- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Daddy's little girl (2)
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Father/daughter

My Daddy comes into my bedroom late at night. She puts her hand under the
blanket and up my nightgown and pushes her finger roughly up my pussy hole and
whispers, "Daddy wants to fuck her little girl. Shh, you're wet already, you
need this, don't you, that's a girl, good girl, Daddy is going to fuck her
little pussy girl with her hard cock. That's what you want, isn't it?"

I traveled 150 miles to play with this woman. We set it up for months, talked
about it every which way. Her body pins me to the bed. I'm sleepy but aroused.
"Yes, Daddy, please fuck me hard, please Daddy. I want your cock inside me."

I push my tongue into her ear, but she pulls away. "I'm going to give you a
spanking in the morning , you know that don't you? In the morning at the
breakfast table, I'm going to pull down your pants and give you a good, hard
spanking. Might even have to use a belt on you, young lady."

"I'll be a good girl, Daddy, I promise."

"I know you will be, but you'll still get spanked anyway. Now take off your
nightgown. Okay hands up, spread your legs, that's my slut, Daddy's little
slut, you just want that cock, don't you? Go on, beg for it."

"Your cock is so big, Daddy, it fills me up, I want you inside me, Daddy,
please put your cock inside my wet pussy hole, please, Daddy, I spread my legs
for you, my hole is always ready for your hard thick cock, I want it so bad,
it's all I ever want. I think about your cock all day, Daddy."

"You better, you cunt. I'll teach you how to take care of Daddy's cock. You'll
be the best little cocksucker around. Can you feel the head of my cock up
against your pussy? Come on, reach for it, show Daddy you want it, that's a

"Fuck me, Daddy."

But she doesn't fuck me yet. She grabs my hair and pulls/drags me onto the
floor, and I'm crawling trying to keep up with her as she crosses the room to
the full-length mirror. I'm confronted with the mirror image and try to look
away, but she yanks me head back and says, "You're going to suck this cock,
girl, and you're going to suck it good or I'm going to give you a beating like
you've never felt before and wouldn't ever want to feel again-got that?"

"Yes, Sir."

And there we are in the mirror. For a second reality intrudes. I look up at
her eyes, hidden by the brim of her cap, and her short white-blonde hair. I've
never seen her before and that increases my fear. On the phone it was like a
confession to a priest, kneeling in the dark booth recounting my sins. I
requested my own punishment in my search for forgiveness. And she doled out the
punishment over the phone.

I wrote line after line for her-100 lines, 200 lines. I beat myself for her,
for me, for Our Father-just another variation on a theme. But it was never
enough. I never felt cleansed or redeemed or free. Finally she ordered me to
come to her.

Now I'm on my knees, hands behind my back, and she's thrusting this big black
dildo-cock into my mouth with one hand behind my head, and in her other hand
she has the riding crop. Every time I slow down or gag she hits me hard with
the crop. I cower and try my best to please her. My cunt is so wet I can feel
the juice dripping down my leg. I want her to fuck me so bad. It feels like she
could put a fist inside me, but all I can really think about is sucking her
cock, trying to push it against her clit.

"That's a girl. Suck that cock. All my friends are watching you. You're making
them hard, some of them are even rubbing themselves, they want to fuck this wet
little mouth hole of yours. Show them how well you've been trained, you little
slut. You'd suck all their cocks if I let you, wouldn't you? I'm going to let
them cum all over you and make you lick it up. When I cum inside you they'll
cum all over your face."

I can actually feel all these people watching me-and then she makes me tell
them a punishment story.

"Come on little girl, that's right, spread your cheeks, we all want to see
that tight little hole of yours. And tell us what happens when you are a bad
little girl."

"Daddy punishes me."

"And where do you get punished?"

"On my asshole. Daddy has a special stick and I have to hold my cheeks apart
and count the strokes. After the stick, I usually get five strokes with the
rubber dog whip."

Sometimes as punishment Daddy sticks her finger up my ass. At first it hurts,
and then it feels good, but right about the time it feels good Daddy pulls her
finger out really fast. She's says it is part of my training and eventually
she'll fuck me up the ass with the dildo. She loves to look at my asshole,
examine it: poke, prod, and lick my tight little hole. I feel a mixture of
pleasure and humiliation. The humiliation usually wins out, especially if her
friends are watching. She knows it too-you can hear it in her voice.

"What happens after your punishment?"

"I have special insertion training each night. A dildo is stuck up my pussy
and then Daddy pushes one or two fingers into my asshole and teaches me to

"I think it is very effective to punish girls in sensitive areas-minimum
effort and dramatic effect. I'd say her behavior has improved considerably. Why
don't you tell my friends where else you get your discipline?"

"On my clit."


"On my breasts."

She puts on a latex glove and pushes three fingers up inside my cunt and pulls
them out and slams in deep, so hard it hurts. Then I feel four fingers pushing
up to her knuckles and I'm wet, but not that wet. "No don't fist me. I can't
take it, it hurts."

She says, "I want to teach you this, open up for me, do it for Daddy. We're
going to work through this together. It'll hurt, but we'll handle this pain. I
want you to do this for me."

I could feel her skin against my back, her small tits, hard nipples, her
leather chaps touching my legs.

"Breathe deep and slow, breathe with me, that's it, feel the pain, through it,
don't fight it, let the pain flow through you as you breathe. Stay with me, I
want you to do this, it's important to me."

And then she's inside of me, her whole fist. It feels so good. She starts to
pull out her fist and I don't want to let go. I clench my muscles down, she
grabs my hair, cuffs my ears. She slaps me across the face.

"I'll teach you."Slap.

And I start to cry, not because it hurts, but because being slapped gets to me
more than anything else. It is so intimate;it's my face. I'm scared and caught
up in the fantasy, and she's still fucking me hard, wild and I want to touch
her so bad, claw her, and I start pushing against her with my body.

She leaps off me, flips me over and starts hitting me with her belt, hard. My
back,  shoulders, ass, thighs,. I try to get away, but I can't. She holds me
down with one hand and flogs me with the belt, and I finally give in and start
to scream and cry and sob. There are tears mixed with snot dripping down my
face and I stop struggling. She puts down the belt, turns me over, enters me
gently with her fingers and brushes the hair away from my face. We're close
now, she's inside me, rocking rhythmically she kisses me, kisses the tears
away, lots of kisses and licks.

"Shh, that's a good girl. Daddy loves her little girl, it's ok now, it's all
over, it's ok,baby. You're so pretty, so wonderful, smart, sweet, you're a
honey-bear, girl child. I'm here. I'm here. I'll take care of you."

"I'm sorry, Daddy."

"Sorry? You have nothing to be sorry about, it's okay, sometimes you have to
fight and I'll have to beat you, but that's okay, that's what you need, and
it's what I want and you're safe, sweetheart."

"I want my Daddy."

"I'm right here little girl. I got you and I won't ever let you go. It's okay,
go to sleep now. You want some warm milk? Everything is going to be okay."

"Yes Daddy. I love you Daddy." I curl up and sleep, secure that there will
always be more punishments, but for now all is forgiven.