went off to school, and Cindy went about the ritual of
tending to the little ones. She’d asked Tessie to come over and help
out that afternoon so she and Bill could get away from it all – sort of
a homecoming celebration. It had been months since Cindy had seen her
sister and they’d have a chance to catch up. Besides, Cindy couldn’t
wait till nighttime to get that prick of his inside her.
Tessie was running late – Bill was due in any minute and Cindy was
getting steamed. The kids would be home from school soon – she wanted
to be out of there by then. Tess finally arrived with two of her little
ones in tow. As Cindy watched her sister walk up the driveway, her
mouth dropped open. When Tess came inside, Cindy’s eyes followed her
every move – they were riveted to her chest.
 “I’m pregnant again Cindy. I’m VERY pregnant - just in case you were
wondering why they’re…you know…so big.” Cindy HAD been wondering –
she’d never seen Tess that size before. She wasn’t sure she wanted Bill
to either. Her sister’s tits bulged out like a shelf – damn near a foot
out in front of her.
“Fertility drugs” Tess said “Jimmy wanted to make sure he knocked me up
again – so he slipped me some. I could just kill the mother fucker. All
he cares about is watching my boobs and belly swell up. Now I’m gonna
get big as a cow – look at these fuckin’ things!” Cindy just shook her
head as she looked at her sister’s absurdly swollen bosom. “Dear God
Tess, what size bra do you have to wear now? You’re HUGE.”
“Never mind that sis – it would just make you jealous” Tess chirped
back. “Besides, you know how I am - I’ll just need a bigger one in a
month, so what the hell difference does it make? … Is that Bill I hear
pulling up in the driveway? Oh, I just can’t wait to see him! It’s been
months. Speaking of which – does he know about our little boob queen?
Didn’t you TELL him about her? Boy will HE be in for a surprise.”
Cindy had confided all the details of Mandy’s development to Tess.
She’d seen some of it for herself – just not the latest growth spurt.
She could certainly identify with the child’s problems – even though
she’d been a few years older and pregnant when she got that big. “I’d
love to see the look on his face when he gets a load of those…” Cindy
stopped her sister in mid sentence. “He’s coming toward the house – now
you put a lid on it OK? Not a word about Mandy and her…well…you know
what - you just keep your mouth shut.”
Cindy ran to the door to greet her husband. She swung it open and
jumped on him. She threw her arms around his neck, and wrapped her legs
around his hips – this was one horny little bitch, Bill thought. She
caught him looking down at the cleavage bursting out the neckline of
her tank top. She’d worn one of her “fuck me” push-up bras for the
occasion, and she was a sight to behold. She could feel Bill’s dick
getting hard against her, but then he noticed Tess. “Is that my
favorite sister-in-law over there?”
Tess couldn’t resist bouncing her way over to him from across the room –
 her big pregnant breasts wobbling and slapping together like soft wet
melons. Someone needed to pick his tongue up off the floor, Cindy
thought. His eyes came out on stalks when he saw how big she’d gotten.
Cindy witnessed the old familiar signs then – Bill clearing his throat,
stammering, and fidgeting with his crotch – shuffling from one foot to
another. She was making him horny enough to cum in his pants – right
there in the living room.
Tess walked right up to Bill and gave him a big hug – mashing her fat
bosoms into his chest – lingering there longer than Cindy would have
liked. She kissed him on the cheek and then held him out at arms
length. Even then, her tits were only inches from his chest. “Let me
look at you mister – why… you’re just as handsome as ever.” Bill
returned the compliment, as he stared right at her chest “Well I’ll
have to say, you’ve never looked better yourself Tessie.” Cindy was
furious – and her little sister was just giggling. “Oh you men – that’s
all you ever notice – yes, they ARE bigger, and yes, there’s a good
reason they’re that way – and that’s all I’m gonna tell - you naughty
man you!”
Tessie just kept on giggling as Bill ogled her impossibly fat rack. She
stuck her belly out to illustrate the reason they got to that size.
What Cindy didn’t know was that Bill had fucked her sister’s eyeballs
out on a regular basis. It had gone on for years. In fact, Bill had
fathered three of her children. They’d always teased each other openly
around her just to throw her off the scent.
Bill couldn’t help himself – and neither could Tess. She remembered the
first time Cindy had told her about the size of his prick. They were at
lunch in the school cafeteria when Cindy held her hands out in front of
her to describe it. She stretched them a foot apart – “It’s THIS LONG”
she told Tessie. Then she picked up a coke can and held the top toward
Tess. “And it’s THIS fat” she said, wide eyed. It had made her weak in
the knees every time she thought about it - and more than a little
Unfortunately, every girl at the table witnessed her all too graphic
description - and they knew what she was referring to. There had been
plenty of speculation about Bill’s endowment circulating among the
junior high girls. The kind born of gossip spoken in hushed tones -
after boys see each other in the shower room at school. It was common
knowledge among the boys that Bill was the “best equipped” boy in the
whole school – by a long shot. Cindy confirmed it for every little slut
at the table that day.
Tess already knew he had a weakness for young girls with big tits –
he’d been ogling her since she was 12. She knew how much her belly
drove him nuts too - when she’d grown so big and pregnant. Cindy had
made the mistake of confiding in Tess about that. She would have
figured it out anyway – he couldn’t take his eyes off her. Every time
Cindy’s back was turned, they’d go at it – sometimes right under her
very nose. The thrill of getting caught made it that much more exciting
for them. They’d sneak off from a family bar-b-que and Bill would bend
her over a table in the basement. Or they’d meet in the upstairs
bathroom when she slept over – he’d sit her butt up on the sink and
fuck the living shit out of her.
Bill continued to gape at his sister-in-law’s tits, remembering those
times, until Cindy got his attention. “Bill honey, why don’t we slip
away this afternoon and go up to that little cabin on the…” She stopped
in mid-sentence as the school bus brakes squeaked to a stop outside.
She went to the window and watched as her kids approached the
house. “Dammit, here she comes” Cindy muttered under her breath. She’d
missed her chance to escape before Mandy got home.
They were at the door already – she was stuck. But if she couldn’t have
what she wanted that afternoon, at least she’d have Bill all worked up
for that evening. If Tessie’s body wasn’t enough to do it, Mandy’s
would send him through the roof.
Cindy couldn’t believe what the little bitch had done. She’d gotten rid
of the bra for starters, then she tied her shirt tails together in a
knot right under her tits. It exposed her bare midriff – and that
creamy little tummy of hers looked plumper than usual. She had her hair
in pig tails – something that drove Bill out of his tree. It made her
look even younger than she was. Mandy had managed to hike her skirt up
even higher than her mom remembered – she was showing FAR too much bare
leg, and if she’d bent over just right you could see everything.
What really floored her was the blouse though. Without the bra on, you
could see right through to her big nipples – like mother, like daughter
Cindy thought. Mandy’s nipples and areola were simply enormous. The way
she had the thing tied up under her tits made them look even bigger
than Cindy remembered – the material stretched obscenely over that mass
of a bosom. You could see her fat naked tits right through the big gaps
in the shirt – the kid looked like a wet dream come true.
She ran toward her daddy when she saw him. “Oh, daddy daddy… I’m so
glad you’re home! I missed you daddy…Oh I missed you so MUCH! She
hugged him around the waist, her head barely reaching his lower chest –
she stood on her tip-toes trying to kiss him. Bill leaned down and
hugged her back, and his busty young daughter kissed him all over the
face and neck – again and again. She went back to hugging him, and he
could feel her big breasts squashing against his crotch.
Then Bill felt something else – his dick was getting hard as a rock,
and that was an impossible thing to hide. His daughter was making him
horny by pressing her overgrown bosoms against his throbbing prick. He
sensed the child knew exactly what she was doing. She saw the change in
him – the bulge in the front of his pants was enormous, and getting
bigger. She felt it too – pressing hard against her swollen young tits.
Mandy must have liked the feeling, because she stepped back a little
and put her hands on his hips. Her tits were barely touching his
crotch - and he had a glorious view. He looked down at her full ripe
melons bulging out the front of her blouse - and she began to rub her
braless tits back and forth across his fat cock.
Bill was dangerously close to cumming in his pants when Cindy shrieked
at their daughter – you stop that this instant young lady! That’s your
FATHER Mandy! You quit rubbing your boobs on him right NOW!” Mandy
ignored her mother and continued to move her big breasts across his
crotch – she twisted his hips in rhythm with her movement. She made her
father’s prick so hard it grew damn near to his knees. Bill regained
control long enough move his child away from him - to a nearby
chair. “Daddy has to go to the bathroom honey – sit down here, and I’ll
be right back.”
Beads of sweat had formed on his brow, and he was speechless. His face
was bright red, and he was obviously embarrassed as he caught his wife
glaring at him. As he headed to the bathroom, he couldn’t get the image
of her out of his mind. It was hard to believe what had happened to his
He could barley walk she’d made him so big and hard. He had to relieve
himself in more ways than one. Taking a leak in this condition was
difficult, but he managed. It didn’t diminish the size of the tool he
held in his hand – even though it belonged to him, he was still in awe
of it. No one had ever caused this state of arousal in him before – not
Cindy – not Tess, not the dozens of bosomy bimbos he’d knocked up since
high school.
There was something very special about Mandy – she was Daddy’s Little
Girl. She was so young…she was so pretty…and good God almighty….her
tits were…SO…..FUCKING..…BIG! He shouldn’t have been surprised, he
thought – big tits ran in the family – both sides of the family as a
matter of fact. What did they expect - a ballerina?
The kid must have gotten a double whammy from the gene pool, he
figured - both his mom and Cindy’s were outrageously large busted.
Still, he couldn’t get over how quickly it happened – how her breasts
had grown so enormous – and she was still a little girl. He’d never
seen anything like it before – now that was ALL he could see. His dick
was throbbing as he thought about her nipples – so hard and poking out
the tight fabric of her blouse. He reached for his prick to stroke
himself as he remembered her performance in the living room – she knew
just how to get him hard. Had she learned that from the boys at school,
he wondered?
He pictured her again as his prick began to swell larger – my GOD she
was huge, he thought. He felt the cum building in his balls – ready to
spew any minute. Then he remembered Tessie – what she looked like when
she’d been just a couple years older than Mandy – and pregnant. So
very, VERY pregnant - with two 9-pound babies in her bulging belly -
overwhelming her ripe young body. She looked so much like his daughter
then it was frightening. He couldn’t help but fantasize about Mandy in
that condition– so knocked up she could barely walk – her tits swollen
big enough to nurse quadruplets.
Bill lost his load – all over the bathroom wall - as he thought about
his busty little girl and what she’d look like so heavy with child. He
pumped his prick furiously as he spewed out one glob after another –
God it felt so good – he’d been about to explode since his daughter
started rubbing her tits on him.
As the cum gushed out of his balls, he remembered how cute Tess had
been when she first got pregnant – she was barely 12, and just like
Mandy, she was adorable – so sweet and innocent looking. Then her belly
began to swell. Bigger and bigger she grew, as that sweet innocence
faded. All she wanted to do from then on was spread her legs and take
Bill’s big dick up inside her – fucking him every chance she could get
until he splattered her boobs and belly with cum. Tessie was the
horniest 12-year-old on the planet. As much as he enjoyed reminiscing,
it was time for Bill to come back to reality and join his family in the
living room.