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[Story Name] Daddy cathes me
[Author] Janey, from Family affairs
[Type] Father/daughter

    Even though I was eighteen years old and my friends always talked about sex and their boyfriends, I was sexually naive and still a virgin.  It wasn't that I wanted to save my cherry until I got married.  I just heard that the first time can be very painful and I guess I was scared.  I never thought that my own daddy would be my first, nor could I have pictured how gentle and wonderful my first time would be with him.
    I guess if he never caught me rubbing my pussy then I never would have been lucky enough to become his lover and that would have been such a terrible tragedy.
    It was late at night and I was restless, with the final exams of my senior year on my mind.  My brain felt like mush and I lay back on the bed trying to doze off into a dream.  I wasn't trying to fall asleep; I was just fantasizing about boys and trying to take my mind off my tests.
    The thoughts of some cute guy kissing me so gently and running his hands along my breasts made my pussy stir in anticipation.  I could feel myself getting all slick between my inner lips and I slid two fingers into my panties.  I rubbed the heated liquids that seeped from my pussy and then rubbed it all over my clit as I frigged myself off, trying to reach orgasm.
    Even though I masturbated frequently, I never put my fingers into my pussy far enough to break my cherry.  Instead, I just rubbed the inner lips as I manipulated my clitty into a wonderful climax.
    As I became more wrapped up in my fantasy, I slowly removed my nightgown and panties and, as one hand massaged my pussy and rubbed my clitty, the other would be playing with my nipples, twisting them in just the right way to make them hard, almost like little BB's.
    The closer I got to orgasm, the louder my sighs and moans became, until my purring turned into intense moans that grew with volume, clarity and passion.
    I must have been louder than I thought, for just as I was about to cum, my dad walked into the room!
    Usually he knocks before he comes in, but he must have heard me making all that ruckus and come to investigate.  So there I was, rubbing my pussy, with my dad's eyes turning into giant pits of brown as he gazed at my naked body.
    Once I realized he was there, I tried to cover myself, but the sheets were on the floor and out of my reach.  He just stood there for a minute, not saying a word, and I thought he was mad at me, but then I realized that he was staring at me and I could see the large lump in his pants.  I knew enough about sex to know that he was getting a hard-on.  Over me, his own daughter!
    I started to say something, but he silenced me with a finger to his lips and he walked around the bed.  His eyes were causing me to shiver, but not because it was cold.  I felt the weight of his stare and, instead of my pussy turning cold with lack of desire, I started to sizzle between my thighs thinking of my daddy in strange, sexual way.  Ways that never surfaced in my mind until that night.
    My hands were trying to conceal my soft, blonde pussy and my small but adequate tits from my dad's stare.
    He finally parted his lips and spoke, "You're very beautiful.  In fact, I think have the most beautiful girl in the whole world.  Move your hands so I can see all of you."
    His voice was soft, yet deep, and I could feel the desire build like a climax, not only from my body, but from his voice and eyes as well.  I could see his muscles grow tense under his shirt.
    The desire inside of me turned into a maelstrom of want as I moved my hands aside to let my daddy look at my body, to gaze on my young, blonde pussy and my firm, grapefruit-sized breasts.  Every passing second made me ache for him to do something, anything, and he did, as his stare turned into gentle caresses.
    His large hands moved out to me and touched my cheek and moved softly down my neck to my tits, and then he cupped my pussy and began to rub my inner lips with his finger as I closed my eyes and sighed.
    "So perfect, so beautiful in every way, my doll, my angel," he said as his hands touched me everywhere that they had never touched before.
    I couldn't believe my dad was caressing me like a lover, but regardless of the fact that he was my daddy, I wanted more of his caresses with each passing second.  When he bent down to kiss me, I lost all control and wrapped my arms around him in desperation as our lips touched and that forbidden, intimate bond was sealed.  Our lips fused together and our tongues began to dance with excitement in each other's mouth.
    His hands never stopped and the kiss seemed to last forever, as if we lived on each other and did not have to breathe in the air that surrounded us.
    Finally he pulled his lips away from mine and I was reluctant to let him do so.  He stared into my eyes and said, "My little girl.  I've wanted to be your lover for such a long time."
    The confession startled me, but made me warm inside as well, as I held onto him with a fierce grip.
    Before I knew what I was saying, the words erupted from my mouth as if they had always been buried in the subconscious and were now forced to come out.
    "I've wanted you, too, Daddy.  I want you to be my first.  I want you to make love to me and pop my cherry and never stop.  I want to feel you come inside of me and feel you seed rush into my womb.  Make love to me, Daddy."
    I knew then that I always wanted him, and my words brought tears to both our eyes as he stroked my cheek and said, "You really want me to?"
    I nodded my head and hugged him tight before our lips found each other once more.  His hands stroked my skin as my hands busied themselves undressing my daddy.
    He got up for a moment to finish the job of removing his clothes and it was my turn to stare at his beauty, his handsome features, as I saw his naked body really for the first time.  How his muscles rippled and how that strange thing between his legs that I knew was his cock grew and twitched as if it had a life of its own.
    He had animal-like features that made me feel pure lust for his body, and yet a soft smile and gentle eyes that made me feel beautiful and loved as well.  I couldn't believe this was happening, that I was going to fuck my daddy, but it was, and I was more thankful for it than anything in the world.
    I spread my slender thighs for him, waiting for him to put his monstrous cock in my small opening between my inner lips, but instead, he did something that I really didn't expect.
    He lowered his head down between my legs and I could feel his heated breath on my pussy.  I never realized his intentions, for my friends at school had never told me anything about their boyfriends licking their pussies.  So you can well imagine my surprise when I felt him part my lips and felt his tongue inch its slithery way up and into my virgin tunnel.  It felt so unbelievably wonderful that I clenched my whole body upward in an arch and screamed with joy as I felt his tongue move within me.
    "Ohh, Daddieeee!  That feels so good.  Lick my cherry pussy, Daddy!  Do me with your tongue!"
    My fingers could never compare to the soft wetness of his tongue as it probed my most intimate virgin parts.  It was gentle, soft and wet, but when he flicked it against the sides of my pussy I went absolutely berserk, and came so hard that it brought tears to my eyes.
    I jammed my pussy into his face as I heard his soft laughter in response.  My body jumped off the temperature scale as my nerves faced meltdown.  My whole body was spasming and I felt a nuclear explosion within me when before all I could get out of an orgasm was a small fire.
    I thought that was as good as it could possibly get, but I was totally wrong as he moved his tongue to my sensitive clitty and began to give it a wet spanking before sucking it into his mouth.
    I was going ape shit mad with lust as he sucked my clitty into his mouth and nibbled the underside of it with his teeth.  I could feel it turn harder than my nipples as he played with it with such expert skill.
    He started to pull his face away from it and I shrieked as I pushed his head back into my lap.  I gyrated my hips as I shoved my pussy into his face so hard that I thought I was going to bury his head between my inner pink lips.
    He couldn't stop now.  He just couldn't, and I wasn't going to let him until it...and then it happened.
    I started crying and shrieking, shaking with desire as my whole body went off again.  Currents of total bliss were running through every fiber of my existence, decimating my soul with forbidden lust.
    "I luvv uuuu sooooo muchhhh, Daddy!" I cried out as I clamped him in place to make sure that he went nowhere.
    Finally, after many more minutes, I just couldn't take the incredible bliss of his tongue anymore and I pulled my pussy away from his naughty lips.
    He just smirked at me like I was Alice and he was the Cheshire Cat with very naughty manners.  I blinked through my tears and I pulled him up to me as I hugged and kissed him fiercely.  I don't think I ever loved him more than I did at that moment.
    Now it was my turn and, although I wanted Daddy to fuck me more than anything in my whole entire life, I wanted to give him the pleasure that he just gave me.
    My lips went crazy all over his hairy, muscular body as I kissed him all the way down his body like he had done to me previously.  I even took his nipples into my mouth and sucked on them while my hand went down to his huge, hard cock and slowly began to touch it and caress it, even touching and feeling his balls and how they moved inside the soft, hairy skin around them.
    My friends told me plenty about giving blow jobs, and I just had to try it as I moved my mouth to his cock and kissed the mushroom-shaped head.  I noticed a drop of shiny liquid on the tip of his cock and I knew it wasn't urine, but a small drop of cum as I licked it up.  The taste was salty but delicious, which turned on my desire even more as my lips opened to accept that enormous love muscle.
    I could hear my daddy moan with pleasure as he stroked my cheek and played with my soft, blonde curls as I sucked the top part of his cock.  I couldn't get anywhere near all of it in my mouth, but I was content with what I had, and, by the sound of it, so was Daddy.
    "You're such a beautiful little girl.  I was proud to be your father and I'm even more proud to be your lover."
    His words brought tears to my eyes as I sucked on his cock while my hands played with his balls.  I wanted to taste his love juice so bad, but I need to feel him inside of me more than anything.
    I looked at him pleadingly and said, "I want to finish sucking your cock, Daddy, but I can't wait anymore!  Please fuck me, Daddy!  I want your cock in my pussy so badly!  I can't stand it anymore.  PLEASE FUCK ME!"
    He laughed in his deep, manly voice as he picked me up by my underarms and lifted me so that I was on top of him, his hard cock pressing against my belly.
    "All right, Angel, but you have to help me guide it in.  I want you on top so you can go at your own pace.  I want it to feel really good, but the truth is that it hurts the first time and I want you to stop me if it hurts too much."
    "I don't care how much it hurts, Daddy!  I want to be your lover in every way!" I protested.
    He laughed again before he tenderly kissed me, and my hands were already grabbing his cock head and pushing it tightly up against my virgin pussy.
    I spread my lips and let him push into me as I moved my down on top of him.  At first I got upset because I thought it wouldn't fit.  My pussy was so small compared to the thickness of his cock, but within seconds, I felt my lips stretch as his cock head moved quite smoothly into my virgin tunnel.
    At first it felt really nice, but then I felt him hit something inside of me and I knew that he had reached my cherry.  He pushed up harder and I pushed back at him, but at first I thought it wasn't going to work.  It was then that I felt the sharp pain and ripping sensation.
    I gritted my teeth and closed my mind to the pain as his cock went almost all the way inside of me before we started to move back and forth.  The unbearable pain soon faded and then I was washed away by a feeling so pleasurable, so complete, that I knew I wanted to be Daddy's lover forever and ever.
    The orgasms started blindsiding me, one after the other, until I was sitting upright and bouncing my pussy up and down on my daddy's thick cock.  We must have made love for an hour before I felt the strangest thing happen.  It felt like his cock was growing even bigger, and then I started crying with happiness.
    "Oh, Daddy!  I feel you coming inside of me!  I hope I have your baby, Daddy!  That would be so wonderful!"
    "Do you really mean that, Angel?" he asked.
    "Oh, I do!  I do!"
    We hugged again and then made love for a second and third time until we fell asleep.  I went to school that day as tired as all get out.  I never went to college.  I'm content with staying at home with Daddy and being his lover forever and ever.
    Besides, I'll have my hands full with our two children.  Daddy has given me twins.  I could never have imagined a life this wonderful, but I am always thankful that Daddy and I are lovers.