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[Story Name] a Dad's love
[Author] Godspit
[Type] Father/daughter

Authors Introduction YES! Damn it I have written another story about a daughter and her father..what is your point? Good I am glad that you don't have a point. And now on to the story! (do not take me too seriously)

This story features sex between a minor child under the age of 12 having sex with her own father who is in his late twenties if you have a problem with this then don't read this story.


Chapter 1

Walter was tired of his life. He had grown yet another year older and he had yet to even really start a family. Sure he was happy money wise and he was happy sex wise but he really didn't have a future with out a family. He was tired of everything in his life because most of it was nothing but disappointments. None of the women that he had ever met had wanted to stay with him or start families. They were all too concerned with making it big in Hollywood. Walter Willams one of the largest producers in Hollywood was known for his rambunctious ideas and his all around good nature. What he wasn't known for was his love of children. Oh sure he had produced a few children's movies and now his large production company known as Willam's was brining in more and more money every year due to horror and action flicks but other than that Walter himself was not really happy. The money kept rolling in but true happiness could not be attained with money. True happiness could only be attained for Walter with a family and the love that he would feel with that family. At 29 he was ready to start a family but the problem was that no women that he knew he could lie to would dare to have a family with him. Walter had a few dark secrets just like most people in Hollywood. For one he was a pedophile which in itself was a dangerous thing but even more dangerous was the fact that he had been for the last ten years been using a fake name. It was due to his family life back home in New York. His father and his mother had both been arrested for pedophilia with him and his sister. Faith had disappeared from the corners of the earth and though Walter missed his sister he knew that by now she would be twenty two and way too old for him to even think of having sex with any more. Though the last time they had fucked was when she fourteen. Walter pushed this thought from out of his head. One of the largest film companies around was seeking money to start a new movie and it just so happened that Walter was considering to produce the film. He was considering brining in a lot of money for the film but he really didn't want to do the movie it was just that he knew it would be big. The movie was one of those large action flicks that featured John Travolta. The only question that remained for the company's movie was would Willam's produce it. Walter had been advised against it because the board of trustees felt that the movie would bomb. The script was poorly written but the budget was huge and the actors were also huge. Walter tired to concentrate on the script in front of him but found his mind increasingly on his sister. Perhaps that is part of fate or perhaps not. Just then a buzz on his intercom came though. It was Jerry one of the hired cops downstairs. "Yes Jerry what is it." "Mr. Willams sir sorry to bother you but there is a girl down here who refuses to go away. She says that she is your sister. I have her id here her name is Faith Hill." Walter paused. His eyes got wide. He couldn't believe this. Faith was here. Faith was coming to visit him. But how had she tracked him down. Of course she could have recognized his face on the television which he was on it a lot lately. "What should I tell the girl sir?" "Bring her on up to my office Jerry.' "Very good sir." The intercom buzzed off and Walter waited for only ten minutes before the elevator door opened up to his private office on the fortieth floor of William's Production Company. His sister stepped out. She was older for sure but she still had the same look on her face. Her eyes were still a deep dark blue and her skin though not as fair as it use to be was still a milky white. Her body was more proportioned but she had really small breasts and her hips were non-existent. She walked into the office a little shy at first but then walked over to where he was now standing. Jerry was not in the elevator all he had done was lead her to it and push the button to the top floor. "It really is you huh Steven?" "Yes it is me Faith." He smiled and hugged her body close to his. "Why come look for me now almost ten years later?" Faith stepped back and she thought for awhile before taking one of the seats by the desk. Walter also sat down behind his own desk. "I wish I could say that I tried to find you and meet with you so that I could rejoin you and be your sister again under whatever name you might want me to use but I didn't. I have a problem St. . . " "Please Faith call me Walter." "Okay. I have a problem Walter. You see eight years ago when we made love for the last time your see impregnated me. I had a daughter. I am sorry but I couldn't get rid of her. I tried to raise her as best as I could over the last eight years but well it is just too much pressure for me. I want you to take her and raise her." Walter paused in his thoughts. Again maybe things were going his way in this life. He sat back in his chair and thought a few of the details over. How he was going to explain his daughter's entrance into his life was quite easy enough he would publicly announce that she was his daughter that he had had with a women eight years go. Of course this would mean that he had had a child out of wedlock. But the people would accept this. The women had just died and he was now raising the daughter. He looked at his sister and said, "You realize Faith that this does cause me problems. For one if she is as cute as you were at her age I won't be able to keep my hands away from her." Faith sighed and sat back deeper in her chair, "I realize this Ste.I mean Walter but it can't be helped as long as you love her and are careful to make her feel pleasure then their will be no problems what-so-ever. She has wondered for the past few years where her daddy was and now I am taking her to you. I have to leave the country I don't have a choice in the matter. Some dangerous people are after me and I don't want her or you involved. I may come back one day or I may not. But either way it won't matter she is yours until she decides not to be." "Very well Faith bring her by my house tonight around eleven. I will be waiting up for you please do not disappoint me. The worst thing that happened in my life was when you left me that night eight years ago. And I don't want that repeated with my daughter." Faith only nodded as she got up and walked back towards the elevator. "You won't be disappointed brother dear. And I still do love and care for you." Then she was gone.

Chapter 2

Walter sat in his office in silence the rest of the afternoon. He drank some scotch but all that he could focus on was his sister's body the way that it had been almost fourteen years ago. He had been a teenager at the time and quite horny as he recalled. Of course his mother and father were still sexually abusing both him and his sister. His father was the worse always coming in his room and touching him. But that had stopped when Walter reached puberty. Now his mother would come and touch him. It had all happened one day when their parents were out. Walter had been watching his sister and realized that he was getting a hard on. He had tired to deny it but from that day on he wanted young girls and found it hard to want anything else. But he couldn't just go out like his father and mother and hit them and hurt them. No it had to be gentle and loving. So Walter had decided that that was exactly what his eight year old sister with her deep blue eyes and fair white skin need. So that night when his parents were out at a party he slipped into his sisters bed and slowly started to rub her back. She had said to him as he stroked her dark black hair, "I don't know about this Stevie I mean what if mom and dad come home early and find us in bed together we could get in deep shit." Walter remembered that he had just smiled and pulled his sisters panties downwards. Her eight year old slit had still been bare and he had slipped his head between her legs. That night he had ate her out with more passion than he had ever done to his own mother against his will. And on top of all of it his sister's screams we heard through out the whole room as she went though her first orgasm. From that day on she was his. Walter hadn't need to teach his sister how to suck cock she had already learned. As had he long ago. It still sickened him what his parents did to both of them. If they had been willing it would have been different but neither one of their parents had even tried to please their children. So it had ran like that for years. Then one night during Faith's fourteenth birthday her father had deep throated the girl so hard that she had almost gone unconscious. Walter had ran out of the house trying to get help for his sister/lover but his father had ran after him still half naked telling him to get back. They lived in a small subdivision so pretty soon everyone was outside at one in the morning wondering what was going on. The cops came and Walters's parents were arrested. Walter was considered too young and too poor to raise his sister so she was sent to an orphanage instead of letting that happened Walter had taken her from the place. Later that night she had ran away from him also. Leaving only a note to break his heart: Stevie I love you but I can't stay I have to get away from all of it. And as it turned out she had gotten away from none of it having a daughter from sexual intercourse with her own brother two hours before she wrote that note. Walter sighed and stood up. If his daughter looked anything like her mother had looked he knew that something eight inches long and rock hard was going to be present a lot in his mansion. Walter dumped the whole scotch down his throat before walking to the elevator. It was six and time to go home and relax. He pushed the intercom button before he went and said, "Julie tell Larry that we are going to go ahead and produce this new John Travolta film." "Yes Mr. Willams" Walter smiled and road the elevator down enjoying his day at last. Tonight he became a father at long last. He was very happy about it and as he drove home he could feel his erection growing at every thought he had of teaching his daughter about sex over the next few months. He parked his car in the four car garage and walked into his house. He went upstairs and stripped down to his boxers. Then he popped a video tape into the VCR and then pulled his boxers off his erection already starting to grow again. He pushed the start button on his VCR and watched the scene starting. A young girl wearing a short dress walked into the house, "Uncle Scott its me Sarah where are you?" Her uncle walked from the shadows and smiled down at her wearing only boxers and a shirt. If Sarah hadn't liked this stuff then the story might have not happened this way but it did. Walter watched as the girl put her hand inside her uncle's boxers and started to stroke his ever growing cock. Walter groaned watching this little nine year old girl stroke her own uncle off. Then another girl even younger about six years old walked into the room. The uncle took them both upstairs with him telling them that he really need to get them naked they had both giggled. Walter watched as both girls pushed down their panties and then the man pulled down his boxers. Both girls lunged at his cock and started to stroke it each one taking turns licking the top. Walter groaned almost ready to shoot his load. Then both girls pulled off their dressed showing off their young bodies in full glory. Their uncle groaned at the same time that Walter did. Both girls' bodies were absolutely beautiful. The small box of their pussies were revealed beautiful and both girls had flat chest with little rosy nipples. Walter wanted to suck on those nipples so badly but knew it wouldn't happen. Then he watched as the uncle took both girls into his bed. They took turns stroking and licking his cock again. The uncle said that he was about to cum and Walter could feel his own balls about to explode. Then as one of the girls climbed on top of the hard cock and her little pussy started to fill with the organ Walter did explode. His balls shot their seeds into a sheet for perhaps the last time. Then he set his alarm cock for eleven, which was three hours away and got some sleep.

Chapter 3

Walter woke up at eleven on the dot. The door bell did not ring until eleven fifteen. And their they were on his door step. Walter wasn't sure how he should answer the door or how he should act. He wasn't sure what his sister had told their daughter to expect or the way that she was to act. He hoped that the girl wasn't badly behaved or then he would never get her under control and would never find her mentally appealing. Walter walked into the hall where the door was hesitantly. He walked so slowly that the door bell actually rang twice. He peaked though the eye hole and saw standing before him his sister. Off to her side was a small thin arm of a girl. Walter swallowed and unlocked the door. Then he slowly opened it and he saw for the first time the face and body of his own daughter. The girl that he had actually made with his sister. She was perfect, she improved on everything her mother had had at her age a hundred percent. Her hair was dark black and long down to the middle of her back. Her eyes were a dark green with small flecks of black in them. Her nose was small and slightly turned up. She had pale white skin that was delicately doted with freckles around the nose. Her body was thin and beautiful with a small round bottom that was shown off perfectly in the tight pants that she wore. Her chest was flat and the two nipples on it were sticking out in the tight cloth material that she was wearing. She had a small belly that looked beautiful on her. Walter gulped here standing before him was perhaps the most beautiful prepubescent girl on the face of the earth and she was his own daughter. All that missed from this perfect picture was the girl's name. Walter looked at his sister and back at his own daughter he said to his daughter, "hello honey how are you doing." He got down on his knees before her and smiled. She bowed her head shyly and he could see a blush forming in her cheeks. God she was beautiful he thought. Walter stood back up and lead them into his house. "did your mommy tell you that you were going to be living with me?" She didn't look up but she did speak, "yes." She said it shyly almost as if she was scared that he would make her leave. "What's your name? Your mommy never told me." The girl blushed again harder trying not to look at the man that her mother said was her real father. He was too handsome to be her father. "My name is Luna." Walter caught his breath. He couldn't believe his sister remembered the name that he swore he was going to call his daughter if she looked like his sister. A name that fit the girl perfectly. The name fit his daughter in so many ways the way that she walked the way that she talked. Like the moon she was shy, as the sayings went in a story he had once read as a child. The moon was shy that was why it didn't come out during the day when the sun who was its secret lover came out. It was all very beautiful what he could remember of it that is. "Well Luna welcome to your new home." Faith spoke up next, "I have her stuff in the car their isn't a lot but over the years it was the most I could afford." Faith bent down and brought her daughter close to her, "now Luna my darling daughter its time we said our goodbyes. I want you to know honey that I do care for you and I do love you but it is better that your daddy raise you he has the resources and he isn't in trouble." Luna hugged her mother close Walter did not see much emotion etched on the young child's face but if she was anything like her mother had been at that age she knew already how to suppress her emotions. "I'll miss you mommy." "And remember honey if you get scared Walter will be their for you. If you can't make it alone in a new room just think of me and hold spike close to you." Luna nodded her head and hugged her mother tighter before the hug was broken. "Now lets go get your stuff." It didn't take more than a minute to get all of Luna's clothes and such. The child reached in the front seat and grabbed a stuffed dog. It looked like it had been though a lot but she held it close and the look on her face said that she wasn't going to let anyone take it from her like they were her mommy. They carried the clothes into the house and then again Faith said goodbye to her daughter. The hugs were long and drawn out. But in the end Walter did see tears in both of the girl's eyes. Then Faith broke it and walked to the door. "Take care of our daughter Walter. I might be back one day but I don't know for sure." With that the door was closed and a few seconds later Faith's car started and was heard driving away into the distance. In the other room a sob could be heard as an eight year old girl tried to cope with loosing her mother.

Chapter 4 One day before

Plain and simple Luna was scared. The bad people were chasing her mother again. She could tell by the look on her mother's face. She didn't know what to feel herself besides being scared Luna really didn't like the idea of going to find her daddy. She had lived eight years of her life with out her father in it why did her mother insist on finding the man now? Luna tried to push it all away but again her mother cursed under her breath. Luna knew that those words were bad according to her mother but she had a reason to believe that parents only said that to their children because they didn't want their children to pick the words up but they did anyways. Luna's mother turned down another street trying to get away from whoever was chasing her. Luna wasn't sure what her mother had done to make these people want to chase her but she knew it had happened when she was somewhere around four years of age. Luna tried to pretend that it was a beautiful day and that no one was after them. But she knew that it just wasn't so. Her mother was trying to find her father because she wanted Luna to be safe. Which meant of course that Luna was going to have to go live with her father. She knew that her father even if he was the most powerful man on earth couldn't save her mother now but he could save her. Luna didn't want to think about it because it meant that her mother was going to be leaving her and never ever coming back. She always said that she would that she wouldn't be gone long but Luna knew different. She knew that her mother was going to be gone for good and wasn't going to ever come back. Luna looked at her mother. She could see herself in her mother and she knew that she was even at this moment beautiful. She had heard that her daddy was rich and famous and she also knew that her father liked girls around her own age. Which was fine with Luna she hoped her father found her attractive. She liked older men she had ever since she was five years old wanted to do things with men. She couldn't explain why but nothing had ever come of it and she doubted that anything ever would until now that is. The car turned down another street and her mother let out a sigh of relief. Luna liked that because it meant that they weren't following any more which was really good. They parked a few minute later at a motel. Luna was still holding spike close to her as tight as she could. Spike was her only salvation in this world of crazy people who wanted her mommy dead. Her mom bought a room and they pulled some of the bags into the room. Ever since she could remember Luna and her mother had been on the move from one town to the other trying to ditch the people that were after her mother. Luna followed her mother into the hotel and sat down on the only bed in the room. From the first time that she could remember Luna had slept in the same bed as her mother. It wasn't because they didn't have a choice it was because Luna couldn't sleep alone. She was scared to sleep alone she had to have Spike and her mother close, and now her mother was going to leave her behind. Luan supposed that her mother didn't have a choice. Maybe her father would let her sleep in bed with him. "Okay Luna honey will you be okay here?" "Yes Mommy I will be fine." "good I will be back in an hour or so." Lunas mother left a few minutes after that. Luna laid down on the bed and tried to relax but found her eight year old mind full of inquires.


The next day Luna's mother left her alone again as she went to Willam's Production Company. It was their that Luna's father worked as it turned out he was the owner. Her mother had been confused at first because his name as she said hadn't always been Walter but Steven. Luna did as her mother instructed and dressed in a pair of tight jeans and a tight shirt. She had never realized before that her body could be molded so well in these clothes. Her mother wanted to make a good first impression. About an hour later her mother returned and announced that they would be leaving around ten thirty that night. Luna was apprehensive because she wanted to meet her father but she didn't want to loose her mother also. But rather she wanted it to or not ten thirty arrived and they started to drive. They arrived at her fathers house around eleven ten. Luna was in shock. The house was not only huge but it was the largest house she had ever seen. It was two stories and sat on an estate. It had to have at least twenty bedroom. Faith whistled under her breath and Luna had to catch hers. She had never seen anything like it before. Then they were standing on the door step. It took a few minutes for him to answer it but when he did Luna had a hard time believing it. This handsome six foot man was her father? She could see some of her likeness in him like her dark hair. He smiled at her and she blushed of course. She couldn't help it he was just too good looking. He asked her stuff and she finally answered him. She was starting to feel comfortable when her mother said that she had to go. The final goodbye hugs and getting of things that followed were too much for Luna. As her daddy walked her mommy out she held spike and sat on her fathers couch crying. A minute or so later she felt an arm around her shoulders. A big strong grasp circled around her and picked her up. She was seated on a strong lap with something hard poking up in it but she didn't notice. All she knew was that he held her close and let her cry on his shoulder as he rubbed her back. It all felt so good. This man was her father and he was soothing her. Soon she started to calm down. She pulled back and looked up at him. Walter wiped the tears from under her eyes and said, "feeling a little better now honey?" She sniffled, "I guess, but I am going to miss mommy." "I know you are Luna, but it will be okay. I can be here for you as long as you need me to be. You are more important than my job and I don't really have to worry about that I can do all of it over the phone just never had a reason to until now." He smiled and kissed her forehead. He stood up and took her hand as she stood up also. "now how about if we go pick you out a room." She blushed again and said, "I've never had my own room or my own bed. I don't know if I can do it." Walter turned around and got down on his knees in front of her. "If you can't sleep by yourself tonight or any night if you get to scared just come to my room I will let you sleep with me." He stood back up and said, "so do you want the room next to mine or another one?" "The one next to yours." Walter showed her the room. It connected to his room though a door. It was like connecting to suites together. The connection was though a large bathroom with a whirlpool bath. "Now you need to get in the bath and then to bed." He turned on the whirlpool bath and said, "Tomorrow we will go clothes shopping and I will let you buy anything you want." He smiled and filled the tub with warm water. He put some bubbles in and said, "now you get undressed and in that tub. I have the jets on it will help relax you. Here is the bag that your mom said your night shirt and stuff was in so go ahead and get dressed also. When you are done come into my room and I will say goodnight and tuck you in." he smiled and left. Luna did get in the bath and she did feel better. Her young body felt relaxed as the jets shot water over her. She let her hand creep down and she slowly started to rub her little pussy. She had been masturbating since she was five years old and she always loved the release that it gave her. She spread her legs wider as her hand ran over her small clit. She let out a small moan as she orgasmed. Then all wet she stepped out of the tub and started to drain it. She dried herself off and then slipped on a pair of panties and a long night shirt. Then she combed her hair and walked into her father's room. He was dressed now in a shirt and a pair of boxers. "Ready for bed honey?" She nodded and he led her into her bedroom. Luna was sure that her father knew he was getting an erection but she ignored it. She let him tuck her in and he kissed her forehead. "I know I haven't known about you all these years Luna but I love you already you are the light in my eyes." She smiled and hugged spike close to her.


A few hours later Luna was still awake in her bed trying to sleep. She was scared she had never been in a bed alone. Her dad had said that she could go into his room and sleep. She knew now that she was not going to make it tonight. She slowly slipped from her bed and walked though the bathroom into his bedroom. She couldn't call him daddy yet she didn't feel that way yet. She shook him. He was slightly snoring she found it comforting. Walter rolled over and opened his eyes. "What is it baby?" "I can't sleep." He nodded and pulled the covers back. Luna crept in under them and he brought her close to him. "Its okay Luna it really is." She could feel something hard pressing against her legs and she found that she liked the soft throbbing of it. He was all warm and he stroked her back as she softly fell asleep she felt safe in his arms. She felt safe in her daddy's arms.

Chapter 5

Walter felt warm for the first time in years waking up in his bed. Another body was under the sheets with him and for a moment he forgot that it was his own daughter under the covers with him. Walter pulled the covers back from the bed as he slipped out. Luna was still sound asleep in the bed her face pressed against his pillow. Unlike most kids her age she hadn't woken him up once by pulling the covers or kicking she seemed to be a very sound sleeper like himself. Walter could feel the erection in his boxers and wondered what his daughter had thought about it last night. Those first two hours before she finally came to his room had been agonizing to Walter. His erection had grown in those two hours and though he had wanted to jerk off he knew that he couldn't not when his daughter was only a door away from him. So he tried to relax and when that hadn't worked he thought about how beautiful his daughter was. All of this along with the way that she had been dressed that whole night had led to blue balls. Walter started the shower and climbed in. The shower was incased in glass and had a drain at the bottom. It was next to the tub and as the warm water rushed over him Walter felt relaxed. He slowly took his six inch cock into his hand and slowly started to stroke it. He was coming close to cuming. Thoughts flooded though his head of his daughter naked before him her small body all his to explore. His thoughts were going crazy when his cock exploded in his hand. He felt it spasm as his seed shot out and hit the far wall. Slowly Walter relaxed feeling better. He washed his body off and then climbed out of the shower. His erection was gone at least for now. Walter walked to his closet and pulled out a pair of pants and a shirt. He slipped his boxers back on and then his clothes. He walked into his bedroom. Luna was still asleep on the bed but she had moved into the center of it while he was in his shower. She was laying on her stomach and the covers that had been up to the middle of her back were now down at the middle of her legs. Her night shirt had ridden up and the pair of tight panties she had on were showing off the round curves of her ass. Walter felt his erection starting again and slowly covered his daughter back up. He was dressed and all that remained was to wake Luna up and see what she wanted to do for the day. Walter picked up his cell phone first and called the office. His personal secretary answered on the second ring. "Julie I won't be coming into the office for the next week or so I have a family matter to attend to let everyone know that if they wish to reach me they can either page me or leave me an e-mail or even a message on the phone and I will try and get back to them as soon as possible." After a few more minutes of telling Julie things to do for the day he hung up and looked over at his daughter. It was only nine in the morning maybe he should let her sleep a few more hours he decided. Walter walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs into the kitchen. His kitchen was large but it was still easy to get around in. He got some eggs from the fridge and decided against it because he didn't know how she liked her eggs. Walter walked out of the kitchen with a small glass of juice and sat down on the living room couch. He turned on the television and put on the business channel. He noted some of the stocks that he owned a part in were going up. He was watching the news channel when a very sleepy eight year old girl slowly came down the stairs and into the living room. Luna was still dressed in her night shirt and panties. Walter noticed for the first time that the white shirt was slightly see though in the area of her panties due to the dark color of her panties. He smiled at her and said, "good morning honey." Luna smiled back and sat down on the couch putting her knees up to her chest and pulling her shirt over them hiding all of her body. "mornin' She didn't seem totally interested in what was on the television and Walter was also beginning to get bored with it also. He clicked the television over to Cartoon network and watched with her for a few minutes as daffy duck chased bugs bunny though a forest in a classic episode of the show. "so what do you like for breakfast?" "anything I suppose. I really like bacon and eggs." Walter smiled (definitely his daughter), "good cause I do also. So how do you like your eggs?" "Over easy." Walter laughed this time and she looked at him puzzled for a second. "What's so funny?" "That is the way that I like them. See you got to be my daughter." She only smiled as he stood up and walked into the kitchen to fix breakfast. When he returned to get her she was still watching Cartoon network but a large smile had come over her face as she watched the road runner being chased. "come on lets get some breakfast Luna." She nodded and followed him into the kitchen. They ate in almost total silence but after the first few minute conversations began about the schools she had attended the people that she had left behind. And after a while Luna was starting to feel like this was home. "of course you are going to have to go to school here also Luna. I will have the papers made up. You won't have to go this year but you will have to go next year. Maybe you will even be able to go to the same grade as all the eight year olds. I don't know for sure it depends on how smart you are but you seem really smart to me." "I am I was ranked as number two as the smartest of all the kids in all the elementary schools of Kansas." Walter smiled and kissed her forehead as he stood up and took their plates to the kitchen. "So do you want go to the mall and find some new clothes?" Luna nodded her head yes. "well then go get dressed." "yes daddy." Then she got up and ran towards the stairs. Had she just called him daddy? She supposed that she had but she hadn't been able to help it he was everything that she had ever wanted in a daddy well almost everything.maybe he would be willing to teach her about sex she hoped so. Walter watched as his daughter ran up the stairs to get ready for her day at the mall. Like all girls she liked to shop. Walter smiled well he had the money after all why not spend it. He waited all of ten minutes and his daughter was down stairs. She was wearing a pair of shorts that were not as tight as the ones last night but they still looked beautiful on her young body. Walter could feel the tightening in his pants. "I'm ready lets go." He smiled and grabbed the car keys. "Okay good lets get out of here." She gave him her hand and Walter took it in his own. He loved the feel of her small hand in his. They walked to the car in the garage and hoped in. Walter started the car and watched as Luna buckled her seat belt. Then he pulled the car out and they were on their way to the mall.

Chapter 6

Luna didn't know quite how to act around her daddy just yet she wasn't sure if he was joking around or not. They were standing in one of the most expensive dress shops in all of the mall and he was telling her but she wasn't believing it. What he was telling her was that she could buy anything she wanted anything that she felt she would look good in. The problem was that Luna knew if she bought everything she wanted she would spend over four hundred dollars in the store. She looked at the short dresses the tight dresses the dresses that showed off as much of her young legs as possible these were the dresses that she liked to wear. And if she was aware that they turned men like her daddy on she would have worn them all the more. The eight year old had always been sexually inhibited her mother had told her that masturbation was okay and that it was good to help learn what you like. Of course her mother had been a little shocked that a six year old had been masturbating but she had gotten over it quickly enough. She looked back at her daddy who was smiling as she went though the clothes. "So I can have as many dresses and pair of pants and shirts and such as I want?" "Yes Luna sweetheart you can have anything you want and it can be as expensive as you want it to be." He smiled again and said, "so why not try a few things on and let me tell you what I think okay honey?" That meant that she was going to get to show her daddy some of the stuff that she wanted to buy. It sounded too good for Luna to pass up, "Okay but you can't see what I pick out cause I want to surprise you daddy." She leaned up to him and said in his ear, "I want you to be shocked at how grown up your daughter really is." With that she started to walk around, "Now go wait in the men's section I will come and get you when I am done." Walter walked off and went to look at the men's section of things. Luna walked around and found at least six outfits that she knew her daddy would like to see her in. Walter was turned on his daughter had said something that he couldn't believe she said what she had said it had turned him on immensely. Though it seemed like an eternity it finally ended and his daughter came and got him. "Okay now daddy you come sit right here outside of the door and when I come out I will model for you.but I have two outfits that I already tried on and am not showing you I want to save them for special occasions." He nodded and sat down. His young daughter was already starting to make an erection grow in his pants. It took her a few minutes to change but then Luna did come out. She was wearing a dress that would be considered way to revealing on a girl her age. The dress was very tight fitting and molded every inch of her young body. The dress showed off her round young ass and her thin legs. Walter smiled and tried to hide the fact that he really needed to jack off right then and there. His daughter did a few profiles and then went back into the dressing room. Dresses and pants along with shirts and shorts went flashes all of it looked so good on the young girl and at one point when she twirled in a short dress Walter saw a flash of panties. It finally ended though and Luna took home her two secret outfits and five other new outfits. Walter took home an aching erection and a very cute young daughter. Of course that afternoon he stopped off at work and introduced his daughter to a few of his important employees that were also close friends. She wore a summer dress that she had picked out. Walter swore that he saw his friend Richard looking at his daughter's long legs in the short dress the whole time. Much like he wanted to do. She was only eight so to say that her legs were long would be a misconception but they were long looking in the short dress that she was wearing. The day ended with them back at the house. After a dinner of take out food Luna announced, "okay daddy tonight I am going to wear my new night gown that I bought." Walter wasn't sure if she was seducing him or if he was sending of signals that she understood. He didn't really know what was going on but he knew one thing he wanted his young daughter laying in his bed this night in his arms her young body pressed to his. He waited for perhaps ten minutes and that was when his daughter came down the stairs. She was wearing a night gown that went down to her knees but that hardly mattered for most of it was a see though silk. He could see where her panties cupped her round young nibble ass and where her nipples were hard and sticking against the nightgown. The nightgown was almost too much Walters's erection gave a jump in his pants and he was sure that his daughter knew what she was doing to him. She got down onto the couch and curled up in his arms pressing her body close to his. "Daddy can I ask you a question." She said a few minutes later. "Yes honey you know you can." "Its weird I know you are my daddy but well I don't feel like you were my daddy. I feel like you should be my lover." Walter was taken aback his daughter was saying these words his eight year old daughter. Her mother had told him that she was really smart and that she understood some about sex but he didn't know how far and had been scared to ask. She continued with her question, "so what I was wondering Daddy is do you think that I am sexy?" Walters cock gave a jump in his pants and he wanted to grab his daughter and hold her and undress her and make love to her. He hugged her small body closer to his side and said softly almost as if he was scared she was going to push away, "yes honey I think you are very sexy." "Is that why you get all hard and stuff inbetween your legs?" Walters's eyes got wider and he gulped. "yes honey that is why I get all hard inbetween my legs." "Daddy, do you want to touch me?" Walter groaned and looked at his daughters beautiful face. "yes honey I do very much." "Then would you?"

Chapter 7

Walter was taken aback for a minute maybe longer. His eyes scanned his daughters unsure of what she was really saying to him. It sounded like she wanted him to touch her and the way that she was talking made him almost positive that she wanted him to touch her. Walter cleared his voice and said softly, "you are aware of what all of that could lead to right?" Luna giggled into her hand and said, "of course I am daddy. I am very aware of all of it I know all about sex and stuff mommy taught it to me when I was really young." Walter nodded his head in understanding so his eight year old daughter already knew about sex. "And I touch myself sometimes at night I've been doing that since I was six." Walters eyes got wider, "oh don't be shocked daddy when you live the way that I have with mommy you learn stuff like that on accident." Walter nodded his head and said, "lets go to my bedroom then, there we can have total privacy." His eight year old daughter nodded and put her hands out for him to lift and carry her into the bedroom. She was light for her age and Walter found it easy to lift her and carry her into their bedroom. Walter laid her down on the bed and he said, "have you ever kissed a boy before?" Luna giggled again, her cute contagious giggled circling around the room, "once, but it wasn't a kiss like in the movies. I want a kiss like in the movies then you can undress me if you want daddy." Walter smiled and brought his lips to his daughters. He felt the small pressure of her lips as they met his. He found the taste of her bubble gum from earlier still lingering on her lips. He let his tongue trace her lips before he gently started to push it into her young mouth. Luna opened her lips responding to her fathers tongue as it prodded deeper into her mouth. She felt his tongue as it met her own and at the touch an electric shock was sent though her whole body. She had never felt this good when Billy Jenkins had kissed her. Her whole body was coming alive in a way that she had never known was possible. When her father broke the kiss he started to unbutton the shirt that she was wearing. He pulled the shirt off of her shoulders revealing her small chest with its two pink nipples and her soft slightly rounded stomach. Walter groaned his daughter's body was more beautiful than her own mothers had ever been. He let his hands run over the milky white flesh of her body as his cock gave another jerk in his pants. Walter reached the button on his daughter's jeans and undid the clasp. With the snap of the his mind was sent into instant realization. He was having a dream come true and it was with a girl that was more lovely than any in existence. Walter knew that he was falling in love with his own daughter that was going to want to spend the rest of his life with her and have many children with her but right now his mind was more concentrated on undressing her young body and showing her pleasure, pleasure that she had yet to experience. Walter pushed the zipper on his daughter's jeans down and then when her white cotton panties were revealed he started to push her jeans downwards. Luna lifted her bottom up and let her father slip her jeans down all the way. Walter realized then that his daughter's shoes were still on. He pushed her shoes off and then her jeans. Now all that blocked him from her fresh young eight year old slit was a pair of white cotton panties that molded her young body so well that he could see the outline of her young slit. Walter ran a finger over the slit causing his daughter to give a gasp of pleasure. He knew only that he wanted to make his daughter feel pleasure beyond her known belief. Pleasure that she had never felt before in her life. He brought his lips down slowly and kissed her deeply on her own waiting lips. The kiss became deeper as Walter pushed his hand slowly under her panties. The smooth skin right below her stomach was very sensitive and as Walter continued rub it his daughter gave out slight moans of pleasure though their mouths. Walter let his hand move down lower and as his first finger slipped straight down and over the outline of her slit and he could feel the wetness his daughter gave another cry of pleasure. Her slit was already very wet and Walter knew that his young eight year old daughter was immensely turned on. Walter broke the kiss letting his lips go down over her chin kissing her neck and then kissing each of her nipples. He sucked first one nipple then the other one into his mouth making them harden even more. Walter moved over her body giving her white skin deep kisses with his tongue. He used his hands to gently pull her panties downwards. Again Luna lifted her bottom to help her daddy. When her young virgin slit was revealed Walter gave out a cry of pure erotic pleasure. The skin was totally white and totally smooth flawless except for a slit down the middle. For the fist time in his life Walter was doing something that he had always wanted to do. Walter let his lips kiss the top of that small slit then he ran his tongue over all of it tasting the sweetness of his daughter's body. Luna gave out a cry of pure pleasure above. Her hands were griping the sheets tightly she had never felt pleasures such as the ones her father was giving her. Her whole body seemed alive, on fire with desire for her father. Luna called out "Daddy" loudly as her father's tongue licked up and down her outer lips. Walter spread his daughter's legs wider so that he could penetrate into her smaller inner lips. She was so tiny he had never known that a girl could be so tiny. For once Walter was glad that the girl he was doing these things with wanted it and also was eight and not younger. Walter thrusted his tongue against his daughters already erect clit. He couldn't believe that his daughter was so turned on. Her young body was very close to the edge. Walter used his tongue to find the small entrance into her body. It was much smaller than he had thought it would be. Perhaps his daughter was small for her age it made since. Walter pushes his tongue into the small hole feeling the tightness as it clamped around his tongue. His daughters juices were wonderful he lapped at them with his tongue now as he once again flicked her clit. Luna was feeling pleasure that she hadn't known existed until now. Pleasures that her whole body was feeling. Her father pushed his tongue again into her pussy hole. Luna gripped the sheets harder as she got closer to her orgasm. Her young body was on fire every inch of her seemed alive her awareness was more acute and her whole body was racking with pleasure. She thrusted her hips against her fathers mouth grinding her clit against his upper lip. His breathing was driving her closer to the edge. She could feel it all building up in her body. She cried out her daddies real name "oh God Walter." Her pussy built up and Walter felt the flush of juices on his tongue before he tasted the sweet nectar. His daughter's pussy clamped hard on his tongue which was buried inside of it very close to her maiden head. Luna cried out her father's name again and thrusted her hips hard as her whole body exploded with fire. Then as if everything was one point of pleasure in her world as if everything was combined with the air that she breathed her orgasm hit. Every inch of her body spamed as her father gave her her first real orgasm. Her whole eight year old body felt alive as if never before. There was not an inch of pleasure that she didn't feel at that moment. She cried her father's name and as the orgasm faded as the waves of pleasure slowly receded she collapsed on her fathers bed asleep in minutes. Walter realized as he slowly recovered also and laid down next to his daughter taking off his pants and shirt that his cum was coated on his boxers. He slipped them off also and hugged his daughter close to him holding her tightly. He loved his angel and nothing was going to happen to her she was never going to be alone again or on the move again. Then sleep finally took him over to another world.

Chapter 8

Luna woke up feeling her father pressed against her. His cock was rock hard again and she could feel it pressing against one of her legs. She moved her body so that her small bare pussy was now pushing against his cock. She brought one of her thin young legs over her father as she started to rub her small pussy against his cock. She liked the feel of the six inch cock that was pressing against the outer lips of her young body. She wanted nothing more than for her father to wake up right now and fuck the daylights out of her. Luna's young puss was already wet with desire and it was soaking every inch of her father's cock. She wanted him to break though her virgin pussy to make her a full grown girl at eight years of age. She looked at her daddy's face as she slept he was a very handsome man and her plan to seduce him seemed to be working out quite well. She needed something else though if she wanted it to move beyond what it was right now. She was feeling something for her father something that went beyond family love it was like the way she had always wanted it to be with a man and had just never had the courage to make it that way. She kissed her fathers cheek and he mumbled something in his sleep. Luan wondered if her father felt guilty for having touched her body. She gently shook his shoulder until his sleepy eyes opened. Walter had been dreaming of his young daughter pressed to him her pussy pressed against his cock but as he came aware of the real world he realized that this had not been a dream but reality. His daughters young eight year old slit was pressed against his cock. In fact at this moment it was pressed so hard that he could feel the small erect clit that was attached to her body. Walter ran a hand down his daughter's back and looked into her eyes. At first he thought that all of this was dream that realty was beyond it all but he knew that this was reality. Luna kissed her fathers lips the girl's lips meeting Walters sent waves of shivers though out his whole body. She smiled at him and asked him quietly, "Daddy would you fuck me?" Walter looked at his daughter unbelieving what she was saying to him. She wanted him to fuck her. She wanted him to push his cock deep into her young body into her virgin pussy. His own eight year old daughter wanted him to fuck her like never before and he really didn't know if he should or not. She was so tiny and so beautiful he didn't want to hurt her. "What are you thinking about Walter?" Walter looked into his daughters beautiful eyes and kissed her lips again. "I want to fuck you Luna believe me I do but I don't want to hurt you. I never want to hurt you." Luna smiled and pressed her body closer to her father. He could feel the small roundness of her tummy and he found that he really did like feeling her pressed to him this closely. She rubbed her pussy against his hard cock again feeling this almost drove Walter over the edge. He heard her words but the first time she said them he didn't really comprehend them. "Daddy I want you to fuck me. I know it will hurt but I want it anyways I need to feel it in me. I want you to fuck me daddy I don't care how much it hurts." Walter hugged his daughter close to him moving his hand down and cupping her round buttocks. "I love you daddy. I never had anything like this with mommy or with anyone else and I want to know what it is like. So please daddy please fuck me." Her hand slid down his chest and gripped his hard cock. A cock that she had never touched before now. "Please make love to me. Stick your baby maker in me and do it really good." Walter couldn't resist his daughters begging and he knew that it would be ridiculous to even attempt at it. He rolled over on the bed and brought her on top of him. Luna draped each of her legs on either side of her father's body and he could feel her now open pussy pressing full length against his cock. Walter groaned and thrusted his cock once to rub it against her full pussy. Luan gave out a cry of pleasure. Her pussy was now as wet as it had been earlier when her father had licked her pussy. "Fuck me now daddy." Walter smiled and positioned his cock against the small entrance to his daughter's pussy. "It is going to hurt at first when I break though your virginity but if we go really fast it won't hurt as much." "Oh please daddy hurry I am so close to cumming just thinking about you filling me with your cum." Walter groaned hearing his daughter talk this way was driving the man wild. He decided that it was now or never. Walter pushed his cock against the small opening of his daughter's pussy. He could feel his cock expanding the small hole and going in. Slowly inch by inch his cock sank deeper into his daughter's virgin pussy. A pussy that until a moment ago had never had a cock in it. Walter pushed his cock hard and fast deeper into his daughter. He felt his cock break through a barrier and he knew that his daughter was no longer a virgin. "It hurts daddy." She said softly a tear appearing in one of her eyes. Walter held her close and said, "shhh it will pass. Do you want daddy to stop." She shook her head no and Walter was glad because he would have found it hard to stop right now. His cock was so full of blood and his daughters pussy was so tight that he was finding it hard to even move. He slowly pushed his cock in deeper. Only three inches were sunk in his daughter's pussy and he knew that he could get at least four of the six into her young body. Walter pushed again. Though Luna could feel a small throbbing of pain in the back ground it was slowly fading away as she thought more and more of her daddy fucking her young body. She could feel his whole cock. It was filling up her whole pussy and she knew that she liked the feel of it deep in her body. Walter was close to cumming she knew that also. She could feel that he was about to shoot his load his baby making load deep within his own daughter's body. Luna pushed her pussy down harder on her father's cock as he pushed into her deeper. Walter was surprised when the walls of his daughter's pussy pulsed with orgasmic life. The contractions of her pussy were now squeezing all four inches of her father's cock. Walter cried out his daughter's name in pleasure as he ran his hands over her small back and cupped her round ass. He pushed his cock deeper in her using his hands on her ass to help. Five inches now rested inside of her eight year old body. When he thrusted again he could feel the entrance to her cervix. When her father bumped her cervix Luna gave out a cry of pleasure. If either would have been aware of what the future was about to have in store it still wouldn't have stopped this moment. Walter pushed again and his cock exploded into his eight year old daughter's young body. He cried her out her name as his seed exploded into his daughter. Luna felt her father's seed as it came into her young body. This made her orgasm and the walls of her pussy pressed down so hard on her father's cock that it exploded with another furry of pleasure. Both of them cried out Walters's hands holding tight on his daughter's young bottom. Slowly as her fathers seed traveled though her cervix both of them relaxed and let sleep capture them. "I love you so much daddy." Walter kissed his daughters forehead and said as his cock withered in her body, "I love you too Luna."

Chapter 9

The next day Walter woke up with his daughter still laying on top of him his cock still buried deep inside of her. Walter slowly pushed it out and laid his daughter down on the bed beside him. He spread her legs and looked at the inside of his daughter's pussy making sure that she wasn't hurt anywhere. All he saw was a little redness but no blood at all. Walter kissed his daughters lips and Luna groaned before opening her eyes. She smiled up at him and sat up slowly. "How do you feel sweetie?" Walter asked his daughter softly running a hand though her hair. "I feel a little sore between my legs but other than that I am okay. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I thought it was really going to hurt and though it did hurt it didn't hurt that much." Walter smiled and hugged his daughter close to him. "Daddy is it wrong for me to love you like I do." Walter looked down at his daughter and said, "what do you mean honey?" "Well daddy I don't love you like you are my daddy I love you deeper than that. I can't explain what I feel for you but I know one thing I like calling you daddy and I like calling you Walter also. Is their something wrong with me." Walter laughed and kissed his daughters lips. "No honey nothing is wrong with you. You are perfect and I know what you mean. You love me the same way that I love you. I never thought I would feel this way for anyone but well I suppose that I do and I suppose that it is a good thing to love you this way." Walter kissed her lips again this time letting the kiss get deeper. He let his hands slide down his daughter's sides and brought her closer to him. Luna could feel her fathers cock hard and ready again. She broke the kiss and slowly ran her mouth down over his chest. He had almost no hair on his chest, which was a good thing because Luna really didn't like hair there anyways. She brought her mouth down to her fathers cock. She licked the length of his hard organ making him cry out in pleasure. Luna smiled she loved making her father feel good. She gently brought his cock into her small mouth. His daughter's mouth was almost as tight as her pussy and it was so tiny. When she started to suck Walter cried out her name and said, "oh shit honey I am going to cum." Luna had no intention of moving her mouth she wanted to taste her fathers cum she wanted it all to go down her throat. She sucked harder and her father gave out another groan of pleasure. Then she felt it as it went up the tube of his cock and as his cock head started to throb her father exploded in her and she felt his seed enter into her mouth. He cried out her name in pleasure as he exploded into her mouth. Slowly though it all ended and the world came back into focus. Walter looked at his daughter and kissed her lips deeply. The eight year old had taken all of his seed and put it into her body. Walter smiled at her and said, "I love you Luna I really do." She only giggled and hugged her small body to his. "Today though I have to introduce you to the world as my daughter and a few of the people out there are going to be shocked when they learn that your mother left you on my door step so to speak." Luna giggled and he said, "so find something good to wear and make sure that it is not too sexy." Luna nodded and slipped from the bed to get ready. "Be ready in an hour okay honey I love you." "I love you too Daddy." She smiled and went to get some clothes on.


Luna walked into perhaps the biggest building she had ever been in. It was so tall and has so much glass. She had seen buildings like this when she stopped off at places like New York and Chicago with her mom but she had never been in these places. So to her this building was impressive. It was forty or so stories tall and every room was an office that was a part of her daddy's company. She followed him awestruck as he went up the elevator introducing her to the people with in it. It seemed that her father knew almost all the employees that worked at the building. Luna had decided to wear a dress that went down to about the middle of her knees and long socks that went up her knees. She looked sexy or so her father thought but she also looked safe like a child. They reached the top of the building and her father walked with her hand in his over to his secretary. Her name was Julie White and she was anything but white. She was Hispanic and her eyes were a dark deep green. By her name plate Luna could tell that Julie White was married and White was probably her husbands name. "Julie." Her father began, "I want you to meet someone very special to me. This is my daughter Luna. Her mother couldn't raise her anymore so she admitted to me last week that Luna was in fact my daughter and I sat up preparations for her to live with me." Julie did anything but what Luna expected. She got up and hugged Luna close and said, "I hope that you are brining your dad happiness he has been wanting a daughter for years now." She smiles and sat back down. Luna couldn't tell if Julie was serious or if she was just joking. Or if she even knew about the relationship that Luna shared with her father. The rest of the day was a jumble of meeting people and having conversations with them. Luna smiled and let them all believe that she was only her father's "daughter" not her father's "lover" also. Later that night Luna and her father were again alone this time though they were in his office. It was seven at night and everyone else was going home. Walter locked the door to his office behind him as he and his daughter walked slowly over to the couch in his office. "So daddy does anyone know about your secret desires?" Walter smiled and kissed his daughter deeply on the lips letting his tongue taste her mouth for awhile. "Only one person in this whole building knows that I love you in more ways than as a daughter. That person is you." "Oh I thought that maybe Julie knew because of what she said earlier." Walter smiled and hugged his young daughter close to him pressing her body close letting her feel his hard on. "No sweetie. She can tell though that you are making me very happy. You did fill a void in my life a void that I never realized I had." He kissed her again this time on the forehead. "You are more than anything your mother ever was. And I think its time I tell you the truth. I don't want to hide anything from you. I just hope that it doesn't make you change your mind and stop loving me or your mother." Luna hugged him closer to her. She ran a hand down and rubbed the head of her father's cock though his pants. "Nothing you tell me daddy could make me ever stop loving and wanting you. I mean that Walter nothing could ever stop me from wanting you and needing you." Walter nodded and cleared his throat. "Your mother was young when you were born. She was only twelve. I was her brother. We fell in love more out of necessity than out of real love like I feel for you. You see our parents abused us they beat us and raped us both. It was some of the worst experiences of my life. In fact it became a very famous little crime in Burbank Michigan. They were known as the Cult of Child Users. It wasn't just my parents but some friends of theirs also. And sometimes just for the hell of it they would switch around kids. It was all very sad. Your mother and I ran away from it all and then one night she ran away from me. I never knew I had a daughter until a week ago when you were dropped on my doorstep so to speak." Walter looked at his daughter. A few tears were in his eyes recalling all the terrors that he had gone though over the years. Luna felt so much love at that moment for her father. She hugged him close and wiped the tears from his eyes. She kissed him deeply. Her lips touching his lips. Her lips touching his soul. They kissed for a few minutes but it could have been eternity. The fires of passion that had been boiling before he told her about his past were now coming back to life. Luna unzipped her father's pants and reached inside finding his cock under his boxers waiting and ready. She gently pulled it out of his boxers and started to rub it with her hand slowly. Luna was wet inbetween her legs as Walt's hand slowly sank under her panties and started to stroke her ready pussy. Luna cried out against her father's lips as he picked her up and laid her down on the couch. Walter pulled his daughters panties down over her young smooth legs. He ran his hands back up feeling the texture of her skin. Luna could feel her father touching her and she knew that he was ready. She spread her legs wider and her father took the hint. Supporting himself on his hands Walter brought his cock into position. He could feel the entrance to his daughter's small body and he groaned in pleasure waiting hoping to get in. Walter pushed his cock into her slowly and gently but it slipped in with a slight pop. She was still incredibly tight though and as Walter slowly moved his cock deeper into his daughter and they both started to stroke their hips in unison Walter could feel his love for this young girl growing. He knew then that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Luna that nothing was going to separate him from her. She was his and always would be. Walter pushed in feeling the pulsating of his daughter's vagina around his cock. He felt his cock give its seed over into her body as he laid on top of her pressing his cock deep into his daughters young body. He could feel the top of her cervix again and he knew that he loved the feel of her young body and knew that he would love the feel of her body as she got older. Luna felt her father's seed empty into her. And as it did she went over also feeling the rapture of life again. She knew then that she loved her father. She didn't care what others thought of it all that matters was that she loved her father and she was going to want him in her life no matter what. She wanted him to hold her every night and make love to her. She wanted him to give her children and make her a mother. She wanted her father to be in her life forever and she didn't want anyone else in his place. She was content with her father as he held her in his arms that night in his office. . .

Chapter 10 Three Weeks Later

Luna woke up sick again. She felt sick to her stomach most of the time now. Her father had already gone into work and the eight year old slipped out of bed. She walked over to the bathroom and sat on the toilet to go to the bathroom. Luna slipped her fathers boxer's back on and walked into their bedroom. She felt proud saying that. Their bedroom. That is what it was. She didn't sleep in the room her father had given her on the first night. She slept with her father in his room. They didn't make love every night that was pure fantasy and wasn't possible. But it felt good to just sleep in his arms at night most of the time. Luna put a hand on her stomach and said out loud to herself. "I wonder if it is possible that I might be. When mom got pregnant a year ago she had these symptoms that I got. Of course she had it aborted. I often wondered why she didn't have me aborted and now I know why because I was the only man that she ever loved child. I am my daddy's child and I love it so much." She ran a hand under her boxers and rubbed the bottom of hr stomach. "It would be cool if I was pregnant. But I don't know if daddy would like it or not." She walked to the closet that they shared and took down her jeans and a shirt. There was a mini-mart down the street it wasn't that far away. Luna dug though one of her fathers pants and found enough money. She walked out of the house a few minutes later dressed. She was wearing a pair of tight pants and a shirt that went down a little above the top of the pants and if she stretched showed her belly button. Luna walked and was happy at least for now. She arrived at the store and got two pregnancy tests...those E.p.t. kind though one of them wasn't and e.p.t. but its competitor. The lady at the register only said one thing, "for your mom eh, she didn't want to do it herself to embarrassed." Luna only smiled and nodded then left. She walked back to the house and went upstairs. She went into the bathroom and went pee onto the strip of the first one and then went back into the bedroom. She watched television for awhile while she waited for the test to be finished. Then she walked into the bathroom and checked it. It was positive. Luna started the other test and went into the bedroom and sat on the bed. She was again in her father's boxers and a shirt. She laid down on the bed and ran a hand over her flat flawless belly. "Are you growing in there? If so hello from your mother." She smiled and got up again to check the other test. It was the same result. Luna sat down hard in a chair. She was pregnant there were no ifs as or buts about it. A baby was growing in her body and she knew that her father wasn't going to like it at all. Walter was going to get mad at her for the first time in her young life. Luna was scared she didn't want her daddy to yell at her. She didn't want the man that she loved to get angry. It was four in the afternoon when Walter arrived at home. What he found was a daughter laying in his...no their bed asleep. She was curled up in a ball and he could see a few dried tears on her cheeks. Walter wondered what she had been crying about. He had told her that today was the only day he had to go into the office this week and then he was all hers for the rest of the week and she could ravish him all she wanted. Walter pulled his tie off and his jacked also. He gently shook his daughter awake. Luna looked up at her daddy for a few moment of silence and then she sat up slowly. She smiled lightly at him and said, "I have to tell you something Walter. And I know you are going to be mad and stuff." Walter sat down on one of the chairs in his room heavily. 'Great' he thought, 'she doesn't want to sleep with me anymore or something like that. She is already tired of her daddy. Oh god I am going to miss her.' "what is it honey." He said to her softly. "First you have to promise to not burst out suddenly and say anything until I finish." Walter nodded and said, "okay I promise." Luna nodded and began. "first off I don't know what is running though your head but it isn't what you think it is. I don't want to leave you daddy. But after I tell you this you will want to leave me. Okay daddy here it goes. I am pregnant. I have suspected for," What did she say. Walter thought to himself. She is what! Pregnant!! But she is only eight years old!!!! How in the hell is that possible!!!!. Walter continued to listen as these thoughts went though his head. "about a week now that I was and I was just to scared to find out until today. But I figured I should find out before my belly starts to swell and then before I knew it I would have something kicking in my belly and then we would have found out the hard way when it was already too late." Walter nodded listening to his daughter....holy shit!! She really is pregnant she isn't pulling my leg! "I know that you don't want to keep it. I know that you hate me now because I got pregnant." She ran a hand down to her belly and rubbed it gently. "I don't want to give this up daddy. Mom almost aborted me and then gave me up. And she did abort another child. I don't want to do that and I don't want to give this one up for adoption either. I want it to grow up with a loving mother and father. But if need be just a loving mother." Walter was not only astounded by what his daughter had just said but he was also very horny and very hard. He could just imagine his eight year old daughter with a belly swelling outwards and getting rounder. He could just picture it her white skin stretched with a child. His own eight year old daughter with her bare little pussy and flat little chest was pregnant and he wanted her even more just at that thought. Walter tried to clear his head tried to gather his thoughts but for a minute he couldn't recover. Then he did and he talked. "Luna I don't hate you and I do still want you. I will always want you. I don't want you to give up our child. I want you to keep it. God I can't get the thought of seeing you pregnant out of my head. Of course you will have to see a doctor about it all. It is kinda weird that you haven't started to develop anything yet. And also well we got to make sure that you can actually carry a child at your age." "You mean I can keep it" Walter nodded. Luna got up and jumped into her father's arms holding him tight. "oh daddy you are all hard." She kissed him again deeper. He ran a hand into his daughters boxers and started to stroke her pussy. Walter held her closer and carried her to the bed. Walter pushed his boxers off of his daughter and slowly ran his head down to her pussy. He spread her legs and looked up at his daughters lust filled face. Walter knew what he wanted. He could just picture it her little belly swollen out wards with a child. Her cute little belly button pointing upwards and outwards. Walter knew what he wanted and he knew now that he was going to get another secret fantasy come true. Walter slowly licked his tongue on his daughter's already wet pussy. He could feel her desire for him and knew that his daughter was all his now and for all time. Walters's lips pressed to his daughter's pussy and as he lapped at her juices Luna herself was taken to another word. Her father not only wanted her but he also wanted her child. The child that they had made together in a night of passion almost three weeks ago. Luna cried out her father's name in passion as his tongue thrusted into her small pussy. Everything was moving so fast for Walter only three weeks ago his daughter had graced his life and now here he was laying in bed with her pregnant and he was eating her young pussy out. Walter unzipped his pants and unbuttoned them. He had to fuck his daughter he had to get his erect cock into her small pussy and feel her vise like lips gripping him to orgasm. Walter pushed his pants and boxers down around his ankles and supported himself on his hands again. He felt his daughters young waiting pussy as his cock passed though the ring of her pussy. They met as one as Walter pushed against the outside of his daughter's cervix. And just the thought of a child growing beyond that point was too much for Walter. He let his seed flow feeding his daughter and child another load of his seed. He gushed and continued to do so just imagining the girl below him pregnant. Then as his seed was spent Walter collapsed beside his daughter on the bed. Luna wrapped herself in his arms and both of them sweating and tired fell asleep.

Chapter 11

It took Walter another week to find a doctor that he could trust. His old friend Richard. Richard knew all of Walter's secrets they had met over the Internet and both of them had the same interest. They had started talking about stories on some of the web sites around and such. Walter talked to him for about an hour over the phone catching up on old times. Richard was a children's doctor having his own practice and everything. Only one of his regulars liked him to touch her and had even let him cum in her once, but he didn't mind one was enough. Just seeing the rest had him living a happy full life. "Hey Richard I have a huge favor to ask of you." "And what might that be Walter?" "Well incase you haven't heard over the news I have a daughter. And to not shit you she really is my daughter. But well we ran into some problems. I prefer not to talk about it over the phone. Could we meet in your office like an hour after you close?" "Sure thing come on over right now and by the time you get here it will be closed." Walter hung up and smiled at Luna. "Okay now we are going to go see Richard. You are going to have to be naked for him I hope that that is okay with you Luna...he is a pedophile and you do have quite a body I know he will be turned on." "It is no problem daddy as long as you don't get jealous about him looking at me and then me giving him a blow or even letting him fuck me if he is careful that is." Walter kissed his daughters cheek and said, "I will let you fuck him it will put a good mark in his book that is for sure a memory that he will never forget. They drove in almost complete silence. Luna would rub her belly ever once in awhile consoling herself more than the life growing with in her. They arrived at the hospital and Luna smiled The place was friendly even if closed. Walter knocked on the door. The hours said 10 to 7. It was now seven thirty and the place was dark and closed. The door was opened a few minutes later by a man. He was older than Walter for sure. His hair was going Grey and though he had a small pot belly he was still quite handsome. Luna smiled at him as he shook Walters's hand and they said their hellos. When Richard caught eyes with Luna he gulped. She was far more beautiful than he had ever dreamed that she would have been. His hard on was already raging form the day but it almost exploded looking at her sexy young body. "Okay so what is it that is wrong with her Walter she looks perfect." Walter sighed, laughed and said, "Nothing is wrong with her at all. In fact the condition could be called sexy by some including me. You see Luna and I ran into a little problem last week......she turned up pregnant." Richards jaw almost dropped. He looked at the eight year old again. Her little body was so tight and she had yet to start development he could tell. She still looked like a child...but he could tell just by looking at her that she could carry a child. He already knew that her body wouldn't be harmed that much by it. There was just something about the way that she carried herself. "are you sure?" he asked slowly. "We are pretty sure." Said Walter softly almost afraid to say it out loud scared that he might be told they couldn't have it. "What is it you need to know?" "Well we need to know if she can carry a child to full term and give birth to it out of a hospital...in the country somewhere. I know the place. We also need to know if the baby is doing good and if she and the child will both survive the birth." Richard nodded in thought. "Well first lets see if she really is pregnant and what is going on in her body and then lets see about that birth somewhere else than in a hospital. I suppose that you want to go into the country out in the middle of know where so that no one will notice an eight year old with a large belly?" Walter nodded. "You know Walter I never thought of you as one to knock up an eight year old child. But then again there are first for everything." He laughed and Luna smiled. Walter followed them both into one of the back rooms. "I use this room for thirteen and fourteen year old girls that come in and want to know if they have gotten pregnant from their first sexual experience. Some of them due turn up pregnant others don't. But the ones that due usually don't mind fucking." He smiled and they walked into the room. "Now do you want to make my job easy Luna or hard? If you want to make it easy then you won't mind being naked during the testing period." "I will make it easy and enjoyable Richard that I can promise." He smiled and she said, "so do you want to watch like my dad does?" Richard only nodded. Luna smiled and held both men in rapture as she slowly pealed her shirt off unbuttoning it and then throwing it on the ground before her. "See now imagine it." She said as she unbuttoned her jeans and slowly started to pull them off. When they were off and she was left in just her sexy panties that were low cut and made out of lace revealing more than hiding. "My belly way out to here perfectly round and something small kicking inside of it." She had her hand out away from her belly as she talked. Then she ran a hand down to her belly and rubbed it before hopping up onto the examing table. Both men were hard and almost ready to explode in their pants. "Damn Walter you got lucky with that daughter there." Walter only nodded. Then Richard became all business. "Okay now put your feet in the stirrups." Luna did as instructed and rested her feet in the stirrups. Walter kissed her for being so brave. Richard took some blood from Luna's body and then ran to the in room lab to start some tests. When he came back he got inbetween her legs and gently spread her pussy lips. She sighed in pleasure and she felt some pressure around the entrance to her pussy and then a little bit more and then Richards aid, "okay does any of that hurt?" "No just feels like some pressure is being put on my pussy lips." "Okay good." Richard stood back up and walked over to the tests. He nodded and came back. "okay first for all the good news. Luna is pregnant and she can give birth to the baby. The bad news though is that Luna won't start to grow breasts for another year or two. She has an imbalance in some chemicals in her body and this is causing her to start having periods early. Anyway When her breasts do start to grow in another year expect them to stop very early she might never get past an a cup but I don't know and can't say for sure just yet. That will take another year to determine." Walter nodded and Luna smiled. Then Walter spoke. "Well what about the baby is he/she healthy?" Richard laughed and pulled out an ultrasound device. "lets find out my friend." He spread some jelly substance below Luna's belly right above her pussy and then he took the machine and started it up. "Okay now lets see." He ran it over her belly until he could see the picture of her womb. Both Luna and Walter listened and watched as Richard pointed out the child moving in Luna's body. Then as it was all done and prognosed that the child was healthy and would continue to be and would be born with all its body parts and all its insides intact Richard told Luna to get up. "well okay if you guys need any help at all then I will be there for you." Walter smiled and said, "You know Richard Luna wouldn't mind it if you wanted to." Richard smiled and said, "I might take you up on the offer some day Walter but not while she is pregnant. And if you and her do fuck or make love be very gentle. She is small and that baby growing in her is delicate." Walter nodded. Luna kissed Richards cheek and said, "Thanks so much doc. And maybe when I get back we can fuck!" She giggled and walked to the car. Richards hard on exploded at that giggle.. .

Chapter 12

The next few months went past in a flash. Before he knew it Luna was three months pregnant. So he had to find a place in the country for them to go to for the next three months. It wasn't as hard as h thought it would be. Walter called around found a cabin that was not only in the middle of the country but in the middle of a deep forest and there were no other cabins around for about eight or even ten miles. There was a small lake on the property also and it all cost him little to nothing, only 200,000, which was about how much his company made a day and about half of that he made a day. He threw in an extra twenty thousand so that the guy wouldn't ask any questions and would also leave the furniture. They packed a lot of bags worth of clothing. Walter had taken her clothes shopping again but told her to get things that were a few sizes too big so that she could grow into it so to speak. Most of the stuff she bought was a few dresses and such....and she bought a pair of stretch workout pants and a few pairs of leotards to work out in.. It was as of right now middle summer but she defiantly still wanted to go swimming until the end of summer. The suits were all tight fitting on her body. They drove to the cabin. Walter told his top men that he was going out of the state for awhile with his daughter wanted to show her some of the sights of the world that she had never seen. He told them on to expect them back for another six months. Walter though did bring his computer and expected for them to give him everything that he would need every day and he would approve projects or deny them over his cell phone. They arrived at the Cabin late in the afternoon on the second day of travel and as they walked into the place Walter smiled. It was a large two story cabin that had all the modern technologies with in it. Walter kissed his daughter and hugged her close. Through the tight shorts she was wearing Walter could feel the small bump of their child that was now starting to expand the bottom half of her belly. Walter picked Luna up and carried her upstairs to the bedroom leaving the bags in the hallway. He laid her down on the bed and gently kissed her lips. He slowly unbuttoned the buttons on the shirt she was wearing another one of his shirts. Luan smiled and kiss his lips as he ran a hand over her smooth flesh. It had been two hole days since they had last made love and Walter wanted nothing more than to feel his daughters flesh pressed to his in their union. The kiss moved on down as Walters lips met one of Lunas puckered nipples. He suckled on the nipple for a few seconds before moving on to the other nipple. Luna could feel a gentle fire starting in her groin and she knew that soon that fire was going to be huge and covering her whole body. Walters mouth move down over the white skin of his daughter's belly. He unbuttoned her shorts and unzipped them. Still her white cotton panties covered the small bump that was now expanding the bottom of her belly. Walter pulled her shorts down to her ankles and undid her shoelaces before pulling her shoes off. Then he pulled her shorts off. Slowly he pulled her panties off and marveled at her young body. Her slit was still hairless and he could see the wetness on it. Walter ran a hand over the small lump that was growing in his daughter's belly. Then he ran his finger over her slit. Luna cried out in pleasure. Walter smiled and unbuttoned his jeans. Then he pulled them down stepping out of his shoes at the same time. Walter pulled his shirt off and then his boxers. His hard six inches stood straight up in the air. Walter laid down beside Luna and she slowly laid on top of him with her bottom on his stomach. Walter slowly slipped his cock inbetween his daughter's legs and pushed gently. Luna felt her fathers cock enter into her body and she cried out in pleasure. The tightness of his cock within her was almost too much for the young girl. But she took it and felt it as he pushed it deeper inside. Both of them were panting and groaning now as they got closer to their respective orgasms. And as they hit both of them cried out in pure pleasure. Luna felt her father empty his seed into her body. The pure pleasure of the moment made her cry out his name in pure and ecstatic pleasure.

Chapter 13

Time went by. Walter watched the months past. His daughter went from wearing her tight fitting clothing that showed off all of her assets into the other clothes. Walter would lay at night with her in his arms rubbing her belly. It grew and both of them watched fascinated. Her flat white belly grew rounder and rounder. Her belly was larger every week it seemed. Their child started kicking during the fourth month. Walter remembered waking up and putting his hand on his daughter's belly feeling the child within when a small bump against his hand happened. Luna had giggled and said, "I felt that from inside." Walter smiled also and kissed her lips. Their child was growing. When the six month arrived they both decided that it would be safer if they didn't have sex. Walter would still eat Luna out and she would give him blow jobs and such but other than oral sex all other sex was out. It was during the seventh month that Richard arrived. He stayed down the hall in one of the other rooms. He watched after Luna made sure that she was going to be okay. Her belly was so big by the eighth month that she couldn't see her feet any more. Walter would rub her belly and hold her at night but he was careful. Then one night Luna woke up. It was after one in the morning and she could feel a sharp pain in her pussy area. Luna rubbed her large belly and shook Walter awake. Groggily he said, "wha...is it?" "I think the baby is coming now." Walters's eyes shot open and he sat up. "oh shit now!!" Luna nodded. "Go get Richard." Walter nodded and came back a few minutes later with Richard following. "What is it Luna?" "Oh here it comes again." She said inbetween breaths. It hurt her body was contracting in a strange way. "Okay breath like how I taught you to kay?" Luna nodded as she started the breathing training. Walter got on her side and took her hand helping her out. "It hurts Walter." "I know honey I know. But you can do it I know you can." She only nodded her head. Richard had her spread her legs and he pulled her pussy lips apart. He stared for awhile before nodding. "She is hours away from being ready her water hasn't even broken yet." The hours passed...slowly. They got Luna to get up and walk around a little with help and it was during the second of these hours that her water broke. She had been given drugs for the pain but she still could feel some pain anyway. Walter carried her back to the bed as a huge contraction hit her body. Richard nodded and said, "okay on the next contraction it is time to start pushing Luna." Luna nodded. Walter took her hand. She was naked which made it all even more easy. From where Walter was standing he could see it all. Luna though could feel it all. The next hour seemed to go by so slowly. But as she started to push and bare down on the next push she felt something moving out of her womb and into her vaginal cavity. She could feel it moving as she pushed. And as she did so her pussy expanded and her lips opened. Walter watched transfixed as his daughter pushed and as the head of their child appeared inbetween her legs. Slowly ever so slowly push after push the child came out. Walter watched amazed as his daughters pussy lips expanded ever wider. As the child tore her delicate and young vagina. And then the head was out. Luna felt pain that was all she felt between pushes. The drugs were wearing off. But she felt it as the head popped out of her pussy and Richard told her to stop pushing. She felt the rest of the child come out of her body as he gently pulled it out. Then she heard crying a few seconds later. She felt lighter her belly was gone and a few seconds later Richard said, "it is a daughter." And he handed it to Luna. She took the child in her arms and for the first time she held a life that she had made with her own father. She held a child that was made with the only man that the eight year old would ever want. She soothed it and calmed it. And Walter kissed its forehead gently. Her afterbirth came next but it was nothing like the child. Then as she held her child and both mother and child slept with the father making sure that the mother didn't hurt the child Richard sowed her up. The next month passed and Walter decided it was time to go back to the real world. He and Luna had a young daughter that they named Erin. Luna also started to grow her breasts. At first they pushed her nipples outwards and she could even feed Erin milk. The girl seemed to love it and her mother defiantly loved the feel of it. Her breasts stopped growing though shortly after that never quite reaching the potential of a training bra until alter that year though they didn't get far beyond that. The family grew. It was all explained to the press as adoptions that Walter had been wanting to do for awhile. But strangely enough after the first child Walter moved over 80 million dollars into another account under another name and sold his company and disappeared. He moved into a large cabin in the woods. The only other cabin around for miles was his neighbor Richards cabin. His wife Luna got pregnant again at age ten and this time she gave birth to a young boy. Life was great and Walter knew that he would never want to change anything that was going on in his life now. He had a family and for the first time ever he was truly happy. Luna was very happy also. Her body stayed trim and athletic just the way that her father liked it. She worked hard even during pregnancy to make sure that she didn't get anything she couldn't work off. She loved her father/lover and wanted him to be happy. That was why she decided that now that she was twelve she would give him a third child....they might even end up with six or even ten children...she loved carrying children in her belly her father thought it was sexy.


Authors End: This story is fiction...but it was still fun to write. I like writing about characters like these and I hope to keep doing it. I have another story already planned but am not going to give away what it is about. I enjoy all of you who write me and I like to hear from you. I hope that you enjoyed Luna and Walter as much as I did. After all it might be fiction and never possible in real life but it is fun to dream huh?

Till the next time: I am GoDSpiT and I am signing off. See you when my next story comes out. Peace out Enjoy the Show.........