- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Daddy and daughter
[Author] Joseph Nissenshon
[Type] Father/daughter

        Whoever would have thought that I’d go to bed with my own father?!?  Not me!  I had a
couple of boyfriends who kept me and my body busy in that way - I just turned 16 a few months
ago.  I have long blond hair down to my butt and a trim bod with 34 B breasts.  I’ve been told
many times I’m a gorgeous 5’4” package. 
        But to get back to my father.  It was a pretty hot day, so I was wearing a pair of shorts
and a halter top. 
        Now I’ll have to admit that maybe most of it was my fault that Daddy kept sneaking looks
at me as I moved around the house.  You see my mother was away visiting her sister and Daddy
wasn’t really used to sleeping alone.  In fact, I used to hear him and Mom almost every night as
they made love in their bedroom next to mine.  Many a night I’d listen to them and get so hot that
I had to play with my pussy until I got off a good come.
        But to get back to Daddy and the way his eyes roved all over my body... I found myself
getting a thrill out of the way he looked at me.  I told myself it didn’t really mean anything
because fathers and daughters don’t get ideas like that, or do they?  Well I don’t know but it was
making me pretty hot just thinking about how it would be to go to bed with Daddy.  So I began to
get kind of careless about how my bra would hang loose and my shorts would slide down so the
crack of my ass would show whenever I bent over.  I was really beginning to like the way his eyes
roamed all over my body
        I flopped down in a chair.  My shorts were real baggy around the leg holes when I tossed
a leg over the arm of the chair I knew Daddy could see the crotch of my panties.  It was a wet
crotch too.  I could feel drops of excitement leak out of my pussy and drip down my thigh and I
could see his cock bulge out into a hard on under his pants.  I didn’t even pretend that I wasn’t
staring at it as I cupped my hand over my pussy mound and squeezed my thighs together. 
        His eyes and the bulge of his cock got bigger.  He stared at me for a moment and
complained,  “Damn baby! Don’t you know what that does to man when he sees you do that?” 
        I’d gone this far, so I wasn’t about to back out now; besides, my pussy was getting itchier
and so very hungry!
        I blurted, “I’m not a baby anymore Daddy! Don’t you think I get to feeling that way too?”
        He stood up and stared at me.  I could see his cock throb as it pulsed inside his pants.  His
voice trembled when he spoke, “You don’t know what you’re saying, girl.”
         “Don’t I?”, I said,. “I hope you’re not too chicken to find out!”  I threw one leg over
each of the arms of the chair.  I could feel the crotch of my shorts tighten as they stretched over
my pussy.  I sat spread-eagled like that and grinned up at him. 
        Daddy strode up to me and placing one hand on each of my shoulders he looked down at
me.  My bra was so loose that it didn’t conceal my tits at all.  He reached down and massaged the
nipple of one.  I gave out a little moan, then moaned some more as he slid a finger under a panty
leg and into my slippery pussy. He got real excited when I moaned real loud.  “Like that?” he
         “My pussy just loves it Daddy, but it wants more than your finger!!!”  He leaned over and
lifted me into his arms.  I felt his hard cock dig me in the side as he carried me into the bedroom.
“And more is what it’s going to get!” he declared.
        True to his word, as soon as he’d pulled off my panties, he slipped a condom on this dick,
spread my legs and crawled between them.  He slid his mouth up over my body, flicking his wet
tongue over it as he made his way up to my tits.  He blew on an erect nipple before sucking it
between his lips.  I’d had my tits sucked before but never had I been thrilled so much as when my
father sucked my nipples.  When I felt his cock pressing on my pussy, I thrilled some more, so
much so that I humped my ass in fast fucking motions. 
        “That’s it, baby,” he crooned, “show Daddy how much you love to be fucked!”  So
anxious was I to please my father I stretched my body under him and pressed my crotch up to his
as hard as I could.  I rolled my ass around on the bed in tight circles.  This caused my pussy to
spread itself over his cock.
        “Lordy baby! you’re a hot one”, he moaned.  I answered by reaching for his cock and
guiding it into my pussy.  When I did, it sank into me and poked around among all the squishy
stuff deep inside me.  No one has ever fucked me as good as Daddy was fucking me now.  I told
him so and he said it meant a lot to hear me say that. 
        “Well, it’s true Daddy”, I said, “Nobody has made it feel so good inside me as it does right
        My words seemed to make him hotter and hotter.  He pulled his cock out of me and
zipped off the condom.  He wiped his cock off on the sheet, then held the tip of it up to my
mouth.  I didn’t see anything wrong with sucking on his cock, so I wrapped my lips around it.  I
was sure glad I did, because while he kept his cock in my mouth, he turned so his mouth was
covering my wet pussy.  It was the first time I’d ever had my pussy sucked, but let me tell you, it
was so good that I knew it won’t be the last.  Daddy can do it to me any time he wants!