- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Bad little girl
[Author] from X-family letters
[Type] Father/daughter

      I didn't know what to do with my daughter; she is such a little
slut.  I know she's twenty-three and she has her own life, but I
deserve a little respect, don't I?  Every night she sneaks a
different guy into her room and I can hear her moaning and
screaming through the bedroom wall.  That all stopped two weeks
ago and now it is I who cause her to moan and scream with
pleasure, but I had to discipline her first.

      Two weeks ago, Monday, I was trying to get some sleep and all I
could hear was my daughter's panting and moaning through the
wall.  I did something that I had never done before.  I barged
in and told the little fuck she was with to get the hell out of
my house and never come back.

      As he pulled out of the driveway, I came into my daughter's
room and said, "What the hell am I going go do with you?  I
can't get any sleep with you fucking a different guy every damn
night of the week.  You're going to have to be punished."

      She looked up at me with those big, puppy dog eyes and smiled
at me, but she wouldn't be smiling after I gave her a good
spanking.  I bent her over my knee and started to slap her bare
asscheeks.  She was squirming so much that I felt my cock grow
into a hard-on.  That alone would have been enough, but it was
not any old hard-on either, it was a super cock.  I never
realized all this time that I was actually jealous of those
guys.  I have to admit that I wanted to be the one fucking her
every night.

      Instead of actually taking her discipline as punishment, she
came, from all the wiggling and my hand hitting her ass.  I
never realized she could cum so frequently  and so easily.  I
wish her mother had been like that.  Surprisingly, I wasn't
made, I was just embarrassed at wanting my daughter for a lover.

      Make no doubt about it, there were good reasons for my
distress.  She was gorgeous.  She had long blonde hair just like
her mother, that went down to her small ass in spirals.  Her
breasts were huge D-cups, but they were amazingly firm for tits
of that size and found myself staring at them.  I was also
staring at her blonde bush, or what would have been her blonde
bush.  She had shaved it bare.

      I noticed that my hand had stopped and I just stared at her in
a combination of love and lust.

      She interrupted me as she got off my knees and kissed me.  It
wasn't a kiss between a father and daughter; it was a kiss
between two lovers, and I responded as my tongue searched her
mouth and hers mine.

      Her hand slid down and grabbed my hard-on and said, "Daddy, is
this for me?  Why didn't you tell me you were jealous?  I just
slept with all those guys because I couldn't have you.  I've
dreamed of fucking you for years," she confessed.

      "You did?" I managed to mumble in my shock.

      She didn't respond with words.  Instead, she laid me down on
the bed and stripped me.  My cock stood up to admire her flesh
and she quickly took my hard organ that indirectly gave her life
and sucked at the tip as her lips slowly sank down to the shaft.
My hands entwined in her golden mane and I just sighed.  I never
thought that I would ever get a chance to become my daughter's
lover.  And now it was all coming true.

      She stopped sucking my cock and brought her lips off to expose
the red, swelling monster.  I thought she wanted to fuck me, so
I reached over to her nightstand to grab a condom until she
pulled my hand back and shook her head.

      "No.  I didn't want a baby with those guys, but that doesn't
mean I don't want a baby with you," she said as she kissed my
cheek and dragged her tongue down to my neck and chest.

      I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  My daughter wanted me
to impregnate her!  I protested, "There's nothing that would
please me more than giving you a baby, but we can't.  I might
come out deformed or something."

      "That's a load of bullshit.  Remember, Daddy, I'm a biologist
and I know that there are no proven statistics that give a
related couple more defects in their children than two unrelated
parents.  Now shut up and fuck me," she demanded.

      That was good enough for me as I lowered her body on top of my
hard cock.  Her pussy lips parted as she guided my erect love
piston into her tight channel.  He cunt was moist and squeezed
my rod to the point where I had to hold back from premature
ejaculation.  I could not believe I was fucking my own daughter
as she pushed and pulled her cunt up and down my cock.  Let me
tell you that incest is wonderful.  Whether it is the extra love
you feel for that person, the forbidden lust, or whatever, it
makes the act of making love that much more special and erotic.
I was in heaven as we thrust our bodies in unison until you
could hear our sweaty flesh clap and stick together as I
bottomed out inside of her.

      My hands took a firm grip of her small ass as we fucked, and my
mouth decided to pay attention to those inviting titties that
happened to be hanging in front of my face.  I licked them all
over and sucked on her nipples until my daughter stopped me from
my feast on tittie flesh.

      "Ohhhh, Daddy!  Your penis feels so good.  Mmm, mmmm, errgh,
I'm coming!" she moaned into my ear.

      That was all I could take as my cock exploded like dynamite and
sent millions of fertile seeds into my lovely daughter's womb.
I hoped one of them would succeed so Cathy and I could our very
own baby.  But no matter, if that didn't do the trick, I could
feel my dick rising again. to the occasion.

      Yes, my daughter still keeps me up at night by her moaning and
screaming, but I can live with it now, for it is my own dick
that is causing all the ruckus.  I still have to punish her when
she doesn't please me, but it always ends up so erotic that we
fuck like rabbits for hours afterward.

      I don't know if my seed has done the trick yet, for it has only
been two weeks, but I can say this.  We'll keep trying and
sooner or later we will be one big happy family.