- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Birthday bath
[Author] from Hot Family Letters
[Type] Father/daughter

      I am probably the luckiest man alive, for I have three
beautiful daughters.  We not only share the normal loving
relationship and bond between father and daughters,  but an
intimate relationship as well.

      This is due, in part, to your wonderful magazine which has
become standard coffee table literature in our household.  The
seeds were always there for an incestuous relationship, however.
The beginning of my sexual relationship with my daughters each
began in the same way, the birthday bath.

      When each of my three lovely daughters reached that special
age, I would reserve a suite at the nearby Holiday Inn to give
them a special birthday present that they would never forget.
Amber is the youngest of my daughters and probably my favorite,
in bed as well as out.  Recently Amber's birthday rolled around
and there was excitement all throughout the house, as both her
mother and her two older sisters knew exactly what her
coming-of-age present was to be.

      To make an early start at what I knew was going to be the best
night of my life, and hopefully Amber's as well, we left for the
Holiday Inn at three p.m.  I could sense that my lovely daughter
was both excited and full of anxiety, as I could feel her
beautiful, ice-blue eyes staring at me on the ride over to the
hotel, with an innocence that would soon be lost in a night of
heated, wet passion and love.  I too, could barely control
myself as I felt my stiff, throbbing member inside of jeans
aching for my daughter's virgin love box.

      We arrived at the hotel and, as we checked in, I could not help
but notice the curious glance, or more appropriately, stare,
from several of the clerks.  I admit that it probably looked
strange for a man to check into a suite for the night with his
little girl when he lived not more than ten minutes away.  I
didn't care what anyone thought as we hurried to our room, for I
was proud of my little Amber and had no guilty feelings about
becoming her lover.  We made our way up to the Presidential
Suite.  I sincerely hoped that this was going to be the most
memorable night of both mine and my daughter's life, so I had no
quarrel about spending five hundred dollars for a night of sheer
and utter bliss.  Perhaps, if we were lucky, we would even
create a new life tonight.  I hoped and prayed that I could give
my daughter a little girl of her own.

      I was delighted with Amber's reaction as the bellhop let us in,
carrying our one small bag, not that I anticipated needing any
clothes for the night.  Amber's eyes were lit with a child-like
gleam as she noticed the sunken Jacuzzi looking out onto the
city skyline form the end of the suite.  Next to the tub, as I
instructed, was a bottle of champagne on ice with two glasses.
I wanted this night to be romantic and I spared nothing.

      The second the bellhop left with tip in hand, I led Amber to
the bed to start the incestuous ceremony.

      My hands engulfed hers as we sat on the bed.  I could no longer
control my insatiable wants as I looked at my daughter's
beautiful body, from her porcelain face to her high cheek bones,
her long curly blonde hair that fell to her tight small ass that
I could almost grab with one hand, and those perfect tits (both
in size and shape) with a delectable firmness that I couldn't
wait to suck on.

      "Do you know why we're her tonight on your birthday, Honey?" I
asked, looking into her fragile face with its delicate features
and those icy blues she had for eyes.

      "No, Daddy.  Mom, Mary and Amanda wouldn't tell me, but I think
I have a good guess."  She gave me a look that contradicted her

      "I want you to be my lover, Amber.  I want to take your
virginity and give you a child.  I want us to have children
together.  Does that scare you, that your father wants to make
love to you and be the father of your children?"

      "A little, Daddy, but I've dreamt of having your baby and
marrying you ever since I was a little girl.  I still have that
fantasy,  I love you, Daddy, and I want to be your lover just as
much as you want to be mine.  That's why I haven't made love to
any boys at school.  I was saving it for you," she answered

      That was all I needed to hear as I slowly started to undress my
darling daughter.  My tongue eagerly searched for hers as I
lifted her sweater over her head.  I then removed my own.

      Amber must have had some idea of the night to come, for she was
not wearing a bra.  Planting tender kisses on her neck, I moved
downward to her small, delectable breasts as I eagerly began
sucking  on them.

      "That feels so good, Daddy.  Please don't stop," she purred, as
she slid off her jeans and panties in one deft movement.

      I followed suit and slid off my jeans, for if I waited any
longer, my cock would surely have burst through the seams.

      My little girl's eyes engulfed my penis as it stood straight
up, all nine inches of it, in salutation to her beauty and
purity.  I, in turn, stared at her lovely pink lips, shaven bare
by her mother this morning, for I truly love bald pussies.  I
had to control my lust, as I was so full of want that I was
shaking.  As much as I wanted to jam my stiff tube into my
daughter's virgin lips, I had the evening planned out perfectly
and wanted to follow it to the letter.

      I took my daughter with one hand, and our bag in the other, and
led her over to the Jacuzzi.  My eyes locked on my daughter's
nakedness as I set up the romantic bubblebath that I planned to
take with her.  Opening the bag, I took out the bubblebath,
soap, and several bottles of shampoo.  At this point, it might
be worth mentioning that I have a strange fetish.  If there is
anything I love more than wet sex, it's washing a woman's hair,
especially when she's my daughter.  Nothing is a greater turn-on
for me.

      I took the candles out of the bag, ten in all, and lit them as
Amber cut the lights.  The flickering candlelight danced on our
nakedness and filled me with even more longing.  After the water
filled the sunken tub, Amber and I both stepped down into the
Jacuzzi and were immediately submerged in suds.  Although most
of our bodies were beneath the bubbles, my daughter's body had
burned an image on my mind.  I took Amber's head into my hands
and gently eased it back into the water, then I did the same
with mine.

      "Honey, I want you to suck my penis while I wash you hair,
okay?" I asked as I stood up, my thickness and length aiming at
its point of entry.

      She replied not in words but with action, as her small,
delicate lips went over the head of my penis and down a good
portion of my love shaft.  I instructed her to use her hands in
a jerking motion at the base of my cock, for I knew that she
could not take all of my mammoth meat inside of her mouth.

      I got a little carried away as I was concentrating on the
wonderful suck job I was receiving from Amber and poured almost
half of a bottle of shampoo on her head.  She just giggled in
response and proceeded to devour the tool that contributed to
her birth.  I was entranced as I lathered my daughter's head of
long hair, my soapy fingers running through the strands as Amber
continued to bring me closer to climax.

      The excitement and lust built quicker than ever before as I
erupted into my daughter's mouth, giving her the first taste of
my love juice.  My spunk dribbled down her chin as she dutifully
tried to swallow every last drop.  I rinsed her hair as she
fondled my balls with her tiny hands.

      "That was yummy, Daddy.  Let me wash your hair now while you
lick my tender pussy."

      I obeyed, as would any loyal love slave, as she stood up and
soaped my hair as my tongue eagerly explored her clitoris, lips
and hymen.

      She squealed with delight.  "Oooh, Daddy!  That feels so good.
Your tongue feels much better than when I play with myself."
After a good twenty minutes of eating my daughter's holes, but
vaginal and anal, and realizing that her legs were becoming
shaky after three mind-wrenching orgasms that erupted onto my
tongue.  I sat her down on top of my lap with every intention of
fucking my beautiful daughter.

      At first we kissed passionately as we again washed each other's
hair and soaped up each other's body.  The feeling of her small
hands exploring my body, the delicate traces of her fingers,
almost sent me off right there.  I went through waves of lustful
fire as she explored every inch of me and I her.  With my
beautiful Amber in the tub with me, both of our bodies full of
suds, it took no time for my cock to scream for seconds.

      "Amber, are you sure that you're ready to make love to me?
It's a good possibility that it will hurt your first time."

      "I don't care how much it hurts, Daddy, as long as it's you.  I
want you to be my first and put your baby in my womb," she
answered as she pecked me on the cheek.

      I lifted her one hundred and eight pounds onto my rigid cock,
using the water as a lubricant to help me penetrate her

      "Ooh, Dad!  You're going to split me in half!" she cried as the
head of my penis pressed against her straining hymen.

      Suddenly there was a slight tearing and then a pop as the hymen
gave way to my manhood.  I not only felt her cherry being pushed
away, but I also noticed a slight discoloration in the water
from the blood.  Amber held onto me, her soapy hair resting
against my chest as I pushed into her inch by inch until all
nine inches were firmly implanted in her tender and tight love

      I gave her a few minutes to adjust to the sensation of my
monster inside of her until she lifted her head off my chest,
kissed me and said, "Do me, Daddy.  Give me a little baby girl."

      That was all I needed to hear.  The sound of my daughter
wanting my baby sent me over the edge as I started to plunge in
and out of her now wet, but super tight gash.  The friction as
almost unbearable, and after several dozen strokes of complete
ecstasy that could rival heaven, I thrust my penis into her and
sent my sperm on a dutiful mission to impregnate my baby girl.

      After I pulled out of her vagina, Amber and I sat arm in arm,
reclining on the side of the tub and kissing passionately for
the better part of half an hour.  Her hand found its way to my
penis and began stroking it, softly at first, then faster and
harder until my lower head showed life.

      "Honey, get on all fours.  I want to do your precious little

      "No, Dad!  Not my bum!" she said, aghast.  "I could hardly fit
that big pole of yours in my pussy.  It will never fit in my

      "Trust me, Honey.  I'll take it nice and slow."

      She reluctantly agreed and assumed the position while I got out
of the tub to get the K-Y jelly.  I came back in the water and
assumed the position as I started to grease my pole.  I fingered
her butt with the lube as she gave me a groan somewhere on the
border of pain and delight.  I started to finger her moist
clitty with one hand while I fingered her ass with the other.  I
took my aching prong that was so stiff I could have hammered
nails with it, and rubbed it against Amber's closed sphincter
hole, the rim reluctantly parting as I pushed harder.

      Amber gasped as my head was now in her shit chute, hopefully to
be followed by the rest of my nine inches.  I stopped when I
managed to get six inches into her tiny hole, not wanting to
risk hurting my daughter.  I took it delicately and slowly as I
started pumping her little ass.  The friction was out of this
world, it was so tight.  I knew I would not be able to hold off
blowing my load for very long.

      She groaned at first, with screams right after, which almost
made me stop dead in my tracks, until I realized that her sounds
signified pleasure and not pain.  She was shouting so loud that
I was almost afraid the guests in the next room would hear and
call the desk to get us to shut up.  The passion of the moment
overrode my anxiety and I thrust the remaining three inches into
my daughter, the tip of my head kissing her bowels.  I pumped
her even more frantically.

      "Yes, DaDa!  Yes!  Fill my ass full of your cum!" she shouted
in pure orgasmic delight.

      "No, I can't do that.  Your womb needs all of my sperm if we're
to have a baby," and with that, I pulled out my tube steak and
slammed her love box with quick, hard thrusts.

      That night was filled with wet delights, both in the Jacuzzi
and in the shower.  Bath time is now a regular family affair, as
I take showers and baths with my three daughters every day and

      Amber is still my special girl, now slightly well rounded with
our first child, and I love washing and fucking her every chance
I get.  Speaking of which, it is bath time now, so I'll have to
get going!